Sherpas To The Fifth Dimension - From 3D To 4D And 5D Part 9

Sherpas To The Fifth Dimension

From 3D To 4D And 5D Part 9

Sherpas To The Fifth Dimension – From 3D To 4D And 5D Part 9 – By Lev.

This is a special period in the development of the Earth and the planetary system as a whole. We have begun the global transition to the 5D, and not everyone can make it.

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Sherpas To The Fifth Dimension - Transition To 5D

Transition To 5D

Sherpas To The Fifth Dimension

Some souls are unable to do so, they are taken away from our plan. The Sherpas of the Galactic Committee and friendly races help not only those who are ready but the entire civilization.

Those who are unwilling to develop are not pushed or punished. To them is simply explained that it is unacceptable to serve only oneself. That to parasitize on others is to go against Source.

But many still don’t want to hear it. In addition, if a person with a low level of consciousness approaches Sherpas, he becomes nervous, his body breaks down, he may vomit, and there have been cases of insanity.

Radiation from Higher Light Beings and even some Lightwarriors begins to automatically cleanse him, and this cleaning is very painful. This is one of the reasons why not everyone can work in LFs’ teams.

Everything happening on Earth right now is related to cycles.

Cosmic Sherpas come to each planet during the planetary peak of activity. External cycles are also taken into account – Galactic, Universal, and interdimensional.

Sherpas To The Fifth Dimension - Sherpa


Sherpas To The Fifth Dimension

When an entire Race begins to emanate low-frequency energies, it programs and morphs the surrounding space, changes its characteristics, and opens access to itself to those who are in tune with these energies, allowing direct contact.

In the distant past, there was a boundary between the worlds around us, like a standing wave. When we began to degrade, the boundary thinned, we were opened to penetration. The cocoon of reality at the moment of lowered vibrations became rarefied at the bottom and melted away, the top hardened and closed.

Parasitic entities came to us from parallel worlds. Mostly from the lower dimensions, but at that point we had descended to them on the same level.

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What does the boundary separating the dimensions look like now, in this cocoon?

For earthlings, it resembles radio noise. For a higher level of consciousness, there is no boundary.

In each reality the configuration of space, matter, and DNA changes. But there is a zone of chaos in between which cannot be approached, otherwise, it can destroy.

It all depends on the level of the entrant. This is why 25D Siriusian spaceships are so necessary that are now taking us into a new vibrational orbit and the physical reality of the 5D.

There are vibrational cycles whose tonality is determined by the Universal rhythms. From the center of the Super Universes, from the Source, through the Sun come impulses that change the reality and consciousness of the beings inhabiting it.

Sherpas To The Fifth Dimension - Universal Rhythms

Universal Rhythms

Sherpas To The Fifth Dimension

For change to occur, it is necessary to go through a border zone of chaos. First of all, social, emotional, and energetic. Before entering a new dimension, there is a global cleansing on all levels and bodies of everything that belongs to the past.

If a civilization passes through a period of chaos safely, it acquires a more complex system configuration because it can maintain it. It is stable and has gone through and learned all its lessons.

If it fails and cannot maintain, it either remains in its old configuration or breaks down altogether (complete chaos, reboot), or its Matrix is simplified, and with it the level of consciousness of the civilization. The simpler is the Matrix, the fewer are neural connections between its inhabitants and other worlds.

The transition from one level to another depends on many factors. Everything is interconnected. As noted above, there are Universal cycles that set the rhythm. It is like the breath of the Universe, the Source, transmitted to us through His pores – the Stars

The consciousness of civilization also can collectively accelerate or inhibit the transition, distorting or completely blocking the frequencies of incoming energies, polluting them.

If the cocoon of reality is dirt, the cosmic energy does not pass through it and can simply burn the planet. And then chaos comes to a new level because everyone’s defenses fall – the reality itself, the system, the planet, and its inhabitants.

Everything affects everything. So far we are not slowing down or speeding up the transition process, just keeping up with the given rhythm, but the rhythm itself is speeding up.

How does it feel, how does rhythm acceleration work?

It’s like when you approach a powerful emitter – a strong pressure on the energy centers, all the inner filth is flushed out accompanied by sharp emotional swings.

Sherpas To The Fifth Dimension - Energy Dirt

Energy Dirt

Sherpas To The Fifth Dimension

Consciousness feels this pressure and reacts with bursts, sometimes going into hibernation. Or, on the contrary, there is a sharp improvement in well-being, clarity of thoughts.

Some people go crazy, others discover new talents, and insights come to them. It’s different for everyone.

The transition from one stage of space to another means a change in the density of reality. In our case, it has not yet changed completely, the process is still underway.

In our star system, each dimension has its configuration. There are 14 levels in total, and there will be 16. We are now moving from the third floor through the fourth to the fifth.

Each floor has exits to other worlds, other spaces, access to other races, and each is separated by a boundary membrane of chaos, whether up, down, or in parallel.

If a civilization begins to stagnate, degrade in the chaos zone, it moves down to the floor below. It closes its access to some worlds and opens access to other, lower worlds.

If chaos is overcome, everyone goes up to the top floor, and the lower floors are closed. And there are such floors on every level – every planet.

Staying on the 3rd floor, we could not move within our Solar System, access was denied. There was also little knowledge of the outside world, the Source, other civilizations, technology. But there was access to other planes of our planet, mostly to the lower 1st and 2nd dimensions.

What are the main differences between the lower and upper floors?

Sherpas To The Fifth Dimension - Dimensions


Sherpas To The Fifth Dimension

The lower floors are more energy-dense. There is more control, more aggression, more technology, and more warfare.

There one is allowed to be condensed as much as possible, to know oneself as a destroyer, a conqueror.

On the upper floors, there are more possibilities to discover self as a Spiritual being, a creator. It does not mean that there are no wars there, they are different.

When a planet is formed, that Intelligence which will then become an entire civilization decides, with the help of its Co-Creators and Sherpas, what lessons it wants to take.

In our case, we chose the most extended experience possible. Our collective mind was young and had no idea what destruction, deprivation, hatred, murder was. So it decided to test itself in all possible roles.

Each planet is shared by several civilizations. Not each is equally populated, and not just by humanoids.

We can only see each other when our vibrations more or less coincide with those of our neighbors. We already know about some but there is much more intelligent life on Earth.

Our planet has several bodies, densities, and each carries a different civilization. They all have their DNA, matter, and energy frame. Access to that place will be revealed gradually.

Sherpas To The Fifth Dimension - Planet's Bodies

Planet’s Bodies

Sherpas To The Fifth Dimension

At the highest levels, all civilizations are part of the One Intelligence. It has repeatedly divided until it populated ours and other planets.

In our Local Universe, it was divided into 14 species. Each was given its planet and subspace on this or that planet.

In physics, it looks like cosmic bodies. On the Subtle Plane, it resembles grapes on a bunch, and the Star is like a branch, a channel through which the berries are fed.

Some planets are left without sentient beings so that there is room for expansion.

Our collective mind, originally formless, divided into humanoid races and populated several planets of the Solar System. We kept in touch for a while but then it ceased as we began to move down the floors and our consciousness descended.

On the upper levels, one can influence matter with consciousness, experience a sense of airiness, expansion, acceleration. On the lower levels, everything is denser, slower, and more rigid.

Nevertheless, all the floors are actively interacting. It can be compared to a mechanical clock.

Each cog is one of the worlds, no matter which planet it belongs to. Together, the cogs guide the movement of the entire system, though many do not touch each other at all.

Sherpas To The Fifth Dimension - Cogs


Sherpas To The Fifth Dimension

The indicator shows the general direction as a consequence of this movement. Conventionally, when the arrow points upward, the entire system is rising in the general vibration, and when downward, it is falling.

Another analogy is a float that goes under and comes up.

The float is our system with all its worlds, and the water level is the boundary between the worlds of Spirit and matter.

Inside the float, there are gears at different levels, and there are parallel gears, just like in a clock.

If we, as a civilization, lower our vibrations, go next floors down, we disconnect from one series of gears and connect to others. Like changing speeds in a gearbox.

As we do so, we realign our receiver and become aware of the presence of others near us. These others exist at their speed, in their conditions, and have their parallel worlds which become partially accessible to us as well.

But in this case, our parallels are lost to us, the contact with them stops because we have changed our speed.

Co-Creators have closed our memories of them. There were space and global wars, invasion, occupation. We were the friendly race trying to appease the aggressors, to avoid the destruction of the planet and the earthlings. So Higher Light Hierarchy closed the memory of those wars to us, for not to traumatize and influence our further development.

Only the Dark Forces were punished by memory. It was their jointly conscious decision. They did not want to forget their mistakes.

Sherpas To The Fifth Dimension - Their Mistakes

Their Mistakes

Sherpas To The Fifth Dimension

The problem is that they didn’t want to correct them. Or rather, at first they were going to but then went back to the path of destroyers. Such is their role, and such is the environment of the lower floors. It greatly affects consciousness and drags.

Due to the memory lockdown, our civilization became more vulnerable, so the Archons and Dark Hierarchies easily manipulated and controlled us. But, thanks to the Co-Creators, Galacom and Sherpas, we are now better protected. Our memory is slowly being returned to us.

The Darkies are still trying to get us back under their control. They still have methods of penetrating our consciousness. They know how to masterfully impose their thinking, to put us down to the floor below so they can continue to energetically feed on us if we help them ourselves.

There is no energy in our flesh. All energy is in the Spark, in our Soul. To keep the food chain going, they overwhelm our emotions with intolerance, anger, hatred, aggression, war, humiliation.

Even if we hate them, it’s fodder for them, they’re only too happy for such an exquisite delicacy.

How often does civilization move from one density to another, from floor to floor?

It happens all the time. The process can take thousands of years but there are periods when it speeds up or slows down significantly.

Acceleration is the zone of chaos mentioned above, while deceleration means a respite, a consolidation of experience and knowledge.

Conventionally speaking, the difference on the scale between one floor and the other is 100 Hertz. Of these, 95 Hertz can be gone in 1,000,000 years, and the last 5 Hertz in a decade.

It’s like a standing magnetic wave: when you’re in the center of it, you move very slowly, floating; when you get close to the edge, you speed up, attracted to one pole and repelled from the other.

Sherpas To The Fifth Dimension - Standing Waves

Standing Waves

Sherpas To The Fifth Dimension

On the upper floors, access to the knowledge and opportunities that allow us to go beyond our system, including into the open space of the Greater Cosmos, is opened.

Space is not what we imagine it to be. It is not dark but iridescent. This space is full of life, light, warmth, Love. There is no emptiness, no darkness, everything is alive there. This is where Sherpas come to us. The Stars are the doors to the worlds of creation.

A Sun to us is a kind of plasma orb. It is actually like a pore on the skin of the Source. We live on Its outside, on the skin but through the pore, we can go inside Its Body.

If we leave the Star-pore and ascend the outer floors, everything around us changes radically. There is a feeling of unity that grows with each new layer, anxiety disappears, consciousness expands, and it is very joyful.

Upon entering, Oneness is not immediately realized. There are inner buffer zones, like layers of skin, before one enters the body itself. There are pathways, energy fields, currents. Everything is very similar in structure to our body, only it’s huge and fluid.

This movement through the floors, through the levels of our cluster, is the Great Quantum Transition that has accelerated since December 2020.

The transition occurs differently in different systems but the essence is approximately the same. It is very similar to the teaser for the movie Transformers, only brighter, more colorful.

Sherpas To The Fifth Dimension - Transformers


Sherpas To The Fifth Dimension

Many chaotic parts, cogs, screws change places, fit into each other, move around, change the size, color, shape, vibration. But in the end, they come together into one whole, and this whole has an ordered form.

As the Rubik’s Cube assembly. In this work, not only do all the parts that work and are compatible need to be integrated but each of them needs to grow, to mature.

To mature, we have to travel through the different vibrational floors, go through all the lessons, know all the ins and outs of our system, trust our neighbors, and achieve harmony.

While we are incompatible for a common assembly, we are still boiling in our soup, our reality, flowing from one floor to another, making contact with our kind in search of a common assembly.

Civilizations also move from world to world in different ways. Within a closed structure such as our Solar System, civilizations generally move from floor to floor in whole civilizations or large parts.

In some cases, it is one or more planets at once, plus their sub-plans.

Merging with other floors, realities, sometimes implies separation from others and sometimes does not.

If the whole system has reached the desired goal or harmonious state, it is an assembly.

If the system is ready to join the outside world, the whole, the open system, it is both an assembly and a merger.

From each closed system, groups of consciousness that are most ready for the transition to another level are withdrawn. They are parts of one Monad that are not divided.

A civilization can consist of several Monads. Each gets its experience, and then returns home, or is transported to another state, reality.

It looks like a huge cosmic Wheel, on the surface of which there is multicolored gravitational velcro. They work like magnets of different sizes, strengths, and qualities.

Sherpas To The Fifth Dimension - Wheels


Sherpas To The Fifth Dimension

Each magnet attracts the material to which it is tuned. They are arranged in roughly the same pattern as on the tread of our ordinary car wheel, only more randomly.

Wheel travels through the worlds and collects from each cluster of Souls corresponding to the magnet in luminosity or pattern. There is an accumulation of the same qualities from different realities with the subsequent transfer.

This applies not only to Souls but also to individual particles of experience, knowledge, information, energies… Luminosity is determined by the quality and maturity of consciousness. Based on these qualities, Souls are further transferred to their respective worlds.

The function of vibrational patterns is approximately the same, only they contain more information.

From some civilizations, all can be sorted out but from others only a few, depending on which Wheel is undergoing at the moment, and at what stage of maturity the cells of information are.

And there are a great many such Wheels. All of them of different sizes are passing over realities within different cycles.

In the case of Earth, things are different. With the help of the Wheels, the Galactic Committee and the Sherpas of friendly races are rebuilding our planet in a new way.

Wheels bring new settings, information packets that are unzipped either in our consciousness or in the actions of Nature or social events.

If the world is threatened by war, the setting can pacify. If war is imminent and it is time for the world to reboot (no other options left, civilization has reached a dead end), the setting can “ask” the planet or Star to arrange cataclysms or make the inhabitants less aggressive.

Comets work on similar principles. They also carry information and new programs in this way, taking the old, harmful, or spent ones with them.

What qualities do these Wheels gather? What are the criteria?

There are a great many of them.

Sherpas To The Fifth Dimension - In A New Way

In A New Way

Sherpas To The Fifth Dimension

Some Wheels gather those who belong to a certain Monad, civilization, system.

When a civilization, as a single consciousness, goes to explore another Universe, it may stick together, or it may scatter among the worlds of Greater Cosmos. So it is put back together with the help of the Wheels, like a train home.

Some Wheels gather young but mature Souls that it’s time to move on to the next level of worlds.

The qualities are different but standard – destroyers and creators, serving oneself and serving others, evolving and degrading, technogeeks and Spiritual, living in Love or fear and hatred, peaking or involution, and so on.

Each group has its luminosity, each sticking to the appropriate Wheel’s magnet and driving on with it.

Sherpas To The Fifth Dimension - Our Luminosity

Our Luminosity

Sherpas To The Fifth Dimension

This is how the grains from the chaff are separated. But it is a more multidimensional process. There are many worlds, and everyone can find a home to their liking.

In Greater Cosmos it is easy to get lost, to be forgotten, that is why Wheels like the space Tram of Hope are used. Thanks to them, no civilization stays in one world forever.

We begin to feel the approach of the Wheel in advance. Our memory wakes up, like “it’s time to go home” signal. In some cases, there is a flash of spontaneous awareness of unity in us.

Each consciousness is readjusted. Some of us get our memory back, some get it blocked, and some get their Subtle Bodies rebuilt or patched up.

The very structure of our reality is changing, so we, its inhabitants, are also changing.

Co-Creators direct the Wheels only when realities begin to glow, to signal their maturation. Its intensity determines how advanced they are. After all, the inhabitants determine this luminescence by their totality.

Knowledge of such transitions is always passed down from generation to generation but often the memory of the process itself is erased. Wheels not only take away but also bring new information from other worlds if there is a readiness to accept it.

Usually, memory is erased during sleep. We wake up every morning reformatted anew. Dejà vu is an echo of the superposition of different branches of reality from which we are assembled. This is another level of fusion, only we are not fusing with neighboring realities, but with our aspects of them.

Sherpas To The Fifth Dimension - Memory Is Erased During Sleep

Memory Is Erased During Sleep

Sherpas To The Fifth Dimension

No one will ever tell us the exact time when the Great Quantum Transition will end. Otherwise, we will sit and wait, doing nothing and changing nothing in ourselves.

Transition means a change in the level of consciousness when another reality becomes available to it. This reality has always been there for us, we just haven’t realized it. For most of us, this is what happens: we will not go to any other planets or worlds until we have completed all our local tasks.

Many have their Subtle Bodies corrupted or blocked to such an extent that they are not comfortable even on the Earth, not to speak of other vibrations environment. Therefore, for the time being, it is a question of assembling ourselves, our aspects right here on our planet, at home.

Too much inner garbage has accumulated in each of us. We must deal with the rubbish ourselves, though we will be pushed harder and harder as we mature.

The ultimate goal is always to develop, improve, learn, absorb new things, expand, contract, overflow, remelt, modify, merge, divide, and merge again.

Sherpas To The Fifth Dimension - Ultimate Goal

Ultimate Goal

Sherpas To The Fifth Dimension

Freedom is not given for nothing but only on merit, for work.

If we decide not to do it, not to use the potential invested in us, we slowly turn into a vegetable.

And then we are deprived of new opportunities because we do not do any creative work.

By demonstrating the will to win, we gain more and more independence, and by falling asleep, retreating into apathy, we simply become cogs of the System.

Each of us must make our choice.

No Sherpas can do it for us.

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