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Punchers - The Great Quantum Transition - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Lev


The Great Quantum Transition

From 3D To 4D And 5D

Punchers – By Lev


Somewhere around June 10-11 I have felt immense “oppression” (the only word that I could use for it), but since then things have improved a LOT. It feels like scenarios and even people around me somehow have changed … certain unpleasant situations seem to resolve much faster and more effortlessly. And this gives me a sign, how this changes …

It’s not about removing some “elites” and making arrests … it’s about stepping into your own power. Many false light sources now peddle the half-truths and half lies while their ego speaks from them. All of that simply won’t matter and doesn’t matter in grand picture.


25/06/2023 at 14:46, Punchers

Clicks on the Ads Keep Us Alive 😊

Perfect! Feeling the same thing. Rapid fire. When you regularly manage self the speed at which you shift the external landscape becomes disorienting at first. I keep getting a message that states the abundance is yours when you drop the limiting ego. Let’s go team!


25/06/2023 at 18:59, Punchers

What is your opinion of what happened with the Schumann Resonance in recent days?… In short: you have no idea what happened to the Schumann MRI last Sunday (on 18 June).

daniel paniagua

24/06/2023 at 08:12 and 25/06/2023 at 17:23, Punchers


The Schumann Resonance data’s black-out on Sunday, 18 June 2023 in the US, Canada, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Russia, Lithuania and other countries was caused by confusion (if not panic) due to unprecedented jump of RS up to 190 Hz, which lasted an unusually long time. In addition, there were new harmonics on the chart that have gone beyond the existing scale. On RS monitors, the resonance lines made figures similar to DNA strands.

Punchers - Similar To DNA Strands

Similar To DNA Strands


In recent days, there have often been spikes up to 30 Hz, and then a decline to the usual 8-11 Hz. Against this background, when the indicator soared to 400 Hz in Canada, it seemed to everyone that the Schumann Resonance had gone mad. This has never happened before. The amplitude strength increased significantly, as if someone deliberately switched it from low power to 40 times stronger, and in addition, demonstrated its new patterns on the monitors.

Other causes of surges were the parade of planets on June 17, when Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter, Mercury and Uranus aligned in the Solar System, plus, the eve of the summer solstice on June 21, when Earth was hit by strong Solar storm on 18-24 June.

DNit Telegram Channel


Punchers - The Great Quantum Transition - 5 Planets Aligned

5 Planets Aligned


Energy punching will continue in July, which will also be shaken by powerful high-frequency quantum flows and Solar tsunamis. Stelliums’ emissions will increase the amplitude of swings, sharp ups and downs, which can cause new blackouts of the Schumann Resonance.

The general state of the Earth’s biosphere will radically change several times over the course of days and even hours. The negative impact of the planets will be maximal from July 15 to July 24. Yes, the range of their energies is very wide, from the lowest to the highest frequencies, which increase or decrease, depending on the stelliums’ and our vibes, individual and collective.

Which hardfisted punchers will cause sharp energy swings in July? They are: the the Sun conjunct Mercury; retrograde Neptune; Lilith in Leo; Venus square Uranus; Capricorn Full Moon; Sirius Gateway; Mercury-Pluto opposition; transition of Mars to Virgo and Mercury to Leo; New Moon; Lunar Nodes shift; Mars-Saturn, and the Sun-Pluto opposition; retro Venus; transit of the Sun into Leo; Chiron motion; Mercury conjunct Venus; transition of Mercury into Virgo.

The Sun Conjunct Mercury

July 1 at 05:05 UT, the Sun conjunct Mercury. It will cause a wave of negative radiation that will affect two main areas: communication and finance. Chaos and confusion may increase in work and financial affairs. There can be a lot of problems and negativity in communication between people. There may be misunderstandings at all levels – in marriage, at work. Try not to show your toxicity to anyone on this day.

Retrograde Neptune

On July 1, Neptune is retrograde that will last the whole month. In this movement, under its influence, a radical revaluation of values will continue, getting rid of illusions, a vision of the true background of many events and actions will open. Retrograde Neptune always gives an opportunity for deeper analysis. Those who possess high Spirituality may discover extraordinary abilities for healing, science, and esotericism.

Low-frequency personalities may go into depression, fears, phobias, falling into various fraudulent schemes, addictions, and illusions. The current, third decade of Pisces, although positive, is strongly influenced by the negative energies of Scorpio, which manifest themselves in the form of political manipulation and financial fraud.

As for the high-frequency energies of Neptune, they can be compared to the incubator of the Universe, where, in a retrograde position, the planet bears ideas, dreams and aspirations, ours and of mankind, and then helps to mature and fulfill them during its direct movement.

Lilith In Leo

On July 1, Lilith will continue its direct movement in Leo (until October 3). At the lowest and middle frequency levels, the Black Moon can manifest itself as the most negative actions at all levels of power. But those who are at a high Spiritual level will feel an invisible helping hand in all situations, which will protect them from mistakes, delusions and losses.

Punchers - The Great Quantum Transition - Lilith In Leo

Lilith In Leo


In general, this stellium will show how much karma humanity has left, which countries and nations will be drawn to negative actions, aggression and adventures. The energies of this stellium will highlight all megalomania, self-assertion at the expense of others, the desire to use power for selfish purposes, crimes against one’s own people, the murder of children and sanctions for these abominations, lack of spirituality, the substitution of perversions and lust for love.

Venus Square Uranus

July 2 at 14:33 UT, direct Venus in Leo square Uranus in Taurus. Their vibrations will increase the general tension, provoking sharp changes in foreign and domestic policy, economy, finance and social sphere. But unexpected and disharmonious situations in partnerships can give an additional incentive to wake up and free self from outdated models and open up new opportunities.

Capricorn Full Moon

On July 3 at 11:38 UT, Full Moon in Copricorn will be unfavorable, but not as dangerous as it could be. The power of Earth’s elemental will significantly weaken the Moon, but it will also make us weak and lazy. It will become much more difficult to find compromises. Intransigence can lead to big problems at work, as well as quarrels in the family.

At the same time, this stellium carries the energy of motivation, determination and desire to cope with any challenges we face today. The grounding vibrations of Capricorn will help bring activity and stability to our lives, take greater responsibility for our actions.

Thanks to the retrograde entire month Jupiter in the calm vibrations of Taurus and Saturn, weakened in harmonious and Spiritual Pisces, the energies of the Full Moon will not be too harsh, aggressive and stressful. Their common configuration with a night luminary called the Trapezium will help to balance the extremes and find the right solutions.

Sirius Gateway

On July 3-7, the Sun aligns with Sirius, activating its Portal, through which high-frequency energies of freedom and development come to Earth. Its powerful blue Light will increase general and individual vibrations, inspire high ideas and give strength for their successful implementation, continue to powerfully cleanse the Earth and our energy field from negativity.

We can access these high-freqs and use them for creative inspiration, entrepreneurial endeavors, technological innovations, heightening our intuition and Spiritual awareness. Sirius’ energy of freedom can also help us to turn our goals and dreams into reality.

Punchers - The Great Quantum Transition - Sirius Gateway

Sirius Gateway


Mercury-Pluto Opposition

July 10 at 20:47 UT, Mercury-Pluto opposition will bring strong energies of transformation and deep self-knowledge. This aspect is a powerful catalyst for development and, at the same time, – conflicts between the forces of stagnation and evolution. Negative energies that are inherent in the lowest aspects of Pluto – total control, fear, distrust, surveillance, the courts, security services and counterintelligence’s abuse of power will work in an enhanced mode.

During July and throughout the year, we will often hear about arrests, blackmail, sentences, and tribunals. If earlier the sanctions of Darks and their governments were mainly economic, now, bans and stricter laws will become more widespread. The pretext could be the tense terrorist situation, the risk of sabotage, the activation of dissent and political opposition, spontaneous rallies and strikes.

Local wars and other military conflicts may escalate. Assassinations, terrorist attacks and military exercises will be aimed at strengthening in us the idea that we live in a turbulent time and at any moment somewhere can be bombed. The neutral countries will continue to increase their military budgets and secret nuclear programs as response to global tension.

Transition Of Mars In Virgo

July 10 at 11:40 UT, Mars enters Virgo. Mix of the Red Planet’s fiery frequencies and down-to-earth Virgo’s vibes helps the success of purposeful and joint actions. In this stellium, energy and activity are subject to logic, any actions are strictly controlled by the mind.

Punchers - The Great Quantum Transition - Mars



But vibrations can resonate in different ways. On the one hand, good performance in affairs and high mental activity that helps to make decisions quickly; talent for analysis and ability to take into account past mistakes; self-criticism. On the other hand, obsession with small things, which prevents from taking up the main job and bringing it to the end; a tendency to criticize, boredom; difficulty in adapting to new realities; increased sensitivity to any dependencies, rapid loss of control.

Mercury’s Transition In Leo

July 11 at 04:11 UT, Mercury from calm Cancer enters super-active Leo that can create and exacerbate problems between family members, partners and colleagues. This transition will increase the activity of communication, willingness to defend ideas and beliefs, strengthen influence on others, support inspiration and thirst for change.

New Moon

On July 17 at 18:31 UT, New Moon in Cancer will bring powerful energies, which help overcome obstacles in our lives. The vibrations of this stellium will highlight the level of our Spirituality, emotionality, and intuition. At this time, we’ll better understand the needs of the people around us; empathy and compassion for others increases in us. The energy of New Moon can inspire us to take care not only of the closest ones, but also of others, helping their awakening and transformation.

Lunar Nodes Shift

On July 17, 2023, the Lunar Nodes will shift from Taurus/Scorpio axis to Aries/Libra axis. Eclipses in 2023 will take place in these four signs. The ascending North Node (Rahu) will be in Aries and collectively indicate where we should direct our attention. We must be focused on moving forward, be independent, connect with our true nature and be our own unique pioneers. The descending South Node (Ketu) will be in Libra and tell us what we need to rely on, but also from what to get rid to continue our evolving. It’ll indicate the importance of partnerships, the struggle for justice, and collective cooperation.

Punchers - The Great Quantum Transition - Lunar Nodes

Lunar Nodes


This is a difficult situation, as it will require abandoning compromises, the desire to sit on two chairs, avoiding conflicts. The position of a peacemaker, a negotiator, a mediator will become unconstructive – we’ll have to speak openly about our beliefs and principles, actively defend them, and conduct an uncompromising fight against evil. The best course at this time is for frankness, directness, independence, a firm position, and fearlessness.

Those, who will try to maintain comfort and good relations at any cost, avoiding emerging conflicts, will inevitably lose. During this period, all urgent issues will be resolved very acutely and urgently. Bold and honest leaders will come forward who will clearly and directly express their position, demands and goals. It is they who will have to replace those who are balancing between opposite poles, striving to preserve their comfort and benefit.

But until July 17, the policy of confrontation, financial manipulation and forceful pressure will continue due to the location of the South Node in Scorpio – the sign of war. But when the South Node passes into Libra – a sign of diplomacy, there will be prospects for finding compromises, starting negotiations, concluding new agreements. Eclipses on the Aries /Libra axis will turn the political landscape into a chessboard, on which new international alliances will form as military forces are strengthened and demonstrated.

Punchers - The Great Quantum Transition - Aries/Libra Axis

Aries/Libra Axis


Rahu in Aries helps to fight with the understanding that we can’t get anything without a fight. Very serious changes are possible in the issues of war and peace. The connection of the Lunar Nodes to Pluto will back militant attitude, as until November, it’ll be in a tense cardinal tau-square between Capricorn, Aries and Libra. This will give historical significance and predetermination to all events until the end, and high intensity and scale to all changes.

Mars-Saturn Opposition

On July 20 at 20:38 UT, Mars and Saturn will be in opposition, which will create a powerful release of high-frequency energy to challenge and achieve goals. Both planets will be located on different sides of Earth that will cause powerful waves of positive energy. Many will want to work more and be less lazy. They will feel motivation, insight, new aspirations and positivity. The lives of those, who emit similar vibrations, will change for the better, as their mental state will improve significantly.

In low-frequency people, the stellium’s aspects will provoke accidents and disasters, and the rhythm of their life can be disrupted by continuous stops and obstacles. At this time, many may become victims of strange, unknown diseases, epidemics that will suddenly emerge and suddenly disappear.

Darks will certainly escalate instability in society, various kinds of conflicts, military strikes and clashes. They will inflate major international scandals, blackmail important political figures, and ignite ethnic and religious enmity in different parts of the globe. The fear, hopelessness, doom to destruction and the end of the world will be inflated in the media. At this time, it is especially important for us to be careful and deliberate in our actions to avoid dangerous risks.

The Sun-Pluto Opposition

July 22 at 03:52 UT, the Sun in Cancer opposes retrograde Pluto in Capricorn. The lowest energies of this planet are destruction, wars and crises; the highest are transformation and renewal, human masses and collective energy awakening, positive strength and power increase. In the Solar System, the Sun and Pluto are the two most distant objects. Their opposition rarely occurs. This day will be under the influence of positive energy. The high-frequency vibrations of the Sun and Pluto will help us shake off resentments, depressive thoughts and doubts, and feel more self-confidence.

Punchers - The Great Quantum Transition - The Sun-Pluto Opposition

The Sun-Pluto Opposition


During the Pluto’s passage through Capricorn, our vision of statehood, politics, and the role of power can completely change. In a number of countries, big changes of regimes are possible. In the worst scenario, the low-frequency energies of Pluto in Capricorn will reinforce soulless rulers with fascist ideology, tyrants and oppressors, but for such personalities it will only bring their last agony closer.

The vibrations of Pluto in Capricorn will continue the scrapping of the entire global geopolitical system, built after the WWII. In negative aspects, this stellium carries the energies of dictatorship, the rise of ones at the expense of others. We will see new examples of international law violations. The UN in its present form has ceased to perform its functions and needs to be reformed.

But in parallel, the joint stellium carries intense energies of transformation and self-knowledge; will speed-up the cleansing from negativity the Earth’s space and our transformation. It’s important to be open to change and ready to let go of the old to make room for the new and better.

On July 23, Pluto in the exact square to the Nodes focuses our attention on the ethics of the events. Issues of border violations, manipulation of consciousness, pressure and psychological violence will come up. In the second half of the month, the intense interaction of the Sun/Pluto and Mars/Saturn will increase the intensity of resistance and confrontation between Light and Dark Forces.

Retro Venus

July 23 01:33 UT- August 1 00:00 Venus in Leo moves retrograde. The energies of this stellium will expose the real situation in finance, power, and global ambitions and “Napoleonic” plans. We will see an even deeper decline of high-ranking politicians and entire countries. High-frequency vibrations of Venus will increase turbulence in the banking sector, the stock exchange and the foreign exchange market. In some States, could be default and new spikes in inflation. Retro Venus square Uranus, the planet of reform and progress, will help accelerate change.

Transit Of The Sun In Leo

On July 23 at 01:51 UT, from Cancer, the Sun enters Leo, which is the abode of our star, its power place. When our luminary is in this constellation, it is as friendly as possible towards us. This time charges our life with new Spiritual energy, attitudes and goals. We may feel that we are capable of more than usual, and it is not a deceptive thought. With our Light, we can shine everything around us.

Punchers - The Great Quantum Transition - The Sun Enters Leo

The Sun Enters Leo


Chiron Motion

Until July 23, Chiron is in direct, and after that date in the retro movement in Aries. The vibes of this stellium provoke abrupt ruptures communication, the rejection of diplomacy, the desire to solve problems by force, with a rush. In politics and business, there will be a tendency to get results right away, an unwillingness to wait and take into account the interests of opponents. At the same time, Chiron in Aries makes us develop qualities such as courage, flexibility, speed of taking decision, and use various ways to achieve results.

The energies of the retro Chiron open up old emotional wounds that are so deep that they remain with us forever, shaping and changing our perception and interaction with the people around us and the world. Chiron’s vibes help us to see our wounds as powerful gates of self-knowledge and encourages to find the strength to heal them.

Mercury Conjunct Venus

July 27 at 15:15 UT Mercury conjunct Venus. This is the most dangerous stelliums of July. When these two planets are lined up on the same side of Earth, it is fraught with serious energy problems. On this day, we will be deprived of life-force, and also with a high probability we’ll be hot-tempered and aggressive. Almost no one will have the desire to find a common language. Instead, everyone will try to pull the blanket over themselves, press their interests to the detriment of others.

Transit Of Mercury In Virgo

July 28 at 21:32 UT Mercury enters Virgo. It will be a good time for affaires, communication, and creativity. On this day of strength, we can and even have to work harder, look for opportunities to implement our plans and projects, and gain new knowledge. The energies of stellium will stimulate a practical and analytical approach to interaction and decision-making, pay more attention to details, organization and systematization.

In Virgo, Mercury will be together with Mars, completing their opposition to Saturn. In this configuration, these planets’ freqs will help our collective creativity, take on new work, and resume partnerships. At the same time, in low-frequency aspects, the Mars and Mercury’s staying in Virgo can provoke conflicts, so it is important to remain attentive and careful in joint works.

Such are hardfisted punchers, background and energy weather in July. Another month, reminding us of the need to raise our frequencies to feel great in the high vibrations of stelliums, Earth and powerful quantum flows from the Galactic Center.

More by Lev

Siberia Ops Part 5 – Lev

Siberia Ops Part 5 – Lev

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Siberia Ops Part 4 – Lev

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June Exams – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

June is one of the most challenging periods of 2024, as the state of the Earth’s biosphere would be negative after the 6th. In the first decade, there will be a change of fields and very tough space waives increase, causing new powerful Solar Flares and magnetic storms.

Builders – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Builders – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Whatever’s going on, the construction continues non-stop. For it, we left the Central Sun, remaining in its state, in which earlier returned. This time, we exited it not as the core of a planetary system, but as a part of metagalactic energy axis, around which a multitude of subsystems with their own dynamic laws, tempo and rhythms move in different directions. And we felt again how the Universe pulses.

Milking – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Milking – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Let’s not be under any illusions: the 3D System and Power Pyramid will fight to the last, even are doomed, for saving their animal farm and dairy cattle, meaning all earthlings. After Darks invasion of Earth, causing the pain was the main tool to syphon the vital energy for them.

Feat – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Feat – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

After leaving Earth, Christ returned to his status as the Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarch and Co-Creator of our Local Universe. Today, He continues re-building the latter and Earth with His brother, who passed to the Light Side.

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