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Sector 66Stil Pleiades 1

Sector 66Stil Pleiades 1

Sector 66Stil Pleiades 1. Sector in the lower astral of the Terran plane and bases / ships where energy manipulations, experiments are attempted to induce the earth surface population toward negative behavior through infrasonic and ultrasonic waves.

This negative base is one of several responsible for trying to destabilize the emotional fields of the surface population, always trying to induce constant irritability and stress.


It is also one of those responsible for high-voltage scalar attacks, especially to Lightworkers and Lightwarriors.

This sector is, we can say, an extension of the other sector known as Infrassom C3, which operates specifically in T Zone (the astral plane of Israel).

The Sector 66Stil is like the upper base of this type of activity and the Infrassom C3 is subordinated to its central commands. 66Stil is commanded by an “air” which in turn is subordinated to the command Ashoris3.

Settore 66Stil Pleiades 1 Zona Reptilian

Reptilian – Hollywood Concept

Sector 66Stil Pleiades 1

A massive and intensive action of the Light Forces to this location is just happening now, IUD-IL and related are called for the complete dismantling of this Sector.

There are extremely violent Reptilian warriors in the base vicinity and, not by chance, they are also under the influence of the 66Stil.

Settore 66Stil Pleiades 1 T Zone

T Zone – Artist Concept

Sector 66Stil Pleiades 1

This base is also responsible for creation of the “super soldiers” an intermix of Reptilians and Terrans, these soldier as used for special missions.

Some secret agencies in the Terran plane have complete knowledge of these bases. On the physical plane there are also physical representatives of 66Stil: Adolph Nicolas, Joseph Ratzinger, Hans Peter Kolvenbach (Hans is the brain behind Sept. 11 – the twin towers – as well as false flag attacks of March 11 – Fukushima – and the main engineering force behind the Syrian conflict. Conveniently, it lives in Lebanon, very close to the Syrian border). Josef Stalin and Adolf Hitler were also representatives of the 66Stil.

Obviously, there are other representatives, but they all already know that their time of domination is coming to an end.

Lord IUD-IL, you are being given the movement of our energy, joining with all others for the complete dismantling of that network.

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