Return Of The Karma Lords Part 5 - The Great Quantum Transition

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 5

The Great Quantum Transition

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 5. By Lev.

This post is dedicated to clearing the Evolution Crystal from karma. As always, the LFs’ ground team actively participated in the operation.

The Evolution Crystal is created from the Higher Causal Planes special substance, on which the evolutionary-karmic program of mankind and the Logos (Planetary, Stellar, Galactic, etc.) is recorded for an epoch or part of it.

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The Earth and human civilization evolution are divided into segments. Each corresponds to its program. There is a Crystal that contains the entire strategy of the planet’s development.

Some Crystals contain a program for 2160 years (movement in one zodiac) and for 25920 years (precession movement in all 12 zodiacs around the center of the Milky Way)…

The passing Kali Yuga also had its Crystal. The main goals of the Kali program were to learn the Truth through ignorance, denial, illusions, negative deeds, etc.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 5 - Kali Yuga

Kali Yuga

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 5

The guardian of the epoch Crystal (Yuga) is the Keeper (Deity). In the passing Era it was Kali, in the coming Yuga it is Satya.

At the end of each epoch, the Keeper performs a general cleaning, erasing the evolutionary-karmic program and cleansing the Evolution Crystal.

Then, in a solemn ceremony in the presence of the Galactic and Evolutionary Committees, the Crystal is handed over to the next epoch Keeper. She/He loads it with a new program.

The Keeper receives a new program from a Single Evolution Crystal of the Local Universe. She/He is also the guarantor of this program implementation, carrying in self its backup copy.

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Return Of The Karma Lords Part 5 - Satya


Return Of The Karma Lords Part 5

It’s always been that way but not in the case of the last Keeper – Kali. It led to unprecedented dramatic events on the Subtle and earthly plane. And ended with Kali’s destruction as a Higher Being.

Who was the Goddess Kali, whose cult is so widespread and revered in India?

Once, she was one of the twelve Goddesses of Light and Love included in the Pantheon of Goddesses of the World Mother Sofia. These twelve Goddesses are Sisters born by the Perfect Creation Act – Direct Selection from the Absolute of the Primary Feminine Foundation of the Local Universe.

Kali and Satya are sisters. Their Monads are a single whole on the Monadic Plane.

After one of the Local Universe Co-Creators rebelled against the Source and went to the Dark Side, many Higher Light Entities followed him, including some Angels and Archangels. Among them was the then the Earth’s hierarch Lucifer, Kali, Lilith.

Since then, Kali has become the chaos and death goddess. She controlled the planned destruction of Earth’s matter. This Kali aspect is also known as the God Shiva’s hypostasis.

All Kali guises are not the same but parts of a single whole. Each part has an individual evolution, consciousness, free will, and freedom of choice. Earth’s Kali is an Indian goddess whose home is the Kalighat Temple in Kolkata (West Bengal).

At the same time, she was a synthesis of all three of the above-described hypostases and separate personalities.

Kalighat Temple in Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Kalighat Temple in Kolkata, West Bengal, India and Map of West Bengal,india

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 5

This Higher Entity was originally a great servant of the Source, fulfilling the most important evolutionary mission of the Galactic Committee. But, as noted above, over time, she betrayed the Creator and switched to the Dark Side

It was very painful for the Source and World Mother Sofia. After Kali’s treason, the Archons, and the Black Hierarchs became the absolute masters of the Earth.

In response, the World Mother evacuated Her aspect from Kali. For Her, Kali’s double-cross was particularly traumatic.

After all, Sophia had trusted the most precious thing She had, and Kali had betrayed Her. After that, the World Mother hid Her Holy Face from humanity.

On Earth, Kali was a reliable ally of the Local Universe’s Black Co-Creator and Lucifer, strengthening their criminal power over the planet and humanity.

But nothing is set in stone. The time has come when the mockery of Divine Creations comes to an end.

The Kali Yuga is ending, and it was to solemnly pass the evolutionary relay to Satya, who would govern the Golden Age – the Satya Yuga.

But the impudent Kali categorically refused to give up her power, once again violating the Source’s Law.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 5 - World Mother Sofia

World Mother Sofia

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 5

The LFs’ ground team, especially one of its leaders, had their conflicts with Kali.

Once, the group was approached for help by a girl named L. When, at her request, the Lightwarriors looked through her previous incarnations, they saw that in the past she was the High Priestess of Kali.

In her current embodiment, she was faced with a choice between Good and Evil. She decided to go to the Light Side. But Kali clung to her in every possible way, didn’t want to let L. go.

The help to L. from the ground team Kali took as a personal insult and began to harm the Lightwarriors in every possible way. She even went to the Karmic Board with a request to duel with the group leader.

Lightwarrior accepted the challenge. The duel was very short. After enduring the first powerful blow to the heart (Kali usually hits only once exactly in the heart), he responded by sending such a powerful pulse of Love and Light from his heart that it simply paralyzed Kali. The duel ended in a complete and clean victory for the team leader.

After that, Kali went completely mad, vowing to destroy the entire ground crew. She almost succeeded. During one of the services in the Temple of Kalighat, she and the Dark Hierarchy struck a monstrous blow to the Earth and Lightwarriors with the energy of aspects of Lucifer and other Higher Black Entities.

The team members still can’t figure out how they stayed alive. Lightwarriors were point targets, who took the sniper strike of the Lucifer’s aspects. The group’s Subtle Bodies were instantly destroyed, and the physical bodies were on the verge of death. At first, the Higher Light Hierarchs could do nothing for help.

Without knowing how they survived. Although in the first hours they wanted to die, and they wished they had potassium cyanide at hand. And yet the Lightwarriors have endured what was impossible to endure.

Immediately after the attack, an emergency meeting of the High Light Hierarchy Council was held. As a response, they decided to destroy the laboratory for cloning karma and Lucifer’s aspects, which was located on the Subtle Plan of the Kalighat Temple. The ground team took part in an op.

The Thin-Material laboratory was destroyed by a point pulse from the center of the Milky Way, which the Lightwarriors aimed at exactly the coordinates they received. It was made from a Power Place on one of the sacred mountains.

Placing the laboratory in the Temple’s field was a great blasphemy. It was assumed that no one would think to look for it there, much less bomb it.

After that, Kali just went berserk and crazy. She threw more punches at Lightwarriors. One of them caused a fire in the house of the group leader, the winner of the duel mentioned above. At night, the socket caught fire by itself, there was not even a short circuit. The TV, the microwave oven, and the gas boiler exploded one by one.

The boiler could not be repaired for a week. When it was fixed, experts said that the microchips board burned down. It just melted. At the same time, all the fuses remained intact. Repairmen in one voice said that they do not understand how it can be.

Such was the direct impact of Kali’s destructive energy.

When it was found out that Kali pumped the Lightwarriors full of the Black Co-Creator and Lucifer’s aspects, the Pleiadians took its samples and studied them. It turned out that they can mutate the DNA, and turn a man into a bio-robot.



Return Of The Karma Lords Part 5

Very quickly, the Pleiadians found a way to increase the wave immunity of a person by introducing Black aspects into his field DNA Matrix. Anti-Lucifer DNA firmware was created. It was experimentally introduced in the ground team members. The results were very successful, and it was immediately installed in other Lightwarriors.

Inspired by the outcome, the Higher Light Hierarchy’s Council decided to place the anti-Lucifer firmware in the wave DNA Matrix of all mankind. This program strengthens the human immune system.

The firmware allows a person to recognize all the negative aspects put in his body at a superconscious level and take measures to annihilate them. Now humanity is no longer unarmed in front of the Black Hierarchs and Archons.

It was another Light Forces’ victory in the global DNA war. War for freedom and human DNA’s purity. It’s been going on for a long time, but people don’t know much about it.

Kali and the Black Hierarchs lost another battle, so they made a new desperate attempt to destroy the Earth. They managed to install the Lucifer Matrix into the planetary Logos.

The Matrix was divided into 666 + 1 part. Their carriers were humans, or rather their DNA.

Permanently, there were 666 such people on Earth. If one died, he passed the fragment to the other before his death. The task of the carriers of this Matrix was only to maintain the constant readiness of its parts in their DNA.

At the Dark Hierarchy’s command, the entire Lucifer Matrix could be created in a few days. When ready, it could cause the Earth’s heart paralysis and humanity’s wave DNA Matrix collapse. And Archons launched such an operation.

A new fierce battle broke out between the Light and Dark Forces.

It was a race against time. Dark Hierarchy under Kali’s leadership fit up the Lucifer Matrix, and Light Hierarchy – the Source Matrix. The first who assemble the Matrix will destroy the rival’s Matrix and gain additional power over Earth and humanity.

Both Matrices were assembled through incarnated Light and Dark Forces’ helpers. The LFs’ ground team participated in the Source Matrix assembly. Part of it was created through the Lightwarriors’ hearts by the vibes attraction from the Pleroma’s center.

Thanks to the self-sacrifice of the Higher Light Entities, the Source Matrix was assembled faster. It was introduced into the Earth Logos and erased the Lucifer Matrix. Simultaneously, its 666 carriers were destroyed.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 5 - Source's Matrix

Source’s Matrix

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 5

A la guerre comme à la guerre. No one broke the karmic laws. Once again, the Light Forces gained a complete victory and saved the Earth.

After that, Kali completely lost her head, vowing to personally kill the ground team. Lightwarriors felt that after all experienced, they had no energy, and she had a lot of strength.

Then the Galactic Light and Dark Hierarchs made an unprecedented decision: to hold a new karmic duel between Kali and the ground team leader. He was summoned in his mental body with Kali to the Milky Way’s Supreme Karmic Council. There the Karma Lords announced the duel terms, asking for readiness and consent. Both agreed.

The group got the necessary respite. By the Karma Lords’ terms, after the duel appointment, any DIRECT actions between duelists are prohibited. Kali no longer had the right to attack the Lightwarriors.

For the karmic duel was chosen the state of Jammu and Kashmir, India. Refusal to fight or non-arrival was deemed to be a defeat.

Jammu and Kashmir, India

Jammu and Kashmir, India

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 5

Despite that, the duel was appointed on the Subtle Plane, if the Lightwarrior lost, his physical body died.

In that case, the Kali Yuga would be prolonged, and the Earth would remain under the Darkness rule. Many of the Co-Creators’ plans will be thwarted.

If the ground team head won, Kali, along with Lucifer and the other Black Hierarchs, officially lost power over the planet and humanity and were expelled from the Earth field.

At the same time, all the souls that Kali kept in the Kalighat Temple’s field and used as an incubator for cloning karma and Lucifer’s aspects were released.

In the event of the Lightwarrior’s victory, the ceremony of the solemn transfer of evolutionary powers to Satya, the World Mother’s Hypostasis, was to be held in the Golden Temple in Amritsar, India.

Light Forces Operations In India - Golden Temple, Amritsar

Golden Temple in Amritsar, India

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 5

Victory will mean the de facto the Satya Yuga beginning ahead of schedule. At the same time, the World Mother Sofia will reveal her Holy Face to humanity on Her sacred mountain Jomolungma.

For the first time in mankind’s history, the Co-Creators entrusted the fate of an entire epoch to people. People who have taken the Source and service to IT into their hearts.

Preparations for the duel began. Lightwarrior was coached by Ascended Masters, Higher Light Hierarchs, some Karma Lords (who had to temporarily lay down their duties), and the ground team members.

Of course, everything depended only on Lightwarrior. To justify the confidence, he was ready to sacrifice his life.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 5 - Jomolungma


Return Of The Karma Lords Part 5

New events completely changed all plans.

During monitoring of the Earth Logos, the Co-Creators discovered extraneous destructive codes in it. They were an info virus inserted into the Earth’s Causal Matrix’ system files.

Further investigation revealed the presence of similar viruses in the human genome. The codes were installed on Subtle Plan, and it was made a very long time ago.

The codes’ identification became possible due to the Absolute Code of the Universe that was set in the Earth’s Causal Body. Vibrations from the Pleroma’s center- the Central Spiritual Sun of the Local Universe – detected the discrepancy between the program of Divine Evolution and the Earth and humanity’s evolutionary program.

The installation of the Absolute Code of the Universe into the planetary Logos activated its self-correction and radically changed the strategy of the Great Quantum Transition.

The Higher Light Hierarchs attempted to remove the destructive codes from the Logos by breaking them up and lowering their vibes. The detrimental codes were then to be removed by the ground team and the incarnated helpers of the Highest Light Hierarchy.

But during the process, shocking details emerged.

It turned out that the main carrier of the Earth’s involutional codes were Lucifer and Kali’s Monadic aspects. With their consent, the Higher Dark Hierarchy installed destructive codes into their aspects. Then the aspects that went viral were placed in the Earth’s Causal Body and formed a single Dark program of Earth and humanity.

And we still wonder how the Earth and humanity could have fallen to such a terrible state in which now stay.

It was impossible to discover the virus codes earlier since they were in the Monadic aspects of these former Earth’s Co-Creators.

Detecting the final carriers of the destructive codes was half the trouble. The implants could only be removed through the physical plane, i.e. through people.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 5 - Lucifer


Return Of The Karma Lords Part 5

Lucifer’s codes were defused without their participation, as Lucifer himself volunteered to help. But Kali flatly refused. Therefore, the Higher Light Hierarchs decided to eliminate aspects of her Monad using their resources.

As a result of a unique cosmic operation, the Crystal with the involution program was shattered; its parts were purified and removed from the planet’s Causal Body. These fragments increased the Earth and humanity’s accumulated karma, blocked attempts to remove it.

Taking Kali Monad’s viral aspects, the Lightwarriors removed and cleansed them from karma with the help of the World Mother’s Matrix, putting Sofia’s aspect into their heart. Among them was the ground team head, who was preparing for a duel.

The Kali’s involution codes’ removal lasted three days. What happened to the group leader caused a real shock to everyone.

It was a three-day hell. Constant haematemesis … severe heart pain … pre-fainting condition … almost zero blood pressure … symptoms of severe poisoning…

After three days of terrible torment, the Kali Monad’s aspects were withdrawn from the Earth’s Causal Body. And if other Lightwarriors only passed them through themselves, the ground team head also cleansed inserted aspects from karma, taking it on himself and annihilating with Light and Love in his heart!

Later after the op, the Council of Co-Creators, the Higher Light Hierarchy, Karma Lords gathered for an extended meeting and made a historic decision on the karmic arrest and deposition of Kali.

They also rendered their second verdict. Since the LFs’ ground team head voluntarily took over and cleared Kali’s Monadic aspects from karma, it was the Lightwarrior’s win in the karmic duel.

Being under arrest, Kali remained the de jure Keeper of her Yuga, but the de facto Karmic Council disqualified her from performing her duties.

To complete her mission, she, following the Galactic Charter, had to formally transfer authority. To this end, she was temporarily released from karmic custody.

The first thing she did when she was free was to deliver a violent blow to the ground crew leader in a fit of frenzied rage. He fell to the ground as though mown down, breaking his arm and both legs. He was prevented from finishing off by the Ascended Masters, who covered up the Lightwarrior.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 5 - Ascended Masters

Ascended Masters

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 5

After that, Kali was immediately brought back under karmic arrest after being on the loose for less than 30 seconds. At the same time, the changing Yuga procedure was seriously threatened, because Kali still refused to participate in it, as well as to give Satya the Evolution Keys.

The Council of the High Light Hierarchy, Karma Lords, the Galactic Crisis, and Evolution Committees gathered for a new emergency meeting. They deprived Kali’s authority as the Yuga’s Keeper and delegated it to the Council of the Higher Light Hierarchy.

An emergency plan was developed to complete the Kali Yuga in an alternative way.

The first thing to do was to delete the Kali Yuga program in the Earth’s Evolution Crystal. For it, a group of people connected with Kali in one way or another was mobilized. It also included the LFs’ ground team members.

One Kalachakra Temple was selected as the place of the Kali Yuga official termination. Acting like a magnet, the Lightwarriors attracted the Pleroma’s Ray and sent it into the Evolution Crystal.

Kalachakra Temple

Kalachakra Temple

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 5

Usually in such situations, the Solar Core (Sun’s Logos) is used. This time, the impulse from the Pleroma was needed. Deletion of the Kali Yuga’s program was similar to CD erase.

However, the work with the Pleroma’s Ray had to be suspended. It turned out that many participants had weak energy and could not withstand the high-frequency traffic.

On the same day evening, the Karma Lords granted the request of the ground team, which undertook to independently remove Kali’s program, clean up and reformat the Earth Evolution Crystal.

With the consent of the Karma Lords, the Lightwarriors inserted parts of the Evolution Crystal into their Causal Bodies. When viewed clairvoyantly, it looked like a black ball because contained the Kali and Lucifer’s Monads’ aspects.

Those in whom the aspects were installed purified them by powerful inner Light. The process was very difficult and painful.

Again, the ground team lived up to the Co-Creators’ trust. Lightwarriors have completely cleaned and restored the Earth Evolution Crystal.

To complete the entire operation, the group arrived at one of the sacred mountains, where the World Mother Altar is located.

There, with the Ascended Masters, Lightwarriors brought a Pleroma’s Ray into the Evolution Crystal. It deleted all the Kali Yuga programs. Thus, the conditions were created for the beginning of Satya Yuga and the loading of a new program into the Earth’s Evolution Crystal.

Pleroma's Ray

Pleroma’s Ray

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 5

Then there was to be a solemn ceremony of the beginning of a new era and the official entry of the Goddess Satya into her office. For it, an extended meeting of the Higher Light Hierarchy, the Karmic Council, the Evolutionary and Galactic Committee, the Keepers of the Keys, and other Higher Light Entities was specially convened.

The Epoch Change Ceremony implies the assembly and transfer of the Evolutionary Keys to the new epoch Keeper. These are program codes and evolutionary and karmic Matrices, clichés of all energies that were used in the outgoing era, Star and Galactic codes, etc.

There are permanent and rotating Keys Keepers. In our Fifth Race there are five of them, and in the Sixth Race – seven (twelve in all).

However, for the first time in history, this ceremony did not take place because Kali pointedly refused to give Satya her Evolutionary Key.

The Co-Creators made an unprecedented decision: to urgently restore the missing Evolutionary Key. The LFs’ ground team leader was chosen for the Key assembly. The Key parts loading and they’re built-up in his Subtle body was carried out on unthinkable overloads.

The Evolutionary Key was restored. After that, the Higher Light Hierarchs ordered Lightwarriors to urgently arrive at the Divine Illumination Temple. The solemn ceremony of the beginning of a new era, in which the functions of Kali were performed by the ground group head, took place on the Subtle Plane.

The assembled Key was activated; the two new evolutionary Keys were added and handed over to Satya. She inserted the unified Keys into the Earth Evolution Crystal, triggering the new program of planet and humanity, as well as the new energy Matrix of the epoch.

This moment is the official beginning of the coming Sixth Race Era. After it, the single Key will again be disassembled and given to its Keepers. This ceremony will be repeated at the turn of the Sixth and Seventh Races, with new Keys added.

Satya Yuga

Satya Yuga

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 5

Then, Kali’s Karmic Trial took place. By the Karma Lords’ verdict, Kali was deposed, all her structures (except the Monad) are subject to splitting and she will have to start her evolution from the beginning.

Also, Kali’s Causal Body will be temporarily used as a receptacle for souls with karma.

After the Great Quantum Transition, they with Kali, will be completely split and begin their evolution anew, starting from the simplest forms of life.

Leaving the Divine Illumination Temple, Lightwarriors have witnessed miraculous phenomena. At first, two beautiful deer slowly ran past them. Then a fox crossed the road, then a hare, then a roe deer, a small mouse… And then an owl flew over the heads.

It was a good omen and hopeful symbols!


Return Of The Karma Lords

(To be continued)

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