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Quick Healing Ritual With Water

Quick Healing Ritual With Water

Quick Healing Ritual With Water.  By Dr. Schavi M. Ali.

Rituals are sometimes very involved and require that certain special accoutrements be obtained.

However, there is a quick healing ritual that is also very powerful which requires only one very easily obtainable substance – Water!

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The ritual can be done by any spiritual or religious path. The normal physical vessel is over 80 percent water.

Water hydrates our cells, delivers oxygen to our cells, revitalizes us, and assists in moving out toxins. It cleanses every part of our body temple.

It also helps to lower blood pressure, to relax every aspect of the nervous system, and to elevate consciousness because an ancient teaching (which I have often quoted in both my in-person and on-line teachings) is: “The Spirit moves on the face of the waters.

Quick Healing Ritual With Water - Structured Water

Structured Water

Quick Healing Ritual With Water

As most people realize, a person can go for several days without food but not very long without water. It is our most important element for the material earthly realm.

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The word “Spirit” is from the Latin word “spiritus” which translates as “breath“. Our breath, therefore, is life force which in Sanskrit is “Prana“.

SOURCE moves life force thru us and thus we receive the vital energy of SOURCE for this material realm via each breath we take.

Water is, however, actually both material and spiritual. Water increases life force!

Before you drink water from a bottle, cup, thermos, glass, etc., recite into it the following sacred sound three times: “AUM” (also seen as “OM“) slowly and with a long intonation.

This is the mantra known as “Pranava” which is “Cosmic Sound“.

This mantra causes the water to become “Prasadam” or “Healing Substance“. Consequently, its power is strengthened and is more potent.

Quick Healing Ritual With Water - The Spirit Moves On The Face Of The Waters

The Spirit Moves On The Face Of The Waters

Quick Healing Ritual With Water

Some people have reported that after pronouncing this mantra into the water, it tastes clearer and lighter.

Ancient sacred texts say that the DIVINE ABSOLUTE (SOURCE, INFINITE PRESENCE, CREATOR, DIVINE MOTHER, etc.) pronounced this sound and brought all things into being form “Her” vast, watery cosmic womb.

For the material plane, we have the elements earth, air, fire, water, and ether.

However, water is, as stated, both of the material and spiritual realm. The physical womb of a woman is also known as the “bag of waters“.

Thus, WATER is a VERY IMPORTANT element which flows from the ETERNAL LIGHT to the physical vessel – our material body temple.

Bless your water!

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