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The Great Quantum Transition - Reformat - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Lev

The Great Quantum Transition


From 3D To 4D And 5D

Reformat – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev


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How come nothing is happening to the EL-ites. Every month they just sail clean, gain a few billion, say a few things about totalitarianism, reveal new laws that throw us in prison if we say we don’t like something, flow more invaders into white populated countries. Weird that.

Diamond Black

24/06/2024 at 19:58, Reformat - From 3D To 4D And 5D

DNI is one of the few who publicly references the failure of the 2012-2014 Plan to accomplish the original objective. This is important, as it indicates we are in Plan B and Plan C, which is a cobbled together mess of disparate efforts and events. From 2016 we entered the Great Awakening, which was a more public and inviting effort, less subtle, contingent on exposing what folks call the Matrix.

The issues we have now should be obvious, if we were at percentage zero for transcendence in 2012, those that accessed the process in 2016-2024 are just NOW awakening, they are in infancy, not ending level, as one does not go from 3D to well above in 8ish years, just not possible.

This means how we define what is what now is all but impossible. While working to assist the late comers, we have now taken on the entire responsibility of tackling the releasing negativity systems and monsters on earth, keeping the house we live in alive and viable and also working to assist those who are in meltdown due to a high speed wakeup. At least some of that was to be taken up by Source in 2012, now it is on us.

To add to the chaos, we have those awake, and those asleep, all demanding THEIR version of “New Earth” be the version we all see. One has us all with 100m dollars in our NESARA accounts, one has us hanging folks for treason the public square, another demands Jesus arrive, and another…. etc. etc. etc. Every. Single. Person. Has a vision. It is a complete madhouse, where the two giant diverging realities exist at the same time, yet neither have any connection to each other anymore.

Post 2020-2023 Source Created Choice sequence gives an even more complicated situation to deal with. With some 70% of the population, at least, having chosen the Fear Reality via those choices given, we now find ourselves wondering how to honor their choice to move “down” and still be the guides to everyone as a whole without choosing a side.

This is way more than most bargained for, the events, the energies, the realities are moving so fast and at least some are here: The Past seems irrelevant entirely, the Present seems as if it not real, the Future makes no sense at all from this vantage point. Even more strange, staying in anything but the immediate now feels awful, yet the immediate now feels a different kind of awful, isolated, distant, insecure. Words of wisdom? Not really, just observations.


24/06/2024 at 03:01, Reformat - From 3D To 4D And 5D

I wish I had some words of wisdom, Splintered, your words very accurately describing the state in which many of us find ourselves, no guidance and the old wisdom no longer applies, even the present feels a bit isolated as you stated it so eloquently…I often wonder how come in many non-dual teachings, there is no mentioning of politics, they simply see the game… at play as all Maya… all illusion… again…a fine line between being everything… And being the nothingness we all call home… and in between our life flows as the wise man said it.

There is a great deal of fantasy tales… out there … in the very sites that proclaim change… I have close friends who expected in 2012…the shift… the long awaited one… who knew… who feared the worst and their defeat was almost unbearable. I feel about the same energy at the moment… where it could almost go either way. And as Diamond Black states as well, these parasites, are by definition, almost impossible to annihilate… who is to say, they will not continue to exist in other forms, even if they lose this precious stronghold here on Earth. They are not going into the night silently or without a fight , that is for sure… disclosure alone, is not going to save anyone, the lifting of the veil I fathom will not come ” with a bang… but with a whimper” as T. S. Elliot put it.


27/06/2024 at 01:37, Reformat - From 3D To 4D And 5D


New, more powerful SYSTEMIC energies that Co-Creators began to direct onto 3D Earth speeded up dismantling of the entire NAA, Darks and Grays’ infrastructure, stubbing all their strongholds and power sources on the Subtle Plane. The same quantum flows, orchestrated by the planets and stars’ stelliums (see – July Octaves, DNI, 28 July 2024), accelerated restoring our DNA to the primary cosmic state and it goes further. Disclosure News not once brought up this subject. Recall the main facts.

DNit Telegram Channel


Reformat - From 3D To 4D And 5D - To Primary Cosmic State

To Primary Cosmic State

Reformat – From 3D To 4D And 5D

Initially, 3D Earth that Yaltabaoth created was lifeless. Humanity in energy form lived at that time only on its thin-material double in 5D. From it, as was defined by Absolute, Co-Creators started relocating part of population on our three-dimensional planet (distorted history of it, the Bible described as the Expulsion from Paradise). To incarnate, a person needed a physical body, made of dense and tight biomaterial corresponding to this low and stiff dimension. Otherwise, he could not exist here, just as our 3D corpus will not survive in 5D.

Co-Creators assigned Pleiadians, the best geneticists of that time in the Local Universe, to create the bio-basis of the human body, and not the form (it already existed). Like other former Grey space races, they went a long and difficult way to the Light Side, and approached the matter creatively. Pleiadians didn’t adapt their DNA to 3D and reprogram its systemic evolutionary codes for our corpus. Instead, they invited various civilizations to develop together the earthlings’ DNA Matrix.

According to their plan, it was supposed to consist of the best genetic material from different space sources and from the very beginning make an earthling Homo Cosmicus. Co-Creators immediately approved this magnificent project. At the first stage, about 30 civilizations participated in its fulfillment, divided into groups: two leading (6 and 12 participants each) and one additional. The DNA Matrix was framed mainly by the first pair, in which the primary donors were the humanoid races of the Pleiades, Sirius, Orion, Lyra, Vega and Aldebaran. The Matrix consisted of twelve spirals with 144,000 genes, each corresponded to one of their maternal space objects, 3,333,333,333 nucleotide pairs, and an ideal cell that could independently generate the life energy and was adapted to the Gray matter, from which the planet was built.

Reformat - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Homo Cosmicus

Homo Cosmicus

Reformat – From 3D To 4D And 5D

The work did not stop there. To gain new experience, the Absolute and Co-Creators decided to let the earthlings go through different evolutionary conditions of Maha Yuga (change of epochs) with a gradual worsening environment. In the Golden Age of Satya Yuga, the DNA Matrix was 100% active. A person could live for thousands of years, as long as he wanted. Levitation, telekinesis, and teleportation were common routines. Then, in each subsequent Yuga, as the stiffening progressed, the Matrix was reprogrammed.

Soon, of the 12 active strands remained 6. Most of the primary genes and 95% of the brain’s capacities were blocked. In the recently ended Kali Yuga, we had only two working physical DNA helices and a minimum of active genes and brain potential. 10 wave spirals were sealed. Darks, Grays and other space races (about 100 in total) were widely involved in genetic experiments. And we lived like this for thousands of years.

In addition to genetics, the Causal and Subtle Human Bodies also were reformed. The original single Light Body was split into chakras, and their vibrations lowered in each Yuga. The unified energy body was fragmented into six shells – etheric, astral, mental, causal, buddhic and atmic, as well with a decrease in vibes. All this led our evolutionary regime to the hardest during Kali Yuga. But that was our Souls and the Absolute’s Higher Plan.

Today, all this is in the past. Now, as we transform for returning into 5D, the original perfection is being actively restored at all levels. It’s for this purpose that Co-Creators are sending more and more powerful high-frequency cosmic flows on Earth. With individual openness and readiness, they increase personal vibrations, unlock and activate dormant DNA strands and blocked genes, gradually unite the chakras into a single energy center, and energy shells – into a single multidimensional body, restore brain potential and cell structure, and much more.

But this is only part of the reformat. In addition to DNA helixes, we also have Causal DNA Matrix. Into it, the necessary systemic information is downloaded, which includes all the basic physical constants of Earth: gravity, light velocity, free-falling acceleration, rotation rate, etc. Such a firmware, taking into account local conditions, is a prerequisite for the DNA of any form of life on any planet.

From Causal DNA Matrix, Co-Creators deleted part of the data about human space donors. The free place was filled with info about man’s incarnations and experiences on Earth, and its torsion-wave component contains entries on entire evolution of the Universe. In total, 666,666,666,666 Monad’s carriers from all over the Galaxy were embodied on Earth. But only 66.6 billion Souls, which have an “earthly residence permit”, i.e. have a multiple sequence of incarnations on our planet, participate in the Quantum Transition. Such a huge difference is due to the fact that many Souls often come to Earth for only one, at most few incarnations to get needed experience for speeding up own evolution.

In the Causal Matrix, some segments of the “founding fathers” DNA remained in a latent state. When activated individually, they serve as communication channels and bio-space Portals. But the functions of this Matrix are much broader – it serves the Monads. To enter 3D for an evolutionary experience, it step-by-step unfolds its manifestation bodies from the highest dimensions down to the third density. The Causal Body, more precisely, its core is the last level, on which it materializes without changes. It can only sink lower by mixing with the Gray matter that Earth and human corpus are made of.

Reformat - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Monad's Manifestation Bodies

Monad’s Manifestation Bodies

Reformat – From 3D To 4D And 5D

Everything that disintegrates after a person’s death is not his primary, i.e. the substance of his matermal Monad. Recall that on the 3rd day the etheric body disappears, on the 9th – the astral and mental, on the 40th – the causal (but not its core). That was the case until recently. This occurs much faster today. All the karma, accumulated during life, after man’s death, fills the above mentioned core. And since the latter is the substance of the Monad, it can no longer take the nucleus back with such a mutation. A person has to reincarnate to work out the karma, which at birth moves back into his nascent Causal Body.

For millions of earthlings who have already moved to 4D and 5D or are ready for it, this is already a passed stage. They have returned to their primary energy form and continue further evolution in it. Those remaining on the transformed Earth need genetics that allow them to live in local clusters with freqs of 3.85D-3.95D (see – Boosting, DNI, 24 June 2024). Restoring the 12-helix DNA Matrix seemed an ideal solution. With a little adjustment, it eases switching from the protein-nucleotide base to a liquid crystalline silicon one. But it turned out that it couldn’t maintain the corpus all the time.

Co-Creators and Pleiadians conducted many experiments to solve the problem. They developed 24-helixes and even 144-strands DNA Matrices, testing them, first, on Lightwarriors and then, on ordinary persons. But were unsuccessful. For life in higher dimensions on new Earth, ONLY a non-helix DNA Matrix is needed. What prevents from developing and implementing it? The new discovered problems.

As noted above, about 100 space races participated in genetic plug-ins. For the most part, their genes have already become an evolutionary brake for us, ballast that is stored in the non-coding “junk” part of our DNA, which makes up 99%. Something else is worse. In our genome, about a THIRD (!) is the genes of the Reptilians civilizations from Lyra, Orion and other cosmic systems. Moreover, all this content is HIGHLY ACTIVE in earthlings. Unfortunately, during the Cosmic Night and Kali Yuga, this was inevitable as prerequisite of evolution and overcoming the Darkness era. Its legacy is a human embryo at the intrauterine stage of development, which has rudimentary signs of a tail, gills, etc. This is the manifestation of Reptilians’ genes in us…

Reformat - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Not Only Observe

Not Only Observe

Reformat – From 3D To 4D And 5D

In addition to physical characteristics, they actively manifest energetically. Repts’ genes produce a huge amount of low-vibes emotions – anger, hatred, aggression, cruelty, greed, envy and other vices that control the consciousness and behavior of many. Embodied on Earth as elite, these cosmic “donors” not only observe, but also run us through their DNA fragments, up to the introduction of wave strains of viruses through which they pump out vital energy and dump their karma and toxic information waste. An excellent vampiric tools at the genetic level. Fortunately, repto-parasites haven’t access to the human reference Causal Matrix. But they don’t need to. They can steer the human genome through their genes, individually and globally, applying different occult technics. But they are all powerless against highly Spiritual men.

With the authorization of Galactic Committee and in agreement with men’s Higher Selves, Pleiadians began a comprehensive individual genetic revision of human DNA and, if necessary, its reformat. It usually occurs at night or in the early morning. The sensations are unusual, so don’t be afraid and panic, this is only for our good. The new 3D human reference DNA Matrix will be updated by new genetic donors. Co-Creators are currently deciding who exactly.

More By Lev

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