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Seeing The Unseen

Seeing The Unseen

Seeing The Unseen. By Teri Wade.

Seeing the unseen, hearing the unheard, feeling the invisible.

Ascension is not an action it’s a state of mind and a frequency of heart.

The frequency of heart should be a constant focus.

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Ascension is the process of you returning back to you before beginning the process of your existence of a 3rd dimensional human.

Your higher expressions of you are always with you to assist you to help you remember your true self in this present incarnation.

Again, once you expand your consciousness you will remember your connection to the unseen, the unheard and the invisible.

You will start tapping into all the Clair’s…

Seeing The Unseen - Frequency Of Hearth

Frequency Of Hearth

Seeing The Unseen

For some it’s incredibly difficult to imagine this sort of existence, perceive a reality so out there but this is why you chose this incarnation.

It’s incredibly important for you to completely trust your higher dimensional self.

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Remember, many around you will not perceive what you are experiencing because they are not quite calibrated to the 5th dimensional perception like you are.

Meaning, they are still operating at the 3rd dimensional operating system.

In the 3rd dimensional operating system everything is ruled by time so they are still working towards something to happen in the future.

It’s that dance many of us do which I call having a foot in two different worlds.

The future is greatly influenced by the past as they are both bound by time only while your consciousness is still limited by 3rd dimensional perceptions.

Because, leaving the 3rd dimensional existence time begins to disappear.

In 3D your past often rules your present so it’s difficult to create a better future. The 4th dimensional reality is still somewhat ruled by time it’s just much faster.

This is why when you are meditating or in your dream state it appears that it has taken a long time but when you return to your 3rd dimensional awareness you’ll find that very little time has passed.

Remember, just because you cannot see, hear or physically touch it doesn’t mean it’s not happening right in front of you, it’s just happening at a higher frequency of resonance which our 3D minds can’t perceive yet.

Humanity is going to soon remember how to manifest an idea, thought etc. into your awareness in the physical because it already exists in the now in the 5th dimension.

It all connects and timelines are all starting to bleed together.

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People rarely do what they believe. They do what is suitable, and then they regret.

Bob Dylan

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