Release the Old Karma Toward Superior Experiences

Release the Old Karma Toward Superior Experiences

Pleiadians Message

Release the Old Karma Toward Superior Experiences. Pleiadians Messagge. By Gabriel RL.

Beloved Family, we greet you!

You are entering a cycle of release of karmic movements, especially with your closest family and friends. Certainly, you have wondered why there have been so many “problems” in families, loving and friendly surroundings.

Yes, these movements are necessary and are inviting you to release all this old karmic burden that you have brought over the centuries.

Of course, we do not mean to say that you need to be reactive and enter the wave of this liberation and become aggressive, but only to observe it as conscious observers, who see the old things on a boat or in a car, leaving.

Things that are no longer needed can be discarded. You will not quarrel with the driver or the captain of the boat; just allow them to go, gently and in peace.

This is opening up for you, there is a need for accelerated release so that you can move on to new experiences.

Some of these ancient karmic points need to be released as quickly as possible so that you can advance with Gaia to the higher vibrations.

There is nothing to fear here; just understand that it is a necessary move and that you are being lovingly assisted by all of us.

Karmic Bonds False Twin Flame

Karmic Bonds False Twin Flame

Release the Old Karma

Karmic Ties

Karmic Ties

Release the Old Karma

As you walk through this process and allow it to flow naturally, you will begin to feel great relief and a sense of fullness. A sense that something that you very much wanted is taking place and/or something that you have been waiting for a long time, is finally coming, and you know the exact arrival time.

Just wait patiently and lovingly, that is right the feeling. Of course, you will also realize that in these processes some ties will be broken and others will be made toward new experiences.

Do not be frightened; Just thank all you have experience with and let the karmic cycles that have fulfilled your purposes disconnect from you.

Dysfunctional Relation

Dysfunctional Relation

Release the Old Karma

As these karmic outcomes occur, as we said, you will begin to see many things that you did not realize before, simply because you were involved in this accumulated heavy karmic energy and will perceive people with whom you would like to have greater rapprochement, the development of your dreams, the journey of your dreams, things that to be added to your expansion as a human being and as higher galactic expression.

You are just moving forward and nothing could be different from that.

Your souls are well aware of the gifts that reserved to you as you complete each cycle and advance to the new ones, always higher and more pleasurable.

This is an important tip we are giving you: do not get involved in drama as it manifests right in front of you, even though your ego is screaming for attention. Only your confidence and Love will ensure that you advance to the next higher cycles.

They will be able to see your loved ones, friends and loving partners, desperately, trying to pull you into the tiring and stressful karmic movement. Just calmly observe, and even if you are the center of the attention in these karmic movements, remain calm and focused.

Any movement that indicates that you are “on the same track” will end up prolonging your stay in this karmic process.

Breathe, let go. Give yourself this release. You are ready.

Soul Consciousness

Soul Consciousness

Release the Old Karma

As we have said, this may be happening very intensely for most, but understand that this is a request of yourselves, so that you can overcome certain limitations that have prevented you from moving forward more quickly. Be sure you are getting all the support from the cosmos for it to be.

So do not despair or think you are alone in this process, the more it seems that your life is definitely turning upside down and that those close to you are about to drive them mad, it means that a great liberation is happening, just allow it to be.

There is nothing wrong with you. Just plain and simple, you are incredible souls who have given themselves the opportunity to be in a wonderful event throughout the cosmos, and have accepted to pass on and release certain situations, to move forward quickly and to help those around you, with ever more efficiency and power.

That is why it seems to you that “all the problems of the world are upon your shoulders”. In reality, every opportunity is being given to you, to be the Light will enlighten and guide those around you in Peace.

And, of course, no, absolutely, big no, the “problems of the world” are not on your shoulders. But at first you can feel the weight of the immense responsibility you have assumed. And why did they take over? Well, dear family, You are simply the most powerful souls in the galaxy. SThis is it, and for this we admire you.

We are with you; Know this, always.

We are here, right here, with you!

We are your Family. We are the Pleiadians.

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June 8 2017

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June 1 2017

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