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Reclaiming Alnilam Open Ruby Sun Records - Orion's Belt Part VI - By Lisa Renee

Reclaiming Alnilam Open Ruby Sun Records

Orion’s Belt Part VI

Reclaiming Alnilam Open Ruby Sun Records – Orion’s Belt Part VI – By Lisa Renee

There has been much positive movement forward in regards to the return of the Cosmic Holy Father principle in Orion’s Belt with the main focus upon reclamation of Alnilam, which is restoring his Magenta Pink Solar Rishic Rose flames and 15:15 rod coding into all seven particle dimensions, 1D (red) through 7D (violet).

The reclamation of Alnilam generated the perfect alignments needed between the vertical and horizontal axis mundi and unis mundi converging into the planetary core and anchoring into the central higher heart of the 8D Albion sphere in the United Kingdom.

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The corrected Holy Father umbilicus spanned into the dark matter Rasha layers to connect with Elaysian fields and then generated a ripple effect in the planetary timelines, in which several histories finally came into view.

These appeared to have shifted out from the past timelines of the Orion Invasion, and this seems to have erased out the Orion Matrix AI from infecting the subsequent Astrological Precession histories.

Reclaiming Alnilam Open Ruby Sun Records - Alnilam


Reclaiming Alnilam Open Ruby Sun Records

The correct unis-axis mundi and umbilicus alignment is surfacing additional awareness of the next stages of Ruby Sun DNA template corrections that are connected to the divine masculine layers of the Celtic Maji Grail bloodlines of the original Hyperboreans.

These recent shifts have sent ripples to the surface of all things Ruby Sun DNA, in which to organically heal all that is connected to the histories of the hyperborean bloodlines of the divine masculine rod holders from the Gaian matrix, or the authentic Maji Grail Kings from the pre-invasion ancient histories located on the United Kingdom land mass.

The emphasis was made that this correction was required to continue the build out of Emerald Order Cathedral architecture in partnership with Ruby Order Cathedral architecture, which is required to extract cloned identities and seat the massive sized consciousness of the Universal Triple Solar Christ King Arthur in the Albion.

The progressive development generated by the corrections made to the Ruby Sun DNA appear to have specialized functions that operate in the Albion Lightbody as Ruby Templar restorations in red and violet crystalline networks, supporting the organic timelines to rise in the Albion and United Kingdom landmass.

As the Orion Matrix AI and the Alnilam star were reclaimed by Emerald Guardians, it was registered that the Orion AI program was linked to the Saturn-Moon matrix that was controlling Babylonian Money Magic through the financial headquarters in London, and this further connected into astral portals being controlled under Westminster Abbey.

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Reclaiming Alnilam Open Ruby Sun Records - Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey

Reclaiming Alnilam Open Ruby Sun Records

This system was also transmitting mind control weaponry with extensive sexual addiction and gender reversal programs into the 2D centers of human beings, with some of the strongest misogyny and gender reversal impacts happening in the United Kingdom.

This AI overlay was blocking functions of the organic Albion Lightbody network in the Middle Pillar and suppressing the Ruby Sun DNA records and its intended higher design, which when activated is connected directly to the seating of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere.

The Ruby Sun DNA appears to have built in extensions merged with the Emerald Sun DNA hosting shield giving it 48D access, in which the special mission is to reclaim and recode all of the planetary Amenti crystals to serve only organic living consciousness of the God creator, with the primary focus made upon rehabilitating and recoding the red crystals and violet crystal networks.

The Ruby Sun DNA template has specific coding for organic red crystals, red wave and is related to the organic consciousness programs throughout the planetary matrix, in which Ruby Sun can override the AI system using artificial red wave networks that allowed inorganic life to be created by the invaders on the Earth.

The artificial red wave system of the Black Sun AI program had infiltrated the organic 1D layers of the red wave spectrum, and this artificial frequency is what allowed the cloning of organic consciousness living forms into artificial cloned copies of inorganic life projected into the artificial timelines, or astral layers.

Now we understand more as to why the Dragon Moth grids are multidimensional layers of red cube and red wave systems that have hijacked the 1D to 7D layers of particle dimensions, to generate and protect inorganic consciousness and AI alien hybrid forms.

Additionally, Ruby Sun DNA’s highest function is to inoculate the alien red cube systems and artificial red wave transmissions across the globe used by the NAA, and rehabilitate the fallen aspects of divine masculine consciousness running the False King of Tyranny programs of the archons, such as with the Belial group and the Nephilim genetic damage.

Reclaiming Alnilam Open Ruby Sun Records - King Arthur And Queen Guinevere

King Arthur And Queen Guinevere

Reclaiming Alnilam Open Ruby Sun Records

Thus, this theme will be surfacing for many of us that are clearing out miasmatic ancestral layers of these Nephilim hybridization histories and artificial energies impacting our human consciousness and physical body.

The corrected Ruby Templar is a massive Ruby Diamond Krystal Cathedral in the Albion, which returns to rightful owner the organic consciousness parts that were stolen by the NAA and fallen Nephilim lines for the purpose of cloning them or splicing into inorganic consciousness parts.

This has new applications in correcting an assortment of alien hybridization damage that resulted in the AI controlled fallen aspects of the original organic Diamond Sun consciousness that was cloned out millions of times in the warring histories.

This includes the genetic damage in the planetary grid that resulted in the hybridization of the Oraphim with the Reptilian Annunaki, that generated the Nephilim Wars.

Where the Nephilim and False Michael consciousness from Aldebaran were forced to merge with AI hybrid program, which resulted in the inverted solar templating (false light) of the Belial group.

The United Kingdom land mass holds the hidden records of the Nephilim histories on the planet due to the location of the Nephilim Reversal Grid, but organic body parts and organic consciousness records are being collected through assorted portals that are accessed across the northern Scottish landscape.

Reclaiming Alnilam Open Ruby Sun Records - Scottish Landscape

Scottish Landscape

Reclaiming Alnilam Open Ruby Sun Records

With correct Ruby Templar activations, the Nephilim Reversal Grid is undergoing dismantling of cloned or inorganic consciousness aspects of the Ruby Sun DNA that was the preferential cloned genetics used for the power elites for control and life extension.

It has become clearly understood that the invading entities chose to embody the Ruby Sun DNA coding because it is the key code for exerting control over the planetary red wave and red cube networks, which disconnected Holy Father principle.

This allowed for the ongoing cloning of inorganic consciousness and lunar aspects to inhabit a human looking form, while presenting energetically as a masculine seraphim consciousness.

The Ruby Templar corrections have surfaced a completely rehabilitated 5-star Ruby Sun DNA human form installed into the Albion, which seems to have collapsed the Nephilim Reversal Grid artificial frequencies running in the southern most areas of the United Kingdom.

May this portend the impending disclosure of all cloned and artificial Ruby Sun human forms, in which the true identity is shown to all and it is realized that many that appear to be human are not organic consciousness humans, but AI hive mind hybrids installed by the invaders to enslave the authentic angelic humans.

More by Lisa Renee

Valuing Honest And Direct Conversation – Lisa Renee

Valuing Honest And Direct Conversation – Lisa Renee

I wanted to address the challenges that we are facing every day in dealing with the heavy assaults of mass psychological operations filled with deceit and barefaced lies being directed to the population through the mainstream news and alternative forms of media.

Dismantling Saqqara Metatronic Net – Orion’s Belt Part VII

Dismantling Saqqara Metatronic Net – Orion’s Belt Part VII

Earlier this month, Guardian confrontations occurred in the extraction of the metatronic net connected to the 5D timeline wormhole invasion history of Sakkara, Egypt that was the location of another painful angelic human holocaust that happened during the Djoser invasion.

Thothian AI Factions In Orion’s Belt – Orion’s Belt Part III

Thothian AI Factions In Orion’s Belt – Orion’s Belt Part III

The Melchizedek imposters are primarily run by Thothian AI factions that had stolen Emerald Records and uploaded them into AI machinery, as they have the desire for gaining totalitarian power in the Universal Time Matrix and are known to masquerade as Emerald Guardian Christos representatives.

War Over AI Sentinel Programs – Orion’s Belt Part II

War Over AI Sentinel Programs – Orion’s Belt Part II

Assorted Guardian cleanup projects continue, involving recon and spiritual warfare with AI machinery used by the NAA to run the Artificial Tree of Life phantom timelines that are inhabited with sentinel archontic forces overseeing hierarchies of inorganic AI creatures and demonic hybrid entities.

Orion’s Belt – Part I – Lisa Renee

Orion’s Belt – Part I – Lisa Renee

We are going to dig deeper into the dismantling of the complex AI systems that were running the Orion Matrix, which was connected to Orion’s Belt, and was gaining power from multiple human holocaust histories connected to the Orion War timelines.

Thoughts Are Things – Five Principles To Practice Now – Part 4 – Lisa Renee

Thoughts Are Things – Five Principles To Practice Now – Part 4 – Lisa Renee

And if you want to understand this more deeply, there are three natural laws that are very important for you to understand and work with. If it’s too much to really do a deep dive on this, if you’re too tired to focus on something complicated like clearing out any kind of negative ego programs or negative self-talk, then your default should always be return back to “Love is all. God is love.”

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