Programs Loaded in The Orbs

Programs Loaded in The Orbs

Programs Loaded in The Orbs. By Divinity Mother Artemis.

Ashtar Command

Operation Saint Germain Purple Rain

Transmutation changing Negative energy into Positive USE TO CLEAN OUT NEGATIVE ENERGY, FREQUENCIES from Home, Self, Family, Food, Water, Air, Electronics, Internet Etc.

Return to Sender, Queen Tia mat, Able Justice, Operation Pinocchio, Operation Skull and Bones  and Operation Love and Light are included in St Germain Purple Rain for straight forward all around protection and healing (Runs on voice command, automatic reactivate with your intent for maximum effectiveness).

Simply say “Activate Saint Germain’s Purple Rain”

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Ashtar Command

Operation Love and Light

Cleans all negative intent from beings, electronics, transportation, buildings, and documents/electronic.

Simply say “Activate Love and Light”

DNit Telegram Channel

Ashtar Command

Operation Return to Sender

Defense Program return Negative Energy Attacks to the Sender.

Simply say “Activate Return to Sender”

Ashtar Command

Operation Queen Tia Mat

Virus Detector and Protector Repel Etheric Virus, Frequencies and Entities – Protect Portals from Invasion of Malevolent Entities.

Simply say “Activate Queen Tia Mat”

Ashtar Command

Operation Able Justice

Clean and Repel Chem Trails – Repel 3rd & 4th Dimensional Threats against the Avatar Body.

Simply say “Activate Able Justice”

Ashtar Command

Operation Pinocchio

Used for Discernment of Media.

Simply say “Activate Pinocchio”

Ashtar Command

Operation Skull and Bones

Clean Food, Water and Medicine.

Simply say “Activate Skull and Bones”

Ashtar Command

Operation Dragons Breath

Use to Calm System under Stress.

Simply say “Activate Dragons Breath”

Ashtar Command

Operation Fairy Dust

Use as a sleep Aid.

Simply say “Activate Fairy Dust”

End statement with, “Thank you Universe” then hold the Light.

Programs Loaded in The Orbs

Message from Ashtar June 12

Affirmative Statements of Declaration

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