Quantum Light!

Quantum Light!

Quantum Light! By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

The term “QUANTUM” is defined as the smallest unit of a substance or thing, and the smallest unit of matter is an atom. “LIGHT” is photonic energy particles.

In other words, and for brief explanation, “Photons” consist of “Light” particles.

Thus, “QUANTUM LIGHT” is the smallest unit of photonic energy steadily emitted from the Great Central Sun to the Sun of the Milky Way Galaxy (which is in the constellation of Sagittarius) and then to each planet in the galaxy which includes Earth/Gaia.

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Our physical vessels have been receiving increasing amounts of “QUANTUM LIGHT” for several eons as the double helix of our DNA has been gradually transforming to being multi-stranded.

Like a beautiful sparkling crystalline structure expanding and elevating upwards, our DNA has been expanding and reaching higher vibrational levels. The root (“Muladhara”) of our chakra system (“wheels of light”) to the crown known as the “Sahasrara” (“Thousand-Petaled”) to the “Atman” (“Soul”) which is our connection to SOURCE, the ALL, and which is, therefore, our Super-Consciousness, is “Prana” or “Ankh”—“Life Force”—which is eternal and cannot be destroyed.

Quantum Light- Bhagavad Gita

Bhagavad Gita

Quantum Light!

As Sri Bhagavan Krishna teaches in the BHAGAVAD GITA: “No one can work the destruction of the IMPERISHABLE ONE”.

As we receive “QUANTUM LIGHT”, our “gateway” to the Soul is cleansed and purified, and consciousness upgrades to Super-Consciousness.

Of course, each person’s journey to Super-Consciousness is unique based upon various planetary experiences and how they are thought about through electrical impulses and the emotions engendered via magnetic impulses.

As has been discussed previously, thoughts send out electrical frequencies, and feelings about the thoughts are the magnetic frequency responses.

Then the physical vessel reacts to the thoughts and feelings of experiences.

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Quantum Light- Samskaras


Quantum Light!

The reception of “QUANTUM LIGHT”, however, allows us to think and to feel differently—more spiritually—and thus, we eventually become citizens of “Sattva Yuga”, the “Age of Peace”, which is the “New Golden Age”.

Each individual can step into a personal “New Golden Age” that predates the planetary and galactic ” New Golden Age” when we engage in developing the intellectual and spiritual tools which will uplift us and others therefore demonstrating how LOVE, PEACE, WELLNESS, and PROSPERITY are coming from “QUANTUM LIGHT” and the clearing-away of denseness and the cleansing of toxic “samskaras” (“conditionings” from our own or our ancestors’ past) that the LIGHT does as it also gives illumination.

For some, this occurs swifter than for others.

There should be no judgment in this. Everyone has a “timing device” as to when the upliftment begins and by what process it will do so.

Quantum Light- Super-Consciousness


Quantum Light!

We are all given the invitation to the elevation.

The gifting of SOURCE to us of “QUANTUM LIGHT” has been stepped-up, however, age after age.

Now, in these times of further space exploration, and as the fact that entities from other planets and galaxies have visited Earth/Gaia is becoming more realized, much of humanity, in its acclimation to becoming “Galactic”, continues to experience exhaustion, aches and pains, anxiety, rapid heart rhythms, and other uncomfortable conditions because the “labor” of “re-birth” is challenging.

Earth/Gaia is “re-birthing” too.

“She” is daily being given potent doses of “QUANTUM LIGHT”, and the ups and downs in planetary frequency and amplitude as it receives solar flares, solar winds, plasma waves, and many other activations from cosmic events (even from the movement of a comet through the skies) is testimony to this.

“She” is moving through many “3d” scenes of a humanly-written script of political, sociological, philosophical, “actors” and “actresses” “playing their parts” in a “maya” (‘illusion”) of experiences.

Eventually, the truth that we are of Divine origin will be fully known as higher and higher levels of necessary knowledge are reached.

The Super New Moon in transformational Scorpio in the Tropical Zodiac and in balancing Libra in the Sidereal Zodiac has occurred as of November 15, 2020.

We are all given the invitation to the elevation.

The gifting of SOURCE to us of “QUANTUM LIGHT” has been stepped-up, however, age after age.

Now, in these times of further space exploration, and as the fact that entities from other planets and galaxies have visited Earth/Gaia is becoming more realized, much of humanity, in its acclimation to becoming “Galactic”, continues to experience exhaustion, aches and pains, anxiety, rapid heart rhythms, and other uncomfortable conditions because the “labor” of “re-birth” is challenging.

Earth/Gaia is “re-birthing” too.

Quantum Light- Milky Way Sagittarius

Milky Way in Sagittarius

Quantum Light!

Mars, the planet of action (sometimes aggressive and warlike), is now direct in Aries.

Its squaring of Jupiter (expansion, higher knowledge, beneficence), Saturn (restrictions, discipline, organizational structure, lessons), and Pluto (major transformation, going to the depths of experiences, secrets) all in Capricorn (Tropical Zodiac) and in Sagittarius (Sidereal Zodiac) is still a blueprint for confusion and back and forth thoughts, feelings, and behaviors as collective humanity concentrates on how to move forward in what is being touted as a “new normal” in so many ways. LIGHT is still coming, and it will assist in the decision making process.

Purposefully acknowledging the incoming LIGHT allows acclimation to it to be more comfortable, and so, the ritual of doing this that has been discussed in the past is reiterated here:

  1. Stand with feet slightly apart and hands and arms stretched outwards.
  2. Take three deep relaxing breaths.
  3.  Envision bright SOURCE LIGHT streaming down from the Great Central Sun to the Sun of this galaxy and then to Earth/Gaia.
  4. See this LIGHT soar into your physical vessel from crown to feet. Send the LIGHT down through the floor and deeply into the core of the planet. Doing this outside if weather permits is wonderful!
  5. Continue to breathe deeply and just allow the LIGHT to surround and envelop you for several moments. A mantra for this ritual is: ‘AUM SURYAYA NAMAHA” which translates as “Oh, Divine, I bow to Thy SOLAR LIGHT”. The Sun gives energy to our pineal and pituitary glands, and it also strengthens our bones. Spiritually, it helps us to elevate higher.
  6.  Recite a brief gratefulness prayer from your chosen path or create your own prayer.
  7. Drink a glass of spring water to become “grounded”.
Quantum Light - Teacher of Higher Knowledge

Teacher of Higher Knowledge

Quantum Light!

Continual reminders are given to us that throughout November and December of 2020 and well into 2021, cosmic energetics will be strong, and they will affect the planet and all of creation.

These activations are paramount in “QUANTUM LIGHT” furthering its mission. Try to regularly commune with others who understand this amazing transformational space/time continuum that the galaxy is having.

As we share with each other, we realize that we are not alone. Everyone’s nervous system is stirred-up. If you are a “Lightbringer” who is helping others in specific ways (as a Healer, as a Teacher of Higher Knowledge, as a Spiritual Scientist, as a Counselor, as a Creator of prayer malas or healing oils or healing foods, etc., or as a Prayer Partner, etc.), take time for relaxation and retreat because those who are just beginning to awaken or who are new to certain types of information have a tendency to pull at the energy of those who they deem as being especially talented or gifted.

So, you will need to be able to help them to understand what is happening by strengthening yourself.

Therefore, regularly take spiritual baths with Epsom Salt and essential oils. Wear sacred oils.

Pray and meditate daily at particular times. Do calming exercises. Wear relaxing colors. Write in your journals. Listen to soft music. Wear prayer malas and therapeutic crystals and gemstones.

Stay away from stressful meetings and people. If you must be in the mix of such situations, recite the protective affirmation aloud before you leave home: “I AM BLESSED BY SOURCE LIGHT! LIGHT SHIELDS UP! ANGELS ON GUARD!”

As the numerous holiday festivities begin predicated upon people’s varying religious or spiritual traditions such as Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, etc., let us realize that SOURCE is sending us the “QUANTUM LIGHT” that we need to make the anciently foretold planetary and galactic “Shift of the Ages”.

As has also been discussed before, Pluto moving into Aquarius in the year 2024 is the blueprint for the wide opening door to the “New Golden Age”.

Earth/Gaia will have gone through dramatic changes by that time, and even time warps will be more understood.

For example, the current perception of the speeding-up of time is that a 24-hour day is actually now comprised of only 8 to 10 hours.

A 60-minute hour is only 20 to 30 minutes. A month is only 2 to 2-1/2 weeks. A year is only 6 months.

This is daunting to even attempt to conceive of with only a logical mindset.

Our molecular structures have been sped-up and are continuing to speed-up, and accordingly, we are receiving heat surges and sleep only a few hours each night. So many changes are happening as particles of LIGHT come to the planet at the “speed of light”.


Quantum Light - Carbon To Crystalline

Carbon To Crystalline

Quantum Light!

Ancient Vedic Wisdom

Some time ago, people were interested in acquiring the texts I often refer to in my articles. Thus, for anyone who is interested in detail, here is one of the best companies from which to obtain books about ancient Vedic wisdom. (Click on the image)

Upanishads - Ancient Vedic Wisdom

More by Dr. Schavi

Earth/Gaia Surging With Creative Energy!

Earth/Gaia Surging With Creative Energy!

On Thursday, April 23, 2020, our dear Earth/Gaia has registered a “Power 138” with a total ECC (“Energy of Consciousness Currents”) being “201”! These high spikes in amplitude and in human collective mental electrical frequencies and magnetic emotional frequencies have arrived on the heels of Earth/Gaia experiencing the after affects of several coronal mass ejections (CMEs/plasma waves in the past week which were, as earlier discussed, both cleansing and regenerating via the surges of SOURCE LIGHT.

Heightened Transformative Energetics!

Heightened Transformative Energetics!

For several days, Earth/Gaia has been receiving doses of powerful photonic LIGHT as “Her” tectonic plates have been activated by daily coronal mass ejections which are also plasma waves which come from both inside and outside of our solar system driven thru the cosmos by solar wind streams. As has been already established, human levels of consciousness drive cosmic energetics. For example, all around the world, humanity is stirred-up by the pandemic as citizens are being guided to shelter-in-place in order to flatten the curve of infections.

Intense Healing Currents! Earth/Gaia In A Powerful Reception Of Light Influxes

Intense Healing Currents! Earth/Gaia In A Powerful Reception Of Light Influxes

On Saturday, April 18, 2020, Earth/Gaia registered an enormous energetic of “Power 110” heading towards 200! Thus, the “Energy of Consciousness Currents” (ECC) is VERY POTENT and POWERFUL, even though the “Vibrational Frequency” (the turn on “Her” axis) is approximately a minimum of 7.24 and a maximum of 7.96. In other words, today Earth/Gaia is moving below the ancient 7.83 Vibrational Frequencies to the 7.24 range and then upwards above the ancient reading to 7.96 – a teeter totter of oscillations.

Understanding Higher Truth – Greater Light Approaches!

Understanding Higher Truth – Greater Light Approaches!

For thousands of years according to ancient scriptural teachings, Earth/Gaia and the Milky Way Galaxy have been traveling thru a toxic area of the cosmos which was caused by the destruction of an entire constellation whose former inhabitants were filled with disharmony because of the misuse of their free will. As Earth/Gaia and the Galaxy traversed this area of space, its currents of poisonous energy affected the consciousness (mind), emotions (feelings), and actions of all entities.

Physics And Metaphysics – The Importance Of Spiritual Science

Physics And Metaphysics – The Importance Of Spiritual Science

Since 1964, the Sodankyla Geophysical Observatory in Oulu, Finland has been monitoring neutron activity. In brief, a neutron is a binding energy that holds the nucleus of an atom together. It is actually a type of sub-atomic particle “cosmic wave” – a plasma – like energy current which carries radiation. It also has no electrical charge. For several months, the neutron count has been registered as being “Very High” on Earth/Gaia. In fact, cosmic waves have reached what scientists call a “space age high”.

Quick Healing Ritual With Water

Quick Healing Ritual With Water

Rituals are sometimes very involved and require that certain special accoutrements be obtained. However, there is a quick healing ritual that is also very powerful which requires only one very easily obtainable substance – WATER! The ritual can be done by any spiritual or religious path.

Emotional Comfort During Heightened Frequencies

Emotional Comfort During Heightened Frequencies

As the global “Sheltering-in-Place” continues, Earth/Gaia is experiencing accelerated cosmic energetics which are bathing “Her” in heightened vibrational shards of LIGHT (sharp piercing waves) which is affecting all of creation upon the planet. The “Energy of Collective Consciousness” (ECC) has soared to well over 100 yesterday and today– Saturday, April 4th and Sunday, April 5th. Further, plasma waves, also known as corona mass ejections, are continually “acupuncturing” the planet, and solar flares are bounding into it as well.

The New Galactic Spin: Greater Source Light!

The New Galactic Spin: Greater Source Light!

On April 1, 2020, the Milky Way Galaxy (which includes Earth/Gaia) begins a new “Galactic Spin” which it does approximately every 260 days according to both ancient and modern scientific research. This new spinning on the galactic axis causes a reception of powerful SOURCE LIGHT which clears and cleanses and gives greater illumination to this aspect of the cosmos.

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