Royal July! - Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Royal July!

Royal July! – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

The month of July is the beginning of the final six months of our twelve-month year.

July of 2021 is especially royal.

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On Friday, July 9th, at 9:17 AM (EST) there will be a New Moon in the sign of Cancer (Tropical Zodiac) which represents the GREAT DIVINE MOTHER who has many sacred names such as MUT-EM-UA (“Water of the Virgin Mother”), MARI-EN (“Great One”), ASET (“Throne”), TARA (“Star” and also “Land of Light”), SRI MATRE (“Holy Mother” and also “Divine Mother”), ALLAT (“The God”—which was first revealed before the male form of ALLAH), and thousands of others.

There are more feminine names for SOURCE than masculine names throughout the world’s many scriptures.

One of the scriptures teaches that “SHE” “creates everything from “HER” vast watery cosmic womb” and that “SHE” is “Self-Created and Self-Creating”, and in terms of earthly creation, PTAH (“Heaven Supporting Earth”) were the forceps which assisted the opening of the “Divine Womb”. (BOOK OF COMING FORTH BY DAY [ancient Kemet]).

Royal July! - Tropical Zodiac - Cancer

Tropical Zodiac – Cancer

Royal July!

Royal July! - Ptah


Royal July!

In later ages, PTAH was made to be a separate male “God” as were AMEN and RA which were originally revealed as being sacred frequencies, and thus, AMEN translates as “Hidden Eternal” which teaches that Divine energies are hidden within all things, and RA translates as “LIGHT” which was also the high point of a day—the noon hour.

AMEN RA translates as “Hidden Eternal LIGHT”.

The end of a day–sunset–was known as ATUM RA which is “Darkness from which comes LIGHT”—another form of the Sanskrit term “GURU” which is “Bringer of LIGHT from darkness”.

On Sunday, July 25th, is TYBI—the celebration of the ancient Kemetic New Year’s Day when the star Sepdet (commonly known as “Sirius”) rises each year above the Great Pyramid on the Giza Plateau, and in ancient times, the Hapi River (commonly known as the “Nile”) flooded which was the signal of a rich harvest season to come—both spiritually (in terms of the opportunity to elevate to higher levels of consciousness of Divine principles) and materially (relative to thriving crops).

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This is also the day known to the Mayan culture as “The Day Out of Time” because the configuration of the time/space continuum was/and is different from the Gregorian (from Pope Gregory) dating system which the world now uses which was to have been a correction of the earlier Julian calendar (this title being from the name “Julius” as in “Julius Caesar”).

Most cultures, however, have always had their own manner in which to calculate time, and therefore, in one land it may be 2021 whereas in another it is still the fourteenth century (as calculated from Islamic teachings), although in business and governmental records, they use Gregorian dating that is more recognized world-wide.

In the annals of Kemetic timing, it is already the 60th century rather than merely the 21st.

In truth, the space/time continuum is in the sacred hands of SOURCE— the only force who really knows eternity.

For those who resonate with the healing and protecting power of crystals and gemstones, this is an excellent month in which to wear the “Royal Lapis Lazuli” stone—rich dark blue with strands and blotches of golden pyrite—a reminder of the night sky and its twinkling stars.

There is a type of Lapis Lazuli that is known as “Denim Lapis” which is dark blue with blotches of white calcium.

Both types are wonderful in power, but the royal type is considered as being more valuable.

It is primarily mined in these modern times in Afghanistan and can be very expensive because of the dangers fraught in obtaining it in this war-torn region.

It was crushed by ancient women and used as eye shadow, and in later centuries, Michael Angelo used in to create paint for the Cystine Chapel ceiling.

Royal July! - Denim Lapis

Denim Lapis

Royal July!

Lapis Lazuli quickly calms the nervous system, lowers blood pressure, heals insomnia, balances the endocrine system, especially heals all issues of the throat chakra (and is thus superb for the thyroid), keeps all of the chakras well, elevates to higher states of knowledge during meditation, and assists intellectual development and creative capability.

It can be employed as a prayer mala, a therapeutic piece of jewelry, or as a palm stone that can be carried in a pouch and periodically rubbed for its healing comforting energy.

Lapis Lazuli was found plentiful in the tomb of Nesu (“King”) Tut-Ankh-Amen—also known as the “Boy King” who came to the throne at the age of 12 but who left his physical form at 18.

His father was Nesu Ankhenaten (who later married Nefertiti of Persia), and his mother was Merit Ra.

Royal July! - Akhenaton And Nefertiti

Akhenaton And Nefertiti

Royal July!

Other revered gemstones of the ancient world were Amber, Turquoise and Carnelian, although many others were also worn.

The essential oils that were most prevalent to the ancients were Amber, Antiu (modern-day Frankincense which translates as “French Smoke”), Myrrh, Padma (Lotus), and Chandana (Sandalwood).

The nation known as Somalia, which was once known as “Punt”, was the holy land to the people of Kemet to which pilgrimages were made yearly to worship at sacred temples.

In amazement, when the tomb of Tut-Ankh-Amen was opened in the early twentieth century, a jar was found that when opened, still was fragrant with Frankincense after thousands of years.

Nesut (“Queen”) Hatshepsut of the 18th dynasty led one of the first expeditions to Punt to obtain healing resins.

Placing any of the oils mentioned on a prayer mala will add to its “consciousness-opening”.

The reason for much emphasis being placed on the ancient land of Kemet in this “Now” is because writings on temple walls and in holy texts speak of their cosmic ancestry as being traced to the star system Sepdet (“Sirius” as stated above), and of them also having engaged in trade with people from the planet which we call “Mars” today.

Supposedly, these off-Earth beings desired gold, and the Kemetu learned many technological secrets in exchange.

Native Americans also trace their heritage to Kemet, and many of the glyphs on their buildings are the same as those on ancient Kemetic temples—the language of Medu Neter (“Sacred Speech”).

Royal July! - Tut-Ankh-Amen


Royal July!

For details on this, the work of Dr. Ivan Van Sertima (THEY CAME BEFORE COLUMBUS) can be consulted as well as other scholars.

Travel to Kemet on study tours where I was blessed to be a speaker in Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan, has confirmed all of this.

Further, the people of Ghana (also called the “Gold Coast”) trace their most ancient ancestry to Kemet.

The pyramids of this land are also a vortex of healing energy.

We are in a time frame where disclosure of extra-terrestrial beings (ETs) or off-Earth beings is touted in television media, in articles, and in books.

They have been visiting and living on Earth/Gaia for many of our “centuries”.

Many of us considered as “humans” have “extra-terrestrial” DNA from a long line of “off-Earth” ancestry.

Some blood types are known to “Not” be of an earthly type.

Actually, all of us are “ETs” when we consider that we have the same make-up as the stars.

We are all of the unending cosmos in our galactic journey.

Look up in wonder at your true “homeland”.

Welcome to ROYAL JULY!

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Protecting The Auric Field – Dr Schavi

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Cosmic Update 4 August 2022 -Dr Schavi

Cosmic Update 4 August 2022 -Dr Schavi

Although certain space weather technological devices are not registering very active cosmic happenings today, Thursday, August 4th, and are saying that conditions are “quiet”, be assured that the human collective is the best analyzer of true cosmic strength.

Lion’s Gate Reminder – Dr Schavi

Lion’s Gate Reminder – Dr Schavi

The date of “August 8th” is used by many people who follow Pythagorean Numerology because of August being the eighth month and, of course, the eighth day occurs.

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