Return Of The Karma Lords Part 6

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 6

The Great Quantum Transition


Return Of The Karma Lords Part 6. By Lev.

The next Light Forces’ operation was the removal of ACCUMULATED necrotic karma.

Another episode of the hidden, cosmic scaled dismantle and destroy of everything that the Black Archons and Dark Hierarchs built over the past thousands of years.

Necrotic karma is a huge clot of extremely toxic, negative energy. It was artificially created and replenished by the Dark Forces by an enormous system of human sacrifices.

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Return Of The Karma Lords Part 6 - Human Sacrifice

Human Sacrifice

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 6

The system was controlled and managed by Archons and Dark Hierarchs. It also served as an important source of life for them on all levels – from the Earth to the Quantum.

The Archons guided and held the sacrificed souls in the Saturn field. It was the oldest stronghold of the Dark Hierarchs in the Solar System. It was also the Gateway to the Black Eons.

They turned Saturn into a vast repository of necro-reality karma that poisoned the Earth, the Solar System, and the entire Local universe.

This reality had a complex structure. It included:

– The souls of people who voluntarily sacrificed themselves;

– The souls of those who have been deceived and falsely convinced of the necessity of self-sacrifice. For example, the Japanese kamikaze, the modern shaheeds;

– The souls of people sacrificed against their will.

The souls of the first and third groups were sent to Saturn’s field where they were enslaved.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 6 - Saturn


Return Of The Karma Lords Part 6

The souls of the deceived and some of the souls of the sacrificed remained in the Earth field, part of which mutated into necro-reality. The process was identical to the degeneration of healthy cells into cancerous ones.

The structure also included necro-egregores. They served as channels for pumping vital energy from the Earth into Saturn and had their specifics.

The necro-egregore looked like a normal one. Inside it had a leader, intermediaries, and subordinates. The egregores were distinguished by the internal main mass-subordinate members.

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The ordinary egregores do not include the souls of the dead. They are formed by those who continue to live.

The necro-egregores consists of the souls of the deceased by the natural deaths, murders, and suicides.

The necro-egregores are much more stable than others. Many existed for centuries and millennia. Any egregore based on or tied with necro-energy was exceptionally tenacious.

It could only be destroyed if all subordinate members are eliminated or transformed. In this case, there was almost nothing left that could prolong its life.

The necro-egregore could also be destroyed by becoming its leader. It is with the help of their powerful adepts some religious movements still hold.

The second necro-egregore’s feature is its colossal power. The strength of the ordinary depends on the number of subordinate members in the arithmetic progression

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 6 - Necro-egregore


Return Of The Karma Lords Part 6

In the necro-egregore, the progression is geometric. Even a small one is much more powerful than a larger classic egregore. That is why the necromancers have a tool of limitless power.

The third feature is related to the time system of the necrotic world. Members of the necro-egregore also existed in the ordinary egregore that was connected to it.

In this case, subordinate members are the souls not only of the deceased but also of living people and states who have already died morally and Spiritually. The symbiosis of the two egregores still supports some life in these countries and people, but it is more like a slow rot or death agony.

By these features, necro-egregores were an extremely dangerous type of negative entities.

Before the cleaning from karma and the transformation of necro-reality, the Co-Creators, the Karma Lord, and the Higher Light Hierarchs understood the task hazard.

After a long discussion of various options, they chose the only possible solution: an interplanetary karmic duel with Saturn.

The Dark Forces were to be represented by Saturn. The Light Forces – by Uranus. However, for some reason, this role was delegated to Jupiter, representing all the Solar System’s Light Forces.

The Karma Lords of the Milky Way approved the duelists, set the date and order of the duel. By its terms, no one had the right to interfere or have any influence on the battle course.

The LFs’ ground crew considered it their duty to help Jupiter after all. They turned to Karma Lords with a request to indicate an acceptable form of support.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 6 - Jupiter


Return Of The Karma Lords Part 6

Having received the consent and the necessary details, Lightwarriors went to the Power Place on one of the sacred mountains. Later, they built a Jupiter Temple on its Subtle Plan.

Following the Karma Lords received permission, the ground team created and activated a Thin-Material Crystal of the backup recharge of the Jupiter’s Logos. It was created from aspects of their hearts through a Monadic exchange with this planet.

After the installation in Jupiter, the Crystal became an additional energy resource, which, if necessary, could saturate this planet with the energy of Perfect Light through Lightwarriors.

On the day of the duel, the ground team went to one of the sacred points in the mountains, the windiest place in the entire region.

Strong gales there are constant. Putting up a tent was unrealistic. They spent the rest of the time before the fight in the car.

Supercharge and high vibrations, amplified by the Power Place, the Lightwarriors felt immediately. The sense of the great significance of the upcoming event was growing stronger.

The tension conveyed to the weather. At first, the sky was covered with leaden-dark clouds. A strong hurricane rose. The car was being blown away. A heavy downpour began, which turned into a snowfall.

However, after a while, the weather began to change rapidly. The snow-storm front was leaving, and in its place appeared a clear blue sky and a bright Sun.

The sight was impressive and iconic. The departing clouds, the clearing sky, and the emerging Sun seemed to represent and symbolize the Darkness end and the beginning of the Light Age. There were no words to describe the feelings of the team at that moment, so stunning were the spectacle and its energy.

By the appointed hour, the group reached the peak of the Power Place, passed the authorization. After that, the Karma Lords allowed the Lightwarriors in their Radiant Bodies to duel as observers.

At 2: 40, the seconds announced the start of the duel. In a trice, Saturn’s United Logos, representing all the Dark Forces in the Solar System, struck a powerful blow at Jupiter’s Unified Logos Heart.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 6 - Jupiter-Saturn Duel

Jupiter-Saturn Duel

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 6

Jupiter stepped back for a moment, taking and partially deadening the force of a blow. But in the next instant, it sent a mighty pulse of Light into the center of Saturn and crushed it. The pulse was so powerful that it completely disoriented Saturn as if it had been struck by a giant lightning bolt.

Immediately Jupiter pounced on Saturn and completely swallowed it up on the Subtle Plane. Saturn was in Jupiter for some time, after which the latter regurgitated it and kept it in the Light Ray until the end of the duel.

Everything happened so quickly that Lightwarriors did not immediately understand what happened. Jupiter won a convincing victory 30 seconds after the duel began, and the Lords of Karma simply stopped it.

The de facto victory of the Light Forces was obvious. After being in Jupiter, Saturn stopped all resistance. There was no one to resist.

All the necro-reality and necro-egregors’ Keepers were destroyed. The Perfect Light energy has done its job and demonstrated what the Source’s Vibrations are.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 6 - Necro-reality Destroy

Necro-reality Destroy

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 6

The sacrificial souls held by the Archons in Saturn’s field were released and sent first to Jupiter, and then in a sleeping state returned to the Earth’s vita-field.

However, a new obstacle arose. The souls were brought back from another -Jupiter reality, so our planetary Logos did not see them.

It is similar to how on computers text typed in the text editor of one operating system may not open in another. Or when a new drive or device with which it is not compatible is connected to the computer.

The Higher Light Hierarchy was faced with the problem of how to make the Earth’s Logos see a Jovian reality.

The problem was solved by upgrading the Earth’s Reality Crystal into a multi-reality frame. Before that, all was tested on 12 Lightwarriors whose Subtle Bodies are part of the new Humanity’s Logos Matrix.

On the appointed day, the LFs’ ground team went to the place of work with sacrificed souls on one of the sacred mountains. With the Co-Creators, they upgraded the Earth Crystal to a multi-reality level.

In the Higher Worlds, in such cases, everything is much simpler, similar to how we send text saved, for example, in Word, by email to another computer. We send only the text and a link to the editor in which it is written, and not the editor itself. The recipients can read it if the same text editor, i.e. Word, is installed on their computer.

It is in the Higher Worlds. And Lightwarriors had to send the text along with the editor during the operation. But that was the last time. Earth Reality Crystal is now compatible with all dimensions in the Local Universe.

As a result, the Earth’s Logos easily saw Jupiter’s field, where the sacrificed souls were held. Then the Higher Light Hierarchs brought them out of sleeper state and sent them to a special detention zone.

It was done to check whether all the souls were sacrificed. The info came that Archons and Dark Hierarchs might be hiding among them so that they could escape the Karma Lords’ Court. Such entities were identified, detained, and delivered to their destination.

At the same time, Lightwarriors sanitized Jupiter’s Subtle Body and integrated it with its planetary Crystal, restoring integrity.

The Karma Lords, as an exception, gave souls access to the Earth’s incarnation field for a short time. Due to the Great Quantum Transition, the Life Gate (of incarnations) for the Fifth Race was temporarily closed. None of the people who die naturally are reincarnated on Earth.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 6 - Soul Returning From Saturn To Earth

Soul Returning From Saturn To Earth

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 6

An exception was made for sacrificed souls. The ground crew received the Life Gate’s Keys, removed the karmic seal, and opened it for a while till the Monad carriers of sacrificed souls passed through it. After that, the Gate was closed and sealed again.

Now, the souls of people who were sacrificed can be incarnated on Earth. In total, in necro-reality, there was a constant number of such souls – 666.666.666. Another Devil’s Number’s meaning.

In the mountains, where one of the Earth’s karmic Portals located, the Higher Light Hierarchs built a Thin-Material reception center for souls returning from Saturn.

The ground crew was assigned to activate it with Antahkarana and assist in transportation. Lightwarriors completed the task. They noticed that the returned souls were as if under anesthesia. They will remain in the center for all the time necessary for their full recovery.

It was like an operation to free hostages who had been held by terrorists for a long time. After their release, they are provided with medical and psychological assistance in a special institution, and only after that, they can get to their home.

With the Karma Lords, the Higher Light Hierarchs, the Lightwarriors started the Earth necro-reality’s transformation to make it a new zone of the planet’s karma-free incarnation field. The goal is to ensure that the Higher Spiritual Entities are embodied on our renewed planet.

At the end of the entire operation, the Earth’s magnetic poles were reoriented from Saturn to Jupiter. It cut off from our planet the vampiric sucker that pumped out the Earth’s Logos’ vital energy and fed the Saturn’s Logos.

In continuation of events, the Co-Creators built the so-called karmic Alcatraz. It is a Galactic prison, where the Monad carriers, which are dangerous to the Earth and the Local Universe, are transferred for temporary isolation.

The relevant decisions are taken only by the Supreme Karmic Board.

Lightwarriors participated in the work by their Radiant Causal Bodies. During the entire operation, which lasted more than two days, the team members’ condition was in shock. The Ascended Masters asked them to hold out and explained that it was caused by the passage of karmic Black entities through their Causal Bodies.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 6 - Earth's Version of Alcatraz

Earth’s Version of Alcatraz

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 6

The Karma Lords sited the karmic Alcatraz branch in the Saturn field. As noted above, since ancient times its planetary Logos was used as a Dark Hierarchy’s stronghold and headquarters. So, the choice was not accidental. But the Saturn’s Logos decided to take the Redemption path. For a test, it was entrusted with the maintenance of a karmic prison.

Saturn was also selected as a temporary repository for some planetary Logos’ karma, including Earth’s. The transferring of its liquid (freely circulating) karma into Saturn’s Crystal has begun.

Besides, Saturn has also become a karma repository for other planetary Logos in the Local Universe. The part of the Star Logos’ liquid karma was taken into custody by the Antares Logos (the Alpha Scorpio constellation), which has a negative reputation similar to Saturn.

From now on, Saturn is a prison that houses former Dark Hierarchs and other Black Entities. They are allowed to repent and be transformed. If it happens, they will have a chance to incarnate in the Earth’s karmic field and theoretically rise at least to evolution. In this case, their souls will be saved.

It is analogous to releasing a criminal from prison for good behavior or on bail. There is a risk, of course, when a criminal is released into society, but the price of the stake is not just the life, but the SOUL of a Divine Creation.

The decisions granting the incarnation on Earth of arrested entities from Saturn’s karmic prison are taken only by the Karma Lords. Therefore, people have nothing to fear. No one with criminal plans will ever materialize on Earth again. If not justified the trust, it will immediately be isolated, taken out of the embodiment, and returned to Saturn.

They won’t have any more chances then. Of course, it will be very difficult for them. It’s like being born and raised in prison, getting out, and becoming good and righteous. Many hopes are placed in this Divine Plan for the Salvation of Lost Souls on people’s help, on their Kindness and Love.

Under the Higher Light Hierarchy’s leadership, Lightwarriors created a transport tunnel for the two-way transferring of Monad carriers between the Earth and Saturn’s incarnation fields. Unauthorized entry to our planet is now COMPLETELY EXCLUDED.

Then a unique Galactic operation was performed for the evolutionary-karmic correction of Saturn’s Logos. All members of the ground team participated in it.

First, they extracted the aspects from their hearts. Then, a Correction Crystal in the form of a bullet was made from them. An updated program was recorded into this bullet through the causal structures of their Radiant DNA. The Lightwarriors’ hearts ached wildly, and the whole body burned and ached, at the limit withstanding the work of the Co-Creators carried out through them.

The evolutionary-karmic correction of the Saturn Logos was carried out by firing a bullet into the Saturn Crystal. It also inserted in the Crystal the Perfect Light aspects and a new evolutionary program. Immediately, the Light vibes in Saturn’s field moved into top gear.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 6 - Firing An Evolutionary-Karmic Correction Bullet Into The Saturn Crystal

Firing An Evolutionary-Karmic Correction Bullet Into The Saturn Crystal

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 6

The correction caused a lot of trouble for the Monad carriers with large karma residing in the Saturn incarnation field. They created a kind of terrestrial criminal zone there and felt at ease, as in prison dons, consiglieres, hitmen, etc.

Now the situation has changed dramatically. Karmic Monad carriers (souls) are constantly intensely irradiated by the vibrations of Love and Perfect Light. It should contribute to their transformation, creating a powerful additional incentive to move to Higher Realities.

In conclusion, an important info of the last days.

Now Karma Lords is working hard with the Akashic Records. As it was explained to Sjsbxbxjsjsjs on 30/11/2020, they are akin to our Earth libraries. The Akashic Records have a common room with free admittance. Any entity of the Universe, such as a human being, has access to its database.

There are also special storage facilities, structured according to the level of admission (spiritual and evolutionary development) in 3D, 5D, 7D, etc. Not that the info there is different, it is more profound and comprehensive.

If the information requested in the Akashic Records, for example, is located in a special repository with limited access, one can ask for admittance help from librarians, Chroniclers, who can give a special entry.

One can get private data through other intermediaries, such as Higher Self, Mentors, Heavenly Teachers, Ascended Masters, and others.

It is the most common form of obtaining information from the Chronicles, and it doesn’t matter whether it is in the public domain or closed.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 6 - Akashic Records

Akashic Records

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 6

Archons and Dark Hierarchs had access to many levels of the Akashic Records. Using it, they removed huge layers of information about real events on Earth and in the Local Universe, replacing by theirs, fake. For erasing true data, they often used the dumping of karmic avalanches.

As a result, the real culprits of large-scale negative events were hidden behind other persons, most often not involved or indirectly related to what was happening. So, sometimes Karma Lords’ fair verdicts were ill-judged. For Archons’ crimes the innocent paid. Now the real criminals will hold the answer.

It was another reason for the Karma Lords’ return and the resumption of the Karmic Council’s work. Among their tasks is to remove the Black Hierarchs’ secrecy veil and disinfo about events on Earth, in the Galaxy and the Local Universe, and bring the real events to light.

Strict directives have been sent out to all the eons to provide ALL the information that has been recorded in the Akashic Records over the past hundreds of thousands of years. The power of the Archons and Dark Hierarchs has come to an end not only on Earth but throughout the Milky Way. Hiding the truth from Karma Lords became pointless and doubly dangerous.

Now at all levels of the Akashic Records, the work is in full swing. Everything that has happened and is happening is cross-checked against the real planetary, Stellar, and Galactic Systems’ Chronicles.

No matter how the Archons and Dark Hierarchs tangled up the content and sequence of events, the real picture is successfully restoring. Now, on its basis, the Karma Lords have begun to execute the Fast Karma Laws on 3D Earth.


Return Of The Karma Lords

(To be continued)

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