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Recycling Ashtar March 2019

Recycling Ashtar March 2019 – 1 of 4

Recycling Ashtar March 2019. By Gabriel RL.

Greetings, Family! It’s good to be here one more time.


Surely some of you are still troubled by the intense movements that are taking place, releasing certain energies to follow your destinies of purification.

You went through a powerful marker. Yes, you crossed even though the apparent feeling of “nothing has changed” them and the tormentors. I know. But wait! Keep calm!

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Recycling Ashtar March 2019 - A storm has just passed

A Storm Has Just Passed

Recycling Ashtar March 2019

A storm has just passed but there are still the winds blowing, a little. Know also that for a long time you carried many immense burdens, and that many times it was not yours.

I will not linger on this message. Not that this is bad, but just because this time you won’t need a long message.

Just know that changes occur and, whether it seems or not, they are occurring in a very profound way.

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They come from the inside out, breaking the surface extremely efficiently. “But, what if I do not see it !?” You could say that.

Yes, most of the time you do not really see it. Do you know why?

Because you are so preoccupied with the change that comes from outside that you do not realize that it comes, silently, from within.

Your minds are so noisy with the outside that the inner is not perceived.

That is why you often make a request to the Universe for the manifestation of a certain thing and do not see this “thing” manifesting externally.

Recycling Ashtar March 2019 - The Change Comes From Inside

The Change Comes From Inside

Recycling Ashtar March 2019

You begin to distrust, then discredit and “throw in the towel“! Oh! It’s always from the inside out… From the inside out… And again I told you in my last message:

Before I finish this part, I want to remind you of my previous message. I said, “In March, you will close a great cycle. The great cycle…

Potential For The Year 2019

Ashtar December 2018

And yes, you are closing. You closed it! And what’s left? There remains the experience and the sheer need to leave behind all that has caused you pain and anguish.

As you continue to do so, looking back again with regrets, you do not realize that you have entered a new cycle and ending up to get stuck in the now nonexistent field.

But because you are mentally very powerful, you can live something so deeply and emotionally even if it does not even exist anymore, isn’t it?

You hold in your mind the scene of pain, suffering, anguish, a sense of helplessness about something, and block the entrance of the new. Of the new cycle.

It is as if you have just emerged from a storm and, instead of breathing in relief, you look for another such situation to digress, again.

It’s like an addiction. But calm down! Do not be angry with me. Your ego is addicted to pain, and you are just beginning to break free from it.

10 Years in 10 Months

Ashtar May 2018

To give you a new task: exact controlled efficiency, in order to make it work efficiently for you. Do not forget! The ego is a tool, a software, and can be reprogrammed. Especially for you.

I’ve been talking about my last posts about 10 years in 10 months.

Here I will also be very objective. How do you think you would be without this acceleration programmed by yourselves? Believe me! You’ve had this amazing experience in the last few months.

There have been many things experienced, don’t you think? I’m sure it has been.

Answer to yourselves.

Ashtar March 2019

Recycling 1/4

Ashtar March 2019

April 2019

Ashtar March 2019


Ashtar March 2019


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