Return Of The Karma Lords Part 7

Return Of The Karma Lords

Part 7

Return Of The Karma Lords. By Lev.

Full of drama and extreme situations was the next Light Forces’ operation – the REMOVAL OF KARMIC CRYSTALS. It was a powerful structure of Archons and Black Hierarchs for ACCUMULATING the Earth’s karma, a real ticking time-bomb.

The karmic crystal system was a ready-to-strike complex. Being activated during the Great Quantum Transition, it could disrupt it and destroy the planet.

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The Higher Light Hierarchy first learned about the existence of karmic crystals from the regular work of the LFs’ ground team with the souls of soldiers who died during World War II. Only later it was established that the crystals have not only terrestrial but also the extraterrestrial origin.

The post on the space war in the Solar System On the Way To The Fifth Race, Part 3, Q&A, Disclosure News, 18 October 2020 described the death of Lutetia, the largest of the 12 moons of the planet Phaeton, which was located between Jupiter and Mars.

In the described version of events, at the height of the war, at the request of the Phaethon’s inhabitants, Sanat Kumara, and the Higher Light Hierarchs moved the planet to another Solar System to save it from destruction.

Lutetia could not be saved. The Archons’ Black and Gray fleets rained down such powerful blows that the moon was destroyed. The main part of the debris formed an asteroid belt between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, some fell on Mars, some on Earth.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 7 - Asteroid Belt between Jupiter and Mars

Asteroid Belt between Jupiter and Mars

Return Of The Karma Lords

In some sources, the lost Lutetia is called the planet Lucifer. In others, by this name is called Phaeton… In this case, matters what happened to the debris that fell on our planet.

The largest fragment, imbued with Archons and Dark Hierarchs’ aspects, fell at the Devil’s Tower in Wyoming, USA. On a Subtle Plane, it looked like a through wound to the Earth’s Heart. Some of the debris with the Black aspects passed through, others, including the largest fragment, remained on and inside Earth.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 7 - Devil's Tower in Wyoming, USA

Devil’s Tower in Wyoming, USA

Return Of The Karma Lords

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It was like shooting a man with a scattergun. Part of the shotgun pellet usually goes straight through, and smaller lead pieces that have lost kinetic energy remain in the body. If they are not removed, the infection begins, suppuration, up to a lethal outcome.

The same thing happened to Earth. Bullets – Thinly-Material fragments – were not removed from the planet. They began to rot, causing the Archons and Dark Hierarchs’ aspects to enter Gaia’s body.

The largest shard became the Central karmic crystal, a kind of control room that housed part of the Black planetary brain. The Dark Hierarchy created a planetary karma accumulation system based on the debris scattered all over the Earth.

Putrefaction (similar to a bullet left in the body) of Black aspects attracted to them and actively saturated with low-frequency negative emanations of people -aggression, anger, hatred, envy, etc.

Thanks to it, the infected debris began to ripen quickly and eventually turned into full-fledged Black crystals. The program in them was demonic, becoming part of a single whole – the planetary Archons’ Black brain.

For their additional feeding, human karma was used, which the Archons and Dark Hierarchs cunningly captured and accumulated in crystals.

Another source of energy accumulation in Black crystals was the souls of people who died during the wars.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 7 - American Military Cemetery in France

American Military Cemetery in France

Return Of The Karma Lords

The LFs’ ground team op for souls’ rehabilitation and restoration provided the first info about the existence of an all-encompassing and extremely dangerous karmic crystals structure on Earth.

It all started with the discovery of a large karmic burial ground in one of the mountain areas. When Lightwarriors arrived at their workplace, they encountered a strange circumstance. As soon as the group members got out of the car, larine started running around, as if it had been waiting for them for a long time, and saying something in its bird language.

Lightwarriors couldn’t understand the bird. But they felt that larine was loading some important information into their brain.

In the end, they decoded the message. The bird did transmit that the burial ground is not only a Black crystal but also a 4D laboratory of the Dark Hierarchy for growing space viruses.

The laboratory used the energy of the Power Place and the info traffic between Earth and Cosmos. It had its security service, consisting of Drakos. After that, let them say that birds are not a form of Higher Intelligence!

Archons built the lab a long time ago as an incubator for growing particularly dangerous wave space viruses. In special field containers, they were delivered to the Higher Dark Hierarchy.

Toxic information-wave energy began to seep and poison the surroundings. It triggered the genetic degeneration of the local biological life forms.

After analyzing the situation, Karma Lords and the Higher Light Hierarchs instructed the team to destroy the laboratory. There was no other way out. By clairvoyance, the Lightwarriors saw that another batch of viruses had already been prepared for shipment, and the Drakos became increasingly aggressive.

The group climbed the mountain as close as possible to the lab’s localization on the Subtle Plane. With the help of the Ascended Masters, team members summoned a powerful Pulse of Light from the Milky Way Center.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 7 - Powerful Pulse of Light from the Milky Way Center

Powerful Pulse of Light from the Milky Way Center

Return Of The Karma Lords

On the Subtle Plane, it produced an explosion with the force of several dozen atomic bombs. Lightwarriors were specially trained to hold punches of such power, which helped to direct the blow exactly on target.

As a result, the laboratory along with the viruses’ wave strains, and Drakos were destroyed. The team then restored the 4D continuum of the blast-damaged Power Place by linking the World Mother Sophia’s aspects to it.

The karma of the burial ground was taken for recycling by the Milky Way Logos. Lightwarriors delivered and tracked the passage of the negative substance only to the Sun. It was the end of the group’s work, and they didn’t know what happened next.

It turned out that at the last moment, the Solar Logos decided not to redirect the taken karma to the already overloaded Galactic Logos, but to process it independently.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 7 - World Mother Sophia

World Mother Sophia

Return Of The Karma Lords

Return Of The Karma Lords - Sun's Core (Heart)

Sun’s Core (Heart)

Return Of The Karma Lords

Moreover, according to Cosmic Laws, the Solar Systems’ karma should not go beyond their borders, except in extreme cases.

Our Sun’s Logos was working at the limit, so the higher in the hierarchy the Milky Way Logos volunteered to help. It is how the Local and Super Universes work. The higher life form is always ready to help the lower one, even at the self-sacrifice cost.

But the lower logos – the Solar – according to the same Law, undertook to process by self the part of the Earth’s accumulated karma and prevent it from going beyond our Solar System.

Too much negative karma finished him off. The Sun Core could not stand it and cracked. By Earth analogy, it had a coronary thrombosis.

The crack began to expand rapidly, as the Sun additionally processed the flow of groovy negativity, ordinary karma from Earth and other planets in the Solar System. Logos tried to cope on its own until the last moment, but couldn’t do it.

The Solar Logos sent out an SOS signal. The Galactic Committee immediately responded, and urgently drummed up a crisis headquarters. The situation was complicated by the fact that the Sun, being the Creator of the planets in its system, automatically conveyed its state to other planetary Crystals – including the Earth’s Logos.

Prompt measures helped to stop the cracks’ increase in the Sun Heart and planetary Crystals. A joint intergalactic operation was carried out to restore the Solar Logos.

The Council of the Higher Light Hierarchy and the Karma Lords invited the ground team to participate in it. To this end, at the sacred high altitude point, Lightwarriors set to work at the appointed time, along with the other participants.

They singled out the Subtle-Material aspects of their hearts and directed them to the Solar Logos, who integrated them in self.

It reanimated its Heart, increased energy, and the speed of karma processing. After a few days, the Logos was completely restored.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 7 - Hundreds Of Italian Soldiers Lie Dead On The Battlefield

Hundreds Of Italian Soldiers Lie Dead On The Battlefield

Return Of The Karma Lords

The second case that drew the Karma Lords’ attention to the karmic crystals on Earth was another burial ground found by the team. There were thousands of souls of soldiers who fell during WWII.

Tried to free them, Lightwarriors discovered that the souls are not released by some magnet. They paused to study the situation in detail.

It turned out that under that place was one of the large karmic crystals. The Archons used it to operate on human souls, causing them incredible suffering, to grow new Black Crystals.

They collected souls, compressed them into a single whole, made the desired Subtle-Material geometric shape, and introduced demonic aspects of the Higher Dark Hierarchs into them. A similar technology Kali used in her karma cloning lab in the Kalighat Temple’s field (see Return of the Karma Lords. Part 5, Disclosure News, 18 December 2020).

To eliminate the discovered crystal, Karma Lords, the Higher Light Hierarchs, and representatives of the Galactic Committee applied a new technology. It was as follows. If the Black Hierarchs could clone their aspects and karma, then why not amplify and multiply the Light with the Source’s Aspects.

The Co-Creators invited two leaders of the ground team to take part in a unique experiment. After the Lightwarriors agreed, parts of the Source Crystal Matrix were installed in them, geometrically copying the shape of Its Heart Aspect.

Then, from these parts, the Mother World Crystal (the feminine aspect of Creation) was assembled in the heart of one Lightwarrior. His wave DNA was transformed accordingly. And in the heart of the other – the Crystal of the Father (male Aspect of Creation).

It was incredibly difficult to accept and hold such high cosmic vibrations. The hearts of Lightwarriors were bursting out of their chests. The pulse accelerated to 200 beats, then stopped for a few minutes. At the same time, the DNA was rearranged and activated in it the thirteenth, Diamond Helix, which is the helix of the Source.

Under the Universal Law of Matter, Energy, and Information Annihilation, when the matter comes into contact with antimatter, Light with Darkness, etc., mutual destruction occurs.

It was for that purpose the Crystals assembled in the hearts of Light Warriors were used to grow Source’s Aspects, and the Source Crystal Matrix was installed, but not activated, into the Earth Crystal.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 7 - Annihilation Flash

Annihilation Flash

Return Of The Karma Lords

The final part of the op was carried out at the burial ground. The karmic crystal in it and the Source’s Aspects grown in Lightwarriors were brought into contact.

Clairvoyantly Lightwarriors saw just the brightest flash. That was it. Nothing else. Neither Black crystal nor Source’s Aspects. COMPLETE ANNIHILATION. The only thing they felt how through their Subtle Bodies the souls were flowing released from imprisonment. They were not annihilated.

The experiment was successful, although Karma Lords, Ascended Masters, and Higher Light Hierarchs were ready for anything. They decided to use this experience to eliminate the entire system of karmic crystals on Earth.

But the next day the problems started. One of the two Lightwarriors felt a sharp deterioration.

Pleiadian cosmo-virologists scanned his DNA, Subtle Bodies, and found the most dangerous karmic virus in the Causal shell. The infection occurred during an operation on the burial ground. The Archons managed to inject the virus into the Lightwarrior just before the Black crystal and the Source aspects came into contact.

The mutation of the Lightwarrior’s DNA wave structures and the Causal Body destruction began. He was getting worse and worse. The Ascended Masters quickly developed a set of protective measures and applied them.

They did not affect. The virus continued to kill the team leader. His Causal Body and the DNA approached the self-destruction threshold.

The Ascended Masters made a difficult decision, which was the last chance to save Lightwarrior. The group was ordered to rush him to the nearest Power Place. There, under the Masters’ tenure, all the team members tuned in to Sirius, which was in direct visibility.

What happened next, Lightwarrior remembered later with difficulty. By then, he could hardly think, his brain was failing. The heart was working intermittently. Everything swam before his eyes. He could no longer adequately perceive reality. He knew he was dying.

At some point, he suddenly felt something being dragged out of him through Sirius. Ten minutes later, he was back to normal, as if nothing had happened.

It turned out that the Ascended Masters had pulled over parts of his Causal Body and the wave DNA affected by the virus and replaced them with theirs. They knew that they had more capacity to kill the higher space contagium than the human being Lightwarrior.

The entire group was grateful to the Ascended Masters for saving their leader. Although he admitted that it was easier for him to die than to give up the virus to the Curators. But he wasn’t asked. They just annihilated the karmic virus themselves.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 7 - Ascended Masters

Ascended Masters

Return Of The Karma Lords

Having thoroughly analyzed the experience gained from the physical and technical side, Karma Lords and the Higher Light Hierarchs, despite the obvious success, refused to apply it on a planetary scale to eliminate the karmic crystals system.

First, the vulnerability of the Causal Bodies of people who might have been involved remained. Secondly, it was impossible to quickly grow the right amount of anti-karmic crystals from the Source’s Aspects. Third, not many Lightwarriors could stand it.

By the way, the number of karmic crystals on Earth was equal to 144,000. At the hour “X” they had to destroy together with the planet the Matrix of Christ Consciousness made from the aspects of the 144,000 Born in Pleroma who are staying on the Earth as a critical mass for the Great Quantum Transition.

The number 144,000 is not random. It is the number of faces of the Pleroma Crystal. The number of evolutionary scenarios for each Logos.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 7 - Sanat Kumara

Sanat Kumara

Return Of The Karma Lords

 Full Table of Elements (118 have been discovered so far). The number of genes in DNA (only 35-40 thousand working today). The headcount of Sanat Kumara’s landing party on Earth whom he brought to our planet for its salvation and transformation (see On The Way To The Fifth Race, Part 1, Q&A, Disclosure News, 18 October 2020).

To eliminate the system of karmic crystals, the Co-Creators developed a new operation. They entrusted the ground team with a key part of it.

In the DNA of the group leader, the Ascended Masters downloaded a special program for positioning all the karmic crystals of the Earth. Its authors were Pleiadians, and at some point, it had to be installed in the planetary Logos. By means of the program, Logos could detect the location of all the Black crystals to within a centimeter.

It was a complex and extremely painful operation for Lightwarrior, in which the main role was assigned to the Earth’ Logos. At the appointed time, the team and its leader arrived at one of the planetary Chakras’ spot. There, Logos extracted the program that the Ascended Masters had installed in the team leader’s DNA and uploaded it to self. Unloading is usually done through the third chakra, at such a moment starts strong nausea and the whole body turns inside out.

Then the Logos activated the program in self, and the location of all the Black crystals on the planet immediately were in full view. When the team saw how many there were, they were shocked. Karmic crystals covered the entire Earth.

Then the most dramatic thing happened. By the fire impulses from its Heart, the Earth’s Logos began to tear out the detected karmic crystals literally with meat and destroy them. It was like removing teeth without anesthesia.

For not provoke an Earth’s general collapse, during the op, Logos stopped its Heart for a moment. And had a heart attack.

Immediately after the elimination of the karmic crystals, the Higher Light Hierarchs began to restore the Logos Heart, trying to revive it with their aspects. The ground crew also joined the resuscitation.

The next day, it became clear that the Heart would not recover by these measures. 

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 7 - Earth Logos

Earth Logos

Return Of The Karma Lords

On the Subtle Plane, tachycardia was visible. There were failures in providing the Earth with the cosmic Life energy, transmitted through the Logos.

To make matters worse, when destroying the Black crystals, one of them exploded just a moment before the Earth Logos temporarily stopped its Heart. The crystal overripe, and self-activated, spewing out a huge amount of accumulated toxic karma.

Getting into the environment, it threatened to disrupt all work and severely damage the Earth’s Heart. It could happen in a fraction of a second.

In the next instant, one of the group leaders, driven by the Higher Self, covered the broken crystal with his Subtle Bodies and drawn in the karma that was in it. It was like throwing on a grenade to be killed but to save others.

The next two days were terrible for him. Life hung in the balance. The karmic blow was so strong that it caused irreversible deformation of the Causal Body and damaged the Monad. Plus, a general infection by the Black crystal space virus.

It became clear that a little more and Lightwarrior could die. The Council of the Higher Light Hierarchy ordered the team to urgently take its leader out of town, to a place where there are as few people as possible. Late in the evening, in a semi-conscious state, he was brought to the right place.

There, the Ascended Masters operated similar to the described above. They pulled the virus into selves along with 90% of the destroyed Causal Body and replaced it with theirs. It was Melchizedek and El Moria.

After 15 minutes, the team leader began to recover, and soon felt good, as if nothing had happened. Once again, the Curators helped the group cope with the situation.

But events did not end there. Dark Hierarchy was dealt a crushing blow, catastrophically undermining its power on Earth, and it could not accept it.

A few days later, she dealt a massive karmic blowback to Earth, the Ascended Masters, and the Lightwarriors. As a result, the Subtle Bodies of the group members were destroyed.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 7 - Archon


Return Of The Karma Lords

After repelling Archons’ attack, Lightwarriors had to start all over again. Hellish time of rehabilitation… life without a part of their Subtle Bodies…

But the main task they fulfilled. The entire Dark Hierarchs’ karmic crystals system on Earth was destroyed.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 7 - Diamond Crown

Diamond Crown

Return Of The Karma Lords

After full team heads recovery and for more reliable protection in the future, the Co-Creators installed around the Lightwarriors’ hearts a Diamond Crown micro-copy from the Creator’s Crystal Matrix fragments. Earlier, a large Crown was built around the Earth’s Core (see Battles For Earth Part 4, Disclosure News, 7 December 2020). Now there are two Diamond Crowns on Earth.


Return Of The Karma Lords Part 7

(To be continued)

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