Rebel - Against The Herd Mentality

Rebel – Against The Herd Mentality

Rebel. By Teri Wade.

Are we living the way we want to live or are we living the way others want us to live?

It’s your choice but is your choice based on your decisions alone or decisions brought on by society?

Are you acting out of your conscious will or because of societal conditioning?

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You look around and you see so many people depressed because they’re being suppressed through programming and societal conditioning.

Many think acceptance comes by conforming to society and that’s a sickness in this 3D reality especially if the society is set up for conscious suppression.

So, there should be no question the immense amount of depression and psychological suicide we’re seeing in today’s world.

The fear of embracing ones individualism is an example of a society controlled by fear. It’s sickening and quite sad what has been done to our psyche.

Rebel - Herd



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The lives of the human race is like a slow torture bending and conforming to a program that is designed to crush our higher consciousness, our higher awareness.

What is the point of living this way, it’s meaningless and utterly stupid.

We are so much smarter than this.

We are now looking for a different way to live. A way that brings us peace, freedom and a different state of mind that brings contentment instead of fear and instability.

We need a shift in consciousness that creates an existence full of beautiful moments and a life truly worth living.

The first thing we need to do is rebel against the herd mentality and distance ourselves from anything that is imprisoning our minds and filling our souls with toxic energy.

This Awakening that’s happening is giving the human race the courage to say no to the shackles of this debilitating program we’ve been under since birth.

What’s happening is we are turning our backs to the herd and critical thinking starts to take place.

Your way of thinking slowly stops being influenced by the herd and you start using your reason more and this does wonders to your intelligence.

Most people don’t think for themselves instead they let others do the thinking for them.

They are blinded by belief and follow without doubt, they lose their ability to critically think.

When you break out of this programming and drop your social mask you become much wiser.

In the society we are living hypocrisy prevails everywhere.

People lie to one another constantly just to be excepted by the mob but the cost is psychological suicide because acceptance of yourself is a major reason you’re here.

Because, if you don’t like who you are what is the point being liked by others for who you are not.

When you don’t suppress yourself you will feel a level of freedom you’ve never felt before. You will feel a responsibility to you, not everyone else.

Remember, self responsibility and freedom go hand-in-hand.

So many like to throw responsibility away from themselves and make others responsible for their lives. So when things go wrong with their lives they have someone to blame.

Rebel Herd

The first thing we need to do is rebel against the herd mentality and distance ourselves from anything that is imprisoning our minds and filling our souls with toxic energy.


This is a major reason you see so much of humanity believing in saviors and now you can see why religion has such a psychological hold on so many.

Very dangerous… because the herd always relies on a good shepherd to take care of them.

But, a rebel doesn’t let anyone dictate to them how to live.

This is what the Awakening is all about.

Breaking free from religious and societal programming is a very hard thing for many but it’s going to happen to everyone, no matter what…

It’s up to you how hard you make it on yourself.

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