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Reviewing The Schumann Resonance - Cosmic Frequency News 21 August 2023 - By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Reviewing The Schumann Resonance

Cosmic Frequency News 21 August 2023

Reviewing The Schumann Resonance – Cosmic Frequency News 21 August 2023 – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Although ancient “Rishis” (“Sages”) knew about the movements of our planet Earth and its inner and outer stirrings, in modern times, it was studied by Dr. Weinfried Otto Schumann, and his findings were published in 1952 which were named the “Schnumann Resonance”—abbreviated “SR”.

The “SR” is the vibrational frequency of energy and amplitude of our planet and is also called its “heartbeat”.

The word “vibration” is defined as “tone”, “quality”, oscillation”, or “movement”.

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Thus, in terms of Earth, “She” has a particular “character” and “way” of moving at certain times based upon particular activating cosmic events.

The word “frequency” refers to the “rate at which something vibrates”—slow, medium, or quickly.

According to how Earth is being activated, there is a turning on “Her” axis at a particular rate per second.

The word “amplitude” indicates “strength” and “depth” of something as it is activated upon by an outside force.

In the case of Earth, it is acted upon at certain rates at particular times by particular cosmic forces.

What are these forces? They are the electromagnetic energies of solar flares, coronal mass ejections or plasma particles, and the solar winds which drive these happenings to enter Earth’s own electromagnetic inner and outer fields, thus intermingling with the cosmic events that arrive.

Personify the Earth as a dancer on a stage moving about in a certain rhythm, and then another dancer comes from backstage to join the Earth in “Her” dance thus adding to the rhythm and motion—perhaps stepping-up the pace or slowing it down.

The word “energy” is “life force”.

So, putting all of the definitions together, we can say that the “SR” of our planet is the “quality and strength of its life force in its cycles of turning on its axis”.

Research indicates that Earth is spinning faster in the current space/time continuum as it journeys through the “Photon Belt”—a band of intense radiation containing twelve vortices, and it takes approximately 2000 years to travel through each one, and Earth is moving through it along with the entire “Milky Way Galaxy” of which “She” is a member.

Reviewing The Schumann Resonance - Vibrational Frequency

Vibrational Frequency

Reviewing The Schumann Resonance

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By the time our galaxy has traversed the entire “Photon Belt”, 24,000 to 26,000 years will have elapsed because the galaxy just entered a few years ago the first vortice (some scientists say in the year 2000 and some say in 2012) after having made the entire trip over numerous eons through the complete 12 sections of the complete vortex.

Reviewing The Schumann Resonance - Photon Belt

Photon Belt

Reviewing The Schumann Resonance

As our planet spins faster, we have the perception of the speeding-up of time with day and night coming quickly regardless of what season the days and nights are in relative to the hemispheres.

This is one of the reasons why most of humanity is experiencing daily fatigue and utter exhaustion.

Mankind is on a kind of roller coaster ride through the cosmos.

Technological devices have been designed to numerically register the “SR”, but sometimes these tools are not capable of reporting the true levels of the “SR” because SOURCE, the “ULTIMATE DESIGNER”, is more powerful than any man-made device, although we should be appreciative of the general information that such devices provide.

Otherwise, people would not have any “material” way of registering or knowing about Earth’s activated movements.

As earlier mentioned, in ancient times when there was more connection to higher realms, Sages calculated Earth’s movements at what would be in our modern language terms “7.83” cycles per second—at a time when there was a “Golden Age” (“Sattva Yuga”—“Age of Peace”) occurring.

Now, however, that number is often in double or triple digits because of the need for humanity to once again attune to SOURCE FREQUENCY after first being cleansed of its toxic thoughts, feelings, words, and actions before illumination can happen or elevation of consciousness.

Think of a house that should be cleaned and repaired before new owners move into it. The cleaning and repairing in this example represents the cleansing and clearing-out of old cellular records, and the new owners constitute the illumination or the uplift in consciousness. LIGHT is being sent in a quickened pace to assist in consciousness shifting before mankind annihilates itself. Thus, there is the faster spinning and the newest soaring through the “Photon Belt” and the LIGHT surging from the “Great Attractor” and “Sagittarius A”.

The device that most organizations use that study the “SR” is in Tomsk, Russia.

Many world scientists say that to understand the actual rate of the “SR”, however, whatever number is reported should be multiplied by “3” to obtain a more accurate understanding of the Earth’s quality and strength of life force.

Therefore, if a number of “25” is given, for example, it is probably more like “75”, and even this number is not completely accurate.

Reviewing The Schumann Resonance - Schumann Resonance 18 June 2023

Schumann Resonance 18 June 2023 – Calculated ECC – Power 593

Reviewing The Schumann Resonance

Again, we cannot measure SOURCE. We are allowed only a glimpse, but often we are indeed allowed a very profound glimpse.

The chart may sometimes show a wide splash of white, and this indicates that there is a very strong activation occurring to our planet.

Sometimes there are thin white strips which also are telling of activations, but they are not so strong.

Sometimes there are orange or green small dots or points, and these show interferences to incoming LIGHT.

However, there are also times when the technology is completely blacked-out. These are when cosmic events are too strong for the equipment to register.

What is being activated in terms of “SR” levels are the tectonic plates in the Earth as well as “Her” magnetite particles and also the energetics occurring within and around “Her” magnetic shield—the “magnetosphere”— and the other surrounding “spheres” (such as the atmosphere, the stratosphere, the ionosphere, etc.).

Think of watching or listening to critical news.

This can stir-up the human nervous system causing anxiety and panicky feelings which can elevate heart rhythms.

However, when such news causes those who are sincerely attempting to elevate to pray and to meditate for our planet, then the news has actually brought a type of “light” to the situations reported so that we know how to direct our prayers and meditations.

Then the GREAT LIGHT will bless this planet. There is a verse in one of the world’s scriptures whereby SOURCE states that if people would turn from their wicked ways, SOURCE would hear from heaven and turn and bless the land (HOLY BIBLE).

Humans also have magnetite particles, most of which are in the brain.

Thus, when Earth is being acted upon, so is mankind.

In this “Now”, our planet Earth is receiving massive doses of LIGHT in various ways from many cosmic energetic domains.

These are “Bio-Photons” or “Life Light” which carries information from cell to cell creating an inter-cellular network, and molecules now have a higher rate of “spin”.

Reviewing The Schumann Resonance - Bio Photon

Bio Photon

Reviewing The Schumann Resonance

This causes lots of turbulence on our planet because old programming is being dissolved and new programming is coming on-line.

One of the main principles of the subject of Physics is that there is chaos before balance.

The “SR” is sometimes in a chaotic movement as adjustments are made to planetary vibrational frequencies and amplitudes.

Collective human consciousness governs the “SR” in many ways. Low levels of human consciousness requires lots of cleansing and clearing and then lots of illumination.

This is what scripture is indicating in the verse that says that human beings have been given dominion over the Earth.

That “dominion” may be why the “SR” is so much more activated at times.

Humanity is in “labor” to be “re-birthed” rather than being “aborted”.

SOURCE will not allow the Earth to be further damaged.

This is why there is an intensity of LIGHT.

Let us “ground” to and move with the LIGHT.

Then we can collectively eventually say: “WE ARE BLESSED BY SOURCE LIGHT!”

More By Dr. Schavi

Ionizing Plasma Waves – CFN 18 April 2024

Ionizing Plasma Waves – CFN 18 April 2024

Ionizing (penetrating, altering) electromagnetically charged cosmic waves can be physically, emotionally, and mentally challenging as they participate in the “Shift of the Ages”, and thus, the transforming of planetary creation.

CFN Major Update! – 15 April 2024

CFN Major Update! – 15 April 2024

The Schumann Resonance chart from Tomsk, Russia is registering planetary activations at the level of a huge “96”. (Since ancient times, the normal planetary vibrational frequency has been 7.83, but in the chaotic circumstances of the current era, these “SR” ratings are higher as cosmic events purge disharmony from the planet and provide cleansing and illuminating LIGHT from energies that cannot be actually seen with modern devices — only felt, thus coming from a SOURCE FIELD that is beyond human access).

Jupiter Uranus – CFN 14 April 2024

Jupiter Uranus – CFN 14 April 2024

The Total Solar Eclipse on April 8th this year of 2024 was a very important cosmic event. However, the other very important cosmic event of this year is the conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus at 21 degrees in the Tropical sign of earth element Taurus. The greater move (because it has actually already begun) towards the conjunction will begin on April 19th and be exact on April 20th.

CFN 11 April 2024 – Energy Update

CFN 11 April 2024 – Energy Update

NASA has reported that a solar filament erupted from our Sun on yesterday, April 10th, but it has had no affect upon Earth. The report from NOAA, however, indicates that the planetary magnetosphere — the protective magnetic shield — is enveloped once again in dense electron and proton particle plasma

The Total Eclipse Hang-Over – CFN 10 April 2024

The Total Eclipse Hang-Over – CFN 10 April 2024

From three to seven days before and after a Total Solar Eclipse, there can be intense symptoms of LIGHT ACTIVATION ENERGY. Remember, as stated previously, during a Total Solar Eclipse, the vibrational frequency of our solar disk is actually stronger or condensed.

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