Rising Light! - By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Rising Light!

Rising Light! – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Sunspots which have been boiling on the far side of the Sun of our galaxy have turned to face our planet and have exploded with an “M.1-Class” solar flare early this afternoon, Saturday, April 16th, 2022, just hours after two high-level “C-Class” flares unleashed their potency (“C.7” and “C.8”).

The magnetosphere of Earth/Gaia is consumed with heavy particle wave density.

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Further strong “M-Class” flares can be expected as the Full Moon makes its approach this afternoon at approximately 2:55 PM (Eastern Daylight Time = 18:55 UTC).

The Sun – SDO/AIA

Rising Light!

These “flashes” of LIGHT are very powerful, and recent previous explosions a few days ago from the far side of our Sun have been analyzed by some Physicists to possibly have been actually of an “X-Class” level.

Along with these flares have come coronal mass ejections announced by colorful auroras around the world—some of which are filled with nitrogen (purple, blue, and pink) and some of which are oxygen (red, yellow, and green).

Meteor showers (shooting stars) are also on the way (the “Lyrid’ group located in the constellation “Lyra” and near its brightest star called “Vega”).

The “dance and song” of these shooting stars is usually between April 16th to April 25th each year with the “crescendo” being on April 22nd.

Our planet is receiving major activations from all of these cosmic events as well as all of creation upon “Her”.

The entire month of April is one in which to engage in special self-nurturing because of all of the auspiciousness that is occurring which has been mentioned already (two New Moons [April 1st and April 30th], Full Moon, pre-shadow of the next Mercury Retrograde, Solar Eclipse, etc.) and all of the above-discussed LIGHT surges.

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The physical vessel can be fatigued (even after a good night’s sleep); muscles can ache; stomachs can be upset; emotions can be anxious; hearts can beat with a rapid rhythm; ears can have constant ringing; electrical-like zaps and zings can happen to fingers; appetites can wane; nightly sleep can be difficult to achieve; a sense of being in two dimensions at the same time can occur—and these are not all of the “Light Activation Symptoms” which can happen and which many people around the world are/and have been reporting for a long while.

Rising Light! - Emerging Sunspot - 16 April 2022

Emerging Sunspot – 16 April 2022

Rising Light!

As has also been mentioned, all of the cosmic “busy-ness” of April is preparing creation for heightened frequencies of LIGHT for the remainder of the year. By learning how to be self-nurturing now, it will be easier to engage in it throughout the year.

Everyone has particular rituals or activities that are uniquely relaxing to them. For many, it is taking spiritual baths with essential oils and sea salt, obtaining a weekly massage, doing Yoga or Tai Chi or Qi Gong, taking walks in Nature, wearing calming colors, meditating, praying, journaling, chanting mantras, wearing certain crystals and gemstones, surrounding the body temple with the “Pillar of LIGHT”, and eating less and making sure that what is eaten is organic.

All of these activities elevate consciousness to Super-Consciousness (the HIGHER SELF—the SOUL—SOURCE FREQUENCY).

As people sometimes say when major change cannot be avoided: “You cannot put the toothpaste back in the tube.”

In like manner, we can say: “We cannot send the LIGHT back from whence it has come.”

It is coming swiftly, potently, and continuously.

We must acclimate to it and remember the three components of its activations to the DNA in all of our cells: CLEARING-AWAY, CLEANSING, and TRANSFORMING.

The process is not easy.

Geospace Magnetosphere 16 April 2022

Rising Light!

For some, of course, it is easier than for others. However, everyone is being shifted and sifted and swirled and created anew. Humanity is free to accept the newness or not.

Those who accept to be elevated will experience blessings, even if for now it seems that this is merely conjecture.

It is TRUTH which can be found in the world’s scriptures which numerous scientists today are avidly reading because they realize that the scriptures are in-tune with what is happening relative to cosmic events which for far too long they have been approaching from only an intellectual perspective.

Finally, in so-called modern times, there is a realization that SACRED DESIGN/INFINITE PRESENCE/THE ABSOLUTE/GREAT SPIRIT/SOURCE—whatever title people are comfortable with—is in charge.

Relax and reflect on what needs to be released in order for new cellular records to be “produced” by the “author” of all that is seen and unseen within and beyond our planet, the galaxy our planet resides in, the universe that our galaxy and other galaxies inhabit, and within and beyond the vast cosmos which can never be measured or graphed.

This “Now” is a journey of wonder!

More by Dr. Schavi

New Moon Solar Update – Dr Schavi

New Moon Solar Update – Dr Schavi

NASA has reported a powerful coronal mass ejection (CME) is heading for our planet. This is obviously yet another addition to the “Cosmic Dance”. Please adequately hydrate and rest. The incoming frequencies are intense.

The Retrograde Closure – Dr Schavi

The Retrograde Closure – Dr Schavi

The first Mercury Retrograde of 2022 will close its doors on Friday, February 4th, after having opened the doors on Friday, January 14th. As Mercury comes forward to close its doors, certain issues that have arisen during the early part of and middle of the retrograde (even during the “pre-shadow” which began on Sunday, January 2nd when it arrived in the sign that it would retrograde in—Aquarius), will now need to be finalized as self-reflection has caused particular realizations.

Time Vibrations – Dr Schavi

Time Vibrations – Dr Schavi

Time has sped-up due to Earth/Gaia’s increasing electromagnetic frequency as “She” moves further into LIGHT and vibrates faster. One minute seems like a few seconds. One hour is like only 30 minutes. One day is seemingly only about 8 hours. One week is approximately 3 days. One month is 2 weeks. One year is about 4 to 6 months.

Broadcasting Into The Quantum Field – Dr Schavi

Broadcasting Into The Quantum Field – Dr Schavi

When the program begins, this is known as a “broadcast”—vibrations sent forth—the station is sending out information to us. In like manner, we too “broadcast” from the “network” of our thoughts, emotions, words, and actions.

The Light In Black Seed Oil – Dr Schavi

The Light In Black Seed Oil – Dr Schavi

With all of the energetics soaring into our planet from solar events which are producing various physiological, emotional, and mental discomforts as “LIGHT ACTIVATION SYMPTOMS” (LAS) of transformational processing from carbon to crystalline—both physically and in consciousness— we need to be aware of as many natural SOURCE-created substances as possible for our comfort and wellbeing during this upgrading to our DNA.

Strong Photonic Solar Codes! – Dr Schavi

Strong Photonic Solar Codes! – Dr Schavi

Just as our Sun has moved into the sign of Aquarius in the Tropical Zodiac, a powerful blast of an “M.5” solar flare has occurred at 1:01 AM Eastern Standard Time (EST) on Thursday, January 20th, 2022, with further strong blasts coming from our Sun’s farside.

On-Going Vibrational Energy – Dr Schavi

On-Going Vibrational Energy – Dr Schavi

All of these cosmic events are the continuation of a loud concert of vibrational energy, and the constant “cosmic concerto” is “FREQUENCIES OF LIGHT AND SOUND TRANSMISSION AND RECEPTION”. The well-known major notes of the “concerto” are “AS ABOVE, SO BELOW; AS BELOW, SO ABOVE.”

The Proliferation Of Cosmic Rays – Dr Schavi

The Proliferation Of Cosmic Rays – Dr Schavi

“Cosmic Rays” come from three distinct places: our Sun, from other places inside of our solar system, and from outside of our galaxy. When they are from our Sun, they are known as “Solar Flares” and are bright flashes of LIGHT comprised of protons (positive electrical charges), electrons (negative electrical charges), and what are called HZE ions (essentially, particles from the nucleus or center of electrically charged atoms).

Please consider joining THE MANTRA MOVEMENT. Details can be found in the article of this same name.

Those who recite the mantra daily and who invite others to do so are LIGHT AMBASSADORS.

Let us "LIGHT-UP" our planet with LOVE, PEACE, and WELLNESS on all levels.

Much Love to Everyone!

Rising Light! – Dr Schavi

The Mantra Movement

Let us "LIGHT-UP" our planet with LOVE, PEACE, and WELLNESS on all levels.

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