Questions and Answers with Ben Fulford

Questions and Answers with Ben Fulford

Questions and Answers with Ben Fulford. By BF.

I’m a paid subscriber to your blog.

Thanks for the great work and for standing up for the truth.

I have a few questions I hope you can address.

1.Justin Trudeau is still pushing a carbon tax and seems very much aligned with deep state interests.

Is he going to be a one-term prime minister for Canada?

If what you say is true about Canada managing the U.S. military and financial system after the deep state is taken out, I doubt he’s got the financial acumen to succeed at anything beyond teaching people how to snowboard.

Ben Fulford

Justin Trudeau is just a yes man for the Scottish Rite Freemasons.

His grandfather (Margaret Trudeau’s father) was Lord Sinclair, of the family that founded the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.

When he gets new marching orders, he will change his tune.

In any case, the issue of Canada is separate from the individual named Justin Trudeau.

2. When you talk about the deep state take-down, is it just politicians and plutocrats?

What happens with the media personalities that so vehemently push the deep state agenda?

What happens to news outlets like CNN and MSNBC?

Ben Fulford

When the power transfer is complete, many of the slaves in the media corporations will simply write what their new bosses tell them to.

Many will be fired and arrested, though, because their crimes run too deep.

In the future, we will make sure freedom of the press is never again subverted as it was by the corporate takeover we have experienced since the 1980’s.

3. Along with the super-technology being released, will the new science and physics be taught in schools?

Will we be able to do a Mr. Wizard-like experiment in our kitchen to create anti-gravity or generate free energy?

Ben Fulford

We shall see, but yes, I assume a lot of this will be available for all.

However, much shall remain classified because we do not want everybody to be able to make nuclear weapons or the equivalent in their backyards.

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Ciao, Ben: 

Mi piacciono sempre le tue notizie settimanali. Seguo parecchi altri scrittori che stanno raccontando delle guerre attuali con la Cabala. Ho letto che ci sono stati molti attentati alle basi e alle strutture sotterranee della Cabala, e ho letto che ci sono state guerre spaziali. C’è una ragione per cui le riprese di questi eventi non sono disponibili al pubblico? Penserei che se lo fossero, aumenterebbe il morale di tutti guardando e leggendo di questi eventi. Hai visto qualche filmato? 

Ben Fulford

Ci sono un sacco di filmati di strani eventi celesti e “astronavi” o “UFO” disponibili su Internet. Il problema è che la grafica del computer ora è così buona che non possiamo dire se sono reali o meno. Il mio consiglio è di fidarsi dei tuoi stessi occhi e della tua esperienza diretta al di sopra di tutto.

Detto questo, ho visto l’ingresso nel grande complesso sotterraneo dell’aeroporto di Denver con i miei occhi. Inoltre, più testimoni credibili dicono che la guerra in corso comprende molto più di ciò che vediamo o leggiamo nei media mainstream.

Speriamo presto vedremo tutti meraviglie con i nostri occhi.

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