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Protection of the Galactic Family - SaLuSa

Protection of the Galactic Family


Protection of the Galactic Family – SaLuSa. By Gabriel RL.

Recently, the forces still struggling to maintain control of your beloved Earth have attempted to unleash a nuclear stress with the intention of creating a global conflict and having enough energy to keep themselves alive.

With their limited consciousness that expresses herself with arrogance, they discredited the Star Fleet Force and, ignoring the constant warnings that such move would no longer be allowed, advanced by sending a missile against Hawaii.

The Pleiadian Security Fleet, the Sirians and Platinum flew immediately surrounding the missile and neutralized it quickly, making it harmless.

As you can see, there is more security than you can imagine, and the decree of the Supreme Creator remains when it says that no more such movements will be permitted, since your beloved Earth is ascending and all of you, those who are attuned to it, quickly, are reaching an important point of your evolution.

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With this increase in frequencies, a very powerful field of Light is inevitably generated on and around Earth. Consequently, actions like these, attacks against the masses and against the environment can no longer be realized, because such actions can not be permitted in enlightened environments such as this one you are manifesting.

Certainly you see some war movements and rumors of wars in your countries, especially in the Middle East, which is severely fostered by your still controlled media.

Missile Alarm SMS Hawaii

Missile Alarm SMS Hawaii

Protection of the Galactic Family

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UFO During Hawaii Attack

UFO During Hawaii Attack

Protection of the Galactic Family

These situations are only the remnants of the old energies struggling to survive that desperately call for your attention, as they are fearful and discredited by the world of Peace may indeed be born.

The only way the dark forces have to keep up is if you, the guardians of the beloved Earth, give them enough credit, bringing your thoughts to these regions of conflict with grief, hopelessness, and fear.

This ends up further fueling these conflicts. It is up to you, as the Supporters of the Light on the Planet, take your thoughts in an empowered way, visualizing the cessation of all conflicts and a wave of peace and harmony reigning.

Surely many of you are those who have direct access to these areas as doctors, diplomats, teachers, politicians and can act “from within”, acting not only with your professions but also anchoring Light in those regions.

You are constantly having the opportunity to collaborate with the Plans of the Light, acting directly from your current positions. You can, in fact, collaborate by giving your share of direct aid and allowing, thus, that the New World that you wish could be born.

It is well known that many still hold fast to the old patterns and discredit messages like this, where we emphasize that a New World is being born. These beings lack much more Love and understanding, and you Warriors and Anchors of Light can show them, through your confidence and empowered posture, that, indeed, SOMETHING OF GOOD is happening, although at first glance does not seem.

Signs like this, the interception of the nuclear missile, are given, not to show off our power in front of your weapons of war, but to show that something very big is actually happening, and nothing will stop it.

Schumann Resonance January 14 Hawaii Missile Attack

Schumann Resonance January 14 Hawaii Missile Attack

Protection of the Galactic Family

Hawaii Ballistic Missile Alarm

Hawaii Ballistic Missile Alarm

Protection of the Galactic Family

We have been increasingly allowed to give visibility to our ships and we were happy when we were allowed to show our fleets by further neutralizing this attempt by the dark forces to unleash a nuclear war.

Dear Ones, our fleets are broadly prepared to act in any situation that will harm the Earth and the progress of the Ascension. NOTHING that the forces of darkness may do is capable of acting against any of us.

We are always a step or two ahead of them, and we know what their intentions and actions will be, even before they would have though it. In other words, even before they think anything, we already know where and how they will act.

Continue your ways, allowing joy to come, each day, to fill your hearts, when actions like this, of Our Fleets, have guaranteed your safety. We give our word that nothing will hinder your ascension.

You walk to the NEW and, without a doubt, you are directly responsible for it.

You anointed so much Light on Earth that it guaranteed that Forces of every Universe would hear your ask for freedom and peace and will send their fleets from all quarters to the Earth, wrapping it in an aura of protection.

This has finally has given you the necessary security to fulfill your mission, which not only concerns you as individual beings, but also to help Mother Earth in her ascension process.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, I can see how you are safe and I guarantee that with every turn of your Earth, more fleets arrive from diverse places of the Universe to support your ascent.

If you could saw what I see now, you would jump out of joy, I see an incalculable number of beings with their Fleets around the Earth sending their projections of Light that makes the Earth “disappear”, leaving only an immense orb of Light.

SaLuSa Sirius

SaLuSa Sirius

Protection of the Galactic Family

Surely you can see how I see, if you allow yourselves to close your eyes and connect with me and those who are close to me, at this moment.

Something that certainly connects you even more with your Space Family is your humility and loving silence when you are attacked for what you do.

Know that your work for the Light tends to arouse jealousy and anger from those who have not yet found their own balance and their own source of energy and/or simply do not know that everything is within them.

Because somehow they are unaware of this, they attack those who have already met and know that the Source of all energy is within and is supplied from this Source.

When you see someone attacking you for what you do, know that he is only a soul in despair, because, deep down, only wants to know how to connect with what you are already connected.

These attacks are a way to get your energy, since they believe and/or do not know that they already have everything they need and there is no need to take anything from anyone.

In the background, it is also an admiration for the Light that radiates from you and they do not know how to make that same Light flow from them.

Be sure that soon everybody will find this Light within themselves and live in Mastery. The Light is Unique and each one of you is a Ray of that same Light.

We all of the Galactic Federation wish you many blessings and Peace of mind and we are inviting you to connect with us and to call us whenever you need.


Be in Peace.

Be in the Light.

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