SaLuSa Next Three Years

SaLuSa Next Three Years

SaLuSa Next Three Years. By Gabriel RL.

While souls on Earth remain under the energetic influence of Eclipse forces, galactic activities remain even more active, removing the negative plasma layers that have long been blocking certain movements in your Solar System and especially on Earth.

It have been a work that we, the Galactic Federation, performed with other Federations from other distant systems.

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We are now working together to permanently remove these layers.

This action, in a way, may or may not cause some movements on Earth that we may call natural phenomena, because strands of this plasma are “plugged in” on Earth and their removal caused some stirring, especially in some areas where their influences were greatest.

In fact, there is still some influence from those layers built by the forces opposing this elevation, but now we are more active than ever, removing the representatives of these old forces and activating new portals that have brought even more beings from other galaxies to assist you to continue raising your vibrational patterns and reaching higher states of consciousness.

States of consciousness that certainly assist in the whole process, minimizing the effects of these plasma decoupling.

SaLuSa Next Three Years - New Earth

New Earth

SaLuSa Next Three Years

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SaLuSa Next Three Years - Vibrational Pattern

Vibrational Pattern

SaLuSa Next Three Years

It is a work where we must act very cautiously, as there are many souls involved and we continue, as always, with the Creator’s decree “under one’s arm,” which states that no soul will go through what it does not have to go through.

Also know that all these galactic movements tend to cause you many internal movements, further enabling you to deal with your challenges and mentally strengthening you.

Those born between the 60’s and 70’s can perfectly perceive the energetic smoothness on Earth today compared to their past.

This is a reflection of the continued work of the Galactic Forces, operating in space and on Earth.

You have been promoting this change so that there is no alternative for the opposing forces but to shift and leave your playing fields, either surrendering spontaneously to the Positive Galactic Forces or being “forced” to some extent.

In any case, the progress of the earth’s human species will not be stopped.

Of course, with your level of awareness, reallocation will begin to occur.

Unexpected movements too, because the more awareness, the greater your ability to see the picture more broadly, to understand why certain things happen in your lives and the Light behind them, no matter what the situation.

Keep in mind that this whole experience served its purpose.

Realize that in some ways you no longer suffer as much negative influence as in the past when you were practically prevented from “looking beyond the earth.”

Oppression is giving way to expansion and, you know, there is no more force on Earth and beyond that can stop you from advancing.

Past generations still incarnate can reaffirm our views, as they know that at least 30 years ago, one could not talk so openly about life beyond Earth without being “massacred” by the system.

Although this happens in some regions today, it still does not compare.

Your general policies will increasingly take new high directions.

Even if, for some time, the attempt to induce negative forces will continue, they will no longer succeed in direct influence, as they will still have no support bases.

Over the next three years, you will have many surprises on the world stage about such an external influence on your way of life.

Science will be more connected with the spirit, politics will have purged many of those ambitious who aimed only at their particularities, masks can not be sustained much longer, because the Light will be extremely intense and preventing such malice and dissimulation.

Religions will be joining their forces and understanding the increasingly palpable need for unity and cooperation, respecting their differences and focusing on the common good: Peace.

Young leaders will take the lead on specific fronts, dictating the new guidelines, while the old order addressing itself will continue trying to prevent unstoppable advances.

Young people with loving looks and a rush of freedom will have their voices heard in the mainstream media.

At the UN, a deep cleanup will be carried out, receiving direct influence from the Ashtar Command and the Pleiadians, reorganizing their guidelines.

But keep in mind that all this requires a lot of work and discipline, trust and dedication.

Obviously, this does not happen overnight, but know that it is in your hands and you will not be so surprised when you begin to see it happening, because you internally already know that this is true.

Do not be alarmed when, too, thanks to the positive influences of the high Pleiadian diplomats, truths for some of you, very seriously, will begin to emerge supported by brave souls who will not be afraid to expose themselves, bringing revelations on many subjects.

There is a tremendous amount of information secured by members of the Arcturian family, ready to be released to everyone, so that there will be no doubt about how severely the public opinion was kidnapped and manipulated.

Even so, as everything complies with a tuning law, your mainstream media that, either willingly or yielding to non-positive extraphysical powers, was forced to deliver malicious information not aligned with the truth, and many were led to believe.

Many of these will feel violated and deceived, revolting against the information and its transmitters, and you who are assured in your peace and love will soften such upheavals by circumventing these movements with your Light and diplomatic ability.

These are times everyone has hoped for, and there is no turning back to the old ways.

As an old saying goes: “The mind that opens to a new idea will never return to its original size” (Albert Einstein).

Be prepared for all this.

In times of great turmoil, the Light that you shed may become drastically uncomfortable, as it will put everything in evidence for release and healing.

It is time to hold hands and support each other, regardless of your beliefs and opinions on any issues.

The watchword is: Diplomacy

You will need it when the representatives of the negative forces on this planet manifest somehow directly with you, attempting honorable negotiations, or even trying to “buy” their exits from the planet without being tracked by Ashtar Command.

Certainly some of you have already experienced this on some level, whether physical or astral (where most of these activities have taken place at the moment).

In the meantime, we will continue to support your elevations, honoring the masters you are.

Balance And Integrated Creation

Ashtar July 2019

You struggled for a long time in a dark, sticky environment to find a way out of your own self-encounter, and here you are, unrivaled in your ability to deal with the lowest frequencies in the cosmos.

As Ashtar recently said, “The Journey is not over yet …” 

And know that you have not done it alone. We are happy to be accompanying you throughout it.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and, instructed by the Galactic Commands, I bring you this message in deep thanks for the timeliness and honor of this communication.

Neva (Gabriel RL), we thank you, as always, for your availability of transmission, always grateful to you and all who are open to it.

It is always a great pleasure to communicate with you, either this way or any other.

The important thing, and we want to emphasize again, is that you are not alone on this trip, and we have been showing it for a long time.

Wait when Crop Circles are also being designed, not only on your plantations, but on the asphalts of big cities, on your clothes and in environments of “difficult” impressions…

While some in your midst may try to use this information to create such impressions, they will know when we are actually making more signs that we are here.

Some may say this is “nothing,” but when they receive calls from us on their telephone sets, “is it something?”…

Be in Peace,

Be in the Light!

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