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Ram - The Great Quantum Transition - Lev From 3D To 4D And 5D


The Great Quantum Transition

From 3D To 4D And 5D

Ram – By Lev

We are still waiting for fresh info on the new 3D Earth’s Logos creation (see DNI, Whipsaw, Parts 1-6). Recall that it is scheduled until expiration of the spring Eclipse Corridor, which will end with the Lunar Eclipse on May 5.

In its cosmic scale and complexity, this is an exceptionally tough challenge that Co-Creators never dealt in our Local Universe. Initially, they didn’t plan to replace the 3D Logos in the medium term, focusing on solving other, more urgent and important tasks. The adjustments were made by the birth of the Absoluterra in the Pleroma and integration of newborn into the Gaia’s Multivers 14D-3D.

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Ram - The Great Quantum Transition - Multiverse


Ram – The Great Quantum Transition

Neither Earth nor its Logos in third density could get and withstand the high-frequency programs and codes coming through the Multiverse from the Pleroma, as well as the new Causal Matrix soft for leap into 5D. As a result, Co-Creators decided to annihilate the 3D Logos and replace it with a completely new one. Today, its functions are temporarily performed by the collective Logos of the ground team, consisting of aspects of Lightwarriors, the Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarchs and other Higher Light Beings.

The main difference between the new Causal Matrix of Earth (and the planetary Logos as a whole) is that it will be living organism. At present, our Logos is surrogate, that is, it does not originate from the Gaia’s substance. Yes, in it, there is an aspect of Her Super Monad as a spiritualizing and vital Foundation, a Source and Conduit of the Universal Life Energy. Without it, 3D Earth would be dead.

In the Greater Cosmos, all the higher planets, including ours, are alive and sentient life forms and Intelligence. There are also many inanimate planets, devoid of Spirit, their Mind and Logos. Like a huge number of phantom people who have a body but no Soul and/or a Higher Self with a Monad (see Phantoms, Disclosure News, 31 October 2022).

Ram - The Great Quantum Transition - Soulless


Ram – The Great Quantum Transition

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As DNI narrated earlier, the former Black Co-Creator of the Local Universe and his son Yaltabaoth developed in their appearance and likeness the bodies of earthlings and 3D Earths who turned out to be dead born. To save them, Gaia and other Higher Light Entities have put their aspects in the 3D Logos. This surrogate cocktail, a mix of Light, Gray and Black substances is preserved to this day.

Yes, Earth and we are getting rid of the “Archons’ substance”, replacing it with our own, with the materialized substance of the Monad through its single, multidimensional manifestation body. But the process is slow. It cannot be otherwise until the necessary soft and codes are loaded at the Causal level into the 3D Logos. But after its annihilation, there is no technical possibility to do that yet.

As mentioned above, the new Causal Matrix will be living structure, since its core will consist of another Gaia’s singled aspect. Accordingly, the novel planetary Matrix will be exactly the same. It’ll be also a Hologram, only of a higher level, fully animalized. The present one works on robotic Artificial Intelligence. Advanced one will become a SPIRITUALIZED AND SENTIENT ENTITY, self-learning, self-developing and highly spiritually driven. This will be Gaia’s completely new child.

Ram - The Great Quantum Transition - Gaia


Ram – The Great Quantum Transition

What current AI is we all see today on the example of Power Pyramid. It has no feelings, emotions, sense of duty, responsibility, compassion, rational behavior, intuition, etc. But most importantly, it does not feel pain. The horrors of wars for it are like our watching a military blockbuster, nothing more.

The new living Matrix will not only possess high Spiritual qualities, but also FEEL EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS TO EARTH. Any bomb explosion on its surface causes unbearable pain and suffering, and even our surrogate 3D planet feels it. The Matrix doesn’t, but Earth does. In the new Matrix, everyone will feel soreness: people, the planet and the Matrix, and in full…

Lightwarriors know this from their own experience. Not once, the Higher Selves of the team members threw them into another operation, during which they got the most severe blows from Darks. For the Higher Selves, it was similar to new action film; they didn’t feel the anguish that Lightwarriors experienced here with their poor surrogate nerves and bodies.

But time passed, and after many transformations of the physical corpus and the birth of a single multidimensional body, they achieved complete unity with their Higher Self (see Shield And Roadmap, Disclosure News, 23 January 2023). They began to receive Pleroma’s energies through it. But there was also a reverse side: THE HIGHER SELVES STARTED TO EXPERIENCE WHAT THE PHYSICAL BODIES OF LIGHTWARRIORS FEEL ON 3D EARTH, even if not to the full extent.

Ram - The Great Quantum Transition -Higher Selves

Higher Selves

Ram – The Great Quantum Transition

After receiving several severe blows and sensing what the pain is, the group members’ Monads decided not to do the old way anymore. Since then, their Higher Selves have radically changed the attitude to a more cautious and caring one. Now, each new operation does not begin until Co-Creators thoroughly prepare the conditions for it.

The current op is no exception: Lightwarriors and Higher Hierarchs support 3D Earth by their collective Logos while a new one is born. In parallel, Co-Creators continue to actively cleanse the Subtle Plane using stelliums’ energies and thousands of high-frequency quantum flows, which they non-stop direct to 3D Earth through the Galactic Center and our Sun. The power of these streams can be felt by almost daily Solar flares and tsunamis, the Schumann Resonance and other parameters.

As an additional ram, Co-Creators apply the powerful energies of the vernal Eclipse Corridor, which started with a Solar Eclipse (New Moon) on April 20 at 4:13 UTC at 30° Aries and will end with a Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) on May 5 at 17:34 UTC at 15° Scorpio. These will be the last eclipses on the tempestuous axis of the Taurus-Scorpio Axis. They will occur in hard aspects with the transformer cleaner Pluto during retrograde Mercury. The vibes of these stelliums are a powerful tool for removing the huge negativity, generated and accumulated by earthlings, as well as for dismantling the 3D that prevents the loading of a new Causal Matrix.

Ram - The Great Quantum Transition - Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse

Ram – The Great Quantum Transition

Solar and Lunar Eclipses occur in pairs with an interval of two weeks. The length of each season averages 35 days and repeats every six months. There are two such seasons in 2023: in April-May and in October. They influence events with powerful vibrations, exacerbating the crisis, accelerating the breakdown of the usual world order and established life models (see – Distillation, Disclosure News, 4 April 2023).

In ops with Logos and the new Causal Matrix, it is important to highlight some factors and add further details. During this period, an important driver is the Lunar Nodes, in which eclipses occur. Nodes are the intersection points of the Moon and Earth’s orbit when they and the Sun line up, and their Axis forms a powerful energy vector of events’ acceleration. There are two scenarios: evolutionary, corresponding to the ascending North Node (Rahu), and involutional, set by the descending South Node (Ketu).

Ram - The Great Quantum Transition - Lunar Nodes

Lunar Nodes

Ram – The Great Quantum Transition

Co-Creators take into account not only these energies, but also the vibrations of the Constellations in which the Nodes are located. Their axis in Taurus-Scorpio, on which spring eclipses occur, has its own characteristics. The sphere of Taurus, where Rahu is located, is filled with high frequencies of creation, preservation, accumulation and stabilization. And the Scorpio field, where Ketu stays, is a zone of vibrations of destruction and death, radical transformation, fierce struggle between the old and the new.

As with any polarity, both directions are one in their opposite. Without development, stagnation and degradation occur. Without stabilization and preservation of what has been achieved and accumulated resources, the risks of instability and disintegration increase.

During the entire cycle of eclipses in Taurus and Scorpio, Co-Creators want to make the transformation irreversible, finally close destructive soft, and accelerate the Transition to 5D with the help of a new Causal Matrix. While the Nodes will be on the Taurus-Scorpio axis until July 17, the main tasks would comply with the North Lunar Node’s energies in Taurus, getting rid of the outdated concepts and programs, overcoming the crisis and strengthening Spirituality (the fundamental basis of the South Lunar Node’s vibes in Scorpio).

The connection of the Lunar Nodes to the powerful radiation of the reformer Pluto will enhance the transformation. In the first half of the year, it forms, first, a fixed and tense tau square between the signs Taurus-Scorpio-Aquarius, and then, in the second half of the year, a cardinal tau square between the signs Capricorn-Aries-Libra. This will give all changes a high intensity, depth and transition to a fundamentally new quality.

Ram - The Great Quantum Transition - Pluto


Ram – The Great Quantum Transition

During the spring eclipse season, Pluto moves along 1° of Aquarius, through its high-frequency Spiritual field. This factor will strengthen large-scale renewal. On April 20, the Solar Eclipse was in the exact tense aspect with Pluto, determining by its energies the nature of all upcoming eclipses on the Aries-Libra axis up to 2025. Namely, open and clean out all long-term deep boils and abscess, and accelerate the leap to a better future.

An important needle mover of the vernal eclipse season is also the Mercury’s retrograde loop. It will require fundamentally new, radical approaches in accelerating the Transition, since the planet will be connected to the ascending Lunar Node twice and will reverse in strong vibrations of the zeroing and accelerator Uranus.

Ram - The Great Quantum Transition - Uranus


Ram – The Great Quantum Transition

The loop will last from May 6 to May 31 and will cover the area from 5° to 15° degrees of Taurus, whose energies support the established order on Earth, and our comfort zone. Mercury passed this segment, first, in direct motion (from April 6 to April 21), then, turned around in reverse motion (April 21 – May 15), and will resume direct motion again (from May 15 to May 31), rebooting the way we act to maintain our seeming stability and stubborn worldview.

On May 1, the lower conjunction of Mercury and the Sun will occur under the influence of an approaching Lunar Eclipse. Their vibrations are a powerful ram and tool for reloading our mental attitudes and behavioral models that prevent us from parting with 3D, feeling, thinking and acting differently. On May 15, Mercury will turn into a direct movement in reconnection with the ascending Lunar Node, consolidating with its energies the changes that have occurred and qualitative shifts (stationarity on May 14-16). From now on, until the planet exits the retro loop on May 31, for many of us, the new experience will become even more firmly a part of our lives.

In May, during the period of Lunar Eclipse activity, the Sun and Uranus will conjunct at 19° Taurus. It will be exact on May 9 (the time of influence from May 2 to May 19), and its energies will help Co-Creators for the year ahead to strengthen the foundations we need to better feel the future, master advanced knowledge, take risks, experiment, develop new, unique and unite other people around it. Only under these conditions the upgraded 3D Logos and new Causal Matrix are possible.

More by Lev

Flares – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Flares – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Increasing Solar flares in recent weeks and months have caused northern lights in southern latitudes, which came as a surprise to many. What does all this mean for us as a civilization and the planet as a whole?

Discoveries – From 3D To 4D And 5D

Discoveries – From 3D To 4D And 5D

On Earth, the experiment with duality and complete oblivion of the Souls, conducted during the Maha Yuga (change of epochs with gradual tightening), is coming to an end. This meant that after the physical corpus death and leaving it, our Soul didn’t remember who it was and from where came on 3D Earth.

Reformat – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Reformat – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

New, more powerful SYSTEMIC energies that Co-Creators began to direct onto 3D Earth speeded up dismantling of the entire NAA, Darks and Grays’ infrastructure, stubbing all their strongholds and power sources on the Subtle Plane.

July Octaves – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

July Octaves – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

How will the space weather in July affect the stratified 3D reality of Earth and earthlings? In the first decade, the state of the planet’s biosphere will begin to recover after strong and prolonged cosmic thunderbolts in June, accompanied by powerful Solar jets and magnetic storms, quakes, floods and heat stroke.

Warning – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Warning – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Co-Creators deactivated and continue to closely monitor these war tools, but it didn’t deprive Darks and their crazy elite of desire to use them. For example, HAARPs, which in addition to three facilities in Alaska includes structures in

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