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Ringing In The Ears - CFN 15 March 2024 - By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Ringing In The Ears

CFN 15 March 2024

Ringing In The Ears – CFN 15 March 2024 – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

About The Ringing In The Ears And A Bit Of Necessary History!

People around the world have been reporting for several years about having ringing or gong-like sounds in their ears.

As per usual, many have sought help from traditional medical personnel who have often diagnosed them with “tinnitus” and have prescribed certain types of ear drops, or x-rays, or even exploratory surgery.

Few people realize that most persons are experiencing hearing the sounds of other planetary realms and dimensions as humanity is being cleared of cellular debris and as the magnetite particles in the brain (crystal-like formations) are upgraded.

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The vibrational frequencies of other dimensions are easier to hear. These sounds carry healing energies which move throughout the entire physical system and are a part of the LIGHT and SOUND transmission and reception network.

A clearer channel is being made in order for the guidance from the HIGHER SELF to be received.

Ringing In The Ears

Ringing In The Ears

As is usually the case, however, with information of this type which does not fit into the current traditional acceptance of logical concepts, many people will scoff at it and still insist that something is “wrong”, “out-of-order”, and medical science has the only answer.

Yet, when the therapies of current medical knowledge do not work or make the condition worse, many people will still go from doctor to doctor seeking an answer that fits into their thinking that something is “wrong”.

Finally some persons will explore natural paradigms, and some will begin to wonder if what seems to be a version of a science fiction movie could possibly be true.

Those who are firmly anchored to a Spiritual Science path know the truths that others do not. Such persons are finely tuned into the Sacred Realms and can access information that is outside of the ordinary avenues.

They live normal lives of career work, school, family obligations, and social activities, but there is still something vastly different about them. They do not force certain information onto others, but when they are asked, they give detailed answers to the queries of others.

Do they have extra-terrestrial DNA? Perhaps.

Increased studies are showing that particular blood types are not the norm of Earth.

Many have a lineage that dates back many billions of years to an ancestry of beings from other galaxies just visiting or moving to Earth.

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Going back over many ages to the dynasties of Kemet (Egypt), for example, carvings on temple walls show that they traced their cosmic ancestry to the star system called “Sirius” today which the people of Kemet called “Sepdet”.

Diligent study of this civilization will prove that their knowledge of healing, spirituality, sacred geometry, architecture, mathematics, and more, far surpasses what many are willing to admit.

An interesting passage in THE KEYS OF ENOCH by Dr. J.J. Hurtak reveals: “The Great Pyramid on the Giza Plateau of Egypt has been encoded with knowledge that allows humanity to evolve to its ultimate Divine linkage. The re-programming of consciousness will take place from twelve crystalline regions around the Earth, all focused towards the Great Pyramid”.

Further, in LEAVES OF MORYA’S GARDEN — a collection of profound information given by Tibetan monks to Nicholas Roerich (1874–1947) who traveled throughout Egypt, India, and Tibet — can be found this statement: “The mysteries of Egypt were scientific paths of life. To the wisdom of Egypt let us return again”.

No, dear readers, the pyramids were not built by enslaved Jews. They had already been standing for 4000 years when the first Jews arrived into Kemet.

As a bit of history which has been given before, the first so-called Jews were the “Habiru” who lived in a small nation called “Libu” in northern Africa.

They were experiencing a famine, and a small band of them came to Kemet and asked for land to live on and to raise their families and cattle. This was granted to them, and they were escorted to the city of “Mem” which is modern-day Cairo.

Ringing In The Ears - Kemet


Ringing In The Ears

The Habiru were dark-skinned and wooly-haired. Eventually, they settled in “Asrae” — a part of Kemet — that is called “Israel” today.

As can be gleaned, the current inhabitants of Israel — the light-skinned, straight-haired Jews (who have European ancestry) and the Palestinians (the Philistines mentioned in the HOLY BIBLE who are also not very dark of skin but who are indeed more tan than the average Jew) are not native to Israel. The ancestors of both invaded Kemet long ago.

This is not an indictment of the current population of Israel because too many innocent people — both Jews and Palestinians — are suffering there because of warfare.

This is only to set the record straight on history. This is just like those of European ancestry not being native to the USA. The original population of what became known as the USA were Native Americans and Africans — those who are also known as the “Indigenous People”.

As the sounds of the dimensions above this “3d” realm open crystalline frequencies and cause HIGHER KNOWLEDGE to be able to be received as bio-photons move throughout the physical vessel, and as what is received is allowed to be confirmed in various ways because humanity still needs proof of what is new and unheard of or that is not a part of the traditional “programming”, perhaps finally all people of all so-called races, skin colorings, hair textures, bodily shapes, etc. can realize that continuing to feel strange around people who are not of their particular “look” is not of the SOURCE LIGHT.

It is far better to relate to people based upon their moral fiber, intelligence, and spiritual development.

The next time that your ears ring — softly or loudly — sit still and meditate.

You may receive messages. Often when geomagnetics are stronger as they are now and will be for quite some time, ear ringing happens more frequently.

SOURCE is conducting this cosmic orchestra even though some segments of mankind are attempting to interfere with it by making sounds of war and hatred. These are times in which to remember the biblical verse: “Be still, and know that I am GOD!” May this weekend prior to next week’s seasonal change be one of PEACE, HEALTH, and ABUNDANCE for all who are willing to level-up and to make use of another biblical verse which states: “Study to show thyself approved”.

How many people know that much of the HOLY BIBLE is rooted in the sacred teachings of Kemet?
Did you know that the “Proverbs” were actually written by Imhotep?
Did you know that the “Psalms” were written by various Kemetic royals and scribes?

“Psalm 104”, for example, was written by King Akhenaten.

Let us pray that the egos of many people are checked at the door.

Many do not know what they think they do, and there is an old saying that: “People who can teach, do so. People who cannot teach, criticize the teachers”. Everyone have a blessed weekend!

Do not obtain your knowledge from the typical television programs or even from “You Tube”.

Read real books! Travel! Learn some other languages!

For those who remember the biblical verse which says: “You have the mind of Christ”, the word “mind” is also “consciousness”.

Yeshua (“Jesus”) was of a very high consciousness.

If you really believe that you have the mind of Christ, get busy elevating!

More By Dr Schavi

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