Resonant DNA - Dr Schavi

Resonant DNA

Resonant DNA – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

The word “resonant” is defined as “profound” or “rich”.

An example sentence is: “This nation is resonant with history”. Our DNA is also resonant with history—from far beyond the presently-known galaxy and universe.

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As ancient scriptures teach, there are billions of universes in the cosmos.

They cannot be calculated by any beings in any part of space because the number is known only to the Infinite Presence—SOURCE.

Resonant DNA - Billions Of Universes In The Cosmos

Billions Of Universes In The Cosmos

Resonant DNA

​However, we have been allowed to understand that the length of our existence is immeasurable because it is immortal in energy (life force)—Spirit— and in consciousness (mind)—Soul or the Higher Self.

All of this equates to the fact that we can tap into knowledge and wisdom from the Akashic Record—the cosmic library of all that has occurred, is occurring now, and which will occur in the future.

Thus, the space/time continuum is forever ongoing.

Material molecular structure and sub-atomic particles become spiritual molecular structure and sub- atomic particles, and in fact, are comprised in the “Now” of these mystical eternal spiritual substances.

The denseness of the earthly experience has caused a cloaking or a covering over the cellular remembrances of our past just as Romulan ships in the old “Star Trek” television series were capable of using what was termed as a “cloaking device” to hide their ships from view.

DNit Telegram Channel

The ships existed, but they were unseen by others in ships who were also traveling throughout space.

The LIGHT from beyond known scientific research is uncovering or “uncloaking” the knowledge of our past.

Sometimes the past is revealed in dreams which are often “night visions” of experiences from long ago in other planetary realms not fully understood by the logical mind.

Therefore, most people relate only to the present experiences of what can be seen, felt, heard, tasted, or smelled—the five senses of the present time line.

Resonant DNA - Natural Dream

Natural Dream

Resonant DNA

However, those with an awakened consciousness which is tuned-in to the super-consciousness (Higher Self, Soul) have opened a door to the past and understand the “why” of their current experiences.

They are Mystics of various paths.

Sometimes dreams are openings in certain ways.

The spiritual science of Kabbalah, for example, teaches that there are three types of dreams:


1.) The “Natural Dream” – Resonant DNA

This is a dream which manifests because of something seen or experienced during the day which had a strong effect upon us (good or otherwise) and which must be analyzed, solved, healed, or soothed via the sub-conscious dream state. It may have been a movie seen, a television program watched, or an involvement with another individual or group which caused either an emotional disturbance or a great happiness.

Resonant DNA - Message Dream

Natural Dream

Resonant DNA

2.) The “Message Dream” – Resonant DNA

As the title implies, this is a message from either relatives or friends “beyond the veil” or Ascended Masters about what we should do, can do, or should not do in order to avoid something disharmonious from happening or it may be a message about something wonderful that we are going to experience. In other words, it is either a warning message or a blessing message.

3.) The “Prophecy Dream” – Resonant DNA

This is directly from SOURCE about an event which will occur that involves others in a certain area or upon the entire planet. It is not of a personal nature. It involves the collective of which we are a part. It is usually about something that is going to happen and which cannot be avoided. People have dreamed, for example, of wars, earthquakes, social upheaval, and other dire situations which then proceeded to happen within either days or within a few years. 

Resonant DNA - Prophecy Dream

Prophecy Dream

Resonant DNA

Yet, such dreams from SOURCE can also be about wonderful blessings which will come to the collective. These same kinds of dreams are spoken of in other spiritual science paths using other types of terminology.

Whatever type of dream occurs, our DNA is being involved in the transmission and reception of LIGHT and SOUND.

We may dream of ancestors whom we do not know in this “Now” but with whom experiences were shared in an ancient existence.

Therefore, we do indeed “know” them, but when we awaken in this “Now”, our remembrance is “cloaked”.

The dream may not be remembered easily; we may forget certain scenes; but there may be a strange feeling that we were in another realm.

Science says that we dream approximately every 90 seconds. This is amazing to consider when we sleep several hours (either straight through until morning or even when we awaken periodically during the night as many people are doing as potent frequencies of LIGHT soar throughout the cosmos).

The dreams that most people are having in this “Now” do not fit into either of the above categories discussed from the Kabbalistic perspective because most current dreams (not all of them–just most) are jumbles of mixed thoughts and emotions which are being cleansed away from our DNA time lines and cellular records.

So, trying to analyze every dream is unwise.

Another framework of existence to consider is that people are usually drawn to those things which are recorded in their DNA and cellular records from previous time lines–either their own or those of their ancestors.

When a person is a musical virtuoso, for instance, people may sometimes say that it is in the person’s genes to be so very talented because his or her Mother or Father was a talented musician or some other relative was talented in that manner.

However, it could be that the talented individual was bringing forward into the “Now” an ancient “samskara” (Sanskrit for “conditioning”) of what he or she did in an ancient past—and not necessarily on Earth/Gaia.

Now, the following will shock some people who will perhaps wish to argue the point—THERE IS NO SUCH THING ANYMORE AS REINCARNATION.

The phoneme “RE” is to “repeat” or to “do over again”. The term “INCARNATE” is to “embody” in the same type of material vessel as was previously inhabited.

So, to “REINCARNATE” is to come back with the same molecular structure and atomic frequencies as were had in a previous existence only there is a different name and a different set of relatives and friends.

Even in the current time line, every few weeks, our cells change in the various parts of our physical vessel.

Thus, there has been a re-fashioning although we may look the same.

In fact, this is how healing occurs—new vital cells replace old ones which were causing a state of imbalance in one or several systems of the human vessel.

Nothing that is sentient (conscious) is the same from day to day even though it may seem to be.

If the current physical form is transforming from being carbon-based to crystalline, there will be no more re-inhabiting in the same DNA formation.

Pure crystalline LIGHT is what we are becoming, and this is what we were in a cosmic past whose time line in terms of years or decades or generations or eons cannot be calculated.

We are billions of years old, and even using the word “billions” is incorrect, but it is the best to employ for this discussion of how old we truly are as aspects of SOURCE.

As has been previously discussed in a past article, we are comprised of the same elements and substances as the stars! When people are sufficiently cleared and cleansed of old cellular records, illumination is more potent, and they start to understand the Akashic Record–their own and that of the planet itself.

We begin to understand our “COSMIC CITIZENRY” and being to relinquish the concepts of race and ethnicity and realize that these are terminologies of an old planetary belief in division and separation.

Yes, it is true that particular climates on Earth/Gaia and migrations over many eons caused humanity to change in skin coloring, facial features, physical bodily type, and even in some aspects of personality, etc. in order to be able to thrive in certain atmospheric conditions.

This is taught in courses in Archeology, Biology, Physics, etc. However, the ultimate truth is that LIGHT is the original make-up of all beings–regardless on which planet they reside.

This cannot be discussed in the typical college classroom because the Professor could be stripped of his or her tenure.

Resonant DNA - DNA Enhancement

DNA Enhancement

Resonant DNA

Thus, such classroom discussions can only be brought forth as quick mentions of the beliefs of ancient people who were supposedly not “sophisticated” as modern mankind tends to be.

What a ridiculous notion this is for those who are studious in history!

Now, however, many school Teachers and college Professors who have a mystical orientation are boldly proclaiming the known spiritual truths of the ancient civilizations.

They should be applauded for their courage.

As a historical scholar once taught: “Our DNA is long and strong” (Dr. Theophile Obenga).

Our DNA is resonant with cosmic space/times that are filled with amazing experiences.

Every material organ, gland, muscle, tissue, cell, molecule, atom, etc. of our physical vessel is being completely overhauled and “lighted-up”.

There is no more “cloaking”. There is “revelation” which is given to those who choose to level-up and to align with the LIGHT and SOUND frequencies of SOURCE.

It is not a process that is done overnight because the “typical human” is caught-up in many distractions.

It takes time (in the human sense of this) to be cleared and cleansed of old programming.

It takes time for some people to not be hesitant of meditation or of chanting mantras or of studying very ancient holy texts that they have never even known.

However, as an old wise teaching which originated in the culture of Native Americans says: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.”

It is time to step onto the ongoing path of our “Resonant DNA”.

Ancient Vedic Wisdom

Some time ago, people were interested in acquiring the texts I often refer to in my articles. Thus, for anyone who is interested in detail, here is one of the best companies from which to obtain books about ancient Vedic wisdom. (Click on the image)

Upanishads - Ancient Vedic Wisdom

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Make Way For The Mysteries Of May! – Dr Schavi

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The Light In This “Now” – Dr. Schavi

The Light In This “Now” – Dr. Schavi

When any entity (which includes earthly humans) attempts to say how old the cosmos truly is with all of its planets, galaxies, and universes, only speculation is possible for the age of the space/time continuum is a mystery relegated only to SOURCE who is timeless, eternal, and therefore, immortal.

The Solar Surge – Prepare For Lift-Off – Dr. Schavi

The Solar Surge – Prepare For Lift-Off – Dr. Schavi

A “CME” is a release of sub-atomic charged Plasma Particles of radiation from the Sun which, whether or not they are directly aimed at our planet, still affect it such as causing technological black-outs as well as the familiar “Light Activation Symptoms” (LAS). However, when a CME definitely does indeed directly surge to the planet, its effects are even more profound. Its ionization strength or radiation intensely flows into the geomagnetic field.

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