Quick Major Cosmic Energy Update!

Quick Major Cosmic Energy Update!

Quick Major Cosmic Energy Update! – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali.

With the “Super Full Moon Eclipse” occurring in a few days on May 26th, and with the height of the Mercury Retrograde happening from May 29th to June 22nd, and with the “Total Solar Eclipse” on June 11th (or 12th according to time zones), and with Saturn retrograding for five months beginning on June 2nd, and with the Vibrational Frequency and amplitude (“Power”) of Earth/Gaia fluctuating daily— cosmic energetics are magnified in intensity.

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Also, from May 17th to May 22nd, the “Pleiades” star system is in alignment with the Sun of our galaxy which is bringing in powerful LIGHT codes that are offering elevated levels of consciousness and healing currents.

The potency of this alignment will last throughout the spring and summer in the Northern Hemisphere (or autumn and winter in the Southern Hemisphere).

This alignment will occur again in November. The “Pleiades” is comprised of thousands of stars, but of this massive number, seven of them are intensely bright and are known as the “Seven Sisters”.

They are surrounded by a blue plasma-like haze.

These stars were created by SOURCE approximately 175 million years ago and are 440 light years from our planet.

The alignment is occurring in the northwestern sector of the constellation of Taurus.

With all of this energy streaming throughout our galaxy and into our planet, many people are experiencing feelings of anxiety, profound fatigue, difficulty sleeping at night, back and neck pain, dizziness, and a strange sensation of being stirred-up in their nervous systems as if they are in an emergency situation—as if they are awaiting some exciting news.

Quick Major Cosmic Energy Update! - Pleiades


Quick Major Cosmic Energy Update! 

Constant reassurance of what is occurring is seemingly becoming increasingly necessary.

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Whenever such a “Cosmic Energy Conference” is happening and planets are “meeting” with a serious “agenda” like what is described above, human physical vessels, mental states, and emotional settings are roused-up and amplified.

Humanity questions what is occurring around them relative to rules, regulations, laws, and even a questioning of spiritual messages which seem to be filled with fantasy as if some talented writers, directors, and producers have created a very interesting science fiction movie or television program.

It is time for a re-stating of what is being discussed by many Scientists and Mystics—this is a “NEW NOW”.

Quick Major Cosmic Energy Update! - Cosmic Energy Conference

Cosmic Energy Conference

Quick Major Cosmic Energy Update!

Although we enjoy old science fiction movies and television shows for their scripts and special effects, much of what they brought to us, whether the writers, producers, directors, actors, or actresses realized it or not, was in many ways a message about the truth that was to come.


There is nothing new in this.

This has been occurring for thousands of years, and ancient scriptures have revealed this.

However, most people choose to ignore what they cannot process logically or resonate with from the perspective that everything that happens must have a clearly understandable reason.

Heads up! S


LIGHT is literally zooming to our planet with such intense velocity that the space/time continuum is rapidly moving like a ship at warp speed.

We are being allowed a different level of consciousness—a new dimension—of our own choosing as the planet and the entire galaxy, as has been discussed previously, soars through the Photon Belt.

Quick Major Cosmic Energy Update! - A New Now

A New Now

Quick Major Cosmic Energy Update!

We will eventually acclimate to the “NEW NOW”, but it will take some “time” in the human perspective of time sequencing.

However, the message is to not delay in connecting to the HIGHER SELF for knowledge and guidance because it holds the key to “grounding” and releasing all that is not serving individual or collective elevation.

Old emotional trauma issues, for example, which have held (and do still hold many) people captive in terms of wanting revenge for perceived oppressive circumstances must end.

In truth, most often people attract the experiences that are festering as electrical and magnetic vibrational frequencies of thought and emotion within themselves—“As within, so without.”

Thus, think LOVE and think PEACE, then this will attract LOVING circumstances and PEACEFUL existence.

The LIGHT codes coming in are, to employ an oxymoron, “forceful invitations” for everyone to work on their individual thoughts, feelings, and behaviors so that a domino effect befitting the character of a “New Golden Age” is real and not merely a play that is created for brief amusement.

Whatever level of consciousness people choose to have—low and lacking in knowledge or high and continuing to receive Divine wisdom, all of creation is becoming different from its initial beginning “artform”.

DNA is being reformulated; cellular records are being cleared out and new ones provided; every molecule and atom is being re-made. A new “prana” (“life force”) is being breathed into us by “Sacred Winds”.

The symbolic reminders of this process are these: think of an initiation hazing or a labor of re-birthing.

These are not fun, and nobody wants to delve into these experiences on a regular basis; but this is indeed what we are doing because the cleansing and clearing MUST happen.

Quick Major Cosmic Energy Update! - Continuing To Receive Divine Wisdom

Continuing To Receive Divine Wisdom

Quick Major Cosmic Energy Update!

We MUST be made new in order to adjust to the “NEW NOW”.

So, eat fresh veggies and fruits; drink lots of spring water; engage in your spiritual rituals according to your path; wear sacred and calming healing crystals and gemstones; rest and relax as best as you can.

Yes, all of this has been stated numerous times.

However, the cosmos is sending its energetics constantly too. Perhaps they are constant reminders of what is coming.

Thus, we must constantly remind each other of what is coming too— a CRYSTALLINE world of LIGHT.


More by Dr. Schavi

The Still Point – Dr Schavi

The Still Point – Dr Schavi

There is power in stillness. For example, when we pray and meditate, we are quiet and in attunement with THE DIVINE CREATOR—SOURCE. Our planetary home, Earth/Gaia, is often in reverent quietude as “She” makes connections to SOURCE FREQUENCY more powerfully. It is as if “She” too prays and meditates. The day prior to a New Moon is known as the “Dark of the Moon”, and Tuesday, October 5th, 2021, is such a day.

Code Word: Intensity! – Dr Schavi

Code Word: Intensity! – Dr Schavi

The New Moon occurs on Wednesday, October 6, 2021, in the Tropical sign of Libra. Mercury is already in Libra (retrograde), and both the Sun and Mars are in Libra also. Pluto is in Capricorn and will move direct on the same day as the New Moon occurs. Libra squares Capricorn.

Riding The Waves Of The Final Months Of 2021 – Dr Schavi

Riding The Waves Of The Final Months Of 2021 – Dr Schavi

The final three months of 2021 have begun. Seven planets are retrograde. Solar flares and winds range from mid-strength to high levels. Earth/Gaia’s vibrational frequencies and amplitudes soar up and down as cosmic energetics activate “Her” inner and outer fields. “Her” magnetite particles and ours dance in rhythm together.

Sankalpa For Re-Setting Time Lines – Dr Schavi

Sankalpa For Re-Setting Time Lines – Dr Schavi

The Sanskrit term “Sankalpa” translates as “declaration” or “affirmation”. It is a firm announcement to the Higher Self—the Soul—the Divine-Within—that you are choosing to connect with sacred vibrational frequencies which are perfect energies of SOURCE with which we are originally born, but when years of dense frequencies have been experienced, challenging situations can occur that are often not of our own making due to disharmonious thoughts, feelings, and actions—but rather they are orchestrated by certain aspects of humanity who attempt to rival and to manipulate Nature which is the domain of SOURCE and should not be tampered with because there are consequences to pay when this is done.

Earth Human Reception And Transmission Process – Dr Schavi

Earth Human Reception And Transmission Process – Dr Schavi

MAGNETITE is an iron oxide mineral that is naturally found in the human brain and throughout the physical vessel. It serves as an anti-inflammatory agent, helps to soothe aches and pains, is a vitality booster, balances the right and left hemispheres of the brain, balances male and female hormones, is a conduit for advanced analytical thinking, and helps in the connection to spiritual revelatory experiences.

All Is Light! – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

All Is Light! – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

It is now officially autumn or spring in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres respectively. As the seasons shifted, The Sun exploded with two strong “M-Class” solar flares (an “M.2” and an “M.3”), and two coronal mass ejections also soared out into the solar system. Along with these cosmic forces, Earth/Gaia is traveling through a “Helio-Spheric Current Sheet” where opposing magnetic fields are sending shock waves to the planet.

The Balancing Act: The Opening Of A New Chapter Of Perception – Dr Schavi

The Balancing Act: The Opening Of A New Chapter Of Perception – Dr Schavi

High-wire circus performers carefully navigate their performances, and athletes who perform on balance beams do the same. In similar manner, the equinoxes are times of perceived balance as the seasons turn the pages to a new chapter in the “Cosmic Holy Book”. On Wednesday, September 22, 2021, the Autumnal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and the Vernal Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere officially arrive.

The Continually Nourishing Sun – Dr Schavi

The Continually Nourishing Sun – Dr Schavi

Often technological equipment from various space centers will state that solar flares or coronal mass ejections (CMEs) will make a “glancing blow” to our planet and cause minor geomagnetic disturbances called “storms”, especially if the flare or CME (or several flares and CMEs) are not exactly Earth-directed. Sometimes, however, they will brace us for major “geomagnetic storms” if flares and CMEs are helped along by powerful solar winds which may then make a direct hit to our planet.

Visit Sacred Sites With The “God Particle” – Dr Schavi

Visit Sacred Sites With The “God Particle” – Dr Schavi

During the Mercury Retrograde (September 27th to October 18th) in spiritually-elevating Pisces (Tropical Zodiac) and humanitarian-oriented Aquarius (Sidereal Zodiac) with the Full Moon occurring in Tropical Pisces and Sidereal Aquarius to activate a mystical key (September 20th or 21st (based upon time zones), a special journey in super-consciousness can be taken to sacred sites via tuning-in to their energetic frequencies by sending out vibrations from the “God Particle”—the Pineal Gland—situated between the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

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Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.

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