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Prepare For Higher Cosmic Energy - By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Prepare For Higher Cosmic Energy

Prepare For Higher Cosmic Energy – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Yesterday, Wednesday, December 14th, 2022, there were a total of ten “M-Class” solar flares. Flares also have numbers attached to them from “1” to “10”.

Yesterday’s flares were in the higher numerical levels of “6”, and some were lower—but all were “M-Class”.

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This morning, Thursday, December 15th, 2022, at approximately 5:30 AM (EST), there was an “M.1-Class” solar flare, and our Sun is showing eleven more sunspots with further “M-Class” potential, and these are directly focused towards our planet.

There is also potential for “X-Class” flares.

Each flare has, of course, ejected out coronal mass ejection particle plasma.

Prepare For Higher Cosmic Energy - Active Regions Magnetogram 15 December 2022

Active Regions Magnetogram 15 December 2022

Prepare For Higher Cosmic Energy

When solar flares occur—whether of the lower ranges of “A-Class”, “B-Class” or of the medium strength “C-Class” or the strong “M-Class” or the most potent “X-Class”—they do not explode from the Sun at a given time and then the event is over.

The flares have extended energetics which stretch out over several days.

As new flares explode from our Sun, they add to the already intense vibrations of the previous flares.

This causes, therefore, a constant pummeling effect on our planet whether the flares are directly aimed it or not.

To reiterate what has been discussed previously, our Sun is so massively huge as compared to our planet that any activity on our Sun affects this realm as well as the entire solar system that our planet inhabits.

Another reiteration is that ancient Vedic scriptures teach that our Sun is 108 times the circumference of our planet, and this is one of several reasons why prayer beads called “malas” (Sanskrit for “garland”) contain 108 beads.

A 109th bead called a “Guru” bead (a Sanskrit word defined as “Bringer of LIGHT from darkness”) is at the center of a mala and represents the DIVINE ABSOLUTE, the INFINITE PRESENCE, the ALL, SOURCE.

Another reason for the mala containing 108 regular beads is that there are 108 major UPANISHADS (sacred texts) from a total of 1,008.

The number “108” also is indicative of the originally-revealed nine planets multiplied by the originally-revealed twelve constellations of this particular solar system many hundreds of thousands of years ago to ancient “Rishis” (“Sages”).

It is impossible to truly calculate time in terms of SOURCE.

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There are some people who quote a biblical verse which states that to God one day is a thousand years.

This is inaccurate according to much older Vedic scriptures.

In the Vedic tradition, there is the teaching about “Yugas” which are “Ages” such as the one that humanity is currently experiencing called “Kali Yuga” (“Age of Chaos”) where only one-fourth of all humanity are truly righteous or even trying to be.

Each “Yuga” lasts for hundreds of thousands of years. There are four “Yugas”: “Kali Yuga” (the number of righteous already explained), “Dwarpa Yuga” where there are one-half righteous, “Treta Yuga” where there are three-fourths righteous, and “Sattva Yuga” where all are righteous—the “Golden Age”. Each of these “Yugas” combined makes one “Kalpa” or “day” of SOURCE.

Prepare For Higher Cosmic Energy - Tree Of Life

Tree Of Life

Prepare For Higher Cosmic Energy

Thus, as can be gleaned, one day to SOURCE is many, many millions of years—not a mere one thousand.

In this “Now”, humanity is experiencing what is called the “Twilight of Kali Yuga”—an ending phase where conditions on our planet are at their most serious, critical, and intense.

It is also a time whereby there are many opportunities to level up in consciousness provided.

This is the compassion and mercy of SOURCE.

There have been numerous rounds of “Yugas” since creation was made, and free will has always been given and will continue to be given.

How it is used determines the events that transpire both individually and collectively.

As a verse in the HOLY QU’RAN states: “It is what your own hands have wrought”, and as a verse in the BHAGAVAD GITA teaches: “Those who preserve the dharma are protected by the dharma”.

The word “dharma” is “path” or “way” and indicates the following of the Divine Principles of SOURCE which have been taught to humanity throughout all of the space/time continuum via Avatars, Prophets, and Sages of many paths, in many holy books.

Even though, as is known by those of us who study ancient scriptures and who are not just bound to one holy book realize, there is much cultural information as well as historical untruths that mankind has added to the texts, and much of mankind is merely following cultural paradigms rather than true Divine revelation.

However, SOURCE will not allow Divine Principles to be covered over by culture or historical inaccuracy.

Deep study of ancient scriptures and the original languages that they were written in must be done in order to understand the sacred truths moving through each of them.

This is called performing an “exegesis”.

However, in the era of “Kali Yuga”, most of humanity is not interested in extensive study and deep prayer and meditation.

Therefore, there is much low intellect and poor cognitive ability in “Kali Yuga”.

Because of the low consciousness of so much of humanity, SOURCE is now causing DNA to tremendously come “on-line”—DNA that traditional science for far too long referred to as “junk DNA”. There is no such thing as “junk DNA”.

The DNA in each cell is like a coil that is unwrapping and receiving massive amounts of “BIO-PHOTONS” which is a network carrying SOURCE LIGHT FREQUENCY from cell to cell. We are comprised of LIGHT, and we are now in a process of “LIGHT AND SOUND TRANSMISSION AND RECEPTION”–a process that has been experienced by vast galaxies and universes long, long ago that are now far advanced.

This is not science fiction, or as I have mentioned more than once when discussing this type of information, it is not the telling of an episode of the famous “Star Trek” television series!

Prepare For Higher Cosmic Energy - Bio Photons

Bio Photons

Prepare For Higher Cosmic Energy

Many scientists around the world—fully university degreed, respected, and published—discuss how the cosmos is behaving in ways not taught in their university matriculations, and many of these scientists are also conducting research into ancient texts which are validating what is occurring in this “Now”.

It would be fantastic if universities added to their curricula a “Department of Spiritual Science” because so-called “Theology Departments” are not enough.

As LIGHT comes into the cellular network, higher capabilities of consciousness occur, and greater knowledge is desired.

The LIGHT comes into some persons faster than it does into others because SOURCE knows how much each individual can handle based upon where their focus is relative to their intellectual and spiritual orientation.

Thus, everyone is receiving LIGHT, but not everyone processes it in the same manner.

A simple metaphor is to consider a classroom.

All students are studying the same material.

However, there are a few students who will understand the information better than others and who will be ready for more advanced teachings.

They can help others to understand the information by being tutors for them.

However, the students who are not understanding well, can choose to be tutored or not. If they are young enough, their parents may force them to have a tutor, but if they are in high school or college, the choice is theirs alone.

They can choose to receive a poor but passing grade, or they can receive a high grade and go on to higher studies.

One day those students who barely received a passing grade may realize that they want to review certain studies and finally advance in understanding.

In like manner, “BIO-PHOTONS” are always available for profounder processing.

“Willingness” is a key component in bio-photonic reception.

We are what we choose to be, and our experiences out-play accordingly.

As the final days of “2022” occur, there will be higher cosmic energy almost daily.

The stage is being set for even greater cosmic events in “2023” and beyond as our planet, solar system, and galaxy soar through bright and intense LIGHT.

Our Sun will be receiving enormous amounts of LIGHT from the “Great Central Sun”, the “Photon Belt, and the “Great Attractor”—all the creations of SOURCE who is also sending direct SOURCE LIGHT from what cannot be truly analyzed or understood with a left-brain logic—“beyond the beyond”.

So, although our magnetosphere has been depleted by about 20 percent in strength which allows for challenging positive protons to enter into our planetary realm from its far side (which SOURCE is obviously allowing), we are being given the LIGHT that we need to be protected, cleared, cleansed, and illuminated in order for the bio-photonic network to perform in Divine Order.

All anyone needs to do is decide to anchor to the LIGHT, and to engage in spiritual and natural techniques for self-nurturance.

Although human consciousness is elevating, the physical vessel and the emotions are still sensitive.

Thoughts can still be confused.

This is why patience and nurturing is vital for everyone—both for those who are highly elevated as well as for those who are just beginning the journey to higher understanding.

Everyone is still riding the “Cosmic Sea” as its waves become larger.

This is the LIGHT that has been advancing towards us age after age.

The brighter and more intense that it becomes, the wider the door opens to our next age.

Cosmic Update Thursday, December 15, 2022

Cosmic Update Thursday, December 15, 2022

As of 1:11 PM (EST), it is being reported that there have been 18 “M-Class” solar flares in the past 24 hours, and there has just been another one of “M.2-Class” strength. More are on the way.

The Sun – Last 48 Hours

Prepare For Higher Cosmic Energy

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