Return Of The Karma Lords Part 10

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 10

The Great Quantum Transition

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 10.  By Lev.

This post is on a very painful topic – about the abortion reality.

Ground Light Forces learned about it almost by accident, conducting another operation completely unrelated to this problem.

Following the Higher Light Hierarchy’s plan, one of the LFs’ groups went to the Power Place in the mountains to install a new Perfect Person Matrix in humanity’s wave DNA Matrix.

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Return Of The Karma Lords Part 10 - Perfect Person Matrix

Perfect Person Matrix

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 10

It was preceded by a long preparation. The Archons destroyed the Matrix that the Source laid down in Man initially. They splatted it in pieces in all dimesions.

At first, the Light Co-Creators wanted to re-project anew the Matrix from the Galaxy Center. But then they abandoned the idea in favor of a bold experiment. They decided that if the Matrix remained in the humans, even littered, then it would be much more pleasant for the Source if it will be COMPLETELY RESTORED.

The Pleiadians wrote a special program that allowed them to identify, scan, study, and integrate the current defragmented DNA Matrix. Then the Higher Light Hierarchs installed the program in a specially selected experimental group. The LFs’ ground team also participated in it.

The work continued for a week and ended with complete success. A new wave DNA Matrix was assembled and activated in all participants of the experiment. They felt indescribable feelings – great joy as if had found something very dear that they had long lost and did not hope to find.

After additional tests and checks, the Co-Creators began to install it in the Thin-Material DNA Matrix of humanity. The current flawed version of DNA was planned to gradually replace the perfect one for seven years and spread to all living people.

As the deadline approached, a problem suddenly arose. It was so serious that the work had to be canceled immediately.

Later, the Light Hierarchs explained to the ground group what had happened. Just as all systems are checked before the launch of the spacecraft, so was tested all the parameters of the Matrix before installation.

At the very last moment, a shocking fact came to light. THE WAVE DNA MATRIX OF HUMANITY CONTAINS AN ABORTION REALITY. And not only in women’s wave DNA but also in men’s!

It made impossible to sanitize humanity’s wave DNA-Matrix as long as the Earth’s aborted reality would be transformed.

So what is it? Where did it come from? How is it formed?

Its key definitions are: TRAP, CRIME, ENSLAVEMENT.

On the third day after physical fertilization, the soul (the Monad carrier) enters the woman’s field for subsequent incarnation.

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Return Of The Karma Lords Part 10 - Earth's Vita-Sphere

Earth’s Vita-Sphere

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 10

During the abortion, the soul is forcibly removed (expelled) from the Earth’s vita-sphere, in which the Monads carriers are located before the embodiment. They can no longer return to the Higher Realms from which they came, for that requires incarnation.

Aborted Monads carriers are placed in a special zone, where they wait for the opportunity to incarnate. Now, for it, is necessary either the repentance of the parents and re-infiltration into the field of the previous mother or consent to the adoption of the aborted soul by another mother. And she must do it consciously!

The number of aborted souls grew and reached a critical mass. As a result, the Earth’s abortion field automatically collapsed and transformed into an abortion reality. One can imagine how many souls have accumulated in it during the entire history of the Earth.

In the wave DNA of women, an additional parasitic sub-helix was formed. It is located in the eighth (lunar) wave strand. It maintains the Earth’s abortion actuality.

The woman became a hostage and unwitting donor of the demonic trap, supporting its existence.

At abortion, the woman is captured by an abortion reality that forms the mentioned sub-helix. She can’t get rid of it.

Every aborted soul that resides in the Earth’s abortion field is like a person in a coma – a living corpse.

Staying there is so hard that people can hardly imagine. As well as the pain that such souls cause to the Source of which all human anima are a part, carrying in them Its Spark.

Apart from just aborted souls, in this ghetto, created by us, there are also special zones where gathered souls aborted two, three, or more times.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 10 - Souls Leaving Earth

Souls Leaving Earth

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 10

It is really hell! Having been there in a Thin Body, one of the LFs’ ground team leaders sobbed violently for several days, shocked by what she saw.

Some souls have been in abortion captivity for tens of millions of years, since the time of retro-civilizations on Earth.

Who helped humanity create the abortion trap? Who taught people to commit infanticide?

Initially, abortion was impossible in principle, because fertilization occurred only when IT WAS VERY MUCH WANTED! By both: a man and a woman. In those days, a woman did not have what is periodically associated with the Moon cycle.

Archons’ intervention in the woman’s genetics changed her physiology in such a way that an unwanted pregnancy became possible. And the path to abortion opened up.

Dark Hierarchs brought the knowledge of abortion techniques from outside and on purpose. It doesn’t matter when the first abortion occurred. But this moment was a turning point in the history of the Earth and humanity.

The woman was tied to the Moon, but not Light, but Black (Lilith). One of the Gray civilizations that lived there, fulfilling the former Black Co-Creator’s will, installed in the Moon’s core (on its reverse, dark side) a Thin-Material psychotronic generator.

It was powered by the Sun and Moon. Its intensity increased with the growth of phases and peaked at the full Moon.

On a special mental frequency, it broadcasted a program to Earth that pushed people to commit infanticide, zombifying them.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 10 - Black Moon (Lilith)

Black Moon (Lilith)

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 10

Looking ahead, when the Light Forces began a global operation to sanitize the Earth’s abortion reality, this race, which had already moved to another part of the Local Universe, felt the draught.

Per Space Law, if the abortion reality is transformed, those who directly participated in its creation will be severely punished by the Karmic Court. So they got very nervous.

Learned that the LFs’ ground team was involved in the op, they went to Lightwarriors and offered info about the generator and its deactivation codes.

They made contact in a very peculiar way: struck an energy blow and tried to capture the Thin Bodies of the team members. It’s as if someone is caught, beaten, tied to a chair, and then offered cooperation. Lightwarrios, naturally, refused, retaliated with a powerful blow, and Greys buggered off.

After consulting with the Higher Light Hierarchy, it was decided to destroy the psychotronic generator. The ground crew and the Death Angels did it from a Power Place in one of the mountain areas.

How does Space Law qualify abortion, intrauterine infanticide?

The Galactic Karmic Law Council and the Milky Way Karmic Council gave an official opinion on the matter.

For Karma Lords, it was very difficult to find a weighted definition. On the one hand, the woman, by having an abortion, is committing deliberate murder. On the other, she did NOT WANT the child. There was no original intent of infanticide in her action, it was imposed on her. Needless to say, the former Black Co-Creator thought of everything so that it would be done by our own hands!

Igitur, the verdict of Karma Lords: abortion is unintentional murder. A man and a woman bear equal karmic responsibility for it, but only if the man knew about the planned abortion or he forced the woman to perform it. The sin of infanticide can be corrected and redeemed.

The shock of the LFs’ ground crew from all learned and seen did not last long. Soon the Galactic Committee, the Higher Light Hierarchs, the Karma Lords, and the Ashtar Fleet invited the Lightwarriors to a brainstorming. Together, they found a solution.

The Higher Light Forces have launched a unique operation in Galactic history to remove the abortion reality from the Earth’s Logos and the DNA Matrix of humanity. The ground group had a special role to play.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 10 - Earth Logos

Earth Logos

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 10

The Co-Creators and Pleiadians wrote a special program for the planetary Logos. By the Cosmic Law, only through incarnated people could it be installed in the Earth’ Logos.

For it, Lightwarriors went to the specified Inter-dimensional Portal. On spot, in their wave DNA, the Co-Creators downloaded the mentioned program and conducted the necessary tests.

After that, they initiated the strongest flash on the Sun, causing a powerful stream of neutrinos and other charged particles to the Earth. A giant sunspot formed. It moved in such a way that was constantly facing the planet.

From its surface emitted seven energy pulses that reached the Earth. They have turned into quartz not only the entire abortion reality but also the Earth’s Black egregore.

At the Inter-Dimensional Portal, the planetary Logos began to scan and download the program from the Lightwarriors’ wave DNA and install it into self. The group only has backups left.

While unloading the program, the team members were twisted so that they could barely breathe. They were very sick, heads were splitting with pain. The operation was carried out through the third chakra for several hours, so they had to be patient.

For two weeks, the Earth’s Logos prepared to roll up the abortion reality and replace it with an alternative one, as the void leads to the collapse of the cosmic system.

On the scheduled day, with the Co-Creators’ support, the abortion field’s convolution began. The ground team’s task was to create an Aborted Souls Crystal for transportation them to the Karmic Council.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 10 - Abortion Field's Convolution

Abortion Field’s Convolution

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 10

The op ended very quickly with a complete and crushing failure. It turned out that the abortion reality was so fused with the vital tissues of the planetary Logos that it was impossible to remove it. The roots of this cancer penetrated deep into the Earth’s Heart.

It didn’t come out right away. Lightwarriors have already begun to raise the Aborted Soul Crystal to the Karmic Council. They saw the joy these captives felt as the Crystal moved upward.

What happened next was so unexpected that the group members at first did not understand anything at all. There was a sharp collapse. The abortion reality’s convolution stopped. Lightwarriors were ordered to cease work immediately.

It was impossible to describe the feelings of the poor souls who, as they thought, had lost their last hope. It’s like if someone decided to take a baby from an orphan asylum, took it, and then changed his mind and brought the kid back. Only a million times worse.

The Earth’s total karma instantly soared to a critical level and exceeded it. The self-destruct program was automatically activated. Never in recent times has the Earth been so close to destruction as it was then.

The Higher Light Entities formed a Crystal around the planet in a split second and drew on excess karma. It saved the Earth.

The situation was extremely critical. The planetary Logos was in clinical death and was forced to send an SOS. It was promptly responded to by Higher Entities, races, Logos from all over the Local Universe.

Among the first to come to the rescue was the Galactic Dolphin civilization. They sacrificed their Life Crystal to help Earth. Although they knew that such a move could kill their terrestrial population.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 10 - Dolphin Civilization

Dolphin Civilization

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 10

The Life Crystal worked perfectly, but it was destroyed. Now the Dolphins have turned to people for help.

The ground team leader saw them in a dream. The dolphins were broadcasting something long and insistently into his brain. Lightwarrior managed to decipher the message only in the morning.

His LFs’ group immediately went to the mountain Power Place, where once they had restored the Life Crystal of Dolphins. For it, Lightwarriors used the Delphi-Logos Ideal State Matrix which is a collective intelligence of this cosmic race.

At the Power Place, through the Inter-dimensional Portal of the Dolphins, the team quickly and completely restored the Crystal, and the Dolphins’ Earth colony again received a stable contact with their mother civilization.

Meanwhile, the Higher Light Entities united in a single Life Ray, giving a part of them to save the Earth, and sent it to the core of our planet. And saved it.

SOS was also sent to all of humanity, and many people super consciously joined the Life Ray. The Lightwarriors supported it as well, giving some of their hearts.

Analyzed all the reasons why the op to remove the abortion reality failed, the Co-Creators developed a new action plan.

To carry it out, two LFs’ ground teams went to a sacred place in the mountains. On the way, they noticed an unusual configuration of clouds. Previously, Lightwarriors had seen such nebula forms that masked the UFOs.

Team members clairvoyantly looked at what was inside clouds. What they saw startled them. The picture was reminiscent of the film Independence Day: dozens (!) UFOs hovered over the place. The group made contact and was informed that it was the Ashtar Fleet that would participate in the operation.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 10 - Ashtar Fleet

Ashtar Fleet

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 10

When the Lightwarriors reached the farthest northern point of the mountain plateau, Ashtar’s ships combined their energy fields and began to slowly spin the created frame clockwise, increasing its strength and frequency.

Under the forceful influence of the Ashtar fleet and the special Crystal created by the Ascended Masters, the abortion anomaly began to draw in the vortex. To ease it, a pinpoint injection was made on the Subtle Plane of the plateau, and the entire abortion field was pulled out of the resulting micro-hole.

The Earth was in unbearable pain. Gaia passed through the excruciating process of scraping away the abortion reality, as happens in medical surgery.

In parallel, Lightwarriors began to perform their part of the work. They safely lifted the Aborted Souls Crystal to the Subtle Plane and delivered it to the Karmic Council.

There were a lot of them. For almost twenty days, the Karma Lords had been placing souls in a single Ascension Crystal. Then the Hierarchs put it on a pedestal and covered with a protective dome of Light.

The Ascension Crystal will remain there until the Great Quantum Transition is over, as abortions on Earth are still ongoing. Now the souls enter directly into this Crystal. Karma Lords made their stay in it more comfortable if such a definition is at all appropriate. Their complete release is possible only after the last abortion on our planet.

The cleaning of the abortion field lasted several days. From the Galactic Crystal of the Highest Light Hierarchy, a small copy was made and delivered on Earth. It consisted of the Hierarchs’ heart aspects. They laid it upon what was left after the abortion reality was torn out, and healed a terrible wound.

This is far from the end of the story. Now it is necessary to form and implant a new Earth’s Divine Reality, as well as to solve the problem of souls aborted many times. There are about 598,000 of them.

If their number reaches a critical mass of 666 thousand, there will be an automatic collapse, the death of the planet. Here is another meaning of the three sixes – the Devil’s number.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 10 - Devil's Number

Devil’s Number

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 10

The Archons and Dark Hierarchs envisioned such a scenario for Earth – a slow suicide. Now their plan is revealed and thwarted.

Currently, these 598,000 souls are placed deep inside the Earth’s core and wait for their fate. The most important thing has not yet been done – the abortion reality, like a virus, has not yet been erased from the Causal Plane of human DNA.

So, people still have a lot of work ahead.

The birth of a new life is a real mystery. At the moment of conception, a person’s fate is already predetermined, and a special mission awaits him on Earth. And later that person will reproduce his offspring, and then his children will give birth to their own, and it will go on forever.

Abortion not only deprives a child of the possibility of being born, but it also cuts off a whole cycle of other lives that will never come into being again.

By performing this gruesome procedure, in one fell swoop, a woman cuts short the lives of many generations, as well as affecting the lives of those already born and living on earth.

Many women view the very fact of their unwanted or sudden pregnancy incorrectly. They think that they have the right to control their bodies and do not have to give birth just because it happened. That they are free to make their choices and that it is their right.

This is not the case.

Your body belongs only to you, but your child is not your property. And it’s not for you to decide whether or not he/she should be in this world. People don’t and can’t have that right.

If a child is conceived, he/she already has his/her special place in this world and his/her destiny. Parents are just the people who allow a new soul to come into the world. That is all.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 10 - New Soul For Enter The World

New Soul For Enter The World

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 10

Neither father nor mother has the power from above to dispose of the life of their child, it is not their right. If the pregnancy happened, everything has already been decided. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have occurred.

All you have to do is accept it. If you can’t decide who on the planet is to be born and who isn’t, then that choice has already been made and it’s the right one. You are not responsible for that the child was born under your heart. He/she would have been conceived anyway. And he/she is already destined for a unique destiny, and therefore neither you nor he/she will be left without oversight from on High.

This knowledge is very helpful to many women who find themselves in a similar predicament.

Since karmic repayment for aborted children occurs with some delay, then at first it seems for many that no consequences for the committed abortion will follow. One can forget about it, forgive oneself, find a lot of excuses, and cross out this unpleasant moment.

But this is self-deception. Karma will never dissolve into thin air. It always exists and will exist until it is worked off.

The first echoes of karma begin with petty bad luck, trouble and failure, moral depression. The farther it goes, the stronger the payback becomes.

Far from always the payback for abortion is the physical inability of a woman to bear children, so it is believed that if the next pregnancy comes, then all is well. It would never occur to people to connect their life troubles, failures, and sometimes disasters with an unwanted pregnancy that was once terminated.

Today, many women experience physical and mental disorders, which are a direct consequence of the fact that they are killed in the womb of the closest creature to them – their child. Men, too, pay the abortion price.

Unborn children cannot enter the new birth, because they remain connected to their parents by an astral umbilical cord. Staying on the astral plane in the field of unborn parents, a child is forced to work off the karma of his incarnation at the expense of their energy potential.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 10 - Astral Cord

Astral Cord

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 10

It is an astral settlement. With time it causes serious health problems: development of leiomyoma, fibromas, cysts, oncology in women, early impotency, adenoma, prostatitis, cancer in men.

Karma does not spare the medical professionals involved in abortions. They start having serious problems in their families. Some give birth to defective babies, and some children become alcoholics or drug addicts.

If you do not have time to work it off in this life, karmic retribution is carried over to the next life. Most often it is infertility. After all, if a person killed children in a previous incarnation, now she/he is not worthy to be a parent.

Abortion severely pollutes the Svadhisthana, the second primary chakra (located below the navel). It is responsible for the shape and beauty of the human body, for love, and for the ability to enjoy life. These functions will be impaired in a person.

The greater its pollution, the more a person’s feelings sink to animal instincts, and love is viewed solely from the position of sex. Blockage of this chakra also seriously impedes one’s spiritual development.

Even the mother’s thoughts about abortion make the fetus shudder and form a killer complex. And the child’s soul develops a tendency toward cruelty and disregard for the laws of life. In adulthood, this tendency manifests itself in attitude toward people and the natural environment.

All unwanted children are born incapable of great feelings. They cannot and do not know how to truly love both their parents and their future spouses and their children. They are already inherently doomed to be unhappy. Kids from unwanted pregnancies, whom no one has met in this world with love and tenderness, suffer greatly, and are unhappy in life.

The consequences of abortion negatively affect the course and outcome of a woman’s subsequent pregnancies. It may be abnormal location and separation of the placenta, its degeneration, untimely rupture of membranes, failure to carry the child.

For a man, the pregnancy of his beloved spouse appears as satisfaction in the fulfillment of his marital duty to his ancestors, the certainty of keeping her near him, and the hope for happy family life. But for many modern girls and their men, pregnancy is a barrier to new pleasures and to finding someone they will love later.

Abortion is murder and causes damage to the fleshly (physical) and energetic bodies of the woman and her future children. It leaves a phantom in the place where the fetus was. Its energy frame disintegrates after 40 days, but an energy wound is left in the womb with the imprint of the memory of the horror and pain experienced by the fetus when it was killed.

Such a wound, unlike a bodily wound, does not heal. If a woman conceives and a new fetus attaches itself to the same place where the first fetus was, her child will be doomed to severe illness and premature death.

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 10 - Child Can Be Doomed To Severe Illness

Child Can Be Doomed To Severe Illness

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 10

Even if it is lucky enough to attach to a new, healthy place in the uterus, it will still receive the damaging effects that lead to premature birth, mental disorder, or bodily illness of the child.

Men, who had the misfortune to be in sexual intimacy with a woman for 40 days after the abortion, receive all the negative energy-field information from the phantom of the aborted fetus into their field structure.

Then this man at sexual intimacy with a pure girl (virgin) transfers the negative information from the aborted fetus of his former partner into the DNA field structure of her oocytes. There is a little further possibility of this girl having healthy offspring.

Every child killed in an abortion, like any human being in violent death, experiences pain, horror, and fear.

As painful and bitter as it sounds, a woman’s karma after an abortion is compared to that of a murderer.

Children born after an abortion will also work off their mother’s karmic debts. That is why they will be very ill, suffer, unexplainable troubles will happen to them.

The personal life of a woman who dared to have an abortion will not get on well, either. Her aura will be greatly clouded, which will repel good and loving men, and therefore will never be able to meet a worthy life partner.

Abortion is a product of selfishness, and therefore the woman herself will not be able to give it to her children or her chosen one. Until she completely reconsiders her way and realizes how flawed it is.

Many women are tormented by the question: how to correct what they have done and how to cleanse their karma after an abortion?

There is no simple, universal way. You have to work off karma for a very long time, maybe – for the rest of your life.

You have to forget about your needs and whims, learn to live for the good of others, help people, comfort them, be supportive, and encourage them in difficult times.

Learn To Be Supportive

Learn To Be Supportive

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 10

Many women after an abortion begin to do all this intuitively.

They plunge headlong into charity, help orphans and orphanages, and try to dissuade young pregnant women from making a fatal mistake.

It is a good example of how a person, realizing his mistakes, tries to warn others against them and to help those who have already made similar ones.

If you help others just out of fear of retribution and because you want to whitewash your karma, it won’t work.

For a good deed to affect and improve karma, it has to come from the heart, it has to be an act of the soul, it can’t be interpreted with logic or dry analysis, with profit motives, gratitude, or whatever else. You cannot, for your benefit (literally, to erase karma), rush to the aid of others.

Therefore, if you yearn to get rid of karma and make it positive, start not with helping others, but with yourself. Feel the desire to give support to people who need it. Try not to analyze your actions, switch off earthly logic, and not to be guided by practicality, because any earthly feelings of a person make it difficult to work with karma.

Try to keep the other person from making the same mistake. You can share your experiences, your worries. Try to tell people your thoughts, so they realize how much pain will be ahead of them.

You need to help children who lack a mother’s affection and care because your act was originally dictated by your unwillingness to become a mother, to take care of your child. And to redeem it, you will have to become a mother to many other people’s children at once.

Do not run from your mistake, and do not try to forget about it even if you will have difficulty communicating with small children, and the sight of pregnant women will cause you acute pain and regret.

Start Living For Others

Start Living For Others

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 10

Start with your inner state. If you were moved by love, not by evil and low selfish motives, this would never have happened to you. But the lack of love always generates bad deeds, which leads a person into a real vicious circle. It will not be easy to get out of it, but it is possible.

Start living for others, not just for yourself. Such are the Karma Lords wishes to all of us in the New Galactic Year.


(To be continued)

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