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The Great Quantum Transition - Recovery - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Lev

The Great Quantum Transition


From 3D To 4D And 5D

Recovery – From 3D To 4D And 5D – By Lev

Since the beginning of the year, and especially in recent weeks and days, the unprecedented pressure of cosmic energies increases. But amazingly, they kill some, help others to recover and bring incredible sensations, memories and discoveries. The following testimonies (kept from the first person), out of many thousands, prove it.

Recovery - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Energies Increase

Energies Increase

Recovery – From 3D To 4D And 5D 

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My memory has returned. At first, it was for a couple of hours, and then, only fragments remained. It reminded of how we usually wake up after sleeping. Everything in it seems absolutely real, but soon we realize that it was just a dream, and that our “reality” is here, in 3D. It turns out that dreams are the same lives as this one, in which the Soul also learns and goes through trials, but less important/more virtual than in physical world. In most cases, when we find ourselves in them, we always know what is happening and how, and act completely autonomously inside oneiric scenario until enter a new ones, where everything starts over.

This time it was different. I didn’t wake up from a dream, but from this three-dimensional reality, and went out into a MORE important/LESS virtual multidimensional space. In it, my consciousness expanded to the size of the entire cosmos, although, at the same time, I could be an atom, since the concept of extent simply disappeared. Instead, came a clear understanding that terrestrial life “here and now” is only a moment, a drop from the ocean of lives in which my essence stays. It was impossible to call self “I” this microscopic part of a huge organism, stretching infinitely in all directions, where time never existed in our usual understanding. There was a sole inkling that all life on this planet is nothing more than a short game that we play on the way somewhere so as not to get bored. And at the same time, my feelings were much greater than anything I experienced as a human being.

I discovered my true self in primary reality, where an enormous invisible vortex pulled me mightily. It lifted me up somewhere, which I sensed by the cerebral cortex, neck and whole body. Past me, floated Galaxies, Stellar and Planetary Systems, huge subtle pyramids and fiery entities, holographic Matrix elements and gigantic ships in orbits against the background of dark space… I felt that immensely encoded data was loaded into me, but it was impossible to understand anything, as if an endless ocean of thought was trying to break through the narrow keyhole of my mind.

Recovery - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Endless Immensity

Endless Immensity

Recovery – From 3D To 4D And 5D

Later, it was repeated more than once, but less intensely, accompanied by the commune with the formless substance from which EVERYTHING, including us, is made. I think that’s what people call Cosmic/Highest Intelligence, whose thought-form we all are. During the contact, the air became static, almost solid, in which the vibrations of atoms were visible. I was shown important moments of my life (mostly episodes with loved ones, troubles, losses, disappointments, etc.) and a voice in my head repeated: Do you understand why this was? Did you grasp the significance of it? Otherwise, you would never have learned anything and wouldn’t be a man.

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I started practicing hypnosis, hoping to get answers why all that was given to me. But by hypnotizing dozens of people, I myself never could enter this state due to its blocking. It turned out that in previous incarnations I used such practices to harm others, being a shaman and a black magician, and paid heavily for it.

But one day, in a deep sleep, I again left the Earth’s reality and found myself in a large pink space. In the middle, was a huge bowl filled with white haze. Our entire Universe emerged from it, and I was looking at it from above, hovering next to some entity, which was an architect or the keeper of the Matrix. Then I went up to a higher plane, where our 3D world was created.

I found myself in a dimensionless hub or storage, in the center of which a giant energy vortex pulsated. I couldn’t see where it came from, but it was clear that there were even higher levels, which, as I later realized, form the energy-informational fractal of the Greater Cosmos. The vortex was sentient, possessed super consciousness, and consisted of a countless Souls’ streams. The main part of them (80-90%) spiraled down clockwise, while others (10-20%) went up counterclockwise.

Recovery - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Vortex


Recovery – From 3D To 4D And 5D

Numerous Universes’ clusters were around the perimeter of the hub, staying at different stages of evolution. They were connected in pairs by a jumper and were surrounded by something like dense clouds, which I guessed was astral substance, holding worlds together. After flying out of one such cloud, I entered the central vortex, where got a lot of the new.

There are many Souls on Earth right now, who have been sent to assess the situation on the spot and try to move it in one direction or another. Humanity is not learning and not progressing. One by one, civilizations exterminated selves, trapped in own fears, greed, grudge, hatred, aggression and unwillingness to change anything. Light and Dark Forces on this planet are constantly balancing, that leads to a stalemate and destruction. People survive, but do not live, swimming from one Doomsday to another, each time only by a hair’s breadth avoiding total extinction.

This forced Co-Creators to increase polarization by heightening new energy loads to identify who is who and what everyone on this planet is capable of. It resembles erasing unnecessary files from a hard drive when there is no space left to download new ones, although everything is much more complicated. Currently, on Earth, work the architects of Time and change, who believe that earthlings have earned the right to evolve here and enter new dimension. But a lot of other groups are convinced of the opposite, and think that the experiment has failed, and it’s time to shut up shop.

So far, Co-Creators help those who help selves. The Souls/people that don’t want to develop further (as in previous embodiments) are removed from the planet and rebooted. They lose the memory of some incarnations and accumulated experience, which began to develop negatively. Many will be moved back to the primary levels of consciousness – elementary particles, minerals, plants and animals, depending on the depth of the fall and degradation in this life.

Recovery - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Roll-Back


Recovery – From 3D To 4D And 5D

For a lot of men, the Earth’s new reality became a severe shock and drama. It caused the persistent Soul’s pain, the source of which isn’t comprehended, as if it arises not here, but somewhere else. It’s indeed so. What we are living now is an awakening and return to our Higher Self and multidimensionality, to own primary feelings and their power. In this 3D life concentrated everything that our Soul has not known for centuries and millennia, upgrading in other worlds, connected to us on the principle of unity. No matter how much we whine and are angry that everything is going slowly, and seems to be to no avail, it’s actually our very important and powerful leap forward.

This is not moving tons of cargo, but passing through it. We must wisely and mercifully accept selves and our speed, which is huge. And huge is Co-Creators’ respect, who see that after every knock-down blow, we get up and, despite the pain, stubbornly continue to walk. No matter how events, conditions and circumstances break us, we don’t bend. And the blank 3D walls around us part, crack and crumble.

Until recently, these mures seemed unbreachable, impenetrable and eternal. But today we became different, much stronger, lively, luminous, sincere and open, due to our inner work and blows got in life. They destroyed not only our internal windbreakers, but through us and by us harshly and ruthlessly crushed the 3D System.

Yes, because of the events around us, our Soul’s pain doesn’t go away. It encapsulated all vulnerability, fears, horrors and powerlessness, all our losses and a sense of insignificance. It’s scary to look into and scary to accept. It seems that it will simply smash us. That is why, often, we have a strong desire to take everything back, build and hide self behind walls to calm our heart, which hurts and can’t recover.

Thousands of times, we incarnated in many worlds in different ways. But in this 3D embodiment, we put all its tasks into one, because without solving them, we couldn’t go into higher dimensions. But the strongest pain constantly provokes a part of our consciousness to abandon our plans, although the other part is already ready to take and withstand all the trials that already occur, and require only patience and time.

Recovery - From 3D To 4D And 5D - In Many Worlds

In Many Worlds

Recovery – From 3D To 4D And 5D

With the greatest difficulty we realize that our awakening and healing is already taking place and is continuing in layers. We need to stop waiting, pushing and demanding more and more from selves. We are bursting with endless expectation and tension. They create a giant low-frequency funnel in the surrounding space, which blocks our recovery. The tension is growing all the time, because we crave speed, victory, and their “absence” is killing us. We are pressured by our mission, by the Universe, by people expecting something from us, and by own selves.

There is no need to take such a commitment. What is happening to us now doesn’t relate to our global mission, because, first of all, it’s a mission to ourselves, a voluntary engagement. We must fulfill it, but without inner diktat and eating our heart out. Not whip self for bad and slow work, otherwise hatred and self-rejection will only increase.

When ancient and deep layers of our Soul are recovering, it doesn’t occur at quantum speeds, because the process takes place in physical cells. All our pain is concentrated inside the DNA, coming out and being removed very slowly. This healing requires a lot of patience and courage, love and gentleness, kindness and tenderness to self, the ability to timely relax and switch attention.

Our rebirth is already happening, right now, this night, morning, afternoon, yesterday. The transforming goes on in layers, and there is such density and concentration that if everything were done quickly, we would instantly fall apart. On the other hand, through this change, which is actually rapid, although it seems slow, we recover, gain mastery to run and upgrade self.

It’s not the speed that matters, but the immersion into silence, where the flow is formed, and the stream-lining of feeling. Here, in 3D, we couldn’t do this for millennia, because it was easier and more convenient to stay put, not wake up, and be steered by a three-dimensional Matrix. In other worlds, we were absolutely different, incredibly dynamic and acquisitive of everything new. Today, in 3D, it’s immeasurably harder and more complicated, but we have to keep going through it without impatience and haste, generously sharing our best qualities, making them even brighter, more compassionate and merciful.

In first incarnations on Earth, our heart was wide opened, radiant, gentle and sympathetic, feeling the pain of all worlds. Now, we need to learn anew how to transform pain into the power of love. Not mentally, but deep down, through our Soul, through silence, through closed eyes, when we just lie with hands on heart, breathe slowly and listen to self. And don’t be ashamed of tears for mistakes in the past.

Recovery - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Listen To Self

Listen To Self

Recovery – From 3D To 4D And 5D

No matter how much we call upon Co-Creators to purify our lives full of failure and suffering, no one will do it instead of us. They deeply respect our free will and choice freedom, and only we can and must get out of the cocoons that have built. The most difficult thing is to fully realize and start performing this task. There are several approaches to it that are hard, but very effective. Which ones?

To do exactly what causes the strongest inner resistance. It signals that our psyche has turned on a tough defense, behind which there is some ancient trauma, severe pain, super vulnerability, or huge scare. And it’s there, behind these security doors, our recovery is.

The unbearable Soul’s pain that has accumulated for many epochs and incarnations has condensed to the state of concrete. The horror of betrayal, broken heart, unhealed wounds, shame, fear, pangs of defeats and losses of those we deeply loved, etc., led to a firm decision to permanently isolate selves internally from all traumatic things, turn off feelings so as not to suffer, not to collapse and continue to live. It is this part of us that resists the desperate inner desire to return to our true sensitivity, to an incredibly rich and joyful experience of life.

Recovery - From 3D To 4D And 5D - To Joyful Life

To Joyful Life

Recovery – From 3D To 4D And 5D

To overcome this resistance (which the 3D System instantly and masterly captures and strengths) is necessary not through violence against self, but by very patient and unhurried curing. The most important thing is to understand that we can experience any emotions, live them and let go. But obeying the three-dimensional Matrix, we cling only to low-vibrational states that uglify and kill us, and obediently carry this deadly burden in every our lives. It’s a real BDSM over selves, making forget that everything is in our hands.

What 3D Matrix programs pull us down and keep us in toxic density? There are a huge number of them, but only a few are the main.

Jealousy – destroys family, relationships with beloved, and own personality. Its roots are in constant comparisons and assessments, the division of people into good and bad, and all the rest into right and wrong, black and white, fair and unfair, etc. This often leads to the belief that it’s impossible to love not only others, but also us, because we are not worthy of attention, care, or happiness.

Irritation and anger – difficult to anticipate, as they usually occur when we unexpectedly are provoked from the outside. At such moments, emotions completely turn off consciousness. Outside of this situation, we feel shame or guilt for our taking and reactions that seem very stupid. But it’s the first step to learn self-control, absolute calmness and the ability to find reasonable solutions in conflict situations, staying in love.

Recovery - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Staying In Love

Staying In Love

Recovery – From 3D To 4D And 5D

The program “nobody needs me” causes the feeling that the whole world is against us, and we can’t stay here anymore. To have the most necessary minimum, we must make incredible efforts, countless sacrifices and humiliations. Because of this, we can never relax, afraid to stop in the endless race for success, unable to decide what we really need and what don’t, since we always look at how others are prosperous. Recovery comes through calm service to people out of love for them and accepting ourselves as we are.

And the most important program that the 3D System installed into us is resentment against Co-Creators. We give them a hard bill for the fact that everything on this planet is so shitty. That no one needs our selfless service and Spirituality. That it’s impossible to live and survive here. That our life is a non-stop torture and pain, and they are the only ones to blame for our being here. Therefore, we continue to accuse and do nothing, expecting Co-Creators to admit their guilt and fix everything for us.

Of course, not everyone thinks so. Thanks to the latest events on Earth and in the Local Universe, the discoveries and knowledge that they bring, we perceive the entire world from a new angle, and better check and filter the flow of thoughts on own and foreign, imposed by the 3D System and Power Pyramid. The awareness of our power comes faster, and it’s easier to strengthen it daily, over and over again peeling off the scales of obsolete, old and unnecessary.

As a result, our mood is changing radically. We are more self-confident and strong, because learned to better run self. And if suddenly something negative comes out, we immediately take action. Co-Creators and the deep transformation of the planet have given us a powerful foot for thought, the most needed for our full recovery now.

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