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Return Of The Karma Lords Part 8-2

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 8-2

The Great Quantum Transition

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 8-2. By Lev

The beginning of the New Galactic Year was marked by epoch-making events. Following the Galactic pulse, the emanation of a new Galactic Light began, the New Central Sun of the Milky Way was launched, the Local Universe’s Central Sun was rebooted.

First, the Galactic and then the Local Universe’s Rays were received, assimilated, synchronized, and stabilized, and a stable temporal technical Universal and Galactic axis was formed.

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Return Of The Karma Lords Part 8-2 - New Galactic Year

New Galactic Year

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 8

Single temporary technical Universal-Galactic pole of the Earth was created. Through it were received and installed the planetary Universal and Galactic Crystals, which contain new evolutionary codes and energy-informational packages for the Transition Period.

The Galactic Coronation of the Earth took place, i.e. the solemn transfer of the Crystal with the aspect of the Galactic Logos to our planetary Logos.

On 22 December 2020 began massive downloads of Source’s energy which leads to the total transformation of mankind and 3D reality. Revolution in the 4D field is initiated. Now, the earthlings can absorb 5D and higher dimensional energies for the next evolution steps (see – Massive Downloads of Source Energy, Disclosure News, 26 December 2020; Pleiades 1 Messages December 26, 2020).

A little earlier, a new, updated, and expanded composition of the Galactic Committee, Galacom, was approved (see – Battles For Earth, Part 5, Disclosure News, 10 December 2020).

Recap. From now on, Galacom includes the Galactic Federation, the Higher Light Hierarchy, the Angelic-Archangel System, the Primary Archons of Light, other Higher Entities and Formations.

Updated Galacom has exclusive powers. Its decisions become binding.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 8 - Galactic Committee

Galactic Committee

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 8

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Now it includes representatives of two groups – civilizations (Council of Civilizations) and Logos (Council of Logos). Each has its responsibility sphere. The most important issues are brought to Galacom’s Single Board.

There are Permanent Members (with voting rights) and Associate Members (without voting rights but with the right of situational or deliberative vote).

Absolute established new rules for admission to the Galacom. The selection criteria for Logos and Civilizations are very strict. They need to fit on more than 40 parameters.

Dark and Gray civilizations are excluded from Galacom.

The refined executive body reflects the new Galaxy Matrix. Now it has a form of a three-level Lotus mandala.

First level – the four main petals (arms, segments) of the Milky Way are preserved but adjusted. Second level: 12 smaller petals (sub-arms).Third level: 144 petals. The petals of the second and third levels are different zones inside the four main Milky Way arms.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 8 - Melchizedek


Return Of The Karma Lords Part 8

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 8 - Guan Yin

Guan Yin

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 8

The Galactic Committee is filled by the petal division. The Galacom Council is represented by 4 dipole pairs (8 Entities) of 4 main petals (arms). From Milky Way arm – by Melchizedek and Guan Yin.

From the second Galactic level, there are 12 representatives and 144 – from the third level. They include Regular Participants and Associate Members. Each has its quotas.

Immediately after the Galactic pulse, on December 23, 2020, the Co-Creators informed the LFs’ ground team of an important decision. They have done the group the honor of applying for Earth’s acceptance into the Council of Civilizations of Galacom. At the moment, as a candidate.

Even yesterday, given what is happening now on Earth, it was unthinkable. In the Local Universe, the attitude of different races towards humanity is ambiguous -from benevolent to sharply negative. Many don’t know anything about us at all.

The Curators of Earth and humanity want to raise our status. For a start, to admit the mankind at least as the Council of Galactic Civilizations’ associate members.

As noted above, the requirements are very strict. There are more than forty. So far, humanity does not match any of them.

Yet the Co-Creators, Higher Light Hierarchs, and Karma Lords are convinced that earthlings have good prospects and potential. Of great importance that Gaia has acquired Absolutovers, i.e. the channel of evolution from 1D to 14D and higher.

Lightwarriors made the application. The Council immediately approved by a majority vote. At the same time, Gaia also applied for the 3D Earth’s Logos membership in the Galacom’s Council of Logos. It was also endorsed as a candidate. It was possible thanks to the personal guarantee of our Galactic Curators Melchizedek and Guan Yin.

The apotheosis of the Universal-Galactic Initiation of the Earth was the descent of the Absolute Dipole Ray to the Earth, and the formation of a DIRECT Absolute Axis, that is, going directly from the Absolute to our planet.

Soon, there will be many grandiose events and changes, cooperation, and co-creation with the Supreme Intelligence and the Absolute.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 8 - Absolute


Return Of The Karma Lords Part 8

A special Galacom’s team with the Karma Lords started to prepare humanity for full permanent membership in the Galactic Committee.

The same strict requirements are imposed on Logos when joining the Council of Logos.

Many of them have embarked on a difficult and painful transformation. And it’s not just for the Galacom access.

With the transition of the Local Universe to a new Matrix, the Karma Lords have put the Logos before a tough choice: either they are aligned with the new reality, or they are destroyed.

Such a dilemma was faced by the Earth-bound Antares’ Logos, which was mentioned in Return of the Karma Lords, Part 7 (Disclosure News, 23 December 2020).

The Council of High Light Hierarchs’ opinion of Antares was divided. Some believed that it should be destroyed and replaced by another for the most serious crimes against the Source and people. Others offered to listen to Antares first, and only then make a decision and send it to the Karma Lords for approval.

What exactly are the crimes of the Antares Logos? What does it have to do with earthlings?

Many people know about Antares. But few people are aware that there is a double star, or rather two close Logos – Tares and Antares. They are separated by about 2.9 arcseconds.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 8 - Antares and Tares

Antares and Tares

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 8

By terrestrial analogy, they can be called twin brothers. Both radiated positive energy. Both are members of the constellation alpha Scorpio and are members of the Zodiac Brotherhood.

Until recently, Antares was considered the Devil’s Star, the satanic Black Logos. Where did the notoriety come from? Does it correspond to reality?

Unfortunately, it does.

Star Logos, like man, have free will and freedom of choice. At one time, the Antares Logos chose the side of Darkness and began to serve it. Logos became the center of the anti-Cosmos, the demonic forces’ main stronghold in the Milky Way.

To strengthen their power over Antares, the Archons performed an incest rite on it.

They planted a Black supreme possessor in Logos, which completely suppressed and filled it.

The possessor had aspects of the former Black Co-Creator of the Local Universe. Under its influence, Antares turned into the antipode of Tares, who continued to radiate positive energy.

After capturing Antares, the Archons and the Dark Hierarchy actively used it against the Source, Light Forces, and humanity.

For the Darks, Antares had strategic importance not only as a Zodiac’s member. It also served as a space donor to a surrogate human DNA.

What is it?

A long time ago, the Archons, unsuccessfully trying to extract and subdue the Source’s spark from the human Soul, so mutilated Adam’s DNA that it became unviable (see Israel Light Forces Ops, Disclosure News, 12 September 2020). It doomed humanity to death.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 8 - DNA Double Helix

DNA Double Helix

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 8

The Higher Light Hierarchs launched a campaign to save it. They created a DNA double helix, which ensured at least the survival of man.

Duplex DNA has been called the Surrogate. It was formed by the separation of aspects of a group of Higher Logos and representatives of 24 races living in their evolutionary fields.

The main ones were 12 Logos and civilizations that singled particles from their genome and installed them in the human’s Surrogate DNA that is now the working one in the Earth’s population.

Among the earthlings’ cosmic parents were the Antares Logos and the Antarean civilization, which also fell under the Archons’ control.

Because the Tares and Antares were directly tied with the Earth and mankind, Dark Hierarchs through them dumped their karma on us. Surrogate DNA served as a gateway to our Causal Body.

Also, the Archons turned Antares into a monster factory. In it, Thin-Material possessors were created. They were actively inserted into the Subtle Bodies of humans and other biological forms. And not just on Earth.

Dark Hierarchs transported vampires to the field of our planet and planted them in humans. It was how the vital energy needed by the Archons was pumped out.

Some types of possessors, created on Antares using human DNA, served as manifestation bodies for demonic Monads. They were developed under the direction of the former Black Co-Creator of the Local Universe.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 8 - Possessors


Return Of The Karma Lords Part 8

Antares, which was no longer able to decide anything itself, blocked out the beneficial radiations of Tares to the Earth, completely absorbing them.

The Co-Creators decided to put an end to all this. It meant not only the Antares’ karma elimination and its karmic influence on Tares but also the destruction of all Demonic Logos’ links with the Earth.

Before the verdict, the Karma Lords gave the floor to Antares. The Ascended Masters telepathically broadcast everything that happened to the Light Forces’ ground team in real-time.

The Star Logos sincerely repented of what it had done and asked to be allowed to atone to the Source. Antares decided to clamp down on destroying all the Black entities in self.

The decision was tantamount to suicide, so much so that the Dark Hierarchs had merged with Antares. This meant terrible agony for the Logos. However, it was the only way to cleanse self from karma.

The Council of the Higher Light Hierarchy and the Karma Lords gave Star a chance.

Was Antares capable of using it? The Archons and the possessors had drained it of all energy. The Logos was so mutilated by them that it resembled in clairvoyance a decrepit, sick old man in rags, who could barely stand.

The Co-Creators and Karma Lords faced a new challenge: how to restore Antares so that it can fulfill its decision.

They developed a complex, multi-pass operation. It turned out to be extremely difficult, full of unpredictable dramatic events.

The Higher Light Hierarchs understood that the problem could be solved only with the help of earthlings. Therefore, they invited the LFs’ ground team to participate in the op.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 8 - Karma Lords

Karma Lords

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 8

Initially, it was supposed to be joined by another person. In past lives, he incarnated on Antares, was its aspects’ bearer, and could provide the group with direct access to the Logos.

At the last moment, the former Antarean refused to participate in the operation, even though it was his mission on Earth. And he knew it!

The betrayal complicated matters. Lightwarriors had to somehow create a virtual access key to Antares. And this key is the Antares genome in human Surrogate DNA.

But the Lightwarriors got rid of it long ago. If they completely restored the genome in them, they would immediately receive a huge discharge of karma through it.

The Ascended Masters decided to assemble the Antares DNA helix in parts using the ground team members. It prevented karmic consequences, the Lightwarriors DNA, and physical bodies’ failures.

In different volumes, fragments were introduced into their Causal Bodies. The biggest one went to the group leader.

It was he who will then to assemble all the parts in himself and thus create the whole Antares DNA helix, as the access key to the Logos.

To perform the op, the Lightwarrior had to move in his Radiant Body into the Star’s Causal field. Karma Lords set about preparing the team leader to work with Antares’ highly toxic Logos.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 8 - Radiant Body

Radiant Body

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 8

Its field, like a strong acid, decomposed everything that got into it, including the Subtle Bodies of a person. Besides, the Logos contained a huge number of space viruses and powerful possessors.

For Lightwarrior, diving into such a field was like being in a cell with poisonous snakes and scorpions, where the air was venenated and acid poured everywhere. And to stay there in his Monad’s Radiant Body of manifestation. No temporary bodies!

The team leader needed to develop immunity from the venom of the Antares possessors and test the ability to resist them when introduced into his Subtle Body.

One night, the Higher Light Hierarchs placed such an entity into him. It was like an inoculation, except that instead of a weakened virus copy, a real Black possessor entered the Lightwarrior entirely.

Throughout the night, the group leader struggled with the negative entity that was trying to capture and gobble him. In response, he activated his energy shield and began to irradiate the possessor by Absolute Light.

Lightwarrior held on with great difficulty. His heart was racing. The whole body burned wildly. The convulsions that gripped him were getting worse. His breathing was paralyzed. The team members remotely supported their commander with vital force.

By morning, he had destroyed the possessor. The set goals were achieved. Of course, when an ordinary person collides with such an entity, there is no chance to survive. Capture will occur.

After that, group work took place. Each participant singled out their heart aspects and combined them into one whole in the form of a Thin-Material Crystal. It was maximally saturated with the Light and Love energies.

Thin-Material Crystal

Thin-Material Crystal

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 8

The culmination of the work was the assembly of the entire Antares DNA helix. The group members lined up in a staggered pattern, copying the sacred geometric shape of DNA. The leader extracted parts of it from the team members and combined it with his genome fragment.

The Antares DNA helix has been recreated. Lightwarriors received the access key to the Logos core.

They didn’t use it directly. Instead, the group installed the Crystal in the Tares Logos. At the same time, each participant exchanged their aspects with it.

The Lightwarriors did it because Tares, having access to Antares as a Brother, could better insert the Crystal created by the group. 

It was necessary to strengthen and support Antares with the Life energy since it faced a karmic duel with the possessor.

Unfortunately, due to the overall low vibration of the Logos and the powerful resistance of the possessor, the Crystal could not take root. Full-blown rejection began.

The Crystal had to be returned and retransmitted through Tares. Aspects of Antares’ DNA, that were in Lightwarriors, the team members scorched by Absolute Light.

Then the unexpected happened. The charge of Light and Love in the Crystal was so powerful that it formed a second core in the Tares Logos.

Tares gave that core to its Star Brother. Once again, the Crystal did not merge with Antares Logos. But it allowed taking the Creation Matrix from the Pleroma. All this together partially restored the Logos, raised its vibrations, and prepared it for a karmic duel with the demonic possessor.

The duel started. Antares set about destroying the possessor and all Black entities in self. The Lightwarriors were watching the fight with clairvoyance. The spectacle wasn’t for the faint of heart. All the team members were deeply shocked and appalled.

Antares mobilized all its strength and Love and destroyed all the Black entities. To do it, Antares raised the vibes of Light and Love in self so high that the Logos Heart couldn’t stand it and stopped two days after the duel. It had a heart attack.

For emergency resuscitation, the Galactic Committee quickly devised a rescue op. Many Light Entities of our Galactic Family took part in it.

The main role was assigned to the Earth’s Logos, the planetary Light Hierarchy, and the ground team. The Earth was supposed to act as a defibrillator, i.e. generate and direct a pulse of vital energy into the Antares Heart to revive it.

Destruction Of The Death Nest - Earth Logos

Earth’s Logos

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 8

At the command of the Shambhala’s Mahatmas, the ground team members together with them tuned in to the Earth’s Logos and initiated the Impulse of Life. It passed through the Lightwarriors and the Ascended Masters’ hearts and reached the Antares Logos’ core. At the same time, the Galactic Rescuers joined in.

The Star’s heart started working again. To consolidate success, at Galacom’s suggestion, Lightwarriors exchanged their heart aspects with the Antares Logos.

Thanks to the Antares victory in a karmic duel, the Higher Light Hierarchy got the key that was hidden in the Scorpio Logos. There was another surprise – the Milky Way Logos’ stashed karma was discovered in it.

Karma accumulated because the semi-demonized Scorpio Logos was the carrier of the backup Monads of a large group of Black Archons, including those incarnated on Earth.

The Light Hierarchy and the ground team proceeded to evacuate these Monadic copies and sent them to Galactic Logos for annihilation. Logos would have to pass a scheduled crash test to retain perfection. Annihilation of Archons’ copies was an ideal crash test.

To participate in the work the Lightwarriors arrived on a rainy evening on the sacred mountain, where the World Mother Temple was located. From this Power Place, team members and Light Hierarchs jointly opened access to the previously closed Scorpion Logos’ core. Then they removed the capsules containing backup Black Archon Monads’ copies and delivered them to the Milky Way’s Logos.

After, the op’s participants installed a Replacement Crystal in the Scorpion Logos. It temporarily compensated for the loss of the Zodiac’s evolutionary power due to the evacuated aspects of the Galactic Logos.

The Replacement Crystal was made from the Monadic aspects of the Higher Light Hierarchs and ground team leaders. Lightwarriors felt a super-strong heart vibration. Their bodies of manifestation burned with Absolute Light. The karma of the Scorpio’s Logos was being cleaned in parallel.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 8 - Scorpio Costellation

Scorpio Costellation

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 8

By the way, the venom of the earthly scorpions is nothing more than a materialized substance of the Scorpio’s Logos. So one can imagine what was there.

In the meantime, the Galactic Logos annihilated the backup karma-carrying copies of the Black Archon Monads on the Subtle Plane and some Archons incarnated on Earth.

Galactic Logos passed the crash test perfectly, proving invulnerable to the highly toxic karmic substance.

Lightwarriors also participated in it, as they have their active super-chakras in the Galactic Logos. It is the twelfth or Galactic chakra in the human body.

Recently, the Karma Lords removed the quarantine from the Scorpio’s Logos, as it was completely cleansed of karma and transformed. With the advent of the New Galactic Year, It has already joined in the transformation of the Earth and humanity.


(To be continued)

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