Raids in Caves and Other Important Information

Raids in Caves and Other Important Information

Message from the Pleiadians

Raids in Caves and Other Important Information. By Sementes Das Estrelas.

The Pleiadians report that the more Light is expanding on the surface of the Earth, the more revolt movements of those who do not accept and/or understand the Light manifest.

It is an understandable phenomenon, since the dark need to be exposed and later be involved/integrated in the Light.

They also say that with this, of course, many frontline Lightworkers may conflict with themselves, since your own deeper shadows, of course, will come to the surface.

This should be no cause for concern, as it is an invitation to an even greater connection with the higher planes of the Light and to call upon the angels who help you in these times, to help in these intense phases of catharsis and renewals.

The Pleiadians also say that more reinforcements have come around the Earth to ensure even more safety as the Protocols of Light are activated and set in motion so nothing will prevent the necessary advance.

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They say that there is great agitation in the inner Earth, where Armies of the Light are becoming far more determined to come to the surface and put an end the actions of those who work with the forces of darkness.

Of course, these Light Soldiers will not come to the surface unless they are safe to do so, with the plasmatic threats removed, and no human being directly subjected to retaliation. Scalar weapons are being deactivated, as more and more the Light imposes the Freedom Code. (See Cobra Operation Mjolnir)

They are saying that they expect some resources to be released already in this year 2018, if everything goes well, and with the surface humanity cooperating, positively, with thoughts and actions.

Rock Engraving

Rock Engraving

Raids in Caves and Other Important Information

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Cobra Operation Mjolnir

Cobra Operation Mjolnir

Raids in Caves and Other Important Information

Again they reinforce the need for self-support and unity among the Lightworkers. This will become increasingly obvious when a Lightworker attacks another, in this case this attacker was “caught” by the old order and unfortunately fell into some traps.

They seriously emphasize the need for unity among all those who have committed to the Light and emphasize that special protocols can only be followed when a specific Energy Momentum is achieved.

They remind us that situations like the one seen in the last days, when the forces of darkness tried to destroy Hawaii with a missile, only happen when there is an energetic support acting on it in some way.

The Solution ... Work United

The Solution … Work United

Raids in Caves and Other Important Information

Certainly, masses on the Earth has already reached a coefficient of Light that ensured that such action could not be completed. But the shooting happened, and they again call the Lightworkers to seriousness and even more commitment to the Forces of Light, because when you waste time fighting each other, energy for the sake of the Light is wasted.

And those who still try to stay in power know very well how to take advantage of these energies of internal conflict, especially among the Lightworkers.

They ask that whenever they see Lightworkers being attacked by anyone, do not support these movements with comments on your social networks or in any way.

Stop, breathe and send good energies to the dissolution of the negativity that tries to install itself.

They say more: a rage of one Lightworker against another and/or against anyone in general is enough to trigger an agent of the dark forces to start a negative movement across the Planet, such is the energy generated by a Lightworker. And how the agents on the other side benefit from it!

Finally, they also report that several caves around the world are being visited and searched by the Star Fleet.

In recent weeks, several reptilian, draconian, and grays have been taken aboard the Light’s mother ships.

They hid, as they knew they could not leave the Planet and did not wish to cooperate with the Plans of Light.

They have been gently invited to leave the caves, and about 90% of them cooperated with the Warriors of Light who came to get them.

Reptilian Artist Concept

Reptilian Artist Concept

Raids in Caves and Other Important Information

Search and cleansing actions of various physical sectors of the Planet are occurring now and will continue until the entire Planet is completely free of any stellar beings who have no intention of cooperating with the Planetary Ascension.

There is nowhere that cannot be seen. No physical, plasmatic or etheric being can hide, if this is his intention, they will soon be found and invited to come out from their hiding place.

Beings mentiioned above were captured in caves in areas such as Ireland, Finland, Norway, French Alps and Indonesia.

Work continues!

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