Return Of Karma Lords - Part 1

Return Of Karma Lords

Part 1

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Now I wonder if it is possible that the virtual karma is already in the process of burning out? Is it possible that it is already burnt out by 40%? Do you have the possibility to check this information?… I have just received a message that today there was a purification of karma from 40% to 60%. I am very curious about whether this is possible.


on 13/11/2020 at 10:04 am

I think that people in particular now need very much guidance on how to work with purifying their karma, purifying the schemes and programs they are in. And that is a priority for them now. Many of them are now stuck in terrible torments, they are blocked, some more aware feel it and yet do not know how to get out. It looks like a collective and individual dark night of the soul.

Agnieszka Lipinska

on 12/11/2020 at 12:09 pm

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Answers – Return Of Karma Lords

Indeed, on the night of November 2 to 3, 2020, one and a half months earlier than planned, the deactivation of virtual karma began. It will eventually lead to the splitting of the e causal body’s core and its destruction.

It refers to ACCUMULATED karma (for more info, see Karma In the New World. Disclosure News, 25 October 2020). This is the first keywords.

The second keywords – cleaning does not concern the current karmic actions of people. Unfortunately, its flow is not decreasing but growing. What is deleted is quickly replenished again. But NOW IT NO LONGER ACCUMULATES.

The third keywords are the RETURN OF THE KARMA LORDS.

Return of Karma Lords

Return of Karma Lords

Earlier the Co-Creators of the Local Universe believed that this institution would not be needed anymore. That it can be replaced with an automated AI-based program. That the humans have already matured enough, and after the detailed and long explanations, they will never kill every living things around (and first of all themselves) with their hatred and malice in thoughts, emotions, and deeds. It turned out that it is not the case yet.

The fourth keywords are ACCELERATED RETRIBUTION FOR EVIL DEEDS. The Absolute and Co-Creators ordered Karma Lords to clear the Local Universe of the karmic anomaly as quickly as possible. It is totally incompatible with the Source’s new energies and the new, fourth, Local Universe’s project.

Previously, before punishing Evil, Karma Lords, first, tried to negotiate and coordinate with the people’s Higher Selves. But it turned out that it is more important for many Higher Selves to get rid of their karma by dumping it on the lower bodies of manifestation – causal, physical. Even if a person dies in the process.

Now Karma Lords are spared the need to negotiate with Higher Selves and HAVE MAXIMUM FREEDOM OF ACTION, to eradicate Evil on their own. Payback for evil deeds, thoughts, and emotions will be faster and tougher – viruses, cataclysms, natural, industrial, and technology-related disasters, etc.



There will be no more indulgences, accumulators, and settling tanks of karma. The fate of people is completely in their hands. They will have to deal with their karmic load themselves.

The Absolute, Co-creators, the Higher Light Hierarchy, once again appeal to all: UNDERSTAND AND REPORT THIS INFORMATION TO THOSE YOU CARE ABOUT. You have to go back to the karma, and clean it up. Even those who think they don’t have karma and can’t have it.

We don’t know what our Higher Self might have done to us. And it could, within the framework of karmic charity, take, for example, someone else’s karma, generic, interpersonal, abortion, etc. At the same time, this karma, which is not our de facto, automatically becomes our de jure. With all the ensuing consequences.



Return of Karma Lords - The Cleanup Will Be Near-Term, But Tough

The Cleanup Will Be Near-Term, But Tough

Return of Karma Lords

What to do?


Karma can be classified into active (the current incarnation karma vessel), retro-karma (past incarnations karma vessel), essence karma, and Monadic karma (which is our individual part of karma in the aggregated the Local Universe’s karma).

All individual karma is an integral part of mankind’s karma, the Earth’s Logos karma, Galactic karma, and the entire Local Universe’s karma.

There is also a gradation of karma into active and passive, liquid and illiquid. There is DNA’s retro-karma as well.

Initially, the humans had a Radiant causal body. Then it became karmic. Now we must regain the Radiant causal body through working out our karma.

Return of Karma Lords - Radiant Body

Radiant Body

Return of Karma Lords

The task for absolutely all of us is to sanitize our karma, completely get rid of it by splitting its vessel (crystal) and reviving the Radiant bodies – the Subtle-Material and causal, rebooting the causal body’s core.

Working with karma should be complex, systematic, and consistent. Each of us must clearly understand this sequence and the ultimate goal: the auto-generation of an ideal Radiant substance.

Clairvoyants see the human causal body as a crystal. According to the sacred geometry form, it should be a perfect 144-sided copy of the Pleroma (the Absolute’s realm) Crystal, because man is the Image and Likeness of the Creator and the Pleroma.

Karma-mutations and turbidity in the Radiant body, by nature and cosmic-physical characteristics, are similar to cancer.

Yes, karma is a cancer of the Local Universe. Metastases destroy the Creator Plans and the people’s causal bodies, which are an integral part of Its Creation Design.

All humans whose karma is not equal to zero have cancer in the causal body consisting of karmic substance. A karmic substance is a mutated cell (crystal) of Perfect Light – the physical basis of the Radiant substance that the Local Universe should consist of.

By forming karma in the Cosmos and Love Laws violations, we mutate and slowly kill not only our Higher Structures. We simultaneously infect and destroy the entire Local Universe. Let’s think about it!

Return Of Karma Lords - We Are Part Of The Local Universe

We Are Part Of The Local Universe

Return of Karma Lords

Karma is a consequence of our free will and freedom of choice. It is formed solely as a result of our conscious actions. Even if we don’t understand what we are doing with our thoughts, emotions, and deeds, and what consequences they can lead to.

Illnesses, injuries, and blows of fate are our karmic cleansing. It begins when the amount of karma in our causal body has exceeded a certain threshold and has created a real threat to the existence of the causal body itself, and, therefore, to ourselves.

A chain reaction of self-destruction of the causal body is immediately triggered. Such a mechanism is inherent in each of us as a guarantee of the Local Universe’s security.

In such cases, the Karma Lords and Higher Selves determine the size of the karmic substance that needs to be urgently disposed of, cut it off, and dump it from the causal body to the lower bodies.

Imagine the Earth’s atmosphere protecting our planet from meteorites. When they hit it, they burn up, as a result of the air friction. But if the meteorite is large, it may not have time to burn up in the atmosphere and then it will fall to the surface.

So is karma. Our causal body’s core, as a result of the involution and sinfulness of previous lives, led to it first becoming muddied, ceased to transmit Perfect or Monadic Light to the lower bodies without distortion.

Then it began to overgrow with rot and mold – a karmic substance that is a distorted the Source’s Perfect Light. Karma is like rust that corrodes our causal body and its core, which is a projection of our Monad.

When the causal body’s core no longer transmits the necessary Perfect Light (Spiritual Energy and Life Energy) to the Subtle and the physical body, a karmic avalanche occurs.

At the same time, layers or chunks of karmic substance are peeled off from our causal body’s core and dumped into the causal body (the atmosphere, in our example). This is a karmic meteor. If for some reason, they do not burn in it, they pass on and fall first on the Subtle bodies, and then on the physical. In such cases, we can either get seriously injured or gravely ill. This is a karmic meteorite.

Return Of Karma Lords - Karma Processing

Karma Processing

Return of Karma Lords

The higher our spiritual vibration, our causal and Subtle bodies, the easier and faster and in large volumes of karmic meteorites substance (karmic avalanche) can burn in them.

The density of karmic substance and its distribution in the causal body are different.

The karma formed in our current incarnation has a minimum density.

It is amorphous and forms a single conglomerate of mutations in the causal body.

Like our biological body, this conglomerate consists of cells, forming the body – a complete analog of a body cancer. It is called the current incarnation karma vessel. This is the liquid karma.

When we accumulate karma, the tumor increases. We earn it only in the incarnation since it requires an earthly consciousness and a physical body to develop it. Therefore, karma can only be worked out when we are in the incarnation and have a physical body.

For most of us, the physical body, in fact, turns from a Soul Temple into a tool for cleansing and working off karma.

Past-life karma is more difficult. This retro-karmic substance is particularly contagious and has a high density. Retro-karma or karma of past lives is considered illiquid because to access it, we need to pass through a section of the karma crystal of our current incarnation. This karma is the past incarnations karma vessel.

The location of illiquid retro-karma in our causal body is its core. Retro-karmic substance builds upon it, like a coral or polyp. It became possible only because the brightness of the glow of this core is very much reduced, and the core itself is practically in all of us clouded. If it were otherwise, all the karma that clings to it would simply burn up in a Perfect Light.

Currently, for many people who are working consciously with karma, there is the following situation. They have almost completely worked out their karma of the present incarnation, but they still have the karma of past incarnations (retro karma).

Therefore, their karma crystal does not begin to split (it begins automatically when the current incarnation karma vessel is less than 3.33% full), but the karmic floodgates are opened.

Return Of Karma Lords - Subtle And Physical Bodies

Subtle And Physical Bodies

Return of Karma Lords

It means that in place of the spent karma of our current incarnation (which is located in the causal body itself), a part of the karmic substance is moved from our past incarnations karma vessel (which is clung to the causal body’s core).

As a result, the core with the new karmic portion becomes cloudy. It blocks the path for the Perfect Monadic Light, which is transmitted (shines) from the Monad’s core through the causal body’s core to all our Subtle and physical bodies.It is like clouds blocking the sunlight. The more clouds (karma), the less vital Light we receive.

When the karmic floodgates are open, retro-karma is layered away from the causal body and dumped to where our current incarnation karma vessel in the causal body was previously located for processing into the Perfect Light substance.

 This process takes place in stages as the ground subsides – we actually work out portions of the dropped karma.

The karma processing means, in addition, the understanding of its causes, that we have transformed cancer cells – karmic substance – into its original state of Radiant causal matter.

Now the entire matter of the Local Universe is divided into two parts – the Radiant substance and the part affected by karma. Therefore, all of us who are engaged in the rehabilitation of our karma participate in the Holy Work of the ideal Universe reviving. It’s the Universe without karma. The Universe as conceived by the Source.

Working with karma, we will have to face another reality. We know that when a person dies, the Subtle bodies also disintegrate along with their physical body. Etheric – on the third day, astral on the 9th, mental on the fortieth.

At the same time, the karmic crystal of the incarnation is being finalized. The karmic substance that filled it in our current incarnation is transformed into a past incarnations karma vessel. This substance condenses, grows, sticks, and burnt to the causal body’s core.

It happens in the following way. All of our above-listed bodies, together with the causal and Monadic, are nothing more than manifestations of our Monad’s body that differ in vibrations. Although ideally, it should have a single body of manifestation. Such it was originally in a perfect person.

But even though they were divided along with the planes and eons of the Local Universe into different levels and planes, within a year (365 days) after our death, our causal body had to curl up into his core, like a snail.

Return Of Karma Lords - Causal Body Had To Curl Up Into His Core, Like A Snail

Causal Body Had To Curl Up Into His Core, Like A Snail

Return of Karma Lords

Further ascension to the Monad and merging in it is impossible due to the karma presence in the causal body’s core. In the new incarnation, the reverse process of gradual unfolding (blowing out, manifesting) of all our Subtle bodies (including the causal) from the causal body’s core, in which they were all in a potential, latent, unmanifested state, should occur.

This situation has developed due to the fact that the overgrown past incarnations karma vessel (the density of a retro-karmic substance depends on the number of incarnations on Earth, during which the karma accumulated) interferes with the convolution of the causal body and blocks this process. Roughly speaking, it does not allow the causal body to pass through, does not allow it to curl up into the core.

Therefore, in the period between incarnations, the causal bodies of karmic people are a terrible half-turned spectacle.

As they say, neither here nor there. That is why the soul is forced to reincarnate on Earth again and again. There is a chance to correct the situation only when the Monad-bearer is embodied.

During the incarnation, the causal body’s core again separates the Subtle bodies from itself. It occurs within 9 months after conception and before birth. At the same time, the karma crystal of past incarnations remains a layer-by-layer growth on the causal body’s core, where each layer corresponds to one karmic incarnation. The current incarnation karma vessel is conditionally empty (13% is the Archons’ karma), it’s a tabula rasa. During life, we either reduce our total karma or increase it.

There is also Monad’s karma. It is a cumulative indicator that reflects both our incarnations’ entire karma and our Monad’s karma, including its manifested aspects.

The past incarnations’ karmic crystal – a parasitic polyp on the casual body’s core – is not the same for all of us and can be expressed in a geometric form. This shape matches our DNA.

Knowing that the ideal shape of the causal body’s core is a 144-sided crystal – a micro-copy of the Pleroma Crystal, we can compare the shape of both and see how much we have distorted our perfection and disfigured the Divine Creation in ourselves. The Pleroma Crystal also emits sound and color, but unfortunately, we can’t perceive them yet.

The karmic-incarnation crystal is an applied tool. We can work with it using anti-karmic techniques to sanitize our past incarnations karma vessel. It is possible without knowing the graphic form of our incarnations’ retro-karmic crystal.

No matter what help the Co-Creators and the Higher Light Hierarchy give us, no more than 10% of success now depends on them. 90% of the effort should be taken by us.

Karma is worked out exclusively as a result of our conscious work with it. And all existing methods are not a panacea, but a practical help that accelerates and mitigates the possible harsh consequences of working with karma.

There is a misconception that it’s possible to get rid of karma without effort and difficulty. As an all healing means often mention Kryon’s imprint (implant). Its acceptance supposedly frees a person from all karma.

Return Of Karma Lords - Kryon Higher Light Entity

Kryon Higher Light Entity

Return of Karma Lords

Imprint (implant) is a part of the Kryon’s Monad (Heart), which he allocates according to the Spirit Divisibility principle. Indeed, this is a priceless gift of the Supreme Light Entity to people.

After its introduction into the human Subtle-Material structures, this micro-copy of the Kryon’s Monad, being a carrier of ultra-high vibration of Perfect Light, begins to clean and harmonize all person field structures.

But it will never free us from karma. The Kryon implant is only a help, an auxiliary tool that stimulates our conscious work on spiritual self-improvement, but not a panacea. 

Otherwise, there would be no need for individual Divine growth and work with karma at all. It would be very simple. But it doesn’t happen that way, unfortunately, or fortunately.

Only personal, serious, and purposeful processing of our karma will allow us to clear the world incarnation map with the places where our remains are located (i.e., the places where we died or were buried) in past lives.

The significance of incarnation-karmic maps is that the protein and field (energy-informational) DNA that we had in our physical bodies in past lives continues to radiate certain vibrations into the space-time continuum (reality).

In addition, all the DNA remains contained in our physical remains (the bone structure at the burial site, or in the dust, which is also the carrier of DNA information) through our causal body’s core are united in a single network – the incarnation DNA crystal.

If you are a Saint, then your DNA remains and the incarnation crystal (a network throughout the Earth) radiates Light and is a harmonizer of the planet reality, as the healing properties of the Saint’s Relics.

If we have karma (past lives and current incarnations), then our incarnation DNA crystal emits low-frequency vibes into space, carrying karmic info, which leads to an environment general poisoning.

Simultaneous work with the past incarnations’ karma and the individual karmic-incarnation DNA crystal allows us to completely get rid of karma over time.

As we work, our karmic DNA crystal will gradually lighten and purify. The vibrations emitted by our DNA from the remains of physical bodies of past lives will also be clearer and lighter.

Thus, the transformation of our past lives DNA (retro-DNA) network, which after the healing and rebooting will become the Perfect Light source and will make our contribution to the rehabilitation of a single incarnation-karmic common human Crystal.

How exactly should we work with our karma?


(To be continued)


Return Of Karma Lords – Part 1

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Operation Loch Ness – The site of the next operation of the Light Forces’ ground team was Drumnadrochit and Lewiston near Loch Ness and the nearby mountain, which is a pyramid. This area was once the Earth’s base of civilization from the Vega star in the Lyra constellation. Among other things, Vegans conducted experiments here for creating new molecular biological life forms. The research was strictly following Space Law and the necessary safety standards were observed.

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England And Scotland Operations – Part 1 – Great Quantum Transition

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The Light Forces Ops In Egypt – Part 2

The Light Forces Ops In Egypt – Part 2

Why was Alexandria chosen for the Light Forces ground team’s operation in Egypt? Initially, the projection of this territory (with localization on the island of Pharos) coincided with a Single Information Portal of our planet. There were an information transit server and a control room for the global information exchange of the Earth Logos with the entire Cosmos. A sort of government communication link, a point of direct access to the Galactic Logos Information Database.

Light Forces Ops In Egypt – Part 1

Light Forces Ops In Egypt – Part 1

The Light Forces’ ground team conducted an important campaign in Egypt. It consisted of several operations and stages. Its task was to destroy the energy infrastructure of the Dark Hierarchs on the Subtle Plane, clear, restore and restart the Portals they had captured, and eliminate the channels of energy supply of the Demonic Worlds in the Local Universe at the expense of and through Earth. Our planet is the 606th inhabited world located in one of the Constellations of the Local System. There are one hundred Local Systems in each Constellation. And the entire Local Universe includes one hundred Constellations.

Black Archons Matrix – Great Quantum Transition Part 4

Black Archons Matrix – Great Quantum Transition Part 4

Operation the Great Quantum Transition is progressing successfully on all fronts. For all the importance of battles on Earth and the Solar system, the decisive events for the entire Local Universe are now taking place on the Subtle Planes. Here is the latest information coming through a Single Hierarchical Channel. The Higher Light Hierarchy is preparing an upgraded field of the New Earth 3D. It syncs and links with the fields of Earth 4D and 5D, forming a Single Reality of Earth 3-4-5D.

The Battle For Human Souls – Great Quantum Transition Part 3

The Battle For Human Souls – Great Quantum Transition Part 3

The Dark Hierarchy knows all about The Great Quantum Transition, Galactic Rehabilitation 2020, and other Light Forces operations. The DFs realize that they will soon be purged from the entire Local Universe, where they have already lost the space war. Earth has remained the only line of defense for the DFs, where they are trying to hold all of humanity as hostages.

The Great Quantum Transition – Part 2

The Great Quantum Transition – Part 2

The scale of the operation for the Great Quantum Transition is enormous and covers the entire Local Universe. It includes 70,000,000 Constellations, each Constellation is made up of 7,000,000,000 Local Systems, in each Local System there are 7,000,000,000,000 habitable planets.

The Transition is complicated by the fact that in this Universe the influence of the Demonic Worlds is great – 66.6% of Darkness against 33.3% of Light (see DNI, The Great Quantum Transition – The Light Forces Operations, 24 August 2020). There is a lot of work to do to clean up Dark Forces.

The Great Quantum Transition – The Light Forces Operations

The Great Quantum Transition – The Light Forces Operations

In July 2020, a meeting of the Council of the Hierarchy of the Absolute and Absolutoversa Gaia was held, as well as a meeting of the expanded Council of the Hierarchy of the Absolute and the Earth Planetary Committee in an updated composition. New adjustments were made to the Quantum Transition roadmap. The leaders of the Light Forces’ ground team were instructed to submit their proposals for implementing the Transition. After the sessions, a technical map of our Local Universe and an assessment of its evolutionary path was disclosed.

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