DateInto (Approaching) 2020: few thoughts...
17/04/2021 17.16.21happy
17/04/2021 9.07.00I feel like pressing in more 😅 S.R. next couple of weeks will be breaking records.
17/04/2021 8.54.22Nel mese di marzo ero in crisi totale, sia nella mente che nel corpo, stanchezza,confusione mentale,dolori nel corpo ora sento che ogni giorno che passa mi ricarico e sto sempre meglio. Sembra assurdo ma chi è collegato con Gaia lo sente il cambiamento e non solo quello
17/04/2021 4.55.39Like complete garbage and tired. Moderately perturbed
16/04/2021 2.35.36I feel like I've been beaten up by Mike Tyson and Al capone with brass knuckles. My joints and muscles hurt big time, my mind is discombobulated. I will be happy when this is over.
16/04/2021 0.21.00Today the body felt rather heavy and tired. However, I sense that mentally I am growing stronger. Much love to you all.
14/04/2021 21.54.45
14/04/2021 15.05.01.
13/04/2021 21.49.48Suddenly so exhausted. Feeling beyond drained.
13/04/2021 17.12.13Headache in the temples, sore glands, sensitive teeth, cold numb hands, burning sensation around the head, arms and upper back, on and off sensations in the feet! All feels very intense! I treat my body like a temple, I eat from the tree, stick to non GMO’s, no chemicals pass my lips whatsoever, meditate daily and spend most of my time out with my dog in nature, for me to be feeling ascension symptoms this strongly something is definitely going on!
13/04/2021 16.32.45I'll start with I'm very energy sensitive and been meditating since 2006 daily. Needed to mediate before bed with chakra stones to ease the vibration of hand and 7 main chakras. Feeling positive energy. I'm very nauseous since early morning started about 3:00 a.m. to present.
13/04/2021 15.31.07Ma è normale sentirsi stanchi molto stanchi.
13/04/2021 12.58.52Feeling OK, I was dizzy before
13/04/2021 11.56.09sehr stark depressiv
12/04/2021 8.56.43High level anxiety. Feeling like I’m loosing my mind. Brain fog and drowsiness. Heavy , but I know it is a good thing🙏🏼
11/04/2021 16.05.06I feel intense energy and anxiety like I have never felt before. Like something is going to burst open. Like it is going to be very loud and explosive. the anxiety is off the chart.
10/04/2021 21.17.35I'm Feeling increasingly Good about Everything
10/04/2021 19.51.37Headache, nausea, bad mood
10/04/2021 6.18.50Unsettled
09/04/2021 22.26.01A bit of a headache today. Feels like there's pressure all around my head and neck.
08/04/2021 22.24.22Mal di testa ogni volta che si alza il power
08/04/2021 15.20.39Generally speaking, I want to rest a lot as my body seems to need more sleep. I also had some speaking issues where I was simply unable to talk. Heart palpitations come and go, ringing in ears as always. I can identify with what someone else wrote about the feeling of light pushing through. The message from my universe at the moment is all about self care, tyding up and becoming lighter! Plus I feel like manifesting is getting easier day by day.
08/04/2021 15.11.22Sto bene..carica come una molla , mi sveglio 2 volte per dormo subito di nuovo.
07/04/2021 5.23.09Overwhelmed, headache and exhaustion
07/04/2021 4.26.45Overwhelmed
07/04/2021 2.21.21
06/04/2021 20.05.03
04/04/2021 5.02.23I can hear constant ringing in my ears. I can hear & feel my blood flowing/pulsating. Limbs are tingling. Digestive tract is highly active/noisy. Restless sleep. Deep dream state. Pensive, joyful, grateful, curious, more powerful, resolved about my family, forgiveness, forgiven, optimistic, light & Love.
03/04/2021 21.35.54head buzzing at 8 on 10 scale, fatigue, some mild balance issues. seems consistent with "mild" colored graph as is now
03/04/2021 20.55.49Like nitro glycerin till about 2 hours ago...up and down the past three days
03/04/2021 19.06.37sehr depressiv, den ganzen Tag. Körperliche Missempfindungen.
03/04/2021 3.36.01Heart racing...very uneasy
02/04/2021 23.42.08Nauseous
02/04/2021 19.50.50On 31.3 quit my job after 29 years. Feet the urge to do it.
02/04/2021 0.29.51I feel like the red line on the quality chart. I have no energy or motivation today, like I’m being held down, can’t move. Feel negative energy draining me. Yet at the same time I can feel my higher frequency trying to push through and fight off the negative energy.
01/04/2021 22.31.39Rabbia
01/04/2021 22.31.01Rabbia
01/04/2021 19.07.54Umgebung aggressiv
01/04/2021 16.17.02Migrene time
01/04/2021 0.49.11
31/03/2021 21.17.53feeling lethargic and emotional
31/03/2021 19.28.18Sprachschwierigkeiten und Unruhe
30/03/2021 15.13.52Feeling more motivated. More creative. But also a bit tired physically.
30/03/2021 0.58.58
30/03/2021 0.29.09Very tired, now I feel like I'm catching a cold, odd, almost like falling in a sort of manner dizzy... Not in the norm so to speak!
29/03/2021 21.24.01Ansia
29/03/2021 16.10.22I felt very tired this morning. I was blessed today to be able to sleep in.
28/03/2021 14.51.573/27 mid-day until falling asleep at midnight, a headache that ramped up all day. Woke up feeling fine today, 3/28.
28/03/2021 10.05.29odd
26/03/2021 17.30.28This morning still woke up with some anxiety and headaches. Now in the afternoon feel a lot better and with more energy.
25/03/2021 23.19.51Extremely dizzy the past couple of days. Ugh. Palpitations, and sleepy tired. Having vivid dreams recently too. It’s all giving me anxiety. Stopped by to check the SR... says blackout.
25/03/2021 21.04.04Tutto perfetto!!
25/03/2021 20.48.58Headache. Not painful only present. Sore.
25/03/2021 16.44.45I started having shivers 15 days ago, went through initial pain behind the eyes, then lack of energy and loss of appetite. After a few days of rest I felt better especially in my mind, almost as if I had let go of much of the negativity accumulated during the past months. Still as of today I haven't recovered my energy fully. Almost like a very light influenza but it wasn't one. I hope to start feeling energetic again in a week or so.
25/03/2021 14.11.39Felt really good on the weekend and until Tuesday. Yesterday 24.03. around lunch time in Europe my energy dropped. Cold shivers. Anxiety arising, has not stopped yet.
25/03/2021 2.44.27I've been feeling down/sad, unmoitvated, distracted, waves of anxiety for no reaso and nauseous.
25/03/2021 0.42.44Tiredness, muscle aches. Last two days had headache near eyes. Ears are screaming this afternoon 24/3/2021. Time is speeding up. Days passing quickly.
24/03/2021 19.35.58apathy, sadness, lack of energy
24/03/2021 19.30.32Sleepy, want to nap all day. Unfocused.
24/03/2021 16.08.35feeling restless and sluggish at the same time. can't concentrate.
24/03/2021 14.11.32Felt like some real shit last night. Spiked at 10:30pm
24/03/2021 11.23.28The last few days, especially yesterday, I felt super uplifted, light and excited. I also felt guided to make my body even lighter trough breathing exercises and fasting.
24/03/2021 10.33.03Yes, exhausted, achey anxious and arrhythmia. So hard to calm myself
24/03/2021 8.55.26Like washing machine off balance or helicopters nearing but underground is where it comes from for sure
24/03/2021 5.52.14So tired physically past 10 days and anxiety past 2. Anyone else??? Heart pounding last 2 nites after midnight.
24/03/2021 1.30.10Curious, somewhat enlightened....Awake and alert at the moment
24/03/2021 0.01.53I wasn't as aware of the world around me as I am now. I remember feeling left out of average life because my life has been atypical. But I was encouraged as I was expanding my business.
23/03/2021 15.31.32
23/03/2021 4.45.44My head has been throbbing today. Very unusual for me. Now I know why. The resonance is crazy!
23/03/2021 4.42.20It’s the end of the world as we know it. And I feel fiiiiiiiiine.
21/03/2021 17.45.35Woke several times through the night. Distracted with bothersome thoughts that are not reflective of my usual upbeat attitude. Feeling restless yet want to nap.
21/03/2021 11.57.58
20/03/2021 22.41.36morning-mid day very distracted and my energy was all over the place. afternoon restless, intense buzzing energy in my feet and legs which extended through the whole body by early evening. bursts of introspective thoughts, insights into psyche and generally overwhelmed by the powerful bodily feelings (buzzing, feeling heat on the skin, hot and cold flashes with accompanying cold sweat). checked schumann frequencies and read about a geomagnetic storm starting today in the morning and lasting a few more days.... did some breathing and energy balancing exercises + took rescue remedy, all with minimal positive effect. i hope i can at least get some quality sleep.
20/03/2021 22.06.00Restless, feel beside my self
20/03/2021 17.14.28Restless
20/03/2021 7.37.43
18/03/2021 23.46.20Huge energy spike today, it is currently 3/18/21 1242 pm hawaii standard time, ringing in my right ear and now a major headache on the right side of head. Right activations? Tired
18/03/2021 16.01.46Totally tired all the time with the low numbers for weeks. How do we get the numbers up higher again???
17/03/2021 6.23.34Completely sapped of strength...exhausted...want to lie in bed and do absolutely nothing.
16/03/2021 21.41.20Bad headache
16/03/2021 19.53.18I feel like these updates are a direct correlation to the convos I have been having with my twin flame since February after not in contact for 30 years. Some of the off the charts magnetism ones are even at the same time as different spikes. So maybe I'm channeling this energy? Who knows, my 1st time here. But definitely researching this more.
15/03/2021 22.20.17
15/03/2021 14.21.15Worried
15/03/2021 14.11.222 deň príšernu bolesť hlavy 😢😢
15/03/2021 1.13.02
13/03/2021 18.31.45Does anyone else feel like you get a high pressure in the body during rapid changes in the frequency? Feels like the stomach and the head is full of air and ready to pop! And it gets difficult to breathe.
12/03/2021 21.54.11
12/03/2021 19.49.28Feeling creative, a little anxious, unbalanced
12/03/2021 3.37.28Yesterday afternoon and this afternoon, felt like fluctuations in blood sugar but there wasn’t any. Got dizzy fatigued. Drained.
11/03/2021 13.24.33Feeling hyped up which usually is when my BP is elevated last March 3 when the Schmann was at 170 I ended up in the ER.
11/03/2021 4.03.39Ears have been ringing for quite some time now. Ears are plugged. Slight headache. Haven’t slept well in weeks. Feel like I am in some sort of funk.
10/03/2021 21.32.51Had a head ache most of day and feeling tired. Had things planned today but it was painful. Am usually full of energy and project to do. Feel cold also even though it is about 70..
10/03/2021 9.12.12Saturday March 6th 2021 I slept ok, woke up early but felt amazingly tired and heavy, like couldn’t go snyegingbthe all day just going to bed (which is not usual to me) I don’t remember lot of days like this with this heaviness.. than 2 days after someone post the chart of Saturday/Sunday together and boom!!! Go and check the chart you’ll see how crazy peaks Saturday was all day!!
10/03/2021 3.16.33Felt positive after work today. Like something was telling me that something good was about to happen that needed to happen for awhile now.
08/03/2021 19.32.16Woke extra early. And feel mean, ill and form of vile. Not use to these feelings. And have NO reason for them! This ickyness needs to go away!
08/03/2021 17.07.56Gratitude
08/03/2021 8.21.37Extremely aggressive almost like I'm splitting in to two people and I'm really pissed at the one who can't get her shit figured out. Never had this much of an extreme and intense reaction.
08/03/2021 2.47.58Sacral aches, joint pain, triggered unexpectedly
08/03/2021 0.32.53Buenas noches a todos. Desde que desperté el sábado temprano con un molesto dolor de cabeza desde entonces....No se me va, por el momento. Gracias por la información. Un cordial saludo
07/03/2021 6.40.48
06/03/2021 22.00.22enthusiastic!
06/03/2021 19.29.13Much love building up inside of me! Amazing! Right now I feel like a lion who wants to roar loudly in order to make those with their eyes still closed see the truth. My mood is calm, centered (been able to deal with negative emotions quickly and thoroughly this morning) and excited.
06/03/2021 17.48.00Anxiety/Extra energy for last 24 hours
06/03/2021 14.44.03I need to sleep!
05/03/2021 20.25.52I have a really bad headache today.. feeling very fatigued..
04/03/2021 20.24.16Was nice with a couple of calm days. Now the high pressure in the body and fatigue suddenly came rushing in. The right side of my face and head feels like it’s has a cold.
03/03/2021 23.19.40Feeling good as i am enjoying the first spring vibes. I think that whenever I am getting a heavy 'download', I feel terrible and overwhelmed. Then, after sometime sorting it out and piecing myself back together, I feel amazing. I just recently realized that very pattern.
03/03/2021 20.59.03Headache on and off
03/03/2021 20.57.03NOT SURE
02/03/2021 18.20.59حالم خوب نیست 🥺 iran
01/03/2021 18.12.36I feel powerful and alert, with some dips in my vibration due to varying circumstances. I Am rising above those and staying strong💯✨
01/03/2021 15.11.47I could really feel that last one coming on. I was feeling dizzy. I checked the sight and saw why!
28/02/2021 23.50.15I felt that loud buzzing in my ears, and I've been feeling dizzy, and I have a lingering headache. I'm searching online on how to make the headache subside.
28/02/2021 13.37.16Just very very tired 😴
27/02/2021 22.09.25I feel the need to shout out the truth
26/02/2021 13.57.01Overwhelming need for self care and self love, heart palpitations, slight background headache, hearing frequencies all the time. My mood is calm and accepting
25/02/2021 21.26.00MY DEARS ITS SUPPOSEDLY 2021, but who really knows! Lol love you guys!! 💜:)~❄️
25/02/2021 21.25.27
25/02/2021 21.22.54
25/02/2021 21.22.15Two days of feeling not well in my gut! I had to do a healing treatment to relieve the nausea! Woke up feeling off, and tad bit weak.
25/02/2021 21.20.37Constant ringing in my ears sometimes different tones low high med sometimes I get a different tone one one side another on the other.
25/02/2021 8.48.32
25/02/2021 4.15.49Headache
24/02/2021 16.09.28I am feeling very strange today. Exhausted, emotional, dizzy and out of sorts. Glad I remembered to check the Shumans Resonance - it makes me feel less crazy.
24/02/2021 8.30.40
23/02/2021 23.06.41Previous few weeks I've experienced headaches, dizziness, fatigue and urges to declutter but today I've felt Tension, heightened emotions on a level I've never felt before for no particular reason, fatigued, a unknown feeling like inpending doom and tinitis.
22/02/2021 21.54.15We've been really lethargic for days, but it usually passes.
22/02/2021 19.27.19Hyvin voimakas muutos energia ollut tänään eteenkin päivällä läsnä, vaikkei mitään konkreettista ole tapahtunutkaan. Myös hyvin voimakasta ja poikkeuksellista rakkaudellista energiaa olen saanut tuntea tänään koko päivän ❤️
22/02/2021 10.12.44Sto bene pieno di energia
21/02/2021 23.14.52I wondered if you could help me please. Im looking for your Shumann Resonance PDF for Jan 2021- is it possible that you could send that to my email please because I notice that your SR PDF database only covers 2019.

On the 28th January 2021 late afternoon/ early evening I had an experience that I've never felt before. I was putting the shopping away when all of a sudden around the edges of my peripheral vision I saw spheres and interchanging geometry- like a kaleidoscope of colour. It was like I was tripping from LSD- which I tried in my early 20's and the only thing I can compare it to. Quite recently a wise man was randomly brought into my life and we have been talking about many things- quite a lot about the situation in the world and conspiracy / the great awakening. I explained this overwhelming feeling to him which lasted around 15 minutes. Full on tripping. To be honest it scared me because I thought I was losing my mind or about to have health complications like a heart attack. But reassuringly he listened, smiled and reassured me that an amazing thing had happened to me and that I had been bombarded by light codes. That my third eye was being awoken to help with the transition into the 5D. All of this talk is new to me, the Schumann Resonance, chakras etc. Ive always been spiritual and have an open mind and have dedicated the last 10 years to seeking the truth about many things that just dont add up in the world and why there is so much suffering with humanity. Im seeing flashes of white light in the sky over London every single night since December last year. Im having manifestations appear which I'm interacting with and I'm getting subliminal messages that randomly appear. If it wasnt for this wise man that entered my life to explain the deeper meaning of life... I think I'd have booked myself into a loony bin by now, which makes me wonder if his coming into my life completely randomly was by design, to make so sense of it all. And then finding this site to try interpret the light codes. I would be grateful for that Jan 2021 PDF and the PDFs for all 2020 please and if possible so I can study this. As Im writing this message to you, a song has appeared on my laptop called 'Happy'
- around 1m50s into the song made me well up because here is me writing you this message and a song appears with a message about me writing to you. All I can do is show gratitude and thanks that I'm receiving these messages- I feel blessed.
Be the light, be the love, be the reason for both to be... Leigh
21/02/2021 22.02.01Sligh background headache for two days now, wanting to clean everything (house, body etc) and preparing for spring. Energy is high tho
20/02/2021 17.05.56Često sam preumorna. Jučer me hvatala nesvjestica. Danas glavobolja.
Tiredness. Yesterday diziness. Today headacke.
20/02/2021 16.37.10Calm relaxed slight ringing in the ears
20/02/2021 13.54.56blood pressure extremely high last two days, didn't get the reason why, this could be problem
20/02/2021 13.41.12This was a strong day.for ears ringing. Living with constant ear ringing and teeth clenching. Anxiety is higher. Singing helps and listening to 432hz.
20/02/2021 9.26.28
19/02/2021 19.02.27Lethargic, ear ringing pressure
19/02/2021 12.12.36Stanchezza
19/02/2021 4.16.24Sadness
19/02/2021 2.45.23Did you like what you see, as much as I did?
19/02/2021 0.32.43Paralyzing anxiety today, body tense, mind confused and clouded. After doing what I could to find balance, decided it must be from somewhere else, so I googled the Schuman resonance and found this site. Wow, symptoms started at exactly the same time the resonance started spiking today. Thanks
18/02/2021 19.53.11head is full of pressure today
17/02/2021 23.39.21I need sleep but it eludes me.
17/02/2021 20.50.13
16/02/2021 17.33.00Headache for three days now. I feel that I need self-care. My dog is very clingy too? x
15/02/2021 21.00.42A differenza delle altre volte, questa mattina verso le 4.00 sentivo due tipi di rumori: il solito, come essere dentro un macchinario della TAC e un'altro, come se in un grosso tubo passasse gas che rimbalzasse al suo interno.
Non sono più riuscita a dormire...troppo assordante..
15/02/2021 17.58.05Periodic sharp pains in the head and feeling nauseated over the last few days
15/02/2021 2.47.16Headache's & rolling Tiredness Live-stream of the Schumann Resonance try searching these or add the ht tp colon 2x forward slash or this one too
15/02/2021 1.40.35Ongoing Rolling Headache's, mild-mid muscle tightness that come & go. Swollen Glands noticed timing later with white outs & even the green but with milder symptoms. Any one notice feeling mild or more Dizzy at times
14/02/2021 2.42.50I’be been feeling very tired and sometimes dizzy
12/02/2021 22.52.01
12/02/2021 2.59.19Physical weakness. Unsteadiness while standing. Inner constriction of breath creating anxious feeling. Transient pain pulsing through various locations throughout body.
12/02/2021 2.31.07Feeling awesome and light, but CONSTANT ringing in ears, sometimes more, sometimes less but always there.
11/02/2021 21.40.27Namaste, Everyone! Hearts usually beat in response to the rhythms of the Earth as "She" receives energies from the Sun and the Photon Belt. The planet is spinning much faster in current times and receiving high doses of LIGHT. "Motherwort" herbal extract helps to slow down a rapidly beating heart, lowers any elevated blood pressure, and alleviates anxiety. "Hawthorne" herbal extract is excellent as well. Take one dropper-full of either three times each day. Also for any anxiety over symptoms of receiving LIGHT, take two drops under your tongue four times daily of "Rescue Remedy" by "Bach Flowers". Please do not take chemical medicines. Take only natural substances. A Doctor once told me that over 90% of Medical Doctors (MDs) do not take nor allow their family members to take the medicines they prescribe for their patients. They know of the horrible side effects. Sadly, they prescribe medications to keep their medical licenses. Many Doctors are now willing to tell the truth. I applaud their courage.
11/02/2021 21.25.40Namaste! To the person asking about ringing in the ears: Do not be concerned. Most people are experiencing this daily or at least very often. Sometimes it is loud like a bell and sometimes it is a slight ringing. This is the clearing of spiritual channels so that you can hear the sounds of other dimensions. It is also a clearing of the pineal and pituitary glands (which can also be cleared as experiencing congested sinuses and constantly having to blow the nose). Symptoms of receiving LIGHT will increase in the coming months. Be sure to drink lots of water to help the clearing process of your cells.
11/02/2021 17.12.00Also sweating in the night, very cold in the day, some tremors, not sure if it's heart beat or muscular tremors over heart area?
11/02/2021 17.08.19My feelings - poor sleep all week, crashing in the afternoon, zonked for upto 3 hours, remind me what it feels like to sleep well through the night for 7hours? 8 or 9 would be amazing!
11/02/2021 13.23.43conflicted, depressed, irritated, understanding, closed off,
11/02/2021 4.40.09I have has ringing in my ears for about the last 5 or 6 months and have bouts of feeeling drained of energy. Sometimes the ringing is so loud it's like my head is like a bell. Is this related to Schuman resonance. I've heard people comment on this n different forums but would like to know more about it. I'm sure it isn't tinitus. Can anyone comment or help please.
10/02/2021 20.43.32
10/02/2021 15.31.54Aches and pain
10/02/2021 2.29.00Calm, trustful
10/02/2021 0.44.31Listening to Ambient music with an isochronic 7.83Hz pulse, in the crossover zone between Theta & Alpha, I'm feeling really good, Peace 😉
09/02/2021 21.08.40Impaziente
09/02/2021 17.40.11High vibrational energy!! Feeling great!!
09/02/2021 16.43.31Week and anxious in the Morning, yet Good Motivation to care for the self — strengthening the Energy in my Body with Yoga and energywork, moving with my bike, out in the clean air of nature, receaving bodywork from a friend , I feeling quiet now in the afternoon.
09/02/2021 12.35.13a volte, senza motivi apparenti, sento un suono nelle orecchie, e' piu' una vibrazione come se ti passasse un treno accanto e tu sei in casa. quando succede, anche se sto dormendo mi sveglio. a volte mi ritrovo di notte a svegliarmi e mangiare, cosa che non ho mai fatto. ho cercato di capire quale fosse la mia esposizione all'inquinamento elettromagnetico di casa mia.....ho adottato delle accortezze per limitarlo anche se serve a poco. l'unica spiegazione che mi do, la ottengo guardando i grafici della risonanza di shumann di cui non capisco il funzionamento pur avvertendolo FORTE E CHIARO. mi piacerebbe riuscire a leggerli davvero, questi grafici. se avete esempio non capisco come funziona l' anche sul resto non e' che ho le idee cosi' chiare.
09/02/2021 12.00.09My ears are ringing from early this morning
Does this have anything ro do with Shumans resonance!?
09/02/2021 11.59.22
09/02/2021 8.44.05Grumpy
08/02/2021 20.42.44dense
08/02/2021 17.15.08Peaceful but very low motivation today
08/02/2021 1.23.22Fantastic work, our unsung heroes, thank you all for the hard work!!! Bring on the Light within! Bless you!!! LOVE is the answer to all that we seek.... for the BEST is YET/ ABOUT to come!!!
07/02/2021 21.35.46Confusion
07/02/2021 20.53.35
07/02/2021 20.00.38I woke up at 4 am CST ks usa I always hear a very loud high pitched sound,at 4am it was different, had up and down scratchy irritating like bad white noise with underlying high pitch. Just wanted to see what the resonance was at that time,first time I heard different sound.I also woke up every hour
07/02/2021 16.12.27I feel love, trust, faith inside me, but I have to be careful, people around me don't believe me and have already admitted me to a psychiatric clinic in 2020. So I keep my thoughts to myself, unless someone asks and is open to my feelings.
07/02/2021 11.46.54I'm feeling very happy! I feel full of love and I'm so excited for what's to come!
07/02/2021 6.35.22Va a giorni, a volte sono piena di dolori, altre volte fisicamente sto bene. Interiormente ormai sono sfinita da tutto il delirio da cui siamo circondati, voglio vivere una vita piena, libera e vera e non questo assurdo stato di cattività in cui tutti stiamo vivendo. Questo mi crea ormai frustrazione, angoscia, tristezza profonda e un senso di impotenza. Voglio vivere e ogni giorno in più passato in questo mondo assurdo, mi sembra tempo prezioso buttato via. Ritengo che tutti ormai stiamo avendo sintomi da stress cronico ed è questo che da'tutti questi malesseri
07/02/2021 3.33.35Have been dizzy and nauseous lately. Trying to get back normal
07/02/2021 0.02.18
06/02/2021 23.29.19Back pain tired
06/02/2021 23.17.25ból głowy
06/02/2021 18.07.38nothing is certain
06/02/2021 9.08.45Feeling very nervous and anxious since yesterday morning. Finding it hard to sleep. Not feeling afraid or fearful, just like something exciting or important is about to happen. Anyone else?
05/02/2021 21.20.24Stressful , & over-eating
04/02/2021 23.20.21Feeling well 🙂
04/02/2021 5.05.13Impossibile dormire
04/02/2021 3.49.00Fghghbv
03/02/2021 17.44.00In the first part of december, for some times I woke up in the middle of the night with a lot of warm (in my room there are 13° C) and with the heart beating superfast, more than after a run.
03/02/2021 14.28.03Headache, palpitations, dizziness and deep weakness, foggy... hopeful.
03/02/2021 14.04.50A little headachey today. A little off balance because of new information about more lies discovered. But peaceful and confident and grateful to be alive at this time in history.
03/02/2021 13.29.04Can’t sleep very well...I feel I’m “disturbed”...I prefer to stay with my family only and don’t want to hear from anyone else who’s not as awake as I am... I feel like big changes are happening right now.
02/02/2021 23.05.36major neck/shoulder pain
02/02/2021 19.32.53Disappointed, stress
02/02/2021 3.56.28I wish for humanity to unify
01/02/2021 15.56.41Calm, relaxed, hopeful, peaceful
01/02/2021 6.41.21Feeling hopeful, happy and peace
31/01/2021 23.21.54Nervosismo
31/01/2021 20.24.32Extremely restless for the last couple of days. Can’t wait to get started, but with what?😅
31/01/2021 16.48.20Fear and pain
31/01/2021 16.29.02Headaches, dizziness, restless. High pitch frequencies alternating in the ears. Haven’t been sleeping much lately. When I do sleep I am having vivid dreams. Feeling pressure in the sinuses but not sick so far. Third-eye clearing? Definitely feeling the SR spikes and drops. Despite the bleh feeling I am much more creative right now, likely due to the start of Mercury Retrograde seeing it happens with me every time it goes retro. Peace, love, and blessings!
31/01/2021 11.07.01Difficoltà di concentrazione e stanchezza
31/01/2021 8.45.39Restless, tired, lethargic, no appetite, in pain.
31/01/2021 2.52.18Ears are really popping tonight 🚀🚀
31/01/2021 2.34.06Fiance hears weird sound (like a frequency ring echo) and buzzing feet. I myself feel awful with crazy headaches, body aches and also buzzing. We both feel a bit nauseas, fatigued and sleeping problems.
30/01/2021 20.12.56Feeling awful for past few days - bad headaches, sinus and ear issues, all over body aches and severe fatigue. Husband has had the dizziness/vertigo plus severe tiredness/aching.
30/01/2021 19.24.03Hi, I'm stressed by the earthquake.

I feel severe pain in my hands. Wrist and shoulder, both hands. All my bones became sore. My neck is also swollen. The breasts and head and neck are warm but the rest of the limbs are cold. The sound of the wind blows in my ear. I have a strong and special anxiety.

One question:
Why did my pocket compass suddenly crash?
30/01/2021 17.47.05Ohh now I get why I’ve been anxious.
30/01/2021 15.14.29Feeling tired and wanting to rest all day. However, in a good mood
30/01/2021 13.21.51I have been very ill since the 27/28th, with banging headaches, I couldn't think straight, lots of vertigo symptoms, I couldn't sleep on these nights. I was very anxious during the night, had heart palpitations...felt like I was going to pass out while lying down. Thankfully by the start of 29th to the 30th UK time (in the morning) I started to feel a lot better, but by 2pm onwards, I started to get vertigo again while stationary....really horrible feeling, now I feel that my throat/ears/glands is mucusy/!!! no temperature just feeling off, physically unbalanced, but my head is a little more clear, so I can think straight again. During this time I have noticed, I can't be around my cell phone, I instantly feel realise my body is telling me to stop using harmful frequencies!!! Been a roller coaster week physically and also flat emotionally. How is everybody else feeling???
30/01/2021 7.14.51
30/01/2021 5.54.58Feel a little bit agitated more excited for big changes to come.
29/01/2021 15.07.32Clear minded
29/01/2021 4.51.25I heard a spike of high pitched sound in both ears then faded away. My heart was flipping then subsided. My skin got hot and buzzing just under skin including my feet then stopped. Low back pain momentarily. Some anxiety and curiosity while this happened then gone.
29/01/2021 2.05.01
29/01/2021 2.03.48Energy!!! Slight pains all over body but enough energy and focus to do extra work! Love how I feel during these spikes!!!
28/01/2021 23.36.00Stanchezza
28/01/2021 16.23.23
27/01/2021 21.22.39I feel grateful & at peace, yet also anxious!
Thank you for your channel!
I'm looking forward to March/April, with expectation of a true great awakening!
27/01/2021 20.41.31Dor de cabeça 🤕
27/01/2021 20.34.18Alsof ik aan het opstijgen ben naar de hemel en de oude aarde afbrokkelt een leeg verdrietig gevoel. Het ontkoppelen gaat steeds sneller en geeft misselijkheid en overprikkeld zenuwstelsel. Snel schrikken van geluiden. Enorm sensitief aan het worden, ik voel de geladen fotondeeltjes door mijn energieveld heen gaan, geeft koude rillingen.
27/01/2021 19.44.18htgg
27/01/2021 15.13.48A heavy heart. Feels like wrapping up the last piece of the old. Feels like grief without being attached to grief? If that’s makes sense 😅
27/01/2021 14.50.37my heart chakra is constantly doing flips, feels like butterflies and anticipation X 100. I feel happy, joyful and blissful. Synchronicities point to celebration after sadness. hang in there!!
27/01/2021 11.37.20Headache, tummy ache, crying all day 🙁
26/01/2021 21.35.01There is a lot of big, chaotic and unwieldy energy spiking through.
26/01/2021 11.58.01baş ağrısı yorgunluk uyanmak istememe
26/01/2021 5.02.23Headache, sinus pressure, extremely tired and sleepy, feel HEAVY all over.
26/01/2021 5.00.46
25/01/2021 21.46.41Feeling very heavy, tired, and like I need to rest today. Haven’t felt right all day. Slept good last night though, and woke up in a daze.
25/01/2021 14.55.39Wired and exhausted.
25/01/2021 6.41.44Sleepy
25/01/2021 2.55.52Past few days have felt blahhh. Heavy. Meditation has helped..
24/01/2021 10.50.44Mi sento irrequieta ......poi fin troppo tranquilla, strana
23/01/2021 21.20.57
23/01/2021 19.58.49❤️
23/01/2021 17.22.36La tierra ya demostró que su frecuencia ya no es 7,8hz y si bien eso fue estable por muchos años ahora lo estable es la variación con altos picos. El mensaje es claro! Como seres humanos necesitamos elevar nuestra frecuencia lo suficiente para que estas elevaciones sean sostenidas por nuestro cuerpo. ¿Cuál es el promedio de hz que la tierra nos está indicando? Definitivamente hace años que dejo de ser 7,8hz ya en 1999 los 11hz nos estaban impactando y en el 2012 los 13hz hoy las medidas nos llevan a nueva reflexión que cambia el piso vibratorio del planeta y por tanto el del ser humano. La nueva humanidad ya no está en 7,8hz.
Yo los sigo desde hace ya 3 años y me encantan los reportes que dan y conocer cuánto vibra nuestra tierra. Siento que es importante escuchar el mensaje y modificar nuestros pisos vibratorios. Los 6000hz de ayer 22 de enero 2021 seguirán influyendo en la tierra y en nuestros cuerpos por un buen rato.
23/01/2021 17.18.13Felt angry this morning, felt my stomach area bumping away, then it just disappeared at dinner time, feel happier now, now I know why
23/01/2021 17.15.19my back and neck are so compressed that I can't even sit up and have to lie down
23/01/2021 16.49.53Weird
23/01/2021 8.10.13Hi, Yesterday I felt heavily tired , I felt and also feel now , clearly electric frequency in my head and sometimes it waves in all my body , it’s a very strange sensation. I have these sensations about one week ago
23/01/2021 7.35.52This evening is intense, I have a forceful desire to head outside and dance in the starlight.
23/01/2021 5.50.12headache ,tired ,hopefull ,somthing is comming.
23/01/2021 3.04.59Happy
23/01/2021 2.37.11Energised, excited, ringing in ears, seeing/feeling myself more clearly
23/01/2021 0.05.55My tinnitus has been loud and frequent. I am hearing random music?? Body aches.
22/01/2021 23.55.11Pain and exhaustion
22/01/2021 23.36.04I too have had crying spells but then I had big breakthrough this week where I felt my pain then released then felt incredible freedom
22/01/2021 23.33.42I had my iron checked today, been below normal for 3 days but blood pressure high
22/01/2021 23.32.05I was pretty hype about 11:30 today but I feel exhausted now
22/01/2021 22.59.42Been wiped out for days. Just really tired with a touch of anxiety
22/01/2021 22.26.29Shaky, cold, dizzy, head is pulsating
22/01/2021 21.33.04How do we interpret the Italian source? What increments do they use? The Russian feed isn’t reporting the 3000-6000 power spikes.
22/01/2021 21.15.23I‘m peace ❤️
22/01/2021 20.54.19Feeling light and calm today. Great peace and tranquility ♥️✨
22/01/2021 20.36.45Its 1/22/21 and I feel totally wiped out at 6,000. Never saw it that hi before. What does it mean. Gotta learn how to read it. Red all over chart.
22/01/2021 20.34.29wow!
22/01/2021 20.33.44I am love!
22/01/2021 19.25.53My brain feels really good but my stomach feels nauseated.
22/01/2021 18.10.22Ecco perché questa mattina mi sentivo di schifo con l'orecchie che fischiavano come un treno!!! 3000hz!!! Quinta Densità e Dimensione!!!
22/01/2021 17.56.38Hi I feel super calm and sleepy
22/01/2021 12.38.06Are the energies being manipulated? CERN. HAARP?
22/01/2021 1.35.34Light and Love!!!
21/01/2021 3.20.56Strong Heart palpitations
21/01/2021 0.37.39Today I felt okay, even uplifted at times. But the two days before...whoa. I suffered from uncontrollably crying for hours, stomach pain (more like energenic pain) and a feeling of overwhelming helplessness. Lots of people reported feeling terrible, too. Maybe some dark rituals or dark energies being released upon us?
20/01/2021 22.02.15ultimamente suelo tener altibajos emocionales lloro bastante y despues se me pasa y vuelvo a llorar
20/01/2021 6.14.21At 3am it woke me up I hear it singing off and on it makes it hard to breathe and my heart beat heavy
19/01/2021 21.55.47I believe that the readings are much higher than what is posted because there have been two "C-Class" solar flares which is medium strength and thus quite powerful. There is probably interference in the technology due to so many satellites in space sent up by NASA. Of course, CERN and HAARP are also probably conducting experiments too. This would also interfere with accurate readings.
19/01/2021 16.34.56Are the lower frequencies a result of interference. HAARP or CERN?
19/01/2021 14.41.18Headaches, ringing in my ears, fatigue
19/01/2021 8.51.22i feel intense headache
19/01/2021 4.05.55Ready for awakening.
18/01/2021 10.35.34Much angst and tension. Very high pitch ringing in ears.
18/01/2021 8.44.05The worst and been experiencing this for years - aching ALL over/extreme fatigue
17/01/2021 15.39.56Αισθάνομαι σαν να έχω μαντικές ή και προφητικές ικανότητες ! επίσης μου τυχαίνουν πολλές ' συμπτώσεις ' , αλλά λες και κάποια αόρατη δύναμη με προστατεύει ή μου υποβάλει ό,τι γράφω στα ΄΄social media΄΄ , FACEBOOK , MSN , YOUTUBE ! και τα σχόλια , που αναρτώ , έχουν πνεύμα ΄΄σοφών΄΄ σκέψεων,
οι οποίες με πάνε πίσω στον χρόνο , όταν μαθητής ακόμη Γυμνασίου΄ - Ζ΄τάξης , είχα γράψει , στον μαυροπίνακα την εξής εξίσωση - που μου έχει σημαδέψει την ζωή ! <> ! . . . και έχω ΄΄μανία ΄΄ με την έννοια της ΄ΜΟΝΑΔΑΣ΄΄ ( 1 ) ! - και έχω χαρακτηρίσει τη ΄΄Χρυσή Τομή΄΄ σαν τον ΄΄ ΑΥΤΟΠΡΟΣΔΙΟΡΙΣΜΟ ΤΗΣ ΕΝΝΟΙΑΣ ΤΗΣ ΜΟΝΑΔΑΣ ΄΄ , σαν απόλυτο αριθμό !Ευχαριστώ που με προσέξατε και είμαι στην διάθεσή σας , για κάθε διευκρίνηση ! την αγάπη μου . 17/01/2021 -- 16.30΄<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
16/01/2021 22.11.40Lazy
16/01/2021 3.46.55Heart palpitations galore.....ugghhh!
15/01/2021 19.51.12Sleepy
15/01/2021 6.10.13hope, excitement, anxiousness, less fear
14/01/2021 22.21.22Namaste! Many people are feeling extreme fatigue and have been for a long while---for months or even years. This is one of the main activations of intense LIGHT coming into the physical form. This is, as strange as it may sound, a good thing! We are being allowed to be tired so that we will engage in the intense relaxation that is required in order to elevate to higher frequencies. There are also aches and pains, dizziness, increased heart rhythms, and more--all of which are because of the increased LIGHT from the cosmic realm. It is not being lazy to just rest when necessary. Meditation helps to connect with the Higher Self which is SOURCE. Eat organic meals, drink lots of water, and take natural vitamins and minerals and homeopathic remedies as well as healing herbs. Trust in the Creator. All is well.
14/01/2021 21.41.35Tired and out of it.
13/01/2021 21.45.52Barely sleeping, yet still energetic during the day. Soaking night sweats. Tossing turning. Mind racing going a thousand directions. Watching one thing, listening to another, while reading something else. I sometimes get obsessive because I’m a lottle ADD, but lately it seems I can’t ingest enough information. 🤘🏼🤷‍♀️
13/01/2021 18.41.12At 7 I feel totally wiped out. The lower the slower I go. Why is it so low after going so hi up to 1200 a short while ago.
13/01/2021 18.03.57 high frequency ringing behind eyes, obsessing over salt baths and feel the need to focus on alkalizing, squirrels keep flocking to me, as well as the crows, 144 everywhere, and all I want to do is paint and macrame and play chess in the sun. Rawr -Jessy
And can’t forget the flashes of light randomly, the sound of fluttering wings, and seeing blurry clear anomalies at night, all month little cute moths land on me when I put my finger out for them, and I’ve been definitely on point clairvoyantly more than ever esp with my loved ones. Vivid dreams. Oh and my sleep schedule is f***ed and if I don’t stay alkaline I get nasal issues and lose my voice *snaps* like that. I also attract police that are no good to women, children and wounded adults that need mothering, & that’s when my words flow best.
Love loves to love love people. Time is divine.
12/01/2021 22.49.01What happened to the Italian charts of Schumann? The Russian ones feels like there are censoring information since last year.
12/01/2021 18.21.03Even though the "Power" is registered as being calm today---Tuesday, January 12, 2021---the recent interplanetary shock wave that soared into the planet yesterday is causing certain symptoms such as anxiety, fatigue, palpitations, and aches and pains. Also, remember, we also had a coronal mass ejection which also causes challenges. Study ways in which to mitigate any uncomfortable symptoms in a natural manner. The symptoms are not sicknesses! They are because of increased LIGHT coming into the planet.
12/01/2021 13.35.35Nervous
12/01/2021 9.44.27Oh my, the energies are intense right now. Mostly inner peace, but frequently waves are hitting that make me want to scream my brains out. Wow🙏🏼
11/01/2021 21.50.42I feel a great energy coursing through my veins. I’m noticing a greater connection to the planet and wanting to only eat Whole Foods- so I know what’s in it. I question all the news I hear and am shying away from negative energies. At the same time I feel healing energies all around. That’s when I saw an article about the spikes in the Schumann Resonance Scale. Such a fascinating time to be alive!
11/01/2021 7.18.38Tired 20.00 but stayed up until 22.00 (-1 GMT) tossed and turned all night, woke up every 15 minutes, body getting hot, couldn’t wind down... I normally Sleep Well between 7,5-9 hrs.
08/01/2021 4.00.26More light, love and awakening is finally flooding planet earth! I've waited so long for this.
07/01/2021 20.50.16My body hums like a crystal bowl when there are CMEs and Schumann is up! I watch photons across the darkened ceiling and plasma wave flashes (NC mountains). The earth vibrates frequently permeating the body. Can connect consciously to a few friends around the world.
07/01/2021 1.03.54I keep ‘hearing’ a continual ‘black hawk helicopter’ , feels as if it’s surrounding my house
06/01/2021 18.58.35Back hurts slight headache
05/01/2021 18.29.46This morning as I looked out my kitchen window at the world, I felt a sense of lightness and a kind of clearing and lifting of negative energies as if much of the darkness and evil is already gone from this world. The "atmosphere" felt clean, cleared, and peaceful.
05/01/2021 13.13.56Anxious
05/01/2021 9.09.54Impossible to sleep.
05/01/2021 7.56.35I have felt like being with my angels and in the spiritual realm. Like I am very close to the other side.
05/01/2021 4.26.20It's time to clean out the infection and transmute the toxins. don't let them guilt trip you into killing off your own race and people. white European people's are extremely resilient intelligent race with big hearts. The contribution you made as well as sacrifices are astounding. You are not responsible for the actions of a few corrupt elite family's. Compassion and sympathy when used inappropriately leads to tragedy and suffering. At least don't go down with out a fight!
05/01/2021 3.49.29Namaste! As of this comment, the SOURCE POWER of Earth/Gaia has reached an amazing 1200! Everyone must slow down, relax, and drink lots of water to remain hydrated. The energy is surging into the planet! A powerful cleansing and giving of LIGHT is occurring!
05/01/2021 1.04.55Wow a 500 day and after a week of feeling as if my spine would explode, today I feel great! I am rockin 500 now wtf?!? This is great! I am ready for this, whatever this is?!? lol
04/01/2021 23.07.46Insonnia (mi sveglio durante la notte) irrequietezza, nervosismo, sensazione di dover fare le cose velocemente, anche i battiti cardiaci sembrano accelerare....
04/01/2021 22.10.17No sleep
04/01/2021 22.08.45Insonnia
04/01/2021 20.01.14Tachicard
04/01/2021 10.02.21My headaches been bad too. Drink water, keep moving ,
swing some weights gently to loosen muscles is best I have. Good luck
04/01/2021 9.43.36Horrible blinding pain starting in my neck on the right side and connecting behind my right eye. It’s a painful pounding intense pressure and I want to cry. I’d do anything at this point to have some relief. And suggestions? Natural remedies that work for anyone? I’m open to all suggestions.
03/01/2021 23.05.28Melancholy and irritation
03/01/2021 17.14.31When I read 'power 300' does that mean 300 hz as well?. Or are they separate numbers? I can't find this info online.
03/01/2021 15.49.19Confused...why does one reading say 8 and the other say 300 ?
03/01/2021 15.32.56I feel like I am behind the ball. I know I am where I am supposed to be in this moment in time, and I know the future is now, but I feel like I am missing something. Definitely more meditation needed!
03/01/2021 14.42.37Hi 👋 I'm trying to understand how you are doing things now, I really liked it when your of your written updates along with the graphs, now there has been no written update since 12/21/2020, please can you consider putting back your daily written updates to help explain what we're looking at and feeling, thank you so much for all your hard work.
03/01/2021 14.19.30Hello! Thanks for this tracking!! Few questions: 1) can you put both Russia and Italia graphs everyday on top? 2) why there is difference btw both? 3) Is there other tracking devices in the world - perhaps in America (would be nice to see/corelate)? 4) why comments ended 20/12 2020 and the monthly summary graph (Tomks and Italia) few days later? 5) Any links toward ref/blogs or other to try to understand/explain the current behavior (burst of consciousness??)?
Thanks for the great work!!
Best regards
03/01/2021 9.06.38Weird and weak. Anxiety huge
02/01/2021 23.46.53Ringing in the head not ears
Empower. positive upbeat
02/01/2021 23.45.44 Today, Jan. 2-2021, I feel Joyful, happy, any absolutely wonderful!! Skies are brilliant blue and the light streaming in is so energetic and loving!! Nothing but Love do I feel coming to me and all on the Beautiful Planet Earth!! I just feel joy and Peace today. Thanks, Judy C in SD, USA
02/01/2021 22.47.02Muita dor de cabeça desde a madrugada já imaginava que as energias estavam altas
02/01/2021 18.29.06Hmmm, 450 and I feel more normal than I have this entire week...nothing eventful. I kind of like that for a change!
02/01/2021 18.08.46450?
02/01/2021 15.14.23Sento un'Energia potentissima che mi pervade corpo ed anima.
02/01/2021 14.16.50Ich schwebe heute wie auf Wolken, alles ist so leicht und voller Freude 🥰
02/01/2021 12.15.54It's 2021 now & I've been buzzing like a Bumblebee on and off since the Solstice!
02/01/2021 12.11.54Io mi sento più tranquilla e leggera
01/01/2021 19.14.07I feel light, happiness! But I am noticing some people around me today are angry, stressed, etc. It is interesting to see how individuals are responding to the light and energy!
01/01/2021 18.33.52Excited!! Waiting for the wave to hit.....
01/01/2021 9.48.04I'm feeling very anxious today.
01/01/2021 9.30.14Ich habe ein Gefühl von Befreitsein, von Erleichterung. Gutes und Ffreies neues Jahr 2021 😇
31/12/2020 23.49.54Joy, just joy 🙂 Happy New Year!
31/12/2020 21.23.56Tired
31/12/2020 20.31.02I feel the gamma 5d through my chakras like a vibrational, reconnecting to wisdom that I accessed previously in times. Grounding these frequencies in the connection with earth, the energies are like waves in multiple channels, flowing where it is ready to be opened, and expanded.
31/12/2020 19.13.56Mi sento giù di tono, pigra
31/12/2020 18.05.35Super energized, heart palpitations, headache and very active third eye
31/12/2020 6.43.1212/30/20 Feeling apprehensive as though something big is about to happen. Plus had headache all day and unexplained knee and shoulder pain.
31/12/2020 1.44.03Very tired and sleepy
30/12/2020 21.04.15Duermo menos. Me despierto a la noche y no puedo volver a dormir por unas horas.
30/12/2020 18.28.22Relaxed, light hearted
30/12/2020 6.34.00Not sure
30/12/2020 5.08.34Vertigini
30/12/2020 4.12.07EARS RINGING- High Pitched, Exhausted, Requiring extra Water, Frustrated, Not motivated
28/12/2020 19.47.26Wow 500 on the chart! I’m feeling head pressure, migraines past few days, dizziness, palpitations, and also heart racing suddenly while at rest sometimes. I always come here to confirm that the changes in frequency go along with my symptoms. Been experiencing this with the SR changes for about 8 years now, it just doesn’t get easier! Very sensitive.
Danni ~USA~
28/12/2020 17.20.31Namaste to Everyone! Although the level of "500" on the Cumiana, Italy chart may seem astounding, it is accurate! The vibrational frequency and amplitude of the Earth is very profound at this time. LIGHT is pulsating into the planet at enormous speed and brightness! Its energetics will be felt by most people physically, mentally, and emotionally. Eat lightly, drink lots of water, do calming exercises like Yoga and Tai Chi, meditate, and relax as much as possible. Also, wear "grounding" malas (prayer beads) like Boddhi Seed and Sandalwood. Recite the mantra AUM (OM) into each bead.
28/12/2020 15.50.36Acufene alle stelle!
28/12/2020 15.48.42Acufene alle stelle!
28/12/2020 14.07.52The higher the power the more aligned with my self I am --well, actually it's the other way round: the more aligned with my greater Self I am the higher I find the power of the SR to be; I feel centered, in my heart space, calm, inspired, very in touch with my emotions; grounded in my reality -I AM my reality. There is a flow to everything. The feeling-experience of inter-connectedness of all-that-is is powerful; reality takes on this dreamy, fluid malleability.
28/12/2020 14.06.42Foram meus dentes..que foram atacados...coluna ...muita sede...e muito sono...
28/12/2020 14.03.21My head is about to explode . Never felt this kind of headache before.
28/12/2020 13.41.48Headaches
28/12/2020 13.16.34lampi di luce mentre sono in meditazione, scosse elettriche e freddo e caldo improvviso.
28/12/2020 9.37.34Sleepless.Filled with energy at the same time drained. High tones in my ears.Thirsty.
26/12/2020 21.56.17Awesomazing 😉 <3
26/12/2020 20.31.40Feel headache and pain on my back
26/12/2020 2.31.27Ringing in the ears is very strong
25/12/2020 20.47.36Why is it, that I can't find the live-stream of the Schumann Resonance anymore on YouTube or anywhere else? Could you kindly send me a link? Warm greetings, William
24/12/2020 20.32.49Fischi nelle orecchie molto forti
22/12/2020 22.33.54The last three days I feel pain all over my body! The strange thing is that the pain “moves” around from the back of my neck to the toes and the fingers. The pain is not that sharp though, it feels like electricity ...
22/12/2020 12.16.44Yesterday morning I felt alive.
22/12/2020 5.13.14Dec 21st 2020 aka the great conjunction. Spent most of the day asleep. Time seem to speed up exponentially. I woke at 9am sat on the bed for a split second then I was waking at 1:30pm not understanding how I fell back asleep and how I slept so long and undistrubed when it felt like no time passed when an great deal of time actually passed. Also later in the day (right now) splitting headache came on out of no where.
22/12/2020 2.38.35I’ve felt a static buzz all over my head and a pulse down the back of my neck, the tops of my ear lobes pitch and heighten, also hear a frequency above 13,600 hertz, I used a dog whistle app to match up what I hear, I know what tinnitus is and that is not it. I’ve had all these symptoms my whole they would come and go, only this past year has is it been so strong that I can barely stand it.
21/12/2020 22.38.27Feeling nauseous lol
21/12/2020 21.23.29Today December 21 2020 i participate in Aquarius new age
21/12/2020 17.02.30At times the body is feeling more fluid and wavelike rather than solid and particle
21/12/2020 16.05.16Vertigini e pressione alta
21/12/2020 11.08.31Feeling nauseous lol
20/12/2020 22.00.21Things are definitely building. Time and light seem to have different qualities!!
20/12/2020 20.14.48Upset stomach and a vibrating ringing in the ears that can actually be felt in the head...
19/12/2020 22.53.33Serious headache and sinuses disrupted. I rarely get headaches. Ringing in ears is higher pitched and harder to ignore.
19/12/2020 19.02.46I just had one my right hear ring pretty loud and long and I wondered what the Schumann looked like right now! I feel relaxed and at peace. However, I’m having some stomach upset.
19/12/2020 10.26.33It’s about 1am where I am in Las Vegas, NV- U.S.A. on dec 19 2020. I tend to get migraines when there are spikes and I feel one getting progressively worse. Does anyone else feel this? Also if you’ve suffered w these symptoms what are some techniques you use to ease the pain? I haven’t found anything that helps and I’ve been getting these for the past 7 or 8years now - progressively becoming more frequent w in the last 3yrs.
19/12/2020 8.01.24Hello Connor are you here
19/12/2020 4.26.24Intense emotional day. Felt a lot of pressure in my head.
17/12/2020 8.57.37My sleep is messed up. Waking up at 3am at every night. Getting tired and grumpy fast.
17/12/2020 1.31.53Intense Headache today
16/12/2020 18.31.50Highly motivated today
16/12/2020 15.05.11Feeling good today no headaches
15/12/2020 16.56.16My headache that lasted 3 days is gone today
15/12/2020 15.04.10molto interessante
15/12/2020 11.19.34The past two days i am really feeling ungrounded, weak, unmotivated and struggling with old demons
15/12/2020 4.00.12Bad headache today
14/12/2020 16.43.35Dizzy and tinnitus
13/12/2020 18.56.23Still have head cold, otherwise I feel peaceful and determined.
13/12/2020 18.03.58Anxiety heart pounding when going to sleep and waking up as well...this past 5 days
13/12/2020 16.21.08Massive amounts of energy flowing thru. Tingly crown too.
13/12/2020 13.19.14Head and ears are buzzing like crazy..static energy is building. If I put my hands near my head the hair stands up. Ears and throat glands are pulsing too
12/12/2020 20.10.24Mi sento bene, piena di creatività e determinazione
12/12/2020 18.47.30Symptoms of sinus and head cold, otherwise fine.
12/12/2020 13.42.32Stanchezza, debolezza muscolare,aumentata consapevolezza
11/12/2020 11.27.25dores no corpo e dor de cabeça
11/12/2020 5.48.53Headaches, Felt more high vibe, went Vegan, lot's of self care, More heart based.
11/12/2020 0.01.16I am excited for the changes to come and the disclosures that are happening and continuing to happen. I feel harmonious, happy and at peace. Some days I feal nauseated from the energy shifts and ascension process.
10/12/2020 23.24.54Very very tired.
10/12/2020 20.05.09I feel the shift, some achyness, dizzyness at times, yet also deep peacefulness, bliss, grstitude... 🙏☺💜
10/12/2020 16.43.49furnicaturi si intepaturi la maini
10/12/2020 16.02.35Old wounds are resurfacing and are easily released. Wow! Things are going so fast. Really feeling we are going into the Aquarian energy 🙌🏼 I love it !
10/12/2020 10.50.07I feel energys rising more and more througout time, time is moving faster and faster
09/12/2020 15.24.44Last 3 days was able to finally have more energy than in mos. Got lots done. So I feel better when higher and I used to feel better when lower. It has reversed. My only symptoms have been always tired, chronic fatigue.
09/12/2020 10.34.17The air is palpable!
09/12/2020 8.45.19Anxious
09/12/2020 7.33.01Weak very weak
09/12/2020 7.09.21Super tired today around 1pm -5pm PST
09/12/2020 5.34.4312.8.2020 I woke up unexpectedly at 5 am e.s.t. very unlike me. I only had 4 hours sleep. Then was very tired between 3p. And 6p. This is very much not me. So I checked this page today. Saw numbers I've never seen in my willy nilly checking of your page. I may not know much but today wasn't normal.
09/12/2020 4.01.45Constant white noise
08/12/2020 22.58.46What is happening? Is the earth 🌎 going through a cleaning?
08/12/2020 22.11.02de la difficulter a m'eveiller et sortir du lit ma chienne m'a reveillé deux fois cette nuit pour aller dehors tres mal dormi
08/12/2020 21.54.15Vision off more than normal, headaches and lots of body aches and some balance issues...🙈🙈🙈
08/12/2020 20.57.38It was difficult to get out of bed this morning. Really tired & sleepy. Over all I feel happy & in great peace.
08/12/2020 19.23.32Anxiety peaking this morning.
08/12/2020 19.14.47Peace. I feel a tension in my neck and shoulders and ringing in my ears but, I feel at peace.
08/12/2020 18.19.32Hola. Es real que llegó a 200?
08/12/2020 18.15.26My whole body hurts
08/12/2020 15.01.15Muscle spasms
08/12/2020 13.42.26So tired but also had a hard time to sleep last night. Also feel disconnected
08/12/2020 13.37.05Wow December has been a high frequency month so far for sure! I feel alert, awake, and alive this morning ✨
08/12/2020 13.11.18Muscle spasms
08/12/2020 10.58.19Thanks The universe
08/12/2020 2.02.35My life has completely changed in the past 2 months. Completely the things I have learned and feel I can’t explain. I am no longer the same person I was 2 months ago. I feel like someone one else was in my body. I hate to use the word woke. But it does feel like I’ve been in some type of comatose state. I’m not scared more or less concerned about what this all means for me and my future. Was anything ever real?
08/12/2020 0.33.56We are building towards something major. I wish I knew what.
08/12/2020 0.11.13I feel as we approach 21st December a reflective time and a build up to massive light.
07/12/2020 23.27.28Headaches the last few days. Well and energised today
07/12/2020 13.14.49Awake
07/12/2020 12.55.02Craxy
06/12/2020 18.50.18at 3:30 am the early morning of Dec 6 I woke up from a profound dizziness in my head, literally felt like my brain was spinning inside my head. I opened my eyes briefly to see if the room was spinning, and then quickly closed them when I saw spinning. It only lasted for 3-4 seconds, but I have felt dizzy all morning now, whenever i bend down.
06/12/2020 18.47.16OMG!!! 😯😯😯😯
06/12/2020 16.10.52[email protected]
06/12/2020 12.56.12Nos últimos 10 dias sent muita tontura...sem concentração para leitura... pequeno desânimo pra realizar minhas atividades rotineiras
06/12/2020 10.18.40these are the vibrations of enlightenment.😇
06/12/2020 7.57.47High pitch ringing in my left ear. It’s been that way for over 2 months. Went for tests and all negative. More intense the last 2 days. Sudden episodes of head pressure and off balance. Achy and back pain that comes and goes. Not able to think clearly at times. What’s going on with the off the chart numbers coming up ???
06/12/2020 7.23.11Dizziness.
06/12/2020 7.03.33what is going on??? 800??? this look very insane... is this true?
06/12/2020 4.50.19feel extremely irritated and angry and short tempered
06/12/2020 4.49.33Feeling extremely heavy
06/12/2020 4.26.02Feel pretty good, exciting future
06/12/2020 3.44.55Very motivated, energetic and lack of appetite yet I do have a very slight headache
06/12/2020 1.56.55My whole body is searing in achy pain, kinda like the flu, have to stay on a heating pad for now
06/12/2020 0.42.22Sadness, hopeless
05/12/2020 23.06.32Mal di testa emicrania , punture di spillo nei piedi, stanchezza,noia , senso di vuoto ,suoni nelle orecchie con frequenze molto alte tipo ultrasuoni ,ondate di energia , dolori al plesso solare
05/12/2020 23.00.44احساس فشار دارم روی بدنم
05/12/2020 22.59.47Content and excited
05/12/2020 22.18.39really bad headaches since early morning untill early evening
05/12/2020 20.41.43votre publicite est étouffante, stressante, absolutamente pas souhaitée!!!!!
05/12/2020 20.38.31Awesome!
05/12/2020 20.21.25very angry
05/12/2020 19.21.35Heart palpitations
05/12/2020 19.07.24I feel fine today, I notice others around me are intense and stressed. Trying to keep my distance 😊✨
05/12/2020 18.27.55Piece
05/12/2020 17.44.26Rarely I get headaches, but today I woke up with a bad one, advil isn't even helping. Also mild nausea.
05/12/2020 17.32.24Last days feeled intense feeling at solarplexus and throat. Not a deep sleep last night with many very "short" dreams. Today very sleepy and headache.
05/12/2020 17.30.30Muito calor interno e comecei a "ouvir" Mantras Vedicos dentro da minha consciência! Incrível. Rumo a Ascenção. Vitoria da luz
05/12/2020 17.14.39dizzy, extra tired, ears ringing
05/12/2020 17.08.19So tried and drained
05/12/2020 17.04.08I feel a high level of anxiety and activation in my heart and solar plexus.
05/12/2020 14.40.22i got sick, many ascension symptoms.
05/12/2020 14.24.48I slept deeply last night and don't feel like I've woken up yet. It's been hours and I'm still tired so I'm having a resting day because I can. I'm very lucky.
05/12/2020 12.07.33Loud ringing in the ears for the last few days or may be weeks...
05/12/2020 10.49.08Täglich Wellen großer Hitze als wenn mein Körper im Inneren Verbrennt verbunden mit erhöhtem Herzschlag.
05/12/2020 10.27.23Sick. Exhausted. Headache. Crying. Have to sleep. Intense!!
05/12/2020 9.10.34Headache and exhausted since the spike, but also super hopeful about ascension shifts through the it time for the prophesy? Only time will tell 🙂
05/12/2020 8.55.56Yesterday at 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. I had extrem headaches and neck pain....this Morning is better
05/12/2020 6.21.15Anxiety restlessness
05/12/2020 6.00.05Vibration in heart and head. Bodily buzzing. Severe anxious
05/12/2020 5.10.08In-tense!!
05/12/2020 3.52.31Alternating days of clarity and next day like a child, just cant get it together and depression. Difficulty with cell phones and computers. Some pain in my 3rd eye area.. today was good. Could drive. Love to everyone and Gaia.
05/12/2020 3.47.14Strange waves absolute depletion
05/12/2020 1.52.46Kinda sick
05/12/2020 1.09.48Body aches, but clear minded😊
05/12/2020 1.01.14Love is working
04/12/2020 22.58.17Hungry as a wolf. Eat a lot if grounding food, noodles, potatoes and heavy cream. Ear buzzing, want to dance. Happy.
04/12/2020 17.52.25When the power and amplitude are higher i feel so much better in every way. These spike of 70, 80 and back to 35/80 are great days for me and i can get a lot done. I feel buoyant w/ lots of energy, emotions calm, spirit high
04/12/2020 15.00.34Headache, presion between eyes, shorts periods of increased heart rate. Relaxing and tension alternating periods. This was since the beginning of the week.
04/12/2020 14.08.43Headache and sooo tired
04/12/2020 5.17.48Depuis mardi des mots de tête effroyables. .une vision double. .des vertiges. .perte d appetit...accouphene... une fatigue extrême. .heureusement que je suis en vacances car je dors 19 h par jour et me réveille depuis 2 nuits à 1h puis à 4h du matin. .. émotionnellement totalement vide..là sans être là. .une seule envie. .dormir ! !!
03/12/2020 18.02.22Tension
03/12/2020 17.38.28Where do the spikes of energy come from? People, equipment or both??
03/12/2020 16.23.17
03/12/2020 15.26.20Vertigo, for 24hrs,extreme nausea when moving head. Sleeping excessive amount. Feeling better today. Crown and 3rd eye discomfort, waking up with headache, then
it leaves. Food doesn`t seem very good to eat & only light teas or smooties with fruit. I never have anything such as this since it started on Sunday 11-29. Tire out easily. Sleep is hard to get as waking up a lot. Judy C in SD
03/12/2020 14.52.15Ringing in my ears, and a lightness to my days compared to the heaviness of the last few months
03/12/2020 10.31.57Love
03/12/2020 4.02.28Paz, calma, muito sono e exaustão, alegria, palpitação , o zumbido diminuiu muito!
03/12/2020 3.17.46The frequency is the highest and loudest that I've experienced in the 4 years that I've been hearing it this evening. Last night it was totally quiet for a short period. The physical experience is that of slight agitation, difficulty concentrating, and yet I'm at peace with where I am now. It's as if I'm in a place of rest.
03/12/2020 1.47.55Everyone at work seemed to be on edge, anxious and angry. It wasn't a good day. Did others have this same thing happen to them?
03/12/2020 0.44.10Sonno
03/12/2020 0.42.42Sensazione di vuoto
02/12/2020 22.47.05I feel like my whole body is buzzing with energy and i hear a high toned noise
02/12/2020 22.47.05Headache, sensing strong vibrations all over my body, tremor, tinnitus, exhaustion.
02/12/2020 21.36.44third eye going crazy, teeth sensitivity, “head cold”, exhaustion
02/12/2020 16.15.17Calm
02/12/2020 14.47.41Yesterday dec 1st, was crazy! Madness over energies...
02/12/2020 14.35.21Grande paz, confiança e alegria desde amanhecer dia 1 de dezembro. Como se uma grande barreira que me segurava , agora não existe mais. Estou na cidade de São Paulo, Brasil.
02/12/2020 12.32.46that acceleration i adore high vibrations.
peace and joy.
02/12/2020 12.31.25quell'accelerazione adoro le vibrazioni elevate.
pace e gioia.
02/12/2020 11.25.16Thank you for your work
02/12/2020 10.14.37Please explain
02/12/2020 4.36.39Dec. 1....when that spike hit 70 I was out walkingthe dog, very dizzy, big hot flash that soaked me, followed by severe chills and fatigue. Thought I was getting COVID!
02/12/2020 1.58.43Major headaches. Anxious. I feel like I'm waiting on a starting gun. Like time has been speeding up, but I'm at a standstill moving slow like in dreams.
02/12/2020 0.55.01More lighter
02/12/2020 0.20.55Actually, I feel good and that something is waiting around the corner. Thus, hopeful and happy and excited. Sometimes heart palpitations and almost CONSTANT ringing in ears
01/12/2020 23.52.37Ears are ringing & a dull pain in my head.. just meditated & now doing some yoga • Feeling blessed x
01/12/2020 22.18.17Hola, porque tiene valor solo una frecuencia?
01/12/2020 22.04.12Slight headache, put all small electronics and back up drive in the Faraday cage. I know I sound crazy but I remember a decade or so ago, when the pagers went dead from a big solar flare
01/12/2020 21.12.57Constrained
01/12/2020 20.57.19Excited, invigorated, very happy 😊
01/12/2020 19.58.48Cansancio, confusión , desgano .
29/11/2020 22.00.41confused
29/11/2020 2.00.12My ears are ringing or buzzing I guess. Is that Normal when the resonance is powerful?
28/11/2020 22.46.35Heavy achy chest area my face feels also kinda weird
28/11/2020 21.33.06Nervosa, mal di testa
28/11/2020 19.02.33Felt emotional earlier, now feel calm. I did some breathing exercises.
28/11/2020 15.23.53Crying and tired the last few days but not sleeping well.
27/11/2020 18.48.00weakness, presyncope, tinnitus
27/11/2020 7.44.20Emergiestrom Vertrauen Dankbarkeit
26/11/2020 15.26.12I have a headache
25/11/2020 22.18.04Confusa
25/11/2020 18.18.47Awake, alive! Just waiting ❤️
25/11/2020 18.16.49I feel many things inside of me. Nervuos... Angry.... Detachment... I want to stop this negativity .....
25/11/2020 11.24.30Feels like something is in the air. Low vibrations over the weekend, which have brought to light what needs to be cleared out, only better since yesterday.
24/11/2020 19.36.09Problemi di pressione arteriosa
24/11/2020 18.35.55I am grateful
20/11/2020 22.33.33Heart palpitations, ringing in ears, often awake at night
20/11/2020 20.31.06My physical response to the highs and lows of SR has flipped. A year ago low levels under 30 would produce bone crushing pain in my spine and neck even head some days. High SR 50+ I felt awesome no pain. The day SR spiked at 179 I felt like super woman. But now, it is opposite. High SR readings now are painful. SR levels near base 7+ till maybe a 30 Is now amazing feeling. I like Gaia am evolving. The change is real, I feel every day.
20/11/2020 19.24.04Weak and sickly today. Desiring to raise my vibration but not there yet🙁
19/11/2020 23.55.26I believe the spikes are related to spiritual battles above that affect us here on earth and maybe even below
19/11/2020 23.00.49Selfevolver
19/11/2020 14.50.01I feel so disconected from my body, my thoughts racing, weird symptoms but also feel more syncronicity, telepathy, intuition...
19/11/2020 6.53.15Exhausted
19/11/2020 2.33.20I feel set back. Maybe a clearing?
18/11/2020 18.59.30Slightly anxious due to outside events. Staying focused on my inner being to keep my vibration up!
18/11/2020 18.08.36na višji moči nad 15 navzgor počutje odlično višje boljše je pri padcu po to št. počutje otrujenost bolečine in brezvolnost.
18/11/2020 14.41.26
18/11/2020 9.34.45Feeling at peace 2400 11-18-2020. Keep up the good work
17/11/2020 20.51.08Feeling frequent heart palpitations, seeing tracers of light...mainly blue and purple. Blue, purple and pink orbs along with white orbs constantly. Trouble sleeping, talking in my sleep. sweating and vibrating in crown and feet. lots of pressure on the heart chakra.
17/11/2020 20.21.01Extremely tired here as well. Been sleeping a lot for the last 4 days. And a foggy brain and vision .
17/11/2020 19.13.56Extremely Tired. Soul tired and depleted.
17/11/2020 16.05.36Love and healing
15/11/2020 18.22.48Relaxed
14/11/2020 1.14.36Things are amping up
13/11/2020 13.55.39I fill juste like i have to go soon
12/11/2020 18.31.58yesterday - November 11, 2020 was Global Meditation. Restless sleep last night.
12/11/2020 7.13.46We are coming out of our fog
11/11/2020 12.10.54Feelings are much different than thoughts
11/11/2020 10.12.28I feel so weird to day. Almost like I’m gonna pop out of my body. Can’t describe if it’s pleasant or unpleasant..something is going on!
10/11/2020 23.37.47Agitated and restless
10/11/2020 20.12.12All last week, I had a pinching sensation in parts of my brain. I could point and massage the exact locations. I even discovered that when I went on unconscious negative though patterns, my brain would tense and it would physically pinch. I learned that if I release and feel love or become aware of my breath that the sensation of pinching pain is relieved. Also, I turned the shower to hard pressure and let it massage my head every night, hot and cold. This week I am not feeling the pinching anymore! I have sinus pressure behind my eye though... Maybe pineal decalcification.
10/11/2020 7.17.00The energies coming in have effects beyond anything I ever imagined. This is challenging but good. IAM conscious and like it.
10/11/2020 1.56.57confused at times shaky
09/11/2020 18.38.24Spacey & a little off-balance
09/11/2020 4.41.29Tanat euforia,un buon umorismo e sensazioni positive.
08/11/2020 21.45.13Pressure on the chest, heavy but not somber
07/11/2020 22.22.47Very tired and aimlessly today.
07/11/2020 21.34.37Deep sadness with no reason
06/11/2020 21.35.43Headache and deep emotional fatigue.
06/11/2020 18.12.17Veo luces pequeñas de colores como pequeños destellos
06/11/2020 0.38.05Today I feel goosebumps chills, heartbeat strong and fast, insomnia
05/11/2020 21.12.16HOLA desde uruguay
Tengo el oído derecho desde hace25 años con un zumbido y no escucho
Desde q comenzó noviembre de noche escucho una especie de binaural música
Escucho una especie de frecuencia muy cambiante.
05/11/2020 19.38.38today I feel like sick im having goosebumps chills whole body sore
05/11/2020 11.20.59Today I woke up with dizzines. It is quite windy outside and I feel out of balance.
05/11/2020 1.08.40I don't know if this is related, but I've felt very tired, drained, weak- ears are doing a weird vibrating thing that makes me dizzy. Even certain tones like my husband's voice hurts my ears/ head. I keep having heart flutters and feeling nauseous. I wonder if there is a correlation.
04/11/2020 18.45.49Heart fluttering- sleep little, but restful- wake up wide awake - and begin praying.
04/11/2020 12.49.58Yesterday I felt weak, visual problems, not able to think straight and indecisive. Today is much better, almost the contrary I'd say
03/11/2020 18.52.15Calm, at peace
03/11/2020 6.00.26Hay fever
02/11/2020 20.56.05Nice to do this public service Thanks!
02/11/2020 16.44.46What a wonderful reprieve from the last several days! Feel well rested, pain free and alive once again!
02/11/2020 15.07.33I feel gratitude I AM Love
02/11/2020 2.09.34I feel great when the SR is high. The overall feelings have been: ringing of the ears, slight heart palpitations, more emotional and compassionate, less agitated and worried. I wake often during the night. Fewer and fewer things trigger me now, which has been amazing.
02/11/2020 1.43.51Damn I wish!!! I WAZ UR LUBBER!!
01/11/2020 23.03.38Low energy and bad mood today
01/11/2020 18.25.14Rough, low morning, but better and higher vibes this afternoon ✨❤️
01/11/2020 4.08.22Il 31 forti vertigini e perdita orientamento
01/11/2020 1.04.34Today I feel anxious for no reason and like im waiting for something when nothing is happening
31/10/2020 22.45.37Collective source.
31/10/2020 22.35.06I do much better when its higher. It used to be the other way around. I guess my body is ascending to the light.
30/10/2020 19.31.33Haven’t been able to eat or sleep all week. Feeling exhausted and wide awake at the same time!
30/10/2020 19.28.59Something is going on!!
30/10/2020 19.28.27Something is going on!!
30/10/2020 19.10.19We are reaching the convergence, time is speeding up. Something big is about to happen, unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. Feeling anxious while trying to keep a high vibration 🥴
30/10/2020 13.13.20Cant sleep properly, tierd, emotional
29/10/2020 19.04.01Teeth hurt..headaches..muffled hearing..tiredness
29/10/2020 18.43.35I feel disoriented.. like I am sick and can't think straight. I am lost or something.
29/10/2020 6.52.12deep sadness
29/10/2020 2.32.39Insomnia for most of the night and a constant stream of hearing mind chatter that’s not mine! I’ve also noticed a lot of angry outbursts from the sleeping public over the last couple of days.
29/10/2020 0.13.07Pain, sluggish, brain don't wanta work
29/10/2020 0.04.37I feel completely exhausted and like there is great pressure it seems as if the quality of the frequency has been altered somehow.
28/10/2020 21.54.22Last night i felt like insomniac my gosh, was going to bed very late.
28/10/2020 21.04.05Awesome
28/10/2020 9.47.45E mă lasă una, mă ia alta,dureri de cap,ca după o beţie cruntă- şi asta simt de cîteva zile. Dureri în articulaţiile braţelor şi antebraţelor,mîncărimi ale pielii. Somn puţin, cu trezire la 4 dimineaţa, evit lumea, aglomeraţiile, stau mai mult -chiar cu zilele în casă. În stomac parcă sînt nişte bile pufoase care se mişcă prin stomac şi intestine--- sper să-mi vindece şi PANCREASUL că am un diabet ....... De ani de zile- mai e3xact caaam din 2014 sînt obişnuit, familiarizat cu astfel de stări ...înainte cînd valul x mă încerca, se simţea aşa ca nişte insecte care se jucau în părul de pe cap...şi acum se mai întîmplă cîteodată dar senzaţiile sînt mai slabe în intensitate şi mult mai rare.. Nu aveţi voi timp să citiţi cîte pot să transcriu eu de atîţia ani de cînd multe din simptome sînt scrise în JuRNALUL PERSONAL.
28/10/2020 0.41.45Lunedi 26 ottobre energia potente di forza e coraggio 💪
27/10/2020 21.41.00Toothache...tired..tearful..loud ringing in ears..
27/10/2020 20.20.33Time is flying feel worse and tired when we're registering low frequencies. Big change from 3 year ago.
27/10/2020 19.57.11Dizzy
27/10/2020 18.24.48What happened to the last 6 days??
27/10/2020 15.39.55Feeling darker energy and slight anxiety
27/10/2020 14.24.43The world is experiencing and preparing for change that will change mankind in such a significant way from the current/past 2000 + years.
27/10/2020 10.09.08Hugh frequency waves, ringing ears mood swings, very sleepy then boom high energy blast. This is truly profound ascension symptoms. Have white light flashes like a camera flash here in the house. Migraine coming taking meds. Lynn
26/10/2020 23.46.56Dizzy - had to lay on floor around 9:20
26/10/2020 22.23.49Ears ringing, animals hyper aware last few days....feel heavy and my joints are sore.
26/10/2020 11.41.18I could not get to sleep last night. Feeling very buzzed up.
26/10/2020 1.08.06Feeling very heavy lately very hyper manic feeling ears ringing lots
25/10/2020 7.54.54Dizzy
24/10/2020 19.34.29Feeling slightly anxious, but otherwise happy.
24/10/2020 14.14.08Vertigini
24/10/2020 3.15.29Odd
23/10/2020 18.24.57LOVE
23/10/2020 17.33.36Da qualche giorno torno a sentire Madre Terra vibrare...era un mese che non lo sentivo più terreno vibra molto velocemente, la testa e le orecchie è come se fossero quasi sempre in un macchinario di Tac o di Risonanza Magnetica.
A volte è difficile concentrarsi sul lavoro.
Stiamo salendo ancora.
23/10/2020 16.51.39massive anxiety
23/10/2020 13.20.16Lighter...happier..joyous..
23/10/2020 7.11.56Feels like my blood is to thick for my veins in my head. I feel like thoughts are attacking me so powerful it's making my skin itch. Staying conscious and alert, trying to not attach to anything. Easier said than done.
22/10/2020 21.21.01I feel very drained. Like a huge heaviness is being carried on my shoulders
22/10/2020 20.33.02Dizzy, fatigue,
22/10/2020 19.14.56I feel very peaceful and Bliss. First time all week.
22/10/2020 18.54.53Sun is cooking at midday. I also w unexplained palps, sharp asymmetric headaches, overwhelming fatigue and dizziness
22/10/2020 16.49.16I live in Norway.. and even if the weather is heavily cloudy the light is so strong. I’m wearing sunglasses inside at this time.
22/10/2020 15.27.43I'm getting periodic stabbing head pain that have been worse over the last week.
22/10/2020 13.07.05Feels like we shifted to a softer space at about 6am EST
22/10/2020 10.33.47Dor nas articulações.
22/10/2020 2.40.18Had palpitations for a second day in a role also head ache muscle aches seem to be strong . Tired neck and shoulders discomfort
22/10/2020 0.26.57I feel connected to humanity
21/10/2020 21.48.4222/10/2020 Head feels thick and slow to function as usual.
21/10/2020 19.59.54Tired, some balance issues, nervous and uneasy!
21/10/2020 17.48.38Massive Headache for the last 36 hours. Overall calmness within, despite external factors...
21/10/2020 15.38.54Eu estou com muito sono, e cansaço físico ,ao mesmo tempo sinto muita gratidão.
21/10/2020 14.43.36today i and wif have headage
21/10/2020 11.16.39My thoughts are changing all the time, my point of view its diffrent. Also emotions are increasing, im getting lost little in my feelings
21/10/2020 8.52.25It’s getting wild out here!
20/10/2020 21.32.04I feel off, like I’m in a swirl. It’s uncomfortable.
20/10/2020 20.59.54#diarreas
20/10/2020 18.07.20Vibrating
20/10/2020 16.25.32Feels kind of out of body.. things are blurry and the feelings are heavy. But it doesn’t effect me as much as before. Yeey! ❤️
20/10/2020 15.33.15Enjoying Alpha and Theta periods after initial 4 hrs of exhaustion sleep. Peaceful as events no longer intrude from daily events. Sorting thru emotions of my life history, seeing events and people in a forgiving light. Light within growing. Sounds of my water fountain and incense flavors lift my from the mundane to ascend new energies. I hope your experience is as delightful as mine. Life brings loss and gains. I will soon begin my teaching of the unawaken, as it has always been my destiny. Time is speeding up, have you noticed ?
20/10/2020 15.21.29Not good - consistent head and body aches
20/10/2020 3.57.54Crazy days
19/10/2020 19.21.30I feel Wonderful today! Heightened, Vibrant, confident ♥️
19/10/2020 18.23.49I feel spacey. Vibrations through my body. Tingly.
19/10/2020 14.51.35Божественная любовь. Искры света в воздухе радость.
19/10/2020 14.47.05Любовь
19/10/2020 3.59.45Calmed down a bit now but was feeling hot flustered and had anxiety and my ears were screaming with the frequencies
18/10/2020 23.39.49dolor en la garganta como mucha resequedad, zumbidos muy inestables en los oidos, mucha pesadez, insomnio,
18/10/2020 16.21.59Headache,bodyache, extremely sleepy, cant stay awake
18/10/2020 13.46.19So tired and my dog have 5 epylepsy seizures
18/10/2020 12.40.41Can't sleep, wired.
18/10/2020 7.26.01This evening, irritable, tense...
17/10/2020 22.04.16daily short waves of grief and fear, then liberation into connection, love, joy and optimism
16/10/2020 0.21.00Frizzy
15/10/2020 23.27.28Chaotic
15/10/2020 19.12.23Very wide awake and alert for most of the night while trying to sleep and third eye activity was off the charts which has left me a dull headache in that same area.
15/10/2020 17.06.48Massive amount of energies running through my body
14/10/2020 23.47.56Terrible. Walking, sleeping and overall just bad since 13 Oct 2020
13/10/2020 23.36.49the left hand is the feminine energy, the hand that receives, takes, accepts contains sorrow.
From my experience the divine energy is received and through the palms of my hands I sometimes feel it more strongly through my left hand and since it is the energy of love.
The hands are connected to the heart chakra.
There are positive and negative aspects here and I believe that now all these negative aspects are being cleansed with the help of primordial light.
Everything is good and everything will be fine.
Trust and believe divine love helps and heals.
13/10/2020 19.26.34Perhaps it can help the left side in a male person is related to the female side.
Probably something needs to be cleaned up about that.
And I have been feeling tightness in my left shoulder and shoulder for a long time
and left hip.
13/10/2020 15.34.43I can feel pains in my left chest an back, sometimes pains that hit right in the center of my chest that knock my breath away. I feel tired but can not sleep, i feel like my body hasn't been getting the rest that it needs because i haven't been able to sleep. The reason being that i can feel something coming, everyday randomly i get these sharp pains from my head down to my lungs. Im just waiting hoping that someone will give me my directions soon. An i can help before it becomes to late. Anticipation has my stomach tense. Im waiting. But i have faith, because i know the light will win no matter what!
13/10/2020 12.47.27Sinus pressure, exhaustion, dizziness, sleepy and pain on left chest. It is very weird.
12/10/2020 9.16.19I have consistently awoken around 4am for over 2 weeks now, which has coincided with a virus I've had that I can't shake off. I am feeling more optimistic than of late.
12/10/2020 1.07.41Rough morning, blaming Mars for the hostility and anger between my son and I. Let it go, was able to raise my vibration some, much better now✨♥️
11/10/2020 5.40.09Most days when the frequencies are high, I feel great and other times I feel very tired and want to nap and rest. Overall I feel great and I am exciting about the impending shift.
10/10/2020 19.20.37Sadness and grief! Oh my..
10/10/2020 6.13.3410.9.20 i feel powerful
08/10/2020 15.37.33Woke up early in the morning feeling super energized. Although about 12.00- 14.00 i was extremly tired and had zero focus. The brain quit🙈 had to sleep. I feel happy and excited about the future. It feels like im on my way home and i want to run towards it. Like i want to hug somebody that i love but havent seen for ages.🥰
08/10/2020 1.57.47I feel at peace, confidence, and an inner knowing that something is going to happen, I just don't know what!
08/10/2020 1.17.07Extent fatigue all day today
07/10/2020 20.05.14Fatigue
06/10/2020 7.01.18Last night held unusual sleep problems for hundreds of people I’ve seen post on Facebook, including me.
06/10/2020 1.41.45Very ungrounded and almost out of body today. Quite strange.
04/10/2020 21.47.14Can’t sleep
04/10/2020 7.29.19Feel unusually sad the last days.
03/10/2020 19.47.09Severe joint arthritis and muscle pain.
03/10/2020 17.32.43Have been super tired the last few days - today not as much.
02/10/2020 15.41.38Feels quite calm but at the same time -before the storm! Also recommend listen to this one
02/10/2020 12.49.20My ears have been ringing for a few days now. I feel ....full like something is surrounding me. Can only sleep a few hours at a time.
01/10/2020 15.14.24I felt a huge cleansing energy approaching the new year, it was excitingand relieving, like what i had been waiting for all my life. In the early spring there was much anxiety, as i was adjusting to the new higher frequencies. Once i adjusted I've found a new peace. I sometimes have difficulty during periods of change and lower to higher during the times I've found there is something in my life I need to address or let go of.
01/10/2020 4.11.43sleepy, tired, apathetic, trying to maintain connection to reality
01/10/2020 1.38.56Pining nostalgic
30/09/2020 20.42.34Headache
29/09/2020 23.45.23Crazy insomnia
29/09/2020 20.59.38I'm so tired I can't lift my head
29/09/2020 14.37.24Couldn’t sleep
29/09/2020 11.50.02Im very very very very happy,and i have a lot of energy.
I feel love everywhere💖💖💖💖
29/09/2020 11.05.07very calm
29/09/2020 8.37.04Pounding heart past two workout have been difficult.
29/09/2020 6.06.11Exhausted. Almost hungover...
29/09/2020 4.43.12Después de varios días de mucha pesadez,cansancio , somnolencia, hoy recargada de energía creadoras y limpiadoras , sintiendo gran apertura y entendimiento, liberando traumas . vibrando amor ❤️
29/09/2020 2.47.40Feeling ⚡apped 💥
28/09/2020 22.42.14bonjour j'aimerais pouvoir faire la correspondance des pics schumann avec l'heure en france pour mieux comprendre les ressentis . si les heures sont celle de la russie faut il ajouter 7 h à l'heure indique sur le radar???
28/09/2020 20.57.55Sogni strani, ronzio continuo in testa, mal di testa, ansia, voglia di capire..
28/09/2020 2.48.03Today I feel much better even with high energy
27/09/2020 18.29.18Woke up later than usual with a heavy dull headache. Still groggy hours later with not much motivation.
27/09/2020 4.32.44Very tired , some aches and pains and very loud ear ringing. On another level though, I have had a lot of epiphanies and higher psychic awareness over the last couple of days.
27/09/2020 2.39.05Heart palpitations, anxiety, ringing in ears... Don't know if it's connected with it
26/09/2020 17.49.08Never felt better!
26/09/2020 16.24.26Body pain, anxiety,weird dreams,hard to move the body, exhaustion.
26/09/2020 16.10.55Body pain, exhaustion,anxiey,weird dreams,hard to move my body
26/09/2020 10.53.05Great comments re growth and balance below, I echo them
25/09/2020 23.55.36I have personally found this year to be a huge eye opener and a healing process with challenges being thrown around left right and center..including the general covid issues and my own personal challenges. This has helped me step up and grow and balance my self and strive to be the best I can be. The most helpful lesson (so far) was the realisation that if you learn to control your mind you can choose how to react to things...keeping your balance and make your self a priority. Growing from being a people pleaser is a very exciting and experience. 💜🙏
24/09/2020 22.21.14thank you
24/09/2020 20.10.27Hello everyone, on 9/22, I was feeling very agitated most of the afternoon. I went to bed early because the energies were just too much. On 9/23, back to normal. Calm, happy and very sleepy. Today has been pretty awesome so far. Peace
24/09/2020 0.16.08یش
23/09/2020 1.55.54Hearing a dull ‘roar’ , like helicopters flying over, crazy stomach issues, insomnia, emotional roller coaster for days——-
22/09/2020 12.30.46Ci sono momenti in cui ho degli pseudo abbassamenti di pressione, e testa aperta come un melone, guardo il grafico e per la maggiore sono dentro un picco di schuman..... Gli ultimi due....... Pesanti!
22/09/2020 4.00.07Yesterday I was tired all day and then I couldn't sleep last night. Today I was productive in a steady stream.
22/09/2020 3.51.19I left my home August 21st after finding out I had mold issues. I haven’t returned there. I’ve started to feel better. I had a migraine last nite and today for the first time since leaving a month ago. Dizziness, and heart palpitations today is what brought me here to check the Schumann Resonance. Says it’s been spiked for few days but is only at 14 right now 🤔🤷🏼‍♀️ Maybe my symptoms are when it begins to lower after spiking? Curious. I will have to pay attention to this now.
~Danni-USA~ ✌🏼💕🙂
20/09/2020 19.22.18No energy or inclination to do anything, so am a human being, not a human doing 💖🕉
20/09/2020 17.59.06Massive download happening atm
20/09/2020 0.35.10I feel very hungry. My stomach is growling. I am rarely hungry...
19/09/2020 14.10.06Alignment reigns
19/09/2020 0.12.17Wow
18/09/2020 20.12.23All over the place!
18/09/2020 17.32.3718/09/2020 Heute total bematcht im Kopf. Als wäre ich irgendwo dazwischen, hängengeblieben, nicht wirklich hier. In Limbo. Habe kaum was zustande gebracht, nur vor mich hin geträumt. Ein bisschen down.Langsam wird es besser.
17/09/2020 23.54.59Placidez, calma, optimismo, deseo de estar en silencio, disfrutando del sol. Ligereza corporal.
17/09/2020 23.38.13Today I felt physically off balance. l Found it hard to walk for long without feeling as though the earth suddenly shifted. Hard to explain but there were moments when I could not walk in a straight line. While out walking. Emotionally, today I felt stronger and more content. Very different to how I felt on Monday this week. Whereby I felt low and despondent.
17/09/2020 16.46.55I'm feeling unsettled inside. The truth is most important to me yesterday and today.
17/09/2020 14.59.29Praise the Sun
17/09/2020 9.02.24Da quando la frequenza è leggermente più alta della media, ma la potenza è bassissima, non sto affatto bene... Tra marzo e maggio, invece, quando la potenza aveva picchi altissimi, mi sentivo sempre piena di energia e forza. Speriamo di tornare presto a quella condizione.
16/09/2020 23.11.28calm today
15/09/2020 1.03.44Chest tight
14/09/2020 22.43.16rollercoaster ride
14/09/2020 20.58.15Uneasy
14/09/2020 6.31.27I feel yuck. Moody.
14/09/2020 3.42.57Very low energy, fighting negative thought & feelings
14/09/2020 2.28.02Restless, things are changing rapidly internally, unwilling to deal with the external world
13/09/2020 20.49.46Excited and hopeful
13/09/2020 19.41.48little calmer than usual
13/09/2020 5.52.40A sense of charge ... micro heat that moves in the body
12/09/2020 20.42.46Tingling underfoot today and yesterday
12/09/2020 19.29.15Work up dizzy this morning
11/09/2020 22.30.23Strange.all sorts of things. When will this be normal?
11/09/2020 20.54.20Swings between bursts of energy and exhaustion
11/09/2020 20.52.20swings between bursts of energy and exhaustion
11/09/2020 18.06.58Acordei de madrugada vendo tudo rodando. Pensei que eu fosse cair no chão quando fui ao banheiro. Fiquei com minha cabeça girando a noite toda, embora tenha conseguido dormir, às vezes acordava a noite por causa da tontura, mas não tive náuseas. Na hora que fui ao banheiro, além da tontura, me sentia muito leve e o topo da minha cabeça parecia estar meio que anestesiado. Brasil - Rio de Janeiro (Petrópolis)
11/09/2020 9.51.35Eager anticipation
11/09/2020 5.25.25Feeling great having to keep focused grounded LOVE ENERGIES FLOWING THROUGH ME woke up this morning slight headache very tired after sleeping 7hrs
11/09/2020 0.37.11Today I started peacefully, then became very tired and exhausted... like my eyes wanted to close. And now after midnight no sleep yet... pretty weird
10/09/2020 23.39.20Estoy tratando de resolver la insoportable tristeza aburrimiento y pesadez que siento desde hace casi dos semanas ya. Hoy Un poco mejor conectando al Creador, es necesario pasar por todo esto?
10/09/2020 21.08.39So so tired! Sleepless several hours at night. Feeling sad, don't belong here and strong longing to go home. Electric sparks on top of my head. Noises like humming in ears/head.
10/09/2020 19.40.02Feeling some calm, some anxiety today
10/09/2020 15.29.52Miserable. Headache, nausea, pain, anxiety.
10/09/2020 8.21.03I feel tired, restless legs and feet. Toothache. Sleeping a lot during the day. Headache. Feelings of misplacement and disconnection with people around me. Sadness, irritation.
10/09/2020 2.05.37Wiped out and pulsating headaches here in Bulgaria
10/09/2020 0.19.04やや疲れた感じ。昨日は松果体活性を強く感じていました。
09/09/2020 22.57.09No appetite, loud ear ringing over the past couple of days, buzzing energy throughout my body and wide awake!
09/09/2020 22.53.22feel misplaced and don´t know where to go. dizzy, restless, sleepy but full of energy. wanna go home. wanna find that place
09/09/2020 22.19.23I feel sick and weak and i have small pain in my head.
09/09/2020 22.13.14Been tired all week, restless and lots of energy moving through my body
09/09/2020 22.11.33It's already 2020. Powerful year!
09/09/2020 19.56.18Racing pulse with a smidge of anxiety, low appetite, tired, HEADACHE again today😳 but exercise, bath and being outside counteracts those feelings💗 vibe on😙 WE got this💗💗
09/09/2020 14.31.48Yes, manic restless ears ringing exhausted sore all over
09/09/2020 9.32.14Hungry
09/09/2020 9.22.15Riding the wave ~~~ Feel manic <3
09/09/2020 8.41.51Energy has been crazy 😝 over last few weeks.....
09/09/2020 8.09.49Hearing lots of high frequency signals. Multiple consistent tones. 8/9/20 1am central
09/09/2020 1.50.51Wide awake..when I should be sleeping!
Expectant..but for what?
Tired..but unable to rest..mind racing all over the place!
08/09/2020 5.00.30This past Friday I had a pressure headache, heart palpitations, foggy headed. Just wanted to lie down.
07/09/2020 10.18.56Last night, about 5-6 hrs ago I woke up feeling pain in my heart region. I was awake for a long time and still feel something like anxiety but my heart rate stays around the 67
06/09/2020 8.55.08Wanderfull
06/09/2020 4.19.28High-frequency noise, panic, active bowels and frequent urination, teeth sensations, temperature changes, some tingling in face, tired, lack of sleep, emotional shifts, harder to focus, perhaps affecting an eye (wavy line)... All dentists on holiday! WTF.
05/09/2020 18.06.58Tired..sweaty wakeful nights..
05/09/2020 12.27.54Rilassata .!
05/09/2020 12.18.06Joint aches....equilibrium is way off
05/09/2020 10.11.11Emotional. Confused
05/09/2020 9.08.06Weird dreams
05/09/2020 3.25.55Confused
05/09/2020 1.01.21happy
05/09/2020 0.51.52My head is exploding, I feel sick to my stomache and Im sooo fatigued!
04/09/2020 21.37.31I have a brain injury involving vagus nerve, vestibular, right frontal lobe. Hyper sensitive noise and light. White noise is overpowering my thoughts. I have tingling all over my body especially left hemisphere of my brain. Excessive pressure and a spasmotic pulse. I feel elation sonewhat my chronic fatigue is very mild and chronic pain unchanged. I have had 2 wonderful sleepful nights which is unusual
04/09/2020 16.16.00Calma .Tranquilla .
04/09/2020 13.18.17Ditto on cant be around others
04/09/2020 10.04.37Mal di testa...super stanchezza...solo voglia di dormireeeee ronf ronf 😴😴😴
04/09/2020 8.06.03It's time to wake up now
04/09/2020 4.19.44I have been feeling a lot of pressure around heart and lungs. Nervous, but aware. I can't handle being around others right now.
04/09/2020 3.15.55Comfortable
04/09/2020 1.23.24Llevo dos días que me cuesta dormir.
03/09/2020 22.57.20What s going on?
03/09/2020 22.54.09Anxiously excited, but a Cloud of doubt Looms
03/09/2020 21.47.12I woke up at 4 o’clock this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep
03/09/2020 21.44.23I am very quite all day, but with small energy! One man wrote that is happend because em smog, but I think that is side efect.God power? Ion Musk satelite?? Maybe we are going to 5D Dimension?? We will see.Pray God for good!
03/09/2020 21.08.26Anxiety
03/09/2020 20.45.31My heart chakra is pulsating with energy
03/09/2020 19.35.05Sad..tearful..confused..fragmented..
03/09/2020 17.06.59terrible headaches and leg tremors for 3 days
03/09/2020 15.56.35Highs and lows with energy. Also slower heart beats of 48-50s unlike my usual resting heart rate of 60 and up. Its not bradycardia. I have discovered iron has helped put oxygen back into the blood. This started occurring this month for the first time. What ever is happening in the earth has definitely messed with the electrical system of the heart among other things.
03/09/2020 15.50.51Trying to survive the energies of those around me while trying to maintain my own.
03/09/2020 15.28.23Trying to figure it out...
03/09/2020 13.19.25Ringing in my ears...feels like I'm on a plane with the pressure.. pressure around my forehead. . Headache and heart pulsing.
03/09/2020 6.51.31Happier and more peaceful
03/09/2020 4.17.09I have much to do in my building but find I am spending much time out side in nature Feels kinda lazy
03/09/2020 2.21.23The energy is INTENSE and OFF THE CHART which I know because I feel it in my heart chakra.
03/09/2020 1.08.53severe headache and lethargy
02/09/2020 23.22.40I’ve had pain and pressure on the crown of my head, haven’t had this since my initial awakening over two years ago.
02/09/2020 22.47.34Dizzy, nervous and chills today as well. Intense day.
02/09/2020 22.14.22
02/09/2020 21.50.44For a couple of days I’m experiencing occasional speedy heart rate. My heart rate is normally on the low side, As is my blood pressure. During these experiences my heart rate goes up very quickly. Uncomfortable feeling. These aren’t palpitations or flutters that I typically get. Definitely feel it’s due to the SR though. I am also experiencing high pitch frequency in my right ear today (right represents the physical and left represents the spiritual). I’m dealing with many physical issues lately so it makes sense to me.
Curious to know what has been going on during this blackout.
~Danni-USA~ ✌🏼💜😊
02/09/2020 19.49.26The data has brought up more questions than answers. That said, my wife & I have had more aches & pains since December. A Waterfall of melodic tones between our ears, and at times severe headaches.
02/09/2020 16.39.25I was wondering how to get these updates to my email?
I had a spike of energy and crashed in the evening (I’m MST)
01/09/2020 12.13.22Oggi mi sento carica!
01/09/2020 2.59.26Drained, restless sleep, moody, melancholy
31/08/2020 9.30.19Acceptance, love, truth, the oneness of everything! It's beautiful
30/08/2020 8.19.34Whole body and vibrations and third eye pressure headaches
29/08/2020 4.29.11My normal symptoms during changes of the Schumann Resonance over the past six years is dizziness, heart rate, and palpitations. This year I’ve had additional symptoms such as head pressure, migraines, and blurry vision, which I associated with the spikes, but now I don’t believe those extra symptoms have anything to do with it. After reading back and seeing how often I commented here with these extra symptoms I joked saying that maybe it’s mold symptoms. Then I finally started feeling a shortness of breathe, a stuffiness. So I decided to have a mold Assesor come in to poke around, and they found mold inside the walls of my home! It has been making me sick! I can still tell when there’s a spike in SR regardless of this issue. I suggest people look further into things when you aren’t feeling well just to be safe. I joked, but my intuition was correct. My lungs hurt, I’m not well, I’m displaced from my home bc I waited too long to do something. I am a sensitive. I can feel the energies. I do get migraines from solar flares and magnetic storms. I do feel planetary influences. I’m also sensitive to my environment... smells, lights, sounds. So it can be confusing sometimes, trying to distinguish what exactly is causing me to be so uncomfortable or anxious when there’s many symptoms. I just wanted to share this to say that normally for spikes and drops in frequency the symptoms are heart palpitations, change in heart rate, and dizziness. It can cause anxiousness. I’ve never known it to cause the wide range of symptoms outside of those before. The Schumann Resonance is the earth heartbeat and when it changes I feel my heart being affected also. You can research and you’ll find that the medical community is even familiar with the SR affecting people’s hearts. Keep a journal to see how often you feel sick or uncomfortable just in case there’s something more going on. ✌🏼💕😊
29/08/2020 3.39.33My heart was just racing so fast! Dizziness. Thinking I will see a SR spike posted soon...Started feeling it at 9:18pm EST
28/08/2020 18.26.27I feel more at peace
28/08/2020 18.26.05Been dealing with vertigo for 2 years. It’s getting better!!!
28/08/2020 18.22.43I feel more at peace
28/08/2020 14.29.44Nausea, head pressure, stomach iffy, ear rings, anxiety
28/08/2020 9.01.22Did not manage to sleep at all last night- very unusual for me
27/08/2020 19.42.43Slight sinus headache and ear ring.
26/08/2020 14.58.58Where is the rest of the graph for Aug 26th 2020???
26/08/2020 1.27.39Irritable today
26/08/2020 1.22.57Sueño, cansancio, desdoblamiento, ansiedad por saber mas, menor apetito.
25/08/2020 19.35.47some anxiety rapid thoughts achy shoulder
25/08/2020 14.21.29Like I've been hit by a truck. Popping ears, fuzzy head, high tone frequencies
25/08/2020 7.32.57Giramenti di testa da 2/3 gg, sento gli acufeni anche in mezzo al caos
25/08/2020 4.01.02drained of energy, light headed. nauseated
25/08/2020 0.16.15Headache
24/08/2020 18.16.55Nausea and headaches
24/08/2020 7.17.14I just found this site again to check out what's been going on. Friday, Aug 14th I experienced extreme back pain out of nowhere. I called my dad for advice as he's been in this situation several times. He expressed that he was in the same situation with extreme pain. At one point in the evening I actually crawled because that posture didn't hurt! I've had my share of back pain and have a wonderful chiropractor, but this was over the weekend so it was up to me to deal with it.
Looking back at the chart on the 14th was pretty telling. So thankful for my inversion table and my fascia blaster to get me back on track.
Thanks for sharing this info.
23/08/2020 20.37.42Very off balance and light headed today. Some anxiety .
23/08/2020 18.53.34Uplifted, hopeful, relaxed
23/08/2020 18.44.17Happy
23/08/2020 10.43.43in the last 4 days I felt like I was heavily attacked. Since a sleep paralysis 2 years ago I often get the feeling that something is trying to enter or affect me through my belly. It's time to close down that connection. I am cleaning myself and that region with white light and pure light infused water. Would be interesting to know if anyone else has similar experiences? And if yes, what kind of healing techniques can you suggest? Love and light to all of you! 🙂
23/08/2020 7.40.38Nosebleed
22/08/2020 23.52.16Confused why she’s not here
22/08/2020 22.17.47Like wading through physical mental and spiritual molasses, wake up gang, and acknowledge it!
22/08/2020 19.49.05Drained sometimes emotional. Pressure sensation on forehead and top of head.
21/08/2020 23.43.35So so tired and dizzy
21/08/2020 21.02.38Sleepy
21/08/2020 14.11.07Curiousity
21/08/2020 13.05.52Emocionalmente pensando mucho en cosas malas que me han pasado, intentando solucionando en mi interior es un torbellino de emociones y a veces no se sé que hacer...
21/08/2020 8.38.30Drained and anxiety
21/08/2020 8.37.02Drained
20/08/2020 19.28.39I felt like I was having a massive anxiery attack and watched hundreds of birds start flying out of the trees.
19/08/2020 21.47.30People seem to feel better when the "Power" is higher. At lower levels, people are drained of energy. Plus, several planetary retrogrades are occurring: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto. Mars will retrograde in a few weeks to join all of the others. Also, solar flares have revved-up along with gamma rays. This is lots to deal with at the same time. I suggest lots of rest and drinking lots of water. Also, the remedy "Olive" by Bach Flowers helps to heal fatigue, and " Aspen" (same company) is also excellent for anxiety. Two drops four times a day of both under the tongue is the dosage.
18/08/2020 16.52.58Buzzing energy throughout my body!
18/08/2020 16.47.58This is on preparation for the entire planet being raised into the 5th dimension ! - SOON
18/08/2020 9.12.31Insomnia
17/08/2020 17.43.34Feeling very tired. I usually have a rapid mind, at see everything very clearly. The last month I have been sleeping so bad. My feet feel like they’re on fire. My body is aching like influenza symptoms.
17/08/2020 7.29.31Great
16/08/2020 22.09.21Feeling calm and grateful, Little tired but hopeful
16/08/2020 15.46.37Body is extremely aching, I feel sick and very tired but not sick. Headache and nausea.
16/08/2020 14.48.56I feel tired, a little sick...
15/08/2020 18.15.17Started out this morning feeling tired and on a low vibration. Changed my mindset, played music that would make me happy and raise my vibration, and it did! Feeling much better!
15/08/2020 16.07.35Feeling compression big time, threw up, extreme fatigue, nearly fainted, body sweats then freezing cold, lasted a whole 5 hours, not nice at all, much better now but still feeling the compression. Feels like something big is on the horizon 🙏💕
14/08/2020 20.55.22Revolution; Inspiration; Love; Ascension
14/08/2020 20.05.39para toda la gente que dise que tiene pensamientos negativos es dificil pero nomas piensen en amor amor lo conquista todo yo se que es dificil pero esto ba pasar
14/08/2020 17.50.26Yesterday Aug 13 was TERRIBLE high agitation, no sleep night before, fighting with others...
Got some sleep last night and hopefully today is a day of peace. Aug 14
14/08/2020 17.09.38body aches
14/08/2020 16.22.52Feeling the “body tiredness” but blissful. Been out walking barefoot on earth for at least an hour daily. Wide awake at 2-3am
14/08/2020 14.49.20Rested. And with no dull headache! This is my first time in quite a while. Every time there is a spike, immediately, I wake up! Like a bell tolling. Without warning. So to feel rested, this morning. Shocking!
14/08/2020 8.03.36When those spikes occur I fall asleep and wake up so energized. I have no headaches. I only feel only positivity and i noticed that animals are approaching me. Cats dogs birds insects all kinds of
14/08/2020 2.13.48Terrible sweating day and night. Kept home at 65°F.
Couldn't sleep 2 nights. Headaches and All chickens did not lay eggs! It's the middle of August! Never happened before.
I touched a 'wire cage' around a plant and it was vibrating almost a shock!
14/08/2020 1.57.29The past two days have been energetically turbulent!
13/08/2020 22.23.50Good!
13/08/2020 20.25.48I feel edgy and had big nausea. A feeling something is coming...
13/08/2020 20.04.57Aritmie,palpitace srdce, tlak na hrudníku.
13/08/2020 19.56.02Yes, the pink light at dawn especially, now very yellow. Yes, the headache, worse than ever for me.
13/08/2020 18.17.35I woke up with a migraine and puked...chest hurts
13/08/2020 18.09.07Very tired, no energy , dreamy , slightly headachy, floating sensation, inner sense of vibrations and hearing a constant frequency , I can also see glistening particles appearing to pop in and out of existence. Also today I. One a pinkish light in the atmosphere and even in doors. Unusual pink light.
13/08/2020 17.30.02I am very emotional but also can feel the love of the energy bombarding us. When I just sit with it, it feels blissful.
13/08/2020 17.22.38Forte stanchezza generale, mal di testa, voglia di piangere
13/08/2020 16.17.38Unfocused...tetchy...tired
13/08/2020 15.58.46Knew it spiked high! Heart palpitations since yesterday and do much dizziness! My typical symptoms over the years when SR spikes.
Also feeling pressure within and a suffocating on and off. Is this our new norm? To feel so crappy? lol come on’s gotta get better right?!
13/08/2020 14.17.09Irritable
13/08/2020 8.54.14Ho una curiosità: ho visto che esistono in vendita dei generatori di frequenza Schumann a 7.83 hz. Ma se la terra vibra con frequenze diverse, questo generatore mi mantiene ferma in una frequenza vecchia. Sbaglio?
13/08/2020 4.32.24It feels BIG ... Something BIG is going to take place ... Happen
So big that it's almost suffocating .... Jitters ... High anxiety...
A very BIG change is coming ... I feel ready
13/08/2020 2.53.04Started having a vibration in my left ear off and on. Really strange feeling.
12/08/2020 22.23.32I was affected but not anymore. In the contrary, when it is in normal levels I feel like pressure on my ears and my blood pressure get higher. Weird.
12/08/2020 21.16.35I love it when the energy is up I feel great when it goes low not so much love and blessings everyone 💗✊🏽
12/08/2020 13.09.45Porque nos sentimos tan mal, pensamientos negativos,dolor de cuerpo a veces no aguanto,medito,leo pero esto es mucho más.Ayuda ya no aguanto más.
11/08/2020 23.28.58Ugh. Yesterday and today so dizzy, head pressure, migraine, and now heart palpitations at the very moment I type this. Blurry vision occasionally. I actually started to look at everything in my house searching for mold lol it’s happening too much this year! I haven’t found any, but the symptoms have been terrible and so often for 2020. The years prior I experienced dizziness and heart palpitations when there was a change in the SR. I knew what was causing it. The added symptoms this whole year is throwing me off big time!
10/08/2020 16.37.25anxiedad pensando cosas negativas dolos de pies hombro pero aqui sigo luchando esto ba pasar el amor conquista todo
10/08/2020 14.03.08Quando supera i 40 hz riesco a "vedere" oltre la matrix e ho delle forti intuizioni. Quando si abbassa mi sento triste
10/08/2020 11.31.35Me he sentido pésimo ,anímicamente mal,las piernas y brazos duelen, pensando puras cosas negativas.
09/08/2020 22.13.11When the frequency dips below normal, my energies go very low. It feels like a heavy blanket is over me making all movement slow and difficult. We new Earth humans prefer a frequency closer to a solid 8.
08/08/2020 2.17.30Under the weather
08/08/2020 1.12.45If you feel it, it is there. So few people able to imagine anything other than " going back to normal." Ain't happenin; whatever else may be....
07/08/2020 21.34.59Today I feel that sound in my head, right now it is very strong, is it the resonance?
07/08/2020 18.34.46Namaste! For those experiencing exhaustion, take 2 drops of "Olive" by "Bach Flowers" 4 times per day under your tongue.
07/08/2020 18.32.15I feel accomplished, blessed, and slightly light-headed today.
07/08/2020 15.12.24I am flat out exhausted lately every afternoon. Any suggestions to help with this?
07/08/2020 14.12.30Little bit of anxiety, frequent headaches which I've never got something is pulling on me all the time!
07/08/2020 5.31.16I feel like someone is draining the life out of me and I feel like my body is shake. It felt like I couldn't feel my arms or legs but I was still able to use them. How can I fix this. I feel so weird
06/08/2020 19.53.32Intense emotions! I felt myself sink back into suicidal depression energies last night and cried for a long time. This morning I have a headache and all the muscles on my face are aching. Especially from my temples down to my jaw. Feeling nauseous as well
06/08/2020 18.22.07Today feels achey, dense and uncomfortable for me.
06/08/2020 3.33.19Calm😊
05/08/2020 13.03.05Very best ...
05/08/2020 2.05.20As a sensitive I feel these waves of energy strongly. Instinctual. One wave nearly sent me sideways out my window. The day before the Beirut bombing.
04/08/2020 15.27.07I find this so interesting
04/08/2020 8.44.37I feel words won't adequately describe what these energies are revealing. A feeling of "We have been here and done this all before" is a daily indication
04/08/2020 4.32.15Headache, foggy
04/08/2020 1.50.17Pressure in head, migraine, dizzy, blurry vision. Feeling stuffy on and off throughout the day. Miserable. I’m tired of this energetic flu.
03/08/2020 21.44.02Who ever reads this its ok just ride the waves i know it can get chaotic at some points but just trust and let go and remember LOVE CONQUERS ALL 🙏🌈❤️
03/08/2020 20.34.25I’m so tired today... for a few day’s actually.
03/08/2020 19.34.16Feeling physically heavy chested today, seems to be humid where I am and causing my breathing and nasal passages to be stuffy.
03/08/2020 16.20.03Been feeling these energy waves for a couple of months now. Trying to find out what is “wrong” with me. Sometimes intense sometimes not.
02/08/2020 20.20.12Calm happy allot of energy lets keep it up guys we can do this
02/08/2020 19.32.27Energetic
02/08/2020 17.54.12More clearing ,body aches ,palpatations nausea, vivid dreams
02/08/2020 13.52.03Calm
02/08/2020 5.49.25so so
02/08/2020 3.47.27Me he sentido muy cansado físicamente pero feliz con mi familia
01/08/2020 23.13.05Some people are happier..some spiral downwards..i feel lucky to be happy
01/08/2020 18.14.04I feel very very emotional and sad for some days, tired but not sleeping well, dizziness and unworthy, no apetite, flu symtoms. Here is almost 40° C aswell though.
01/08/2020 17.16.51Sentimiento de frustracion mezclado con momentos o emociones felices
01/08/2020 2.53.06Strong & more positive today building through the day
31/07/2020 19.15.52Heavy headache, ringing ears I had yesterday, and a lot of little aches in joints. But also happy and feeling free.
30/07/2020 23.11.39Lots of people around me are arguing and seems strange...i feel un nerves by it all..but at peace with myself
30/07/2020 17.32.07I feel really unusual! My ears are ringing and my head is heavy. I have unexplained inflammation in my left knee. I feel wired yet tired!
30/07/2020 16.37.00Not sure
30/07/2020 16.05.52Hella anxious. High anxiety. Hyper vigilance. Last night, from my stomach down, hurt! Like a punch. Taking an enormous amount of energy, to bring mind and body back to center! Breathe!!!
30/07/2020 15.54.12ears ringing and popping heart palpitating on and off
30/07/2020 14.29.53I feel calm, a little tired today, otherwise fine.
30/07/2020 12.34.21All is absolutely fine😀😀😀
30/07/2020 11.18.53Stanchezza
30/07/2020 7.49.39Tired , anxious, hopeful, depressed, peaceful all of them at the same time
30/07/2020 6.23.34Wasnt anxious until night hit but i know its for the good imma just riding this wave beign strong . Its 11:23 pm ILLINOIS
30/07/2020 5.20.47Headache, ringing ears, anxiety, seeing repeating numbers 111, 222, 333... physically and mentally tired.
30/07/2020 2.56.15The ringing in my ears is up to 5369hz and gets very loud. The frequency in my left ear changes pitch now and then. I find listening to Certain Pleiadian music helps. I know there are codes in the music.
30/07/2020 1.54.46A lot of body changes
30/07/2020 0.54.32very tired, worked out at fitness center and came back totally exhausted...
29/07/2020 23.43.19Yes very sleepy. Nauseous and anxious since went white today
29/07/2020 22.46.58My head feels like it’s stuffed with cotton. I am sleepy - take short naps wake
feeling sleepy unfocused. Pitch changes throughout the day ringing in ears. Very thirsty.
29/07/2020 21.42.19Quickly changing emotions. Lots of past memories that are coming up at the moment
29/07/2020 20.40.46What a graet harmony. Join us to selebrate this great harmony right now when Powers feel high. Just allow to enjoy.
29/07/2020 18.51.23feel normal better than earlier this morning felt a bit weary
29/07/2020 5.10.19The year 2020 has been a strange year so far. While the world seems to be in full chaos, I feel an inner peace and joy for something great and positive to happen, but I don't have the callous idea of what it is.Of course, there are days when I feel like the Queen of Paranoia, but it never lasts long before the positive expectation gathers and the Queen must abdicate.
28/07/2020 21.28.16eyes bothering me
28/07/2020 21.05.38eyes feel funny
28/07/2020 11.16.46Can't prize myself off the sofa
28/07/2020 10.12.43I just woke up in the middle of the night in a sweat and my cat is meowing outside my door like she never does. Figured something is up.
28/07/2020 0.32.49Dizziness... feels like I spun around really fast a few times and lose my balance. Happens quickly and occasionally. Not constant. Pressure in head. Blurry vision. Tired. Heart palpitations. I just got on to see if the SR is high, but it’s actually very low. Hmmm. These are symptoms I get when it’s higher.
27/07/2020 23.10.56exhausted, kept falling asleep on and off all day, no motivation, more emotional than usual
27/07/2020 15.40.49Since a couple of days I feel very vulnarable, wanting to hide under a stone, sleep...
26/07/2020 23.13.46Brain fog
26/07/2020 21.00.23Feeling good today, at peace.
26/07/2020 19.59.59Restless, listless and stuck
26/07/2020 19.19.55Quite physically strong and motivated
26/07/2020 12.06.27Yesterday I fill a big fatigue all the afternoon until after midnight ! Today I fill better
26/07/2020 1.23.42Extreme fatigue and a weird 'offness' to my well-being - like too much emf exposure
25/07/2020 23.40.59Exhaustion, anxiety, headache, nausea, neck and shoulder aches,dizzy, thirsty,sleepy.
25/07/2020 19.28.41Waiting for the truth to be revealed to the world
25/07/2020 17.50.40Sad tearful
25/07/2020 17.39.09I hope so! Nausea and aches been very bad.
25/07/2020 17.31.51Sad, anxious, depressed, boared
25/07/2020 16.13.54it’s the Great Awakening
25/07/2020 5.06.22very little sleep when this hits at my night time. Seems it always happens at night in USA.
24/07/2020 23.54.31Exhausted! Could barely wake up and had to have another nap in the afternoon
24/07/2020 20.58.21In my humble opinion, I feel that these energies are changing our DNA, and we are being shifted. To what, who knows? I can hear certain frequencies of the Schumann Resonance, to the point where the frequencies can be distracting, such as at this moment 11:55 PST Fri.Jul.24th, 2020.
24/07/2020 20.26.19I feel clear headed and sinus congestion is gone ... wonderful feeling.
24/07/2020 14.06.06Misselijk, moe, wat duizelig, gezwollen en overbelast lymfesysteem
24/07/2020 13.43.25clear vision but working hard on transmuting negative energies
24/07/2020 13.34.56Esperando el gran momento...
24/07/2020 13.23.57With all these ups and downs having troubles with digestion, vivid dreams, tired, more rest, less activities.......
24/07/2020 8.47.17Empowerful and balanced, great harmony has landed. After years of chaos this is so beautiful
24/07/2020 0.35.45Headache and nauseated
23/07/2020 23.08.04Change in all ways for people around me..shifting..preparing..
23/07/2020 18.08.05Hartruimte wordt geopend en dit maakt dat de enorme drukgevoelens op de borstkas verdwijnen. Tegelijkertijd enorme detox van het lymfesysteem; geeft moeheid , misselijkheid, duizeligheid.
23/07/2020 17.41.10Teeth chattering day. Idk y, cos it's low.
23/07/2020 16.49.49Headaches, dizziness, earache, and forgetting words momentarily.
23/07/2020 13.36.57lethargic, very tired.
23/07/2020 8.21.13Extreme Electic Waves are coming through my entire body. Heart Racing and Extrems Vertigo and Nausea. It’s a absolute challenge. Thanks for Keeping Up this site.
23/07/2020 7.35.52Tired and back pain
23/07/2020 5.38.33High energy! My body feels so good!
23/07/2020 0.21.57Lots of feeling wiped energy....lots of 'ears ringing' and headaches. sometimes very hungry, sometimes only eat because I havent eaten in 18 hours or so....lots of vertigo and 'fuzzy thought process', cant remember words I want to use....have had feeling of being DRUNK many times and never drank a drop. Fatigued so that I cant sit up in a chair and i lie down and cant sleep, body/joint pains, itching like MAD at times....belligerent at times, very emotional at times....and SOMETIMES, I feel on cloud 9....but that isnt often or long lived.....unfortunately 🙁 There is more, just cant think of it ATM.
22/07/2020 22.30.54Anxiety
22/07/2020 18.24.40Hoje e ontem estou me sentindo mais leve do que realmente sou. Concluindo estou me sentindo com uma leveza sutil, uma leveza que trás paz. Mas estou sentindo também uma leve tontura que me acompanha desde ontem. Edu Burger - Brazil
22/07/2020 18.13.59Headaches yesterday and today. Dizzy both days. Blurred vision. High pitch frequency in ear. I notice these symptoms happen when the SR changes, especially when the power number goes up. Also, Heart palpitations, anxiety, tiredness. Doesn’t it ever get easier? I’ve been experiencing this stuff with SR changes for years now.
22/07/2020 16.34.15fucked lol
22/07/2020 15.33.07One Year that will go down as historic. The Roller Coaster rides never ended!
22/07/2020 15.04.14Ready
22/07/2020 13.57.45Ayer 21 tenía un sueño terrible dolor en mis manos y piernas, pensamientos pasados volvieron a mi mente, seguramente para sacarlas.hoy 22 despertando temprano, pensamientos repetitivos y tuve pescadillas.
22/07/2020 13.54.05So what was up around 530 to 900 pm cdt...cause my partner went crazy out of nowhere. Got into a huge argument m, not good
22/07/2020 13.28.58Great, full of love for earth, all of nature and the innocence of all young things but slightly uneasy as I couldn't hear birds singing this am in Lewisham, London UK
22/07/2020 0.23.26I feel like I’m coming out of a challenging time into easier times
21/07/2020 20.36.39Quite emotional
21/07/2020 16.46.55Momenten van een heerlijke flow afgewisseld met koude rillingen, heftige gevoelens, vol hoofd, extreem moe, onrust, opgejaagd en daarna misselijk. Veel zuivering vd plexus solaris en activatie Nervus vagus en 3e oog.
21/07/2020 14.32.43Extreme Electic Waves are coming through my entire body. Heart Racing and Extrems Vertigo and Nausea. It’s a absolute challenge. Thanks for Keeping Up this site.
21/07/2020 14.26.29Last night l didn’t sleep will , I woke up with bad temper .. but the rest of the day felt better i tried my best to resist sad emotions to keep my vibration high
21/07/2020 5.01.23Mind filled up with thousands of thoughts downloading
21/07/2020 4.28.04Very very Dizzy ! Today I almost drop at floor. That was very weird. At night I wake up and saw everything spinning around me. Just to you know, I am from Brazil - Rio de Janeiro - Petrópolis.
21/07/2020 2.53.32Pain and headaches, for days. The headaches are nearly constant, the pain moves-for a few days, my right rotator cuff hurt, then my hips pained me yesterday, and today the juncture of my neck and shoulders was rock hard.
20/07/2020 23.53.48Off balance,floaty..enjoying it...
20/07/2020 22.20.32What a battle today has been! Emotional hell
20/07/2020 21.52.14Feeling pain all over body. Pain is like abnormal.. body is hot.
20/07/2020 19.14.20Feeling good, light, some peace. I am at a place where I know what I don't want, but need clarity on what I do want.
20/07/2020 18.24.15today very low energy, buzzing ears and felt incredible sad / depression around 7pm Russia time
20/07/2020 17.26.20began feeling disoriented last night
20/07/2020 17.27.43I found that when the resonance graph shows maximum power I feel lighter, my thoughts are crlearer, my consciousness opens to brand new ideas and perspectives, it's easy to stay in an uplifted state. When there are no peaks in amplitude for a long time (like we've just had un July) I feel drowsy and depressed.
20/07/2020 16.43.09Slow physically but in very good spirits and on a spiritual high
20/07/2020 2.19.11Dizzy!
19/07/2020 22.52.31Stressed..hiding under the covers.. want to be left alone.. i need comfort food.. ice cream sound good.
19/07/2020 14.25.56Yesss
18/07/2020 16.01.01Headache..totally tired..
18/07/2020 11.10.16headachy
18/07/2020 9.15.14Extra tired worn out
18/07/2020 7.58.33Stanchezza e la sensazione di essere tra più dimensioni. Mi sento più carica quando la frequenza sale oltre 30. Grazie!
17/07/2020 21.54.19Amazing things are happening, I feel uplifted and connected. Nothing is random and all is connected. I love you all, stay strong <3
17/07/2020 21.47.44Vertigo
17/07/2020 19.05.28Migraine today. Tired. Frequency in left ear.
Yesterday was dizzy, emotional crying out of nowhere. Eye twitching often. Brief and occasional frequencies in left ear.
17/07/2020 12.39.49Porque nos sentimos mal y otras veces bien, que es cuando aumentan los picos de resonancia schumann??
17/07/2020 1.03.47Very tired I feel like I’m dragging my body thru quick sand
17/07/2020 1.01.16Headaches! There are also grinding, spiraling sensations drilling up into the bottom of my feet, too. BRING IT ON! 🙂
16/07/2020 21.19.24I feel these energies so strongly in my body. Not in a good way. This process is very painful for me.
16/07/2020 19.44.47Tingling feels
16/07/2020 14.58.47Curious
16/07/2020 4.59.49Uneasy
16/07/2020 1.14.40? ГДЕ - "Уровень" ЭЛЕКТРОМАГНИТНЫЙ ФОН:
15/07/2020 20.32.27Was all quiet for a week but thumping in ears back today
15/07/2020 20.03.21who ever reads this remember LOVE CONQUERS ALL
15/07/2020 19.36.10I feel hateful. I lost my temper really bad today. Now I'm crying about it. I guess you could say I'm emotional today.
15/07/2020 17.56.17Had to go to difficulty waking energy...very thirsty..
15/07/2020 16.26.51itchy and blisters on my foot
14/07/2020 23.40.12I’ve been feeling extremely tired and sleepy.
14/07/2020 19.40.10Nervoso e spossatezza
14/07/2020 17.34.47Tired,sleepy,exhausted..short tempered..
14/07/2020 17.19.46Depression
14/07/2020 15.17.27I received telepathic message "Harmony Request" two hours ago. And i just finished it. What a journey from ugly down to heavenly high.
14/07/2020 14.54.06Fast heartbeats , dizziness , ear pressure
14/07/2020 14.31.13Hoy 14-7-20 amanecí con dolores en mi cuerpo,con poco ánimo,al contrario ayer 13-7 amanecí con gran ánimo,consciente y espiritual,feliz pero hoy 14 NO.
14/07/2020 13.10.20I've had headaches and ringing in the years and not feeling my best actually. I'm hoping it's part of the winding down of our being or some thing.
14/07/2020 2.51.55today, i had energy and not tired as usual and no headache
14/07/2020 0.01.02The low power and frequencies of July 13th has myself and my pets really off! Poor neighbors dogs are suddenly sick. Even barefoot in my organic backyard and I feel off my normal energies.
13/07/2020 23.18.27tiredness
13/07/2020 21.16.40Feeling very low energy today also confused
13/07/2020 17.19.42Time lines between utc and Tomsk time are odd.?why?
13/07/2020 15.18.26I'm feeling the need to nest..
I find this odd.clean, stock up.
I have a ton of energy , to make everything shine.
Like I'm "expecting ".
What I dont know, I'm excited 💞
12/07/2020 21.21.33Tired but calm... sad every now and then... ready for change
12/07/2020 18.21.32Why I know everything is well and peaceful and falling into place? I’m wondering.
12/07/2020 11.48.20Once given a name as such to a Singularity then some shape is formed: Break on through to the Other Side! Life is Matter is Light. Approaching 2020 -> 2020 -> past nonpast moment is all that exists so why hold on to fragments of a self that was not valid save for to recall pleasantries and moments asise remain cheerful, so happy together for a greater future, brighter tomorrow; enticed romantic. The eclectic Visionary conceives of much. Cleanse environment to cleanse self. Keep reading those books; focus on vitality, dreams are meant to be lived, not merely dreamt.
12/07/2020 9.25.59Not giving up. Humanity, compassion, harmony, hope, unity
12/07/2020 7.07.51Great harmony has landed. We have good opportunity to ground it to our day life with love. This feels lovely, empowered. I've waited this peace so long trying again and again cultivate love. And now the life is like harmony music by Tim Janis.
12/07/2020 5.09.31With great strength
12/07/2020 3.27.58I had a good day... headache and allergies started abruptly about 7pm.
12/07/2020 2.18.59Peaceful
12/07/2020 0.53.34Feeling calm and certain that all is happening exactly as it is supposed to.
11/07/2020 19.43.59Headaches, extreme fatigue with energy running through me.
11/07/2020 15.10.16SUPER
11/07/2020 14.46.47How is it some comments are dated from future?
11/07/2020 14.44.17The intensity of these peaks is wearing me and my body out. What is going on?
11/07/2020 7.05.24I have felt very sick and hardly able to function today!!!
11/07/2020 6.36.56today (11th july) i felt nausea and yesterday tinnitus
11/07/2020 1.27.26Oggi giornata,molto triste per la proroga dello stato di emergenza in Italia che provoca per me molti disagi per muovermi da Viterbo. Meno treni, meno bus. Tutto più difficile. Speravo un miglioramento invece tutto uguale a prima. Anche le mascherine
11/07/2020 0.25.02Feeling very lethargic today just laying on my sofa listening to the talking book Journey of Souls
11/07/2020 0.22.56Frenesia, energia, la mente va velocissima, caos.
10/07/2020 23.02.11Today I question the truth of all transmissions and ascension. My heart is sad! I’ve lived hoping & believing that we had a chance to transform the world to a place of freedom, Joy, harmony & peace for our children & grandchildren for 35 years. Today I let that hope go, I no longer believe.
10/07/2020 16.01.42awakening, mass awakening
10/07/2020 15.50.21Have headache this morning
10/07/2020 13.06.53Feeling anxious
10/07/2020 11.05.43Feeling very tired!
10/07/2020 5.47.02Feeling anxious, worried, exhausted
09/07/2020 22.33.17Achey yesterday, very nauseous today
09/07/2020 20.31.39Sleepy
09/07/2020 19.06.42Feeling real jittery inside , hard to concentrate. Soreness in joints .
09/07/2020 16.35.45Dizzy yesterday. I'm achey today.
09/07/2020 15.52.16Very tired and emotional
09/07/2020 13.43.45Fuzzy head, constant high pitched tone and feeling very nauseous today
09/07/2020 13.13.35Feeling depleted today😔 No Energy along with pressure Headache😒
09/07/2020 8.40.20Beyond exhausted today. Doing a lot of work in the astral realm.
09/07/2020 8.38.18Not good
08/07/2020 18.20.24Very intense, emotional feelings. Unable to sleep, overwhelming anxiousness, ears ringing.
08/07/2020 16.49.15Having a hard time breathing and have a headache.
08/07/2020 13.11.34Tired
08/07/2020 13.11.01i feel much better at high frequencies
08/07/2020 2.26.01Energized
08/07/2020 0.04.54left shoulder aches sometimes even hand aches its like a dull ache
07/07/2020 20.18.09Amazing
07/07/2020 15.44.06Very emotional.
07/07/2020 13.54.42I feel like my heart is expanding and breath is not enough it is like my body's has been changing.
07/07/2020 13.46.36Yesterday at the peak of 99 I was feeling like gravity was pulling me downward and my weight had increased 20%. I was so exhausted I laid down for a late afternoon nap. When the high pitched frequency in my ears was most intense, I glanced at the time to note it so I could check the Schumann Resonance in my time zone. I’ll be so happy when we are on the other side of this!
07/07/2020 12.33.00Purging at it"s
07/07/2020 11.54.59Feeling excited for the new earth
07/07/2020 11.53.34Hopeful
07/07/2020 10.18.38Emotional with an ache in my jaw
07/07/2020 8.43.31I’ve been nauseous today. And I had liquid bowels. My head is pounding. Sad. So so tired.
07/07/2020 7.54.08Anxious
07/07/2020 7.50.53I feel so drained. Sleepy but not sleeping well, can’t remember dreams. Lots of headaches too and tooth aches?
07/07/2020 7.48.44felt really good and high energy in the morning, then felt more stress energies
07/07/2020 7.41.16Anxious
07/07/2020 5.36.05July 6 2020: headache in the afternoon to evening
07/07/2020 5.09.53Today I have felt very odd. A little nauseous and light-headed.
07/07/2020 4.06.03Feeling like I have not slept in weeks. Cannot even force myself to stay awake
07/07/2020 3.48.30Back pain
07/07/2020 3.14.54Anxiety
07/07/2020 1.38.39I feel HIGH feeling great today time is going by soooooooooo fast!
07/07/2020 0.36.05Sudden, extreme, anxiety & depression @ 13:00 PDT.
06/07/2020 22.55.56Angry, irritated, frustrated, sadness, upset stomach. Such dense emotions
06/07/2020 21.41.57Anxiety
06/07/2020 21.20.03Soooooo sleepy! OMG I cant seem to stay awake. I thought I was getting sick. But, alas, I'm just reacting to this intense amplitude. (whatever that means) I just know that the high amplitude makes me extremely sleepy
06/07/2020 20.46.48I can definitely feel this. My appetite has decreased in the past few months and even more so now. I feel slightly anxious but I’m mentally and emotionally fine. I have no reason to feel tired, but a nap sounds great right now. 😂
06/07/2020 20.18.42Definitely feel unbalanced today with a lot of Head Pressure. My circulation seems a little slower. Mostly I feel it in the Environment and my Metabolism.
06/07/2020 19.41.08Oh my gosh. I’m vibrating and buzzing, and it’s difficult to stay focused. Full of anxiety!
06/07/2020 19.22.54I cant see any real responses that show a date or something other than emotions..
06/07/2020 19.20.39Wow, I knew something was going on today with a peak of 99!
I had to put my chest comprehension belt on to stop the vibration in my chest ! And now I come back and see it was so freaking loud!
06/07/2020 19.11.39for who ever reads this you are not alone we are all on this journey together i feel calm but there are times were i feel sad for no reason or anxious
06/07/2020 15.56.42feeling the hum heavy at 76.5 hz july 5th NY 10am
06/07/2020 14.02.00Sleepless
06/07/2020 12.39.41Read your explanation of the graphs. No idea what you were talking about. No explanation of x or y axis. Would be better on a video with you pointing to what you are talking about and a basic definition of words that newbies like me would understand. thanks
06/07/2020 10.49.24Tired
06/07/2020 10.18.16Recently, I need less sleep. I have almost sleepless nights and when I wake up the next morning I am surprisingly fit and active. I also feel different in my body, hard to explain.
06/07/2020 3.07.15I am feeling really well, kind of disconnected in a positive way. For two days, however, I have constant shivers. I go from feeling boiling hot to icecold in the blink of an eye!
06/07/2020 2.52.29Unfamiliar emotion and uncontainable tears but at peace. Spacing out and disassociated feels like the new norm.
06/07/2020 1.02.51Today I have felt positive and uplifted.. Not anxious a all...
05/07/2020 22.48.36Zetas say we are in between two movements. One is going up the other is going down dont listen to what the government is telling .turn off your portable device unplug and center within yourself
Feel the earth
. We are experiencing a new level.of heightened awareness
.beautiful things are happening on earth.but lots of terrible things are being revealed and taken apart .the best is yet to come .tighten your boot straps!!
05/07/2020 13.52.12Dormí varias veces me despertaba porque estoy en alerta,preocupándome por todos intentando controlar todo.,pero cuando duermo ,duermo tranquila no como las otras veces que despertaba con angustia,ansiedad y insomnio.Espero que pase pronto y pueda estar en perfecta coneccion con el universo y madre tierra.
05/07/2020 13.13.31love
05/07/2020 13.12.01agharta
05/07/2020 6.49.12Magical things happen and great harmony
05/07/2020 4.12.14I got very emotional and felt like crying around 11:00am EST for no reason. Been fairly calm all day with a clear head.
05/07/2020 0.07.44MST between 12 and 4 pm extremely tired. Took a deep sleep nap.
04/07/2020 23.37.28I am feeling a new aliveness after a dark night of the soul experience . It is such a relief to feel joy again.
04/07/2020 19.12.57See the progression of amplitude SR, last night slept thru fireworks in street, up at 5 to gaze the horizon, rapid decent to comotose sleep, nausea, fatigue, vertigo and knowledge of the Science of Light comforts and informs me. I am Gemini ready to teach others Ascension and the New World of 5th dimension !
04/07/2020 15.42.39Removed..floating...ungrounded..detached..emotionally content..spaced out..
04/07/2020 13.56.21I'm emotional right now.
04/07/2020 13.19.23Dolor espalda,dolor de estómago,dolor de cabeza , insomnio desde las 3:30 de la madrugada siendo las 7:18 todavía no puedo dormir
04/07/2020 13.09.58Now at this time, i can't sleep because of this energy shower
04/07/2020 9.50.26Upset tummy..but happy
04/07/2020 9.03.23Apprehensive
04/07/2020 8.57.01what kind of meditation is being talked about and where one can get involved in it.
03/07/2020 22.48.24Confused
03/07/2020 22.42.31Not very well this evening, I feel powerless and drained
03/07/2020 21.08.31Body especially legs seem to vibrate at night a bit like a tuning fork, or maybe a train going past your house.
03/07/2020 20.26.29High Energy day with smooth harmony after yesterday's great Energy shower. I've haen waiting the very moment i can start today's meditation session. 💓💓💓 you can join me if you like to.
03/07/2020 18.34.49Tired, sad, no energy, headache. Yesterday full of energy, happy
03/07/2020 17.48.27Tetchy
03/07/2020 17.07.24Motivated
03/07/2020 15.43.01Riding the wave
03/07/2020 5.55.47Anxiety
03/07/2020 1.38.26Achy
02/07/2020 20.41.42I feel very tired and disconnected.
02/07/2020 20.35.14Over the last few days I've been getting sudden humming noises that feels as though its pulsating. It is a very peaceful feeling and things seem brighter. I have been listening to 40 hertz recordings on youtube and it almost feels like i'm listening to it but WITH NO HEADPHONES. Its rejuvenating and I feel as though my body is undergoing a transformation as I feel healthier, thinking more clearly and concisely, and my overall mood has been much happier. I am raising my vibration and I'm loving every step 🙂
02/07/2020 20.28.05Today's meditation was very powerful at 11:40-12:45. I could barely bare the great amount of the Energy flow. After i had trembled almost all the meditation session, it was difficult to orientate to continue working. Spooky.
02/07/2020 18.43.05Tears, headaches, sadness and anger. In that order. Tough being a strong empath these days 🥰
02/07/2020 11.50.48Yeah, the dreaming!
02/07/2020 4.40.49Have been feeling exhausted, sad, many of the symptoms described falling to sleep at my computer, my chair, restless at night, vivid dreams, not always making sense. The levels of vibrations and regions all make sense to me. I need to be regular in meditation. When are the group meditations scheduled?
02/07/2020 4.31.42Debilitating headache. I never call in sick to work but I couldn't make it in to my 2nd job. This one knocked me down!
02/07/2020 2.43.25I dream very strange things and I can remember them the next day
02/07/2020 2.40.02I feel with pulsations in the chest and the accelerated heart
02/07/2020 2.17.335 G frequency of 60 ghtz ! Radiation Poisoning , thx for making us feel like getting cancer is ok ..
02/07/2020 0.58.46Annoyance
01/07/2020 23.47.25my left arm feels weird like ache but no pain its weird shoulder also
01/07/2020 22.54.16today I've felt anxious
01/07/2020 20.40.43Tired, weak and sleepy
01/07/2020 19.29.10Everything is changing. Evil is being exposed..I ve never seen so many prominent people be so corrupt and satanic...I see thing so differently. I want it to change..I want a better world for my grandchildren. I find myself wanting to be in nature more than ever..Barefoot in the dirt .Wanting to be closer to family ,friends ,and the Lord...
01/07/2020 17.01.52high pitches ringing in ears
01/07/2020 14.44.21Hopeful but not healthy in a harmonious way and sad with anger some but getting better. Can’t sleep hardly ever, and I’m up most nights with naps through the day as I’ve been awakening for alarmist 4 years now with some trials and tribulations along the journey. Confusion also at times because of mass lies and deception so trust is also an issue. But I do love everyone and I do love myself, and I love and adore and give thanks to my, our creator and savior and king.
01/07/2020 12.06.42Awake
01/07/2020 10.19.04Energized but muscle weariness
01/07/2020 8.14.51I feel like I'm physically vibrating internally.... im seeing number patterns (angel numbers) I feel like the world is on pause. Outside doesn't feel like outside. I've had my lights in one part of the living rooms dance with the background music. I feel AMAZING AND SUPER CONNECTED TO ONE...
01/07/2020 4.56.40I was very sick with flu like symptoms, and I or getting better. Drained and weak as well
01/07/2020 4.45.17Emotionally fragile
30/06/2020 20.42.57Very full ears, bothersome to drive earlier.
30/06/2020 14.49.12Very intense, emotional feelings. Unable to sleep, overwhelming anxiousness, ears ringing.
30/06/2020 14.06.48Aroused
30/06/2020 14.05.50Strong
30/06/2020 13.08.01after the spike to 91 i felt nauseous for quite some time and also had intense dreams. savagehealing on ig and tiktok.
30/06/2020 11.51.59Feeling pressure/humming on my ears -started few minutes ago, last two days feeling very tired.
30/06/2020 11.45.04When it is high, noisy- i feel a slight hum in my chest and it seems like I'm in the flow with increased "coincidences" or synchronicities.... As i watch the general public tense up and feel threatened, showing aggravation and frustration, i feel as if my experience is oppositely smooth and i would even say serene if it weren't for the humming in my chest/body
30/06/2020 6.56.50Today I feel awesome, not like last week
30/06/2020 6.43.02Like a zombie tired last few days unable to get much done. I'm becoming a couch potatoe. When is this going to be helpful and give us energy instead of take it away???
30/06/2020 6.14.03This last few days I didn't feel quite good but today is different! I feel uplifted
30/06/2020 3.53.49Major headache and super tired!
30/06/2020 3.24.51Light vertigo or a feeling of being "off", has been intermittent for days but seems to align with the intensity of the white readings. I have developed a burning sensation in my left hand. No medical conditions that would prompt such a thing.
30/06/2020 2.16.00Headaches and ringing
30/06/2020 1.06.39I have felt anxious, depressed, overwhelmed the last two days. I have had a migraine on and off the last 5 days. Very tearful today on and off.
30/06/2020 0.55.17I have had nausea each day with a strange head ache that lasts only a few seconds and hurts in my little fingers almost like an electric shock.
Also have a really strong feeling of peace today.
30/06/2020 0.49.42After two consecutive days of intense activity, I feel stunned. Am I supposed to be using this energy for something constructive? Because I feel couch frozen and uncomfortable.
29/06/2020 23.50.30Today I had terrible headace, pain in stomach and neck too. Lay in bed all day. This is heavy energy!
29/06/2020 22.49.23I feel ZERO motivation. Really crapp . 91. Is not my number at all.
29/06/2020 22.14.59Headache, stomach Rumbling
29/06/2020 20.20.06Achie
29/06/2020 19.52.00Uneasiness, hope, heightened senses, chaotic, presence of God
29/06/2020 16.07.11My ears are ringing.
29/06/2020 16.05.28My ears are ringing.
29/06/2020 14.20.51Have had vivid dreams all night, my head feels light headed and tired.
29/06/2020 12.59.03Heat at the top of the head extends up to the neck and shoulders, dryness of the lips, together with severe insomnia and headache
29/06/2020 12.14.26Constantly waking up through the night. Slight headache. Tingling through the top of my head. Lots of energy from 6/28 to today on 6/29 this early morning. Ready to hit the door running.
29/06/2020 11.34.47Like electricity running over all my neurons
Different types of sound in either ear
29/06/2020 11.20.22I’m 14 hours behind; during high amplitude periods, I’m woken up in the middle of the night, on a consistent basis, when values are high. If the value is high during the day, I’m out of sorts...
29/06/2020 11.03.15Tired with slight headaches
29/06/2020 5.20.31My left shoulder aches comes snd goes feel tinglin in my hand also
29/06/2020 2.53.58All day on 26th had major headache and upset tummy. Now today, 27th, huge energy boost but feel super dizzy, like I'm going to fall over every time I stand up.
29/06/2020 1.12.38I could not resist to sleep
28/06/2020 23.01.54Almost ready to step off the edge .,..
28/06/2020 20.23.50Ringing ears, body aches, agitation
28/06/2020 20.23.12Ears ringing, eyes blurry, body aches, weird dreams.
28/06/2020 20.22.26Higher
28/06/2020 20.20.59Ringing ears, body aches, agitation
28/06/2020 19.02.21Another wave while I was resting.visualized pulling sodden,chilled people up on to land from the sea. Telling them it was okay, we were overwhelmed and immersed, but would recover
28/06/2020 18.24.31A chilling wave of power just passed through me
28/06/2020 16.04.06Energized, fierce like protected by Armour
28/06/2020 15.52.19Walking into the wind..physically and emotionally
28/06/2020 15.47.58i feel excited. i feel apprehensive. I feel on the cusp
28/06/2020 15.23.30Calambres en mis dedos mano derecha,estado de preocupada,miedo y añoranza de momentos buenos
28/06/2020 14.01.47The energy was very strong last night. I haven’t slept for a minute. A headache, can’t eat, feel like I am going to puke since this morning, and just a bit down in general. Going to shift it all up soon. Let me get more coffee 🙂
28/06/2020 12.24.15I feel great when frequencies are high. On the other hand, when everything is back to normal, I am completely down
28/06/2020 10.46.16I've been hurting all night and woke up to this crazy spike. Legs have been cramping, can't sleep, I hear a humming sound constantly
28/06/2020 9.31.03I thought I was inverted this morning, waking up after a 7 hour straight sleep.
My head recovered quickly after covering my eyes. I was sick last time this happened.
28/06/2020 5.51.08Fibromyalgia pain very bad today - medicine is lasting half as long a most other days
28/06/2020 1.42.30lots of body pain I am dealing with rheumatoid arthritis and somehow I feel like the schuman in the last few years is pushing me thru the healing of it everytime I see a big blast of white guaranteed I am going thru physical pain
28/06/2020 1.02.05Aggravating day...there is only one of me and I have tasks being dropped on me left and right...just want to scream
28/06/2020 0.54.03I hear a heavy humm at 76hz.. low and resounding in nature. Hard to hear it in the humming city. But it is getting louder as the years go.. I am so surprised that nobody else can hear it! It's so loud!
27/06/2020 19.12.13I'm feeling many ups and downs, but slowly I'm raising my vibration 🙂
27/06/2020 16.41.41I have been feeling full on light being sent through my left leg and foot! It makes it hard to sleep with that anxy feeling going on for the past several days and nights. One day I experienced it on my right leg and foot but mostly left. I suppose at times I felt it in my arms as well. The rest of my body is used to the LIGHT coming in.
On the Light coming in I would like to note that 40 Hz is 5d Light and 40 Hz is the highest here so when reading the chart we need to find a better way to read it.
27/06/2020 15.39.36Migraine and off balance since 3am EST ON 6/26
27/06/2020 13.33.12Vivid dreams , feeling exhausted, fatigue
27/06/2020 12.00.06Problems in sleeping and difficulties to take sleep. From 12 Pm and all the nigth..
27/06/2020 11.02.53Headache, and also my IBS has gotten worst. I also have been dreaming a lot lately, and the dreams are so vivid and intense that I wake up tired.
27/06/2020 9.55.31Yesterday exhausted. Drained. Can hardly move.
27/06/2020 9.27.32Head pressure, neck/shoulder ache, nauseous, joint stiffness, more vascular appearance
27/06/2020 7.34.52I feel anxious. The kids have been poorly behaved and our animals are going insane!
27/06/2020 5.55.18chest pressure and tightness, ringing in ears, dizziness
27/06/2020 2.50.14Llevo días con los oídos muy sensibles les voy a contar lo que experimenté anoche me levanté por la madrugada cuando me acosté me dormí como abrazandome entonces lo que me daba el sueño escuché en mi cabeza como una frecuencia igual cuando cambias de emisora en la radio pero no entendía lo que escuchaba yo estaba consciente tuve varios sueños corrido de momento estaba parado en la tierra y yo quería volar hacia las nubes volé hacia las nubes y algo me jalo más arriba y volví a sentir de nuevo esa misma frecuencia pero esto fue diferente veía saben cuando cambias un canal que no se ve y se ven muchos puntos blancos y negro vi no se si era un satélite o una nave volteandose hacia mi todo se veía como dije muchos puntos es la segunda vez que me sucede algo parecido la otra vez fue diferente a esta me sentí más consciente se mucho de esto tiene que ver con la frecuencia esto es verdadero no miento sobre estas cosas y no tuve miedo todo esta sucediendo por una razón espero que les guste mi sueño.
27/06/2020 2.33.28Lethargic
27/06/2020 1.58.07Water retention
26/06/2020 22.45.47joint aches back aches but calm
26/06/2020 21.29.23Mentaly very awoke, but tiredness in body, weakness and pain in legs, arms, hands.
26/06/2020 21.25.34when this is all done the world will be a much better place
26/06/2020 20.04.31I am having a huge huge fibromyalgia flare! My legs are not working and my head/ears hurt! Very dizzy!!!! so odd in MN
26/06/2020 19.05.22mood swings, a little nervousness, waking up during the night, strange dreams, laziness
26/06/2020 19.01.14Kind of feeling out-of-it today.
26/06/2020 18.15.29extreme tiredness ~ cannot keep my eyes open
26/06/2020 17.29.01Electric shocks
26/06/2020 15.59.43Peace and calm, yet sad.
25/06/2020 23.37.51very spacey, surges of intense energy flowing through my body, aches and pains everywhere, chest tightness, shortness of breath, tingling (almost burning sensation??) in my brain and chest, shaky, sometimes a bit feeling a bit weak, etc...
25/06/2020 23.37.11tired and body aches
25/06/2020 19.56.02anxious, a little scattered
25/06/2020 18.12.34Heavy
25/06/2020 7.42.31Feeling so tired and irritated.
25/06/2020 1.08.13Feeling well, ringing in ears
24/06/2020 23.34.42The energy this year has been very intense.
24/06/2020 20.10.26Energised early in the day then fell asleep this afternoon!
24/06/2020 19.20.17Feeling very tired and drained these past few days, starting to feel a little better today and more clear minded.
24/06/2020 17.36.49Every time it gets intense I feel feverish, body aches and very tired like I want to sleep more hours.
24/06/2020 16.39.59I feel like there’s more activity that happened 6am EST. I woke up feeling an increase in the pulse waves
24/06/2020 12.23.44Excited for our new Earth!
24/06/2020 10.56.59Έχω έκτακτες συστολές λόγω άγχους και ταχυκαρδίες, δεν κοιμάμαι τόσο καλά πια.
24/06/2020 6.10.58High anxiety
23/06/2020 18.47.01These latest short power burst are feeling like pulse wave energy. Has anyone else experienced this? Also what other factors besides the sun (which appears to be less active) can cause Schumann spikes? I love this site it’s my favorite place to go for up to date cosmic information
23/06/2020 17.25.24Some days there is growing feeling of intensity and other days everything feels fine.
23/06/2020 16.01.10Lower energy, calm, not anxious at all, peaceful
22/06/2020 23.36.23tired
22/06/2020 19.52.15ive been feeling stomach aches and bloated
22/06/2020 19.27.19apathetic
22/06/2020 18.23.03Nauseated and achy, tired
22/06/2020 16.52.41I seem to be locked to the Schumann Resonance. When it is up so am I. When it is down so am I.
22/06/2020 12.12.33Sharp dips, low lulling hums
22/06/2020 4.13.44Happy, calm, peaceful.
22/06/2020 3.03.33Tired, and dizzy
22/06/2020 1.31.48Slept well last night.
21/06/2020 20.16.35I've been very restless today, finding it had to concentrate and feeling physically jittery. Fell asleep mid afternoon
21/06/2020 17.04.25Calm, relaxed and hopeful :).
21/06/2020 6.35.00Two days of high anxiety.
Enough to send me searching
for this site. magnetosphere is wacky but not the cause of what im feeling.???
20/06/2020 20.24.59Been totally wiped out all week not able to do much of anything. Damp rainy off and on. Low numbers still tired.
19/06/2020 18.56.49Hope and happyness
19/06/2020 10.11.31در گوشهایم همچنان صدای صوت که در گوش چپ بیشتر است.خستگی .درد بدن .احساس گرمای گذرا .لطفا بگویید چرا و تا چه وقت ادامه دارد .از پرشیا ایران
18/06/2020 21.37.22Exhausted, sleepy
18/06/2020 20.38.08Increased pressure and ringing in my head.
18/06/2020 20.13.41Jolly and excited...about life
18/06/2020 20.03.21Nervosismo forti sbalzi di umore
18/06/2020 18.58.39For the last 2 days confusion with a big burst of fear from being unable to do my work. Dull mind and tired the whole time. Never had these feelings before.
18/06/2020 15.51.30Pensive...expectant..butterflies..
18/06/2020 3.42.38So exhausted... mentally , emotionally, and physically. Just drained.
17/06/2020 23.10.00Bloomin awful headache
17/06/2020 22.28.22abdominal ache
17/06/2020 5.54.06Felt terrible today and exhausted
17/06/2020 2.39.02Peaceful place
16/06/2020 23.28.10احساس کلافگی و بی تابی و تهوع و حساسیت به مواد غذایی گوشتی
16/06/2020 23.08.13Feeling like I’m not on the edge that there is a balance that subtle calm❤️
16/06/2020 18.32.32Harmony is raining from the sky. The Great Peace feels lovely.
16/06/2020 17.13.54Content ...and fearless..whatever others say..hopeful..
16/06/2020 14.43.22something just happened 12:26am-ish NZ time? seeing if the buzz ive heard in my ear all my life, because the frequency increased then kind of exploded, is the only way i can describe it. before the buzzing cut out completely and regained baseline buzz about 10mins later? not sure if the latesr data was out yet.
16/06/2020 8.23.51i can only sleep few hours. Im very dizzy i fell sick.
15/06/2020 23.00.47I feel worse during times of low activity, not during the surges. I feel bloated, headaches and nauseated when there's more blue.
15/06/2020 22.46.17Sinus head aches and nausea
15/06/2020 21.12.29Keep an eye on NASA, their training and drills (under the guise of fake space) will become operationally green-lit the moment an opening occurs in the dome. The "space" agencies will all launch at once in unity and aim to enter the waters above. Certain individuals will flee to bunkers with entire armies that will be used to reclaim the land from the Leviathans afterwards. Most people that think they are invited, aren't - and they will lose their minds in more ways than one. There will be a lot of destruction, the evidence is the current apocalyptic face of the Earth, there's not much left now and what we do have is sick.

Buy fire makers - matches and candles, flint and steel, cigarette lighters and lighter fuel, etc. If the power goes out there will be no light, day or night, for a time. Don't rely on circuitry. Stock some food, but don't rely on it in case you need to leave. Clothes are more important, dress like it's minus 50 and buy some cheap tennis rackets for snow, but more importantly, liquifaction.

Lastly, trust nothing I say and nothing you've ever learned - ask Jesus to help separate you and your pride and to see the truth, no matter how contradictory it may seem. Then trust in Him alone and He will quietly help guide you to your answers, ask for discernment above all else and you will sperate the truth and the lies and become wise. These other messages, from pleiades, they are not your friends - only devils talk in cryptic riddles.
15/06/2020 20.41.33Feisty and temperamental
15/06/2020 20.17.03Confused
15/06/2020 18.10.02High pitched ringing in ears
15/06/2020 17.59.01Numa tontura sem fim, mas no mais tudo bem.
15/06/2020 14.43.52Exhausted yesterday and slept whole afternoon both hands itching
15/06/2020 12.19.17Early this morning at about 5:00 AM Eastern Standard Time, there was slight ringing in my right ear. This could have been the frequency lowering while the amplitude was elevating. Usually when the frequency lowers numerically, the amp!itude indeed has a higher numerical value which is actually an indication of its depth within the Earth.
15/06/2020 10.24.45Congested right ear...suggestion of pressure in my head...migraine starting...feel as if the Earth is waiting for something to happen
15/06/2020 7.00.49I feel like something great and amazing is about to happen! I do feel my right ear a little bit congested And I feel like my heart is expanding but I am also am one who is able to hear the Shuman Resonance sounds elevating , but my daughter also hears it and occasionally we hear them when they’re rising rising and rising they are very high pitch frequency noises I’ve always been very sensitive like that so I can relate hopefully someone can relate to my message I think we should all stay positive I think we all know that we feel some symptoms in our vessels but I think we all need to relax and know that something beautiful is right around the corner sending all my brothers and sisters love 💗 and light✨ your ways🌈🧖🏻‍♀️🌊✨🌹🌈🌬✨🌼🌈✨🌺🌈🧬🔑💕🔑✨🌸🌈🌏✨💕🌈✨🌝🔥✨🌈💫
15/06/2020 6.51.43I feel like something great is about to happen
15/06/2020 3.35.43Woke up at 3:33 am Wide Awake!!! Went back to sleep @ 7-8:30 am. Great birthday brunch with my Unity Family!!!🙏❤💚🌈✌🐎🦄
15/06/2020 1.25.37Just tired. Trouble falling asleep, trouble staying asleep. Waking up at 3,4 or 5 absolutely wide awake.
14/06/2020 22.43.00totaly tired
14/06/2020 21.39.23I feel out of my body. I am having strange dreams and Irritated today. My brain feels pressure in it.
14/06/2020 21.36.19Feeling bloated, diarrhea.
14/06/2020 20.22.53I’ve been dehydrated and not sleeping through.
14/06/2020 16.43.29Today I have a massive headache
14/06/2020 14.53.14Brain leaking since yesterday.
Headache, right side.
14/06/2020 14.00.39As one who can actually hear the Schumann Resonance, I am keenly aware of it when rises. Strangely enough, I long for it when it's not detectable. This site serves as a validation of changes that I am already aware of. My hobby is channeling healing energy to people who are in need and there may be a link in may abilities to channel this energy with the changes in the Schumann Resonance.
14/06/2020 13.19.07Would it be possible to have a simple translation of these resonances..otherwise I feel ...confused ..thank you
14/06/2020 2.14.01Back pain is much higher than normal
14/06/2020 0.34.40Energetic but anxious
14/06/2020 0.20.26Very strong in uk at 23:00 headaches dizziness feeling of energy. Ringing in head very strong
13/06/2020 21.29.11Bad headache. Drained
13/06/2020 21.22.37Energized
13/06/2020 20.58.06Uneasy, off balance. Restless. Interrupted sleep. Disconnected.
13/06/2020 20.47.09Energized. Worried. Processing old stuff. Male/Female battles. Good though. Birds singing. Gardening. Time feels like molasses. Feels like Earth flipped. Different sun areas.
13/06/2020 20.25.38Sleepless nights
13/06/2020 18.58.11Slight humming sensations
13/06/2020 18.57.24Exhausted
13/06/2020 17.04.09Interrupted sleep for hours.
13/06/2020 16.46.09I feel relaxed. Expectations of good things to come. Soon!
13/06/2020 16.29.28Bad headache. Feel a lot of pressure and my body feels jittery
13/06/2020 16.26.31I feel a lot of aches and pains everywhere in my body! My ears hear sounds in them many times a day! Sometimes in my right and others in my left. Some days more than others I get headaches! Ice packs are what I use to diminish the pain. Something is interfering with our Earth and the lack of communications over this fact, leads me to know that possible nefarious persons are trying to divide everything, including US. Be strong, brave, and be who you came here to be! Now is that time :)~💙
13/06/2020 15.49.04Something is coming. Something BIG is coming, that's what it feels like.
13/06/2020 10.06.53...pulsare in espansione nella testa terzo chakra e settimo con pulsazione rispettivamente verso avanti e alto....estrema stanchezza all'improvviso.... e che va via dopo un paio di ore...
13/06/2020 4.59.45Nausea
13/06/2020 1.57.42Tired,headache
12/06/2020 23.44.27I feel wonderful
12/06/2020 23.43.46dizzy
12/06/2020 21.37.12Normal
12/06/2020 17.48.46Feel like Ive been beat down mentally and physically.morning turns into nap time
12/06/2020 14.17.52Super lethargic, all I want to do is eat and sleep, pain in the body...
11/06/2020 22.44.49Your presentation of the Schumann freq is totally unfathomable, and I am an engineer. Please present it in a SIMPLE chart, showing a 10-day span, with time stamps for each reading. The circle graphics seem intent on confusing visitors, especially your "power" numbers, with not even an explanation of your terminology.
11/06/2020 22.33.41The last 2 days all I want to do is sleep or be a blob. Cant figure the hi's and Lowe's yet. Cant figure if I'm more tired in the lows or highs. I think the hi's are better. I'll know by the next hi.
11/06/2020 13.44.59Strong pressure headache. Lethargic then bursts of angry energy
11/06/2020 5.28.23About 18:00 Eastern time I started to feel extreme pressure on my crown. It’s been increasing for the last 2 hours. It’s more intense than usual and I have already made this correlation to this resonance however the graphs don’t seem to validate this today 😳🤯
11/06/2020 2.07.52About 18:00 Eastern time I started to feel extreme pressure on my crown. It’s been increasing for the last 2 hours. It’s more intense than usual and I have already made this correlation to this resonance however the graphs don’t seem to validate this today 😳🤯
10/06/2020 22.05.07Expectant..hopeful
10/06/2020 15.39.36Unease
10/06/2020 15.37.26Headache during the night. Waking fast from deep sleep. Cleared.
10/06/2020 7.32.32Power so high now I can barely stand it. I want to jump out of my skin!
10/06/2020 6.08.35heavy
10/06/2020 0.11.09Felt awful this morning, and yesterday morning. Today was worse - miserable, ringing in my ears, no energy. Came here to check the graphs. Yup. Spiking.
09/06/2020 18.57.28first time here! i´m trying to understand this but it feels like todays power brought me here
09/06/2020 16.25.36Suddenly very very tired
09/06/2020 16.23.49Feeling strange today so I thought I would check the resonance and yes, it is spiking.
09/06/2020 14.33.50Sleepy suddenly after moment here felt great. From Fridas intill today and saturday was ok!
Ringning in my ear and IT-chef in my mouth from yesterday pm until now.
09/06/2020 14.01.11getting tendonitis under control, needed mental health day yesterday after helping three people cope with trauma in their lives. (everyone needs to be heard, needs compassion). slept much of the day. feeling ok today. still creaky, but pain is much better
09/06/2020 10.00.50As early riser in EST, affirm both statements below,especially how hard sleep was. Now I will try to get up!
09/06/2020 9.37.02Body and head felt very heavy on waking and trying to move during the night...laborious sleep...fine on waking
09/06/2020 8.10.50I woke up crying.
08/06/2020 18.43.17Unsettled/ tired
Woke up in the middle of the night...
08/06/2020 15.18.43Extreme ringing in left ear. Left ear feels like the hearing has turned off, but I can still hear fine. This started at approx. 14:30 E.S.T. June 8 2020
Experienced unusual disorientation, like mild dizziness some time after 12:00 E.S.T. 7 June 2020
08/06/2020 8.21.15Clear vision, strong intuition
08/06/2020 4.30.12Love for all ❤
08/06/2020 4.28.49Positive
08/06/2020 4.12.35Joints so swelled and sore, nauseated, no energy, only sleep 2or3 broken hours a night, but praising Jesus of Nazareth thru it all!!
08/06/2020 4.00.56Feel tired. Took a 3 hour nap.
08/06/2020 2.15.59Super off today. Having trouble connecting.
08/06/2020 2.01.17Feeling dizzy,uplifted happy
08/06/2020 1.31.41Dizziness brought me here AGAIN. Figured I better check the SR, instead of getting anxious over it. Sure enough it’s spiked! Dizzy, head pressure, high pitch frequency in my left ear, then later in my right ear a few times. Nauseous and unsteady. Very sensitive.
08/06/2020 0.06.30Strong feeling of irritability, very little to no patience.
07/06/2020 21.23.45headaches - sore joints - nausea sleeping in spurts
07/06/2020 20.46.32I feel deep vibrations most of the time during the day. Scattered storms with increased lightening that never ground in the surrounding area.
07/06/2020 20.19.07slept from 3a ("riot" watching) until 6am then again 11-1. knee heat and pain woke me which is typical status post replacement. had greater than usual amount of time to fall back asleep for just a "nap". mentally struggling as I am attached to longer periods of sleep but feel my body vibrating like I had coffee which I do not drink.
07/06/2020 16.04.07Relaxed
07/06/2020 12.28.39V noci špatný spánek jako by se mi vařila krev..bolesti kloubů únava dnes.
07/06/2020 12.09.35slept poorly, awake too early, tendonitis flare very painful.
07/06/2020 11.06.40Headache/migrane, dizziness, pressure in the head
07/06/2020 11.03.32Feisty
07/06/2020 9.37.30I'm joining this wonderful peace around 14 utc. Amazing ...
07/06/2020 2.05.23I feel heavy and slow.
06/06/2020 23.56.11Odd—-‘off’—-like standing looking out over the depths of the Grand Canyon, kinda unsteady on your feet; heart’s racing a little, breathing feels labored.
06/06/2020 17.55.50Headache dizzy weak
06/06/2020 11.07.26i am very shit
06/06/2020 3.43.52a bit scattered at noon est, unsettled 7 pm.m est, no appetite, headache
05/06/2020 22.47.12I'm exhausted
05/06/2020 15.49.14I hurt everywhere. Headache, nausea, muscle fatigue.
05/06/2020 15.29.12when the frequencies are lower I feel more energetic less emotional
05/06/2020 6.04.33Freedom for all
05/06/2020 4.40.26I've NEVER ever had a panic attack, I had one today, I thought I was going to die!
05/06/2020 4.20.56Shadow work is happening
05/06/2020 2.21.38Felt energized,optimistic and happy!
05/06/2020 0.45.21Heavy energy
05/06/2020 0.05.15Sad, tired, lonely, depressed, disappointed and discouraged
05/06/2020 0.00.09Sore joints, no energy, sad, depressed and lonely
04/06/2020 21.23.32Today I’m completely wiped out.. can barely function. Belly upset, exhaustion, dizziness..
Yesterday I had a ton of energy, today is very different
04/06/2020 20.06.17Tired, sluggish, lazy
04/06/2020 15.12.55Loved may
04/06/2020 13.30.40هوای خیلی گرم
احساس اگاهی بیشتر نسبت به روز های قبل
03/06/2020 20.06.57Very peaceful! Lots of goosebumps throughout the last couple of days...
03/06/2020 17.44.11My ears are ringing like crazy right now. 18:00 European time.
03/06/2020 17.30.57I feel like I have a stomach bug.
03/06/2020 17.30.49pressure in my head, like it’s in a grip. It’s very uncomfortable! Second time this happened recently when the SR raised...
03/06/2020 10.00.31WWG1WGA
03/06/2020 6.08.39Anxious and excitement but for no specific reason. Like something is around the corner and I have goosebumps but no idea if it is to be good or bad.
03/06/2020 5.19.05Foggy and sleepy. Living in my own little world.
03/06/2020 1.56.03great victories will follow more battles, YHVH wins
03/06/2020 0.05.39bad headache
02/06/2020 23.18.39Anxious
02/06/2020 23.03.21Accepting..grateful..
02/06/2020 23.00.52sudden drops in energy, heavy limbs, slight confusion
02/06/2020 19.19.22I found out my mom may have cancer
02/06/2020 13.52.346/1 -severe heart palpatations
02/06/2020 12.54.01Lightheaded, dizzy and lots of anxiety
02/06/2020 12.21.00Hey there, I hope all is well in your reality. A question if I may. Have you seen any correlation with peaks and troughs being displayed - to emotional world events such as riots, suppression on a mass scale, or indeed fear? I guess i am trying to understand if the collective consciousness, can influence the Schumann Resonance.
02/06/2020 11.30.31Calmer and more considered..hopeful..relaxed
02/06/2020 10.23.072 different timelines meshing. Excited but calm. Hopeful that things get better and but being careful.
02/06/2020 3.52.30Spurts of rage for a week now.
02/06/2020 0.34.20today felt like my back, neck and back of my head were all tingling or vibrating on the way home from work. otherwise a very frazzling day, and sort of a frazzling week. but the brain fog has cleared.
01/06/2020 20.46.55Spontaneous
01/06/2020 20.08.41Headache, lethargic, ear ringing very tired.
01/06/2020 18.43.46Feeling anxious 😟, nervousness as well, slept little
01/06/2020 16.26.18Poor sleep and ringing of the ears.
01/06/2020 16.09.54Extremely emotional. I can’t stop crying. I pray for humanity.
01/06/2020 12.51.03Lively and communicative
01/06/2020 10.18.41Hopfu
01/06/2020 4.33.52hello, feeling head pain
01/06/2020 1.53.37Increased awareness
01/06/2020 0.17.09Today I've felt slightly nauseous, exhausted, achy all over, ribs hurting, mentally fuzzy and "out of it", and hardly able to walk straight.
31/05/2020 23.40.21Tetchy
31/05/2020 21.18.28Soft pain in the head, feel sleepy, feel the blood circulating.
31/05/2020 18.32.42ringing and humming in right ear, peaceful too
31/05/2020 17.31.18I would like to understand what 22 UTC means⁉️ With the looking & burning going on - last night - I do Not understand - how that affected the schuman frequency
31/05/2020 16.58.44After a difficult day of every emotion and feeling I feel relief
31/05/2020 16.51.11Lethargic, ringing in ears, allergies worse.
31/05/2020 14.33.10Weary,relaxed,tired,contemplative..
31/05/2020 14.07.04Nausea, headache on my right side
31/05/2020 7.28.52Big changes coming
31/05/2020 3.26.08Having migraines for the first time in my life since 5/29 7pm HST right side of my temple, tired, brain fog, trouble sleeping
31/05/2020 1.30.43buzzing in my body
30/05/2020 23.32.51oggi tanta stanchezza e tanto sonno, anche un pò d'ansia. Il ronzio alle orecchie questa sera è minore.
30/05/2020 22.24.46Nausea, ringing in ears, sadness, anxiety
30/05/2020 21.50.15ringing in the ears
30/05/2020 20.59.45Totally topsy turvy..spinning last night..dizzy..nauseous. Fine on waking.
30/05/2020 20.48.27Tired, sleepy, lethargic, a bit anxious
30/05/2020 18.39.36Energetic. Humerous
30/05/2020 16.41.56Been feeling amazing since yesterday. Sun gazing meditation for over 30 minutes and could feel the Ray's pouring into my soul. I feel rejuvenated. Seeing flashes of light and have become hypersensitive to touch, sound and sight. Feels like light is constantly being poured into my head and I can't stop vibrating. 🙂
30/05/2020 16.29.21Feeling alot better today than on 5/29. No headaches!
30/05/2020 15.47.10For the past week, I've felt depressed for no reason. Tired, short tempered and lots of body pain.
30/05/2020 10.36.47Restless, brain fog, tense
30/05/2020 7.43.11Humble with all these powerful energies around us
30/05/2020 6.55.45I feel happy and good about the day
30/05/2020 0.52.56Very bad tension headache for 2 days. Have taken meds for it but it just doesn't really help a whole lot. Sleeping sucks! I took pain meds for my headache and it didn't even phase me which is weird because I'm very sensitive to just 1 pill. I never felt any effect last night. I'm fatigued, anxious, sad at times. I meditated today to help with the headache and it was successful. I just have to keep my vibration up and my water intake. Feeling hopeful this weekend and the coming weeks
29/05/2020 23.39.22Apprehensive...yet excited..
29/05/2020 23.12.34Anxiety
29/05/2020 22.35.17i feel lost
29/05/2020 21.03.19Lots of people around the world are reporting sleeping problems like tossing and turning all night, and soon it is dawn, and they have not slept a bit! This is due to incoming strong energy such as solar flares and plasma waves as well as because we are about to enter the portal of the coming Full Moon Eclipse. The portal opens on June 2nd, and the actual Full Moon and Eclipse is on June 5th. Also, the human collective consciousness is filled with anxiety, anger, and fear due to the pandemic, economic chaos, social ills, etc. Therefore, many people are "Empaths" who are feeling all of this energy of the "collective". Thus, not sleeping well is a result of the erratic cosmic energetics and of human heightened emotions. Try to eat well; drink lots of water; and pray and meditate for peace and healing of the planet.
29/05/2020 19.00.06Awoke with a migraine. Haven’t had one in months
29/05/2020 16.50.37Has anyone else had a lot of trouble sleeping the past few days? Tossing and turning all night long.
29/05/2020 16.43.42Extreme nausea
28/05/2020 22.14.35A bit grumpy
28/05/2020 17.39.07Quando o pico da ressonância shumann aumenta meu ouvido chia muito, quando está até 20 chia baixo.
28/05/2020 17.04.59Ansia, panico, vertigini
28/05/2020 13.14.05Anxious and emotional
28/05/2020 9.10.29Battito cardiaco alto, insonnia, ansia
28/05/2020 3.12.47Sad
27/05/2020 23.32.32Happiness, Gratefulness, and BLISS 🙏📿 I'm a member of the Global Guided Meditation group with Jared Rand at noon my time here in Tahoe. We started with 100 people Feb 12, 2018 and now we're about 10 million worldwide and growing each day 👍 I post the daily results quite often to my 1000's of friends and followers on social media including Facebook.
Thanks for the scientific proof that WE can make a difference in this Ascension process as we hurdle into 4th Density in the Photon belt👍
Barb Heiam-Bjørnsen,
Astrologer, Reiki Healer, Feng Shui Consultant, Writer, Community Center Planner
27/05/2020 23.13.37anxiety
27/05/2020 22.24.48Plugged ears, tired, moody.
27/05/2020 21.47.07Sleepy
27/05/2020 20.10.38Hopeful..more relaxed ...
27/05/2020 19.30.10When the frequencies peek going all white, I experience what feels like a rod going through my skull from the pineal to the third eye hitting the crown chakra. Feels like my head is under pressure from inside pushing out as if the brain is swelling with a headache. Extreme fatigue with 2-4 hour naps. Ringing in ears intensifies in tones going higher in pitch & louder.
27/05/2020 16.40.29Very bad headache and very loud ringing in ears since 12:30am Central Time USA
27/05/2020 16.12.45Anxious and nervous, but positive.
27/05/2020 16.00.27Thoughtful
27/05/2020 15.53.01Excited for what is coming for us. Today I’m really drained and I see we are in a blackout period as of right now..... I feel fatigued and hungover but I’m joyful knowing #itsTIME. The great awakening!!!
27/05/2020 13.14.02I feel absolutely fine, so gratefull for all this news. I really feel like I am in the matrix now. Before I sort of was the matrix myself. Now I am just spendig time here and busy awakening others. I feel more loving and helpfull towards other living beings. All looks much more bright. No more body phenomena. I need less sleep. Became a vegan. Did a detox. Doing great. Send my love to you all.
27/05/2020 11.25.12Very strange congestion in my left year minutes after the doc checked my ear. Ringing and dizziness and I never get allergies.
27/05/2020 8.17.25pressure behind my ears all day, hard to focus, woke from a restful sleep abruptly
27/05/2020 3.27.12Today, 5-26-2020 from early morning to 8p CDT, I was utterly wired
27/05/2020 3.06.18Drained and very exhausted today.
27/05/2020 1.40.36Anxious, exhausted. I just want to go to bed and sleep all night. A little irritable. Sentimental. This SR really affects me. Like the moon as well. I feel everything like my soul is going to jump out of my skin.
26/05/2020 23.24.15I think I'm actually able to feel these, I'm super sensitive to stimuli as of the past yr. Was trying so hard to figure these waves out, I could see things react to them, I could demonstrate, even measure. Most had a wall up so no matter what they couldnt see it. DEMONATRATION: BALANCE YOUR ARM ON SOMETHING STEADY, CLOSE TO YOUR ELBOW. WITH TWO FINGERS HOLD A STICK, SMALLER THE BETTER, AND FEEL! IT WILL PUSH UP AND PULL DOWN IN WAVES. you can really freak some folks out or get locked up in the looney bin
26/05/2020 23.20.29Anxious, sad, I'm grieving.
26/05/2020 22.56.10Splitting headache
26/05/2020 22.42.21Right now? 241 MT 5-26-20 Dizzy--sort of--i can't explain it. Like I am here and not here.
And exhausted. Lat night I got 9 hours of sleep!
26/05/2020 21.13.19No sleep
26/05/2020 21.11.30Headache and fatigue
26/05/2020 21.07.37A ja mam pytanie. Rozumiem, że częstotliwość nie zmienia się właściwie, nadaj jest w okolicy 7,83 hz, jedyna wartość którą rośnie to moc drgań (amplituda) dziś do wartości 72. Skąd w takim razie wniosek, że planeta podnosi wibracje (hz) wielokrotnie spotkałam się z taką opinią, ale tu tego nie zsobserwowałam.
26/05/2020 20.29.42Sorrow and sadness
26/05/2020 18.30.51Higher resonance seems to correlate with feeling better, the last two days I was so tired and feeling on edge.
26/05/2020 18.12.41Yesterday seemed a crescendo of vertigo, also heightened sensitivity/awareness.
26/05/2020 18.10.08I have had 2 weeks of migraines.Ringing in the ears has been very loud,although I have heard the ringing daily for 2 years.One thing very affected is my eyesight,fuzzy,hard to focus.Soeaking of hard to focus....a normal task requires supreme effort and focus.My memory is weak,I have trouble reading anything too weighty.I don't want to move.Lots of dreams,but too much effort to remember.Very spacey.
26/05/2020 18.05.39Very tired, body throbbing,headache
26/05/2020 17.09.14Headache, sadness, bad sleeping.
26/05/2020 16.33.55PAIN
26/05/2020 12.59.23Hot and Cold sweats all night..emotionally delicate..
26/05/2020 5.20.14Cannot sleep enough and still exhausted. Heavy feeling in my body. Emotional.
26/05/2020 3.42.19Body aches trouble sleeping off and on
26/05/2020 3.34.54Lost
25/05/2020 23.58.55Calm
25/05/2020 19.40.17lower back pain and achy muscles
25/05/2020 19.27.09Sinto o tempo passar rápido.Sinto que estou bem como nunca antes senti.Estar em casa, no confinamento, deixou-me Soft !!
25/05/2020 11.12.23Everyday feels like a different rollercoaster of highs and lows
25/05/2020 2.43.43Exhausted ...
24/05/2020 22.06.42I feel constantly that I'm falling asleep, even that I'll take loads of coffee... I wake up early morning before 7am (can't sleep more then 6 hour during the night). My head it's like really heavy, and listening constantly noisy zumbid...
24/05/2020 18.50.28I don't know what power is now, but I think it's powerful. I feel sad, depressed, completely without reason. I'm disconnected and unwilling to do anything, and just yesterday, I jumped to the ceiling for no reason.
24/05/2020 17.09.19Positive thoughts, but energy drained.
24/05/2020 12.59.59Desperté a las 5 de la madrugada de Chile y ya no puedo dormir más siento una angustia como que no puedo controlar mis pensamientos, decidi meditar y me siento un poquito mejor,pero de dormir nada.
24/05/2020 12.39.15Ears whistling alot, feeling slightly dizzy but also calm & positive
24/05/2020 12.18.49Woke at 4 EST - wide awake -- body's thermogenesis kickstarted
24/05/2020 11.56.52Strong imaginations - very strong and beautiful. I'm swiming in love. I'm loved by everything. And I'm just gardening.
24/05/2020 5.27.08A needed break to recoup ..
24/05/2020 4.17.52At 2am EST I suddenly woke with immense pressure pain across my entire mid section. I was getting waves of intense pain that ebbed and flowed for hours to the point I nearly went to the er. I thought I might be having a heart attack or gallbladder. It subsided a bit for about 2hrs between 7:18am and 8:48am then started up again. Subsided again between 11am and 1:15pm and started again. Intensified theough about 3:18pm and finally I slept and it calmed down from about a 21 on a scale of 1-10 to a 6/7. Still don't feel right but better than earlier.
23/05/2020 20.19.59giornata tranquilla... sto bene..
23/05/2020 14.56.52I'm at the site now because my entire body is vibrating like a motor - that indicates to me that something is amiss with the SR - I'm also tired and persistently HUNGRY.
23/05/2020 14.17.52I actually came to check out the frequencies because I have been beyond tired all week. I am having trouble focusing, time is just speeding by but last night I woke up feeling nausea but was too tied to get up or do anything except wake up feel sick look at the like and go back to sleep. It is such a change from either last week or the week before I had like extra energy. I felt like I had drank energy drinks hyped but I hadn't. I could feel the hyped energy flowing through me to this week I can barely complete a task. I am new to reading the graph though. I'm sure I will figure it out but I learned over time every time I feel like this something is going on with the resonance, the sun or other plantery occurances have happened/happening. Wish I could talk to someone who understood what I'm saying.
23/05/2020 7.47.05All In All is Light.
23/05/2020 4.02.53Woke up at 4am this morning mild sweats feeling very sick like I wanted to throw up 🤢 and a migraine. Subsided over time but slept ALL day! So sleepy!
23/05/2020 4.00.47Exhausted ...
23/05/2020 1.06.16Tired and over energized, can't think, can't focus!
22/05/2020 19.13.07Woke at 7 am on the dot -
22/05/2020 18.53.07Headache and nauseous..... feels extreme.
22/05/2020 15.06.49what about the world meditation yesterday ( 21 may) program started at 11 AM PTS but the following live meditation started about 2 hours later. But there were eoldwide people who started their own meditation (without following the live program) at 11 AM PTS
22/05/2020 9.43.42This is Adrian from Indonesia ,...last night around 1.00 AM - 3 AM 21 May 2020 ( I think around 18.00 - 21.00 PM UTC 21 May 2020 ) , weird feeling of sort of pain but not real pain , achy on all over the back of the body ...different from back pain caused of physical sickness or tiredness ,,,,different feels , achy for all tendons and muscles and bones ...but not pain .... , buzz in ears ......after morning , it's just gone away ......anxious , unable to sleep .........
22/05/2020 6.14.10Sleepy
22/05/2020 5.51.37Really strange today starting at around 1500 Pacific STD Time. Tired, distracted, annoyed. Then I smashed my thumb with a mallet and had to get stitches. Been feeling tired, sick since then.
22/05/2020 5.02.11Drained
21/05/2020 23.52.11Tired sleepy
21/05/2020 22.38.11No Twitter sorry. I think those dots are Mother earth and i, when i had gardening at 1 utc. Lower dot describes how much i love that hobby and higher dot describe that Mother earth values my efforts for herbs and strawberries.
21/05/2020 19.57.17Todo sale mal ayer y hoy a sido muy agotador, siento preocupación, angustia y pánico.Un problema tras otro... Porque pasa estas cosas porque está energía me hace mal,que pasará conmigo, debería estar mejor pero qué pasa??? Help☹️
21/05/2020 18.56.11Anybody know what the two dots around 13 utc are?

Let me know on Twitter migueeeeel95
21/05/2020 18.09.42Headache, pressure in the heart and in the head. Intuive, telepathic, unstable, moody, off-balanced, thirsty, anxious. Tired.
21/05/2020 17.12.59I would like to know why todays reading perfectly mimics the 4th thru the 7th of may
21/05/2020 16.48.59Feeling low
21/05/2020 12.30.16Just Love and Creative Magic. Wonderful feeling
21/05/2020 10.17.18
21/05/2020 10.11.13Infinite Infinity, Infinite Intelligence, Infinite Loving, Infinites Lights Consciousness, Higher Selves Souls Loving Compassions, Loving Pure Intentions, Creators Services to Others, Healing Humanity and Beautiful Mother Gaia, Universal
Galactics Positively Blissful Brilliances.
21/05/2020 5.26.27I feel crazier than normal lol
20/05/2020 23.00.07i feel some warmth in my cheeks
20/05/2020 22.39.16Just a little anxiety. Much better today!
20/05/2020 22.14.51Anch'io stanzhezza, pesantezza ed intontimento generale sopratutto da qs sera
20/05/2020 21.53.14Exhaling the old and marching in the new light
20/05/2020 21.36.36Improvvisamente, una stanchezza generale, difficoltà a salire le scale, zero forza. Indolenzimento alle gambe, intontimento alla testa...
20/05/2020 20.29.12I’ve been having headaches this week. Very low energy too.
20/05/2020 20.26.16I feel a huge headache today in my forehead. Very large pressure out of nowhere.
20/05/2020 18.52.02molto irritata in mattinata.. ora va bene.
20/05/2020 17.56.02Heaviness, sadness, feeling exhausted, stomach pains, general feeling of doom
20/05/2020 17.44.12Ears ringing, calm in general
20/05/2020 17.22.56Feeling exhausted, faster heart rate. Yuck!
20/05/2020 17.15.55So much better today than yesterday.
20/05/2020 15.27.47mi sento molto stanca, sposata, poca voglia di fare.
20/05/2020 5.48.06I have been feeling anxious since Sunday night. It came on slowly and by Monday morning I was really feeling jittery with feelings that I didn't understand.
20/05/2020 4.59.21I keep dreaming about high pitched frequencies. At first they’re really painful and discomforting but sometimes they’re perfectly harmonious and even soothing. I haven’t been experiencing them in my waking life though, at least not yet anyway.
20/05/2020 4.05.57Every muscle hurts. Feeling like I’m walking through denseness. Ears ring. They do all the time but last two days were really loud. I need a break!
20/05/2020 1.00.20Felt a bit low and tired, didn't want to walk, just stayed home. Husband felt a bit low and exhausted this afternoon. Didn't affect the kids much. We are in uk.
20/05/2020 0.53.00Some serious absorption of others energy today.
20/05/2020 0.19.49It's always a variation of the same - just different intensities. Today feeling mental and emotionally unsettled. Other days it's more physical....
19/05/2020 23.25.41I felt no pain upon rising (usually have pain in mornings) but I feel exhausted, just want to lay down and rest.
19/05/2020 22.32.22Exhaustion and fatigue
19/05/2020 21.58.3419-05 I have lot of energy to work today, I feel inner balance and harmony.
19/05/2020 20.43.51Is about 2 months that I feel like to live in a dense mist of saturated vibrating forms. Difficult to stay near anyone that vibrates on another frequencies, starting to sense various tingling sensations all around my body, ear ringing and electric sensitivity inside the brain. I'm not sure what is causing this, my time perception in this period is also accellerated. Last night around 2 a.m I was falling asleep and I started to feel a strong ear ringing, consciousness amplified and see strange forms in the darkness of the room, maybe astral sight? I don't know.
19/05/2020 20.35.45Extremely tired, dizzy, headache, energy surges, a lot of heat in body that comes and goes
19/05/2020 18.30.08The dizziness, and visual changes, are making me anxious. Blurry. My balance feels off. Ear and head pressure occasionally. Headaches. Heart palpitations. Not enough sleep. Strange vivid dreams. High pitch frequency in my left ear. Emotional. Lately when I touch a light switch there’s a zapping electric sound and the lights flicker. I’m extremely sensitive to everything around me. I’m very sensitive to the Schumann Resonance spiking. Lights, noise, people are making me feel sick. It has been more intense lately than over the years. I get grounded. I’m hydrating. Eating healthy. It doesn’t seem to matter. I don’t like this feeling, it’s been almost constant for the past month. Will it ease up or what? Also, Why was there a blackout on the charts for days?
19/05/2020 18.08.25Alertness at night. Inability to sleep.
19/05/2020 18.07.59Feeling tired and lethargic, woke up and then couldn’t sleep during the peaks in GMT
19/05/2020 18.07.13Alertness at night. Inability to sleep intense headache even when trying to meditate.
19/05/2020 18.03.06Feeling very very dizzy and off balance. Blurry vision. Anxious. Pressure in head occasionally. I am sensitive to the frequencies. The past month it’s been happening way more than usual.
19/05/2020 17.56.24Mal di testa da stamattina presto
19/05/2020 17.26.29My partner is suffering a bad headache 😞
19/05/2020 17.22.21Insomnia Headaches ears ringing chest pounding and anxiety. Feeling of something coming. And crazy
19/05/2020 16.58.19I felt pressure in my head and ringing in my ears that awakened me during sleep last night. I am in EST time zone.
19/05/2020 16.36.17Feeling anxious, like something bad is about to happen. Pressure right temple. Very uneasy.
19/05/2020 16.17.29Prease, cancel my email's address from your data bsase.
I'm not interestet in your news!!!!! Goodby for ever
19/05/2020 16.15.25I feel great today, generally when there's activity his high I feel tired achy etc.
Got the ear ringing and also heart palpitations now and again but overall feel good.
19/05/2020 16.09.21These are exciting intense times full.of hope for the new system
19/05/2020 15.53.17Right now, like I’m having my own personal‘earthquake’———strange sensation but not unpleasant
19/05/2020 15.36.44Tired
19/05/2020 14.40.10Ringing in ears but feel good
19/05/2020 14.25.27Hyped up
19/05/2020 14.24.57for a week I had jerks in the heart, intense sensation of loud noise in the ears, state of disconnection in particular yesterday. desire for silence. tiredness, drowsiness. tonight around 3 (Italian time) I start with stomach cramps that didn't leave me until around 9.30. I did not sleep. then intestinal discomfort. all this happens to me on these occasions, with some variables.
19/05/2020 14.22.58Yes, terrible dreams. Sleeping and suddenly waking up. What happens to my heart is like descriptions of anxiety neurosis. I don't know if it's these sudden jumps of energy or my head anymore. Jerry
19/05/2020 14.04.50last night I went to bed an hour and a half early. strange dreams. not sure how these actually translate into eastern standard time, but wow. what a graph
19/05/2020 13.44.49I starting hearing humming sounds at night in mid March. Then I started feeling vibrations in my body as I lay down and sleep. Almost every night I hear or feel something. This never happened to me before.
19/05/2020 13.37.18Yes pounding heart, nausea, buzzing ears and crown chakra. No sleep!
19/05/2020 13.35.19I did not sleep one minute tonight. Like I am plugged into electrical socket.
19/05/2020 12.38.31My heart beats from time to time harder. One huge beat sometimes and i'm scare. I feel then like death is near. Sorry for my english. Please let somebody tell me have same feeling
19/05/2020 12.28.08Fantastic..the numbers are too. Wow
19/05/2020 11.19.51Feeling anxiety
19/05/2020 10.44.24Dry throat, can not sleep! Dry cough like I have something stuck in my throat!
19/05/2020 10.35.00Ears humming loud ,sad ,mad ,overwhelmed
19/05/2020 10.06.01headache and mild nausia since yesterday early evening
19/05/2020 2.29.53More energetic today. Still a bit of brain fog. Cannot hear the frequencies too much.
18/05/2020 23.07.32I feel a buzz in my brain and not sleeping well
18/05/2020 21.07.18Sleepy, quiet, soft forehead and crown pain.
18/05/2020 21.04.14Hoy 18 de mayo, sueño, pesadez en la frente y corona, deseos de descansar.
18/05/2020 20.25.51Calm actually
18/05/2020 16.57.19Hands have been swollen and tingling.. anyone else?
18/05/2020 14.51.35Calm
18/05/2020 10.15.54My heart rate is up, feeling spaced out and tired
18/05/2020 5.41.46OMG! Are we ever going to feel normal again. I always feel tired. I got a few things done this weekend but any effort makes me so tired.
18/05/2020 3.32.38High pitched ringing in my ears. Tired a lot and feeling a bit sick. Emotionally I'm cheerful
18/05/2020 0.24.21Tingling and body buzzing!!
17/05/2020 21.03.57Really tired and sleeping a lot
17/05/2020 19.46.24Nervozita smútok depresia
17/05/2020 17.37.18Hope everyone is doing well with all of the energy shifts. I know I’ve been a little lethargic and tired lately. I was wondering if anyone had any tips to help with grounding? Thank you so much! Much love 💕
17/05/2020 16.15.18Tired. Headaches. Body stiffness. Energetic thoughts.
17/05/2020 16.19.42Headache
17/05/2020 15.58.49Tired
17/05/2020 15.41.19Dia 15/05 - meu filho de 8 anos de idade teve uma variação enorme de arritmia cardíaca, ficamos muito preocupados, pois a arritmia dele estava muito controlada, porém neste dia superou o Ano inteiro. e somente hoje li algo falando sobre a Ressonância de Schumann. Na madrugada do dia 15 para o dia 16 acordei com uma sensação que meu cérebro ia explodir, a parte do Crânio atrás na cabeça latejava muito, uma sensação horrível. Fui caminhar com meu filho na praia e passou. Não sei nada sobre isso. Por favor alguém poderia interpretar o ocorrido com meu filho e comigo???
17/05/2020 15.31.55Tired, dizzy
17/05/2020 15.09.23Hearing high frequencies, some day more than others, at times awakening me at night because they are so loud..Headaches, extreme lethargy during the day, just want to nap or at times sleepness nights ex 5/15/20. Occasional dizzy /sliding feeling/ palpitations. Emotions vary between overwhelm and peaceful calm. Not feeding into the fear. All is well.
17/05/2020 6.13.20I never get like this but I got bad anxiety, worry & panic mode today.
17/05/2020 4.01.21I've said this over a Year ago, when I first saw Angel Wings, and look at how many there are now! My mind is Blown away!
17/05/2020 2.02.36Rapid heartbeats???
17/05/2020 1.51.23For people feeling bad effects and every one need to ground them selves with Mother. go and stand or walk bare foot or sit on earth and send loving while light to core of earth. It will help
16/05/2020 21.14.11Energetic, but legs hurt. Wide awake❣
16/05/2020 18.35.20My head feels
Lagging energy now, but awake last nite.
16/05/2020 18.21.12Very lethargic and tired. Sleeping a lot more than normal.
16/05/2020 17.34.11Feeling dizzy at moments, extreme tiredness as well. Then all of a sudden everything goes back to normal. I am trying to get used to these swings
16/05/2020 3.51.37My goodness I cant sleep when this thing goes off the charts. I guess its a good thing I'm not working
16/05/2020 2.54.46Two days calmer but I think it's just a short break. The waves of energy penetrate me tear me apart, then they retract, like the tide on the beach while I remain inexplicably motionless in a present of which I have no full conscience! What I can do or think seems to me a semblance of free will! Something... that I vaguely perceive... makes me live like on "The Truman Show." The days overlap shorts, as if they lasted less than 24 hours. I have constant buzzing in my ears, I'm almost used to it! During the tide the main emotions: anxiety, fear, stress and I sleep badly. When the waves retract, I do not reflect on the waves that have overwhelmed me or even on the fact that i'm still alive! I forget! An unexpected peace fills me and feeds me. I feel good support from nature around me. During this time I have to make a great effort to deal with other thoughts, or projects... problems... I can't!
16/05/2020 2.31.34Da due giorni più calma ma penso sia solo una breve pausa. Le ondate di energia mi penetrano mi lacerano, poi si ritraggono, come la marea sulla spiaggia mentre io resto li inspiegabilmente immobile in un presente di cui non ho piena coscienza! Quello che riesco a fare o pensare mi sembra una parvenza di libero arbitrio! Qualcosa… che vagamente percepisco… mi fa vivere come in “The Truman Show”. I giorni si accavallano brevi, come se durassero meno di 24 ore. Ho ronzii alle orecchie continui, mi ci sono quasi abituata! Durante la marea le emozioni principali: ansia, paura, stress e dormo male. Quando le ondate si ritraggono, non rifletto sulle onde che mi hanno travolto e neanche sul fatto che sia ancora salva! Dimentico! Una pace inaspettata mi riempie e mi nutre. Sento un buon sostegno dalla natura intorno a me. In questo periodo devo fare un grande sforzo per affrontare normalmente altri pensieri, o progetti…o problemi…non ci riesco!
16/05/2020 1.01.13Feeling great, all these good numbers shows the world isn't all conned by the bug
15/05/2020 19.13.06Mainly just tingeing in fingers and toes.. along with weak legs, but I haven't slept much with the intense vibes and testing. Def feel better than yesterday, but still edgy and a little light in the head at times...i.e.. "duh.. spaced out."
15/05/2020 18.55.21I keep having waves of not being able to sleep and wild emotional swings that feel like they come out of NOWHERE.
15/05/2020 16.25.36I woke up around 3:30-4 a.m. this morning, fell back to sleep and felt really tired when I got up for work. I feel more tired today, but one moment I'll feel happy, then sad, then melancholy, ..lots of different emotions but calm at the same time! I was laughing at my cats and felt wacky too ha!ha! Last night, I heard a high pitched ringing on the left side of my head and felt dizzy.
15/05/2020 15.58.24Couldn’t sleep last night. Even with 6mg of melatonin. Anxious.
15/05/2020 12.02.55Woke up at 3:30am Eastern Standard time. Couldn’t go back to sleep.
15/05/2020 5.23.55Constant anxiety since 10am PST. Fluctuating energy release from throat chakra. Unable to get fully grounded. Very lightheaded, like I'm underwater. Time moved extremely fast today.
15/05/2020 1.50.22Per tutta la giornata del 12 mal di testa, senso di malessere. La notte insonnia. Sintomi che sono continuati fino a stamattina 14.
15/05/2020 1.31.48Today I feel.depressed, and "off". Its taking a lot of energy to do normal routine things and not much seems to be helping improve my mood. My energy levels seem very depleted as well and I'm having trouble staying motivated.
15/05/2020 1.01.38I feel like tražim run over me and more electricity in my palms, like I can make ligtning and more.
14/05/2020 19.31.59Anxiety
14/05/2020 19.18.30High pitch buzzing/hissing in ears, dizziness, heart palpitations for past few days.
14/05/2020 13.25.22The sound its constant.
14/05/2020 10.21.27cannot sleep!
14/05/2020 7.11.31stanca
14/05/2020 4.40.005/13/20. This is a time period of the past 4 weeks.Time has changed. I feel it as a continuous movement of always processing information. Pressure on the crown with Downloads and not sleeping well at times, tired. Contemplation, and merging the past with the present with not a desire to go any further than to be in the moment. My ears are always with high pitched frequencies. Some days they are extremely amplified. My intuition has sharpened and I have become more sensitive to my surroundings & people. My higher-self Guides, & Angels are felt and heard in soft swift words. I have been guided to blog where ever I can on The Awakening, and support others in the Covid Crisis. Reading energy fields comes easier. I am a healer for 30 years and my Clarity has improved. My work is changing to be more of a counselor and hold energy at distances. Not just for clients, but working on the Earths Grid and the waters of the ocean where I reside in South Florida's North Palm Beach. I feel like moving to the root of a mountain. I see myself moving there. When? Who knows.
14/05/2020 2.51.38head ache all day, no response to analgesic
14/05/2020 2.42.06Feeling fearful, which is not like me. In fact I help people rise above their fears, lower their stress and become more balanced. But there is an intense fear in the air.
14/05/2020 1.49.37I’m feeling dizzy for the past two days. Seems to happen when there’s a high spike in frequency. Heart palpitations also.
14/05/2020 0.18.42My husband and I are feeling low since 10 May 2020 and alot of ear buzzing, tired, body aches
13/05/2020 22.18.25restless
13/05/2020 20.10.58Mal di testa
13/05/2020 16.03.02Better than yesterday. Less pressure in head. Seems I feel icky at low levels, below 20, and high, above 85.
13/05/2020 9.10.13I miss the other chart you all where using
13/05/2020 7.13.13I feel tired but calm. The calm before the storm.
13/05/2020 6.22.27Data source is back. I feel wonderful
13/05/2020 4.54.44enlightened, changed, transformed
13/05/2020 4.48.39Why the black out. What are you hiding
12/05/2020 22.29.39Positive energies abundance
12/05/2020 21.17.01very tired and exhausted, a hum in the left ear and dizzy
12/05/2020 16.04.28Icky. Lots of hot flashes. Preasure in ears and jaw.
12/05/2020 15.57.11Feel calmer than before. Like new.
12/05/2020 15.15.59I’ve been feeling nauseated , dizzy , popping in ears , headaches , and things Look and feel different !
12/05/2020 14.37.45Tired and breathless
12/05/2020 9.53.27I hear a frequency and vibration that’s making me feel restless. It’s actually an off feeling of needing to be busy but unable to accomplish the task type feeling.
12/05/2020 5.52.06Exhausted. Anxious. Heart palpitations
12/05/2020 3.18.23I'm buzzing, only sleeping a few hours at a time
11/05/2020 23.55.50I feel lethargic and anxious today
11/05/2020 22.52.10Very tired and groggy
11/05/2020 21.54.27Today! I’m feeling as if I’m moving on to a brighter and better path!
11/05/2020 19.38.02Grounded, yet dreamy and kinda other-worldly.
11/05/2020 19.15.45What is data blackout? How often does it happen? Definitely feeling something!
11/05/2020 18.31.34Emotional yet calm
11/05/2020 18.04.29Just learning, will track my feels and see how they correspond to the resonance.
11/05/2020 17.34.54On May 9th, I experienced a low vibration around 10 p.m.(22:00) MST (USA) that lasted for about 10-12 hours. Difficult to explain, it was a rhythmic low hum/vibration in one ear. Crazy stuff.
11/05/2020 11.37.43difficolta' a dormire e riposare . Fatica a respirare . sensazioni di disagio e paura alternate a momenti di grande espansione di coscienza.
11/05/2020 9.50.44Anxiety and fear for someone’s health. Rundown.
10/05/2020 20.58.59Mai sentito parlare del giorno in cui il sole sorse due volte?
10/05/2020 18.03.42I CANT SLEEP
10/05/2020 15.56.06A calm before the storm... something's coming.
10/05/2020 13.59.46Very sore, woke up feeling like I fought a battle,perhaps I did;) very weird feelings, I cant really move much, anxiety flows through, I m feeling like I m being activated full on, also dizzy and emotional. This too shall pass
10/05/2020 10.52.54More and more sensitive by the day
10/05/2020 6.17.41Considering the momentum of Military underground bases and oceanic sea bases, one must ask, at what time does the frequency of their continued movement create a major pulse!?
Surely with vibration being a constant of collective energies, consciousness is measured just like the stock market so feel this is a major part of such resonance.
09/05/2020 22.57.30Da novembre una serenità mai conosciuta! Dai primi giorni di maggio invece la tensione è nel mio stomaco, più o meno potente. A volte penso sia un giorno si presenta a sorpresa e ricomincia da capo!
09/05/2020 22.57.02Dolori alle ossa, ma allo stesso tempo energia e un senso di tranquillità fuori dal normale
09/05/2020 17.35.02Oggi mi sento debole, sensazione molto strana mista a tristezza , nei giorni precedenti la"energia era buona a parte i dolori in tutto il corpo
09/05/2020 15.00.17Feels Wonky, like a war between Dark and Light
09/05/2020 12.25.40Mild Stress in my belly and chest
09/05/2020 12.14.16From Brisbane, Australia; ears which never stops ringing are way more intense right now. Top of my head feels like a frying pan. Feeling an overall restlessness.
09/05/2020 10.47.56Ringing in the head like locusts chirping
High energy very active
09/05/2020 6.43.39The current Schumann #'s are 222 and. I feel worn out after a nap and very hot and confused, hope it passes soon.
09/05/2020 1.54.20vertigo like symptoms, heart palpitations, feeling like I'm coming out of body...weird
08/05/2020 20.51.27 Oggi era meno potente, forse perchè c'erano molti malefici aereosol? comunque io ottengo risposte, intuizioni, non so come chiamarle, è come se avessi accesso alla vera storia. So che può sembrare folle ma anche i colori stanno cambiando il verde specialmente. Soffro e piango tanto, ma sono anche sereno come non mai. Un caro saluto, Luca.
08/05/2020 18.21.11It’s clear blue skies yesterday-and today in Oregon- ears ringing constantly and shook off moodiness when sun shines to GAIAs surface! Feel codes and healing are coming to ALL 🎉🌈🎁
08/05/2020 15.39.44I feel like the earth is vibrating through my body. I've been ok for 2 days but today has been like a tsunami of energy buzzing through my head
08/05/2020 8.17.10The last couple days have been revealing synchronicities. In line with the SuperMoon? Creative energy, love/connection with the planet/cosmos, clarity.
08/05/2020 7.09.33I have been getting headaches yesterday and today worse. I hope it's not from 5G using cell phone a lot. Not as tired Thrs as I was the few days before.
08/05/2020 5.57.54Excited and awake
07/05/2020 22.35.36Heavy tired mood couple of days. Today I woke up feeling alert. It swings a lot though. I dont look at the chart until the evening.
07/05/2020 22.35.33May-7 00:30 utc i woke up and helped my restless patient. Quite a hula-baloo. I couldnt sleep, feld fear as well as my patient. I started to meditate with the soft music from youtube at 00:40 utc. 90 min i watched terribly things of human experiences. First i allowed Energy flowing freely. When i couldnt bare more, i breathed in light and breathed out violet fire. Again and again, hell and heaven. Those experiences was so bad ... I've no english word to describe that hell. I feld many people joining us to transform that Energy. Thank You. We are One even we dont know that. /pure love/
07/05/2020 22.32.44Heavy mood couple of days bf today. I woke up feeling alert. It swings a lot though. I dont look at the chart until after the evenings.
07/05/2020 22.07.23I felt the power. I'm happy it's over for now. I wish this could be forecasted, it would greatly help.
07/05/2020 21.53.08Continuo avere capogiri e nausea, ieri h avvertito come delle scosse all'interno delle gambe
07/05/2020 20.30.30Someone said "Been tired and can’t seem to get full. Not a breakfast person but woke up and wanted to eat. Not a nap person but I find myself tired and falling asleep sitting up" YES!!! same, same, same! Not everyday, but certainly more often than not.
07/05/2020 I had no appetite, very little if any. I had good flow of energy but had a difficult time relaxing for sleep so a very restless night and wee hours of morning 5.7.20. I finally got some good sleep this morning from 9am til noon. thankfully i had the luxury of being able to just go back to sleep. thanks universe! you always give me what I need when I need it. <3
07/05/2020 17.30.21Feel yucky
07/05/2020 16.09.47May 7, 2020
This morning at 5am my body was reacting dramatically as every cell was vibrating and a slight nausea was present. I was feeling the need to step on the earth to release the extreme pressure. As I went outside the full moon was saturating the fields around me and now at 6:37am just before sunrise the overwhelming sensations and heaviness have abated.
07/05/2020 15.55.12I am not sleeping more than 4-6 hours, unusual for me. Heightened intuition.
07/05/2020 15.49.17May 7, 2020
This morning at 5am my body was reacting dramatically as every cell was vibrating and a slight nausea was present. I was feeling the need to step on the earth to release the extreme pressure. As I went outside the full moon was saturating the fields around me and now at 6:37am just before sunrise the overwhelming sensations and heaviness have abated.
07/05/2020 15.38.45I have felt energy pressing on my head and tingling, I then had the best visitation dream of my parents. My parents were standing talking how proud they were of my son. Radiating bright light and smiling. My daughter in my dream also saw it. Amazing!!
07/05/2020 15.21.09Feel terrible like a hangover been building over the last 4 days. Also menstrual cycle came 10 days early 4 days ago other friends said the same.
07/05/2020 13.27.275-7-20 at 2 am both my husband and I woke up restless. Hard to fall back to sleep.
07/05/2020 9.59.09Stamattina sono felice e positiva ...senza motivo. Sto bene ed ho riposato benissimo.
06/05/2020 23.31.39Feeling pretty good....just cut soy from my diet so that helps ,too!!... It caused panic attacks
06/05/2020 21.34.10I get the higest agretion I feelt for a long time... 2 hours ago... Norway
06/05/2020 21.04.26Whay dosent the diagram dont show minus freqwenses ? They do exist. Look at the diagram hits the roof. What is beyond? On the -0 and below efekts me most.
06/05/2020 17.49.54Feel rested, calm.
06/05/2020 13.46.19Heal Gaia. and beat the f****g darkness
06/05/2020 11.29.45Restless! Cant sleep.
06/05/2020 7.40.55Today I am calm and centered. Yesterday was a shit show.
06/05/2020 5.53.51Today I had good energy levels and was fairly productive. The high energy times have made me very sleepy lately.
06/05/2020 5.53.31Ears ringing, bowel issuers, weight loss, still a hopeful feeling of future.
06/05/2020 3.04.30Senti muita energia diferente hoje. Tonturas e desorientações .
06/05/2020 0.51.13Pressure
06/05/2020 0.41.18Buzzing ears tingling from my head to
My feet . Not sleeping very well and very detailed dreams like movies every night now .
05/05/2020 23.49.42 May 4 showed resonance of 80. When it gets over about 40/50 I get energized. If I'm stressed, tired, not aligned or centered, I can feel irritation. If I'm aligned, centered I can be joy filled, happy extremely positive. I usually enjoy a higher resonance When it shows low, I often feel tired or fatigues, sometimes prone to be a bit negative. I've tracked myself for a couple years and have realized that there is definitely a correlation between the Schumann resonance and how I feel. Of course, I can over ride it's effects on me with my free will and work. I can be negative when its high if I'm choosing to REACT poorly to my environment and I can feel very positive and high vibes when the Schumann is low by meditating and choosing to RESPOND in pisitive ways to my environment. All in all, I mostly like to be aligned, centered and have a higher Schumann frequently. Those are usually great days! Love to you all! 🙏💜🙏
05/05/2020 20.52.33Bad headache, back and front of head.
05/05/2020 19.56.49Can't sleep, feel wide awake even when I should be exhausted
05/05/2020 19.43.20Great energy and clear mind
05/05/2020 18.53.31Was feeling optimistic and excited when I opened my eyes this morning at 05:05 05.05.2020. By 8:55 I slumped and suddenly felt exhausted and that feeling stayed with me the whole day. It is now 18:52pm and I am drained
05/05/2020 17.07.17I tend to sleep longer when the white bars are massive.Not because I dont wake up, but because I feel so nauseous that I dont want to sit up, get dizzy, throw up, etc.So I just go back to sleep. I have no idea how to read the graph or what this means. I have tried to read the instructions to figure it out, but my brain wont have it! Sometimes I get headaches and feel slightly hungover when the amplitude is super high, even a little more on edge. but, today(5/5/20) is relatively calm, and I woke up earlier with no groggy feeling. I slept better also, than in previous few nights.
05/05/2020 16.34.54Confused ignorance.
05/05/2020 15.04.09Worn out
05/05/2020 13.07.07Crazy vivid dreams
05/05/2020 12.40.27Stanchezza dolori dappertutto freddo
05/05/2020 10.50.41ps the earth is a ball to which ever said not
.then there wouldn't be resonance geesh
05/05/2020 10.48.12I feel strange aches and pains
..fluctuate emotion going always through dark then back to love
05/05/2020 10.18.43I could feel the world shifting, as in a response to something happening. My heart starts pounding and adrenaline begins making me breathless. Usually coincides with the resonance peaking.
05/05/2020 9.52.00Great, woke up way too early and studying full power
05/05/2020 15.51.08My husband and I have been very busy, but feeling fatigued. It's springtime and so many gardening chores, household chores to do. I hope you are all doing well and surviving this lockdown. It gives us time to think about what has been going on in our world. I send love & blessings to you All. My heart aches for all the losses people are suffering 🙁 This will pass. The Lord is good! Sometimes we have to feel pain, to learn lessons, gain wisdom, in order to get to the good.
05/05/2020 5.15.03scared
05/05/2020 4.18.15Restless and irritated.
05/05/2020 2.00.52Ears ringing
05/05/2020 1.49.39I'm from Venezia (Italy) FREEDOM!!!
05/05/2020 0.16.39Steady high frequency buzzing/ringing in ears, high energy this AM, currently sluggish and tired feeling. Steady feeling of "anticipation", expecting something/anything could happen at any time.
04/05/2020 22.07.48Detached
04/05/2020 21.39.43Me and my pup are having increase pain.
04/05/2020 21.23.04So Happy
04/05/2020 20.51.40hopeful
04/05/2020 20.10.21Like I literally can fall asleep sitting up! My eyes just drop like falling asleep in class!
04/05/2020 19.43.08Annoyed
04/05/2020 19.03.53Irritated and impatient
04/05/2020 18.04.23dizzy dizzy dizzyy
04/05/2020 16.59.35All over body pain 3 days ago, yesterday very severe back pain (highly unusual for me). Today a stye starting in my eye, opening my eyes to everything! Much physical purging, moving back and forth from 3D-5D. Even with all of this, I’m feeling the power ✨✨✨
04/05/2020 16.53.39Headache
04/05/2020 16.25.53Woke up in pain... Tingling numbness in my extremities...slight headache...difficult to move, and slightly off balance..low energy.
04/05/2020 16.15.17flat out and dizzy
04/05/2020 15.51.49Nervous energy continues with an uptick today.
04/05/2020 15.24.27Low, empty and like I'm trapped
04/05/2020 14.30.59Fatigue and headaches
04/05/2020 14.14.53Otra vez en la madrugada del 5 de mayo aquí en Chile.,desperté con una angustia tremenda un cansancio y no puedo dormir. Alguien me explique que está pasando ,se acerca algo que la resonancia de schumann está tan loco y cambiante o somos las personas que estamos ocasionando este vaivén en la Tierra.
04/05/2020 13.06.00LOVE OF JAH,Christ,and SELF, ...,.....FORGIVENESS, TRUE LOVE, and Spiritual Awakening,......."I AM".....
04/05/2020 7.23.28Feeling very lethargic deep sorrow at times as my sweet feline companion is crossing the
Rainbow Bridge.Went into my yard bare feet grounding and bringing through a light bath from from spirit.feeling grateful..........connected to all ......seeing beautiful gold orbs
04/05/2020 5.33.08Schumann is really playing havoc with my physical body today. Entire body is heavy and aching, even my facial bones and skull. Woke with a headache and ringing in ears is more intense than usual. Lots of crown activations and vibrations. Feeling a little off balance at times too. So tired even though I slept until 10am this morning as I just couldn’t wake up. Resting, allowing and integrating 💗🙏🏻
04/05/2020 4.47.13This has been amazing! I looked to this to see if there was a peak because of the Major Physical changes I have been feeling. I was right, the graph was reading off the charts in the white, as I woke up with a headache I’ve never felt along with major ringing in my ears. Yet, I was in such great heightened mood!!!
04/05/2020 3.18.30Connected, irritated by partial sentences/thoughts, spacey, ... more ...
04/05/2020 2.42.48today I worked a lot on the PC finding technical solutions, I haven't been that of the past few days (calm, relaxed and in contact with my heart). The other part of me that I don't love has had the upper hand! The feeling I have, that everything changes too quickly, that I in front of the mirror, I don't have the time to ask myself: "Who am I today?" ... but to have to adapt if I want to survive! I write from Italy
04/05/2020 2.25.49I've had an increase in headaches and extreme fatigue.
04/05/2020 2.05.34oggi ho lavorato tanto al PC trovando soluzioni tecniche, non sono stata quella dei giorni passati (calma, rilassata e in contatto col mio cuore). Ha avuto il sopravvento l'altra parte di me che non amo! La sensazione che ho, che tutto cambi, che io davanti allo specchio, non ho il tempo di chiedermi chi sono, ma di dovermi adattare se voglio sopravvivere,
04/05/2020 1.49.27I feel the 40 hz pulse and kind oz a numbing feeling of warmth and love to mother Gaia...wish I could do so much more!
04/05/2020 1.26.47Complete utter exhaustion!
03/05/2020 23.20.48I feel quite, strengh, faith, and full of love and light
03/05/2020 21.08.03Nervous/anxious from this morning up until 17 BST, then calmer and drowsy
03/05/2020 20.59.55Exhausted I can’t seem to focus and get anything done.
03/05/2020 18.24.15I have some type of unexplained nervous vibration
03/05/2020 18.09.40Crazy pressure on the top of the head, crazy dreams!!!
03/05/2020 17.31.59During the low frequencies of 12-16Hz or lower, I am in great pain, can hardly stand, nauseus with heart palpitations and chest and middle back pain, not to mention non-stop migraines. When we have the big spike?
03/05/2020 17.26.57When first I became aware of the Shuman Resonance and how its frequency spikes in white light, I was in very much pain and fatique with chronic headaches during the spikes. Now each time the frequence goes back to 12Hz or less, I am in so much pain I can hardly stand it. Now I feel energized during the white spikes!
03/05/2020 17.20.25Dizzy
And body pains
03/05/2020 17.18.03Calm
03/05/2020 16.34.52I feel great. us so called blacks are getting our planet back
03/05/2020 16.27.48Mi presión arterial ha mejorado, aunque de repente me da somnolencia
03/05/2020 14.47.49I feel like a bomb that can go of, and have a lot of different ongoing vibration against my higher self...
03/05/2020 13.31.45Headache! Buzzzzzz sounds!!!! I feel like someone turned up the frequency on my head and neck! Going to jucie celery jucie and make a smoothie.
03/05/2020 11.31.11Restless and achy
03/05/2020 6.40.36peace, clarity and a calm sense of optimism
03/05/2020 6.02.14little bit dizzy, but finne overall, we're going to be fine
03/05/2020 5.02.19Today have a lot of Big earth quakes ....
02/05/2020 22.47.38Feel very good today!
02/05/2020 18.30.10fiducia e pazienza
02/05/2020 18.22.57Painful everywhere, especially spine, my breathing laboured for weeks now, feel much happier when Resonance is High ( higher the better still painful though, but lower feels terrible....?? 🙏❤🐖
02/05/2020 17.54.46Peace
02/05/2020 15.39.38Una semana de mucha angustia, confusión,miedo pitido en la oreja izquierda duró unos segundos,pero hoy 02 de mayo tranquilidad,de repente viene un miedo luego pasa.
02/05/2020 15.17.28Last few days were terrible. Today 2/05 seems to be the first day that I feel better... Psychic intuition higher than normal and came with headaches. Sitting in the sun helps to settle emotions. Feeling very high and love at power 40 amplitude. Enjoying a bit of calm today.
02/05/2020 13.28.53Anxiety, Stress, Difficulties faling asleep, sleep when able is very shallow and close to awake while sleeping
02/05/2020 11.27.47Feeling good
02/05/2020 11.07.52I believe that Mother Earth wants us to increase the overall vibrations of the planet.
02/05/2020 7.20.20Very high frequency!!! We shifted! People are celebrating where I am currently at. I am so excited. Time to awaken and keep on path of loving our mother earth. I send out love to all beings!
02/05/2020 6.43.52I've felt a sense of anticipation and expectation today.
02/05/2020 4.56.45It brought out a lot of emotions and anger. These past two weeks have been draining and hell.
02/05/2020 4.16.13Tired
02/05/2020 4.11.51I feel super happy. No reason why I just do.
02/05/2020 1.58.21Sadness
02/05/2020 0.02.29Seeing allot more light bursts
01/05/2020 22.18.27Loud ringing in ear and another sound that seems to be in my head like the wind blowing - this is getting louder all the time. Panic attacks where my chest feels tight and breathing is labored, shaking with a strong nervous feeling Lasts about 5 - 10 min then suddenly goes away. Getting more and more psychic, especially my medical intuitive ability. Very emotional (even more than usual).
01/05/2020 22.11.54Unable to sleep
01/05/2020 19.03.27My body overwhelms me. My third eye try to connect it. And still now. I hear strange sound . What is sound ? Thanks.
01/05/2020 18.46.35Can you update please, because the amplitude may have dropped but the frequency still seems high, I hear a constant eeeee, very high pitch, curious I am
01/05/2020 17.03.05Minor headaches but in a good mood. I feel disattached in a positive way. Seems like I tend to feel worse when frequency is at normal values
01/05/2020 16.17.20Hoofdpijn
01/05/2020 15.48.14Envigorated
01/05/2020 13.36.29Tanta energia voglia di espandere il mio amore
01/05/2020 11.31.02Sensazione di apertura del cuore, gioia mista ad eccitazione
01/05/2020 7.37.35My leg muscles achey and very agitated. Husband very logy today he went to bed early.
01/05/2020 4.44.46Feel very achey in upper body
01/05/2020 4.05.3103:00 gmt - really high pitched frequency and pressure in head...
01/05/2020 3.56.23Ringing in the ears
01/05/2020 2.57.10wow not feeling present these last few days
01/05/2020 2.08.12So much anxiety and depression
01/05/2020 1.49.47I often wake up and don’t want to do anything and then as soon as I start doing the work I don’t want to quit working I’ve been sleeping really great never have I’ve gotten as deep sleep as I’ve been having
01/05/2020 0.12.44Anxious, sadness and fatigue
30/04/2020 22.30.38En la mañana con ánimo y ganas de trabajar ,ahora en la tarde sueño y cansancio.
30/04/2020 22.06.23Thank You / beating heart /
30/04/2020 20.15.40Tingling feeling all over my body. Itching at times. Ear noises.tired. But wired happy
30/04/2020 19.08.11Dalle 16 in poi bene....
30/04/2020 17.46.30Mi sento male forti tensioni al collo e mal di testa da oggi alle 14
30/04/2020 17.37.04I just talked to Mother Earth about female things love, beauty, gratitude, ... And you cought them from my carring frequency in Tomsk, 4600km from my place. Odd, very odd.
30/04/2020 15.46.02I am so mentally high .... then I look and the resonance is peaking..... its like my head is completely open mind .... it’s hard to explain .... the picture I get is like a dandelion in its white seed stage .....
30/04/2020 15.32.39Gisteren 29 04 moe en uitgeput 30 04 full power
30/04/2020 14.51.33Awake is how I feel. Unfortunately most everyone else seems to be still sleeping but I have hope that that will change very soon.
30/04/2020 13.48.48Rilassamento
30/04/2020 9.02.59I was extremely and unusually tired yesterday 4/29
30/04/2020 8.28.19Stress
30/04/2020 5.39.13Is this like a bio rthyum?
30/04/2020 5.38.29Today, April29 I woke feeling dizzy, sluggish. I've felt this was all day. Very different than any other. But no pain(which I am greatful for). But there is a pain in my back, like there is something there. But to touch, you don't feel anything there! Wish I knew what was going on. Dizziness comes and goes.
30/04/2020 3.28.35Palpitação no coração, sensação de peito inchado, pintada na garganta, cansadao, sono
30/04/2020 1.53.11Today I felt more pain than usual, I have chronic pain and it could be coincidental, but I also have felt exhausted or fatigued even though I had a very good sleep and have not done much nor am I sick. But in a way I felt more peace, I felt an urgency to shed Light, an urgency to pray for everyone and encourage others to pray. Find Jesus if you have not already.
30/04/2020 1.04.30I feel antsy, nervous and discombobulated.
30/04/2020 0.53.19We launched the autonomous internet today, the Crystalline Grid is Live!
30/04/2020 0.38.12Energized
29/04/2020 23.37.54 Cansancio, angustia en las horas de la madrugada
29/04/2020 22.16.56I feel like shit
29/04/2020 20.33.12I am flat out I can hardly move
29/04/2020 19.00.28Ahora es 14 hs. en Argentina. Esta mañana sentì gran expansiòn., conexiòn conmigo, muy bien !. Ahora cansada. pero plena !
29/04/2020 16.53.02Sto bene, feel well
29/04/2020 16.52.43This morning I felt as if I am drowsy and sleepy. I had a hard time concentrating. Normally I feel like this when a heavy rain/snow-storm is aporoaching. Then it got a little bit better. But betweeen 1-2pm it started again with a little low blood preassure and a slight headache.
29/04/2020 16.06.06Tired.
29/04/2020 14.23.35Pressione al terzo occhio, come una pulsazione, la sensazione è quella del mal di testa quando parte dalle tempie ma per ben due volte in giorni diversi mi pulsava la parte centrale dove c’è il cosiddetto terzo occhio.
29/04/2020 13.34.21Before I felt extremely anxious, full of fear and anger when the power went up and tired when it went down. However, after just letting it be and going with the flow I feel extreme happiness and feels like everything slowly adjusted to it. When it's low I feel tired and not being part of this whole things at all, but when the power goes up I feel sooo happy being part of this. Extremely intense definitely.
29/04/2020 13.18.49Woke up very emotional and now i cant stop crying.
29/04/2020 3.22.30I know whenever there is a spike because I'll have the worst sleeps and restless dreams out of nowhere. I'll also feel very tired. Tired of waiting for I'm not sure what. Trying to remain positive but I just feel so .... weird and frustrated .... as if I don't belong in my own skin alot of the time. Feels like I've reached some kind of plateau after climbing a mountain and I'm exhausted at times. Feel very disconnected alot, like a fish out of water, like none of this is 100% real but I'm stuck here regardless. Trying to come to grips with everything.
29/04/2020 3.00.17I feel the energy collecting and sticking to my body until it litter cause pain at one time I couldn’t play any Electronics or talk on my phone or any thing like I was in Misery now I need to play music to be grounded
28/04/2020 21.41.37Glorious
28/04/2020 19.45.04Amazing dreams last night. Massive headache throughout the day
28/04/2020 19.24.05Calm. Mellow. Tired. Grateful
28/04/2020 12.56.10Hi , on the early morning hours of Thursday the 16th at 3 am for had got up to go to the toilet . As I stood out of my bed I was literally thrown to the wall as I could t stand up . I was like a drunken sailor on a ship .
Head spinning , nauseous and extreme fatigue .
I had to hold myself up on the toilet ..
I got back to bed . Heart rate increased head spinning and sweating .
Of course covid passed my mind .
Rams the hotline . Told to go to hospital .
Arrived there at 4:30 am .
Left side trembling , left leg not co operating with the body .
Couldn’t walk .. ecg , mri , cat scans , brain scans . Bloods done , neurologist exam
Nothing came back positive .
When this happens to me and all is negative I know that it is something higher .
I was in hospital for 2 days . I’m and out of consciousness, sleeping . Couldn’t eat .
I started feeling better . Still extremely fatigued .
Went home slept , rested , drank clean water .
It has settled down a lot but I take it day by day .
Dizzy , fatigued , not wanting to eat .
So much light , energy and frequency being assimilated into our bodies at this time .
28/04/2020 10.09.24It is wonderful to follow this information.
28/04/2020 6.45.47these direct beams of light are direct channeling to our galactic family. I am intimidated of what i have to do, because my research has revealed to me that, there is valid supporting evidence thqt the genetic scientists have been manipulating information all along and changing the math, just like the computer programmers and the financeeres etc... but ,.. it appears that i and my daughter possess extra special genetic code, and it would make sense from whati do know of my family and the story my father told me of his being a prophet.. this covid 19 may be a ploy to locate us.. or people like us,... i have been left for dead and had a mark on my head since my daughter was kidnapped 3 yrs ago.. i am desperate to rescue her, and now with this lockdown i am ever more worried.. and now i havre been brought here and received confirmation from pleiadian family that my instincts told me all along.. i am confident in my position, just feeling the weight of being alone, having to find my daughter, being assaulted by everyone around me.. knowing i have a majore higher purpose, but not knowing who to call to ask for help. . all the agencies have already blown me off... i do not know what to do... I have channeled... numaya... now i can see what i was hearing was name Aya,.. i am set to correct this situation, and i am prepared to do it,.. but i dont know who to call.. i cant just call the police... it is too intricatre.. any suggestions ?
28/04/2020 2.05.41Tired, depressed, want to cry
28/04/2020 2.01.22I feel relaxed... breathing easy.. pretty good after my basketball workout. Little tightness/soreness in my upper right chest and RotoCuf area, as per past, but overall... good after that heart rate by me.
28/04/2020 1.39.35Extreme fatigue.. Feeling "not in my body" ringing ear, anxious, anxiety
28/04/2020 1.05.22Tachicardia
27/04/2020 23.23.55Confused and difficulties to remember. Also I have sone slight headaches although I drink a lot of water.
27/04/2020 22.04.46I’m feeling good! I feel the vibes through my body. Happy and upbeat
27/04/2020 21.52.26Annoyed and anxious. I work at a public place and majority of people are feeling the same way
27/04/2020 21.28.26Freezing,chills
27/04/2020 21.00.16Very jittery,trembly,anxious
27/04/2020 19.56.08Чувствам се уморотворена. Няма депрвсия, няма лоши мисли. I am from Bulgaria
27/04/2020 18.54.14My son 8 years old, and some others that I have found out about had partial seizures during the huge spike we had on April 23rd. First time having a seizure.
27/04/2020 17.53.37Where you guys at? Update‼ Please😘
27/04/2020 16.11.00Really, really, reeeeeeeeally tired, fed up and extremely irritable.
27/04/2020 14.29.42Hi 👋 good morning, I can feel that nothing significant is happening but can we get an update please, people are waiting...thanks love always🌎
27/04/2020 13.44.50sleepy
27/04/2020 11.42.35Love
27/04/2020 8.15.04Very tired
27/04/2020 5.47.21I feel good I feel God is listening to our repentance prayers we are forgiving others and I’m hearing it very high right now if that makes any sense.
27/04/2020 3.46.31Pontadas na cabeça, dores pelo corpo, zumbido no ouvido
27/04/2020 1.56.47Felt good all day then around 7 p.m. started getting panic feelings and my hands hurt and my arms hurt ...a few palpitations...felt better by 9:15 pm
27/04/2020 1.18.32Dizzy spells. Happy. Other upbeat.
27/04/2020 0.37.08Creativa, pero sudores tremendos y escalofrío
27/04/2020 0.35.16Intense
26/04/2020 19.25.43Makes me sleepy or less energy.
26/04/2020 18.52.47Tired
26/04/2020 18.30.09Felt good all day then around 7 p.m. started getting panic feelings and my hands hurt and my arms hurt ...a few palpitations...felt better by 9:15 pm
26/04/2020 16.27.37I feel good this morning, April 26. I awoke with massive headache on both days of April 24 and 25.
26/04/2020 15.51.46I feel perfect!
26/04/2020 15.18.07Lots of hot flashes during the night for past 3 nights, so restless sleep. Last night was a little better.
26/04/2020 14.03.57sleepless
26/04/2020 10.46.07light headrd, strong headache, like caterpillars in my brain
26/04/2020 6.53.27Excited to get on with the show for Humanity and our New Earth!! Filled with gratitude for everyone helping near, far & beyond & those who have given their lives to bring forth new tomorrows for the rest of us! So much LOVE!!!
26/04/2020 5.12.16Excited and happy
26/04/2020 5.03.21Anxiety and fear and bored
26/04/2020 4.10.02Calm, relaxed, comfortable
26/04/2020 3.29.34Death and Rebirth
26/04/2020 2.58.24I’m feeling really great! Energetic. Happy. Great vibes
26/04/2020 2.34.50Fear!
26/04/2020 2.34.24Crazy!
26/04/2020 1.59.12Felicidad, y esperanza
26/04/2020 1.16.06beauty
25/04/2020 23.41.44Dizzy
25/04/2020 22.10.14Peso na cabeça ,
25/04/2020 21.49.19Confused by all these colored lines and a lack of explanation about how to read them.
25/04/2020 16.49.54When waking up at various intervals during the night I feel my body vibrating and a heat that can be a little uncomfortable until I remove the sheets and feel the cool air of the fan. The emotions are neutral but no fear just an accepting
25/04/2020 16.12.09Feeling as though I am assisting in clearing the collective unconscious. I have been feeling the subconscious fears of all my brothers and sisters. I continue to hold a high frequency.
25/04/2020 15.57.50My lower body (from the waist down) is vibrating and tingling heavily this morning.
25/04/2020 15.11.06Despierto tipo 3 AM y siento que no puedo dormir más ..a esa hora me siento con energía, aveces siento zumbidos en el oído durante el día y algo de dolor de cabeza también mareado
25/04/2020 14.08.02I think we are passing through a more energetic and positive part of this particular universe, and as such, the sheeple and dumbed down will have a chance to lift their vibration to a position where they can see the evil carried out by the satanic globalists. We are in the endgame for Earth/Midgard and we need to meditate on a positive outcome.
25/04/2020 12.05.05Excited!
25/04/2020 10.01.14It finally feels a bit easier, confusion has slowed down
25/04/2020 9.11.40I feel the world changing, being purged, a realignment in the making.
25/04/2020 9.00.27colliding with parallel universes, entering 5D, high frequency, golden age, winning
25/04/2020 8.13.45I have had a really bad headache most of the day
25/04/2020 8.04.07Jestem spokojna ale też zmeczona imniej śpię
25/04/2020 8.01.18Spokój
25/04/2020 7.06.25nothing
25/04/2020 6.26.25Tired
25/04/2020 5.01.31Content and full of hope, also feel very relaxed
25/04/2020 4.57.45Elevated
25/04/2020 4.55.09Nausea and extreme fatigue
25/04/2020 4.19.04Super anxious, extremely emotional, just very odd overall
25/04/2020 3.39.15Felt good all day then around 7 p.m. started getting panic feelings and my hands hurt and my arms hurt ...a few palpitations...felt better by 9:15 pm
25/04/2020 3.21.23Cannot sleep, tinnitus and feels like I’m in a mocrowave
25/04/2020 3.14.26Freezing,chills
25/04/2020 2.44.00High vibing lately! ❤️🕊💙🙏🏼
25/04/2020 2.20.10Thank you
25/04/2020 2.14.13Excited
25/04/2020 2.11.37I have been sleeping more than usual, feeling connected and euphoric and on the verge of happy tears all the time. I feel it coming very soon. Praise God!
25/04/2020 1.33.28Worn out
25/04/2020 1.26.59Beautiful planet; the world is changing!
25/04/2020 0.59.51Excited to be here with all amazing, beautiful souls who are waking up to their truth!
25/04/2020 1.00.36Couldn't sleep last night. Had slight pressure at the top of my head yesterday. Weepy this morning. Starting to feel better now
24/04/2020 23.29.27Pressure behind my eyes. Otherwise vibes are good
24/04/2020 23.05.15Can't sleep, heart skips a lot, feeling heavy.
24/04/2020 23.04.01Need to have more patience, more faith, wish the reset to be real, tired of struggling so hard at the end of my trail
24/04/2020 22.52.52Scared about somthing i cant quite put my finger on and really down about things, more than usual
24/04/2020 22.35.36Very tired.
24/04/2020 22.25.19“Hungover” after being electrified yesterday
24/04/2020 21.54.36Higher vibration of my own energy and anxious feeling in the heart and third eye
24/04/2020 21.42.17When the Schumann is spiking high my heart rate increases by up to 10 bpm .. then goes back down exactly the same time the Schumann does .. amazing !
24/04/2020 21.11.38Woke up late with the worst headache.
24/04/2020 20.56.03Ringing in head/ears before I go to sleep
24/04/2020 20.13.30Freezing,chills
24/04/2020 19.23.06I stayed up for almost 24 hours trying to write a paper and all I could do was stare at the screen.
24/04/2020 19.20.09Really Messing with my emotions
24/04/2020 18.56.07I feel calm and blessed today, wanted just not to suffer anymore yesterday
24/04/2020 18.53.09Feeling very angry and tired.
24/04/2020 18.31.20I have got a headache. Uff.
24/04/2020 18.21.12I feel tired because of weird sleep patterns.
24/04/2020 18.03.14Feel out of sorts can't focus well. Low mood
24/04/2020 17.39.53I feel like my heart is joy
24/04/2020 17.32.37Have been feeling really calm, centred and alive, found myself writing some music in the key of C#, which is 136Hz, then my friend told me about the 138Hz peak.
24/04/2020 17.09.36Worried and excited both in equal measures
24/04/2020 16.46.38This morning I feel tired. Slight headache, but last night I was thankful. Thankful for the beautiful unadulterated skies. Blue as it should be with big white fluffy clouds.
24/04/2020 15.17.16❤️
24/04/2020 14.26.36Felt the big spike of 138 yesterday ... whole body was buzzong with ears ringing. .. today has been just a slight pitch .. I hear the background pitch all my waking time
24/04/2020 13.56.27Upon awakening from (true) sleep, my entire body feels like it’s vibrating at a weird speed——-
24/04/2020 12.42.29Feeling good, yesterday, too. Have been feeling very low lately, but that changed yesterday. Usually I fall asleep very easily and also sleep very well. Yesterday night I didn't fall asleep before 03:30 and this night of 24.4 also. If I don't get my sleep I feel tired and low energy the next day. Not so now. Two nights in a row with lesser sleep than usual and I feel great.
24/04/2020 12.15.25I feel happy and full of energy, my body is adjusting still? That’s right gratitude, appreciation, compassion, bliss, light, love, and healing energies.
24/04/2020 11.30.54VIBRATION. VIBRATION VIBRATION ... feeling Fabulously energized ... it's happening ... what we/I have long awaited!! Balance is key ... BE KIND. BE JOYFUL, BE LOVE!! <3 Compassion, Gratitude. Faith and Trust go a very long way, too!! WE GOT THIS!! 😉
24/04/2020 11.26.58Fatigue, a little down,
24/04/2020 11.19.59Hey there, you guys could have a look at The Final Days on youtube, she says we are approaching a large magnetic anomaly. Who knows? There’s soo much guff going around. It might be worth a look maybe.
24/04/2020 9.39.12Ho fatto incubi intorno alle ore 05:00 e mi sono svegliato con una forte sensazione di pesantezza e confusione
24/04/2020 9.17.16Presumo che la Terra abbia ricominciato a salire di frequenza proprio ora...mi sento dentro ad un macchinario per la risonanza magnetica.
24/04/2020 8.38.53Headaches
24/04/2020 7.38.32Mi sento stanca, mal di testa, spalle contratte, caviglie che si gonfiano, poco lucida, nervosa e stressata
24/04/2020 6.55.56I feel really good: optimistic and enthusiastic about the future, filled with joy and very aware of how a conscious society would be/feel. Over the past few weeks I’ve noticed that the higher the Schumann resonance, the better I feel. I’ve actually made it into a game. I check my mood and then the resonance. My mood so far hasn’t failed to predict the resonance.
24/04/2020 5.13.00I feel extremely tired. Vibrating and shaking onside.
24/04/2020 5.10.45Negative
24/04/2020 5.08.43Headaches!!
24/04/2020 4.29.25I feel extremely exhausted today!
24/04/2020 3.34.55Energetic, sometimes aggravated.
24/04/2020 3.21.11I feel like crap. Headache, tired
24/04/2020 3.12.35Ringing in my ears is intense and pain in my left knee.
24/04/2020 2.48.43Bad headache for days, I can hardly see.
24/04/2020 2.06.05I felt better today than usual. I was even singing which I haven't done in a long time.
24/04/2020 1.36.25It has been a wild ride the past couple days!
24/04/2020 1.05.38Something is happening. No doubt. I like to think that I am clearer thinking. Somedays
24/04/2020 0.37.03Anxious and unsure
24/04/2020 0.10.46Ringing in the ears and clicking of my right ear when i hear high sounds and voices around me
23/04/2020 23.52.34Tired, anxious, cannot sleep , cannot concentrate very well, intense ear ringing
23/04/2020 23.54.11Sadness and anxiety , love
23/04/2020 23.45.05I feel my heart beats through the entire chest😻
23/04/2020 23.35.24Feels like the G force is strong. Nausea. Pressure: heavy.
23/04/2020 23.29.50Heart Palpitations
23/04/2020 23.23.31Positive and high
23/04/2020 23.08.30Benessere
23/04/2020 23.06.15Dizzy. Vibration feeling weird feel calm though
23/04/2020 22.47.07Ce in arrivo molto
23/04/2020 22.16.54Paura
23/04/2020 22.14.45Paura
23/04/2020 22.14.17Curious
23/04/2020 21.57.41Sinus pressure...lots.
23/04/2020 21.52.42Headache and fatigue and unable to sleep
23/04/2020 21.48.20fearless
23/04/2020 21.43.37I've big headeach....and I sleeped this afternoon....I was very tired
23/04/2020 21.20.27Emotional
23/04/2020 21.14.03Extreme need to communicate how I feel. I can't hold anything inside. Extreme need of honesty from others. Questioning my relationships.
23/04/2020 20.47.57Tanta stanchezza, sonnolezza, difficoltà di concentrazione, nel pomeriggio sopratutto
23/04/2020 20.47.40Fabulous
23/04/2020 20.36.38Ifell mi ear zinzins..
23/04/2020 20.34.23Feeling a little nervous today.
23/04/2020 20.32.03Earlier intense pressure around my head, almost painful. Nausea and tired, a little out of sorts.
Also, since the end of last year my tendons and joints are swollen and in pain, if it was just one, no biggie but all at the same time? All ache constantly, even when resting.
23/04/2020 20.23.40Around 11:15 CST. I felt a jolt of energy go through my head (right above my ears from right to left). I swayed a bit and thought I was going to pass out. I had to steady myself and then it was over.
23/04/2020 19.49.57čutim. diham. živim. feel. breathe. live.
23/04/2020 19.46.25Massive headache today
23/04/2020 19.41.08I feel vertigo. Dizzy and down. A little bit nauseous
23/04/2020 19.28.03Dizzy, confused?
23/04/2020 19.23.53My wife has been recieving horrible head aches, Myself have felt uneasy keep having to rest movements are fast & furous then long peroids of rest. Keep forgetting names of things & events, can't think & focus that way I used too. Know it can't be age as scary it can seem just going with the flow.
23/04/2020 19.19.58I feel light inside
23/04/2020 19.15.46Lack of energy, tiredness, slight headache
23/04/2020 19.05.43Tired . Lethargic . Sleep deprived .
23/04/2020 19.05.03Ears are ringing like crazy, little dizzy, eyes hurt, finger tips tingle, jaw clinching, and a little agitated. Going to try and do some QI gong and see if it helps transmute the energy. I’ve been waiting for the time of change my whole life. Change can be difficult and scary, but learning from it can make you grow.
23/04/2020 18.57.37I'm very sensitive to frequencies. Hoping to find that others are too&I'm not actually insane 😂
23/04/2020 18.57.17Vibrations hot ears
23/04/2020 18.47.42I feel absolutely elated in my soul 😀
23/04/2020 18.46.59I feel absolutely elated in my soul
23/04/2020 18.46.33Today I feel uneasy like something is changing. I feel spacey ..
23/04/2020 18.31.05Inexplicable joy, despite my personal and global conditions.
23/04/2020 18.28.12Well, today is so huge! Normally I feel this influence on my body and emotions. When I woke up this morning I felt a huge, overflowing deep joy. Full of energy all day. Strangely happy. Even want to go running!!! me!!! Here’s my state. Thank you so much for your job!!! It helps. Gemma
23/04/2020 18.22.51hermit-like
23/04/2020 18.15.13Jaka glavobolja i lupanje srca
23/04/2020 18.10.05have been wide awake at 4 am pacific time this week, going outside and looking at the stars helps me feel better
23/04/2020 18.06.49Stamattina verso le 10:45 ho avuto vertigini e nausea. Non mi sono ancora ripresa, ho la testa nel pallone, come se mi trovassi su una nave. Devo stare seduta, non mi sento stabile. Da ieri mi si è abbassata la temperatura corporea sotto i 35°.
23/04/2020 17.53.47È come essere dentro un macchinario per la risonanza magnetica...stesso rumore ...solo molto più intenso.
Le vostre indicazioni lo confermano sempre.
Più il rumore è forte...più la Terra vibra.
Molto fastidioso davvero.
23/04/2020 17.47.41Nervous
23/04/2020 17.29.18I've started running fevers.
23/04/2020 17.02.24Testa in confusione , ronzio nelle orecchie ,la sensazione che si ha in aereo prendendo quota .
23/04/2020 17.01.00Hope and trust
23/04/2020 17.00.26oggi sto bene ieri ero sfasata e arrabbiata mi capita quando sta per accadere un evento
23/04/2020 16.48.45Still sharp frequencies in my ears, and throbbing in my ears and around the crown chakra area. The last three days, I've had marked extreme energy highs and then directly after that deep energy depletion about twice a day this cycle. Bad headaches too
23/04/2020 16.46.48filled with love
23/04/2020 16.31.39Ears ringing and restlessness
23/04/2020 16.31.32Feeling absolutely FIRE! Feeling very wired and Activated!
23/04/2020 16.14.05Generally feel, calm positive and hopeful for the future but lots of muscle aches especially at night
23/04/2020 16.08.59Wired, but exhausted, and my ears are ringing like crazy. Like a high pitch echo of a bell.
23/04/2020 15.24.50Today is verrry anxious
23/04/2020 15.14.23I feel extremely wonderful and powerful. I do my job and meditate at the same time. Awesome.
23/04/2020 15.03.28I feel unusual pressure in my head
23/04/2020 14.54.53I couldnt sleep
23/04/2020 14.51.35I just want to feel the earth in my hands. Ears ringing more lately.
23/04/2020 14.44.40I can't stop smiling and laughing
23/04/2020 14.37.28Energy is high
23/04/2020 13.17.53Restless
23/04/2020 12.59.17Major dryness, headaches and energy pouring through me. I always experience intense headaches when it spiked
23/04/2020 12.32.42Slept very soundly falling asleep around midnight. Today very relaxed, calm, warmth in legs, instinctively drinking more water and moving my body regularly
23/04/2020 11.26.04Kvalme svimmel men værst i går
23/04/2020 10.12.55What a night! My girlfriend and me, we didn't sleep so well.. and that's a understatement!
23/04/2020 8.25.10Feeling worse today than the past few days with bad headache, nausea, and perception.
23/04/2020 7.03.32Experiencing vertigo headaches and fatigue when resonance drops. Also ringing in left ear, brain fog, anxiety, dissociation with body
23/04/2020 3.20.32Tired and calm
23/04/2020 2.36.37Nausea
23/04/2020 2.27.01Calm
23/04/2020 2.04.30I feel so much tired and with anxiety
23/04/2020 1.30.41I felt very sad and had a slight headache over 4/18-20 (this past weekend) I then had a big breakthrough in a healing session with my friend on 4/20. Christina
23/04/2020 1.00.32Beeb sounds all night .No sleep
23/04/2020 0.11.54Anticipation of higher frequency & anti-frequency coming in. Feel it raising from 7.83 to 13hz

22/04/2020 23.13.19elated but feeling very achy particularly after sleeping at night
22/04/2020 23.10.45
22/04/2020 23.05.39
22/04/2020 21.29.27Le informazioni che mi arrivano sono velocissime.Dimentico velocemente.
22/04/2020 17.18.04
22/04/2020 17.12.06Freezing,chills
22/04/2020 16.49.54Feeling so drained and brain fog!!!
22/04/2020 16.39.32Sonnolenza e dolore muscolare
22/04/2020 16.01.51سردرد و سنگین شدن سر و خستگی
22/04/2020 16.00.44angry
22/04/2020 13.34.25No energy Last couple days. Brain fog.
22/04/2020 11.56.30I feel anger with no reason. Insomnia and warm cold with no reason.
22/04/2020 7.50.46I feel dizzy speel
22/04/2020 4.56.25Warm feeling when turning head
22/04/2020 2.59.40I am in a much more peaceful place following a trauma release last Saturday. Today the 22nd April I was inspired to create a nature sculpture in the park called A Morning. Altar. When my neighbour asked me what I was doing he thought I meant mourning altar as he remembered it was the day my husband died three years ago. Wow! I had forgotten that today but had remembered earlier. My sculpture included rosemary with lots of other things and I had been thinking about how we came from the earth and how we go back to the earth. It has been very meaningful.
22/04/2020 2.14.12Anger, undescribable mental uneasiness for no known reason (a restless feeling of sorts), insomnia or not being able to sleep deep or stay asleep, opinionated.
21/04/2020 21.19.56Blessed relief and wonderful experiences.
21/04/2020 20.41.22Love
21/04/2020 19.37.28Excited
21/04/2020 19.08.30simple variability
21/04/2020 18.24.51Exhausted, ears ringing like crazy
21/04/2020 15.15.12Alot of energy around my heart chakra
21/04/2020 15.11.37I'm feeling tired a lot.... sleeping all day 2...4 days out of the week then staying u all night ..I feel ok not depressed I don't think um so I guess I feel fine ?
21/04/2020 15.05.14Not as good as yesterday
21/04/2020 14.49.29I have been keeping a diary and have noticed I am incredibly emotional and agitated more or less when the big white areas show on your graph. My son also had migraines for two days and my normally very laid back partner had a brain fried moment where he could not control his anger. Its affecting us all for sure.
21/04/2020 14.14.13Hopeless
21/04/2020 13.55.49anxious
21/04/2020 13.37.23Very tired all the time lately. Zero energy!
21/04/2020 9.28.54Last 3 days sexual attraction with my partner has been undeniable for bbn other of us, we can't stop having sex.
21/04/2020 9.27.05We can push past the BS and people will understand that many things they believed as reality are not, a new common knowledge is going to be expected.
21/04/2020 8.40.47Yesterday the 20th I felt very sleepy almost lethargic and very hungry like I needed food to ground
21/04/2020 6.20.0818th/19th and half day of 20th - headache, muscle pain, lethargy
21/04/2020 3.03.07All over the place
21/04/2020 0.33.10Feel good and calm, aches and pains gone, more energy
20/04/2020 21.14.24This morning I felt less pain and anxiety than the last four or five days
20/04/2020 20.23.06Nervous excitement chest is a bit thumpy
20/04/2020 20.17.58Terrible. Vertigo. Loud tinittus.
20/04/2020 19.55.50I feel angry and fatigued. Short fuse
20/04/2020 19.42.52Finding everything hard to understand, How do I learn to play the game ?
20/04/2020 19.12.58Feeling and hearing an intense vibration.
20/04/2020 19.10.37Last night my shoulder and specially my legs were so tense. I couldn't get comfortable at all. I took an Advil and an Alergy pill.. them I had some unrealistic dreams.. I was actually there ..
20/04/2020 17.54.10High BP today, which is odd
20/04/2020 17.52.17These last couple days I’ve had a headache and nausea. Can’t barely move.
20/04/2020 17.41.30Friday through Saturday all we did was feel so tired. Even my cat slept more than usual. Headache and aches.
20/04/2020 17.37.28Anxious , and excited yet cry a lot, i feel the need to learn more and more and more
20/04/2020 17.34.12Slept terrible last night. Dreaming, mind wandering, feeling very anxious and don't know why really.
20/04/2020 17.22.24Tired. Happy. Calm.
20/04/2020 17.04.52Very anxious, nauseous, stiff, also very sad
20/04/2020 14.21.04Content
20/04/2020 13.31.53Last couple days both my hubby and I have had headaches that don’t go away with excedrin. Slept like crap also
20/04/2020 12.58.33Ciao.Questi giorni,cominciando da 16.04.ero felice,così,senza un motivo preciso.Sempre dal 16.04.comincia la preparazione della Pasqua ortodoxa,con l'apogeo nella notte di sabato 18.04.Satvo guardando anche cosa è succeso nel weekend precedente,quello della Pasqua catolica,una strana calma piatta........Io sono Nessuno,come diceva Ulisse à Polifemo,ma qualcosa di buono sta succedendo.Poi,se e cosa c'entra la Pasqua ortodoxa,del'Est...,lo scopriremo solo vivendo.
20/04/2020 12.34.57Anxious, emotional, ringing ears, can’t sleep
20/04/2020 11.49.18Sadness and greif
20/04/2020 11.26.11Peace among nervousness! Wanting a greater level in my whole body is pulsing and I’m smelling...heat
20/04/2020 9.37.26Headache
20/04/2020 8.53.18I was awake all last night with huge energies, was there a surge?
20/04/2020 7.33.31light & love of the all
20/04/2020 6.49.35I've been feeling extremely unstable emotionally.
20/04/2020 5.47.03Feeling high in energies LOVING GRATITUDE PEACEFUL at times hard to accomplish mundane tasks, telling myself to focus, seeing flashes of gold blue violet lights mostly to the sides of me on arms and hands too, the 5 Felines are quite frisky and seem to be looking at something???
20/04/2020 5.39.47I feel full of kundalini energy feeling high full of LOVE + GRATITUDE seeing blue gold purple pink flashes of light the cats are quite active also
20/04/2020 5.16.49tired
20/04/2020 4.15.30Una specie di labirintite, a livello fisico.
Un grande senso di appartenenza, a livello emozionale
20/04/2020 4.08.48Extreme dizziness, feeling better when closing eyes
20/04/2020 3.29.46It's an oppurtunistist time for say I think it's time for the sake of humanity to give us the whole truth
20/04/2020 3.16.44My forhead feels like there's a balloon trying to expand in it.
20/04/2020 1.22.36I vibrate. I feel pressure in ears. Like strong heart beating. I feel great.
20/04/2020 1.14.46Major constant ringing in my ears with pressure. Felt dizzy when walking outside today for about 5 minutes then off n on
20/04/2020 0.48.11deep shading
20/04/2020 0.07.36peace and love
20/04/2020 0.06.31Extreme fatigue
19/04/2020 23.55.05Feeling connected to a multi-dimensional source.. I am drawn towards Quantum computing. I'm understanding how to do things i never thought existed.
19/04/2020 23.53.41Happy. Creative
19/04/2020 23.03.28My ears feel pressure like i'm stuck at the very deep end of an ocean dive and i'm so dizzy I need to lay down.
19/04/2020 21.39.13I have a buzzing in my inner ears, more on the left than the right, my energy levels have been extremely low and I've felt exhausted wiped and had digestive issues. Since around 5.30 PM GMT I've had a swing to a better energy level ..the sound In my ears is almost like a pulse.
19/04/2020 21.21.50Wonderful feeling
19/04/2020 20.57.09Wiped out today!
19/04/2020 20.38.13Headache
19/04/2020 20.17.16I feel really low energy today
19/04/2020 19.18.14Constant high pitched tones in my ear that do not bother me. Lots of energy and excellent mood.
19/04/2020 18.12.22Shift in energy
19/04/2020 17.47.17Euforirc
19/04/2020 17.12.27When the graphs are off the charts I feel normal again. I'll have a lot more energy the higher it is. I'm grateful for the increase in frequencies.
19/04/2020 16.31.47I feel hope for the future
19/04/2020 14.06.50Feel full of electricity having lots of dreams ?? previous lives reliving during sleep.
Most odd.
19/04/2020 13.34.49Agitazione
19/04/2020 13.29.15Exausted,super sleepy, like my eyes shutting by themselves.
19/04/2020 13.24.05IT'S GOING TO B A WILD RIDE... LET'S DO THIS
19/04/2020 13.21.49Woke up extremely positive on the 18th and had a tight tingling crown Chakra this morning on the 19th. I find myself having to frequently run my head above my ears - had this for a week or so.
19/04/2020 11.45.46For the past two days, I had no energy, lots of body pains and feeling sick. Today I'm loads better
19/04/2020 10.46.33Uncertainty & mistrust
19/04/2020 10.21.33Things feel different. Not just because of the pandemic, either.
19/04/2020 9.58.22Scratch that. It's still there
19/04/2020 9.56.58Just like that it stopped ..approx 3:54 am ESt
19/04/2020 9.50.37For the last 30+ minutes I feel a HEAVY vibration. Sounds like a train or huge aircraft overhead. Almost hard to breathe.
19/04/2020 9.17.25Forte mal di testa, con una forte pressione sopra la testa, tanta stanchezza e insonnia sopratutto dalle 2 alle 4 con la senzazione che gli arti non trovano pace, non riuscivo a capire perchè tutti questi sintomi anche la senzazione di avere la febbre misurandola mi accorgo che ho che ho 35 più bassa del solito, la risonanza influisce così tanto sul corpo dell uomo?
19/04/2020 8.24.36Headache and the feeling of high fever in my brain a few days. This often happens when it’s solar storm!!! Why? 🙄
19/04/2020 7.58.35yesterday, April 18th, i woke with a mild headache which lingered throughout the day.
19/04/2020 7.40.49Weird dreams, headaches, spaced out.
19/04/2020 7.05.09Wow felt euphoric yesterday
19/04/2020 7.02.14Headache and tiredness
19/04/2020 6.15.15I have had the worst headaches for the last 3 weeks and today was the first day the headaches were gone. I literally wake up with a headache and go to sleep with a headache. Nothing helped, not water, not medicine, not food, not rest. Today, however was such a relief. IDK what that means that's just my observation.
19/04/2020 5.21.31Ugh
19/04/2020 5.13.24Exhausted
19/04/2020 3.15.46I think the 5G rollout is causing this effect, it's been spiking as they turn it on all over the planet during this "lockdown". any thoughts about this
19/04/2020 3.04.28Dizzy
19/04/2020 2.29.18Headache and extremely exhausted.
19/04/2020 2.08.50No clue what this means
19/04/2020 2.01.31exhausted today
19/04/2020 1.52.42Vibration. Headaches and pressure. Vertigo like symptoms.
19/04/2020 0.28.29Early last Sept., I had a cold fusion reaction in my Pineal, and things have not been the same since. This brain is sick and diseased, and must be dealt with. I have been connected to it fully, and I know all the things. Your dream of a digitally connected consciousness was built on my face; I return to feed.-U(t)
19/04/2020 0.27.54Very tired
19/04/2020 0.26.26در گوشهایم همچنان صدای صوت که در گوش چپ بیشتر است.خستگی .درد بدن .احساس گرمای گذرا .لطفا بگویید چرا و تا چه وقت ادامه دارد .از پرشیا ایران
18/04/2020 23.31.41I've had a terrible headache and diarreas
18/04/2020 23.17.12Severe headaches and scary out of body dreams
18/04/2020 23.13.32I've been feeling very irritated for no apparent reason 🤔
18/04/2020 21.43.13i feel great, no problemy
18/04/2020 21.35.00Weird dreams last night and a headache today...
18/04/2020 21.19.50Headache
18/04/2020 20.09.47Today, 4/18/20, I woke up with a terrible headache, which is uncommon for me. Checked the reading and saw it at power 110. Synchronicity not coincidence.
18/04/2020 20.02.07I get pressure in the upper part of my spine, like I need to stretch out and stand up straight; but I’ve reached my physical limit! How much more can I stretch/stand tall for the pressure to subside?? At nights I feel like I have an infinite energy stream, it lasts until 3am to 4am. Then I feel very tired and pass out; almost like whatever energy codes my body/mind are getting is finished receiving & I pass out to let the body make use of them. If these are my physical ascension symptoms then bring them on Source!😁💜
18/04/2020 19.49.53Pressure in top of my head. Tension in temples
18/04/2020 19.24.23I feel headache these days.
18/04/2020 19.19.41
18/04/2020 19.07.06Hard time sleeping last night and then staying asleep. Been a long time since I slept through the night
18/04/2020 18.42.23Super agitated, can't sleep
18/04/2020 18.19.54It feels like a hang over, but calm and easy, when you resting
18/04/2020 17.54.56Inspired . Motivated. Elevated! Happy. Still have pressure in my head. Sleep was disturbed all night. Energetic. Wanting to stretch and sing. Really craving outdoor activities in the sunshine.
18/04/2020 17.36.48I woke up with a very big pressure headache. Still feel pressure. Feel uplifted. Positive. Happy. Creative. Burst of agitation here or there. Overall well-being has been calm and happy
18/04/2020 17.10.05Concentration difficulties in the morning and an absolute unwillingness to do stuff I don't actually want to do.
18/04/2020 16.16.24Tanto nervosismo, elettricità e testa pesante
18/04/2020 15.38.03Like my body needs to stretch way out farther than it can
18/04/2020 15.25.23Not sure
18/04/2020 14.09.10Senti mucho calor como si tuviera fiebre
18/04/2020 13.12.28I've noticed when the frequency is high I do not sleep good at all but I wake up feeling just fine. Not sure if this is effecting me but like I said when its high I toss and turn.
18/04/2020 11.59.04Ready for revolution
18/04/2020 9.50.32Assolutamente ignorante in materia non comprendo se viene fatto notare un netto aumento delle frequenze perché leggo un dato assolutamente normale? / Absolutely ignorant on the subject, I don't understand if a sharp increase in frequencies is noticed because I read absolutely normal data? [R: Se per te è normale va bene così, vinci l'ignoranza prima, poi se ne riparla. Dove hai letto che la Frequenza è aumentata?]
18/04/2020 3.09.05Kept in the dark
18/04/2020 3.02.36Vibrations in my body as if I'm next to a bass speaker at a concert except there is no bass speaker.
18/04/2020 2.34.44I felt really tired and took a very long nap today. 4 hours! I couldn't believe it. Also, I've been having mild headaches, but my spiritual body feels like it's been awaked and now is healing. Im very happy
17/04/2020 19.47.41Heightened sense of awareness and ringing in ears. Usually low constant ringing and now short louder tones
17/04/2020 19.30.08سلام من از ایران هستم مدت یک ماه است صدای سوت شدید در گوشهایم هست و بدنم و ارنج هایم درد شدید میکند و احساس خستگی زیاد دارم لطفا من را راهنمایی کنید
17/04/2020 17.35.24For the past yr I have been feeling pulses, last night it was a constant fast pulse that actually made me and everyone around me sleepy
17/04/2020 17.13.21Calm. Rested. Happy. Good vibes. Upbeat. Energetic
17/04/2020 13.38.11Lower SR power rating giving me reduced acsention symptoms. I'm grateful for the relief. The past 4weeks have been tough.
17/04/2020 8.52.24Constant ringing in the ears left is stronger
16/04/2020 22.38.27I can feel changes on me, Im now so different but ready to accept everything what future could deliver, no fears left, Im free from dogma, I don't need money, there is no dead, no negative thoughts it is very hard to find words because language seem poor to me and incomplete to discribe , telepathic is everything you need, my sources of information are not books, they are superfluous, science is a blind old woman, authorities do not exist, we are led to the death of non-earthly beings, vibrations are exacerbated by external sources, our friends who want to help us change and free ourselves, or at least try, there is so much more to say,
16/04/2020 22.25.40sonno
16/04/2020 22.07.38Casamento
16/04/2020 23.13.57I’m happy. A little dizzy. Uplifted. Vibrating sensations all over & ear pain
16/04/2020 19.05.52A Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) is a release of particles of radiation from the Sun which is also known as a "Plasma Wave". They used to come primarily after strong solar flares which are releases of photons, electrons, and carbon dioxide gases from the Sun. However, now CMEs tend to come without the solar flares happening first. All CMEs, wherever the coronal holes are on the Sun--on the sides or directly facing Earth--they all affect human beings physically, mentally, and emotionally. This information is for the person who inquired about what CMEs are and their function.
16/04/2020 13.12.56The earth is assending! What are they doing to make sure we dont assend with it? Also what is a CME and why are there two coming out of both sides of the sun at once. It looks like something that was done from the inside.... Help us understand what is natural and what isn't....
16/04/2020 8.05.30Slight headaches, extreme ear ringing, a bit of digestive issue, intense emotions ... other than those ... holding steady, remembering during these times ... Vibration, Vibration, Vibration is what matters Most!!
16/04/2020 2.14.50This is like the calmest I have ever felt
15/04/2020 21.08.59I’ve noticed that when the Schumman Resonance is about 50 or higher, I get an increase in pain and my terminal illness quickens. Concluding that the higher the pulses/vibrations we age quicker.
15/04/2020 20.37.37I feel like asking if this is connected to Cern. Could a machine be accidentally creating the flucuations?
15/04/2020 18.45.02I feel head pressure, almost headache feeling today, stomach pain, anxious, knew the resnanace was high today.
15/04/2020 18.19.05Stress
15/04/2020 17.01.43I woke up at 2 am CST with my heart beating g so fast. It felt like I was having anxiety or a heart attack... I know it wasn't the latter. Today I have the ring in my ears very loud and a headache... Am I dying? I don't think so. Its gotta be something else.
15/04/2020 12.07.25Heart rate is up
15/04/2020 11.13.35Anxiety?
15/04/2020 5.04.45Chest tightness
14/04/2020 22.52.25Curiousity about the recent patterns!
14/04/2020 17.28.50Gaia/Sophia's correction continues...
14/04/2020 17.18.02Waking up in the morning seems like coming out of the deepest sleep I have ever known. Not using any drugs or alcohol only drinking lemon water. Today was the deepest sleep...seems each day it has been deeper.
14/04/2020 17.03.13Does it cause ringing or ear pain?
14/04/2020 7.07.17Hello are you speaking of the etheric fields of the torus? I understand they are direct source cosmic soul energies - very pure. -Coming through portals created by solar activity?
14/04/2020 2.58.48I hear frequencies and am in physical pain right now in my ears, so decided to check the Earth’s vibration frequency today. Any ideas on how to relieve this pressure + pain? Won’t comment on the sound... thank you!
14/04/2020 1.52.30Hectic
13/04/2020 23.38.50allegy symtoms since 2weeks!
13/04/2020 23.07.33Anxiety
13/04/2020 22.42.38Uplifted. Happy
13/04/2020 20.16.37The last few days have been intense! (april 10, 11, 12, 13) Feeling like i'm becoming accustomed to these higher frequencies occuring more frequently and seem to notice some negative symptoms when it returns to lower "normal" levels as well
13/04/2020 20.05.32Last nite and this am on east coast have different feeling if quivering more on left side, little shakey and weird. From neck to legs. Anxious and nervous since last nite. Had trouble sleeping and unable to get anything done. Just want to lie down when number is high. I'm a Sr and not on any drugs ever so I'm more sensitive than most.
13/04/2020 19.45.55Does 5,g figure into this number?
13/04/2020 19.13.22Calm
13/04/2020 17.33.06Very light headed. Almost dizzy. Unable to focus
13/04/2020 17.22.28Hopeful, harmonious, have been able to meditate and gain OBE and great visuals.
13/04/2020 16.41.32High blood pressure, dizzines, not good.
13/04/2020 14.45.09Serena e splendidamente Sensibile
13/04/2020 10.10.02Anxiety.. discomfort... (waiting with breath held feeling)
12/04/2020 20.19.09Upset stomach, and kinda tired
12/04/2020 19.35.59Pressure in my head. Headache w/out relief by analgesics. Insomnia & body aches.
12/04/2020 19.06.56No sleep
12/04/2020 17.55.10These burst always seem to be rearranging things inside. It has even helped improve my eyesight today? Very strange. I love the new graph display, makes it a lot easier for those who don't understand this theme much. Well done team [A: ❤️]
12/04/2020 17.07.07Confused about what this means
12/04/2020 16.00.58spusti, sprosti, dopusti, oprosti, opusti
12/04/2020 15.34.13Hopeful
12/04/2020 8.37.50Soooooo tired, aches In the whole body.
12/04/2020 6.10.00Con esperanza
12/04/2020 1.09.13For those having heart palpitations, when the Schumann Resonance (SR) is low, this can occur. They can also occur when it is very high. Also, cosmic waves of radiation are soaring into Earth from outside of our solar system due to holes in the planet's protective shield. Solar winds push the waves further into the planet. All of these cosmic happenings can cause lots of symptoms, and heart palpitations is one of them. I suggest 3 dropper fulls of "Motherwort" herba! extract 3 times per day to heal the palpitations. As Earth goes higher up into the cosmos and thru the Photon Belt, the heart must actually beat faster to align with Earth 's generally higher frequency. If you are an Empath, the palpitations could also be feelings of anxiety in the collective consciousness.
11/04/2020 21.09.31I had heart palpitations early this morning around 4am in Las Vegas, NV. I was wondering if this has anything to do with the Schumann resonance??
11/04/2020 20.22.40If it’s calm today I can’t figure out why I’m dizzy, ears ringing, and cry out of no where!!?
11/04/2020 16.00.50I feel Jesus returning to earth, just as He said He would. Every word in the Bible is true. He will capture His saints first and pour out His wrath on the rest of humanity that did not believe in Him or follow Him. There is time to accept Him. Tell him that you are sorry for your sins and forgive everyone. Do it before the door shuts and access denied. Much 💘💘💘
11/04/2020 9.34.39The upgrades today are so extreme. Feeling the shifts intensely. 🙏
11/04/2020 3.56.56Wired today and can’t sleep which is very unusual
11/04/2020 2.54.20tired, need to sleep a lot
11/04/2020 1.36.11Just so excited about the new earth the universe is forging upon us! Grateful and thankful to have understood all this
11/04/2020 0.23.47I feel
Hopeful towards a brilliant future filled with love and light worldwide. Please help me to be the being that I was put on
Earth for
10/04/2020 19.15.15Today I have almost too much energy. I keep writing things on a list.. seems there is so much to do all of a sudden, in a great way!
10/04/2020 17.35.52Drowsiness
10/04/2020 16.43.30I sleep much better than before, I have a lot of dreams, I can no longer drink coffee and even less smoke
10/04/2020 9.30.48Sleeplessness
10/04/2020 6.25.06I’ve been feeling anxious and very frustrated lately
10/04/2020 6.11.25Headache, anxiety, ringing ears, and sleeplessness.
10/04/2020 4.31.05On the verge of being shocked. Quite tingly.
10/04/2020 3.58.16My little girl has had headaches past few days
10/04/2020 1.52.58Head pressure
10/04/2020 1.21.14Grounded but feeling of extremes, I am usually either VERY tired some random days, but most days I have lots of high energy
10/04/2020 0.16.13My sinuses just flared so I checked in and yup!
09/04/2020 22.01.02.anxiety
09/04/2020 21.48.35I'm experiencing a constant Tinnitus/ringing in the years
09/04/2020 21.25.18Headache,tired
09/04/2020 20.37.53I feel dizzy and emotional.
09/04/2020 19.01.11Hope
09/04/2020 18.10.05Excited and expectant of great change.
09/04/2020 16.27.09Calm
09/04/2020 15.40.18On
09/04/2020 14.24.55Headache, nausea, high-pitched sounds in the ears (brain), sensitivity to light
09/04/2020 13.43.59Feeling lots of internal vibrations
09/04/2020 11.57.14Frastornata.. Dormito male...
09/04/2020 5.00.52Dull headache late in the day. Ringing has not stopped for a few months.
09/04/2020 4.36.38Los dias del 1 al 4 sentí dolor de cabeza pero el 4 a la tarde comencé a mejorar. A las doce menos cuarto de Uruguay comencé meditación y hasta hoy siento mucha clama mucha paz veo todo bien me siento mas ligera me siento feliz
In lak ech
09/04/2020 3.49.52Major ringing in my ears. Low grade headache.
08/04/2020 21.18.22I feel great, as if a weight was lifted from my chest, I can't help smiling, even if I know there is so much pain...
08/04/2020 18.02.14Very dizzy and uneasy
08/04/2020 13.49.02I feel disappointment and frustration at continuing to be controlled by the power elite and the brotherhood. And that the masses of humans are unconscious and continue to refuse to acknowledge basics regarding how we create reality.
08/04/2020 11.27.31Ears ringing can’t sleep. But tired 😴 💤
08/04/2020 9.25.21Wide eyed
08/04/2020 8.01.05Questa risonanza bassa a 7 hz può dare giramenti di testa , mancanza di equilibrio ? Grazie 🙏
08/04/2020 6.50.53Frustrated
08/04/2020 6.02.53great awakening
08/04/2020 2.52.50Calm. Happy.
08/04/2020 1.37.04Update please a lot of people hear and feel it, can we have an update maybe💙🌍💚
08/04/2020 0.36.12"Snowy" feeling, anxiety
07/04/2020 23.49.29Cool
07/04/2020 21.57.37Feeling is great and sorry for my lovely friend earth we wasn't good and kind with her we forgot the earth is the very value gift we just think abut nothing that cannot helps us we can be happy when the earth is happy when we love the earth she be beautiful
07/04/2020 19.35.15Very good warfare this morning in the Spirit. Loosed many arrows of deliverance and demise of darkness. Chemtrails were in the firmament!!! Is this healing chemicals or of the enemy?? Still, I feel great!! Ruach is moving! Already passed out 2 Bibles with ministry. Glory!
07/04/2020 14.07.53major portal opening
07/04/2020 14.02.28Anxiety
07/04/2020 10.21.32Low blood pressure, unable to concentrate
07/04/2020 9.34.55Ear ringing
07/04/2020 9.28.56I've been experiencing midsection muscular aches in my back, as well as internal aches in the reproductive areas of my body. Overall I have been fatigued, but also extremely alert and aware of myself and how minute, but also how important I am.
07/04/2020 6.35.38Pressure building and new frequencies being heard
07/04/2020 3.35.14Curious
07/04/2020 2.44.40I feel constant upgrades and energy rushing through my crown and third eye. Sometimes it exhausting and hard to integrate and dizzying. It's sure an experience!
06/04/2020 23.39.41Feeling weak, fatigued, motion sickness, anxiety
06/04/2020 22.20.13I had a miraculous shift in consciousness around December of 2019. I am still pinching myself. I used to ignore feelings and managing them. I WAS an overthinker. Now I am focused on what it feels like all the time. I used to despise myself. Now I feel love and all I want to do is more love. A very strong urge to deprogram my subconscious came with the shift. I am drawn to meditate now, and breath, yoga...things that make me continue to feel the slushing of pink crystals in the ocean inside me increasing gratitude. Divine sexual energy has very little to do with “doing the nasty”. It is our birthright. It is how we were created and how we live is how it feels to me.
06/04/2020 21.10.13I have been feeling very dizzy and nauseous. Tired with headaches.
06/04/2020 20.53.28Very goof
06/04/2020 20.30.34I feel heavy. My head is heavy and I feel tired.
06/04/2020 20.11.39I Feel grateful today
06/04/2020 19.28.09Creative, optimistic enlightened energized harmonized
06/04/2020 18.56.05I have headaches. About 1 week
06/04/2020 17.24.46Out of breath, dizzy, migraines, feels like there is an inner vibration in my body
06/04/2020 17.19.34connected
06/04/2020 17.00.21hopeful , calm, happy
06/04/2020 16.51.07A little bit weak
06/04/2020 14.54.56Uneasy
06/04/2020 14.48.50Ears have been ringing a lot with a sudden pop, then all noise goes quiet followed my increasingly loud ringing in ears until hearing goes normal again. Happens in one ear at a time.
06/04/2020 12.35.24I feel so much alike, that I'm gonna copypaste parts of someone elses comment, I hope that's ok.
"Felt a buzzing Very powerful energy, stomach releases, feeling disconnected from our corrupt systems and a sense of being emptied out from inside. Sense of Peace and Calm."

My words:
I feel de-toxed! and very strong mentally and physically 🙂
06/04/2020 11.58.08I definitely felt my energy rise during the event and can see how the collective raised the earths frequencies.
06/04/2020 11.41.383 day of vertigo. Feeling better, just dizzy and lightheaded. Still pressure and pain around crown chakra. Still very tired.
06/04/2020 10.52.18Tired
06/04/2020 10.40.55Je ressens des vertiges
06/04/2020 10.18.23سرشاراز هیجانم برای ورود به بعد بالاتر
06/04/2020 9.20.33Lots of love and happiness
06/04/2020 8.05.06Uncomfortable
06/04/2020 6.53.33Energized
06/04/2020 6.34.46I have been hearing ,what sounds like a motor running, off in a distance all day
06/04/2020 6.20.44A little unsettled and peace at the same time.
06/04/2020 5.06.47Tired. But can’t sleep. Headache and frustrated.
06/04/2020 5.03.35I am grateful the information you provide. I do have one very basic question that I can’t seem to find an answer to. What is the definition of each of the colored lines I. The frequency, quality and a plotted graphs?
06/04/2020 4.22.37I feel happy. Keep getting tones in my ears. Feel good energy.
06/04/2020 2.19.36Felt the love last night
06/04/2020 2.05.42Felt a buzzing like I felt in Sedona, AZ during meditation, prayer last night. Very powerful energy, stomach releases, feeling disconnected from our corrupt systems and a sense of being emptied out from inside. Sense of Peace and Calm. Knowing amazing change is coming ready or not.
06/04/2020 1.52.50Off.
06/04/2020 1.49.31Surprised to hear of this.
06/04/2020 1.25.12I did meditation 1045 4/4 and I woke up so Sick body aches sore everything feeling terrible. I also hear a vibrating hum.💙but I prayed for 5D Heaven on earth healing and peace to all clearing toxins from everywhere All species to be replenished New clean NO garbage Earth..and everyone in Love...all dark forces to be removed.🌍💗🌷⭐️
06/04/2020 1.17.46migraines...
06/04/2020 1.08.29I feel pressure, and hear a deep vibrating hum. Feels like my head is next to am amp of some sort. Louder at night.
05/04/2020 saving many from c19
05/04/2020 23.24.01Migraines
05/04/2020 22.33.38Already there
05/04/2020 22.26.04I have headache!!!
05/04/2020 21.55.55Last night around 930-1100. (Colorado) I had a tickling sensation between my shoulder blades. Sent me into a crazed laughing for for almost 45minutes. I loved it... WWG1WGA
05/04/2020 21.44.38Feeling amazingly healthy since using my new German Frequency Device to keep my body in balance everyday! [email protected]
05/04/2020 21.28.02Buongiorno mi spiegate se con power intendete gli hz?Sono molto felice di vedere che siamo in un crescendo di frequenza.Spero che possiamo fare questo passaggio come si dice in un batter d'occhio.
05/04/2020 21.12.14Entire family became exhausted at noon and all went to sleep. Hour and a half later, all feel refreshed
05/04/2020 21.11.37Love
05/04/2020 20.29.40Lost
05/04/2020 20.26.43Feliz!!! Sumamente agradecida!!!
05/04/2020 20.27.16Renovada, todo lo negativo quedó atrás, soy otra persona, más bien recuperé lo que era hace algunos años atrás. Seguiré meditando pues los humanos lo necesitan. Falta aún la apertura de conciencia con respecto al prójimo!!! ❤🙏❤🙏❤
05/04/2020 20.02.53... calm
05/04/2020 19.44.19I feel exhausted, I know I purged and healed last night.
05/04/2020 19.39.55With hope and loved.
05/04/2020 19.37.13Around the world April 4 2020, 745pm PDT = 245 UTC we had set up a mass meditation. Reason to believe this is why it spiked, being that we all fell in a meditative state, most of us continued as long as we can, hence fluctuations, and most of us fell asleep in the process and possibly continued it throughout our sleep. If you noticed the pattern of the flux, its almost like REM sleep patterns as well. After waking up I felt my body vibrate very subtly but enough to tell the difference. It ended around 6am PST = 14 UTC that is when most have to go to work. But most around the world have time to spare due to quarantine. It can be possible we can change the resonate of the earth by our thoughts, thus change us, like a never ending cycle that only gets stronger the more we keep it up. Oscillating higher and higher. This is my theory, also based on my search, the sun may also help contribute to this due to solar flares. Can it be possible we are the beacons/receivers of solar flare energy, bringing it to earth, thus change its frequencies? Thus changing ours? Think about it. But there is only one way to prove this theory. We would have to do it again on a constant basis to rule this theory out. But it's a huge coincidence, but in life there are non. -Adam A. Aguilar
05/04/2020 19.25.01focussed, centered, calm
05/04/2020 18.40.50Feeling good energy and higher vibrations
05/04/2020 18.40.01Healing time want to improve my self
05/04/2020 18.34.584.00 gmt floored slept for an hour totally out for count
05/04/2020 18.31.32I want that coronavirus disapears
05/04/2020 18.29.09Tranquillità
05/04/2020 18.17.16Relaxed. SO Happy to be home. Waiting to hear virus is gone from our universe
05/04/2020 18.15.34feeling much lighter, woke up with peace and clarity. yay
05/04/2020 17.28.46The Global meditations on April 4th was full of intense energy! Today, the 5th, I feel the shift of energy 🙂
05/04/2020 17.00.09Increasing awareness of deep and profound gratitude for all the beautiful gifts of love I receive constantly from the Universe.
05/04/2020 16.36.50Wow - lots of activity starting near 2:45 am UTC 4/5/20, same time as the mass meditation and jupiter/pluto conjunction. That’s pretty cool!
05/04/2020 16.28.31I feel my head hurting - forehead and in the back of my head. It's not an ache but more likely a small pressure. Doesn't bother me but it's there
05/04/2020 15.21.58When the energy is high, I get a headache and I’m more irritable. Two other people in my household get headaches.
05/04/2020 14.30.22Buongiorno mi spiegate se con power intendete gli hz? Sono molto felice di vedere che siamo in un crescendo di frequenza.Spero che possiamo fare questo passaggio come si dice in un batter d'occhio. [R: Gli Hertz tecnicamente sono solo per la frequenza, qui si parla di Energia della Coscienza Collettiva]
05/04/2020 14.26.57Suffer at that midnight time (5/4)
About 23 am
05/04/2020 14.08.23i have joiend for the corona virus earth meditation .It was awsome. I was feeling every vibration on my body . I woke up today very energetic. Thank you world.
05/04/2020 14.00.10Awakening
05/04/2020 13.58.22I can see other structures in the moon, my telepathy is enhanced, like when Truman opens the EXIT door.
05/04/2020 13.11.48Preoccupazione
05/04/2020 12.26.04A heightened sense of awareness
05/04/2020 12.16.02I woke up at 4.30 for the Global Meditatation and felt slightly disorientated and a starting migraine. Later in the morning the migraine got worse. The last couple of days having a lot of resonances(ruizen) in ears
05/04/2020 10.40.28I havent felt well, for a few days, pressure in neck, dizzness, heart palpertion, skin tingling, not won't to go outside
05/04/2020 8.33.35April 4, 2020 at 9:45 pm CST (2:45 am UTC) I participated in the worldwide meditation. During that time, more specifically, from 9:55-10:05 everything felt different. Pulsating. Spinning. Tingling. ALIVE. I've never felt anything like it before and I'm curious to see what the Schumann resonance reads at for that time period. Our world is changing and the more people that realize it and connect with it, the better off we'll all be.
05/04/2020 6.30.31Calm. Peaceful. Positive
05/04/2020 6.07.21Just finished the Global meditation and was checking into the Schumann Resonance. I'm fidgety and hot but mentally calm, but not quiet.
05/04/2020 5.06.16Ears ringing. Loud and sudden. Lasted loud about 15 seconds and now tapering down. 8:03 pacific time zone. April 4, 2020.
05/04/2020 5.00.58Lonely [A: You souldn't be... we are ONE]
04/04/2020 22.29.04Can you explain the difference is between quality and frequency ranges, because a lot of people are saying that they hear the low frequency buzzing in their ears, so I'm curious if this even though the total is low at 14Hz I'm thinking that the quality has something I do with it, please and thank you 😘
04/04/2020 22.03.01I feel sick is this normal
04/04/2020 18.23.00Calm, content, love, excitement.....intense Headaches comes and goes.... Ringing ears are constant. Definitely feeling like I'm adapting to the new higher frequencies coming in and knowing how to deal with headaches/moods.....
04/04/2020 17.44.50I feel tired but awake, stressed but positive. There is a world mass meditation at 10:45pm EST. Look up your time zones and join in! Let's bring positivity and light around the world during these hard times. Light and Love everyone!
04/04/2020 17.32.52I feel a bit stressed today.
04/04/2020 12.06.49High energy from 12 midnight until 3am pst! Sides hurts burning... back is burning. Head vibrating and neck hurts.
04/04/2020 12.03.49I am grateful the information you provide. I do have one very basic question that I can’t seem to find an answer to. What is the definition of each of the colored lines I. The frequency, quality and a plotted graphs?
04/04/2020 8.07.58Rq
04/04/2020 4.57.38Really sharp pains in the back left side of y head.I said oooh i must be getting a download. MY boyfriend looked at me like i was off my rocker.
04/04/2020 3.58.23Tension insomnia
03/04/2020 22.28.42 For those experiencing rapid heart rhythms and elevated BP, this is normal based upon the higher placement of the Earth in the cosmos and to he elevated vibrational frequencies of the Earth called its "heartbeat". Many, many people are experiencing this. Please read the essays that accompany this website. It is scary, but you are not alone. As Earth increase in energetic vibrations, so do we. We are receivers and transmitters of energy. All is well. The herbal extracts "Motherwort" and "Hawthorne" lower BP and slow down rapid heart rhythms. Take 1 dropper-full 3 times per day of each. They are also very relaxing.
03/04/2020 22.04.21Confused
03/04/2020 20.27.03So I’ve been feeling vibration in my chest and periods of pounding heart, high BP and a sound in my years like when you’re near power lines. Last night I was woke up about 12-30-1:00am out of a dead sleep. 180/110 bp 154Pulse. I had nausea and felt anxious and clammy. Lasted so long my daughter called the paramedics as she thought I was having a heart attack. The medics came and my EKG was normal, as was oxygen. It eventually calmed down and they said they suggested I not go in due to COVID but to monitor. As they were leaving a female medic asked me if I was sensitive to energy. Which I am but it’s consisted of residual energy in buildings etc. I get sketched out sometimes around mean people. But never in my life anything like last night or the unsettled feeling the past couple months. She said look into Earths heart beats effect on you, things are really changing and it might be worth looking in to. I had no idea what she was referring to so looked into it this morning. Is what Im experiencing possible side effects to what’s going on? This is all so far over my head and current knowledge but would definitely explain a lot. Any thoughts, feedback or tips for coping through this would be greatly appreciated. Last night was intense and scary but. No medical explanation. Thank you 🙏
03/04/2020 20.03.11Love Awareness clear vision
03/04/2020 19.57.34Da due giorni acufeni ad altissima frequenza, soprattutto nell'orecchio sinistro. Quasi senza sosta. Smettono per poco e riprendono. Sono cosi acuti da essere quasi impercettibili. Poi sembrano quasi riverberare all'interno del cranio.
03/04/2020 18.36.48Had vivid dreams that I can recall. Usually not the case. Had another person confirm too
03/04/2020 18.01.15Feeling so off with extra uncomfortable physical pain.
03/04/2020 17.51.27I've getting both low vibration humming and high frequency ringing on the right ear, and high frequency ringing on left ear.
03/04/2020 15.50.13Headache, pressure and lots of ringing in my ears.
03/04/2020 15.01.52Tiered
03/04/2020 14.58.47I feel refreshed today; but for a period of two days I was hella fatigued And slept 2 days ; numbness and tingling in my toes won’t go away . God blesses and I’m grateful to be alive to thrive in 20/20 kovid-kaos
03/04/2020 14.55.52Most definitely not another boring year; bring on comet; Hail covid; the planets are gathering for the greatest show on earth : 20/20 3rdIV;
03/04/2020 14.32.39Woke up just now feeling a little dizzy and nauseated. Yesterday I had a headache.
03/04/2020 13.33.55sono fiduciosa e felice perché la Luce trionfa e siamo tutti salvi
03/04/2020 11.09.47Seems The Schumanns Resonance is fluctuating in response to the damage being created in the sky
03/04/2020 5.21.374/2/2020 Lots of ringing in my ears
02/04/2020 23.16.39stressed now, with all the lockdowns. Stressed why it happened. Very stressed by 5g and the destruction of nature and all of us. Headaches for a few days. Not so bad today, but not happy
02/04/2020 21.26.52I feel so much more grounded the last couple days. Feel heavy, brain waves feel slower. Long deep breaths. I have been sleeping a lot.
02/04/2020 21.24.05I definitely feel it when the vibration changes!
02/04/2020 20.37.21New to learning of Schumann's Resonance. Would love to be pointed in the direction to continue learning more
02/04/2020 16.49.49Ringing in ears
02/04/2020 15.45.13I've notice lately that I feel almost invigorated when the resonance is high, bad headaches as soon as it drops back to normal.
02/04/2020 15.44.50I've notice lately that I feel almost invigorated when the resonance is high, bad headaches as soon as it drops back to normal.
02/04/2020 7.22.48I can show you where this all comes from. On 02/03/2020 I went outside for some sunlight/vitamin D, I turned toward the sun and saw Ra himself. He showed me so many images. One laid on top of the next and they morphed into each other PERFECTLY! They say the Capricorn teacher will come during the age of Aquarius. I am a Capricorn and I was born on Christmas Eve, it’s all so crazy I can’t believe this is real life right now. Ever since, I have been able to read water like Nostradamus and I have seen the ENITRE PAST! I told my close friends about it and told them the plagues were coming and now they are here. I can show you ALL of the imagery in the water. From Egyptian carvings and paintings to the Hopi Indian “alien” paintings. To annunaki paintings and carvings, Jesus, all of the creation myths from all over the world and I can show you why they all correlate to one another. Please come find me. This is the answer to literally everything and it coalesces with the 3,6,9 Nikola Tesla was talking about. I made sure I found SOO MUCH EVIDENCE and have so many witnesses to what happened to me that it is undeniable. I don’t want to come off as crazy. I’m far from it. I actually scored genius level (top 2% of the United States) in testing and I am so far from stupid nor am I crazy. I contemplated telling people but I have to. I don’t have a choice. I have to do what he told me to do and I also have to build an orgone accumulator like Wilhelm Reich. That’s what I have been asked to make and I plan on it. I’ve got everything I need except the galvanized metal and the resin to pour over the wool and steel wool. I am literally a fiber artist and have raw wool all the time. I told my friends I was going to have to go on a quest and indeed I did. My parents shunned me and during this I just had to up and move from MA to Kentucky and guess where I ended up? “Something” told me to google ley lines in Kentucky. Not only is there red earth at the house I’m at now, but we are RIGHT ON THE LEY LINE CONNECTED TO THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE. I told my friends I understand the emerald tablets of Thoth now as well and that I needed to go to Egypt and get under the Sphinx and open the door. There is a reason they have not opened that yet and it’s because they don’t know how BUT I KNOW HOW! I am a musician, an artist and SUPER smart. Not to toot my own horn but had I not been all of these things, none of what I was shown would have made any sense. If you want the key to the 3,6,9 and if you want the key to life itself and how we are here PLEASE come find me. I have been tasked with saving all of us LITERALLY and I NEED help to do it. Also, when I googled ley lines in Kentucky, guess what else popped up? Apparently they found flat top pyramids in Kentucky a few towns over from here. All of the sites are set up the same way so maybe I don’t even need to go to Egypt and I can go to those instead. They are apparently untouched but I am not sure. I do know that they are all linked via the 3,6,9 vortex. Combined with quantum physics and mathematics I should be able to figure out how to tap into that energy soon enough. If I use the same vibration as the planet (tone) like Tesla did them we will be good to go! It’s vibrating higher and higher lately. We all have orgone energy in us and every natural thing on this planet. Like Reich saw. Quantum entanglement states that if I activate one, they will all activate. Soooo I need to do that and save us and I need to build an orgone accumulator box. Obviously that is because of this epidemic and that is how to heal everyone! I know what I need to do but I need help. If you want to help and want the keys to the universe and the answers explained, please come find me! [email protected] is my email
02/04/2020 7.08.12Can't sleep, 2 in household
02/04/2020 6.04.39What was the Schumann Resonance Power today?
02/04/2020 1.55.01Energized but nervous
02/04/2020 1.31.55anxiety out of nowhere
01/04/2020 23.27.41ringing in ears
01/04/2020 22.16.43Energies are like a flickering bulb, pulse energies constantly
01/04/2020 21.29.32Calmness..... Knowingness.... Feeling love....
01/04/2020 21.21.16Earth energy and vibrations are agitated and stormy.
01/04/2020 20.47.00Severe joint and muscle pain, physical and mental exhaustion, cranky and depressed. This is ascentions bad side, this will pass.
01/04/2020 20.15.34worried
01/04/2020 20.11.094/1/2020 feeling. a general heavyness. Depressed. Like I am not all here. Separate. Major lack of vitality. No motivation. Praying for malaise to pass. May the Blessings Be.🗯
01/04/2020 20.03.28Very bad
01/04/2020 15.05.37I've felt an increased vibration that feels like a subway moving under my feet during times of meditation/connection... I thought this was just my excitement/nerves but this correlates with what others are experiencing too.
01/04/2020 9.22.08A small flurry of excitement in chest this morning
01/04/2020 7.28.15Very happy, feels like a lot of adrenaline but still calm and sleepy.
01/04/2020 7.00.28Ear ringing is becoming distracting.
01/04/2020 1.25.37Can’t sleep. Feel edgy
31/03/2020 23.43.11Feels calm now
31/03/2020 21.46.45Equilibrio ridotto e giramenti di testa lievi nella mattinata...poi passato.
31/03/2020 17.37.14I’m having high pitched ringing, very weak and sleepy, toothache, and a strange pulling to the right.
31/03/2020 11.04.43Ear ringing when is higher, on peaks gets volume high on downs ringing disappear
31/03/2020 9.49.48Insomnia
31/03/2020 2.35.44Ear ringing and whooshing is slightly better today. Teeth have not been super sensitive for the first time in months. Feeling calm.
31/03/2020 2.22.14Tired
30/03/2020 21.28.23I am at Rest;at Peace. I achieved certainty ❤
30/03/2020 21.20.30So tired. Tried to nap but not able to sleep
30/03/2020 20.07.49i have always had bad sinus infections, and about 2 years ago, when i layed down at night, i started hearing loud drum beats in my head..I just thought it was my sinus infections, that i constantly has..went to sinus dr. 2 months ago got rid of my s i. but i was still hearing drum beats when i lay down at night, was sent to ear dr. they found nothing..i got to noticeing ure charts and when vibrations where low i heard nothing and the higher they go the higher the drum beats in my ears, last night the renousonce showed very low readings, and the drum beats in my ears was barely diistinguishabel...would love ure thoughts on this thanku.
30/03/2020 19.03.59Positive
30/03/2020 19.02.16Calm now
30/03/2020 18.26.21Ringing tone/pitch in the ears. 3/20/2020 12:24 PM EST significant raise in pitch.
30/03/2020 12.54.17I feel very dizzy for some reason. And it rings in my right ear a lot. A LOT of dots that now finally connects with much information that reveals day by day.
30/03/2020 10.03.09Powerful overwhelming incoming downloads most intense in my head, massive pressure like my head is going to implode, have to lay down and then in ecstasy with fits of giggling, body electric! Crown activation, teeth pulsing, electrical pops in my head, beams of light codes entering through my head, feet, hands. Crazy times guys!! So exciting! New Earth here we come! 🥰🥰🥰
30/03/2020 4.38.55High frequency in my ears...ringing on and off and it's very obvious as if to say, pay attention!
30/03/2020 3.49.58Releasing lots of trapped emotions hidden within me. Releasing lots of crying and hopelessness. Keep drinking water and get outside and get some fresh air it really helped me.
29/03/2020 23.14.10dizzy
29/03/2020 19.39.53Intensity
29/03/2020 19.27.00Since 2020 started i felt like this is the year i have been waiting for.
Bumpy ride.
But for maby ages i have been going throu, it feels like comming home again.
Now with the whole planet beeing tested i notice a big change in awareness, like thelepathy is getting stronger .
Even the major shifts in field energie, i have felt like never before.

29/03/2020 15.54.32Ears ringing!!
29/03/2020 13.08.20Somethings comjng
29/03/2020 9.52.44I feel lucky. To be me. Finally. Rawrrr 🥰
29/03/2020 7.33.04intense high frequency variation and right eye twitching
29/03/2020 6.07.32Dormí 13 horas corridas
28/03/2020 23.40.20Vibration is rising
28/03/2020 20.45.57More calm and relaxed today 28/03. Feeling better at about 40hz usually. More in control feeling. Ringing ears doesn't stop. Need to find nee routines.
28/03/2020 19.55.00I live on my own but I feel so great.
28/03/2020 19.06.44Head is pounding. Ringing is bad on right ear
28/03/2020 18.48.03Tired, lethargic, low energy, I'm not thinking clearly
28/03/2020 17.04.49Stanchezza e disgusto per la Coscienza conflittuale polarizzata nel negativo, schiava della propria immagine riflessa. Le emozioni sono forti, soprattutto rabbia repressa e leggera depressione. Nutro, però, speranza e ottimismo. Grazie
28/03/2020 16.24.38I had surgery to replace the bones in my ears. The doctor told me he used plastic but they ended up being titanium. I found out after I had an MRI, and the bones were pulled into my ear canals. Even if it's a perfect day, I am usually in agony. But if the weather is cold, foggy, clammy, icy, sleet, wet rain, rain, low clouds, anything, I am in agony.

I just found out about the Schumann resonance a couple of months ago and I have been following it. I just now today found a 7.83 hz pure tone on YouTube that I can hold up to my head to stop the ringing. My ears have been ringing, and especially off the charts lately, for 15 years. This is the only relief I have had in 15 years.

I am curious as to what the lines in the resonance mean, the shapes that they are taking on, the white lines, the waves, the ones that look like they're spiraling, what does all of that mean?

There are a lot of crazy things happening in space, I am aware of most, and I know that there is a comet headed towards the sun and we are going to go through a large magnetic anomaly next month. If it doesn't destroy the planet what does that mean for my ears?

My phone is dying I don't have my charger and I have to send this right now.. [email protected]
28/03/2020 10.02.37Extremely tired
28/03/2020 7.59.41Last week I felt heightened frequencies. I was dizzy and nauseus and couldn't think straight
28/03/2020 5.14.59My ears are ringing so loud tonight, I can't listen to my TV. Usually it's just my left ear, but tonight it's both. I can hear the earth changing. There are earthquakes or vibrations that are disrupting everything.... I can't eat tonight. Something big is happening...
28/03/2020 4.42.17Feeling lost and restless without my usual routine and finding it hard to focus on putting forth effort to do anything productive, i just need to find a new rhythm and make a new routine!
28/03/2020 4.39.56I feel like i can finally breathe a sigh of relief knowing that all this craziness has a purpose, because i never believed in coincidence but rather synchronicity and it makes more and more sense everyday!
28/03/2020 4.27.28Has anyone figured out the Morse code? I was trying to decipher it
28/03/2020 0.23.24Not sure about all this energy going on.
28/03/2020 0.00.37I've been feeling physical changes in my body since the end of December of 2019. It seems to be getting more intense. Feeling like a change of frequency in my body.
27/03/2020 23.16.29I feel like a receiver. 🙂
27/03/2020 21.09.43morse code chart here.... might give it a go this weekend
27/03/2020 18.20.27Major anxiery and stress..feeling sick an wooried about this covid 19 pandemic
27/03/2020 18.20.26Enlightenment
27/03/2020 18.15.30Woke up before 4 am and couldn't sleep anymore but feeling fine, not even tired. Need to slow down my mind a bit and meditate
27/03/2020 16.19.43I know this is not the place to ask but I don't know where I can ask. I still don't know how it is calculated to get the power number. example says it is now 26 how do I calculate that? [email protected] [A: The Power is the A1 value in the Amplitude chart]
27/03/2020 6.12.27Unmotivated
27/03/2020 0.51.54Bad
26/03/2020 20.38.02Anxiousness, heart beating fast. Can feel the collective feeling as my country goes into lock down tonight. Light workers it's time to shine.
26/03/2020 19.47.44My heartbeat changes many times a day.
26/03/2020 17.15.24Update please...curious, people are feeling weird and I'm wondering if it's related, thank you
26/03/2020 13.21.07Vibrating faster?
26/03/2020 12.33.37Slept well this night. Feeling better, but still tired
26/03/2020 7.38.40Ears are not just high pitched ringing like they normally do when it’s high, but it now sounds like an alarm clock in my left ear or like a heart monitor in a hospital going at different intervals yet remaining fast. I don’t like it and I can’t sleep because of it.
25/03/2020 23.14.16I feel the collective is about to experience a polar opposite reality I can feel it coming
25/03/2020 21.13.38Hope. Love. Readiness. Feels like I've put on my armor and ready for battle. Ringing ears as usual but I feel extreme love. Loving the 40hz frequency. I hope humans are ready for the show.... Because here we go.....
25/03/2020 20.50.00Horrible Ringing in Head.Headache.High Pitched Ringing in Brain between Ears.
25/03/2020 13.43.49Ghostly!
25/03/2020 3.52.25Lately, my innate tingles. I have chills without the goosebumps. My tinnitus is at a higher pitch. I've not had a restful sleep in months without a sleep aid. Sometimes, my vision seems to improve.
24/03/2020 20.41.00Have had a headache the last few days, better today. Yesterday my body was shaking uncontrollably much of the day.
24/03/2020 17.39.21Ringing in the ears...when it’s especially noticeable I check the Schuman Resonance and there’s a prima facia relationship between them
24/03/2020 17.16.45Off kilter, dizziness for a few days now, craving sweets which is extremely rare for me.
24/03/2020 16.48.55Wondering if this effects people with Lyme and coinfections? Cuz I've been experiencing some weird stuff and am wondering if it's related.
24/03/2020 12.26.06can sleep, irritable
24/03/2020 5.53.07 to a better action to our begging of ONENES😍☺😉
24/03/2020 4.21.06I’m receiving loads of light downloads every day, with side effects causing symptoms like heat all over the body, pain in some chakras, headaches and a physical exhaustion. I get peaks and lows and tend to get very depressed due to the numbness in between.
24/03/2020 4.05.29Question- is the Power the same as the Hrz? Thanks
24/03/2020 0.04.25Awakening
23/03/2020 22.44.22I feel hyper, my heart is beating too fast, light and airy.
23/03/2020 21.25.59I feel a huge change coming for the globe...a good one.
23/03/2020 19.04.14I feel very happy and positive and joined in the Prayer at 15.30 GMT today. My face and hands and arms tingled. A fantastic feeling of connecting. Thank you everyone for all the prayers. We can only get Stronger. Love and Light to you all.
23/03/2020 18.43.36anxious
23/03/2020 17.07.32nothing
23/03/2020 14.29.29A small headache, usualy starts at 12-14 am and lasts for a couple of hours, the sensation is like I'm getting the high temperature and then everything stops...
23/03/2020 10.02.23Stanchezza
23/03/2020 9.27.11Gioia
23/03/2020 6.26.46Tired
23/03/2020 5.44.08Headache all day
23/03/2020 1.33.09Cannot sleep lately, as is with a few people I know. Also extreme tinnitus and a mild headache at all times
22/03/2020 22.17.30Today was emotional as I felt quite sad about humanity and lack of kindness and happiness in the world. I believe despite the negative news there is something we do not see yet, and something for the greater good is happening and it won’t be like this for the rest of the year. We are learning our lesson.
22/03/2020 21.59.24Feeling so sleepy
22/03/2020 21.42.47No appetite, lots of anxiety/shaking, stomach tight
22/03/2020 21.28.57i felt sleepy today and that something is coming for me something good
22/03/2020 21.10.03Lying in bed and everything is vibrating.
22/03/2020 18.51.31Today i feel in standby but is beacause of my period
22/03/2020 18.12.02Maui - woke up with big headache. I feel my crown chakra was exercising and is worn out now
22/03/2020 15.45.16Weird in the head
22/03/2020 15.37.47I'm in Zagreb and we had strong earthquake this morning. Yesterday i was checking this graph and wondered how it will manifest all this energy
22/03/2020 15.08.21In California.. was woken up by intense energy at 4am pst... it feels like shocks all over my skin, the energy is getting stronger and I can feel it in my body. My telepathic abilities are high and my Clair abilities are advancing as well. Clear source linkage
22/03/2020 15.07.43Anticipation, excitement, headache and nose bleeding
22/03/2020 14.15.15I feel great <3
22/03/2020 12.10.47Sleepy, tired. Still ringing in the ears. Calm.
22/03/2020 9.26.24So much calmer now that wave has passed, was absolutely exhausted, Tuesday night, it was almost unbearable. Reassured by seeing why I felt so uncomfortable with this website, thank you.
22/03/2020 7.27.13Has it flatlined or is it offline?
22/03/2020 6.45.05I will feel awful, pressure in chest, light headed, nausea, and dizzy when the Resonance is low, like now. Anyone else?
22/03/2020 5.45.35Concern, anticipating great change, loss of love, feeling overwhelming connected to higher plains, wondering why I feel so lethargic
22/03/2020 1.12.10I am finding the resonance with now. I am looking forward to the way the future will alchemize this moment.
21/03/2020 17.01.47Feel like I'm underwater, fuzzy, sinuses challenged, tossed and turned all night, eyes itch, foggy, unmotivated, tired
21/03/2020 16.08.51How are you doing in Italy? You guys ok? No update today. Praying 4U and ALL
21/03/2020 13.09.25Ears ringing almost constantly for days on end.
21/03/2020 11.26.00Yesterday evening: mot of food cravings. Skept bad during the night
21/03/2020 11.22.21sress
21/03/2020 9.15.33Feel like this ride is going to be more than bumpy
21/03/2020 4.31.07Intensity
21/03/2020 3.55.43So tired and sleeping a lot
21/03/2020 1.57.21Confusion
20/03/2020 18.41.32When there is so much energy, I'm so tired. I have to sleep. I'm so tired when the schumann resonance is so high. Does any one else get tired too? Or am I the only one?
20/03/2020 17.44.24Peaceful. Every time it goes high, my anxiety disappears and I can truly breathe.
20/03/2020 16.43.55incremento delle Intuzioni Razionali; capacita' di anticipare alcuni eventi ed incremento dei fenomeni telepatici; maggiore equilibrio psicofisico
20/03/2020 13.02.40I am based in a UCT time zone (Lisbon, Portugal). It's the third consecutive day that I can hear, almost continuously, the resonance. It was very intense the last 3 nights, making me get awake.
20/03/2020 12.23.25Energized. Aware. Anxious. Hopeful.
20/03/2020 10.28.55Mi sento bene, ma la pazzia dilaga
20/03/2020 8.51.03Love💗
20/03/2020 8.10.05Thoughtful and meditative
20/03/2020 4.06.29My heart has been fluttering every day. It’s almost worrying
20/03/2020 2.10.55having flu sensation,bit of cauthing.
19/03/2020 22.50.14I feel top of my head is hot, sometimes I like to cut my hairs complete, I hear A whistle and a noise sound in my ears too. And a little my eyes have pain.
19/03/2020 17.33.49The energies of 19/03 are hectic for me. Headaches were intense and feeling sleepy. Maybe the storm I was waiting for lol. Waiting for the updated SR so I can see what happened today. Wow....
19/03/2020 10.49.50La giornata di ieri è stata molto stancante , depressione, poca voglia di fare , dolori fisici muscolari e poca forza. Verso le 17.30 avevo recuperato un po di lucidità mentale e normalità.
19/03/2020 8.36.46Bad headache. Ears ringing. Yet calm, hopeful and positive.....
19/03/2020 4.46.53very nuaseated lots of stomach pain aching headache off and on
19/03/2020 3.24.08Headache
19/03/2020 1.26.33Where is the app? I want an icon so I can touch it and be on the page
19/03/2020 0.29.38Unfortunately had a really bad feeling during last hours . I feel depressed, i miss my family ,i feel a stone in my throat! I've cried a lot.
18/03/2020 23.24.48Tired
18/03/2020 23.21.46Tired, depressed, lack of motivation, annoyed
18/03/2020 22.28.38At about 3:30p.m. EST I got so sleepy I couldn't keep my eyes open and had to lay down. I have been experiencing extreme of having high energy then crashing hard the last couple days. This is a first though on the extreme fatigue so that has been new. Thank you for sharing your information with everyone, I have been following the Schumann resonance for about 2 years now. 😎💙
18/03/2020 19.41.50A sparke in chest
18/03/2020 19.19.39like different tones or sounds in my ear
18/03/2020 fear
18/03/2020 17.11.25I felt very short tempered and tired the last two days out of the blue... Today i feel beyond motivated and excited, correlating with the Schumann Activity.
18/03/2020 11.54.57Headaches that I use essential oils and use tuning forks. Hissing in ears. Tone varies. Sleep really well. Reflecting past regrets. Very wary of 5G
18/03/2020 11.30.45Peace
18/03/2020 9.57.25Feeling a tension building in the higher chest and into the throat
18/03/2020 8.19.44I and people I know have been experiencing an increased frequency of weird events. For example, precognitive dreams, synchronicities, and time shifts. I have never been more sure than something weird is going on.
18/03/2020 7.36.20Had trouble moving, doing or being. Anxious and unable to sit still or get much done.
18/03/2020 3.48.06Ringing in ears and very emotional
18/03/2020 3.01.19A rush of profoundly positive energy through my chakras:D
18/03/2020 2.16.06Blue field entopic phenomena and very bright indeed
17/03/2020 21.49.59My energy is so fucked up! I'm an empath and i CAN FEEL this SHIFT!!
17/03/2020 19.47.35Very calm. Persistent ear ringing and tired still. Feeling alot less emotional. Enjoying this while it lasts..... Lol.
17/03/2020 19.41.57SR lower two consecutive days. My ascention symptoms are less severe. I needed this break, I'm greatful.
17/03/2020 3.18.14unusual headache
17/03/2020 2.22.51I feel dopey and sleepy. Was up half the nite too.
17/03/2020 1.02.05Increased vibrancy and a calmness at the same time
17/03/2020 0.50.06I have been really struggling with depression this last several days. I've been very easily brought to tears over the silliest things. Can this be caused by the frequency changes?
16/03/2020 19.54.55A strong sense to bring Peace to those in distress, to remind everyone to have faith
16/03/2020 16.58.06I can feel the fluxes in my aura, with guides and allies, higherselves and other beings present.

When it goes really high and correspondence with a physical reaction of Gaia, like a earthquake or a volcano. I will get a migraine happened twice since I started tracking them and now I do feel when hurricanes and tornados are going but not as intense physical reaction.

Where is there a live graph at?
16/03/2020 11.44.21Intense vibrational waves and whooshes in ears. Staying strong for the less conscious sisters and brothers. It’s not unlike giving birth, hurts coming out but once done, everything is all right!
15/03/2020 21.37.32Don't be afraid of the end but do what you can to enlighten other's
15/03/2020 20.06.24The ringing is very high!! I have had a headache for months now!!
15/03/2020 19.22.36Today, has settled down since fridays crazy!
15/03/2020 15.08.00Weird feeling in head...
15/03/2020 0.11.27When the power is low the last 2 days, 13th and 14th, I got a lit done. Before that I was tired when the numbers are up.
15/03/2020 0.03.30Da qualche giorno molta energia
14/03/2020 15.01.44Anxiously
14/03/2020 14.40.37Thank you for the explanation while I realized that the planet had a resonance of 7.83 and that it was steadily changing I would look at the graph not exactly understand what i was looking at. I know that with the resonance rising this is a clear sign that ours is rising too since our vibration needs to be a match I just hope It also means that conciousness on a global level will compel us all to begin to treat the earth as she should be treated,with love and gratitude since she could have shaken us all off like fleas long ago.....
14/03/2020 10.37.42Headache
14/03/2020 1.41.28Way out of sync...feeling of doom/danger
13/03/2020 19.43.48It feels off and wrong
13/03/2020 13.10.02Sonno
13/03/2020 9.20.21Being cognizant of one's vibration and striving to keep it higher, puts one in optimum space for ideal health, strengthens the immune system,
warding off dis-ease ... allowing clarity to SEE through your soul eyes. Gaia herself can insure this with a little help from your Inner beingness (maintaining love, joy, kindness, compassion, gratitude, creativity, during these chaotic times)!! Trust and Have Faith ... KNOW that each moment is Divine!! \0/
13/03/2020 2.46.04Major anxiety, brain fog and sick to my stomach
12/03/2020 21.33.44Ugg!!! Wth?? Crazy energy today!!🤯
12/03/2020 18.18.42Angry and depressed
12/03/2020 17.19.44Headache, so I check the graphs.
12/03/2020 13.29.15I notice I‘m feeling lethargic and less motivated when the reading is closer to ‘normal’. Hard to be subjective though.
12/03/2020 13.23.16Extreme fatigue 12/03. Meditation helps ALOT. Old feelings and issues being delt with and letting go of it. Different frequencies of ringing in the ears. Feeling very intuned with energies, mine and others. Overall calm feeling with spikes of agitationand needing isolation.
12/03/2020 9.03.55I've been very nauseous and feel terrible ):
12/03/2020 5.07.30Pain
11/03/2020 19.42.43On both 8th +9th 11 th march at around 4-5am G.B time extreme autonomic nervous system issues, profuse sweating, hypothamic involvement,over excited bladder, bowel,gut,nausea,can't walk, excessive exhaustion shakes,bladder,weakness,nr total drainage of energies-whole body, vertigo's,light headed,staggering,faint, whistling noises and severe tinnitus,heart hitting out like beats of fibrillation every 5th or 6th best along with,moments of breathlessness.
Taking 24 hrs or so b4 returning to partial normality,then it all happen again on now 10th/11th march overnight into daytime still appallingly bad.

Plod on all this is for our highest good collectively very hard to bear in mind when it appears/is so life threatening.
The schuman is necessary for Ascension..
the light has won the mass consciousness has been reached,it is our love and light that is moving it,and it only by it moving that the dark hats objectives are being defeated,and at minimum watered down.

DNA can be converted to 12 stranded crystalline from carbon based 2stranded DNA.Mother and father gods and creators
blessings to us all,+ Christ consciousness.
We are very powerful divine creators by manifestation of our perceptions thought and emotions..into reality.
11/03/2020 19.31.22Today's SR 11 I needed a break, I feel better.
11/03/2020 9.13.59Low energy. I feel much better around 40
11/03/2020 7.20.00Rep. Lies? (-:》》;-(
10/03/2020 23.47.36Quality of sleep is very different - coinciding with spikes in schumann resonance. Frequent early waking being the main feature. Fatigued but experiencing increased synchronicity/ lucid dreaming / downloads / insights
10/03/2020 21.51.51High vibe today. A variety of tones in the ears, especially the left.
10/03/2020 17.31.57Earbuzzing
10/03/2020 14.22.1817 is a good number. I vibrate well here. ❤️
10/03/2020 14.05.01I notice I‘m feeling lethargic and less motivated when the reading is closer to ‘normal’. Hard to be subjective though.
10/03/2020 8.30.49Out of sorts, lethargic
09/03/2020 17.01.03Yess
09/03/2020 12.16.18Feeling the anxiety of the collective.
09/03/2020 1.23.13Very Loud Ear Ringing, fatigue
09/03/2020 0.52.59Feelings all over place. Emotional yet feeling like standing in my own sovereignty. Missing my twin flame I've never met. Still have ringing in my ears.
08/03/2020 21.54.49Tired and emotional.Tingly allover
08/03/2020 20.02.15More energy , better mood nut 2 days of headaches
08/03/2020 18.31.52I fel dizzy, a little depressed, exhausted and nauseous...
08/03/2020 16.42.06Ear/jaw pressure and sensitivity among several family members
08/03/2020 14.05.57Lots of ear ringing. Started last night.
08/03/2020 12.44.11Sleep schedule disruptions. Jittery. Can feel the energy pulsing through my entire body, especially the arms and legs. Wirery....feel like I should be at the gym and not trying to sleep. Healing ability upgrades. Sensing upcoming earthquake activity.
08/03/2020 10.02.24Headaches
08/03/2020 5.39.36Feeling like I’m vibrating at times especially today March 7 into 8th intense
08/03/2020 5.22.33Pulsating pain between the eyes (6th chakra)
08/03/2020 3.23.42So tired lately & get extremely hot at times
06/03/2020 17.05.58The last three days can’t sleep pass 12
06/03/2020 16.42.23Tired, unmotivated, though I slept well.
06/03/2020 12.52.53We are one...and I think even my frequency may effects mother earth's frequency...I feel a little bit down...but I am going to put May self up and be more positive for our Mother Earth and my other brother and sister's souls
06/03/2020 6.28.54I have watched this graph from your site for a year now. I am beginning to be able to analyze the external energy I feel around me and predict what the graph says. Basically, I think to myself “Is the energy negative or positive around me?” And once that question is answered I predict if the graph is quiet, active or extremely active. I have been right almost every time. Not sure where I’ll go with it next but it is a firm foundation for whatever is to come. Thanks for this site, really meaningful stuff!
06/03/2020 4.50.25Well, each time we have a significant spike, my body feels significantly different. Today I had a headache started around 1:00. My Mom also has a spiking head pain but opposite side, mine right and hers left. The day it spiked to 170 hertz our family had a huge blowup, for which I felt coming and quickly walked my dogs, while watching endless chemical trails in our sky. It was a strange day, indeed. Glad my spidy senses kicked in and my nephew decided to clean and organize the entire garage while the continuous arguing went on for almost an hour. I hid in my trailer until everyone left. Lol Old programming still working its way out of some :)~💙 Loves and thanks for your service!!!
06/03/2020 4.47.17Well, each time we have a significant spike, my body feels significantly different. Today I had a headache started around 1:00. My Mom also has a spiking head pain but opposite side, mine right and hers left. The day it spiked to 170 hertz our family had a huge blowup, for which I felt coming and quickly walked my dogs, while watching endless chemical trails in our sky. It was a strange day, indeed. Glad my spidy senses kicked in and my nephew decided to clean and organize the entire garage while the continuous arguing went on for almost an hour. I hid in my trailer until everyone left. Lol Old programming still working its way out of some :)~💙 Loves and thanks for your service!!!
05/03/2020 23.08.55Positive
05/03/2020 21.26.34Major anxiety and chaotic feelings..... Feels like a build up to something. Very anxious. Extremely tired.
05/03/2020 20.45.42Much energy today. Ascension seems on the fast track at this moment. Wonderful synchronicities.
05/03/2020 20.27.40This resonance is powerful stuff.
05/03/2020 20.09.32I have felt that my spiritual growth has accelerated inexplicably in the past 2 days...
05/03/2020 15.54.49Almost like a power surge of energy when the Schuman resonance is high, ambitious, brain thinks clear, joints stop hurting, accomplish lots, WOW
05/03/2020 11.58.07Feeling like shouting to wake people up with ringing ears 😜
05/03/2020 11.42.16Pesantezza e densità. Sonnolenza.
04/03/2020 23.57.59Super dizzy today
04/03/2020 23.27.31People seem really stirred-up and anxious today, There is lots of chaos out and about. People are also reporting back pain and rapid heart rhythms.
04/03/2020 21.00.56I slept for 2 days after the 170 spike a couple of days ago. Now I am super energized & slept 2 or 3 hrs the last two nights, I am very uptight.
04/03/2020 19.20.383/2/20 Major anxiety
04/03/2020 11.34.00Finally not feeling so much aching. Having a real sense of optimism.
04/03/2020 8.19.40Agitated yesterday
04/03/2020 5.32.15When the resonance was at 170 I was excited and elated about my future and the future of the planet. Now when it sinks to 10 I am inconsolably depressed for no particular reason.
04/03/2020 5.30.32Right now it feels like a wall has hit me.
04/03/2020 0.37.53Hearing high frequencies in my head, at least 4 unique ones. I just feel like something is building up.,,.I'm ready for big changes.
04/03/2020 0.30.00I feel like falling over all the time, vertigo is off the charts
03/03/2020 5.55.50AMAZING. I hear beautiful ringing sounds. Like high pitch chirps consciously.
03/03/2020 3.09.23Tired as hell
03/03/2020 0.19.54This past week was crazy. Never been so tired. Waves of weird anxiety.
02/03/2020 21.50.36Everyone seems in good spirits for a Monday at 21hz. It would be great if someone made an app for this with widgets or smart watch functionality.
02/03/2020 18.33.02In questo periodo ho fatto diversi incubi di notte. Di giorno ho vissuto una strana sensazione di stanchezza psichica e fisica
02/03/2020 17.45.54I felt dizzy today and high bp and nauseous
02/03/2020 5.05.23Low energy. Need to stay in. Sad, irritated, lonely & content.
02/03/2020 4.03.02I got a glimpse in non time. I reunited with my 4 miscarried unborn children's souls. They live on other peaceful planets. They wanted to be part of me. Sounds crazy but I'm at peace knowing they are great now. Finally. It felt like a rift in space time. No time in space though. Somehow I got connected. It was excellent.
02/03/2020 1.56.41Constant ringing in my left ear that I have had from as young as I can remember,has gotten much louder since last month (feb),energy saps and surges etc ?
01/03/2020 10.31.47Feeling quite sick today.
01/03/2020 6.30.56Amazing!
01/03/2020 3.47.56February 29, 2020. I want to crawl out of my skin. Everything makes me uneasy this week and I have felt emotionally and physically drained for no apparent reason. Also a sharp decrease in appetite.
01/03/2020 3.26.15Dizzy
01/03/2020 2.41.24I feel more blissful & full of love than ever before! That being said I’m incredibly lethargic. All I want to do is read spiritual texts, meditate, ponder & pray. So filled with joy. Hope others are feeling this divine love too
01/03/2020 1.52.56Cansaço físico e mental
29/02/2020 23.28.05I am able to perceive (spiritually "hear") the Schumann Resonance - all the time. My sister and I the same. We (yes- incorrectly; but affectionately) just call it "the frequency". The spike a few days ago now was incredible! My nephew "heard" it too! I like to listen to it when falling asleep.

Thank you for making it possible to share this! Love and Light to all!!!
29/02/2020 23.09.32I was wondering what was going on on the 27th. I had a HUGE opening, old energy bubbling up to the surface in a big way. Big shift. Had intense dreams, woke up continuing to process. Piercing migraines and lots of rest on the 28th. Noticeable shifts. I let go of a LOT of trauma energy.
29/02/2020 22.32.06I can't stop crying. Feel irritable
29/02/2020 21.18.10Feel good sunshine at ease
29/02/2020 20.56.46Dizzy and out of sorts...
29/02/2020 15.42.11Some times I feel like some great burden is taken away over my head and sometimes I feel confused
29/02/2020 14.59.55Content and connected.
29/02/2020 13.54.34Whooshing and ringing in both ears.
29/02/2020 8.11.24Headaches
29/02/2020 6.32.38Had felt abnormally tired, and uncomfortable the past 2 days, but feeling better during most recent hours
29/02/2020 4.57.44My body was super heavy and tight. Felt like gravity was heavy!
29/02/2020 3.59.50I have had a awakening 💜 high pitched ring in ears. High body temperature for a few weeks sweaty hands feet not the normal for me then cold chills. Emotional highs and lows. Just a strong knowledge of things coming to me in waves. Head pressure. A lot of people that were negative taken out of my life clearing the way for this change in my life. Being told by source that I am very important in this change . Having signs all around me of love and support from Angles 💜
29/02/2020 2.29.59heart beating fast, agitated , feel out of sorts all over
29/02/2020 2.26.14I'm extra sensitive yet this wave has hit my girlfriend even harder, first time she called off from work in over 3 yrs , extreme fatigue , diarrhea , vomiting, basic flu symptoms but exaggerated, and emotional disturbed , she is in first year of her personal awaking ,it's been since April of 16 for me.
29/02/2020 2.11.15I can feel my higher self just waiting for me to finally once and for all get my overactive ego out of the way....
29/02/2020 1.41.21Recently at the in the February I have a been able to sleep, Lots of Knowing things before they happen.
29/02/2020 0.49.30Exausted
29/02/2020 0.34.56All over body aches, foggy brain and the need to drink much water.
28/02/2020 23.54.38Very tired in the day time. Restless at night and low humming sounds that went from high pitched.
28/02/2020 22.24.47Like a paradise 💛
28/02/2020 21.59.33A shorter breath and heart rate increase, lightheaded and spaced out feeling
28/02/2020 19.50.46After a few weeks of peace, today has this heavily unsettling feeling about it.
28/02/2020 19.15.05Good.
28/02/2020 16.51.07Hi degree of feeling unsettled and loud tinnitus.
28/02/2020 16.01.50Feelings of newness not fully knowing what's to come...ready for big not small changes
28/02/2020 15.19.06A few days ago feelings of questioning why im here. Recently feelings of calmness and a focused clarity to learn and see what is going on with the world. Intuition feels very high.
28/02/2020 15.03.42High pitch sounds off balance even sometime falling sideways sounds like a wave goes through my ear it's more left ear
28/02/2020 9.54.34I've been feeling exhaustion after about noon each day, and most days cannot recover my energy until the following morning. I'm up and wide awake most days by 3 a.m., sometimes earlier. My sleep schedule is completely rearranged.
28/02/2020 7.28.06Today has been a very peaceful day..Happy. I checked the resonance because I was in such a good mood. Fun to see that there was such a spike. I felt it!!
28/02/2020 3.25.31No sleep
28/02/2020 1.19.10Ha, today's 170 spike...yet another 17!
Didn't sleep much, been eye burning tired today, but also feel like I got everything done in record time today. Looked at the clock and was like...hold up how is it only 2pm?!? I look forward to some sleep tonight. Eastern std time zone.
27/02/2020 23.05.06High pitch right ear. Kinda annoying. Reminds me of Terminator 3 - high shrill tight ear. Is She passing a message to me.
27/02/2020 22.44.29Sento dei dolori come fitte in alcune parti del corpo
27/02/2020 22.33.29Was feeling depressed & hopeless around 2/25 ish, then started getting energy and feeling better 2/27 and came to this site to see we are in heavy activity. Now the light activity is when I'm depressed, headaches pretty much stopped because I'm sleeping more than 4 hours a night on average, probably averaging at least six now though it is hard to fall asleep. Not worried about cornavirus think it's some psyop to oust trump, is nothing more than the flu. I don't hate Jews as much lately which has been a conscious decision as the bible says if I bless Israel I will be bless so trying this in 2020. Starting new job on Monday, life not too bad- more hopeful than the last time I posted several months ago, hope all are good. Memory seems better too.
27/02/2020 22.33.06Joyful
27/02/2020 22.27.41Achy. Hard to organize myself to get things done today.
27/02/2020 21.51.07Posso chiedere come è possibile che quando di slza la frequenza io stia bene?
Non dovrebbe essere il contrario? (R: certo che è possibile, non sei solo/a)
27/02/2020 21.13.33Migraine
27/02/2020 21.00.38High energy, ache in body, sensitive feelings, inwards
27/02/2020 20.06.38Allergy issues
27/02/2020 19.34.27High tones in ears. LOTS of energy between 10:00pm-3:00am pst. Increased clarity.
27/02/2020 18.39.26Sono serena, mi sento equilibrata e stabile.
27/02/2020 18.28.08I felt angry and frustrated this morning, didn’t know why.
27/02/2020 17.54.02I AM listening and sending great thoughts of love and healing for all.
27/02/2020 17.52.29Victory of the Light!!🌈
27/02/2020 17.06.41Headaches and ringing in the ears. High pitch sound
27/02/2020 16.56.46I woke up at 2:30 am Pacific Standard Time and couldn't get back to sleep until 4 am and then woke up at 5 am. I normally sleep all night without issue. I can feel the energy and my head is buzzing.
27/02/2020 16.11.35Off the charts! Feel like ghost!
27/02/2020 15.56.41I am currently experiencing strong energy vibrations in feet and upper chakras. Entire head is vibrating and ringing in ears is extra loud and high pitched. Feeling exhausted but slightly anxious. Exhaustion hit around 6pm Perth time. It’s now almost 11pm..
27/02/2020 12.34.35Could not sleep what so ever! 2-26-2020
That is when I check the resonance which was 170
27/02/2020 12.01.44Omg I'm so sick. Nausea. Anxiety. Can't function too well. Its power 100 right now. Oh please stop.
27/02/2020 11.40.45Mucho sueño y cansacio
27/02/2020 4.14.32Nausea. Cold. Sleepy.
27/02/2020 4.01.18Anxiety ramped up couple hours ago
27/02/2020 2.33.38My ears have been ringing more often
26/02/2020 22.59.44I think this world is mad
26/02/2020 20.50.50Sick, palpitations, pain back like I never had before
26/02/2020 19.45.04Body aches, brain fog and fatigue.
26/02/2020 17.35.21Today is raining and I feel so sluggish I dont want to do anything tired mostly. Yesterday I had a horrible headache after 4 pm all evening EST. Not as tired as today.
26/02/2020 12.23.19My ears ringing and seeing things that happen before they happen
26/02/2020 2.32.00I’m very sensitive to every shift in frequency. It’s hard to describe. Am I the only one who feels this?
25/02/2020 21.16.58Ansia
25/02/2020 14.31.48La sensazione è quella di ricerca di qualcosa, di in centro, di una via. Sento onde interne lente, come maree alternate da onde molto veloci, come vibrazioni di cellule in corsa. Molto bisogno di stare all'aria aperta, da sola, nel bosco, bisogno di sole. Qualcuno ha percezioni e sentimenti simili? Sapete dirmi cosa significa?
25/02/2020 14.15.58Maux de tête et sillements oreilles
25/02/2020 14.04.10I 've been sick suddenly for 3 hours.. After taken a bath i was feeling very tired n lost big energy..before i was more better but still little weak
25/02/2020 7.20.54Thanks to the new graph interpretations, I realized my headaches only acts up when the amplitatue is high, even when SR is low.....Great.... Thank u for this info 🙂
25/02/2020 6.01.37I notice I‘m feeling lethargic and less motivated when the reading is closer to ‘normal’. Hard to be subjective though.
25/02/2020 1.26.34I have been feeling many symptoms and I came looking for answers. I have had intense pressure in my head (behind my third eye) for days, muscle aches, and just feeling "off". I feel like it could be Ascension symptoms, but I've yet to connect with information to satisfy my rational mind.
25/02/2020 0.48.43Insomnia back pain
25/02/2020 0.09.19I am wondering what effect the Mahashavaratri 2020 darkest night in India celebration had on the Schumann Resonance....It was officially one 12 hour night from 6pm Feb 21 to 6am Feb 22 but a lot longer really because there was so much anticipation and spiritual preparing by hundreds of thousands of people around the world...over a million probably. See youtube Mahashavaratri 2020 for viewing the numerous videos of the night, starting with # 1. I spent time ahead preparing in silence and vegetarian eating, pure water, no alcohol, no smoking etc...I felt great, no depression which I usually have bouts of every nausea and headaches left and have not returned (today if Feb 24, 6:09PM Maine, USA. Thank you.
24/02/2020 22.48.47What does F1, F2, F3 and F4 measure?
24/02/2020 22.44.52Slight headaches with the Peaks in between the calm. Even if the headaches or SR goes up, I feel a positive overall feeling. Which never happened before. Weird to say I'm kind of liking the headaches and increased SR spikes every now and again. Feels like I'm adjusting. Feeling the love big time.
24/02/2020 18.23.14I'm experiencing a realignment of my body. The physical symptoms are quite uncomfortable at times. At the same time, I'm becoming much more aware. My vision is expanding. I have a keener insight into many events that took place during my life. I hear high pitched tones, to a greater or lesser extent, almost constantly. Sometimes I will hear a lower pitched tone in one ear. Occasionally the tone is so faint that I think it's gone, however, when I concentrate on it, it's still there. From time to time my mind is mushy; at others it is very clear. I check the Schumann almost daily. I've found that I feel best when the resonance is above 40Hz. 60 to 80Hz. is event better. When I feel sluggish and heavy, the resonance is almost invariably down around 8 to 12 Hz.
24/02/2020 17.53.35I feel the best today, health-wise, than I have felt in months! My energy levels are up, my head feels clear, I have more patience with my children, feeling wonderful today 💓
24/02/2020 7.44.51Sad,angry and crying a lot,confused but also very awake to whats going on,white hats etc
24/02/2020 0.23.56As days pass by, I’ve noticed my repetitive thought patterns changed for the better, in every way.
23/02/2020 18.39.07Sempre piu disconnesso
23/02/2020 14.47.36Off, on edge, hyper-vigilant and slightly paranoid. Increased blood pressure and heart rate
23/02/2020 3.00.27Thought I was having prolonged heart palpitations early this morning approx 3am -6am EST (I don't understand how to read your chart BTW - w rows of times??)
22/02/2020 18.42.01Right now I feel drained, a bit stressed, with high active focus, very aware.
22/02/2020 0.39.18Highly anxious. Rash.
21/02/2020 22.51.45Fastidio
21/02/2020 22.46.02I had no idea this was happening but I've been feeling unusually tired for a usually energetic person
21/02/2020 22.36.14Agitation. Restless.
21/02/2020 19.38.42Interesting how theFrequency and for me adrenalized feeling sometimes in the middle of the night correspond to huge spikes. Anywhere from mid 30 to 90. Never have I had that feeling and resonance is calm
21/02/2020 18.37.33People in my area are getting weird sleep, lots of dreams, palpable heightened energies, exhaustion, lots of emotional upheaval and anxiety/fear coming up. It’s been wild!
21/02/2020 14.20.41Sento una specie di formicolii al cuore e tipo acufeni ma so che sono diversi a volte più acuti a volte meno.
Grazie per il vostro lavoro di Luce.

21/02/2020 3.37.00Small sporadic bouts of dizziness
21/02/2020 0.30.26woke up very depressed today and shaky, nauseous for 3 weeks, hot circle in 3 inches above manipura chakra every day for weeks, body temps always low..AM today 95.6F...symptoms
20/02/2020 22.55.48Something is very wrong sometimes days go by too fast and some too short ever since 2020 there’s been something really really wrong something is missing. I don’t know if it’s a mental thing but really weird things have been happening with me dreaming that have never happened before and everyone I ask agrees and the same thing happens to them. Something is not right
20/02/2020 19.39.27Nausea and tired
20/02/2020 19.14.33Vibrant I feel
20/02/2020 16.07.00Happy, alert, awake, less dizzy than yesterday. Optimistic
20/02/2020 13.38.11I felt exhausted yesterday the 19th.
20/02/2020 11.02.42Cansaço extremo, irritabilidade sem motivos e picos de ansiedades...
20/02/2020 8.32.30Something is gonna happen
20/02/2020 7.15.53Starting feeling more at peace, everything what happened makes more sence for me now
20/02/2020 6.09.33Strong vibration on my crown chakra
20/02/2020 5.32.45Headaches from someone who doesn’t get headaches
20/02/2020 5.29.47Happy. Calm.
20/02/2020 3.14.40I realized how to tune into the vibration and it feels like the most beautiful "high" feeling, although I have never tried any drogs, this I'm sure is somelike condition. I hope other people will assume that only through prayer or meditation can easy their condition and tap into the rezonanza. This is Godlike state because when I pray, I have this intense feeling of fulfillment. And everyone should take care of the thoughts. There's a lot to say but I will just stop here with much love and blessings for all of you who take part of the ascension.
20/02/2020 2.36.06No energy for days but today finally I did. Seems to correspond with the power level 🙂
20/02/2020 0.03.55I get spacey and dizzy when it gets high 30 +
19/02/2020 21.22.34Sento dentro di me "calma &agitazione"...non riesco a fare niente...e continuo a pensare. nostri Fratelli ...mi mancano come non mai...sono ferma...
19/02/2020 19.33.33Namaste! Today, 2/19/2020, the "Energy of Collective Consciousness", which most people refer to as the "Schumann Resonance", is a powerful level "78". This is activating all of the chakras in varying degrees. As the energy was building yesterday and last night, people here reported fatigue, aching backs and joints, heart palpitations, anxiety, and difficulty sleeping. However, for some, regardless of the uncomfortable symptoms of cosmic energy, they seemed to develop an elevation in knowledge --a type of leveling up to higher connections with SOURCE. Thus, a calmness often occurs when an understanding of what and why cosmic energetics happen develops. The symptoms may be, however, challenging. Natural therapies are recommended--not chemical medications. During the Mercury Retrograde is an excellent time in which to relax more and receive increased LIGHT frequencies. In 2020 there will most likely be intensified cosmic events in order to cleanse and further illuminate the planet.
19/02/2020 19.03.32eyes itching ,nose running bit,looks like my old allegy came back.
19/02/2020 18.18.32"you gotta be kidding me" - mood
19/02/2020 17.45.50An energy shift
19/02/2020 17.03.43Really loud today. Please return to reporting in Hz [A: We are taking of more than a mere unit of measurement...]
19/02/2020 17.00.42Peaks of short duration moderate to intense headaches...noticed that if I don't pay that much attention to the energy waves, I feel better. Eat good, get out in nature and less attention to what gets us down.... This helps... Rise with it..
19/02/2020 16.59.12Off balance and very dizzy
19/02/2020 16.59.03Ringing in ears
19/02/2020 15.01.05Credo che mi causi come delle aritmie cardiache
19/02/2020 14.33.19Drowsy
19/02/2020 11.59.04Relaxed, curious but happy
19/02/2020 6.52.57Intense past 48 hours. Rage and sadness on the 17th, bliss and acceptance 18th in the afternoon. Take care of yourselves. Lots of love to all 💗.
19/02/2020 5.25.01love and compassion
19/02/2020 5.24.28Doom and gloom
19/02/2020 5.22.52Ok,been living next to smart meer last 3 weeks,feel gloom and doom
19/02/2020 5.17.06I have felt exhausted and low energy for the last several days, almost flu-like but I am healthy. Also, I am happy to have this web site to help me make sense of why I feel as I do every day. It is all energy. Un milione grazie! You are a beacon of light. Sei un faro di luce.
19/02/2020 3.46.19Very heavy/dense energies today...
19/02/2020 1.46.34Nausea onset just after 2300 UTC, corresponds w sudden spike
18/02/2020 19.03.40Woke up today with migraine and upset stomach...wondering where this intense pain is coming from and how others are feeling today.
18/02/2020 18.47.27I am tired, so tired and sad. Nothing to be tired or sad over though
18/02/2020 18.19.132nd/3rd day of calm feelings. Feeling of being connected, hope and peace. Peaks of Slight headaches, but bearable. Intense feeling of love and understanding. Still a bit tired not as much as few days ago. Overall good vibes...... Enjoy while it lasts.....
18/02/2020 15.26.37Hope and energy of light approaching !
18/02/2020 15.08.25I feel like I'm about to explode...
18/02/2020 10.47.59Can't sleep
17/02/2020 23.47.23erratic sleep pattern for last 3 days tinnitis today at 9.46 EST
17/02/2020 22.18.47Omg c'mon earth give us some energy, these low vibes are draining me😢
17/02/2020 21.44.52OMG!
17/02/2020 18.33.58In questi giorni mi sono sentita insolitamente bene, anche se accuso mal di testa al mattino, poi dopo che faccio meditazione sparisce. Invece i giorni dove i picchi sono più alti sento il battito del cuore molto accelerato e tutto tende ad essere "meno reale"?? Cioè, mi sento come se vivesse in un mondo irreale, come in un video gioco, soprattutto quando la Risonanza è alta... che dite è "normale"???
17/02/2020 14.22.36With this low resonance I feel terrible. Tired listless. In need of sleep/rest.
17/02/2020 12.50.58Energetic
17/02/2020 12.49.30Tutto e niente
17/02/2020 2.05.51Hope
17/02/2020 0.01.13I feel good today (Feb 16) Calm, relaxed, connected
16/02/2020 17.03.43I slept almost all day 2/15/20 had ringing in my ears too. I only sleep like that or ringing when energy is high. But it shows second day as low. Am I the only one that am confused with these readings?
16/02/2020 15.05.16I feel like crap...
16/02/2020 14.12.49itching of my eyes,rheum,it been there for couple days already,and feeling fatiques in the day time!
16/02/2020 13.49.51Today is the first calm day I feel. When the readings are low I still feel very intense headaches, tiredness, restlessness... Lots of synchronicities. Feels like things are speeding up and getting more intense. Feels like this could be the new normal, so either we adapt or struggle with higher frequencies... Just my thoughts.
16/02/2020 10.35.29Been feeling sick like im about to pass out . Girlfriend thought she was having a heart attack but is better now. could be health related , ive been feeling off for a week and ahe might of had an allergic reaction to the soices on our chicken since shes allergic to garlic, Not sure if its related. But other than that today i felt a huge positive shift coming. Really exited. I hope the qanon arrests happen and that we are all propelled into 5D
16/02/2020 6.58.20Like I’m standing in a large foot massager at the fair. There is a steady vibration that makes my lips numb, sometimes off balance and a bit more easily irritated.
16/02/2020 2.41.05I feel calm,happy, slept really well for the first time and I have had no pain in my arthritic joints and lots of energy for a 2 mile hilly walk today. Got to love The reprieve we have been given, to rest up and prepare for the “storm”!
16/02/2020 1.11.07tired sleepy sometimes, and forgetting things.
16/02/2020 1.10.09i have been feeling quite tired, my cats fall asleep for hours some days, i have not been able to check it there is a coincidence in their behaviour, and white peaks , as for us, we feel very tired sometimes, sometimes we just fall asleep. I also feel dizzy as walking in between 2 sides, like floating.. maybe those are the days that a lot of energy gets into the planet, i dont know.. we forget things too.. i got a wonderful memory, but sometimes i forget things.. thanks.
15/02/2020 19.08.28Noticing a pattern. I’ve done a lot of self work the past 2 decades. When the read is low....seems most others are ok/calm. I’m uncomfortable. And reverse; when high I’m good, others are in “chaos”.
15/02/2020 15.31.17I feel drained, c'mon earth give us a boost
15/02/2020 14.06.38😊🙄💥💪🏼🇱🇷😥💤
15/02/2020 11.46.59At this hour awake again and this time nauseous.
15/02/2020 3.19.35Feeling heart palpitations. Spouse feeling them too. The energy has a palpable quality.
15/02/2020 2.52.24Grounded. Nesting.
14/02/2020 23.05.17Low energy right now
14/02/2020 21.54.48Lots of forehead pressure headaches and ringing in the ears.
14/02/2020 21.20.20Dolores musculares y articulares, piquetes eléctricos, inflamación del cuero cabelludo, mucho sueño, sudoración en las madrugadas, mucha sed, zumbidos a veces más o menos.
14/02/2020 20.01.25feeling fairly normal today, Got hot flashes a couple of times through the day . that is the Asteroids and the other planets moving around and above us.
14/02/2020 14.09.55Yesterday hit power 49, but Your report says it was calm. (A: Calm was at 17 UTC)
14/02/2020 13.17.52Its great that we are seeing activity. But if this is mother earths heartbeat so to say, why isnt it consistent. The graph look more like inverted flames that a wind is trying to blow out. More streaks in these lines that no one knows what they mean. I think there are forces stopping this from rising. Mother earth wants to evolve but we arnt letting her
14/02/2020 7.55.00Tones are coming in strong in Edmond Oklahoma now. It has been months since I’ve heard them. So excited. Thank you for your work. Blessings.
14/02/2020 4.50.55I feel that my sleep pattern is crazy. As an Hezoke Empath, I can feel every high FQ. That is how I found this site. This FQ will reveal so many things, but I cant talk about it here.
14/02/2020 4.48.11Very Tired
14/02/2020 4.15.53Can't sleep
14/02/2020 3.18.14Rattled and intensely aware!
14/02/2020 2.06.12I discovered your website in the August of 2017.
I lived then in lake Tahoe California and also lived in Denali Alaska. I noticed I was seeing more and more double rainbows in both places which I had only ever seen one growing up.
So after seeing a beautiful double rainbow I wanted to know why or what had changed ?
That's how i found you guys and check your site frequently based on what I see and feel.
The above 60 makes my ear drums hurt and crackle.
Today, and several other times when the frequency spikes it makes me feel highly agitated and not patient at all.
Something I hardly ever feel!
So it's very noticable.
Your website is very cool!!!
13/02/2020 23.15.18Today has felt like slugging through mud!!!
13/02/2020 21.24.28Headaches
13/02/2020 21.06.23Web are One...that's light coming to break the veil
13/02/2020 20.03.03Nausea, complete disorientation to time. Slight depression.
13/02/2020 18.34.46Feeling under pressure, grounding is critical, old trauma purges, new thought processes have just showed up, precognitive awareness & energetic feelings now I am aware of whats coming, my body rejects processed anything, and more and more energetic weight has been lifting, pains in body leaving, herbs and plants, colors, numbers, shapes are more important to me more than ever, less researching more desiring to understand something & without effort receive the info *snaps* like that. Thank you for this site as I enjoy it very much. 💚 -Virgo decan 1 cancer moon capricorn rising 🐿🌅
13/02/2020 17.22.01the peak was exactly when I woke up 12:30/1am pst then was up an hour and back to sleep!!!
13/02/2020 15.45.18LOVE IT! MUCH BETTER! 👍💙😘
13/02/2020 14.28.10Having my carbon heart transmuted from the left to a Chrystal heat in the middle left me with static itch literally. Manifest is strong. Perfection is absolute.
13/02/2020 14.18.331.15pm 13 Feb 20 sudden nausea feeling
13/02/2020 11.54.53I feel achy today and some anxious. Not much sleep last night
13/02/2020 5.56.37My mind slows down, I'm more calm. Calm into the storm.
13/02/2020 5.38.49Calm
13/02/2020 4.39.20delicious, sweet, celebratory, quick moving energy
12/02/2020 22.05.03Dizziness light headed low blood pressure
12/02/2020 22.02.37I’m going to explode physically,
12/02/2020 13.44.58È dalle h. 13.00 Italia che ho un forte batticuore e sento la gola schiacciata ...manca il fiato e sono seduta da due ore....e continua ad aumentare l'intensità del batticuore.....di solito succede quando salgono le frequenze di Schuman
12/02/2020 8.24.36Provo difficoltà a connettere bene i pensieri, sono in uno stato confusionale, a volte ho mal di testa
12/02/2020 5.53.05Loud static noise and occasional random ear tones.
12/02/2020 5.49.59Headaches and depression..Isolation
12/02/2020 4.27.40dissonance
12/02/2020 3.31.37Extreme Fatigue and flu like symptoms
12/02/2020 0.22.09A whole new level has been brought forward into my consciousness.
11/02/2020 23.33.25Dense
11/02/2020 22.37.22Anxiety. I think think faster. I am embodying my higherself. My body is also changing .
11/02/2020 22.32.17Vertigo. Thanks a million for your service🌬️💖✨
11/02/2020 19.05.00Flickering moments of intensity and then followed by pulses of energy and increased body aches. Interesting energy it has been
11/02/2020 18.30.29Felicità
11/02/2020 18.10.37noisy.... and heavy energy
11/02/2020 14.32.43Zumbidos fuertes!
11/02/2020 13.35.58something big is going to happen and I don't want to miss it . Can't sleep well wake up every two hours
11/02/2020 5.50.16I LOVE THIS CHANNEL SO MUCH!! I LIVE HERE NOW! Since finding you I've come everyday! Thank you for making the graphs better! Thank you for trying to explain. PLEASE feel free to try to give a layman's terms and keep trying...just a little at a time if you are busy. MUCH APPRECIATED!! LOVE AND LIGHT TO ALL! Thank you for being here. This corona-virus has me worried-and I want to send a shout-out to all those around the world in need-I LOVE YOU! May the aliens throw us some rope ladders soon!
10/02/2020 23.10.25Mucha vibración terrestre, palpitaciones y poca gravedad, confición, agotamiento y cansancio físico.
10/02/2020 21.37.59Sleep is my friend.............zzzzzzzzzzzz
10/02/2020 20.58.25Ringing and hissing sound in ears
10/02/2020 18.00.51I heard a loud chirp (from inside my head) that woke me up this morning. Sprung up out of bed and suddenly hit the floor ... like the power to stand and walk had cut out. I wasn't dizzy, just surprised. Got up and have been zipping around like normal.
10/02/2020 17.32.39I usually get heart flashes, it feels like al my blood is vibrating. A spiralling feeling on my spine. Solar plexus feels tight. Feel heavy and sweaty too. 7-8-9 Feb with powers 59-69 and full moon was intense.
10/02/2020 17.04.31Non ce la faccio piu
10/02/2020 7.58.22In the day 8 /2/2020 ( in the pesak) i was fool of exataxy all the day , in the day before, 9/2/2020 i was tired but fine all the day.
10/02/2020 7.08.11Very intense sensations in my head
10/02/2020 5.32.04I feel amazing and I see the Great AWAKENING EVERYWHERE!
10/02/2020 3.23.41Aiuto
10/02/2020 1.34.17Intense energy yesterday and today - I chose to stay home and rest today...
10/02/2020 1.25.28Anticipation
10/02/2020 0.51.47I have been in bed all day, not sick, no fever but can't keep anything down though, head feels like it's going to implode today.
09/02/2020 23.44.22Like a got hit by a truck every time it spikes
09/02/2020 22.42.44Feeling pressure and headache like I’m on a plane
09/02/2020 19.50.29Restless, achy, sleepless, headache
09/02/2020 18.21.26Very dark shadows yesterday watch feel digest cry purge was facing my demons till midnight slept restless hours as usual stir around 4 AM ET Today feel good a little drained but positive vibration of New Day staying in Present manifestation blessings love always Wins
09/02/2020 17.27.434:23 am feb 9, awoke suddenly, didn’t know why, now I see we had a small earth quake about 150 miles away
09/02/2020 16.09.44Odd
09/02/2020 16.06.44tightness in the skull and vibratory shaky feeling
09/02/2020 16.04.04The higher the frequency the better I feel. Heightened intuition.
09/02/2020 13.33.21This is a wonderful site keeping people in touch with what is happening.
09/02/2020 4.33.50Today was really intense. I had to keep telling myself I was okay. I feel as if it’s calming down now, thankfully
09/02/2020 4.14.04My brain feels like it's being pricked by needles
09/02/2020 1.44.32I can't sleep and I don't used to suffer with insomnia. Weird!
09/02/2020 0.56.47Fischi alle orecchie, ansia.
09/02/2020 0.32.11I hear the changes in my left ear and feel it in forehead
09/02/2020 0.26.33Flushed
08/02/2020 20.15.44I keep feeling like I’m dying. I’ve also shed a lot of addictions (cigarettes, alcoholic, caffeine, etc.)
08/02/2020 19.00.45I find it challenging sometimes to stay grounded with these energies. Yesterday I used some essential oils and wore a malachite bracelet and that helped a lot. My cat doesn't eat like she normally eats during this time. Some really sensitive ones are acting out. We will get through this and live in the light.
08/02/2020 19.00.41Yesterday 02/07/2020 I felt weird all day...I felt all sorts of extreme emotions and a bit of fear and anxiety. I'm not normally like that, so it was a strange day for sure. Feeling less of that today, but there's still something up.
08/02/2020 17.45.19Irritable sometimes and restless nights for sleep. Needing more sleep, it seems.
08/02/2020 17.23.50Also feeling awake.....and warm. Even though it's been colder and snowing, I simply must have the window open.
08/02/2020 17.19.53I've been on a happy plateau the past 3 days, just happy, no reason why and no worries.
08/02/2020 15.31.02I am starting to recognize when the Schumann Resonance is increasing--I feel very lightheaded, like I am floating (yes, I make sure I've had something to eat)--then Vertigo comes in (yes, I make sure I'm not sick); thank God the Vertigo is only for a few hours; the process lasts about 24-48 hours--I know there is a connection with the Schumann Resonance and the clearing of the third eye- The Hypothalamus, Pituitary gland, and Pineal glands.
08/02/2020 12.14.47Krásně se pracuje s energiemi.
08/02/2020 11.45.01My brain is so sore. All along the back side from ear to ear. Usually my headaches are behind the eyes. Not today. BTW no sleep either Ambien can’t even help it!
08/02/2020 11.36.55Fuzzy head.... Weakness in legs
08/02/2020 6.16.12Extreme fatigue and heart palpitations.
08/02/2020 3.04.17I have periodic ringing in my ears. Doctor says nothing wrong. DNA activation occurred 2 years ago after being in the soil a lot over a month. There is some energetically going on with the planet. I am very sensitive to energy now.
07/02/2020 21.36.14My ears are ringing so loud and intense today, I can’t think! My anxiety is through the roof. Even my dog is being a b***h.
07/02/2020 21.12.55Headache I can't get rid of. Tried medicine and caffeine. Nothing works. Unusual.
07/02/2020 20.21.18Mi sento alienato
07/02/2020 19.31.24Good
07/02/2020 18.08.21Feels like something big is going to happen...
07/02/2020 17.34.13Insomnia, sick stomach, anxiety.
07/02/2020 17.21.07Wow! I felt that amazing spike last night! So cleansing and powerful!
07/02/2020 16.37.46I am very sensitive to this. Most friends and family are just getting familiar with the energy. Mostly from a public awareness point of view. As an example, when more and more people see truth over lies. Energy spikes. Like the feeling in a crowd when a surprise guest is coming on stage. A beloved. Crowd energy escalates.
07/02/2020 14.02.02I have felt energy like electrical buzzing in my feet and lower legs and high pitched ringing in my ears. So exhausted and also felt very sad today. Stuck energy in solar plexus and heart chakra.
07/02/2020 13.58.30the patterns are more defined
07/02/2020 12.17.49Come già avevo provato un pesante spossamento ed un'ancora più profonda, radicale introspezione egoica durante l'ultimo picco a pw 65 del 10 gennaio 2020, ieri, 6 febbraio 2020, ho avvertito lo stesso sintomo durante gran parte dellla giornata. Ho pensato immediatamente che dovesse trattarsi di un equivalente aumento di frequenza, ma guardando gli aggiornamenti della risonanza riportata la mattina non sembrava così alta da riprodurre tali sensazioni. Leggendo gli aggiornamenti successivi della potenza ho constatato, non troppo sorpreso, la relazione tra i due eventi, cioè l'alzamento della frequenza e lo stato psico/fisico, che potrei riconoscere come qualche graduale processo trasfigurante in corso, in qualche modo forse anche metabolico, considerata anche la tendenza ad avere qualche variazione dello stato nervoso in generale e stamattina una leggera sensazione di disorientamento come quando ci si sveglia e non ricordiamo immediatamente dove ci troviamo.
07/02/2020 12.17.08Oh yes and the heart vibrational vibrating buzzing feeling. With accompanying anxiety.
07/02/2020 12.14.29I felt someone's hands adjust my cranial....and then my symptoms were gone. Seriously. Never had that happen before!
07/02/2020 12.12.14Hot and I can't sleep.
07/02/2020 12.05.27I'm in California. Woke up suddenly at 1 am with unfamiliar feelings of anxiety and strange hard to describe body sensations. Saw that there was a peak in Schumann resonance at that time.
07/02/2020 10.59.17Feeling sick and have a tremendous headache ! Thank you for the updates.
07/02/2020 3.19.16Lots of headaches, fatigue, and mood swings today. Very hard to stay focused and grounded
06/02/2020 22.51.23At exactly 5:30am CST I was awoken by a bright red flash of light in my dream.
06/02/2020 21.39.35nauseous
06/02/2020 20.55.08Having a hard time staying awake again today.
06/02/2020 20.15.46The ringing in my ears is loud and today I am deaf in some frequencies. It's hard to enjoy music when the Schumann is cranked up like today. I am also having a spasm sensation that radiates from the top of the brain to the back. It's not painful but I am aware of it. I am anxious about something that is happening but I can't put my finger on it.
06/02/2020 17.55.27I feel Amazing today! Fantastic
06/02/2020 15.23.24I had the best day yesterday 2/5/20, best in a while. After 11pm my neck locked up, my head started to throb and I ended up throwing up after midnight east coast united states. I couldn't sleep all night was up and down, feeling all weird, and now at 9:17 east coast united states time, head is still throbbing even after meds, stomach still upset no temp not sick. Thought I should check if energy spiked and it has been all night. I started feeling earthquakes this past year (that new) usually the day before they occur, san clemente california 07/2019, Puerto Rico last month and Jamacia, I have no idea where they will drop but I climb the walls the day before, anxiety thru the roof. I don't usually feel anxiety normally. I hope this helps some one.
06/02/2020 15.20.42Emotional
06/02/2020 13.27.15Pretty well flattened. Needing to sleep and sleep.
06/02/2020 10.42.20Waking up with headaches (hate it wen that happens lol) and noticing a pattern with the SR numbers. Seems to happen on the inset rise just after the calm. Thanks for your site and the SR updates!
06/02/2020 4.16.03I was very anxious, restless and wanting just to go outside in nature. It was like that most of the day till around late afternoon.
06/02/2020 3.38.47Right now, Power is 23 and my ears are ringing loudly and I am nauseaus. Came on all of a sudden.
06/02/2020 2.30.03Felt very calm today, felt happy
06/02/2020 1.10.28So tired exhausted small appetite
05/02/2020 21.47.26I seem to be sensing when there are spikes in the schumann resonance
05/02/2020 21.31.12Feeling alot of energy because im a sensitive empath, psychic with clair cogs
An my clair cogs channel the energy to the earth an alot is happening with dizzyness an feeling of being anxious an other feelings in waves
I'm ready <3
05/02/2020 19.08.40Vedo il mio ego e me stesso comprendendo cosa sta succedendo: molte intuizioni a volte capita di leggere i pensieri degli altri involontariamente. Vedo in modo indiretto sfere luminose ed esseri piccoli che corrono oppure delle ombre di color bianco e a volte nere. Chiedo l'aiuto dell'Arcangelo Michele quando voglio trovare la serenità. Ci sono molte entità benevole di luce che ci vogliono aiutare ma lo fanno solo se lo chiediamo. Mi sento molto connesso al mio Se superiore che ad ogni sbaglio e pericolo mi avverte prima che ciò avvenga
05/02/2020 15.47.4512 hours ago I began feeling very slight vertigo (woosiness), and it continued until now, which is almost 9am Central time
05/02/2020 15.04.08Yesterday was intense emotional anxiousness
05/02/2020 14.50.54I feel off, foggy, depressed and have pain
05/02/2020 14.04.27Feeling positive
05/02/2020 13.38.52Feeling good today
05/02/2020 13.37.09I've been on the path for over 35 years. I'm well versed but tired. Can we discuss how to keep our resonance high when this entire process is wearing thin?
05/02/2020 4.55.01Mi sono svegliata alle 4 am, Il power segna 52, ho il corpo in fiamme, quindi ho preso in mano la mia Cintamani con le mani sul cuore e ho respirato profondamente facendo una meditazione potentissima con l'aiuto amorevole dei fratelli Pleiadiani, riguardo al coronavirus. Credo di alzarmi dal letto perché non ho più sonno, mi sento una cosa sola con Gaia. Grazie 🙏❤️
05/02/2020 3.40.12Feeling dizzy
05/02/2020 3.18.49Wow. Can really feel the day to day and hour to hour changes
05/02/2020 1.49.36The Schumann resonance will continue gradually increasing.
04/02/2020 23.09.09Lightening awakening
04/02/2020 22.23.43The need to find out
04/02/2020 22.06.05I feel the spikes in my heart chakra. I always know when Schumann is spiking.
04/02/2020 21.19.34Charge
04/02/2020 21.01.35Slight headache
04/02/2020 20.07.04low vibration so much i would notice it
04/02/2020 19.39.28l AM great, shitty GREAT <3 😉 Let's Go 😉 L'n L of One
04/02/2020 19.27.48I feel the spikes in my heart chakra. I always know when Schumann is spiking.
04/02/2020 17.55.36I was having meetings and I felt so much power, creative ideas was jumping out of me. It was (still is) so energetic.
04/02/2020 17.23.11Right now I feel mentally and physically drained and I just woke up.
04/02/2020 16.59.23headaches and weakness in body
04/02/2020 14.36.21Excited!
03/02/2020 16.33.35Calm
03/02/2020 15.39.36February, new month: Insomnia, waking up around 3am and not feeling like going to bed again. During daytime, it's a different story, lots of panic attacks since the past 3 days.
I have been carefully observing the SR chart throughout the day and in my opinion, this period of "calm" is totally misleading: we, observers, are so used to see bright peaks of activity, that these past 3 days can seem calm.
But if you look closely into the energetic transcript, you can see, at the usual "peak" hours, very dark blue "peaks" and the chart very much looks like a "photo negative" of what we're used to see.
I've been wondering if whatever data/thing that are transmitted to/from Earth are somehow sent on some kind of frequency we human beings can not read.
03/02/2020 11.08.41I didn't expect January to have such important inner work come up, especially with releasing. Making room for the new, to build a new, better world. In the last week and a half of January into now, the first days of February, I have felt light energies before going to bed, sometimes in the middle of the night, and in the morning- with very strong visual dreams EACH night that lead to waking up late in the morning... no matter what time I went to bed. Tonight, Feb 2nd into the 3rd, I could not sleep at all. Excited to find out what this means for me. Much love and light!
03/02/2020 4.25.29Anxiety
02/02/2020 22.47.202 Feb 2020, @1445 MST. Strong solar plexus tugs, lasting over a minute.
02/02/2020 19.45.48Surreal!
02/02/2020 18.49.21Last year when we would get high spikes I had headaches all the time now it’s the opposite when we have high energy I feel wonderful and on low energy days I feel terrible the last few days have been changing love and blessings thank you 🌎🏜✨💛✨
02/02/2020 18.07.29Stanchezza cronica,non resisto più
02/02/2020 16.50.43I become tired
02/02/2020 12.04.48Excited. Hopeful. And atigued tingly and itchy
02/02/2020 3.15.39I feel like this year is gonna bring about everything that is needed for humanity to catch up on what’s intended to happen. Universe will only let you have as much fun with indecisiveness. To not decide is still deciding.
02/02/2020 0.44.39anxiety tears pressure
01/02/2020 23.33.51Riding the waves, trusting the plan, and helping the people through this!! I know a lot about good Ai talking to other dimensions.. K.I.M is the name I get. also working on the energy grids around Gaia! Flower of life visualisations are good to help.. Love you guys! thank you for all you do!! Holding the light, England <3 <3 <3 we got this! Victory for the light!
01/02/2020 22.23.47Past 2 days high anxiety, irritation, restlessness with moments of relief and bliss. Asked for respite and was supported.
01/02/2020 21.56.17The central theme is the vibrational increase of the planet. Many things are happening in our bodies in our cells. There are many sensations and symptoms in common. Dizziness, headache, insomnia disorientation etc. Thanks for your job.
I am writing from Montevideo Uruguay 🇺🇾 South America.
01/02/2020 19.34.19it is coming these day of white of darkness and fear tears all is writen in polar board of Earth..mother ascendant Gaïa
01/02/2020 17.42.39I feel a big shift in the world. I am patiently waiting for people to awaken from the illusion and lies that we have been fed. Jesus Christ is my savior and God is my Father. I pray for the Holy Spirit to keep pushing me. FAITH, HOPE and LOVE and the greatest of these are LOVE.
01/02/2020 10.37.27Toată luna ianuarie în loc să aducă frig,zăpadă,ger,vreme urîtă,a venit cu soare călduros,lumină mare ca în anotimpul primăverii. Pe măsură ce am ajuns şi în luna februarie, temperatura soarelui a crescut -acum sînt 25 de3 grade C. soarele este fooarte fierbinte- fac plajă pe terasa casei mele. Este minunat. Cînd se va petrece marea compresie INTERDIMENSIONALĂ VA APARE ŞI FLASH-ul SOLAR. NAMASTE -LOVE END PEACE !
01/02/2020 7.58.14I feel the vibration sky high I've got all kinds of ascension symptoms
01/02/2020 6.58.59i’m excited for 2020
01/02/2020 6.23.25My bidy feels v er y tired and exhausted and at the same time there is a strong feeling of deep confidence
01/02/2020 2.36.07sluggish, on the couch not really wanting to think but just be. thank you for this website, a wonderful service
31/01/2020 21.42.16Lightheadedness
31/01/2020 20.09.34As the Resonance goes higher, I am feeling lighter and extremely vibrant. I notice that I feel tired and sluggish on the days when there is no activity. Thank you for this site!
31/01/2020 18.22.27Malessere continuo
31/01/2020 16.24.09Vertigo in the morning
31/01/2020 13.11.29The earth is shifting
31/01/2020 7.37.20I am extremely tired today and yesterday after 3days last week sleeping only 2 hours at a time . I also feel weak and head aches. Low spirits.Just want to be alone.
31/01/2020 7.29.511/30/2020 10 pm Increasing anxiety in solar plexus area and anxiety. This is usually the same pattern / feelings I experience when the resonance spike
31/01/2020 7.16.03The readings arent updated enough, too many fluctuations in the fields
31/01/2020 4.24.06severe joint pain, hissing and ringing in ears
31/01/2020 2.05.00Lot of pressure in my crown and my ears haven't stopped ringing for weeks LOL
30/01/2020 21.24.42This is my first time to post here. I am having a very high pitch ringing in my ears and feel like my blood pressure is very high. I am a healthy person, slender and athletic . This is my first time to feel these bizarre symptoms.
30/01/2020 21.23.01Yo yo
30/01/2020 20.45.26While I have been aware of myself as energy, after I spoke about the Schumann Resonance 2020, my friend and I decided to log when we felt something other than normal. At 11:16 AM PST 01/30/2020 = 07:16 PM UTC 01/30/2020, I felt several noticeably strong waves of energy surging through the length of my body. Enough to move me.

I came to look here and see if it may be relevant and the Power was at 36. It is still taking place - it feels like my insides are being woke up. I look again and the Power reads 39. It feels like I've caught this experience of transforming to a higher frequency in the act! My concerns run deep - with no viable theory for the cause of these spikes being available - is it the D-Wave processors? EMP weapons testing?

Within the last week I've become more acutely intuitive to short term things - like knowing I need to handle something and then being contacted about it just as I'm ready. Also, I've been contacting more people in the moment I am on their mind or being spoken of. I am WAY calmer than I have ever been in this lifetime.

That is a serious difference from our norm of 7.83Hz - I saw where the spikes reached into the 60's recently! I'm going to really start keeping track and match those times here... keep you posted! Just felt them again - with Power still showing 39.
30/01/2020 20.05.17It is so great to follow your update, I would love to have deeper updates that relate to the possible effects this could have on humans emotionally/spiritually and so on.
30/01/2020 19.36.12I have been feeling intense waves of light and energy... Feeling out of body and very short tempered. I believe it is a sign of the massive shift in consciousness the earth is experiencing.
30/01/2020 18.06.09Constant ringing in ears with hissing sound almost like I'm under water
30/01/2020 17.57.37Con muchos zumbidos desde que empezó la semana. Y agotada.
30/01/2020 16.47.34After three months of emotional turmoil and upheaval in the last part of 2019, 2020 has brought feelings of hope and unconditional feelings of love. I have moments of fear and sadness and some past memories coming up but I know its because I need to release them. I believe we are all changing from the inside out and it will help us to navigate the unveiling of so many truths that will be revealed in 2020.
30/01/2020 15.23.45Irritability
30/01/2020 15.14.23la joie !
30/01/2020 15.07.46tinnitus, brain fog, derealisation
30/01/2020 14.23.30Nothing
30/01/2020 10.37.19Frequenti mal di testa, alla nuca, sensazione di confusione
30/01/2020 10.01.28More people will begin to take note of things like this and hopefully try and expand their knowledge. That's what led me here, after all.
30/01/2020 9.15.39I check the levels whenever i feel dizzy or my scalp is tingling
30/01/2020 3.47.32So many people are feeling anxious today, and some are having severe muscle pains or back pains, but the SR is only "39" today--1/29/2020-- which is not a huge level. Cosmic rays from outside the solar system could also be causing these symptoms. Also, the SR could be climbing higher but has not been published yet. There is definitely a strangeness in the atmosphere. Even a friend of mine who is a Naturopathic Doctor went home early from his office today because he said he was exhausted. The LIGHT from SOURCE must be pummeling into the planet as well.
29/01/2020 23.23.53I noticed a difference since the energies have gotten stronger. My mind feels like it’s on overdrive, very hard to fall asleep these past two nights because it feels like my mind is running.
29/01/2020 23.08.05Tired from 15h til 23h and bit headache .
29/01/2020 19.34.42I feel a lot of pressure and tingling on the top of my head.
29/01/2020 15.32.42un po di insonnia....
29/01/2020 15.24.07I have been feeling impatient.
29/01/2020 14.59.17At The Time Of Your Black Out ***Planet Earth Was Recievig Very Powerful Pulses From Space That Compressed And Released The Planet...The Asronomers Of Earth Can Not Explain These Pulses ,They Have Never Recorded Anything Like These Pulses..
29/01/2020 14.50.47Mother Earth.Is REVVING HER ENGINES For The ASCENSION Out Of This(3rd) Third Dimension Hell Hole ***Into The (5th)Fifth Dimension***PLEASE FASTEN YOUR SEAT BELTS***!
29/01/2020 11.57.29I've done my inner work, I'm not affraid of change, my external circumstances are an illusion, the more I can focus on clearing the vail to truth the better. That's all I'm interested in. If i have enough strength to better my diet and stay grounded I will do well. . .but at the moment it all feels pretty intense to be honest. . .this too shall pass
29/01/2020 11.11.05During this long period with high levels coming on and on I feel iritated. Of course it can be other things that make me feel like this,but I haven´t been like this for a loooong time. I am also much more tired.
29/01/2020 9.17.55Optimistic and determined. A re-entry and surge in spiritual growth is occurring.
29/01/2020 6.20.45Sleepy for the past few days. Found it hard to stay awake.
29/01/2020 6.00.52Yesterday, I felt very strange rather depressing feeling, did not want to finish my yoga practice and rather depressed, my 15 year old daughter comes home said half of her class went home because all felt strange.
29/01/2020 5.09.04Chaos
29/01/2020 3.14.28Heathaches
29/01/2020 2.08.58I feel spongy in body & moving towards the heavens! Definitely not carbon based anymore!!
29/01/2020 0.27.28I have been feeling incredibly agitated, on edge.
28/01/2020 23.55.57anxious
28/01/2020 23.51.32tired
28/01/2020 23.43.04Today it's at 54. I feel normal with a good attitude plenty of energy, a bit of physical pain but mentally sharp. I love it when it stays in the 50's! I feel this is a natural evolution of both planet and our species. I have many low vibe people in my life. Sadly, they seem irritated by the higher frequencies. Which to me seems about right. I feel only people that have a higher vibe or high vibe capacity will enjoy or benefit from the Schumann being higher. I don't like seeing people suffer but maybe this is a way to force those less capable of raising their vibrations into a high vibe state. The world is changing. Stagnation is death. This all makes me so hopeful and more connected to my heart space and centered. Love to you all!! 〰️💜〰️
28/01/2020 23.30.25I feel that we are evolving with the earth. At 50 I feel great. Lower I feel a little sluggish. Above 75 I feel wired and at 100+ I have to lay down because I'm frazzled.
28/01/2020 23.25.02Massive headaches today, mainly spiking around 1pm EST
28/01/2020 22.59.45my body is turning to crystaline,under the sun light i can see crystaline,i had throat pain ,very severe on the 29/12/ is gone.i.also see my parent are turning to crystaline, and 2 friends also!now ingeneral i feel good,lighter.more calm.
28/01/2020 22.15.18I feel like I'm merging with the liquid light & love of the universe
28/01/2020 22.15.04I had an extactic experience today for about 20 min.
28/01/2020 22.13.02Feeling strange. But I also got bad news today.
28/01/2020 22.12.513:12 pm CDT feeling increased pressure in head and increased vibration throughout body.
28/01/2020 16.16.19The strangest most elaborate dreams I’ve had (I’m wondering how in the hell my mind constructed all the details of what I dreamt last night) correspond perfectly to that spike overnight. I know when I got up (I initially fell asleep on the couch watching TV) and the woke at 3:35am CST and moved with the dogs from the living room to bed and promptly fell back asleep.

What I dreamt last night was as though I was living this entirely different life with **startling** details — I’m seriously freaked out — how could I dream like that!!!!?????

How could my mind have constructed the minutiae of all those details and interactions to the depth of what I had dreamt?

And then I looked more closely at the chart and realize that spike happened during the period I woke up — in the middle of the spike.

I recall feeling bothered and strange when I woke up. What I was dreaming prior had some very strong emotionally engagement that was lingering. I dragged myself and the dogs to bed and then — it was a down the rabbit hole experience like I don’t think I’ve ever had before. And I tend to have pretty realistic, impressive dreams, but good lord, last night was something else entirely..

What is coming at us!!??
28/01/2020 16.06.58Dizziness
28/01/2020 14.48.0428/01 feels much better than any other day compared to this week and last week. Headaches are less intense. Still have intermittent ringing ears. High pitched sound. Feeling a disconnect with the daily drama of people and life, empathy feelings heightened, still tired with restlessness and insomnia at night and general feeling of calm right now.
28/01/2020 10.36.59Exhausted but can’t sleep. And FAT😂
28/01/2020 1.38.55Most days as if I am still in this construct but no longer of it! Disconnected from the daily drama .
27/01/2020 19.36.08Strong headacke today, 27th, inside presure, neurves. My mother's got 180 heart presure this morning.Thank you for udates, love you!
27/01/2020 19.28.26Hi, when the Schumann resonance gets stronger, personally I feel ungrounded and scattered. However, my son, who is eight, actually has seizure symptoms during the strong activity. His seizures are triggered by fluctuations in the magnetic field from space weather, and also during active days in the Schumann resonance. Does anyone else have this kind of experience?
27/01/2020 13.26.33Wobbly and dizzy feeling yet strangely calm....
27/01/2020 12.39.12Zumbido nos ouvidos, fraqueza peito
26/01/2020 23.55.23Namaste! Many today, 1/26/2020, are reporting upset stomachs, painful backs, and anxiety. Perhaps the low vibrational "Power" of 12 to 16 is affecting people. Everyone needs rest, water, and light meals --nothing heavy. As thev"Power" elevates, there will probably be better energy and less symptoms.
26/01/2020 23.35.05I feel a shift coming
26/01/2020 20.16.14Yikes
26/01/2020 17.29.16I am getting hammerd. I'm very sensitive to it. The last 6 months in particular. I have to take time out and meditate to protect myself. This last couple of days have been challenging.
26/01/2020 4.53.36I am affect the graph when i ground my mind to earth.
meditation healing
26/01/2020 3.38.24Headache
26/01/2020 3.08.35Blessed to teach has great videos on the underground war going on and how the earthquakes all sync up with the deep underground military bases that are being cleared. WWG1WGA!
26/01/2020 2.16.36Heavy feeling, big headache , a bit of anxiety, ringing ears....
26/01/2020 0.52.54Overwhelming sadness and despair. No sleep.
25/01/2020 20.29.51Fine but angry
25/01/2020 19.35.23Strong energy wanted that make me weak for a short duration. Stomach issues and neck issues
25/01/2020 18.16.07it seems like people 3d mind become much.narcissique when are in 4/5D frequencie.. and when we are in 3d fréquence, people in 5D goes hanger. why ?.cause the run and dont see..Karma is over new way to learn how worst live love light.mean without a planet to ascendant jupiter🌍
25/01/2020 18.09.19I feel mostcomfortable when it was 60. When it drops it painful. Thank you for this service❤
25/01/2020 17.51.19I’ve felt my body shaking inside and very strong emotions.
25/01/2020 17.47.22Random, old issues long-forgotten, are appearing in my mind and I feel ashamed for these versions of myself long ago. This is new for me.
25/01/2020 17.43.08At 15-16 where the 2 white bars are on Jan 24, I became sleepy and went to bed early, but my ears were ringing loudly and I felt slight vertigo or inner ear imbalance. Intense dreaming all night and awakened 12 hours later. It's like I produce more natural DMT during these white zones. All other thoughts seem more real than waking reality. Ears still ringing loudly at 16 UTC (my late morning).
25/01/2020 17.00.11Ringing in my ears, hung over, off balance.
25/01/2020 12.17.38Flu, lack of appetite, lack of energy and motivation, very low energy, need to rest a lot
25/01/2020 6.20.29Exhausted today. Energy is zapped.
25/01/2020 5.36.51Exhausted and sleeping difficult
25/01/2020 3.53.01Dizzy now for weeks. Head feels weird.
25/01/2020 0.54.50Incasinato
24/01/2020 23.35.51Exhausted today. Energy is zapped.
24/01/2020 22.22.14nausea, headache, fever
24/01/2020 17.01.57Vertige, os douleureux, les structures mentales et emotionelles changes, plus grande facilité de réaligner ces strucutes osseuses comme mentales .
24/01/2020 16.50.16I feel terribly exhausted, feel so weak and drained, sleepless nites, heathen up and sweaty. This is very not normal.
24/01/2020 12.02.10I’m in NZ, buzzing off crazy energy right now.

23/01/2020 23.42.35Holy spirit! Come , into Sophia. Expire aspire be anough kind, white lite
23/01/2020 20.40.37I feel so sick!
23/01/2020 20.33.17Feeling homesick , I'm an indigo from pleadies. Very excited for the changes going on here. Love to the all one. 🙂
23/01/2020 20.16.16I have been having trouble sleeping soundly, tossing and turning, as if I am forcing myself to stay in bed. Before, if I had missed this much sleep consecutively, I would be groggy and brain dead the next day, however, I seem to be able to function fairly well, with an occasional yawn here or there. I am also experiencing an increased sensitivity to tastes and smells. Food items I used to enjoy, junk food-so to speak, now taste strange or chemical ridden. I feel a though my body is vibrating most of the time from the inside out. Ringing in my ears has increased. Not sure if this is all Schumann Resonance related or a combination of vibrational changes occurring at the same time.
23/01/2020 18.30.32I want to see others replies
23/01/2020 18.03.22Pressure in ears, slight disbalance (feeling of being pressed down from the shoulders), anxiety flares.
23/01/2020 16.29.37Good buzz in the air!! I say!!?
23/01/2020 15.40.17Around lunch time 12.30 the Shuman resonance was 60hz. I felt uplifted with powerful vibes same as when you are in love with someone. The vibration of Love.
23/01/2020 15.02.14Anxiety ramping up, Jan 23rd 8:01am - and I don't get anxiety 99% of my life
23/01/2020 8.15.15Una spada di Damocle sulla testa ma anche tanta forza e fiducia.grazie per il lavoro che fate
23/01/2020 7.40.04Insomnia, anxiety
23/01/2020 6.30.39Blanche c'est contact extra sensorielle avec une volonté divines. .qui nous réserve un avenir fusionné entre nous et la conscience devoir une terre..
23/01/2020 6.09.16I just recently found out about SR. Now all my nights of different sleep and days of wierdness makes sense. I am following this very closely. Thank you for putting it together
23/01/2020 4.18.08Seems like many more “pillars” of activity this month than the last few
23/01/2020 3.46.08Hearing super high frequency,lightheaded, left head pain and back head
23/01/2020 1.29.45Sick.
22/01/2020 22.10.59Gritty anxiety; however, I feel it is related to light downloads and I want as much as I can stand, so overall I'm joyous about it. Does anyone notice violence in the public increasing? If more people knew what was happening and actually believed it, they may be able to control their tempers.
22/01/2020 17.29.04Lots if energy but easy to agitate. Why do some people feel "down" and others feel "up"?
22/01/2020 16.51.03Very emotional last 3 days
22/01/2020 16.39.32I feel like I'm drunk and stoned at the same time, but I don't drink and I quit smoking some time ago. Pain is a little more noticable in certain locations in the body also.
22/01/2020 13.52.50I'm rally bad since 7th january 2020.. and I dont know why
22/01/2020 13.30.04January 17th felt like a mild acid trip
22/01/2020 11.58.22much stronger frequencies being felt, pushing emotions to the surface
22/01/2020 11.55.33Headhache
22/01/2020 11.36.31Q and the resistance forces would have taken control of dark forces installations?
22/01/2020 8.34.41soo badd
22/01/2020 2.56.48I definitely feel the changes of SR, seems to me, that my energy and mental 'sharpness' is related to higher values.
The normal, (or should I say, previously steady) value of 7hz, glues me to my bed after it has lasted over 6 hours. Takes about the same amount of time to the other direction to take effect. Anyone else notice this 'lag' and effect on personal energy?
21/01/2020 22.49.10Inner unrest, higher pulse, headachy and general nervousness since around jan 17th - 19th
21/01/2020 11.15.07My head hurts
21/01/2020 9.32.03Tough morning. Spiritual battle. The day ended on a high note though.
21/01/2020 7.13.05I came to site to confirm the reason for y headaches and vertigo. I rarely get either so this confirms it!
21/01/2020 4.34.22The best is yet to come
20/01/2020 22.27.11Today around 10 am I wasn’t feeling anything. I Knocked out. My energy was so low
20/01/2020 21.14.13Senza farla lunga sulle mie esperienze,ora come ora si rende piu’ reale l’inconscio personale e collettivo, che prende forme ancora sbagliate ma con linee di tempo piu’ morbide.. la centrifuga spazio-temporale in atto a livello enegetico/emotivo/dinamico terrestre pare senza freni ma soprattutto senza piu’ in vista un piano preciso.. sembra di trovarsi in mezzo alla luce artica
20/01/2020 21.02.04Hot. I thought I had a high fever all night.
20/01/2020 20.53.4620.january 2020: I went with my dog for a long walk I southern Norway between approximately 13.15-14.45 UTC. It was unusually warm (about 10C for this time of the year) and with the golden sun setting behind the hills it felt unbelievably calm and happy: like one of those special summer evenings full of peace and deep joy
20/01/2020 20.51.25I went with my dog for a long walk I southern Norway between approximately 13.15-14.45 UTC. It was unusually warm (about 10C for this time of the year) and with the golden sun setting behind the hills it felt unbelievably calm and happy: like one of those special summer evenings full of peace and deep joy
20/01/2020 18.50.05Terrible migraine and mental fatigue
20/01/2020 18.09.09I feel really energized as if there was strong energy in the air and everyday is more and more fulfilling and I can feel destiny:)
20/01/2020 15.04.26Feeling energized and positive early this morning. Like an excited anxiety
20/01/2020 12.56.39I woke up after 3 o’clock in the morning mountain time and checked the Schumann resonance and it was at 18. Unable to sleep I started reading a book and after over an hour I checked again and it was at 57. It is now nearly 5 AM here in Salt Lake City and it is still at 57. I know it affects people all over the world and I hope they are focusing on kindness, thoughtfulness, love and peace, patience and understanding as I believe this is what will help birth our earth into our next cycle More peaceably.
20/01/2020 2.31.03Today I felt an unusual frequency...
19/01/2020 18.25.52Stanca
19/01/2020 14.52.09Schumann resonances are contractions, labor pains. It is uncomfortable but necessary for birth.
19/01/2020 13.46.15It’s happening ... soon 🙂
19/01/2020 10.17.14headache at night so much that I thought about electromagnetic influences and 5g
19/01/2020 10.12.21I feel good outdoors especially in parks but not in houses where the tinnitus that I have been hearing for years increases.
19/01/2020 6.27.39Excitement
19/01/2020 3.18.43Woke up today with terrible vertigo, which I have never had before. On the couch all day. Took magnesium which helps. Better after 8 hrs (PST) 7:00am was when I woke up.
19/01/2020 1.15.23Stomach pain for last few weeks
19/01/2020 1.13.14Back pain
18/01/2020 16.55.07What am I supposed to feel?
18/01/2020 16.47.58I have felt anxious on edge unable to sleep questioning things in my life sad my emotions have been out of balance I feel a little better this morning but I have a headache
18/01/2020 16.17.07Wow
18/01/2020 12.43.50During the black out periods I’ve felt an increase in productivity, better moods, clearer thinking, increased physical energy. On 1/17/20 with the ongoing peaks in activity I became very exhausted, had very intense anxiety and unsettling feelings about nothing specific, paranoia, and irritable.
18/01/2020 9.19.51Quando si alza la frequenza sento un suono forte nelle orecchie, un rombo pulsante. Stanotte era molto presente.
18/01/2020 9.18.06Sleepless
18/01/2020 8.35.45Incredible energy today
18/01/2020 7.57.28Mi sento come travolta da un'energia credo...dentro e come se sapessi tutto, eccitata, contenta,dentro sento urlare dolore allo stomaco, il corpo mi fa male dappertutto. E mi manca tanto il fiato. Altro ma non so descrivere..
18/01/2020 7.54.22Boşluk
18/01/2020 5.29.26I feel pretty crazy today .. both ears ringing lol
18/01/2020 1.02.53I woke up with anxiety, short of breath, at 6:30am MNT time. I feel somewhat relaxed but on edge and acutely aware, though not jittery nor anxious. These strong white peaks definitely give me severe anxiety. I am able to work my way around the anxiety through meditation.
18/01/2020 0.44.54Last night everything hurt... Heart palpitations. Could not get comfortable.
17/01/2020 21.50.26Since late afternoon yesterday, EST I have felt “off” not bad but rocky. The night progressed and a lot of emotion and anxiety surfaced. Slept very poor last night and today a lot of sadness and lower emotions are surfacing. Sore back, constant ringing ears. I decided to check the resonance because usually when I feel offbeat like this it’s related...sure enough. We got this! 💫💫💫
17/01/2020 20.23.30I feel overwhelmingly good and happy today~
17/01/2020 19.48.39It feels like all of my emotions are being shaken around inside my body until they fall out...
17/01/2020 18.58.44Micro waved
17/01/2020 18.09.28I am having terrible headaches lately
17/01/2020 17.42.32I can tell you that when the powers are up my energy is way up and when we were dark all I wanted to do was sleep and I felt off really "off" my animals were off too and very edgy from dogs cats and horses, they also feel the shifts in energy; today the 17th at 8:45 am PST I feel up and upbeat so will get a lot done am sure!
17/01/2020 17.37.17I’ve been having migraines this whole week but it only stopped yesterday.
17/01/2020 16.03.57Major anxiety, headacke, sick to my stomack!
17/01/2020 13.38.39What is this black period??!!
17/01/2020 12.58.51Extreme lower back pain with sciatica.
17/01/2020 12.19.12Namaste! The "Power" level of Earth's vibrational frequency will probably continue to elevate from its current reading of "67" as the weekend progresses. Lots of earthquakes above 3 .0 are occurring with several more having happened today, 1/17/2020, in Puerto Rico and a 5.9 on Ascension Island in the South Atlantic 1000 miles from the coast of Africa. In general, most people everywhere are feeling exhausted and have aching muscles. This is a reaction to all of the events in the cosmos that are affecting Earth.
17/01/2020 11.16.40I feel teribble today. Woke up at about 3am. Again at 5. Suicidal thoughts, nervousness, anxiety, feelong sick in stomach. Dizzyness...
17/01/2020 11.14.22Bene, energica
17/01/2020 10.17.17Feeling the changes
17/01/2020 4.14.22I am an Empath,, so I can feel all those changes. You helped me to realise how much I am conected with this peacks, and earth. Your site is more important than you know. But I cant open that subject now. I was speaking with empath friends and they have some changes because of changes of resonance also, like lack of sleep or too much sleep. However, I must thank you for those informations, trust me they are more important than you can imagine now. Greetings from Serbia.
17/01/2020 1.10.49Was depressed and stuck in negative thoughts past few months, a few days ago I started feeling passionate about everything again physically and mentally. Then heard about the Schumann resonance changes going on and that might account for the shift I felt.
16/01/2020 21.37.48Impending catastrophe
16/01/2020 21.19.15Such clarity today - beginning around 5am this morning EST.
16/01/2020 19.44.56Ciao io sento benissimo quando qualcosa nn va è una settimana che ho dei picchi assurdi di agitazione ed ansia che per la vita che faccio onestamente non dovrei avere! Non è semplice perché in me son cambiate molte cose ho sfoghi cutanei cali di voce sbalzi di umore e sogni premonitori e remote viewing assurdi
16/01/2020 19.33.37Just realized, during the blackout felt. Overwhelmed with negative emotions to the point where I called in Jesus and ArcAngel Micheal to help me get a grip. Felt like I was being attacked. This is uncommon for me.
16/01/2020 19.27.33Today after the 35 ½ hour blackout, I feel super tired. During the blackout, I was full of energy and all sorts of great things were happening for me, but I had a hard time sleeping.
16/01/2020 18.55.13The controllers took the system down so we couldn’t see what was happening. They were probably trying to jeopardize t our work but failed.
16/01/2020 18.35.35Tired!!
16/01/2020 18.21.06Increased ringing in ears and other sensations like that.
16/01/2020 18.08.47I'm so excited and don't have any idea why. Lol
16/01/2020 17.25.38Today I feel very letargic and I have a light headache
16/01/2020 16.59.18Ears ringing
16/01/2020 16.56.53Both sides of my head tone constantly and hard to drown out the noise now.
16/01/2020 17.01.31I hear buzzing in my ears all the time
16/01/2020 15.07.40Highly intuitive. Body twitches. Ears ringing
16/01/2020 9.41.08Feeling a lot of energy
16/01/2020 9.33.35Forte tachicardia
16/01/2020 in UK and still black. Could this be the 3 days of darkness mentioned in the bible?
16/01/2020 4.01.19My laptop hard drive failed and I made mental errors today.
16/01/2020 0.59.43I have been so anxious lately and my ears won't stop ringing
15/01/2020 22.28.21Peace
15/01/2020 20.48.45What does that mean? Pitch black and total darkness???? (A: nothing, just there are no data availbale)
15/01/2020 18.24.50I woke up with a Massive headache!
15/01/2020 15.29.36Woke up at 8 am Central time, feeling on the edge of vertigo. Not spinning, but woosy with my inner ears retaining an energy block
14/01/2020 11.59.43Hopeful
14/01/2020 8.37.58dont know if or how these changes corresponds with human nervousness, agresivity, health problems. But something evidently happens around us.
14/01/2020 0.47.56i felt an overwhelming nausea at approx 12:45 pm pst today in northern california. it felt like a jolt to my gut. by 1:30 pm, the nausea disappeared completely. i am otherwise healthy.
13/01/2020 20.33.27Quand le bien et le mal n'existe pas dans l'univers c'est qu'il n'est pas arrivé sur terre ou l'homme devra apprendre a géré ses en vie. D'idée.
13/01/2020 19.33.49I feel wonky. I'm running into things and out of balance.
13/01/2020 15.20.36When the spikes/surges come in, I feel anxious and restless. If I am sleeping, it wakes me up.
13/01/2020 7.23.36Googlie Moogalie
13/01/2020 4.09.15heavy ear ringing noise and intense headches since 2020 started.
13/01/2020 1.12.09Sick to the stomach and weak.
13/01/2020 0.28.23I was a little bit ill and at 5 a.m. my body started to sweat very intense. I could feel the energy flowing through my body, healing from feet to head. It all lasted more than 2 hours, I think.
12/01/2020 22.57.03I feel a lot of love
12/01/2020 22.16.03On the evening of Jan 6 I was feeling like a pulse energy. I have never felt this before
12/01/2020 16.26.21I feel like this is it.
12/01/2020 14.10.10More content and loving. Prayed with ease, found a good book, embraced the awareness how holyness is everywhere for us. Decided to stop being upset with others.
12/01/2020 5.21.26Feelings of dread, lethargic and thumping, hissing, ringing in my middle ears. Over all feeling off.
12/01/2020 5.17.53Feelings of dread, lethargic and thumping, hissing, ringing in my middle ears. Over all feeling off.
11/01/2020 22.42.17Nell'ora di picco sento pressioni alla ghiandola pineale e un po' di stanchezza.
11/01/2020 22.00.00When Gaia hit 159 a couple of weeks ago I jumped up and down Yippee
11/01/2020 18.43.44Stanca
11/01/2020 18.20.28love peace harmony to you and all for now and forever safe healthy journeys infinity
11/01/2020 15.37.5211/1.2020. Finally the heaviness has lifted and it feels more peaceful.
11/01/2020 13.08.05Namaste! The Full Moon Eclipse, super-novas, and the Saturn/Pluto conjunction at 22 degrees will make for a weekend of profound cosmic power from 1/10 to 1/12/2020--Friday to Sunday. Earthquakes are occurring, snow blizzards, tornadoes, thunder storms, fires! Earth is tossing and turning in heat and pain! "She" and the entire galaxy are moving further into the Photon Belt. All of this is affecting humans, animals, and plant life. Major transformations of DNA are happening. This can cause lots of physiological, mental, and emotional discomfort as LIGHT from SOURCE cleanses disharmony from the "Divine Symphony" in order to create a "Concert of Ilumination". Creation is becoming increasingly spiritually elevated and crystalline in cellular structure. The "labor" of "re-birth" is intense. We can be comforted by using spiritual and natural therapies such as prayer, meditation, Epsom salt baths with essential oils, eating organically, drinking lots of spring water, doing Yoga stretches, wearing particular crystals and gemstones, and getting plenty of extra rest. We must nurture ourselves while SOURCE is doing what must be done in this age so that the "Golden Age" can come down the birth canal into NEW LIGHT! Blessings to Everyone!
11/01/2020 2.21.42The fun begins when the base waveform changes.
11/01/2020 1.06.10The top of head hurts and been like having a sharp pain from top of head to ear sometimes even in my nose up to my head
10/01/2020 22.49.56I felt attacked by a prolonged wave of grief for myself for not having enough attachments to other human beings in my life, which is severe emotional turmoil. It occurred to me to check the Schumann readings and sure enough, my feelings in my time zone corresponded with the white spikes across the chart at the UTC time read.
10/01/2020 22.26.07Old negative issues come to the surface when these pillars appear. I am usually asleep when they come up so I end up with strange dreams, but they are always about facing things I need to let go of and rise above.
10/01/2020 21.02.34Slept a lot
10/01/2020 16.23.06I feel overly anxious and my head hurts, is the Schumann resonance causing this
10/01/2020 16.12.02Oggi è uno di quei giorni in cui mi sembra i avere una bruttissima influenza: ho brividi, giramenti di testa con nausea , dolore e tensione al collo e alle spalle, spossatezza e una difficoltà di concentrazione esagerata con testa confusa e vista carente. Sto veramente facendo fatica a lavorare .
10/01/2020 15.31.15Namaste! The higher "Power 65" today, Friday, January 10, 2020, just prior to the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse this afternoon may indicate that even higher "Power" levels are coming. The Earth will experience erratic weather patterns. Here in the USA, there are snow blizzards, tornadoes, and strange temperature changes of increased warmth and then blustery cold in certain places where seasonal changes used to include predictable steady temperatures and weather situations. The same is happening with humans. Some people are either stirred-up or very fatigued. They have aching muscles and stiff joints. Age is not a factor. All ages are experiencing similar symptoms of cosmic events. It helps to relax by a pond or even in one's home with candles and incense, and to hold a calming gemstone or prayer mala during meditation. This is especially important today because of the eclipse. Peace to Everyone!
10/01/2020 15.22.45Worst headache ever experienced in my whole life. Nonstop back pain that forces me to get out of bed even if I feel tired and I feel like I need more sleep. Hearing frequencies “screaming” in my ears.
10/01/2020 14.32.31Ho mal di stomaco da questa notte😓
10/01/2020 14.31.55Anxiety, stomach flutters, waves of excitement, brain fog, fatigue
10/01/2020 12.57.49Tired, cant sleep, sick to my stomach, eardrums feel like they're going to pop.
10/01/2020 11.23.46Unpleasant adrenaline rushes through whole body causing total gastric turmoil for several hours at a time, and ears feel short bursts of pressure like on a plane at high altitude. Have had this since the late 1980’s and correlated it with both Solar and Schumann activity. I no sooner recover from one episode when another occurs, but since the recent events from the 28th of December 2019 it’s been debilitating and exhausting. Last night/this morning the 10th January 2020 I did not sleep at all, at 5.25 am UK time I thought my ears were going to burst, and my whole body has been jolting like i'm being cattle prodded and painful restless legs syndrome that stop me from getting off to sleep. I’m in my 60’s and feel ready to go home, I’m so very tired and it sure doesn't feel like i asked for this, it feels more like torture. How can this be of benefit to others when it makes you feel like wreck and out of touch with the rest of humanity it forces you to become a hermit because you have very little to nothing in common with even those you love in your family, let alone others. Plus i feel like i should be paying rent to my GP I've been there so often over the years with so many complaints but no real diagnoses, I've been turned inside out, upside down and enough bloods taken to feed a vampire.
10/01/2020 9.07.30Stanco e confuso
10/01/2020 6.47.32Major anxiety on 9 jan
10/01/2020 2.23.16Depressed
09/01/2020 23.27.57Energy surge in the top of my head and entering into my arms at the base of my hands. I am vibrating! It feels overwhelming. Hot! Irritated. Feel like I want to jump out of my skin.
09/01/2020 23.23.04feeling teeth grindy and so very tired and heavy
09/01/2020 21.58.08Everytime there are one of those black outs i feel just no energy total drain on everything no energy just have to try sleep last time with the black outs got to the piont felt like i had to get out of mybody really hard to explain but very terrible love peace and harmony safe healthy journeys to all infinity
09/01/2020 18.34.58Ho avuto mal di testa, stanca.
09/01/2020 17.25.16Quando I picchi si alzano I miei sintomi sono :
Stanchezza, vertigini, ronzio alle orecchie e tristezza.
Suggestione o altre persone hanno i miei sintomi?
Buona serata.
09/01/2020 16.56.18I've had a headache since last night and I never get headaches. 😩
09/01/2020 16.46.33Emotional tension building
09/01/2020 16.17.57More anxiety, uneasiness
09/01/2020 15.41.31Body achy..mood sour
09/01/2020 15.30.21Woke up all night!! No good sleep.
09/01/2020 15.14.37Most amazing dream of my life
09/01/2020 14.35.49Time of Light, Love, Peace, Respect and Admiration for Life.
09/01/2020 14.26.27I seem to have more energy and am happier when it spikes
09/01/2020 14.00.49Right side eye pressure for the last 72 hours. GI discomfort.
08/01/2020 22.12.50Felt slow and lethargic around Christmas. Lots of emotional releasing since Dec 21.
08/01/2020 19.49.15Calm,organized,tight muscles,extra energy
08/01/2020 19.21.53Ears ringing. Sleeping so hard I cant wake up for hours in the mornings. 6 days.
08/01/2020 16.10.28Salve cari amici, grazie del vostro lavoro. A volte mi sembra di impazzire, il cervello va in modo che non riesco a capire e gestire, allora inizio a respirare con calma, poi passa. Percepisco nella mente che qualcosa vuole comunicare con me, che sta cambiando il mondo. Una "voce" mi dice che tra poco tutto finirà, per ricominciare. Altra cosa un desiderio enorme di conoscere e capire, che mi distrae ogni momento. Saluti Alberto da Venezia.
08/01/2020 15.57.12Feeling inner fizzing the last days, and in some moments I get shockwave-like tingles running up my spine,enlarging in my legs and arms
08/01/2020 12.08.34Feeling tense when the frequency raises, that's when I think to check online
08/01/2020 10.44.01Intense at times, other times I feel like things are going to really get real better
08/01/2020 10.34.56Disturbances in circadian rhythm, irritation, loss of focus, lethargic, low stress tolerance, GIT symptoms.
07/01/2020 20.49.35Many ups and downs.
07/01/2020 16.49.52Più la risonanza ha valore alto e più mi sento un vulcano. Quando e' bassa vado in depressione. Controllo frequenza ogni giorno
07/01/2020 10.55.24As batalhas se intensificaram mas com consciência e equilíbrio transmutamos as baixas vibrações para o Amor💟. Gratidão 🙏. Muita ☮️🕊️ Paz e muita Luz 🌅.
07/01/2020 6.10.02Wooo hoooo
07/01/2020 4.59.11Seem to be moving between extremes of emotions and I’m affected by others more strongly.
07/01/2020 3.39.57I’m feeling ok today. Anxiety is low.
07/01/2020 0.39.40I would love to see charts showing the resonance in 2010 compared to now in 2020. Maybe even 2000 if you have them? (Answer: We do not have it)
06/01/2020 22.02.06Ampy at times. Sleepy. Also heartburn indigestion and slight nausea
06/01/2020 19.46.14Feeling a sense of 'tension' to be plainly put. Like a bow being drawn slowly.
06/01/2020 19.38.39Better
06/01/2020 16.32.19Devo chiarire che quando la Risonanza è bassa, meno 12 mi sento di molto malumore, quando va sopra i 20 mi sento felice e leggera
06/01/2020 16.29.45I giorni che la Shumman è bassa mi sento con mal di testa e malumore, quando è alta mi sento molto felice con fischi alle orecchie delle volte molto forti e dalla coda dell'occhio sinistro compaiono palle di Luce molto brillante che arrivano da dietro verso il fronte, ma che non mi danno fastidio fisico solo le vedo che arrivano e se ne vanno. In generale quando è calma anch'io mi sento calma. Ma preferisco quando va su, che mi fa cantare e sentire felice. PS/ Quando è alta vedo molto più facilmente i regni Angelici e Fatati.
06/01/2020 13.50.38To feel happy for nothing Can bêta also nut. But to be happy doing something. ..lire Is here and now. With a lot of project kept in m'y hart. Soon just to beggin a normal life possible to be free to be together one for each other parce love respect and peace..that is iTunes suppose to be normal. .3 thing: work health to be protect. .so maybe have someone to share
06/01/2020 5.00.20Anxiety!
06/01/2020 3.50.18Very emotional easily frustrated to anger
05/01/2020 20.46.10Headaches, pressure, eletricity all around me. Sesrching for truth and connectiin to creator
05/01/2020 18.34.31I just want to sleep........
05/01/2020 18.33.42Exhausted
05/01/2020 17.35.14Finally recovering from the 29 of Dec, migraines, sleeplessness,etc, still hearing a very high pitched sound coming from everywhere. Peace. ,,,,playing music from Youtube at 7.83hz has helped re-balance the vibes.
05/01/2020 15.25.50Omg I’m thrilled to get out what I’m feeling and to know about this site and its processes. It is so important to create daily connection to self to stay dialed in. It seems so simple but its truly a must. Commit with intention and daily rite to cocreate. It only takes a few minutes, be still and just connect.
05/01/2020 13.21.46Bad sleep the past two nights... last one the worst... any connection?
05/01/2020 13.15.15Feeling the energies and being aware of whats making it so intense.Not only are my animals sensitive to it I usually feel it a few mins before my dogs start barking and other dogs in the neighborhood.
Usually everytime this happens I come on here and see how high the energy ampage is on earth and it makes sense the timing.I see people who are not balanced in these times argue over things all around the same times its because the energy amps them up and if they are already tense then these energies will not flow ....Meditate into your heart and stay Hydrated and om on when you feel these energies...Balance your salts people!Eat foods that come from the ground fruits and vegtables will ground you!
When I say balance your salts this means no more fake or processed food those salts will make you retain water and make you hold on to water weight and knock your natuaral salts off.Theres so much more and everyone is learning together how to instinctively adapt.The best thing we can do is work together on finding ways to let this energy flow because it is accelerating or amping up.
05/01/2020 12.41.11Eu sinto desconforto físico, dores no corpo e cabeça, nausea, sinto meu corpo muito leve, parece que vai flutuar com um leve tremor interno.
05/01/2020 10.22.09Motherearth is changing
05/01/2020 9.03.42Mi sento bene quando la risonanza sale almeno sopra i 30. A livelli inferiori tendo ad avere sonno, sentirmi stanca e svogliata.
05/01/2020 5.04.18Blessings to all
05/01/2020 4.17.12Hi. My ears ring loud, left mainly. Very tired but cant sleep. Vertigo, mild but annoying. Tired of feeling this way. Help please universe.
05/01/2020 3.48.53Anticipation, strength, exhaustion
05/01/2020 3.10.01Hopeful
05/01/2020 2.27.36Rollercoaster of emotions. I'm changing inside my heart & soul in profound ways never thought imaginable.. Thank you for this website <3
05/01/2020 1.55.59Nothing
05/01/2020 1.24.51I feel like there is a huge wave about to break over humanity, that waiting feeling, that silence before the storm.....
04/01/2020 23.57.40Depleted
04/01/2020 23.14.06I get a burst of energy when it spikes! Even in the middle of the night - weird 😎
04/01/2020 21.58.14When the SR power gets higher, so does my anxiety
04/01/2020 21.43.16tired yet full of anticipation
04/01/2020 21.30.24Hopeful
04/01/2020 20.39.50I've been sleeping more than usual, headaches, anxious, alone
04/01/2020 19.51.46January 4 2020 I have a bad headache on both temples since yesterday. I feel upbeat though and getting clear messages from spirit.
04/01/2020 19.22.39Crazy amount of energy today, been dancing all day!!
04/01/2020 19.14.44Grumpy
04/01/2020 18.12.36Feeling anxious, but optimistic
04/01/2020 16.42.48Awakening , months ago nausea for weeks. Now headache, exhaustion. Calmer Frustrated trying to wake up others. Some just shut down. I knew 2.5 years ago that something was coming.
04/01/2020 15.38.38Confused
04/01/2020 15.17.32Very stressed.
04/01/2020 15.03.21I think we are headed in a super positive direction, the energy is increasing
04/01/2020 14.35.49What is a data blackout ? I'm new and don't really know many of the terms used
04/01/2020 14.01.17Hmm
04/01/2020 13.55.58Ears are ringing like crazy
04/01/2020 13.42.54Joy bursts
04/01/2020 13.16.02I feel excitement with a little bit of shiver bc of all the work that lays ahead of us to really defeat the darkness
04/01/2020 11.30.42Lethargic, exhausted, drained
04/01/2020 10.15.38Curious about the data blackouts. Can’t sleep
04/01/2020 8.55.35I have been following this site for over a year now, it is very interesting! Now, everytime i feel very tired or have pain in My body, I check the frekvens, and it matches allmost every time!
04/01/2020 8.43.59I feel like Im upgrading my systems software with these downloads!
04/01/2020 8.17.17Woke up at 6 UTC feeling something, tought to check the SR and was peaking at 15... could it be we are becoming sensible even to lightest movements?
04/01/2020 3.28.12The energy is getting intense! A lot of head pressure and loud frequencies in the ears.
04/01/2020 2.58.48It feels like the never ending day
04/01/2020 1.02.43Fiducia
04/01/2020 0.25.05Happy, satisfied, but on the move.
04/01/2020 0.02.07Perhaps blackouts associated w C.E.R.N & H.A.A.R.P activity
03/01/2020 22.21.29Why was there a blackout?
03/01/2020 22.13.38Been tired and can’t seem to get full. Not a breakfast person but woke up and wanted to eat. Not a nap person but I find myself tired and falling asleep sitting up.
03/01/2020 21.32.00Sometimes i feel very strong energy and extasy happy feelings especially when resonance ist very strong and abnormal 60-235 other day when frequency is lower a usually have a low energy and strong migrenes in frequences like 7 a 14 Hz...from extrem to extrem
03/01/2020 21.16.18Energie basse e rabbia e chiusura sul.cuore
03/01/2020 21.08.14Heavy
03/01/2020 21.00.02Ogni volta che si alza mi sale agitazione ed adrenalina
03/01/2020 20.08.33Spacey and hungry
03/01/2020 19.55.16I can feel when there is a change in the frequency. It's getting to where I feel better when the resonant frequency is round 46 - 60 Hz. hz. That 150 spike we got a couple of weeks ago was fun but a bit of a jolt. When we're down around 8 - 16, I feel heavier. I've always been sensitive to electrical emissions and wifi sets me off sometimes.
03/01/2020 17.19.48what caused the blackout?
03/01/2020 14.03.53Confused. World War III? Or, sun activity? Could that have knocked out the data recorder?
03/01/2020 14.03.01Lots of energy flowing, somewhat overstim and frazzled, like it needs to be directed or utilized differently
03/01/2020 13.43.45Had a period of loudness in my ears after meditation this morning 6:30 CPT.
03/01/2020 7.57.32Síntomas fuertes.
Cansancio físico.
03/01/2020 5.14.38She's definitely lifting in frequency what does in darkness mean for the past 9 hours.. No reading at all?
Thank you I love your work
03/01/2020 4.51.16Not sure
02/01/2020 23.50.59Anxious
02/01/2020 23.02.08I feel really sick today like I'm shedding old DNA and energy.
02/01/2020 19.44.53Wike up with crazy energy early in the morning it was sending convulsions through my body...can anyone tell me more about what the darkening is? Maybe its linked
02/01/2020 18.08.44Brainfog
02/01/2020 17.27.24Strong vibrations here in Michigan
02/01/2020 10.03.58Dizziness
02/01/2020 8.40.15Bad headaches in North Florida USA, I get migraine often but yesterday & today are brutal. My neighbor said he is getting severe ones too. Ringing in ears, slight nausea, feel off. dizziness. I don't like it at all very painful. Are we dying?
02/01/2020 7.32.58I can't sleep. My mind is racing.
02/01/2020 5.43.37Intense
02/01/2020 1.55.45Pain/Depression
02/01/2020 0.19.17100 plus is the best!
01/01/2020 23.54.05Headache and I had a dizzy spell
01/01/2020 23.21.00I feel lazy anxious and hopeful. My teeth hurt last night.
01/01/2020 19.18.01Headache
01/01/2020 19.04.25Feeling wiped out and out of sorts.
01/01/2020 18.39.01Ciało wibruje, lęki, nie pokój, czasami duszności, ucisk w klatce.
01/01/2020 18.14.36Little dizzy , headache , little anxiety.............not sure what i coming......little exited on the same time....
01/01/2020 16.18.08At 10 am est, I am feeling a deep vibration, like a loud bass sound penetrating my skull and vibrating my brain. It is so loud, I hear/feel it over any natural noise. Seeing a current spike after looking up the current charts.
01/01/2020 10.46.37Excited
01/01/2020 7.11.36Nervous energy , sleeplessness , nausea , headaches ... did I say sleeplessness lol? More like broken sleep .. feel like something is very very off
01/01/2020 7.05.36Sleep has been very difficult...
01/01/2020 6.28.07I hope its better than 2019...
01/01/2020 2.23.15Pounding headache all week. Mood is lower too, plus run ins w other people havent been good.....a couple weeks ago I was feeling better
31/12/2019 23.15.51Been tired and can’t seem to get full. Not a breakfast person but woke up and wanted to eat. Not a nap person but I find myself tired and falling asleep sitting up.
31/12/2019 23.10.49Uneasy
31/12/2019 20.31.37Good
31/12/2019 20.11.13Overwhelming release and joy, tearful in the car for "no reason" driving to work... "the time has come, to walk with the Soul and the Sun." 😉
31/12/2019 19.33.23I have had no physical effects other than impossible digestive issues for a few months. It has been getting worse the last week or so. In the early morning hours of Dec 26, I had sudden and severe vertigo. I asked for new energies to help and they were given. It stopped sometime during my sleep. I have been sleeping 10 hours and napping as well. My ear ringing has increased, and blood pressure seems high (I can hear heartbeat in ears). I continue to feel inner ear pressure as well as just floaty and "unwell".
31/12/2019 15.23.49I've started to see auras and I am always hearing a strange high pitched metallic sound and I become intuitions frequently to help me, clear out old negative energies and to heal my soul. Physically I have felt headaches and dizziness for this whole month, I am reaching out for lighter foods, and when I wake up I feel really tired, but the good thing is that I feel light euphoria and the sky seems to become prettier:)
31/12/2019 13.57.51Regular sleep disturbed. Tired in the middle of the day and had to nap. Small headache grew from yesterday to where my head aches a lot now at 4:57 on December 31, 2019.
31/12/2019 11.38.36I felt very tired and heavy from 21 to 1 UTC. None of my family members felt tired. Almost as if I was swimming through my day. I felt that the world wasn’t real and that if I could peel back what the world appears to be to my eyes I would see everything that was really there. I really felt that I was living in a simulation. I felt like I was in two places at once, that my soul was in two places at once. My soul was here on earth and somewhere else above me.
31/12/2019 11.21.48Sento ed in diversi sentiamo che il livello energetico globale sta aumentando. Sono ultrasereno e felice. Non vedo l'ora!
31/12/2019 8.55.29From here now forward, your thoughts will begin to manifest quickly.
31/12/2019 7.19.33Unique coincidences related to big spikes in the earths frequency. At times more energetic and happy. Others very down and exhausted.
More connected to life and the world lately. People don’t bother me as much as they used to. Everyone is a good soul.
31/12/2019 6.45.43today didn't feel right. bad vibes. lots of people i know are struggling. im having a heavier than normal period. kids are acting up. so tired.
31/12/2019 6.32.56Exhausted. Depressed. Lethargic. Lifeless.
31/12/2019 6.10.58I was anxious, tired, in my head and feeling lost yesterday during the surge
31/12/2019 5.49.25I felt Something big was afoot on the 29th into 30th in the AM & I felt very achy & couldn’t move much also.
31/12/2019 4.45.47Love
31/12/2019 2.22.12Anxiety
31/12/2019 1.11.30Shaky feeling.
30/12/2019 23.23.04Energy is rising 🙂 let's bring more love and peace from ourself to entire earth. Love is the highest frequency 🙂
30/12/2019 22.13.49Have been feeling an intense almost tingly sensation in my chest , stomach and lower abdomen . Almost a sensual feeling of anticipation . Can't quite explain it . Not a bad feeling but a knowing something is coming or changing.
30/12/2019 21.09.38Ever-increasing tinnitus (sounds different as well). Increased anxiety and panic attacks, stomach upset.

People in my neighborhood also act like it's the full moon every day.
30/12/2019 20.54.22approaching immortality......
30/12/2019 20.50.08Yesterday very agitated, intense energy. Calmed down in the afternoon. Sensitive and emotional.
30/12/2019 20.36.18Anxious
30/12/2019 19.13.19The ringing in my ears gets severe at times. The feelings of anxiety and depression is almost overwhelming at times.
30/12/2019 19.10.55I've been very anxious,depressed,hopeless feeling.
30/12/2019 18.09.30Stanco
30/12/2019 17.58.10During high periods i cant sleep and get an urge to look for something online,yesterday when it was 93,my search led me to a rabbit hole,ive found things that i cannot explain. i feel strange
30/12/2019 17.50.28I felt tense yesterday & today, short tempered just uptight and some confusion. Dec 29th &30th.
30/12/2019 17.33.38When activity is high i can t stay awake.
30/12/2019 17.19.58Felt irritable on Christmas Eve, as well as the 29th of December. I have been very affected by the resonance this March/part of April.
30/12/2019 17.14.57I have felt major anxiety, uncertainty, massive physical discomfort that I interpreted as mental health issues, until I remembered to stop assigning negative interpretations to the intensity. Now, I surrender more and more and allow the intensity. The more I am able to soften into it, rather than resist, the more in flow I become. Receiving upgrade information.
30/12/2019 17.14.09I ache all over, I can barely walk.
30/12/2019 16.53.19Usually feel , can’t sleep, can’t breath too good either during the peaks! But super psyched when I feel part of this crazy cosmic engineering, very positive
30/12/2019 16.47.26Been really very sleepy, brain fog, and drained. Ina dream state. I hear sounds. And like gibbrish words
30/12/2019 16.02.00I did have a headache, however I felt optimistic about the future and a great joy spreading to all
30/12/2019 15.57.50I did have a headache, however I felt optimistic about the future and a great joy spreading to all
30/12/2019 15.55.11I am feeling a joyous, optimistic feeling that is getting ready to spread onto everyone! Have been experience a headache a long with it.
30/12/2019 15.15.24I’ve had severe headaches
30/12/2019 15.12.55Strange but very lucid dreaming. My body did feeling sick suddenly and just reacting to those high pikes. Wow!
30/12/2019 14.39.00I feel great during the spikes and whiteouts, tired afterward.
30/12/2019 12.23.25+
I feel collective....
30/12/2019 11.07.08Nauseous, lots of old feelings coming up, feeling tension and pressure.
30/12/2019 9.57.55yesterday (29) I felt angry, today (30) I feel totally drained - I live i Sweden
30/12/2019 9.49.09Very very emotional. Can't stop crying.
30/12/2019 9.11.59A few times today I felt light headed or "swimmy" for just a second. I've gone back and forth from euphoric to mild anxiety or a nervous anticipation with a knowing of something big and life changing is about to happen. Ringing in ears is more intense. Tightness in chest off and on as well.
30/12/2019 8.51.22Very vivid dreams during..
30/12/2019 8.48.46Fatigue
30/12/2019 8.22.07can't wait to be in 5d permanently
30/12/2019 8.00.40Head aches and tiredness
30/12/2019 7.21.09hopeful
30/12/2019 6.54.50Sleepless ..
30/12/2019 6.27.39Buzz!
30/12/2019 6.02.14No appetite, emotional waves, triggers/ fight or flight, hot flashes are the absolute most prominent today specifically
30/12/2019 5.24.07Sore all day. Started about mid-day yesterday
30/12/2019 5.19.43A lot of uplifting energy. Dogs have been sleeping more since yesterday night.
30/12/2019 5.14.13Roller coaster from hell today.
30/12/2019 5.07.21Ringing in ears
30/12/2019 4.52.55Headache splitting
30/12/2019 4.37.42shooting headaches, restless, very tired but wide awake. woke up with feeling of nausea,uneasiness on the solar plexus, continuous ringing in the ears
30/12/2019 4.36.28Equal parts Divine & Disoriented !
30/12/2019 4.35.04Wowzers for power 92 and a column of light all day! Feeling energized!
30/12/2019 4.17.24I argued with my brother
30/12/2019 3.41.51Bursts higher than 158!
30/12/2019 3.32.33Fever & full body chills
30/12/2019 3.09.49awakened
30/12/2019 3.08.47I feel really good when the frequency is high but terrible when it drops back to normal
30/12/2019 1.54.00Excitement and expectation
30/12/2019 1.47.05Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!
30/12/2019 0.45.17Insomnia, emotional.
30/12/2019 0.41.4412/29/19 6:30pmEST I read 111 responses and was surprised to see how similar they were to how I am feeling. How exciting! I was wondering how I am going to take all of this energy vibrating in my chest and ringing in my ears. So far no pain, thankfully. My first time here, I am glad to know others are reeling and feeling the same/similar way. Love to all. Love, Jim
30/12/2019 0.39.37tired but excited at the same time.
30/12/2019 0.32.16Gritty anxiety followed by relief. Intuition seems higher and sharper; everything seems higher and sharper. When the power number is high it feels like I could jump out of my skin. I am managing to press on through it but it is exhausting.
30/12/2019 0.28.27Namaste! The new year of 2020, which also heralds a new decade, will be possibly challenging politically and sociologically due to the blueprint of Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, and South Node in Capricorn and the consistent cosmic rays from outside of our solar system. However, as humanity levels-up in spiritual consciousness, SOURCE LIGHT will bless us with knowledge, healing, love, peace, and abundance as well as continuing DNA and cellular transformation to higher "being-ness", and thus, the energetics we need to usher-in a "New Golden Age".
30/12/2019 0.14.35Durante la notte tra il 28 e il 29-12 mi sono svegliato all'incirca alle 6.00 con dei dolori addominali
29/12/2019 23.41.37I feel like time is flying..
29/12/2019 23.37.31Sometimes a lot of ascension symptoms, sometimes none. Sleep can be weird sometimes
29/12/2019 23.33.29So many things!
29/12/2019 23.23.17Clarity
29/12/2019 22.54.38extreme un-ease at solar plexus
29/12/2019 22.39.44Giramenti di testa sonnolenza tachicardia
29/12/2019 22.32.24Enlightened
29/12/2019 22.29.50Sleepy, edgy
29/12/2019 22.27.02woke up with night sweats about 130am eastern; mostly b/c it was 81f inside and 75f outside here in tampa bay fl area; i feel like i'm being pulled in two directions at the same time... up vibration/energetically one day... not so much the next day... what a roller coaster ride....
29/12/2019 22.20.31I am changing reality for all sentient beings 😇
29/12/2019 21.57.46Love
29/12/2019 21.52.55I feel like I was dreaming. And a headache...
29/12/2019 21.30.54Something huge is coming
29/12/2019 21.29.00😳
29/12/2019 21.21.00curious
29/12/2019 21.10.59Mucho calor y energía en el chakra del corazón emociones a flor de piel
29/12/2019 20.36.50I felt weird last night around midnight mountain time in the USA. Like my blood sugar had fallen. Shakey. But I went to bed and just ignored it. Felt same way when I woke up (late) this morning but fine now that I'm up. I feel calm so I checked here for the SR and thought it would be pretty low but to my surprise it is currently 92! And its 1236pm on 12-29-19.
29/12/2019 20.35.21I feel love
29/12/2019 20.34.50Very unsettled on December 29th, deep emotions seemed to want to raise to the surface....could not put my finger on what was wrong. Slept deeply....even my meditation was unsettled.
29/12/2019 20.33.03Since yesterday I felt like I was ‘trippy’ and seeing things through someone else’s eyes. The colours in the garden were luminescent. I felt so strange, like not quite in my body.
29/12/2019 20.27.3324 hrs before the spike unable to sleep and feeling uncomfortable
29/12/2019 20.24.29My ears feel like popping,i feel tence,not unhappy though..
29/12/2019 20.11.08Horrible body aches. Took 3 turmeric last night and two this morning. 20 min in hot tub too. Pain in hip is still strong. Coupled with a slight headache near right temple. I look at SR and see the high number. Starting to collect data to determine if my pain intensity aligns with the spiked numbers. Anyone see a match between the SR and body pains?
29/12/2019 20.05.15I have problems to sleep, I feel a restlessness in my body;a creeping/crawling sensation during peaks. Though I work in a telephone service regarding health I can see a connection between peaks and vertigo,headache,mental illness worsens or activates temporary.
29/12/2019 19.56.03Jag känner alltid av i min kropp då det pikar högt.Tillhör de högsensitiva människorna. Blir en oro, kryper i kroppen,mår konstigt. Då jag jobbar i en telefontjänst rörande hur folk mår så ser jag en koppling till yrsel,huvudvärk och även att det aktiverar psykisk ohälsa hos en del.
29/12/2019 19.51.21On 92. I feel some tension in my neck & back.
29/12/2019 19.49.51Everything slowed down. What in the world
29/12/2019 19.48.09There was an eerie quiet that began at 1410 mountain time and lasted the rest of the day. Like the world turned off. As if there was a tear in the world around us.
29/12/2019 19.40.01Headache, increased fatigue and or energy, feeling of heaviness and allergies with runny nose. I've gotten used to it but heart palpitations and breathing problems also seem to be the norm for me when it reaches higher than 60's.
29/12/2019 19.29.30Vibrational at times
29/12/2019 19.10.02inspired to be horny
29/12/2019 18.44.34A great awakening is coming.
29/12/2019 18.38.26On nights when the Schumann is really high I get woken up feeling like I'm getting zapped with pulses of electrical jolts, buzzing and vibrations. It's uncomfortable as heck.
29/12/2019 18.37.46Yesterday I spent the day creating. Making orgonite pyramid and baking. My ears were ringing like crazy. I put up a YouTube video. A couple mins post on what felt like prime creator wanted me to say.
29/12/2019 18.36.39Its hard to breathe. I feel dizzy and my body is electric.I’m so tired and my body is
aching // Terese , Sweden
29/12/2019 18.25.47restlessness and intense heartbeats
29/12/2019 18.24.39We are witnessing a great shift in consciousness
29/12/2019 18.21.35High anxiety
29/12/2019 18.19.59Aggravated. Nervous energy.
29/12/2019 18.18.14Have a major headache....and I never get headaches! I’m emotional too!
29/12/2019 18.15.00I am very sensitive to the spikes in the Schumann resonance value. I immediately start feeling dizzy, kind of nauseous, with a feeling of electricity buzzing in my head, almost like being underwater. Being feeling this strongly today
29/12/2019 18.14.19Sometimes feeling quite out of sorts, when checking S R can place those feelings.Over the years have started to recognize and move with them, high or low. Usually feel better and energized with higher frequencies 💫
29/12/2019 18.11.28On the nights when SR is high, I have major trouble sleeping. Is the earth loosing its magnetic field protection? Is our magnetic field growing weaker? Allowing in more cosmic radiation. I am an empathy and sensitive... what gives? AD
29/12/2019 18.04.45I woke up in the middle of the night and took a while to fall back asleep, which I didn't do while there was calm. Today feeling raw emotionally, and physically weak and tense, which is after a period of feeling calm and stable.
29/12/2019 17.51.32I think that I found out who I truly am today.
29/12/2019 17.48.13Agitated and exhausted
29/12/2019 17.45.46Anticipation, excited positive connected
29/12/2019 17.35.00Emotional and chest pain
29/12/2019 17.30.15I feel thankful for everything in my life
29/12/2019 17.15.00❤️
29/12/2019 17.11.11Really felt everything drop away this afternoon and found more of a stillness
29/12/2019 17.04.55I feel heightened, tired, awakened and excited beyond belief. We Are One. It is time. Blessed to be here during this Earth's Great Awakening.
29/12/2019 16.59.42Bliss. Hope! Love <3
29/12/2019 16.53.02Straight up crazy!
29/12/2019 16.47.02Energy pulsating very strong
29/12/2019 16.46.3012/29/2019. Up all night. Anxiety big time. Brain would not quiet down. Thoughts running through my head at 100mph. I came here to look at the charts. Makes sense now. But what just happened?
29/12/2019 16.40.44I have felt a feeling of better understanding of all that is. Have also had a bad headache.
29/12/2019 16.37.46Tired but blissful
29/12/2019 16.37.33lichte hoofdpijn, down, moe, doods gevoel.
29/12/2019 16.36.31Do you feel this was a man made event?
29/12/2019 16.33.21Calm
29/12/2019 16.33.17A little sleepy
29/12/2019 16.22.33I feel vibration over whole body, it feels good. Slept well. Woke up refreshed.
29/12/2019 16.20.25I feel a heavy, dark weight lifted, at least slightly. A new phase of some kind might be beginning.
29/12/2019 16.15.28The fluctuations of the energies has been preparing our body, minds and spirits for the ultimate ascension where we can move with ease into the time-space continuum. We are changing, mother earth is changing , our solar system is changing and our galaxy is changing. I feel the vibrations in my body a day before the resonance spikes. Sometimes I feel as though I am going to faint or fly! My heart palpitates and my body also shakes. Time seems to speed up or slow down, it gets confusing in our 3d structures. I will have darker dreams with beings who don't want us to succeed by aligning with the Light. I send them love and peace. Other times
Beings of light will talk to me. I am so grateful for this site, because it confirms for me what I am feeling. Soon we will be able to move with ease through all dimensions of reality. It has been very challenging on the body, mind, and spirit. There has been alot of emotional purging of the past and body malfunctions. At times I feel very disconnected from the Earth, like I am getting ready for a move. Other times I feel more connected than ever to the whole Universe.. .I wish everyone strength, courage and peace as you align yourself with the ultimate ascension of our time. Blessings and Love to all.
29/12/2019 16.14.04Nauseous, lots of old feelings coming up, feeling tension and pressure.
29/12/2019 16.06.58Dizzy, lots of energy!
29/12/2019 15.55.36Slight headache, tension in neck, quite nervous & excited, sleeping difficulties. Remembering to stay hydrated!
29/12/2019 15.52.28myomy heavy headache the whole night with sick stomach around noon, now strikingly better
29/12/2019 15.47.52Happiness 🙂
29/12/2019 15.45.30I feel like my crown chakra is fully illuminated. My pineal is pulsing. Pressure on forehead. I’m getting over a cold right now. This did make me feel better.
29/12/2019 15.35.38Niespokojny, przerywany, mroczny sen. Niechęć do wstawania z łóżka. Mimo stosowania świetlistych afirmacji.
29/12/2019 15.32.08I live in a very intense chemtrail state in the U.S., skies are dark and cold. When Schumann is calm, combined with chemtrails, I feel awful ascension sickness. The more active Schumann is, the better I feel. No matter Schumann, I'm exhausted and sleep all the time. The sheeple here are unconscious, unkind and vicious. I do not know one other starseed or awakened human, I'm the only one holding the light and I'm tired.
29/12/2019 15.31.09This started yesterday evening where I am. I was definitely energized and resourceful last night and while I was sleeping (the short amount of time I was able) my third eye was very active. I released some fears in my dreams as well.
29/12/2019 15.29.26lots of magnitude 4+ earthquakes in the past 24 hours and magnetic north on the move - pole shift?
29/12/2019 15.27.58I feel these all the time. When it spikes, my body will buzz in an uncomfortable way and I will be moody or if I am sleeping, I will get nightmares. (A purging of low energy perhaps?). Last night/early morning I woke to my body doing that strange pulsing buzz and low vibe dreams. I immediately checked here to see if there was a spike and there was! I also feel solar flares about three days before it reaches earth. It's strange but I am happy to know that there is a measurable reason as to why my body and moods act up for no 'apparent' reason.
29/12/2019 15.24.34Weird
29/12/2019 15.18.50Slept poorly and was anxious all night. No wonder. Feeling much calmer now.
29/12/2019 15.13.17Non-stop panic attacks. Something big coming our way. A new way of feeling things and living life. Elites trying to fight back (rituals?)
29/12/2019 15.11.23The energy to conquer anything
29/12/2019 15.08.30big things for next year are coming I can feel it in my bones xx
29/12/2019 15.07.00Woke up calm and happy...I saw the burst before bed and looked outside in the sky to see any changes, however it was clear
29/12/2019 15.06.04Waiting for zero point thank you for your service
29/12/2019 15.01.37I couldn’t sleep and woke up with the worse headache in the world and I never get headaches
29/12/2019 14.56.49Insomnia, wanting solitude.
29/12/2019 14.52.29I had an isolated painful jabbing headache. Right side above ear. Only in that spot. Lots of waves of pressure. It hurt! Had to check SR and boooooooom
29/12/2019 14.50.01I’ve felt tested.
29/12/2019 14.49.03🤪
29/12/2019 14.46.31Major anxiety, brain fog and sick to my stomach
29/12/2019 14.45.44atrian fibrillation!
29/12/2019 14.41.51Strong feelings to forgive and send back blessings and to break satanic curses
29/12/2019 13.55.16Rhythmic cycles before Lift Off!
29/12/2019 13.51.53Heavier than normal
29/12/2019 11.39.222019 was a very cool ride. I think, we will see MAGIC in 2020. And meet our true self ❤
29/12/2019 11.23.13On the edge between hope and resignation
29/12/2019 11.03.14We are getting closer...
29/12/2019 10.41.00This Tool has assisted many more people to become aware of our Physical and Spiritual link to the Frequency of Mother Earth. We’re Connected! 🙏

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