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Siberia Ops Part 3 - The Great Quantum Transition - Lev

Siberia Ops Part 3

The Great Quantum Transition

Siberia Ops Part 3 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

After joint restoring of the multidimensional space Portal on Salbyk Mound (see – Siberia Ops, Part 2, DNI, 3 June 2024), Co-Creators assigned Lightwarriors to carry out some more operations in Khakassia. All were centered on cleansing it from the parasitic NAA and ETs’ facilities. The first such op the ground team conducted near Topanov village at Kalkulacka Mount, in a famous Black Devil Cave.

Siberia Ops Part 3 - Kalkulacka Mount

Kalkulacka Mount

Siberia Ops Part 3

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This might Power Place has three tiers of labyrinths connected by vertical wells about 20 meters deep. The total depth of cavern is 49 meters; the length of passages is 830 meters. The ancient Khakas person believed that in the cave there is a passage in the world of the dead. Cavers told about strange visions that visited them there. The Siberian scientists presumed that deep in the bowels works a huge unidentified object antenna, radiating low frequencies. To find out who and why sends signals, many expeditions unsuccessfully explored the place, and had to leave, because couldn’t withstand tough freqs’ pressure on the psyche.

Over the past two thousand years, Dark shamans have performed many sacrifices in the Cave’s Altar grotto, on a large stalagmite at the center. But they weren’t the energy anomaly’s source. At the creation of Earth, there was one of the planetary sacred Temples, channeled to nowadays Moorea Island in French Polynesia (see Part 2).

Siberia Ops Part 3 - Black Devil Cave

Black Devil Cave

Siberia Ops Part 3

Linking the two Power Places, Anunnaks built in the Black Devil Cave a big natal Matrix for breeding hybrids. In addition, in the incubator under Kalkulacka Mount, NAA created embryo of future Earth’s Logos, stuffed with aspects of Dark Hierarchs and their space abodes’ radiations. The strong local necro-energy kept that monster alive. They saw it as a perfect devourer of the highest Intelligence forms – planetary, Galactic and Universes’. This creature also lived on the blood rituals’ emanations and emitted very low freqs, which were wrongly taken as magnetic anomaly.

Co-Creators tasked Lightwarriors to destroy the entire structure. The team gathered in the Altar grotto around the sacrifice stalagmite, placed hands on it, sync with embryo, and after capturing it, put in selves and annihilated by inner-Monadic blasts. Then, cleansed the cave with Perfect Light and installed the Foundations Unity and Harmony Matrix to keep place pure and harmless.

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Siberia Ops Part 3 - Sacrifice Stalagmite

Sacrifice Stalagmite

Siberia Ops Part 3

The next operation, the group head decided to take upon self. One night, Co-Creators started gradual uploading the segments of some Mandala in his Subtle Bodies. The procedure was very painful in and around the heart, a symptom of the substance’s highest origin. In the morning, Co-Creators informed him that it was a backup natal Matrix with a clone of Yahweh’s embryo removed from the Portal on Pylotka Mount. As DNI previously narrated, this former Dark ruler of Earth was deposed and interned on Saturn along with his brother Jehovah, ex-runner of the Solar System (see – Operation Saturn, DNI, 5 July 2022). By the Karma Lords’ verdict, Lightwarrior split the Matrix assembled in him and, by the Absolutized Synthesis, annihilated along with the clone.

Siberia Ops Part 3 - Pylotka Mount

Pylotka Mount

Siberia Ops Part 3

Another op’s spot was Tuim sinkhole, which was formed at the site of the mine (now closed) that produced tungsten, copper and molybdenum. Originally, it was a small cavity, not exceeding six meters in diameter, but later, after quakes, widened up to more than 300 meters, with completely steep shores. The failure was gradually seeping water of bright blue color from the high concentration of cupric hydroxid. For extreme people, a very dangerous entertainment is offered – a bungee jumps, and diving enthusiasts can try to swim to the unexplored bottom of the lake.

Siberia Ops Part 3 - Tuim Sinkhole

Tuim Sinkhole

Siberia Ops Part 3

Nearby, was located a famous cromlech, called Tuim-ring of 82 m. in diameter, and huge granite stones with a height of 0.6 to 1.2 m., standing vertically along the circle line. Four of them mark the directions of the sunrise and sunset cardinal points. To the east of the burial place, a symbolic road of small width was laid out, bordered by several stones. The monument is somewhat reminiscent of the English Stonehenge, although not so large in size. The spirit and mysterious energy of this ancient burial place covers the surrounding space as if with an invisible veil.

Clairvoyance scanning showed that there is a grave of a high-ranking Black Priestess, and the entire complex was a space Portal. During the autumn-spring equinoxes and summer-winter solstices, with the help of trap antennas, the Portal caught the peaks of the energies of Earth and the Sun and strengthened the negative field, created by human sacrifices, including sucklings and tiny tots. The same did the cromlech, placed precisely on the sacred 90th meridian, where the power frame of the planet passes. Many trees around sinister place are scorched from the base by Hellfire.

Siberia Ops Part 3 - Tuim Cromlech (Russian scheme)

Tuim Cromlech (Russian scheme)

Siberia Ops Part 3

Two Lightwarrioresses assumed the burden of this operation. First, one entered the center of the Portal, where mass murders were committed, and the energy of pain and agony of victims was still preserved, then, removed the aspect of the Priestess from its field, placed it in self and started splitting. However, it was of supreme nature, so in order not to take risks, a second Lightwarrioress joined the work. Even in this mode, the op was very tough and stressful, but both got through.

Next, Co-Creators head the group at the mountain range Sunduki in the Bely Iyus River valley 12-15 km wide. In the center, tower five sandstone peaks 150-200 meters high and 300 meters long, in the form of parallelepipeds, which resembles chests, combining burial grounds, rock paintings and special structures. Many legends formed around them.

In one, the mythical hero Khoho-Babay guarded the sacred valley from uninvited guests for thousands of years, hiding its wealth in a giant forged chest (1st Sunduk). He was rich and greedy, collecting treasure and turned it into a huge gold ingot so as not to share it with anyone. However, he didn’t know that admiring gold for a long time alone leads to complete blindness. Blinded, the hero turned to the gods with a plea to restore his sight. They demanded a precious ingot in return. Khoho-Babay promised to give them anything for the returned vision, but deceived the gods. For this, they turned him into a bird of prey, and his wealth into a stone chest on top of the mountain. Since then, the deceiver has been circling over the mountain range in the hope of gaining a human form.

As often occurred in history, the legend was based on real facts. A thorough examination confirmed that, since ancient times, deep in the bowels of all five mountains, there were operating parasitic ETs’ incubators, which must be destroyed.

Lightwarriors immediately started working. In the field of one “Chests”, they spotted the hatchibator for breeding 4D Serpetoids. The pyramidal shape of the mountain helped to concentrate the necessary energy from space, the Sun and Earth. Co-Creators asked the group only to remove the embryos from it and placed with the Matrix in the field of the Solar Logos to decide their evolutionary fate later. After that, the team cleared the field with a Perfect Light Antahkarana. They performed the same op on the second “Chest”, under which the Matrices of crossbreeding humans with birds and animals, even dinosaurs (!), were stored, and dismantled the other incubators under the third and fourth mountains.

Siberia Ops Part 3 - Sunduki ("Chests")

Sunduki (“Chests”)

Siberia Ops Part 3

But the hardest was the work at the fifth peak. The night before the operation, the team members felt that Co-Creators again were loading some super poisonous and aggressive substance into their Subtle Bodies. In the morning, they explained that it was a jab with active ingredients of highly contagious cosmic virus, raised in giant incubator under the fifth “Chest”. On the Subtle Plane was seen how initially shapeless mass began to move and started forming, first, in anfractuous and, then, in multidimensional sacred geometric Mandala.

As it turned out, it was an Earth projection of the Universe’s primary virus, developed by the Pleroma’s former Supreme Hierarch, Christ’s elder brother. Externally, the structure looked like a Yin-Yang Mandala (of Feminine and Masculine Foundations), but in black and white, emitting the Demonic and Divine energies.

Siberia Ops Part 3 - Dark Mandala

Dark Mandala

Siberia Ops Part 3

As Co-Creators gave no further instructions, the group members began to work independently. They split off small parts from the Mandala to study them better in own Monads and, if necessary, to annihilate, although were aware that it could end badly for everyone. But then, the unexpected happened. A moment before they were to put the fragments in self, from the Subtle Plane, descended 12 Light Beings, took the activated Mandala into the ring and started doing something with it. After that, without contacting the team, returned back. The Mandala stopped self-organizing further, but still was alive. Lightwarriors realized that were not just helped, but saved from death. The team had only to cleanse the entire “Chest’s” field and install in it the Pleroma’s Foundations Unity and Harmony Matrix instead of the black-white one.

The next day, while exploring a nearby mountain, the group discovered other hybrid Matrices. They were powered by a shamanic stone, which captured the Solar rays at the moments of the solstices. By its smooth surface, the stone, like an antenna, transmitted the vital energy of the Luminary down into the incubator and fed the embryos. Lightwarriors dismantled it by already fine-tuned scheme.

Here, they got another surprise. In the peak’s field, they discovered the sealed copy of Intelligence Crystal, installed eons ago by Light space race from Leo constellation. In holographic form, the artifact contained the full data about this civilization. During the telepathic contact, they confirmed that are ready to unlock it for earthling at the right time. On a Subtle Plane near the mountain, which resembles a Sphinx in its outlines, the group spotted the Portal of one more Leo race, living in the Orion system, which placed its incarnation Matrix in the bowels of the mountain. With the consent of Co-Creators, they are also preparing to return to Earth (for more about Leo space races, see Ops In The Maldives And Azerbaijan, DNI, 5 April 2024).

Siberia Ops Part 3 - Abakan


Siberia Ops Part 3

After completing all the planned operations, the group left for Abakan, the capital of Khakassia. On the way, Lightwarriors felt that Co-Creators anew put some subtle structures into them. It continued until Lightwarriors were accommodated in hotel. There, they were informed that it was the hybrid matrices, which team had already dealt with (see – Operation In Ukraine, Part 2, DNI, 4 March 2022).

Recall that Lightwarriors’ conducted there an op to destroy the giant parasitic infrastructure of Darks. Its center was on the Khortytsia Island within the Dnieper River. The system covered the territory from the Iberian Peninsula to the Urals and consisted of thousands of ancient sacred and religious objects (dolmens, cromlechs, henges, cairns, mounds, steles, etc.). Initially, the infrastructure served the Light, but Black Archons reprogrammed it to pump out the life energy of people over millennia. It provided vital power to Dark Hierarchy and NAA not only on the Subtle Plane, but also on the surface in all European countries.

Siberia Ops Part 3 - Khortytsia Island

Khortytsia Island

Siberia Ops Part 3

By turning this global network into a vampiric one, Black Archons filled it not only with the energy of people, tortured during executions and sacrifices, but also of the Local Universe’s old Logos, in which put a virus of decay and destruction. Then, they made its copy, divided it into thousands of fragments and placed on a Subtle Plane throughout the continental parasitic network. To derail the Transition into 5D, NAA were preparing to activate these quantum bombs to end Earth in one blow. Co-Creators and the ground team worked ahead of the curve and averted disaster.

Now, Lightwarriors learnt that the center of the eastern part of this structure was not the Urals, but Khakassia. Or rather, the fifth “Chest” with its huge underground repository of birth Matrices and contaminated parts of the old Logos, the remnants of which Co-Creators put in team members for destruction. To keep virus alive, an enormous amounts of vital energy were required, which the entire mountain complex provided. That was its main purpose. And all incarnational hybrid Matrices in the vicinity were only of secondary importance. They simply parasitized the “body” of the central repository, using its unique infrastructure. The final annihilation got it over with.

(To be continued)

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