Schumann Resonance Stripes

April 2022

Schumann Resonance Today Stripe April 30 2022

March 2022

Schumann Resonance Today Stripe March 31 2022

February 2022

Schumann Resonance Stripe February 2021

January 2022

Schumann Resonance Today Stripe January 31 2022


  1. Stormcrow

    im particularly looking for archived SR data, from march 8th, 2014.

    if anyone can help me that’d be much appreciated

  2. Stormcrow

    where can i find archived S.R. data from 2014?

    i do believe a faster than light speed, neutrino storm occurred in 2014.

    S.R. data from that year will help me prove it.

    Nasa isnt keen to share their neutrino data.

    • Stormcrow

      the neutrino data in the s.r., if its there; will give creedance to it being part of the cosmic ray storm which began in january 2017.
      that same cosmic ray storm is visible in the schumann and in the moscow neutron monitor data.. hidden in the 5 minute and ten minute resolution counts of that monitors archived data.
      lengthy cosmic ray storms destroy ozone layers and strip atmospheres(Neptune). they also induce new volcanoes to be born via bubble neucleation.
      so while we’ve got no ozone layer, the gammas induced from the solar coronasphere, are passing freely into our atmosphere and are represented in the straight white lines, which cross the entire frequency domain of the schumann.
      the messier high energy signatures are that of hadronic muons(cosmic rays) shredding the atmosphere.

      when the cosmic ray storm ends; so does the gamma production and Normal deadly UVb levels return.. those levels are already returning. its evident in the fake monkey pox outbreak..
      the fake pox is “polymorphic light eruptions”.

  3. Fab

    Salve, I would like to check on dome dates in 2017, any idea where to get them from?
    Allthebest, fab

    • Disclosure News

      We have most of them but are not posted in the archived images yet

  4. Scott

    Schuman resonance of the chart as of 7/3/20. Woke up this morning groggy and tired. For some reason my alarm clock advanced an hour. Don’t under sdtand that. Radio station was playing Coast to coast at 6am. Usualy ends a 5 am. Asking around here how they fell. Everyone feeling tired and groggy for a Friday before the 4th. Hmmmm

  5. Ryan

    Anyone have a history graph of August 2019? I’d really like to compare it with a personal experience I had last year that I have yet to explain.

  6. Priestess

    Thank you for this very informative site! Heaven on Earth is here! #QANON #MAGA

  7. Kelly Douglas

    Sending Blessings to each of you from my side of the computer to yours.

  8. Antonietta

    mi piacerebbe ricevere informazioni


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