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Salusa on The Prophecies of Darkness and Chaos

Salusa on The Prophecies of Darkness and Chaos

Salusa on The Prophecies of Darkness and Chaos. By Gabriel RL.

Although many souls on Earth have their vibrations high enough and help the awakening of humanity, there are still those who wish to remain in the old patterns and cling to the old prophecies that tend to leave those “newcomers” confused and fearful about what the future reserves.

It is known to you that no prophecy filled with terror will be fulfilled, since you have reached high vibrations, which, of course, erase such prophecies.

Movements are still created by those attached to the old energies in order to remain in their old patterns and longing to leave your world stuck in the old paradigm, which your high vibrations have guaranteed will not happen.

Cintamani May 2018 Half Price
The New Atlantis

The New Atlantis

Salusa on The Prophecies of Darkness and Chaos

Prophecies of darkness, which would leave your world in chaos, are unsustainable, as we have told you, your vibrations have reached a peak which fortunately has increasingly secured the approach of your ascension, so that you do not have to experiment catastrophic prophecies based on the vibrational patterns of the moment they were written.

You are, as you know, jumping from one tto another timeline that fits your vibration levels, but be sure that most of you are choosing to access a line where your ascension is certain.

As a collective you have chosen to ascend, and the Creator has decreed that this time the greatest number of souls will achieve such a feat.

Although some others, even aware of this great opportunity, wish to leave on another time, the majority wanted to finalize their experiences in the low vibrations, and to follow on to the highest spheres.

Those who put their attentions in the old prophecies end up being shifting to a timeline corresponding to their vibrations and attentions.

La Nuova Atlantide

Leave the Old Energies

Salusa on The Prophecies of Darkness and Chaos

As a request of the Galactic Federation, we wish that all souls who seek a smooth and undisturbed transition, put their attentions on everything that is positive, in order to nullify any remnants of old prophecies.

The Supreme Creator never wished that your transition would be traumatic, but that you could experience your quantum leap in a wonderful way, surrounded by your Space Family and confident that nothing will come to harm them.

Exhibitions in Formation 7 The Pleiadians Ciao from the Pleiadian Family

Even though the beloved Earth goes through her adjustments, you can be sure that there is good assistance from the highest sidereal specialists, and any movement your beloved Mother Earth goes through to purge the old energies of your interior will be well advised, so that the least or no soul will be severely affected by it.

Except for the exceptions: those who chose to make their transitions embraced in Gaia’s movements.

Mother Earth ISIS

Mother Earth ISIS

Salusa on The Prophecies of Darkness and Chaos

Leave the old prophecies behind and look at the news that says your ascension is certain, and that you are directing you to the greatest event of unparalleled magnitude that has attracted the eyes of the whole Universe.

Look also to those who are choosing not to ascend now. Allow your Love to bathe them, wishing them great experiences and following their already decided destinies. The Supreme Creator is infinitely patient and awaits each soul’s time for its return home.

I am SaLuSa of Sirius and, sure of my words, I tell you that you should not fear those who wish to bring fear through catastrophic predictions and darkness, since your souls are bright as infinite united suns. And there is no darkness when the Light shines.

We, of the Galactic Federation, wish for one illuminated month of September. What are your vibrations to rise increasingly in order to thy speed rise process , and therefore allow our final approach and landing.

Be in Peace,

Be in the Light.

Gabriel: Dear SaLuSa, always very honored and grateful!

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