Return Of The Karma Lords Part 9 Cover

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 9

The Great Quantum Transition

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 9. By Lev.

Light Forces and Karma Lords continue to clear the accumulated karmic blockages that prevent new programs, the transformation of the Earth and humanity.

This post is dedicated to the elimination of two more types of accumulated karma – illiquid and Monadic.

The illiquid karma of humanity was contained in the DNA of the remains of all people who ever lived on Earth, who accumulated it during their lives.

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DNA – physical, wave, and causal – is a unique higher infrastructure. It is a perfect crystalline-holographic carrier of energy and information: positive, for example, of Perfect Light, and destructive – of bewitchment, curse, aggression, hatred, etc.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 9 - Wave of DNA

Wave DNA

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 9

To remove illiquid karma, under the guidance of the Higher Light Hierarchs and Karma Lords, a Holy Crystal was created on the Subtle Plane, consisting of two Replacement Crystals – with female and male DNA. It combined the DNA of all the Saints who lived in different epochs.

The top of the Holy Crystal from the Earth side was represented by two leaders of one of the LFs’ ground teams. They linked in them the DNA of Saints, dead women, and men.

The apex on the higher eons’ side were the two Supreme Co-Creators of the Local Universe, the Absolute’s Primary Differentiated Female and Male Foundations.

How did the operation go?

First, Lightwarriors combined male and female DNA Crystals to form a single Replacement Crystal. Then the Hierarchs and Karma Lords superimposed it on the karmic DNA Crystal of Humanity, which served as a store of illiquid karma. Both higher substances – Light and karma – came into contact, causing a reaction of inter absorption and mutual annihilation.

It was like a wall-to-wall battle. Karma Lords foresaw such scenario. To prevent Lightwarriors from dying in the meat grinder, additional second cores were artificially created in their Causal Bodies. It was with their help that the group leaders removed the illiquid DNA karma of humanity.

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Return Of The Karma Lords Part 9 - Karma Lords

Karma Lords

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 9

By the Karma Lords’ decision, at first, only the male half of the Substitution Crystal was used to eliminate illiquid karma. They wanted to preserve the female part.

After a few days, it became clear that the strength of the male component was not enough.

With incredible losses and self-sacrifice, the Light was losing to karma, its power was weak. At the crucial moment, when the male DNA Crystal’s powers were completely gone, the Karma Lords activated the female half of the Substitution Crystal.

The perfect Light of the Female Heart helped to quickly and completely clear the DNA of humanity from karma. The Karmic DNA Crystal was also split and destroyed.

The operation once again showed and proved that only in the unity of the Male and Female Foundation is the Perfect Power of Creation!

Removing illiquid karma was a tough test for Lightwarriors, especially for the heart. They had to spend all their energy supporting the second, additional core of the Causal Body, which annihilated karma.

It is as if a person with one heart had to pump blood in double volume. Due to the incredible load, Lightwarriors could not even get out of bed. The pulse was over 200 beats. It was very hard.

The full annihilation of illiquid DNA karma was successful. Earth and humanity have got rid of it forever.

But the karmic DNA Crystals of living people have been preserved. It belongs to another level and type of karma – liquid. Each person now has to slough off it independently. Human karma will not be accumulated somewhere anymore.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 9 - Karmic DNA Crystals

Karmic DNA Crystals

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 9

The Higher Light Hierarchs, Karma Lords, and LFs’ ground teams faced great difficulties in removing another long-standing cancer – the cumulated Monadic karma of the Local Universe.

This higher karmic substance is concentrated in the Monads of humans and other forms of Intelligence.

The Higher Light Hierarchs and Karma Lords decided, first, to accumulate 51% of the total Monadic Karma in one place with the help of an anti-karmic reactor. The building material for it was temporary Monadic bodies, which Supreme Light Entities and LFs ground team’s heads singled from them.

Previously, all passed strict selection. The main criterion was not only voluntary consent to participate in the op. It was necessary to be at such a high level of evolution, which allows performing the Act of Creation of the Universe. It meant the ability to single from self with 100% accuracy a copy of the Monadic Radiant Matrix of the Local Universe’s Creation.

By the scheduled time, the temporary Monadic Bodies were singled out, tested, and at the core level combined into an anti-karmic reactor. It was then synchronized with the Higher Light Hierarchy’s Crystal Core.

The accumulation of Monadic Karma took place on the Causal Plane as follows.

Karma Lords forcibly drove specific carriers of it through the reactor and evenly distributed the removed karma among all the anti-karmic installation’s creators. Their temporary Monadic bodies served as short-term storage.

Thus, 51% of the total Monadic Karma was redistributed and concentrated. Then its processing began.

Problems arose in the first minutes of work. To put it briefly, there was a stampede.

The disordered Earth’s incarnation field, where human souls (Monad carriers) reside, has played a bad service. Each soul tried to clean itself from karma as quickly as possible.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 9 - Human Monad

Human Monad

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 9

Because of the crush, the reactor had to be stopped. Within 12 hours, additional causal anti-karmic injectors were created at the inlet and outlet of the reactor.

They ordered, accelerated the Monad carriers, and directed them to the reactor’s core. It increased its bandwidth and streamlined the traffic.

At the exit, a similar, but Radiant injector was created, receiving and directing the cleansed the causal bodies’ core of deceased people into the Radiant Zone of the Planetary Incarnation Field.

In this Field, the souls reside between embodiments. Extraterrestrial Monad carriers also come and go there.

To create both injectors, the Higher Light Entities singled out self the temporary Causal Bodies and combined them into a unified structure. The basis of the karmic injector was the Guan Yin’s Causal Body core.

It seemed that everything was fine. But a tragic event happened.

About three o’clock in the morning, two leaders of the ground team woke up from a wild pain in the throat, in the area of the fifth chakra. There was a strong burning sensation as if receiving a large dose of radiation. Then the burning began to lower and soon spread to the entire chest and heart.

30 minutes later, it went to the solar plexus and stomach. The whole area was burning and stinging very badly as if sulfuric or hydrochloric acid had been poured into it. And the pain was physical.

Lightwarriors went through all possible causes – from a heart attack to a perforated ulcer. But physically, they were fine. They were really scared.

Light Hierarchy also panicked. Co-Creators and Karma Lords begged Lightwarriors to hold out at all costs and supported them as could. No one knew what had happened, but everyone felt that something was very serious.

Meanwhile, the team leaders’ condition continued to deteriorate. They felt a strong bitterness in the throat, as if from bile. Foodborne intoxication? There was nothing like that. Strangely, the symptoms passed in both simultaneously around 7 a.m.

Lightwarriors took a long time to recover. They couldn’t sleep for almost twenty-four hours because of frantic heartbeats. Feelings of bitterness in the esophagus and burning throat did not go away for several days…

What happened?

It was Pleromic karma’s breakthrough. Pleromic karma is the highest type of total karma in the Local Universe. It remained from the time of the former Black Co-Creator, who betrayed the Source and went over to the Dark side.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 9 - Pleroma


Return Of The Karma Lords Part 9

By his deeds, he splatted the Pleroma and created in his part the Black and Gray eons. Before the fall, Supreme Hierarch had a twin DNA with another Local Universe’s Co-Creator who headed the eons of Light. Subsequently, by the Source’s will, their single DNA was separated, and the traitor was given the Devil’s Face.

His karma was accumulated in Pleroma because even divided, it remained unified. It is just as on Earth there are different peoples and states that, as a whole, constitute single humanity.

The devilishly inventive Co-Creator was a very clever and deucedly resourceful (literally) Entity. He created a system of dumping his karma on the rest of the Universe and humans, and for a long time, it worked fine.

The Light Forces ran into what was later called the karmic tripwire. It was an analog of the army TWIG when two grenades are tied to each other with a wire, and when it is broken, a check is extracted from both, and grenades explode.

The Black Co-Creator’s tripwire connected humanity’s illiquid karma Crystal’s core of and the core of his Pleroma part on the Causal Plane. He disguised the trap so masterfully that even Karma Lords and the Higher Light Hierarchs did not know about it.

If “TWIG” was triggered in the Pleroma, then all of humanity’s illiquid karma was drained into the Pleroma. If – on the Earth, all the karma of Darkness accumulated in the divided but unified Pleroma fell to the Earth. Such a trap!

But good had come out of evil. Karmic tripwire showed Absolute the flaws of It’s creation, i.e. Local Universe and Man. By gained experience, It now perfects a new Matrix and forms of Self Manifestation.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 9 - TWIG


Return Of The Karma Lords Part 9

It was like hackers or virus creators finding weaknesses in computer systems, doing evil. But based on the experience in fighting against them, the systems become more reliable and better.

After triggering the karmic tripwire Earth-Pleroma, Pleromic karma flooded on the planet. This higher karmic substance is super acid, contagious, and dangerous. It destroys everything it comes in contact with.

The first who took its hit were the anti-karmic reactor’s builders. Pleromic karma spew burned their Radiant Causal bodies through and damaged the Monads.

Lightwarriors got the entire volume of the Pleromic karma jettison and did not let it further. If this happened, the damage to the Earth and humanity would be enormous.

The ground team leaders had the worst of it. A substance that is hundreds of times more acid than ordinary human karma pierced through their Radiant Bodies and struck the physical body.

Immediately, the idea was born to make them a special armor of Perfect Light. But Co-Creators decided not to do it because there was no time to develop and adopt such a protective garment.

Lightwarriors were temporary suspended from working with karma. At that time, no one could foresee how things will unfold.

Earlier, it was assumed that the usual karma would have to be removed. But its density (strength, contagiousness, causticity) varies greatly.

The weakest (rarefied) is the karma of human emotions. Then, by density, follows the karmic substance of the current incarnation. Next – the karma of past lives. Together they form the karma of the Causal level.

There is also higher karma – Monadic. Its carriers are the Monadic bodies of the higher creations, including humans.

It turned out that there is also a Pleromic super-karma. Under certain conditions, it accumulates in the Monads’ cores. Until recently it was impossible to believe. Thought that the Monad’s core is the holy of holies, and karma in any form simply did not and could not be there!

The higher the level of karma, the more acid, stronger, and more contagious it is. And more destructive are the consequences of its contact with the living Radiant matter of the Universe.

Lightwarriors contact with Pleromic karma caused an effect similar to how a heavy-duty laser burns through a sheet of paper. Their Radiant Body, as noted above, was pierced through from the throat to the stomach. It was one big burn.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 9 - Radiant Body

Radiant Body

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 9

It looked like a crater from a nuclear explosion. Even the Ascended Masters later confessed that they were very afraid for the ground team leaders.

Indeed, with such damage, Lightwarriors could well have died. But the principle of unity and self-preservation of the system worked. According to it, in the event of a threat to life, all human bodies are mobilized and can replace each other.

In this case, Lightwarriors were saved by their PHYSICAL body, which causes so much suffering and inconvenience. It was the last barricade that took the blow brunt when the Radiant Bodies couldn’t help. It is to the physical body that they owe their lives!

Nothing like this would have happened if the group leaders had maintained a Body of Absolute Light that annihilates ANY karma, of any level. But it’s impossible to keep it together with the physical body all the time. Of course, it could be created temporarily, for a day. But then who would know?

For several days, the Ascended Masters and Higher Light Hierarchs restored the destroyed Radiant Bodies of the ground team leaders with the Absolute Light vibes and the Amrita’s substance (Life Energy).

It was very painful and hard for Lightwarriors. Their heart could barely stand the vibrations and the extra load. But they were saved.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 9 - Ascended Masters

Ascended Masters

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 9

The detonation of the karmic “TWIG”, in addition to directly harming the Earth, caused enormous damage to the Local Universe, as everything is one.

The Pleromic super-karma infection spread rapidly and began to destroy eons and entire sub-planes of the Causal Field of the Local Universe. The situation has become critical.

If on Earth the super-karma was collectively stopped by the participants of the anti-karmic reactor with their Radiant Bodies, in the Local Universe it took the direct intervention of the Supreme Light Entities.

They pulled the karmic substance back on them.

It wasn’t the end of the nightmare. Mutations and damage to the higher eons and sub-planes were so significant and irreversible that the only way to stop further destruction was to collapse them (self-destruct).

There are no words to describe how difficult and painful this situation was for the Local Universe and its Creators!

The Absolute itself began to eliminate the affected eons. It could be likened to a person cutting off a diseased organ or part of the body from himself. And without anesthesia.

The entire Super Universe was worried about the Absolute. But just as a computer will not be able to work correctly with breached system files, so the Local Universe cannot exist with a damaged Causal Plane.

The Higher Light Hierarchs formed a Temporary Replacement Matrix. It consisted of segments of their Causal Bodies. Joined together, they became the basis that ad interim replaced the damaged eons and sub-planes that were being liquidated.

The Matrix existed for several days until the Absolute completely replaced the eliminated eons with new ones that It had singled out from Itself. The ground team also participated in the Matrix creation which was another test for Lightwarriors. In this way, the Local Universe was kept running smoothly.

The new Absolute’s causal tissue was radically different from the previous one. It is diamond-colored; its vibes are higher than the old one. There has been a super-upgrading of the Radiant Substance of the Local Universe, its new Matrix.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 9 - Local Universe Matrix

Local Universe Matrix

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 9

Currently, it is being experimentally observed in different eons and sub-planes, its behavior, stability, and ability to serve as a habitat for Higher Forms of Intelligence at different levels are being studied.

Ordinary people, of course, didn’t even feel it. However, when all this happened, in the areas where the ground team works, there was a real hysteria caused by rumors about the upcoming devastating earthquake.

Indeed, the threat of an earthquake was very high. Under the Earth’s surface in this place has accumulated a huge tectonic and energy stress which threatened serious disaster.

The Shambhala Mahatmas decided to prevent it. They provoked a preemptive discharge of tectonic energy tension. But artificial earthquake occurred only on the Subtle Plane.

Excess energy in the risk zone was redistributed throughout the planet preventing an earthquake on the surface. Lightwarriors actively participated in it from beginning to end.

Working with the Shambhala Mahatmas from the Power Place, they drew off the excess tension and redirected it to other parts of the planet. Strong Thin Bodies helped them to withstand the enormous vibrational load during the energy-tension redistribution.

This method has been known to mankind since ancient times. So the Lords of Atlantis gathered together and prevented natural disasters and cataclysms, helping both the Earth and humanity. This knowledge will soon be revived.

At the end of the huge work, its participants returned to the anti-karmic reactor’s restoration which was stopped due to the explosion of the Pleroma-Earth tripwire. The Council of the Higher Light Hierarchy has instructed to upgrade the reactor’s causal structure and launch it as quickly as possible.

The most intense work began that did not stop for a minute. It was carried out by the Highest Light Hierarchs, the Karma Lords, the Shambhala’s Lords, and the LFs’ ground team.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 9 - Shambhala's Lords

Shambhala Mahatmas

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 9

At the same time, the leaked Pleromic karma was removed. So that the Lightwarriors could take part in it, the Supreme Co-Creators projected Their Rays on them and created temporary Bodies of Absolute Light. Only its vibes could resist the Pleroma’s karmic substance.

Lightwarriors held these Bodies for three days. Three sleepless nights of extreme frequencies, when the heart vibration was such that it was difficult to breathe.

By combining their Causal and Monadic Bodies with Co-Creators’, they built on the Subtle Plane a kind of turbine that began to draw karma out of the Local Universe.

The upgraded reactor was re-launched strictly at the scheduled time and began to transform the Monadic Karma collected by the turbine.

During the upgrade, the Absolute Heart and Absolute Light Matrices were placed in the reactor’s core. Passing through them, the Monads not only got rid of karma but also changed their Causal Bodies in alignment with the Matrices.

As a result, in future incarnations, the formation of karma will be impossible for people who have such a Causal Body. When it is formed, it will be immediately annihilated by the Light of the Radiant Synthesis in the Causal Body’s core.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 9 - New Galactic Year

New Galactic Year

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 9

It is exactly the quality that was originally peculiar to Man and taken away from him with the onset of Cosmic Night and the seizure of the Earth by the Archons.

Today their power comes to an end. With the approach of the Cosmic Day and the beginning of a New Galactic Year, the Earth is radiated by powerful Source’s energy waves. And with it the new evolutionary programs, codes, and the scenario of evolution are coming.

On December 25, 2020, the Earth received the Dipole Absolute Crystal. The direct axis of the Absolute-our planet was formed. This axis was then integrated with the Local Universe-Milky Way axis. Important steps have been taken towards a new world. A world without any accumulated karma.


(To be continued)

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