Return Of The Karma Lords Part 4 -

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 4

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 4. By Lev.

This and the following posts are dedicated to the Karma Lords’ work to remove accumulated karma of various types. Today – about the creation of a new Earth’s Karmic Crystal, the elimination of the karma of reality and its transformation. Light Forces’ ground teams were actively involved in these operations.

Imagine a large building that hasn’t been cleaned for a great while. Or a company that has been operating without accounting for a long time. In both cases, the keyword will be “chaos”.

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Similar happened in the Earth’s karmic field. Various types of accumulated karma were in a haphazard, chaotic state, creating huge difficulties for its elimination.

It was a legacy of the former Black Co-Creator of the Local Universe, his henchmen – the former Supreme Earth’s Hierarch Lucifer, the former World Mother proxy ruler on Earth – Kali, who shamelessly betrayed Her, Lilith and other former and current Black Archons.

Plus dumping Black and Gray civilizations’ karma, humans, and some other karmic substances on the Earth, which will be described in the following posts.

As a result, the Earth was simply abandoned and for a long time, no one was seriously engaged in it. It was the fault not only of our planet and humanity but also of certain Higher Beings who not only lost faith in us but gave up on recovery of us.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 4 - Lucifer's Downfall

Downfall Of Lucifer 

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 4

Everything changed radically with the beginning of the Great Quantum Transition. The Local Universe’s Hierarchy – from the Absolute, the Co-Creators, the Higher Light Hierarchs, the Ascended Masters, to the LFs’ ground teams came to the Earth and humans aid.

The work concept was ingenious and simple. They began the general cleaning by collecting all the karma in one place – in the new Earth’s Karmic Crystal.

Any karma is a cancerous, mutated higher substance. The karmic bodies and the entire Local Universe’s Causal Plan partially consist of it.

The creation of a Karmic Crystal allowed bringing the elimination of the Earth and humanity karma to a fundamentally new, civilized level that meets the requirements of the Karma Lords, the Karmic Board, and the Galactic Committee.

In turn, it gave earthlings great benefits, preferences, which facilitates getting rid of accumulated various types of karma.

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Return Of The Karma Lords Part 4 -


Return Of The Karma Lords Part 4

Following the generally accepted requirement in the Galaxy, the main thing is the governance, accountability of karma, and its location in a single isolated place.

Previously, it was impossible for many reasons. Now, as a result of the Higher Light Hierarchy and its ground assistants’ huge work, it became attainable and necessary.

The Earth’s Karmic Crystal was launched by the emanation of powerful Rays from the 12 Spiritual Suns. Like a vacuum cleaner, the Rays began to collect karmic substance throughout the planet’s Causal Plane and load it into the Crystal. It was created from the discovered unique substance mentioned in PART 3. Viewed clairvoyantly, it was like collecting spilled mercury.

In some places, the karmic substance was so deeply fused with the Earth’s Causal Body that it had to be torn out with meat. It caused great pain to Gaia and the 12 Lightwarriors who participated in the cleansing with their Causal Bodies. It was the only way out, as in the difficult treatment of very advanced disease.

As a result, about 99% of the total Earth’s Karma was collected, registered, and isolated.

How exactly did the Magnificent Dozen Lightwarriors contribute operation?

Their Causal Bodies were used as an additional tool. They acted as vessels of karma, but not theirs, but planetary, the bits of which could remain after cleaning. In other words, Lightwarriors were used as fine filters.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 4 - Energy Bodies

Energy Bodies

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 4

The karma particles collected in their bodies were immediately loaded into the Earth’s Karmic Crystal.

And once again, the unexpected happened.

The mutated causal substance is one of the least studied in the Local Universe. No one fully knows its behavioral characteristics and mechanisms of interaction in different space environments. No one knows what to expect from it.

During the operation, when the planetary karma was transported in the Lightwarriors’ Causal Bodies to the Crystal, it began to quickly fuse with their karmic bodies. It threatened them with death, and the Earth with unpredictable consequences.

A new, previously unknown property of karma was discovered. This cancerous tumor acted as a fertilizing agent for the karmic body of a person. Since its outer part consists of the Earth Logos’ fabric, it is terrible to imagine what could have been born from such a symbiosis.

The Co-Creators, who carefully monitored each step in the karma collection, immediately placed Lightwarriors under karmic quarantine and began cleansing operation. The procedure was extremely painful. It was like an abortion when the fertilized tissue has to be scraped out.

The planetary karma that got into the ground team acted as a powerful virus. The Higher Light Hierarchs removed it from the group’s Causal Bodies. Then they were reformatted again. It was like working with a floppy disk or a computer hard disk.

For the next operation, the ground team arrived at the sacred mountain indicated to them. Here, in the Higher Reality Temple, the Co-Creators, Light Hierarchs, and Lightwarriors through joint efforts reformatted Personal Logos Matrices in the Earth’s causal field. According to these patterns, the Monads incarnate on Earth.

The Matrices were divided into two parts – the Divine and the karmic. They are represented by two categories of people: those who follow the Source and those who continue to create karma through their actions, emotions, and thoughts.

An important result was the termination of the Monad carriers’ free traffic between the Divine and karmic realities.

Who are in the first, stay there. Who are in the karmic – remain in this reality. It does not mean that people no longer have a chance to move from the karmic to the Divine reality.

The gate for the transition now opens for 3 minutes four times a year: during the summer-winter Solstices and autumn-spring Equinoxes.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 4 - Solstice And Equinox

Solstice And Equinox

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 4

When almost all the Earth’s karma was collected in a Karmic Crystal, it turned out that there were still many cancerous ulcers and pustules on the planet’s Causal Body. It was found out that they are the exogenous (imported from outside) karma.

It was the karmic aspects of Kali, Lucifer, and other Higher Black Entities’ Monads. And their Monadic aspects are the same as DNA for humans, the same integral part. For the successful work completion, it was necessary to eliminate this muck as well.

The Monads’ aspects of the former Higher Light Entities that betrayed the Source and embarked on the Dark path doomed the Earth and humanity to degradation and involution. As long as the toxic aspects are in the planet’s causal field neither Gaia nor humanity has any chance to completely get rid of the accumulated karma.

Removing the Black aspects was previously unrealistic since it was impossible to differentiate them, to separate from the total karma volume. After collecting it, they became visible, like clumps of sticky mud after low tide.

To solve the problem, the Higher Light Hierarchy developed a complex scheme. An important role in it was assigned to the Matrix of Twenty Four: 12 Lightwarriors and 12 Ascended Masters from the planetary Light Hierarchy. Part of the scheme was experimental. Its implementation was based only on theory because in the Milky Way no one has ever done it.

The impossible was to be done: not only to remove the karmic aspects of the above-mentioned invaders without harming the Earth but to place them in a Karmic Crystal. Its original framework was not designed for it, so the Higher Light Hierarchs made changes along the way.

The most dangerous and dramatic thing was the following. The success of the operation required the Light Hierarchs’ self-sacrifice. They had to tear out the aspects of Lucifer, Kali, and others from the Earth’s Causal Body, and set in them, replacing with their equivalent aspects.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 4 - Kali


Return Of The Karma Lords Part 4

After that, part of the Black pack was to be delivered to the Karmic Court (in the Galactic Karmic Crystal which serves as a prison) and partly placed in the Earth’s Karmic Crystal.

Only Ascended Master volunteers were selected for the mission. At the appointed time, they started the task.

There are no words to convey all the drama and complexity of what was happening. We must bow our heads before the courage and self-sacrifice of these Higher Light Entities!

Thanks to them, the Black Hierarchs’ aspects were exhumed from the Earth’s Causal Body and placed in a new Karmic Crystal.

Safety in it was guaranteed by an ingenious technical solution. Inside the Crystal, a filament was created, similar to an electric lamp. It was connected to the Subtle-Material core of the Sun in such a way that this lamp always remains lit.

The Black Entities’ aspects were placed in this spiral of Solar incandescence, where they will remain until the Karma Lords’ Judgment.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 4 - Life Crystal

Life Crystal

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 4

During the operation, another property of the human body was discovered. At a certain point, the level of vital energy in the Lightwarriors’ Life Crystals fell below critical values. After that, instead of self-destruction, their body began to produce the Life substance.

Earlier, the highest Crystal model was considered to be a self-replenishing pattern that could draw vital energy only from a Single Life Source in the Local Universe. It turned out that the body in a critical situation can itself act as a Life donor, and auto-generate this substance, which is impossible to synthesize in the laboratory.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 4 - Archon Invader

Archon Invader

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 4

It is another proof of man’s uniqueness as a Divine Creation and its unlimited possibilities. Although, undoubtedly, it was a very risky experiment as all in which Lightwarriors participated.

Karma Lords put an Earth’s Karmic Crystal on the register. This triumphant and significant event means that we are officially recognized in the Local Universe as a civilized planet. Now the attitude towards the Earth and humanity has changed dramatically in the entire Spiritual Cosmos!

The registration and accumulating karma in a single place that ensures its controllability is a mandatory evolutionary requirement for planetary Logos for their admission to the Great Quantum Transitions.

The described events created the prerequisites for another great development – the zeroing the karma of reality.

The history of its formation goes back to the Archons’ invasion of the Milky Way. They not only moved the Earth from Perfect Reality to the hologram they created but also linked this three-dimensional eon to their karma. They used it as a dump, literally hooked on a karmic needle.

To successfully transform the eon and return it to Perfect Reality it was necessary to clean it of the accumulated karma.

The Co-Creators and the Higher Light Hierarchs’ plan previewed the following. First, to pull the liquid part of the 3D karma (the part in free circulation) in one place. Then, to clean it and relocate to the Perfect Reality zone.

In it, being already neutral, the substance has to be raised by the Absolute to the level of 4D and returned to Earth. It can be compared to superimposing a radio signal on an electromagnetic wave.

Complete eon reality cleansing from karma is impossible in principle. There is only a certain critical level of purity that is necessary otherwise the Great Quantum Transition is unrealistic. The Co-Creators were forced to take on the remaining karma.

The three-dimensional reality’s karma zeroing turned out to be a complex and lengthy process. The pivotal moment was after creating the “washing machine” – the 3D Karma Sanitation Matrix. Its developers are the Highest Light Hierarchs, Ascended Masters, and assistants incarnated on Earth. The LFs’ ground team also participated in the Matrix.

It was formed by the participants’ Causal and Radiant Bodies, installed around the old reality’s core.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 4  Karma Sanitation Matrix-

Karma Sanitation Matrix

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 4

After the Pulse of Perfect Light, the entire system started working. The core began to rotate super-rapidly, drawing the substance of 3D reality into the Sanitation Matrix like a funnel. Passing its center, through which the Impulse of Perfect Light emanated, the karma of the old reality was annihilated.

The Co-Creators adjusted the force of the Pulse because many of the Matrix participants could not withstand the vibration of Perfect Light.

The partially cleansed substance was transported to the Pleroma and returned as our new planetary reality.

Then a comprehensive activation of the entire system was performed. It was tested again, and a few hours later, new waves of Perfect Reality were broadcast to Earth. The gradual transition of all people to a new energy environment has started.

Initially, it was planned only to improve the Earth’s reality. Its restoration to the original perfect model, which is a semblance of Absolute Reality (Pleroma), was supposed to be carried out at the junction of the Sixth and Seventh Races.

After clearing reality from karma, it became possible to implement the Co-Creators’ plan called “Jump Over the Race”, i.e. to accelerate the withdrawal of the Earth from the Archon hologram and return it to Perfect Reality.

It was facilitated by the awakening of people, their Hearts, Spiritual insight, cooperation with the Higher Light Hierarchy and the Galactic Council, and the Lightwarriors’ self-sacrificing service.

And, most importantly, now quality, not quantity, plays a key role in the Great Transformation.

To restore the original Earth, the core of the new planetary reality, which is analogous to the Pleroma, was assimilated.

Within 24 hours, the core of Perfect Reality was synchronized with the Earth’s Logos. It is noteworthy that indigo children also participated in this work!

Technically, the participants tuned in to the Pleroma’s center and transmitted through them the Perfect Light from which it is woven.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 4 - Indigo Kid

Indigo Kid

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 4

Of course, it was weakened. Everyone took as much as they could energetically withstand. All the same, it was a truly epochal event, because it revealed an unprecedented degree of unity of people with their Higher Self.

At the same time, the new Earth’s Radiant Body was tempered with a special intensified substance of Perfect Light.

The described events gave rise to the irreversible formation of a new Divine reality of the Earth and humanity. For it, the Co-Creators made a point pulse injection from the Absolute Universe’s center. It was made in the Earth’s reality core and the 12 Lightwarriors’ Subtle bodies. Thus, the Highest Creative Matrix of the Perfect Reality was formed, which is a synthesis and unity of the Earth and man.

This Matrix is a Pleroma prototype. Changing a 3D hologram (Maya) to a Perfect Reality (Pleroma) is a gradual and lengthy process.

The next stage was the introduction of Perfect Reality system codes into the Earth Logos Causal Body’s core. It allowed adjusting the Logos files to the Ideal State Matrix. As a result, an evolutionary glitch created by the Archons was fixed.

At the same time, the Co-Creators connected energy channels to the codes. It completely restored the Ideal Universe’s Mandala, which was originally on Earth and was self-destructed after the Archons and the Dark Hierarchs tried to take it over.

The ground team participated in the Mandala restoration from the Higher Reality Temple. A pulse of Perfect Light from the Absolute Universe’s center was directed at the Temple. Passing through the 12 Lightwarriors’ Subtle bodies, it activated the Mandala and completed the planetary Logos system files sanitization.

Return Of The Karma Lords - Higher Reality Temple

Higher Reality Temple

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 4

When the Mandala was activated, a Matrix of Radiant 12-helix DNA was returned to Earth.

Thus, another parameter of the Earth’s ideal state which it originally possessed was restored. It, in turn, significantly increased our evolutionary status and created prerequisites for Earth to act as a reference Matrix in the future, capable of carrying out the evolutionary and karmic correction of other worlds.

The transformation of the Fifth Race into the Sixth Race on the Highest Plane was fixed. There is a new type of earthlings – people of the transition from 3D to 4D/5D, carrying the evolutionary features of both realities.

Now on Earth began to be born en masse children of a new type, which used to be a few. They are the children of karmic charity. Born as indigo, these Higher Light Entities, along with the Karma Lords, voluntarily take on a part of the Earth and humanity’s karma.

How are they different from the others?

Not only do they look, but they behave differently than normal kids.

They feel superior and often behave accordingly.

They feel that they have to be here, and are quite surprised that others do not always share their opinion.

They do not doubt their importance and often tell their parents who they are.

For them, there are no absolute authorities, they do not consider it necessary to explain their actions and recognize the only free will and freedom of choice.

It is physically and mentally difficult for them to perform some senseless, from their point of view, actions, for example, to stand in a queue.

They feel lost when, instead of displaying their creative abilities, they are required to strictly adhere to tradition.

They often see a more rational way to solve a particular problem, but others perceive it as a violation of the rules and the unwillingness of such children to adapt to the existing system.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 4 -

Disabled Kid

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 4

They’re not social if they’re not in a circle of their own. If there’s no one like them around, they shut themselves down, feel like nobody understands them. It is therefore very difficult for them to establish social ties during their studies.

They do not respond to accusations of misconduct, they remain deaf to threats like: “Wait, your father will come, find out what you have done then you will see!”

They do not hesitate to talk about what they need.

Their respect can only be earned by someone who knows a lot and behaves with dignity.

These children are philosophers, their judgments about the meaning of life, about the purpose of man, about the Universe, and God is deep and original.

Many indigos have well-developed healing and psychic abilities from birth.

These children are incarnated to help us. They are born on Earth to suffer, to burn an else’s, our, karma. As a rule, they come into the world with congenital diseases or disabilities.

We all need to know about these children mission and be grateful to them.


Return Of The Karma Lords Part 4

(To be continued)

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