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Rewriting Ashtar - March 2019 - 4 of 4

Rewriting Ashtar – March 2019

Rewriting Ashtar – March 2019. By Gabriel RL.

Rewrite, dear ones! Every day you have the opportunity to rewrite your lives, to transform them, to make them what you really want.

You are the artists, the magicians, the builders, the architects, the lords and ladies of your lives.

All that we pass on to you is in deep harmony with your Higher Selves, with your permission, pointing you to the paths that you, through a range of possibilities, ask for.

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Rewriting Ashtar - March 2019


Rewriting Ashtar – March 2019

When you leave your body and come to us, we gather and discuss what is best for the moment. We show a range of possibilities and you always ask us to “push them” for the best.

But never, ever, will we do it for you, as you are the masters. You are the painter of your experiences.

We show the energetic potentials, but you choose whether to plunge into it or not. So when we point out a period as a potential for a certain thing, some people are “affected” by it and some are not. Why? Because some have tuned in and some have not.

There are several lines. Several possible scenarios. Energies that support each one of them. Where do you want to be? Is your vibration compatible for this? Do you desire this? Do you believe that? When you put your attention on something, be sure that it is, infinitely, potentiated.

So, where are you putting your attention now? In the “problem” or solution? Create!

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I said I would not extend myself to the message… Well, I didn’t do it! It’s always great to be grounded with you, passing on my messages.

It is always good to be able to feel human too, because when I couple my field to the field of my beloved transmitter (Gabriel RL) I have the sensations that he has, and I live a little his humanity.

It’s always good to remember what it’s like to be human. I’ve been among you, and it’s an incredible experience.

I hope that my message today has clarified some things by giving you new courage and confidence.

Trusting that everything, everything is going well, precisely right, and most, most importantly, the MOST IMPORTANT: all this is in your hands!

AND THIS IS A REASON OF TRUST FOR ME! Because I totally trust you! Never doubt that! I trust your abilities, I trust your seriousness and commitment!

Ah! before finishing, some members of our Federation of Galactic and Ascendants asked me to warn you that “Before you quarrel with us through your own processes, remember that we only follow orders, and these commands come from yourselves”. :-d

And so it is.

Blessings! Your brother, Ashtar.

Gabriel: Very grateful, beloved Ashtar.

Ashtar March 2019

Recycling 1/4

Ashtar March 2019

April 2019

Ashtar March 2019


Ashtar March 2019


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Renè Descartes

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