Return Of The Karma Lords Part 11

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 11

The Great Quantum Transition

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 11. By Lev.

Whatever events take place today in individual countries, Light Forces continue to destroy the 3D Matrix of the Archons, all their energy life support systems on Earth and Subtle Plane.

This post is about the operations of Light Forces and Karma Lords to remove accumulated karma, programs, and viruses introduced by Archons and Dark Hierarchs into the DNA of humanity.

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The humans received their first DNA from a Source. It was a perfect model of biomaterial and protein forms of Intelligence. Its bearer is the Supreme Creator.

The Perfect Man had 12 physical and 12 wave helices of DNA. Its genome consisted of 144,000 genes, corresponding to the number of facets of the Pleroma Crystal, the realm of the Local Universe’s Absolute. There were no disease-causing genes in the DNA.

Wave And Physical DNA

Wave And Physical DNA

The Great Quantum Transition


The Absolute divided it into 7 fragments and handed over to the seven Star’s Logos which seeded our planet with biological life. These were the Logos of the Pleiades, Sirius, Ursa Major, Taurus, Aquarius, Lyra, and Orion.

They were the Curators of the earthlings’ evolution and the Guardians of the Ideal DNA of the Source. The Earth was a perfect place for the realization of Its Plans.

Everything changed after one of the two main Co-Creators of the Local Universe betrayed the Source and went to the Dark Side. He began to build the Black and Gray eons and populate them with his races.

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As a Co-Creator, Hierarch had access to the Perfect Man Matrix, knew what it was and how to work with it. He reprogrammed the DNA and genetics so that the humans became completely under his control.

Homo Perfectus was transformed into Homo Sapiens, or rather, Homo Karmicus -into a biorobot of Dark Forces. They still see people as their slaves, as a renewable source of the labor and vital energy. Go forth and multiply…

To make the slaves obedient, the Archons separated and damaged 12 wave strands from human’s DNA and almost destroyed 12 physical helixes. Of the 144,000 genes, they left only 35,000-40,000 partly working, of which half are mutated. The human brain is blocked up to 95%.

The Perfect Divine Creation was turned into a semi-animal. The Source’s Sons and Daughters were bred like cattle.

To feed on people’s mental and emotional emanations of horror, hatred, malice, aggression, etc., the Archons artificially incite wars, racial and national conflicts, economic and political crises, epidemics, inculcate a cult of violence through the Internet, movies, video games, blood sports.

Emanations Of Horror, Hatred, Malice, Aggression

Emanations Of Horror, Hatred, Malice, Aggression

The Great Quantum Transition


The earthlings’ genetics was used as a garbage can, into which the Black Co-Creator, his Dark retinue, and civilizations dumped all kinds of their karma. In the human DNA, this mechanism was built through a mutation of the Y chromosome, in women – through estrogen.

The menstrual cycle is an unnatural physiological state. Previously, such a thing as an unwanted pregnancy was impossible in principle, because there was simply no appropriate genetic mechanism for it.

The child was born only after the future parents agreed with the soul about the incarnation and evolutionary tasks that they had to solve together (see – Return Of The Karma Lords, Part 10, Disclosure News, 4 January 2021).

Why did the Black Hierarchs create a menstrual cycle in the female organism?

They tied it firmly to the lunar 28-day cycle. The Black and Gray Races, their Lords, used the field of the Moon and its ruler Hecate as a channel for throwing off their karma on Earth’s women who had reached reproductive age, using cyclically activated estrogen.

It happened like this.

During the menstrual cycle, the Black Archons dumped karma into the woman’s Causal Body, and she began to automatically neutralize it by her Life Energy. It’s like if infection enters the body, it immediately begins to fight it.

After annealing at the Causal level, the materialized products of physiological-karmic decay were excreted with blood through the uterus. This is what women’s periods were at the karmic level.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 11 - Phases Of Menstrual Cycle

Phases Of Menstrual Cycle

The Great Quantum Transition


From the Black Archons’ Karma Crystal, new pieces of karmic dirt were periodically chipped off and again ditched on women for working out. So the Black entities maintained and prolonged their existence.

Women paid for it with their health. Most often, the menstrual cycle diseases affected mature women who have strong vital energy and can split someone else’s karma. Young and old were no good for the Archons.

How much karma in percentage terms were they dropping on humans?

On women, it was up to 66.6%, on men – up to 33.3%. And this was in addition to the people’s own karma. We were all in such karmic slavery until recently.

Now it’s over. The Co-Creators, the Higher Light Hierarchs, and Karma Lords destroyed the mechanism of dumping and accumulating karma of Archons and Black entities in the DNA of women and men.

It is the result of a large and very complex Light Forces’ operation. The Pleiadeans and LFs’ ground teams played the main role in it.

At first, they partially restored the work of physical DNA, maimed by the numerous manipulations of Dark Forces.

To recap. Through human DNA, the Archons tried to capture and subdue the Source’s Spark to put into their entities. They of course failed because only It decides with whom to stay.

Not getting what wanted, the Dark Hierarchs, so mutilated the DNA that it became inevitable. It doomed humanity to death. DNI has returned to this topic more than once (see Disclosure News, Israel Light Forces Ops, 12 September 2020; Return Of The Karma Lords Part 8-2, 28 December 2020).

The restoration of human DNA involved Higher Logos and representatives of 24 races living in their evolutionary fields. The main ones were 12 races that singled out particles from their genome and installed them in the DNA that is now the working one in all Earth’s population (see – Return Of The Karma Lords Part 8-2, Disclosure News, 28 December 2020).

The Pleiadean civilization is among the main earthlings’ cosmic parents. We carry a large fragment of their maternal DNA.



The Great Quantum Transition


The operation of the Co-Creators, Pleiadians, and LFs’ ground team was also forced by the active cloning of humans in the Archons’ underground bio-laboratories.

It created a great threat not only because the Dark Forces produce living robots for their destructive purposes. The wave DNA Matrix of humanity is destroying, which triggers the mutation of physical DNA and, as a result, the degeneration and death of humanity.

Cloning uses aborted biomaterial from half-formed children killed in the mother’s womb. It attracts into our reality the wave boarding suckers of negative entities from the lower layers of the astral.

On the physical plane, they infiltrate the bodies of those to whom cloned stem cells are transplanted. As a result, a person develops persistent DNA mutations. They form first on the Subtle and then on the physical level. The carrier of the mutations spreads them, like the source of an epidemic, to everyone with whom it comes into contact.

Cloning serves as a channel for the infiltration of the necro viruses’ wave DNA to the Earth. It is another potential hotbed of infections and pandemics.

But the destructive consequences of the Archons’ interference in human genetics were not limited to this.

Initially, the evolutionary program of humans was recorded in their DNA and included the Earth’s evolution program. They evolved as a whole, supporting and helping each other in everything.

In the event of a failure, they could back each other up at any time. The Dark Hierarchy broke both after the Black Co-Creator’s betrayal, followed by Kali, Lilith, Lucifer, and others. The Source could not have foreseen this.

And that’s not all.

The Archons’ manipulation of human DNA created serious problems in the Local Universe for all Logos and civilizations that shared their genes to create the genome of earthlings.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 11 - Mutated Human DNA

Mutated Human DNA

The Great Quantum Transition


The mutation of human DNA negatively affected Source’s DNA. Technically, it was manifested as follows. The DNA of the Guardian civilizations which kept seven sacred segments of ideal DNA also began to mutate. It jeopardized the existence of many space higher civilizations since there is a direct two-way connection between their and earthlings’ DNA.

The greatest danger arose for the Pleiadians, because, as mentioned above, they were among the main donors of human DNA. Being good geneticists, they held back the growth of their mutations for as long as they could. They only managed to slow it down.

The integrity of the maternal DNA of the Pleiadians and their Logos was threatened. And this is a critical violation level of Cosmos integrity. It automatically activates its defense system, eliminating the source of the threat, which, through the fault of the earthlings, unwittingly became a friendly civilization of the Pleiades Constellation.

The Co-Creators, the Galactic Committee, and Karma Lords commissioned Lightwarriors to restore the Pleiadean’s Logos and DNA, as well as the wave DNA Matrix of humanity.

The first work the ground team carried out from the cosmo-energy Osiris Temple in one of the mountain areas. The Orion Confederation’s representatives also participated. Energetically united, they sent to the Pleiadian Logos a powerful pulse of Light and Love from the Hearts of Orion, the Earth’s Logos, and the ground group members. It strengthened the friendly Logos sustainability.

And here’s how the Pleiadian DNA was restored.

The Co-Creators led the ground team to a woman who was the carrier of the new cosmic DNA. It was created by Pleiadean geneticists together with Higher Light Entities and other cosmic races.

For 37 years, it was tested, checked for compatibility, nurtured in terrestrial conditions. And now it was time for the culmination of this colossal work.

First, the new cosmic DNA was copied into the Lightwarriors (recorded on the information structures of their DNA), and then into the Earth’s Crystal. It was done so that humans and Gaia, as backup carriers, could correct any biological life form on the planet if necessary.

After that, the cosmic DNA Matrix was integrated into the Logos of the Pleiades Constellation. It completely restored the perfect integrity of the collective and individual DNA of the Pleiadians, removing all the defects caused by the degradation of the human genome.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 11 - The Logos Of The Pleiades

The Logos Of The Pleiades

The Great Quantum Transition


Later, a new DNA Matrix was installed in the other six Constellations’ Logos. It was significant step not only in the revival of the originally ideal Local Universe and contributed to the Pleroma flaw’s elimination. The two-way connection between the DNA of these Logos and earthlings’ has been restored.

The renewal of the wave DNA Matrix of humanity was no less dramatic.

As the Lightwarriors started to work, they found a crack in the Matrix that was growing rapidly. It was caused by the human cloning and abortive stem cells, criminal experiments of irresponsible scientists with human DNA, primarily transgene surgeons, and some other external and internal factors.

The wave DNA Matrix of humanity is located on the Mental Plane. It is from there that the info-impulses of evolution come to us. Our DNA perceives them as a mandatory program. The wave DNA Matrix is the conductor that controls the construction of proteins, the basis of biological life on Earth.

This Matrix is not an Ideal State Matrix, which is situated higher – on the Causal Plane. It allows 3D people who have access to it to correct their distorted wave copy.

So far, earthlings do not have such access. The Karma Lords and the Karmic Council open it only in exceptional cases. And the operation to restore wave DNA was just such a case.

But the unexpected happened. This time it was a good one. While everyone was thinking about how to stop the growing crack in the wave DNA, it was done by… indigo kids.

In the afternoon, on the way to the site of the op, Lightwarriors noticed the strange behavior of indigo children whom they met. Everything became clear in the evening when team members found that the growth of the crack had already been stopped. AND INDIGO KIND OF 5-10 YEARS OLD DID IT!

For the first time in the Earth’s history, they acted as a united force, as the highest collective Intelligence, as full-fledged assistants to the Karma Lords and Higher Light Hierarchs, as the New Light Force of our Galaxy…

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 11 - Indigo Kid

Indigo Kid

The Great Quantum Transition


Later, working at the ancient Portal of Atlantis in the mountains to perfect the wave DNA of humanity, Lightwarriors discovered an implant inserted by Black Archons in one of its helices. Like cancer, it accumulated and triggered programs that caused the mutations of the human’s wave DNA Matrix. The Thin-Material tumor was immediately removed and erased from all planes of the Local Universe.

After that, Light Forces started to cleanse the wave DNA of humanity using the reversing.

What was it?

On the Subtle Plane, the DNA helices rotate clockwise around the stem – the Stellar Axis – the energy-information channel connecting the Earth’s Crystal with the Milky Way’s Center. This rotation is upward-translational.

Lightwarriors and the Higher Hierarchs generated a pulse from the Galactic Center and temporarily reversed the rotation of the wave DNA strands. This reversion produced a deep cleaning of the first two spirals at the energy-informational level.

A few days later, they installed an antivirus specially created by the Pleiadians into humanity’s wave DNA Matrix. Together with the Pleiadian Light Mandala, which was launched through the Lightwarriors, the antivirus began a three-week cleanse of humanity’s DNA from the wave contagiums introduced by the Black Archons.

At the same time, the Pleiadians linked the wave DNA Matrix of humanity and the Earth Crystal with the Local Universe’s Antahkarana. It was done to accelerate the transformation of Homo Sapiens into Homo Spiritualis (Sixth Race Man).

Antahkarana also purified and harmonized the wave DNA structure and humanity’s genome on the Subtle Plane, imbuing them with pure energies from the Centers of the Milky Way and the Local Universe.

Reversing helped clear only two of the twelve helices of humanity’s wave DNA. To cleanse the other ten from the Black Archons’ programs and viruses, Karma Lords and Higher Light Hierarchs had to resort to catharsis.

First, it was tested on the LFs’ ground team. For a week, Black viruses and programs inserted, as a test, into Lightwarriors were burned out, erased, and removed from them on the physical and Subtle Plane.

The process was extremely painful and difficult. All seven days, the group members were constantly irradiated by the Divine Light vibration, which gradually purified the wave DNA Matrix. Then the physical remains of the virus were removed from the body in natural ways, and everything that came out, including vomiting, was black (!).

At the end of testing, the Pleiadian Mandala of Purification introduced into Light Warriors completed cleansing from Archons’ viruses and programs. And the very next day, the purification of the wave DNA Matrix of all mankind began.

Mandala Of Purification

Mandala Of Purification

The Great Quantum Transition


The Karma Lords, the Higher Light Hierarchs, the Pleiadians, and the ground crew each did their part. The op was a complete success.

Lightwarriors, with the help of Karma Lords, projected from the Causal Plane the Ideal DNA Matrix of humanity onto its terrestrial wave copy. Now, through their DNA, earthlings receive new programs of evolution directly from the Source.

Previously, the wave DNA catharsis was planned only after the Great Quantum Transition. The fact that it has already been carried out opens up once- unthinkable evolutionary prospects for humanity.

It is the path to immortality, to the disclosure of superpowers, to the incarnation of Higher Light Entities on Earth, to the mass birth of indigo and crystalline children…

So far, the purification of human DNA from viruses and programs of Archons and Dark Hierarchs has occurred only at the wave (Subtle) level. On the physical plane, it will not appear immediately. For it to happen, people must stop creating karma every minute with their thoughts, emotions, and deeds.

They are incompatible with the new Source’s energies that come to Earth with the beginning of a New Galactic Year.

On January 7-8, 2021, Galacom and Karma Lords transmitted new info to the ground team.

The dismantling of the parasitic system on the Earth’s Subtle Plane continues at an increasing pace.

On the surface and underground, the nodes of the electro-magnetic network of Archons are eliminated.

Quantum converters created by the Higher Light Hierarchy transform and saturate the Earth’s magnetosphere with New Reality Pixels.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 11 - New Reality Pixels

New Reality Pixels

The Great Quantum Transition


Each Pixel independently decides how long its work will take. Its influence increases at night in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

The New Reality Pixels and the Local Universe’s Antahkarana are now processing negativity on all the Earth’s Subtle and physical planes.

After that, the Kalachakra and some of the “diamonds” of the Source’s Diadem Crown, which the LFs’ ground team assembled and ascended, keeping a copy, will begin their activity (see – see Battles For Earth Part 4, Disclosure News, 7 December 2020; Return Of The Karma Lords Part 7, Disclosure News, 23 December 2020).

The new energies will further intensify the currently observed agony of Dark Forces in some countries and test the Light Forces’ stress resistance.


(To be continued)

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Operation 4th Universe Part 2 – Great Quantum Transition – Lev

The “others” are ONLY conductors, or semiconductors, or resistors, or distorter of the Source’s Light. Nobody can store It in self, like in the box. In such cases, It stops running through, and that causes the recipient’s death. To survive, the main task of “others” IS TO SHARE IT as wide as possible, to pass on the candle lit by this Absolute Light. The 4th Local Universe is building EXCLUSIVELY by this Light…

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On a Subtle Plane, this fascinating magic is clearly visible. Energy flows come out of the Quasitron (a single system of the Bermuda Triangle, the Mediterranean and the Devil’s Sea’s power fields), pass through the red energy ERMA’s layer, which forms 5D matter, and move in a powerful streams to the South Pole.

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Argorians are constantly changing the working schemes of quantum flows directed to 3D Earth for its transformation. They adjust them taking into account many factors, including those described in the recent post (see – Hammering, Disclosure News, August 6, 2022). The goal is only one – to accelerate the transition of the planet and earthlings to 4D/5D.

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Hammering – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

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Argorians Update 3 August 2022 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Argorians Update 3 August 2022 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

You have entered a state of temporary bipolar resonance activity. The frequency of Earth is actively rising due to the carried out planetary work. Temporary inconsistencies of internal and external perceptions are possible, because the speed of events and their understanding differ.

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