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SaLuSa All Will Know Very Soon Gabriel Raio Lunar

SaLuSa All Will Know Very Soon

Gabriel Raio Lunar

SaLuSa All Will Know Very Soon. Gabriel Raio Lunar. Dear ones, SaLuSa asked me to leave this song down to be heard at the time of reading. I recommend that you read the message aloud while the background music plays. Gabriel RL

As you can see, there is nothing more to pull us back after so much progress. There is a movement never seen before taking place behind the scenes, and this movement is reaching a climax where, soon, everyone will know.

You have experienced many things in all your lives, and now it is time to celebrate and reap the long awaited fruits of a long work and journey. The Light Forces have advanced considerably and, as you have seen in the daily information by Pleiades 1 , the progress is constant and encouraging.



The Pleiades 1 is a force Bringer of light based on precise calculations and pinning the main points in movement. As you know, more Armies of Light have come round your beloved Earth and that force has harmonized your whole system, calling the Allies on Earth for a perfect integration and reverberation.

You are making sure the plans get off the paper and come onto the scene. You will see more movies on your screens that will show your near future and those more sensitive will perceive the message behind that. Some films are being delivered to many as just scrawled paper, but the more sensitive will understand that there is a clear sign that the tangible reality will soon come.


Fairies Elves Mermaids

You can no longer deny REALITY around you, which is full of life, not only this you know today, but also the other realities that surround you. You have heard of fairies, elves, mermaids and so many others that you see only on the big canvases. You have constantly received messages from us, you are very close to an interaction with these vast realms of life.

These loving beings are patiently waiting for the right moment when this harmonic interaction can be allowed to happen again. Many of them, in past ages, had been normally in contact with the human kingdom, but as the human species descended into pride and violence, they had no alternative but to retreat and remain invisible. Gaia, as protection to the so many kingdoms living in her body, activated the Cloak of Invisibility on these kingdoms.

Isolation was never their will, but they had no choice because of the low vibrations that the human species entered. As you advance and anchor more in the Light, this mantle of protection automatically ceases to be necessary and will enable more constant interactions. Gaia programmed the mantle so that when the human vibration reaches a certain level, it will automatically disappear. Some humans with their higher vibrations will easily get this particular interaction with these realms, but it is evident that they desire interaction with all the Human Species.

SaLuSa All Will Know Very Soon Sirius


SaLuSa All Will Know Very Soon

SaLuSa All Will Know Very Soon Fairies


SaLuSa All Will Know Very Soon

Many hold thigh bonds of Love, for eons, with these beings, or even some of you are the representatives of these kingdoms within the human realm. Look at your particular characteristics and you may notice some particular trait that may “denounce” your inheritance. There are some of you who represent these kingdoms of nature among human beings. In the same way, some beings of nature, because they live closer to human consciousness, represent the Human Kingdom among the elementals.


Devic Realms

You cannot deny who you are, Dear ones, as many of you are members of these Gaia’s Devic Realms, as others are part of the Galactic Civilizations, and have come to Earth as representatives of their civilizations. This story is yet to be fully revealed, it will be when we will land on your beloved Earth and share with you what we know.

Many of you already know, because they have an higher vibration, thus allowing a more efficient approach, where we can deliver, with little or no margin of error, such information.

Everything you have received over the time is nothing compared to the ALL you still need to receive. You are becoming more and more able to deal with this information, we are as well aware that for some they will be shocking.

SaLuSa All Will Know Very Soon Landings

Very Soon We Will Land!

SaLuSa All Will Know Very Soon

The Moment fo The Truth

But as the saying goes, “Rather a truth that hurts than a lie that comforts.” You remain in the Light and we are sure that you will be well advised, as you have always been, and you will be able to handle what will come in a short time. Your controlled media will soon release a massive amount of shocking information to some and you, the front line, and you will need to be well-matched so that you can reassure those who cannot, at first glance, handle so many information.

There will be accurate information about the plans of those who belong to the darkness plot against you, and about first signs of intelligent life outside the Earth. Signs that the most skeptical could not deny, because the information will come by media which they trust. Even so, it is just a little compared to all that is on the way, and you, as we have always said, those on the Front Line, will, in fact, be the ones who will harmonize the entire Planet as information are delivered to the world.

SaLuSa All Will Know Very Soon Cloud Ship

Cloud Ship

SaLuSa All Will Know Very Soon

These are exciting times and we, of the Galactic Federation, could not be happier since we are seeing what we want more.


Avete Sempre il Nostro Sostegno

Remember you will always have our support, and more: you have an immense collection of our messages and you can leave them at the “tip of the tongue” for those who will seek you en masse very soon, in search of answers to their anxious questions, when they will see the first batch of information becoming public.


Full Disclosure

We are talking about the Full Disclosure that is just around the corner. There are indeed leaders in your world who can come forward and make the first step, and others will follow, and the snowball effect could not be stopped anymore.

We have been in personal contact with some of these and they are waiting only for our signal to move on. Rather, we are working to ensure they do not suffer retaliation. For this reason we are cleaning the “zones nearby” and at our first signal, the “GO” button will be pressed.

SaLuSa All Will Know Very Soon Africa


SaLuSa All Will Know Very Soon

Keep your hearts in harmony so that more Light can be anchored on Earth and our landing will takes place very soon in its linear time. We have already given signs to you that we are closer. Look at your skies and you will see our ships, in constant formations, giving our “hello”.


I Am SaLuSa


I am SaLuSa from Sirius and, right now, within my Scout Ship, I’m flying over the Sahara desert and sending my message to Gabriel so he can transmit it. There is a particular energy here where I am, and I would like to say that this desert will become one of the most beautiful Oasis on the Planet. Many of you already have programmed incarnations in this area, and through the timelines I may have the grace to see you.

There are many beings of the Galactic Federation who wish to enter the Human Kingdom and participate in an incarnation, among them we can mention, in advance, Commander Alfor, who also has great affinity with the Sahara and wishes to manifest himself in the human form on the Earth.


Africa will be the Bright Stage of the new times. Many of you have already “bought” The passages and in the Astral Realms are already programmed for the next movement.

This message will remain in the records and when many of you will be there, you will remember it, and you may even give me a physical hug at that time, because I do not intend to miss this party either!


SaLuSa All Will Know Very Soon Mother Ship

Look Up!

SaLuSa All Will Know Very Soon


Be in Peace,

Be in the Light.


Gabriel: Beloved SaLuSa, always honored and grateful!


Exhibition in Formation 7


Liberation of Planet Earth

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