Return Of The Karma Lords - Part 3 - The Great Quantum Transition

Return Of The Karma Lords – Part 3

The Great Quantum Transition

Return Of The Karma Lords. By Lev.

This post resumes the interrupted series RETURN OF THE KARMA LORDS. The main theme of this post is the elimination of retro-karma, an old cancer of the Earth’s Logos. The successful removal of the tumor greatly accelerated the Great Quantum Transition.

The Earth’s retro-karma is an ancient, prehistoric negative substance, which formed by our planet as a result of different events, subjective and objective.

One part of it consists of the Earth’s karma. The other was dropped on it by the Archons, Black and Gray civilizations.

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Return Of The Karma Lords - Earth Karma Burning

Earth’s Karma Burning

Return Of The Karma Lords

The planetary Logos karma belongs to the highest category of the Universe’s Karmic Substance. It is calculated as the cosmic system (world) coefficient of deviation from the Ideal Creation state.

By the decision of the Supreme Karmic Council of the Local Universe, in agreement with the Karmic Council of the Milky Way, a plan was developed to eliminate Earth’s Logos retro-karma. For the first time in the Galactic history of the planetary Logos, 3D people were invited to perform it.

It was, on the one hand, a large evolutionary experiment to find new anti-karmic ways of the Local Universe. On the other, for the first time the aspect of earthlings’ free will, i.e. the three-dimensional form of consciousness, was introduced into the Higher Realities.

Light Forces’ ground teams were personally involved in the experiment.

The entire Earth’s Logos retro-karma was divided into two parts of 49 and 51 percent, respectively, and its removal was carried out by two main stages.

At the first, which lasted a month and a half, 49% of the planet’s Logos retro-karma had to be erased. The Kalachakra Mandala was used for this purpose. The Karmic Board assigned this part of the work to the ground team.

Return Of The Karma Lords - Earth Karma Burning


Return Of The Karma Lords

To fulfill the plan, the Lightwarriors had to assimilate Kalachakra into them.

What is it? Why it was so important to the operation? What is the cosmic nature of this Mandala?

Kalachakra was given to Earth by the Buddha on Gridhrakutaparvata (Eagle Mount) near Rajgir in Bihar, India.

The ideal Kalachakra consists of 1064 the Creation Fundamental Energies Rays.

These Energies are the primary building blocks that are laid in any Local Universe basis.

They can be likened to the primordial Cosmos’ DNA or the letters of the Universe’s Great Energy Alphabet.

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Return Of The Karma Lords - Map of Raigir in Bihar, India and Gridhrakutaparvata (Eagle Mount)

Map of Raigir in Bihar, India and Gridhrakutaparvata (Eagle Mount)

Return Of The Karma Lords

These energies are used as basic. All their diversity is an infinite combination of 1064 Fundamental Energies. As the alphabet’s three dozen letters form infinite lexical units.

Kalachakra is a Versatile Graphical (Matrix) Code of the Center of the Absolute Universe – the source of any form of life.

Mandala form known on Earth is only a distant three-dimensional attempt to convey all the grandeur and cosmic beauty of its multidimensional design.

Each of the 1064 Rays of the ideal Kalachakra corresponds to a Supreme Entity, no lower than the Co-Creator. In other words, the Kalachakra is a living structure, and its vitality is supported by higher forms of Mind;

1064 Energies do not make up the entire Kalachakra, but only its core. The Mandala itself is multi-dimensional and dynamic and consists of 12 circles (wheels). The energy coming from the core, passing all the circles, is multiplied and dispensed exponentially.

These energies were used to split and remove the Earth’s Logos retro-karma.

To assimilate the 1064 energies, the ground team tuned in and synchronized with the Perfect Kalachakra Matrix at the Absolute Universe’s center. The process took seven days.

Return Of The Karma Lords - Buddha


Return Of The Karma Lords

Buddha was the Lightwarriors’ Mentor and Teacher in everything related to Kalachakra. It was through His Heart that the initial tuning of the group to Kalachakra was made. He also guided all subsequent actions of the team in the assimilation of the Mandala.

Then it began to stabilize in the team’s Subtle Bodies. It was a very difficult process that continued for another week. It changed by even more hard assimilation of all Kalachakra1064 Rays.

The Higher Light Hierarchs divided the energies into segments and gradually introduced them to the team members, and then through them to the Kalachakra Temple Creative Crystal. At the same time, Lightwarriors performed their Logos aspects exchange with each of the 1064 Higher Entities that ensure the Kalachakra’s functioning.

After three weeks in the Lightwarriors was installed almost a third of the Kalachakra’s energies.

Then, on the appointed day, the entire Mandala was projected into their hearts.

What happened to them, words can’t convey. Imperfect earth bodies could barely bear the Higher Energies.

A week later, the Ascended Masters tuned the Lightwarriors to the Local Universe Co-creators Guild. It is this group of Higher Entities that oversees and manages Kalachakra.

The ideal Kalachakra is a model of the ideal Universe. If to pass through the Mandala (and in fact through the Center of the Absolute Universe) the Logos of any Mind form (the Planetary, Stellar, or even Galactic), it can restore its ideal initial state through information-causal substitution.

Any person can grow Kalachakra in him/her. But it is a very difficult and complex process nevertheless it is possible for any Loving Heart!

A few days later, the ground team arrived at one of the sacred mountains for the second space initiation. The Higher Light Hierarchs introduced in them the Kalachakra’s keys codes.

The apotheosis was the activation of the Perfect Kalachakra grown in the Lightwarriors’ hearts and its installation in the Earth’s Crystal.

Return Of The Karma Lords - Earth Crystal

Earth Crystal

Return Of The Karma Lords

Only then did Buddha, at the Council of the Higher Light Hierarchy, reveal to the ground team the main reason why they had to assimilate Kalachakra in such a complex way.

As it turned out, the Ideal Kalachakra’s Matrix and the one known on Earth do not match.

The Matrix that is present on the planet is flawed since three of its 1064 channels are seriously damaged. These Rays correspond to the three Higher Entities who betrayed the Source and went over to the side of the former Local Universe’s Black Co-Creator. One of the treacherous Entities was Kali.

As a result of the titanic and complex work of the Co-Creators and the ground team, the Perfect Kalachakra was projected and re-installed into the Earth’s Crystal.

At the same time, from the Matrix were deleted the damaged channels, i.e. negative Entities. Previously, due to karmic conditions, it was impossible in principle.

But it was not all. The Higher Light Hierarchs were aware of the theoretical and practical ability of the Kalachakra Core Rays to split karmic substance, including the higher one. The mandatory condition was that only the lowest form of mind, such as of earthmen, had to control it.

Earlier, it was completely excluded. It is as if a one-year-old child was entrusted to pilot a strategic bomber with nuclear weapons on board.

Such an opportunity appeared only recently, when the Karma Lords, the Higher Light Hierarchy, and the Galactic Committee decided on a grand experiment to eliminate the retro-karma of the Earth’s Logos using several ground teams.

To destroy retro-karma, a special reactor was built – the Karmic Absorption Matrix. Its work was based on the ability of Ideal Kalachakra’s Rays to annihilate the planetary Logos retro-karma.

Return Of The Karma Lords - Kali


Return Of The Karma Lords

The Higher Light Hierarchs started forming the Karmic Absorption Matrix. It consisted of the combined causal bodies of the Ascended Masters, the Higher Light Entities, and other forms of Mind. At first, the coefficient of their presence in the Matrix had to be at least 49% of their causal Bodies’ volume.

The process went simultaneously and in parallel with the Kalachakra assimilation by the Lightwarriors. A special reformatting was performed – reconfiguration of their causal (karmic) bodies to the standards of the created Matrix. As noted above, it must have accumulated at least 49% of the retro-karma of the Earth’s Logos.

Reformatting was accompanied by severe physical overload. The blood pressure jumped like crazy, from the highest to the lowest, and all within a few minutes. The heart vibration was exorbitant. The pulse in the supine state jumped to 170 beats. And after a while, it dropped sharply, to no more than 45 beats, and the pressure was 60 to 40.

At this time, as the Ascended Masters later showed them, the causal bodies of the Matrix participants were being unified. At first, it resembled a necklace, where the participants’ karmic bodies joined and fused like beads in a necklace.

A single unifying axis (the thread of the necklace) passed through them. The Matrix formation and crystallization lasted several days. Then the joint anti-karmic installation was tested and confirmed ready to work – the accumulation of the Earth’s Logos retro-karma poured into it.

Initially, it was planned that the pumping of karma into the Matrix would take about a month. They decided to change the plan. The first tranche, which included 49% of the Earth’s retro-karma, was installed in it within three days.

The move was risky, but it gave the Co-Creators and the Higher Light Hierarchy a huge gain in time.

To pass through such enormous retro-karma traffic in a hyper-accelerated mode for Lightwarriors was unbearable. Their bodies simply couldn’t stand the strain. It is like a wire that is designed for 110V, connected to a voltage of an order of magnitude higher. Something similar was happening to their Radiant and physical bodies.

And then the unexpected happened. Somehow a part of mankind’s karma that the Earth Logos voluntarily assumed was mixed into the karma traffic. The Matrix exploded.

Everyone who participated in the Karmic Absorption Matrix took on the shock wave. No one else could do this, since only those who created it with their causal bodies had access to it.

Return Of The Karma Lords - Life Crystal

Life Crystal

Return Of The Karma Lords

The karmic reactor behaved quite unpredictably. There was a high risk of an uncontrolled reaction. The Matrix participants decided to neutralize the karmic decay substance with their vital energy. They took it from their Life Crystals.

Every person living on Earth has their Life Crystal, which is filled with the Source’s energy given to them at birth. For all the time of existence, a person spends it, one faster, another slower, more rational. The amount of energy each person has is different, depending on the karmic program that sets the approximate time of their biological life.

It all depends on the way of life and thinking. The more spiritual a person lives, the less he spends Source’s vital energy.

For a person of the Sixth Race, the Life Crystals will be self-replenishing. After the ascension, they will be directly connected to the Single Life Center of the Local Universe. It means that a person will live as long as he needs, per his evolutionary program.

Currently, many people are undergoing an evolutionary transformation (transmutation), which covers the entire cosmic structure of their body, including the Life Crystal…

The Karmic Absorption Matrix explosion was completely extinguished by the life energy of its participants.

The Co-Creators decided to reduce the Lightwarriors’ causal bodies integration in the Matrix from 49 to 12%. Their Life Crystals simply did not have time to recover, which threatened physical death. And they felt very bad after all.

But the group fulfilled the necessary term for participation in the project. They have withstood the stress and shock wave of the karma explosion in full, along with the other Matrix members, who, unlike them, are the Highest Beings.

At the final stage, the Ideal Kalachakra, or rather its Radiant Core was dug into the first retro-karma tranche. Automatically, an incredible Armageddon began: Kalachakra against karma.

The struggle lasted almost a day. It resulted in the complete splitting of retro-karma by the Kalachakra Rays.

The experiment of combining Kalachakra’s Energies with the highest karmic substance, which was previously only modeled and conducted in the laboratory, ended in complete triumph.

At the same time, a sensational discovery was made. As a result of the interaction of Kalachakra with the Earth’s Logos retro-karma, a higher substance was formed, previously unknown in the Local Universe.

Currently, the Light Hierarchy is actively studying it. It is already known that it has unique properties of splitting or effectively blocking any karmic substance. Therefore, it can be used to create sarcophagi for the temporary storage of higher karma. Or for special anti-karmic layers inside the planetary and Stars’ Logos.

So, the first tranche of the Earth’s Logos retro-karma was annihilated. Lightwarriors were invited in their mental bodies to a solemn meeting of the Karmic Council, which announced the official write-off of 49% of the Earth’s Logos retro-karma.

It was the low karmic rating of our planet (due to high karmic debt) that was one of the main obstacles why it was not allowed to participate in Galactic projects.

By the Co-Creators’ decision, the Earth and humanity’s global karma separation has begun. Following the karmic condition, each person incarnating on the planet was obliged to take on a part of the Earth’s karma.

The minimum required was 0.00000000000000000000000000000000 (thirty-three zeros) 144% of the Earth’s total karma. Some Great Souls, for example, Jesus Christ, voluntarily took on a much larger part of it.

In turn, the Earth takes on a very significant part of the mankind’s and individual karma of the people living on it. And if it weren’t for Gaia’s self-sacrifice, humanity would have long since ceased to exist. Such is a vicious karmic circle!

The Humanity Karmic Amputation, as the Karma Lords called it, i.e. the separation of man from the Earth’s karma, and the Earth from humanity’s karma – was planned at the beginning of the Satya-Yuga Era.

Return Of The Karma Lords - Satya-Yuga Era

Satya-Yuga Era

Return Of The Karma Lords

But now, as a test, it was initiated earlier, without waiting for the scheduled date. A group of seven volunteers was formed, which included the ground team leaders. In the test mode, they were cut off from the planet’s karma.

At the same time, the second tranche (51%) of Earth’s Logos retro-karma began to pour into the new anti-karmic sarcophagus. It was made from the discovered anti-karmic substance mentioned above.

And then another RWI happened. There was a breakthrough in intra-galactic karmic traffic that can be compared to the gas pipeline’s rupture. The Earth got a karmic plume. Its causal and vital fields received a large dose of karmic radiation.

It was like a meteor bombardment at the peak of a meteor shower. Karmic radiation from intra-galactic traffic hit the Earth in several dozen places.

At the time of the collision, the Higher Selves of Lightwarriors covered the Earth with their causal bodies. At that moment, they were driving to work at the Universal Antakarana Temple and crossed paths with the trajectory of a karmic asteroid.

As they turned onto the road leading to the Temple, they were hit by a speeding mini-bus.

Fortunately, no one was injured. The mini-bus that rammed them appeared out of nowhere. When making a left turn, the team leader behind the wheel missed oncoming traffic, made sure that there were no cars behind, and began to turn.

At this moment, there was a car coming, or rather, flying, performing a double overtaking. To avoid a fatal collision, the team leader took a sharp turn to the right, which saved them.

The collision could not be avoided. The impact was on a tangent, so no one was wounded, including the Indigo child who had a special Jupiter mission on Earth.

Return Of The Karma Lords - Antakarana


Return Of The Karma Lords

While the Lightwarriors waited and dealt with the police, the Ascended Masters held an emergency meeting and analyzed the situation. And a few hours after the collision of the Earth (and the ground team) and the karma’s uprush, the operation to neutralize it began.

The Galaxy Karma Lords offered their help, but the Earth Council refused. Their assistance was much more needed in other places then. It was decided to tough it out.

For it, the participants made a self-sacrificing decision to reactivate the Karmic Absorption Matrix. Despite that many have not yet recovered from previous work.

The erupted karma neutralization began that night. Lightwarriors carried it out from the Universal Antakarana Temple, where they reached by a half-broken car.

The work was fully completed the next day when they took over and partially processed the karma radiation of the affected ground area.

Due to the rush, the Lightwarriors did not take the necessary precautions and were infected with a karmic virus. The Ascended Masters had to perform resection replacement of their causal bodies. It was very painful…

Early the next morning, by the decision of the Galactic Karmic Board, the Karma Lords began to draw off the accumulated karma radiation from the newly activated Matrix.

In the region where the ground team was located, this caused a severe hurricane. A violent wind tore off the roofs of houses, felled trees, and power lines, and a storm of 9 points rose on the sea.

Lightwarriors got out of the cataclysm zone, dodging everywhere flying fragments of tiles that fell next to them and broken tree branches. It felt like they were being bombed. But, thank God, everything came off well, however one piece of tile hit the roof of their car.

Despite the huge difficulties, the Earth could independently cope with its main task – collecting leaked karma. It was as to how at the sea rescue team collects oil that has flowed out of the wrecked tanker.

The Karmic Absorption Matrix acted as temporary storage for this karmic oil. Then Karma Lords brought it out of the Matrix and put it into the unified karma storage of the Galaxy.

And then happened what absolutely no one could have expected. The ground team is still unaware of the motives of the Karma Lords and the Higher Karmic Board Members. Perhaps the unparalleled courage and self-sacrifice of the Karmic Absorption Matrix and Earth Council participants played a role.

The Karma Lords decided to eliminate by themselves the second tranche (51%) of the Earth’s Logos retro-karma, i.e. all its retro-karmic debt.

It came as a complete surprise to everyone, including the Higher Light Hierarchs. Such decisions are rarely made by the Karmic Board. There have only been a few in Galactic history.

The Karma Lords made their personal decision. They accumulated the remaining Earth’s Logos retro-karma in a special tank. Part of it was processed by their Hearts, and part of it was transported to a Single Repository of Intra-galactic Karma.

At the same time, the so-called karmic requirements were issued for part of the Earth’s Logos retro-karma, which will later be imposed on those who are responsible for the formation of the planet’s retro-karma. It is similar to how, for example, the National Bank repays the debt of a credit institution, and deals with its debtors itself, presenting them with debt claims.

As a result, the entire Earth’s Logos retro-karma was completely liquidated. It was officially announced at the Karmic Board session. To participate in it, Lightwarriors were invited to the Higher Reality Temple, from which they were taken to the Karmic Council in their mental bodies.

Return Of The Karma Lords - Higher Reality Temple

Higher Reality Temple

Return Of The Karma Lords

So, by going on a risky experiment, the Earth, in collaboration with Co-Creators Higher Light Hierarchs, and the ground team, destroyed a giant retro-karmic volume in less than two months. Normally, it would take centuries to do it.

Previously, the Earth’s Logos retro-karma erase was not planned at all until 2032. Its early destruction saved the Earth a lot of energy and time, significantly raised the karmic rating of our planet in the Local Universe.

Gaia’s energy can now be used to implement the Source’s great plan to regenerate the Earth and return it, along with the transformed humanity, to the original Ideal Divine Creation state.


Return Of The Karma Lords

(To be continued)

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