Progenitors of Nazarene Teachings and Disinformation Campaign - Cathedral Activation Part 4 - Lisa Renee

Progenitors Of Nazarene Teachings And Disinformation Campaign

Cathedral Activation Part 4

Progenitors Of Nazarene Teachings And Disinformation Campaign – By Lisa Renee

The authentic Celtic Essene groups from Hyperborea were the progenitors of the original Nazarene Christos teachings, preserving the knowledge of the original Diamond Sun templar locations, male and female Christos-Sophia lines, historical and angelic human genetic records for Earth while she was under dark siege.

The Nazarene style of Christianity was also known as the Celtic Church.

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Progenitors Of Nazarene Teachings - Hyperborea


Progenitors Of Nazarene Teachings

The Celtic Church believed true kingship was an alchemical inheritance of the matriarchal Solar Dragon Queen (King) bloodline of Christos, which had nothing to do with ruling over anyone as they considered humans as individual sovereigns on a unique path to God.

For the Celtic Church, kingly and queenly inheritance was always recorded in the blood through the mitochondrial DNA of the Mother’s grail bloodline.

In the Celtic world, the Pendragons or Head Dragon was masculine and was carried from the bloodline of Fey, which holds deeper meaning that Pendragon as an Earth Guardian holds the fate of the timelines being recorded in the entire grail bloodline.

Progenitors of Nazarene Teachings and Disinformation Campaign - Newgrange Entrance On Winter Solstice

Newgrange Entrance On Winter Solstice

Progenitors Of Nazarene Teachings

It is important to be aware of the fact that the anti-Christ forces have taken this use of the title Pendragon or Dragon and generated the satanic version for their inverted purposes of hijacking the original creator code, as well as hiding the spiritual knowledge that is sacred to all angelic humans.

The Cosmic Christ in our Universal creation is from the source of the Cosmic Solar Dragons that are from the God Worlds and are free Cosmic Citizens, the Dragon is not our enemy, it is the ancient Founder genetic lineage from which all Diamond Sun humans were created in God’s image.

Dragon is not meant to be taken as the literal meaning of the word in a physical sense, but is the esoteric knowledge of the energy signature of our divine human form and where we all have come from.

Pendragon is the Fey grail bloodline of King Arthur that originates from the Christos Diamond Sun lines from Andromeda, thus we call this the Solar Dragon breath of the Aquafey, the source of original Holy Father to Christos Son source codes.

Thus, King Arthur was a living man that was assigned to be the guardian protectorate and Pendragon of the original Nazarene Teachings being hidden by the original Celtic Church that went underground around 22,000 years ago.

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In previous articles we have already established that there were a few previous timeline embodiments of Arthur the Aquafey that had incarnated in service to the Christos Mission, and that King Arthur had finally returned into his embodiment to begin grid work for returning the Triple Solar Goddess emanations, recovering the body parts for his genetic equal Mary-Guinevere-Brigid earlier this year.

Progenitors of Nazarene Teachings and Disinformation Campaign - King Arthur

King Arthur

Progenitors Of Nazarene Teachings

Thus, the Solar Dragon breath of Aquafey transmits the Holy Father’s Emerald Ray prisms through Father Sun Codes to reunite the Christos-Sophia in corrected Solar Masculine Christ coding throughout the Universal Time Matrix.

Many of the Essene sects carried this alchemical knowledge of Christos bloodlines down through the ages, including the Cathars, Rosicrucian’s, Christos Templars and Gnostics who were later brutally persecuted as sorcerers and witches by the Catholic Church.

The Church of Rome continued its propaganda throughout the bloodthirsty crusades to perpetuate the lie that everyone outside of the authority of the Vatican were ignorant or barbaric savages, stealing the Mother of Dragon’s knowledge and further anointing an approved succession of imposter Black Sun Kings as being representatives from the royal blood of Dragons.

The name and signature of the Vatican is based upon the Etruscan civilization’s goddess of the underworld, Vatika.

The word Vaticanus means Dragon in the Etruscan language.

The Etruscans settled in a region of northern Italy known as Etruria, before the rise of Rome and the Church of Rome was established.

Progenitors of Nazarene Teachings and Disinformation Campaign - Map Of Etruria

Map Of Etruria

Progenitors Of Nazarene Teachings

Thus, the 5D Stargate area of the Vatican was claimed by the Black Suns during the process of infiltration and invasion, as previously this was an important area of Mother of Dragons and Goddess worship of the Celtic Church.

Thus, many of us will live to witness the destruction of the power behind the Vatican as the great imposter of the Mother’s holiest of holies, and know of the Fall of Rome during this disclosure phase.

The Vatican is built upon centuries of Goddess worship which has historically acted as the proxy for the Black Sun and invading groups for hiding their mass crimes against humanity, such as global human trafficking and child sacrifice.

Thus, ancient Celtic civilizations practicing the Law of One were forced to abandon their cities and flee the main stargate demographic areas they were protecting through grid keeping the ley lines that were located in North Africa, Middle East, Greece, China and Siberia.

The common historical knowledge of the existence of the ancient Celtic-Druid civilizations throughout these demographic areas, of very tall humans with mostly auburn, strawberry blonde and red hair has been mostly obliterated from public awareness.

As an example, many Egyptian Pharaohs and well-preserved mummies found in Peru, Iran, China and Siberia are also red haired and Celtic in their genetic origin.

Progenitors of Nazarene Teachings and Disinformation Campaign - Stargates Have Been Found All Over The World

Stargates Have Been Found All Over The World

Progenitors Of Nazarene Teachings

Some of the skeletons of the giants found in these areas are actually remnants of the attempted Nephilim invasion which happened many thousands of years ago.

Some of these genetic hybrids also had red hair, and thus were called Red Haired Giants, which was another confusion tactic of the invading races attempting to colonize and takeover the planet by eliminating the authentic Celtic Grail King lineages.

An incredible disinformation campaign has ensued for thousands of years, to twist and pervert the real human histories portraying the red haired Celtic-Druid groups as bloodthirsty savages, cannibals and oppressors.

However, the authentic Celtic grail genetic lines are directly connected to the Hyperborean timelines of the Aryan root race cycle which holds an extraordinary amount of Elohim genetic memories showing who built certain features in the planetary grid network, including the Stargates, and that these builder lineages are specifically connected to the Mother of Dragons lineages through Ruby Sun DNA.

Thus, these particular Celtic Druid lineages are especially coveted for cloning experiments for their specific line of Diamond Sun DNA connected to the ancient builder races.

Those that embodied as the first cause of Aquamarine Ray with its holy spirit Azothian waters are from the Cosmic Founder Mother lineages and are sought after by many of the invading alien NAA forces who want to experiment on those genetic records in order to build and control an extensive planetary grid system, here and on other planets.

Hence this is the main blueprint used for generating cloned hybrids and imposters used for hijacking the Celtic-Druid root races Aryan spiritual knowledge accumulated from Hyperborea and beyond, that is held directly in their DNA records.

As a divide and conquer warring tactic, the NAA genetically engineered a group of Red-Haired Giants that appeared physically similar to the Celtic Grail red hair lines, but these imposters were indeed a scourge against humanity as antichrist abominations not created of this planet.

Progenitors of Nazarene Teachings and Disinformation Campaign - Red-Haired Celtic Grail King

Stasis [An example of a red-haired Celtic Grail King in stasis sleep, mislabeled as an Annunaki alien entity]

Progenitors Of Nazarene Teachings

These were subgroups of the Nephilim hybrids with red hair that were intentionally sent by disgruntled Annunaki to attack the Elohim groups and help conquer the Earth.

These red-haired giants were engineered off planet and sent here to destroy the grid protection abilities of the authentic and real Celtic-Druid Maji Grail Kings defending the planet from invasion.

With this warring confusion tactic, the human population would have a harder time determining the authentic Christos Celtic Red-Haired Grail Kings and their peaceful Law of One civilizations, versus the genetically engineered warring version embodied by nonhuman invading forces that were terrorizing and cannibalizing the local populations at the behest of the NAA.

The genocidal campaign made against the Celtic Maji Grail lines also began the imposter infiltration into the Knights Templar organization, in which the invading races of the NAA brought in the groundwork for Freemasonry secret societies to recreate the ‘Great Work’ to hide and rewrite human history for the NAA.

The Knights Templar organizations were masquerading outwardly as humanitarian representatives in order to hijack genuine ascension sciences that were based in the original Celtic Grail Kings Nazarene records that they had stolen during the earlier Celtic diaspora, which were powerful initiations into the Triple Solar Goddess mysteries.

The point is to recognize that the Nazarene records are original Essene records of the Law of One from the Celtic Church that existed way before the timeline of Yeshua the Christ, and that his mission with his wife included manually recording the information again in hand written manuscripts to attempt the preservation of this ancient knowledge for the masses.

There is more than one Christ figure being represented in this planetary matrix, as well as several counterfeits appearing as holographic inserts and famous identity overlays.

To evolve and become a free Cosmic Christ Citizen means that hierogamic union, perfect energy balance made from pure love between the inner male Christ and inner female Christ is mandatory.

That is the highest consciousness state of true ascension and spiritual freedom for each individual, embodying perfect love is all.

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