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Sifting - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Lev


From 3D To 4D And 5D

The Great Quantum Transition

Sifting – By Lev

The energies of the Solar Eclipse on October 25 at 10:49 UTC at 3 degrees Scorpio intensified the transformational impact of continuously flowing quantum flows on the Earth’s field, its matter, atmosphere, Nature, molecular structure and genetics of the human body.

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Sifting - Scorpio



Sudden changes in the magnetic field, periodically lowered to a minimum level, intensify the sifting effect of quantum waves in the form of Solar tsunamis on the plasma points of human DNA and in the matter of the worlds of Nature.

On the Subtle Plane, all Earth’s eight main energy shells, from the top to the bottom, are actively working. The diagram shows their impact at different frequencies through the North Pole, the Earth’s core and exit through the South Pole.

Sifting - Earth's Energy Shells

Earth’s Energy Shells


FITO-QUANT layer is between the lower boundary of the astral and the upper layer of the atmosphere.

4D/5D life is born here, new cycles of the planet and its Time space are formed, and ready-made plasma materializes and accumulates.

MORIS is a layer where the transition of Time programs into the Earth’s energy fields takes place.

The 5D plasma is loaded into them with software for the formation of five-dimensional matter, and its development is synchronized with the vital activity of the planet. It is constantly purifying by the purple PURZH energy.

LIBO is a layer where new flows are cyclically brought to Earth from other dimensions, according to downloaded programs.

The trilateral pyramids receive this energy and change it in the power channel when transmitted to the Hologram.

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Sifting - PURZH Energy

PURZH Energy


The transformation process begins. The Earth’s core focuses sound vibrations on concentrated plasma formations, processed with yellow SFIRO energy, which neutralizes side effects.

At the point of reunion of men’s consciousness and sub-consciousness, the finished plasma forms a spatial pulsar that condenses energy fields. The potential of the plasma is upgrading, turning it into the energy of a new, 5D Hologram, accelerating the earthlings’ awakening.

Sifting - SFIRO Energy

SFIRO Energy


MEGO is a layer where energy is transformed into vital matter, which translates its plasma reflection into space-time. That is, the energy of all living things forms its own kind, but in plasma form.

The receiving blocks of the planet launch thermal processes that condense the plasma of the plant world at the surface’s projection points of the Galactic structural grid, transferring the flora to develop in 5D.

The structure of cells in the soil changes, where new molecules are formed in the aerosphere. After sifting, animals of a new species, capable of accumulating 5D energy, settle in comfortable habitats.

Through the control panels of the planet, the red energy ERMA, by the flows of elementary particles, creates new environments and performs anthropogenic restructuring with the help of quantum impacts.

ERMA energy is the foundation of everything: force fields, Matrix, matter, new highly developed formations. By it, Galacom accelerates the interchange of energies during the splitting of 3D cell cores and densification of plasma, endowed with anew consciousness and Intelligence to maintain a life support system of the planet.

Moving in 4D, red energy ERMA dissects 3D fields and splits the atoms of three-dimensional matter. After sifting, their remnants, by prominences, are ejected into space.

Sifting - ERMA Energy

ERMA Energy


ARO is a sonic layer of the planetary atmosphere, shaping the accumulated 5D energy in the force fields and Time space. Under the influence of sound impulses, new programs for the matter’s development are activated.

LOS is a layer that works in unison with ARO, but has its software that launches temporary programs for splitting and removing the processed plasma.

Together, the LOS-ARO layer creates a new, 5D matter from the split plasma, giving it the necessary dynamics with the help of sound waves from the energy accumulated in the force fields.

Through the trilateral pyramids, LOS-ARO forms a new human consciousness for the Transition programs, which were sent to the receiver blocks of the planet.

The ozone layer is a run mechanism and closely related to LOS-ARO. Through ozone holes, not only ultraviolet radiation enters the atmosphere and the surface, but also the red energy ERMA, which is creative and destructive at the same time. Through ozone screen openings, this energy is directed to places where it’s needed to adjust or activate the planet’s programs.

Sifting - Ozone Hole

Ozone Hole


SUTRA is a layer that on the surface of the planet condenses the split plasma and turns it into a 5D substance that accumulates on the Subtle Plane. How exactly does this happen?

In intergalactic space, the free energy storage units have been built. They also collect mutated plasma, for example, chirons (particles of Evil).

From these units, by a vibrating wave of ultrasound, the info energy in the form of plasma is directing to Earth. The annular space above the equator synthesizes this plasma, changes its trajectory in accord with the planet’s position and people, ready to get it. Then, by forceful compression, using a sound converter, it creates pulses, accelerating the sifting of earthlings for 4D/5D.

IGOS is a layer in the planet’s crust that cyclically, by impulses, turns split plasma into matter. IGOS is closely tied with important parts of the planetary mechanism. For example, with LOS-ARO layer because without it the Intelligence will not form in matter.

The Earth’s ultrasonic plane accumulates the radiation of 144,000 pyramids and affects all processes on the planet. Interacting with a quantum flux transducer and repeater at the Siriusians’ Lunar base in 23D, they form a single thread as an independent context of execution within an entire operating system.

Ready-made 5D plasma loaded with new soft, with wave displacement, accelerates the upgrading of the gene structure of all plant and biological bodies.

Sifting - Pyramids' Radiation

Pyramids’ Radiation


Galactic Committee thoroughly analyzes all the data received online. The purpose of the increasing energy impact on earthlings is to elevate their potential and ability to accelerate development, based on a new gene pattern. The ultrasonic transducer is gradually changing the conditions of life on the planet.

Using the control panels, through the Hologram structure, Galacom constantly scans and corrects the situation on Earth, expanding the channels of our perception and understanding of ongoing processes and events.

The accumulated 5D energy is formed into giant clumps. This is the quantum basis of the five-dimensional matter of the new humanity.

The interaction points of the parabolas of the Polar disks are shifted. These field structures work as separators of the energy, radiated from the axial channel of the planet, and its internal multidimensional planes.

The third plane of the inner worlds is directly connected to the three-dimensional space on the surface, and the fourth plane – to 4D. From the Galactic Center, quantum flows enter the third plane, change its state, and from it, impacts the 4th plane, which releases energy for the formation of new, 5D info fields.

With the help of a converter and a repeater at the Siriusians’ Lunar base, through the energy channels of the subcortical medium, tectonics is run.

Earthquakes are almost incessant and more numerous. In just one day on October 26, 2022, their number reached almost one and a half thousand.

In 24 hours, 1 earthquake of magnitude (M) 6.4 occurred; 6 – of M5+; 33 – of M4+; 91 – of M3+; 251 – of M2+; and 938 of magnitude lower 2.0. The strongest – of M6.4 – occurred 47 km from the city of Vigan in the Philippines.

Sifting - Vigan And The Philippines, On The Map

Vigan And The Philippines, On The Map


The growing tectonic activity is directly related to the work of global force fields, which split the atoms of 3D matter into elementary particles.

The Time flows’ delamination continues. All timelines has ceased to be interconnected, and not depend on each other. The hour no longer corresponds to 60 minutes: they are compressing or stretching. An hour can flash by like 15 minutes, or continue for an eternity, depending on our feeling.

Not only the genome and Time are actively changing, but also the Earth’s atmosphere, its atomic and molecular composition, the movement of its layers and of 5D plasma. Biological bodies are transformed through the fields of aura and prepare people and the worlds of Nature for new high-frequency energy.

It may seem that all these processes are very far from our daily life and its worries. But we see how, for example, the energies of the Solar Eclipse on October 25, and Solar storms superimposed on quantum flows, gave events on Earth an extreme, tense, crisis dynamics. Before the Lunar Eclipse on November 8, they will be even more filled with struggle, violent and uncontrollable collisions.

If Lunar Eclipses have a greater influence on our personal psycho-emotional state, the Solar Eclipses have a particularly strong impact on socio-political life, interaction between the government and the people, and interstate relations.

Sifting - Sun Eclipse Energy

Sun Eclipse Energy


The latest events on Earth are a reflection of the fierce battle that is going on now on the Subtle Plane and in space between Dark and Light Forces.

On October 23, 2022, at 05:35 PM CET, the following info was received through the Universal Logos.

The higher worlds have already been cleansed from the demonic presence, but it is still strong in denser dimensions, including Earth, from where it tries to spread its metastases to the entire Local Universe.

Light Forces of different parts of the Galaxy got permission to act by all means to save Earth and humanity, and destroy the parasitic system.

Strategy and tactics have changed. On the physical and Subtle Planes, surgical intervention on Earth has become more targeted and pinpointed. The signal to eliminate the distraught creatures is being executed everywhere.

Decision-making centers of negative forces, military facilities, including strategic ones, are taken under strict control. Systems, threatening piece, are blocked and disabled to weaken Dark-Gray Forces.

The people turned into zombies are a separate problem. They do not know compassion, and only obediently follow orders, without thinking about the consequences. The indulgences that were previously given to some egregores are ended.

Sifting - Egregore



Everyone will have to answer. Finally and irrevocably, the irreconcilable will be moved to an isolated and carefully guarded enclave. There, they will have to undergo severe re-education.

The increasing interference in Earthly events is caused by the fact that Cosmic Laws do not always help to keep situation under control. At each level, unmanageable areas emerge and remain, that prevents the transition from the Third Universe to the Fourth.

The Absolutes set just such a task. Its implementation requires acting more decisively. And the key point is Earth.

This is clearly recognized on the highest levels of the Universe. The equation of Absolutes needs speedy implementation, especially when the confrontation of creative and destructive forces has reached a critical point.

The decision to localize and neutralize Dark-Gray Forces on Earth, who have turned it into their main stronghold, has been made and is being actively fulfilled. And as quickly as possible so that not to do it in the entire Local Universe.

More by Lev

Siberia Ops Part 4 – Lev

Siberia Ops Part 4 – Lev

In Altai (region in Western Siberia) Co-Creators and Lightwarriors’ ops aimed at restoring of the two giant space energies complexes, deactivated during the last Cosmic Night. The main work spots were Ukok Plateau, bordering with China, Kazakhstan and Mongolia.

Siberia Ops Part 1 – Lev

Siberia Ops Part 1 – Lev

From May 25, the Lightwarriors’ ground team started disclosing parts of their ops, carried out in stages in different regions of Ural and West Siberia.

June Exams – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

June Exams – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

June is one of the most challenging periods of 2024, as the state of the Earth’s biosphere would be negative after the 6th. In the first decade, there will be a change of fields and very tough space waives increase, causing new powerful Solar Flares and magnetic storms.

Builders – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Builders – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Whatever’s going on, the construction continues non-stop. For it, we left the Central Sun, remaining in its state, in which earlier returned. This time, we exited it not as the core of a planetary system, but as a part of metagalactic energy axis, around which a multitude of subsystems with their own dynamic laws, tempo and rhythms move in different directions. And we felt again how the Universe pulses.

Milking – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Milking – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Let’s not be under any illusions: the 3D System and Power Pyramid will fight to the last, even are doomed, for saving their animal farm and dairy cattle, meaning all earthlings. After Darks invasion of Earth, causing the pain was the main tool to syphon the vital energy for them.

Feat – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Feat – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

After leaving Earth, Christ returned to his status as the Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarch and Co-Creator of our Local Universe. Today, He continues re-building the latter and Earth with His brother, who passed to the Light Side.

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