Sacred Amber In Detail

Sacred Amber In Detail

Sacred Amber In Detail By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

I often discuss various crystals and gemstones and their applicability to healing, protection, and manifestation.

It is sometimes wise to review and give more detail on particular ones if they are those which most awesomely assist in the reduction of “Light Activation Symptoms” which are so prevalent in this “Now” as our planet and solar system receives strong and transformative SOURCE LIGHT.


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AMBER is a powerful gemstone which is showing increasing help for many kinds of symptoms as well as for protection and manifestation in numerous ways.

It is actually not a gemstone in the traditional sense. It is a fossilized tree resin from certain types of evergreen trees.

It can be found world-wide; however, the oldest is found in the Baltic region and is over 180 million years old.

As AMBER resin oozed from the trees in ancient times (often trapping insects inside), it made its way to the ground and also into the seas and oceans and hardened over millions of years.

Meditation For August Number Eight - Baltic Amber

Baltic Amber

Sacred Amber In Detail

Its various natural colors are cream-like (some being almost totally white), deep orange, deep yellow, bright yellow, reddish (like sweet wine), and even green, blue, and black.

Sometimes it is either almost clear or it can also be opaque.

The healing properties of AMBER are due to its succinic acid contents which are primarily found in the stone’s cortex.

The heat of the physical vessel gradually causes the healing succinic acid to be released into the bodily cells, tissues, muscles, and organs.

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Sacred Amber In Detail - Baltic Amber And Turquoise

Baltic Amber And Turquoise Pendant (Disclosurenews)

Sacred Amber In Detail

It is best worn where it can directly touch the skin, and thus, is best worn as a necklace, bracelet, or ring.

Earrings do not touch the skin enough if they are the type which dangle down and do not actually touch the earlobes.

Carrying the stone in a pouch with other crystals or gemstones keeps those other stones clean and uplifted in function when they have been blessed to do so via prayer, meditation, or also Reiki attunements.

Prayer malas are often made with AMBER being the primary bead with Turquoise and Coral being the “marker beads” after each 27th bead on a 108-bead mala with a 109th “Guru” bead at the center.

Any mantra can be recited on the mala, and one that is very healing is “AUM SRI DHANVANTRE NAMAHA” (“Oh, Divine I bow to the Celestial Physician”).

Sacred Amber In Detail - Pure Baltic Amber

Polished Baltic Amber

Sacred Amber In Detail

A protective mantra is “AUM SRI DURGAYAH NAMAH” (Oh, Divine, I bow to the Invincible”).

Of course, there are thousands of mantras, most of which are found in the ancient RIG VEDA scripture. However, prayers of any path can be recited with a mala—not just those of the Vedic tradition, although mantra-chanting has its roots in the ancient civilization of Bharata (named “India” in Greek).

AMBER has been found to of enormous help to babies who are teething.

It soothes their aching gums. Parents should, however, be careful not to allow the babies to have a bead or necklace that is too small in order to avoid accidental choking hazards.

Most shops which have AMBER supplies for babies will have a large round teething ring available.

It is unfortunate, however, that some sellers do not realize that they have fake AMBER. Sometimes plastic is sold as AMBER.

Some irreputable dealers will even go so far as to place insects into it which were recently captured.

There is, however, a type of AMBER called “Copal”. This type of AMBER is only about a thousand years old, has very little succinic acid, and has been powdered and mixed with beeswax.

So, it does contain some AMBER—just not enough to be truly potent.

There are some tests that can be done to authenticate AMBER, and they are the following:

1.) Hold up your AMBER and shine a flashlight through it. If the AMBER is real, it will shine brightly almost like the Sun. If it is fake, the light will be rather dark like a bit of sunlight that peeks through on a cloudy day.

2.) Rub the AMBER briskly through your hands. It should heat-up if it is authentic.

3.) If real AMBER is pricked with a pin, a mild sweet aroma is given-off—very subtle—not very strong. If the fragrance is very strong, however, the beads have most likely been soaked in a sweet oil as they were being processed so that when pricked or subjected to bodily warmth, the fragrance will be detectable.

4.) Perform kinesiology by using your physical vessel as a pendulum while holding the AMBER at your solar plexus with your palms clasping it. Relax and take several deep breaths.

Make sure that your feet are solidly together on the floor with your shoes off. Ask your Higher Self if the AMBER is authentic.

If your body moves forward, the answer is “Yes”, but if it moves backwards, the answer is “No”. You can also use an actual pendulum. If it moves clockwise, the answer is “Yes”, but counter-clockwise, the answer is “No”.

Sacred Amber In Detail - Rub the Amber

Rub The Amber Through Your Hands

Sacred Amber In Detail

Sacred Amber In Detail-Light Activation Symptoms

Light Activation Symptoms

Sacred Amber In Detail

This mystical process can be done with any crystal or gemstone that you wish to check for authenticity.

The following are the wonderful benefits of true AMBER:

1.) It removes aches and pains from muscles and joints which is one of the most prevalent “Light Activation Symptoms” as the human vessel is transformed at the DNA level. People often think that they are getting arthritis when actually the body is receiving such strong LIGHT that the nerve endings (“nadis” in Sanskrit) are being activated by the LIGHT’s potency.

2.) It alleviates stress and anxiety by calming the nervous system, removing troubling thoughts, and soothing emotions.

3.) It heals depression, fear, and worry.

4.) It assists with obtaining a good night’s sleep and alleviates insomnia.

5.) Although it is calming, it also gives a sense of vitality and regeneration.

6.) It protects from harmful electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) from technology (cell phones, computers, laptops, television screens, etc.). It thus tends to act like a shield.

7.) It protects the auric field from invasion by the lower levels of consciousness of others, and thus, prevents a person from being affected by the thoughts, feelings, or words of others.

8.) It works fabulously on the second chakra (reproductive organs and creative functions) and the third chakra (which is metaphysically the site of human will), thus healing stomach upsets and digestive disturbances which can occur as old programming or fears are released.

9.) It lowers blood pressure and assists with proper circulation.

10.) It regulates heart rhythm.

11.) It attracts prosperous circumstances.

12.) It allows a person to nurture himself or herself and to feel the love and peace of the INFINITE PRESENCE—SOURCE. Therefore, it connects to higher spiritual realms like a “sacred telegram”. This is why it is so popular among certain cultures as prayer malas.

13.) It allows us to love ourselves and to feel worthy of Divine intervention.

14.) It often acts as an aphrodisiac for committed couples as they embark upon marriage.

15.) It assists with having proper healthy eating habits.

16.) It can be worn with other crystals, gemstones, or woods and seeds such as Boddhi Seed, Tulsi (Holy Basil), Lotus Seed, Rudraksha, or Sandalwood. It assists in their functioning.

AMBER is thought to be the oldest substance created by SOURCE.

Sacred Amber In Detail - Ancient Egyptian Ring

Ancient Egyptian Gold Finger Ring With Cat, 1070 Bc

Sacred Amber In Detail

There have even been prayer beads found in ancient sites in Kemet (Egypt) that are over 40,000 years old.

There are those who say that AMBER is self-cleansing.

However, I tend to clean all of my sacred jewelry and malas. I recommend washing AMBER gently in mild soapy water and giving it a cool rinse.

Allow it to dry for a few hours in bright sunlight.

Then, according to your individual path, bless it for its intended purpose.

However, if the AMBER is on a prayer mala or piece of jewelry that also has woods or seeds, just cleanse it in the smoke of incense for a few moments, preferably healing, protective, and calming Frankincense or Sandalwood.

This is because sometimes seeds and woods will crack when subjected to water for too long a period.

So, if the seeds or woods are cleansed with water, make certain that they are not in the watery cleansing for more than a few moments.

Sacred Amber In Detail - Old Prayer Beads

Old Prayer Beads From Baltic Amber

Sacred Amber In Detail

Then give it sunlight. As our planet, solar system, and galaxy continues to experience SOURCE LIGHT, and as creation continues to shift and to evolve, AMBER is a superb addition to our spiritual and natural apothecary.

We are daily having energetics arrive from the Great Central Sun, the Sun of our solar system, from our planet’s surrounding magnetosphere, and more.

We need to obtain the necessary “sacred tools” which will help us to anchor and acclimate to these cosmic forces with greater ease. AMBER is one of the most sacred of such “tools”.

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Those who recite the mantra daily and who invite others to do so are LIGHT AMBASSADORS.

Let us "LIGHT-UP" our planet with LOVE, PEACE, and WELLNESS on all levels.

Much Love to Everyone!

Sacred Amber In Detail – Dr Schavi

The Mantra Movement

Let us "LIGHT-UP" our planet with LOVE, PEACE, and WELLNESS on all levels.

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