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Siberia Ops Part 4 - The Great Quantum Transition - Lev

Siberia Ops Part 4

The Great Quantum Transition

Siberia Ops Part 4 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

In Altai (region in Western Siberia) Co-Creators and Lightwarriors’ ops aimed at restoring of the two giant space energies complexes, deactivated during the last Cosmic Night. The main work spots were Ukok Plateau, bordering with China, Kazakhstan and Mongolia.

Siberia Ops Part 4 - Altai On The World Map

Altai On The World Map

Siberia Ops Part 4 

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The story surrounding both infrastructures was full of drama. From the remote past to the present, Ukok, which translates as the Voice of Heaven, was under the Pleroma’s control and never subordinated to the Earth’s Logos. Eons ago, Co-Creators implemented here grandiose galactic projects – building of two command and control facilities to steer the Solar System and all Local Universe’s Logos. Why did they choose Altai for this?

The main factor was its geology, consisting of mega-pyramidal rock structures. They provided ideal natural conditions to take, accumulate and retransmit of space energies’ flows, their structuring, concentration and focusing, and much more. In the Altai’s Causal and Subtle Planes and terrestrial core, Co-Creators plugged Monadic aspects of the Sun’s Logos, and through its Ashram in Altai run the entire Solar System.

Another factor was the Earth’s position in the Local Universe. On its giant sphere, our planet locates at the lower pole. The Absolute used this unique stand to steer all cosmic Logos – of Planets, Stars, Constellations and Galaxies. It was carried out from Ukok Plateau, which, like a huge parabolic antenna, was surrounded by four high ridges. Here, in the mountain range Tabyn Bogdo-Ola (Five Sacred Mountains), Co-Creators built the second ops-con – the Diamond Logos Temple. Its altar was the highest peak Nairamdal (height 4,374 meters) in the territory of present-day Mongolia. The Temple’s operating system worked on the Absolute’s Universal Primary Code. Co-Creators copied it from the Central Spiritual Sun of the Greater Cosmos and installed in the Earth’s Causal Matrix.

Siberia Ops Part 4 - Ukok Plateau

Ukok Plateau

Siberia Ops Part 4

To serve the Temple and the Solar Ashram, the Pleroma assigned a group, which included five Higher Light Entities from different Galaxies and Universes. Their cosmic names are Belawa, Paraus, Velora, Alaut and Varion. Some arrived on Earth through causal transmigration (see below). They made prep works on Ukok and the Five Sacred Mountains, then, from the Earth’s Causal Matrix, downloaded the Primary Code in the Temple’s data input system and took up duty. The entire multidimensional complex served as a receiving and transmitting infrastructure. Through the antennas of the Temple, the group, if necessary, put the Code into the Stellar or Planetary Logos and corrected its evolution. As a rule, it occurred after cleansing from karma.

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Over time, the Ukok’s functions expanded significantly. The Plateau area was turned into an intergalactic correctional center. Sometimes voluntarily, sometimes forcibly, the representatives of different space races, which critically deviated from their Divine evolutionary path, were sent to embody in this area. The experiment showed amazing results. Souls were not only corrected, but also trained, after which they returned to their worlds and led movements to transform planetary communities.

Some returned to Ukok, or simply didn’t leave it, forming ethnic communities. Modern Altaians are the distant ancestors of these space settlers. The best of them, who achieved the highest Spirituality, had the right to stay on our planet forever. To this day, the locals carry their dormant wave DNA. The historical migration routes of many Asian peoples took place exactly via Altai. Different Eurasian branches of humanity were genetically mixed here. They lived in harmony with the Cosmos, Nature and One, as a single Light Family and Collective Intelligence.

Siberia Ops Part 4 - Via Altai

Via Altai

Siberia Ops Part 4

But trouble came here too. With the onset of Cosmic Night, numerous space and terrestrial wars between Dark and Light Forces also affected Altai and its communities. The warring parties were equal, and neither could gain the upper hand, which led to a stalemate that lasted for a long time. NAA and their Hierarchs took advantage of it and started incarnating on that territory and forming many settlements and cultures. The Black Priests did what the arms couldn’t do – corrupt the population as later repeated in the Ancient Egypt (see – Ops In Egypt, Parts 3-1 and 3-2, DNI, 29 and 31 August 2023).

The embodied NAA gradually turned people’s minds upside down, instilling in them terrible rituals, including human sacrifices. The madness reached the point where the Light Priest, embodied Solar Entities, were martyred for the “gods”. In some cases, it was done against their will, in others, they were so zombified that deliberately committed such suicide. Over time, mass killings became widespread in Altai. Drinking the blood of tortured and murdered people gave the life force to butchers. If men voluntarily sacrificed themselves, their Souls were trapped. NAA turned them into a commodity, changing and reselling, like cattle in a bazaar.

NAA also captured the Solar Disk, the carrier of the Sun’s Logos aspects, which was transmitted by inheritance through the Supreme Light Priests lineages. Darks used it to boost the Black egregore and their infrastructure in Altai. On the Subtle Plane, it looked like swamps, projecting on surface the death-traps and Portals.

All of them still exist today and caused, for example, two car accidents, in which the governor of Altai and the mayor of Barnaul, the capital of the region, were killed. By their death, they not only blocked two Portals, but also took part of the Altai “solar” karma. Later, Lightwarriors cleansed both spots from negativity to make safe for others…

During the Cosmic Night, Co-Creators had to close the Solar Ashram and the Diamond Logos Temple, which were mothballed and the maintenance team evacuated from Earth. In the 12th-13th centuries AD, they tried to activate these complexes with the help of the Supreme Being, who incarnated as Genghis Khan. The Pleroma gave him complete freedom of action in hope for the revival and unification of humanity.

Siberia Ops Part 4 - Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan

Siberia Ops Part 4

Unfortunately, he failed the assigned mission, as happened with Alexander the Great and Adolf Hitler (see – Operation In Bulgaria, Part 2, DNI, 5 August 2022; and Undisclosed Bucegi, DNI, 13 August 2022). All of them were Higher Entities in their hierarchical position. Everyone was given a choice of sides. As a result, Alexander the Great switched to the Light Side, and Genghis Khan and Hitler passed to the Dark’s one. Each went through the test – temptation and initiation – to consciously make decision. For Alexander, it was on the modern Perperikon (in Bulgaria). For Hitler- standing in the treasury of the Habsburgs in the Hofmuseum in Vienna at Spear of Destiny, with which the Roman legionnaire Longinus pierced the Heart of Christ on the Cross. For Genghis Khan – life in Ukok near Bogdo-Tabyn-Ola.

Siberia Ops Part 4 - Spear Of Destiny

Spear Of Destiny

Siberia Ops Part 4

They got enormous power to change the fate of millions, and we know how they used it. Alexander was a great vanquisher, but didn’t set out to enslave the conquered peoples. He tried to make them his associates and together, on equal terms, build a new ideal model of human society and the world State. Hitler’s goal was the domination of the Aryan race and the destruction of all others. Genghis Khan’s was aimed at conquest and power without clear objectives. All this is relevant today (see – Lessons, Parts 1-4, DNI, 9, 11, 14, 16 and 19 July 2023).

Co-Creators attempted to bring Genghis Khan back to assigned mission and sent Paraus, Velora, Alaut, Belawa and Varion to Earth to help him restart the Diamond Logos Temple and Solar Ashram. But all five were captured and prisoned in the Tabyn Bogdo-Ola field. The first three were evacuated, while the last two remained in captivity until our time. Lightwarriors took on a tough assignment to free them. On the first night in Ukok, the group members felt the vibration of the prisoners that literally tore the hearts apart. There was so much Love, pain and sorrow in it.

Siberia Ops Part 4 - Tabyn Bogdo-Ola

Tabyn Bogdo-Ola

Siberia Ops Part 4

The next morning they started the operation. After conducting a reconnaissance of the area, Lightwarriors found out that couldn’t get closer to the mountain. Fifty meters from their camp, the Argamdzhi River flowed, and from it and up to the foothills of Tabyn-Bogdo-Ola, was impassable marsh. They explored the site around their camp and found the needed Power Place on a nearby hill. Its coordinates are 49°18’923″N, 87°52’973″E, and altitude 2400 meters above sea level.

Meanwhile, the weather worsened, and while the team members were climbing to the top, it began to rain heavily, a cold wind blew, so they were soaked to the skin and froze, but still completed all the planned work. First, they unsealed and reactivated the Diamond Logos Temple, which again started transmitting the Universe’s fundamental energies flows on Earth. Then, using their Causal Bodies, built channels, through which, as in an elevators, evacuated Belawa and Varion, who had languished in karmic captivity for almost eight centuries due to the betrayal of Genghis Khan. After that, on the Subtle Plane, erected additional Light Temple, laying under its projection on soil specially brought artifacts from other Power Places.

Returning to the camp, they sat on their bed, but at midnight, the unexpected happened. Belawa and Varion … decided to return on Earth that brought them so much grief and suffering, and continue working at the Diamond Logos Temple. Words can’t convey the full drama of the moment. So much Light and Love came from these Higher Beings that tears flowed down the cheeks of the group members.

How did the return occur technically? As in the past, they used aspect transmigration. For this, their Causal Bodies were divided into fragments and placed from the upper dimensions to the lower ones, and in 3D, they come to the Subtle Plane through the recipient bodies, in this case, of Lightwarriors. Of course, this procedure is not available to everyone. The main condition is cleanliness. In an individual karma vessel, it can’t exceed 3.33%. If it is less than 3%, the irreversible folding and splitting of karma kicks off. The Higher Entities themselves choose the people through whom they want to transmigrate and merge with into single whole for a little while.

Siberia Ops Part 4 - Karma Vessel

Karma Vessel

Siberia Ops Part 4

The transmigration of Belawa and Varion through the group members lasted 6 hours and was the hardest. The hearts and Causal Bodies could barely withstand the over-vibration. At the moments of the entry of both, it became so hot that the Lightwarriors’ corpuses instantly became wet with sweat. It was impossible otherwise, and most importantly, for the success of the operation, they had to be near Tabyn-Bogdo-Ola Mountain. But in the end, both Higher Beings assembled selves successfully and took their place in the Diamond Logos Temple.

The site of the next big op was Mount Berel. Here, on the instructions of Co-Creators, the ground team had to restore the Crystal of World Mother Sophia, associated with Altai since ancient times. The bearer of Her aspects is the Katun River, the main waterway of the region, originating from Mount Belukha, where the Ashram of Shambhala is located.

In Nicholas Roerich’s painting “Mother Of The World”, She is depicted on a throne above water, in which fish swim. It’s a symbol of the age of Pisces. When the artist limned this pic (1924), the persecution and harassment of the Feminine Foundation were especially cruel and violent. Above Her head sparkles Venus, on the left – Orion, and on the right – Ursa Major. For a long time, the team members couldn’t understand the meaning of these celestial objects. The truth came in Altai.

Siberia Ops Part 4 - "Mother Of The World" (Nicholas Roerich)

“Mother Of The World” (Nicholas Roerich)

Siberia Ops Part 4

During Kali Yuga, the World Mother was forced to hide herself, but didn’t leave people even for a moment, invisibly helping them through the Crystal with Her aspects of the Primary Feminine Foundation. For safekeeping, it was divided into three parts, which were placed in the aforementioned space abodes’ Logos. With the advent of Cosmic Day and the beginning of the transition of earthlings to 4D and 5D, to accelerate the process, it became necessary to return the Crystal to Earth in its former integral form.

Co-Creators entrusted its assembling to the ground team. One evening, Lightwarriors began to draw in selves the first fragment from the Ursa Major that lasted six hours. A similar op with the Venus Logos started in the morning and also took the same time. From Orion, the third part’s taking in kicked off at the end of the same day and continued all night. The process was extremely dramatic. The group members experienced a variety of emotions: from deepest depression, acute and prolonged heartache to the euphoria of coming into contact with World Mother’s aspects. It seemed that they were experiencing the same feelings as She had at the time. Later, Co-Creators confirmed that this was the case. The higher the Being, the more powerful and vivid its emotions are.

The final unification of the Crystal fragments, only woman could do. One Lightwarrioress, the team’s co-head, had embarked on this job with enthusiasm. By morning, she had completed her work. And then a terrible thing turned out – the Crystal was damaged, as if a piece had been chipped off with a hammer. Co-Creators conducted a quick check up and found that during the fragment’s placing on Venus, Kali tore out the World Mother’s aspect from it, and all this time it was kept by NAA. To restore the integrity of the Crystal, the group had to literally fight and snatch that aspect from them. The returned part was successfully installed into a Crystal, which regained its integrity.

The apotheosis of events was the return of the Crystal to the World Mother at a solemn ceremony on Berel Mountain, which name means “grace” in the Altai dialect. Despite the heavy rain that started again, Lightwarriors went to the place of celebration bush-bashing through a dense forest, making way over wet, slippery stones. Finely, they reached the top, caught their breath, and got ready for the last op.

Siberia Ops Part 4 - At Berel Mountain's Foot

At Berel Mountain’s Foot

Siberia Ops Part 4

Suddenly, Ligtwarrioress felt a pain in her heart, and so acute that she lost consciousness, and had to be literally caught. The whole group immediately gave to her energy assistance. Using clairvoyance, they looked at her heart and were horrified. On a Subtle Plane, it was torn apart, as if shot at point-blank range by an explosive bullet. There was no need to guess who struck the blow. NAA did this to capture the restored Crystal, but it was in the Lightwarrioress’ heart and could be reached only by killing her. But they didn’t have chance for that. Co-Creators instantly intervened and repelled the attack.

Still, the group’s plan was on the verge of failure. The mutilated heart could not withstand the vibrations, required for returning the Crystal to the World Mother. Therefore, Co-Creators took the unprecedented step of allowing the man to participate in the op, because the Lightwarrioress’ condition deteriorated with every minute. She couldn’t hold the Crystal anymore.

Then, she and her dipole husband together tuned into and sync with World Mother. The Ray of Love and Light formed between them, and via it, the integral Crystal was returned to the owner, where it remains now. A Temple named after her was built on the op’s site. Its coordinates: 51°34’358″N, 85°54’131″E. When everything was over, the rain suddenly stopped, the Sun came out, and a rainbow of extraordinary beauty appeared in the sky.

Siberia Ops Part 4 - Rainbow


Siberia Ops Part 4

Team members, very tired, with hearts bursting from super vibration, soaked and frozen, began to descend the mountain, or rather slipped down, because the wet stones turned into a skating rink. The mission was accomplished, although the Lightwarrioress had heart pains for a long time. But that wasn’t all. In the evening of the same day, they were subjected to another test. The restoring and activation op was followed by the write-off of the Earth and humanity’s karma, formed as a result of the damaged Crystal. Lightwarriors had to annihilate this karma in their Causal Bodiess, which cost them the last strength and nerves. Nevertheless, they have coped.

(To be continued)

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