Praying Into The Phases Of Light And Dark

Praying Into The Phases Of Light And Dark

Praying Into The Phases Of Light And Dark. By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

In the material or physical realm, we are bound by specific numerical time sequences which humans have developed for the purpose of the convenience of organized lives.

For example, we may have to be at work daily by 8:30 AM or students may have to be in class each morning by 9:00 AM or we may have to be at an appointment on certain dates at 3:00 PM or some form of entertainment may begin on a given day at 7:30 PM, etc.

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Thus, we watch our clocks and watches to make sure that we are on time.

If people could just show-up at anytime they chose to do so at work or school or for an appointment or to attend a social affair, there would be some chaos and confusion.

People could be fired from their employment, could miss an important teaching, could have to re-schedule an appointment, or could miss the special attractions of a social setting. So, humanity has developed daily time sequences which allow for organized manageability of various life experiences.

However, in the ethereal realm, there is no “time” as humans perceive it on our clocks and watches. For Earth/Gaia, there are phases of light and dark which regulate solar and lunar vibrational movements as they affect our planet. 

The Phases Of Light And Dark - Time


The Phases Of Light And Dark

These phases contain powerful frequencies of energy which can be aligned with for the reception of spiritual blessings. They are: DAWN, EARLY MORNING, MID-MORNING, LATE MORNING, NOON, EARLY AFTERNOON, MID-AFTERNOON, LATE AFTERNOON, SUNSET, EARLY EVENING, LATE EVENING, NIGHTTIME, MIDNIGHT, and THE GREATER DARKNESS BEFORE DAWN (often termed the “wee hours”).

These 14 phases can be “prayed into” for particular needs such as spiritual elevation, healing, financial assistance, family relationships, career objectives, educational desires, etc.

When this process is employed, do not look at a clock to judge the time; rather, gaze at the atmosphere to become used to the various phases of light and dark and to eventually easily align with them because this manner of communing with SOURCE is very amazing and profound.

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Thus, whenever there is a major need of some type, pray during each one of these phases in the following manner:

1.) Recite an opening prayer from your particular path,
2.) Pray for your specific need or desire calling upon SOURCE by whatever title you prefer (such as: DIVINE ABSOLUTE, INFINITE PRESENCE, GREAT SPIRIT, ALMIGHTY GOD, SACRED GODDESS, ALLAH, KRISHNA, DIVINE MOTHER, etc.),
3.) Finish your session by giving thanks for Divine blessings.

Also consider placing a glass or bottle of spring water on your altar while you are in your session. It then becomes “Prasadam” or “Healing Energy”.

The Phases Of Light And Dark - Healing Energy

Healing Energy

The Phases Of Light And Dark

For those who wish to also chant a mantra into the water, “AUM” (“OM”) is superb, for as has been discussed in previous articles, this mantra is known as the “PRANAVA” which translates from Sanskrit into English as “Cosmic Sound”. It is taught that it is the sound pronounced by SOURCE at the beginning of all creation.

In the ancient Ethiopian scriptures known as the TARGUMS (“Teachings”), the verse in “Genesis” in the HOLY BIBLE is not “And God said let there be LIGHT”; rather, the actual translation from the original Amharic language is: “And God said LIGHT in me Be!”

This places a different perspective upon Divine creation. God (SOURCE) did not have to bring out LIGHT from “Itself” because God is already the LIGHT!

However, from the LIGHT that SOURCE is already comprised of, creation formulated in “ITS” sacred dark womb.

Think of the darkness in a human Mother’s womb where a new baby is gestating or the darkness in an oyster shell which houses a precious pearl or the darkness just before dawn.

Thus, SOURCE is LIGHT and it is DARKNESS in a sacred sense, not in a sense of something bad or evil.

In fact, the title GURU translates as “Bringer of Light from Darkness.” This means that such a person gives knowledge to those who need understanding of Divine principles.

In the ancient Vedic scriptures, it is taught that the DIVINE ABSOLUTE, who is also often referred to as DIVINE MOTHER, simply pronounced one sound—“AUM”— and brought all things into being.

Most spiritual traditions have a teaching about how SOURCE performed creation. So, there is agreement that an intelligent CREATOR is indeed the SOURCE of all that is both seen and unseen in the vast constantly expanding cosmos.

The Phases Of Light And Dark - Targums


The Phases Of Light And Dark

Relative to the human numerical time sequences, the angelic realm uses these aspects of our modern-day current space/time continuum to send messages.

For instance, many people are noticing double and triple numbers on clocks, on sales receipts, on television commercials, on vehicle license plates, and in many other places such as “11:11” or “333” or “444”, etc.. Sometimes the numbers are not necessarily double or triple, but they are special numbers that seem to follow people.

Perhaps it is “808” or “173”,etc. All of these are known as “Divine Codes” or as “Angelic Codes”.

They can be interpreted using the Pythagorean Numerical Science method or the Kabbalah method if we wish.

However, they are also numerical vibrations whose deeper meaning is known only in the ethereal realm because they are specialized attunements or tune-ups to DNA.

They are also signs that angels are in our midst. Sometimes if we are contemplating on a situation, and an angelic code pops up, it is a sign that all is well because angelic energy is taking care of the situation.

In terms of praying “into” some of the gradual darkness of the 14 phases (such as sunset, early evening, or late evening), you may wish to light a candle and incense to represent the LIGHT OF SOURCE (the candle) and the BREATH OF SOURCE (the smoke from the incense).

If so, consider lighting a candle in a cool calming color such as white, blue, green, violet, or pink and lighting a healing and relaxing incense such as Frankincense, Sandalwood, or Rose.

We must remember that we are always enveloped by SOURCE LIGHT, and the oxygen that we breathe is the BREATH OF SOURCE moving through us.

Our prayers come forth from the darkness of our physical vessels which are sacred temples.

As Yeshua Ha Messiah taught long ago using the questioning method: “Know ye not that ye are the temples of the Living God?” So, the candle and the incense are accoutrements which set spiritual ambiance when we pray.

Try praying into the phases of LIGHT and DARK, and be blessed with the creation of and the manifestation of your requests.

You will have implanted a seed into the darkness that will be brought forth on the LIGHT of SOURCE. Therefore, you are being allowed to “fertilize” and to “gestate” your needs and desires, and SOURCE “births” them into existence.

So, we too are creators by our levels of consciousness, but SOURCE is the ultimate CREATOR which has gifted us with consciousness that is being steadily elevated along with Earth/Gaia.

The phases of LIGHT and DARK of SOURCE are holy portals which we can soar into via attuning to them.

During certain experiences when you have certain needs or desires, therefore, do not look at manmade timing devices to see what “time” it is. Watch the skies!

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