Powerful Tuesdays Of June - By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Powerful Tuesdays Of June

Powerful Tuesdays Of June – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

The “Full Super Moon” has reached its height as of 7:52 AM (Eastern Daylight Time—EDT) on Tuesday, June 14th, 2022.

It is known as both the “Strawberry Moon” and the “Pink Moon”.

As mentioned in the article of Monday, June 13th, being a “Super” Moon makes its emotive responses in various ways more intense.

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It is called “Super” because it is seemingly closer and brighter to Earth/Gaia than usual Full Moons.

Thus, its “pull” upon gravity and other aspects of planetary energy is more pronounced as well as its activations on all other aspects of creation.

New Moons as well as Full Moons tend to have a portal that extends from three days prior to the day of its newness or fullness, and for three days afterwards.

Powerful Tuesdays Of June - Strawberry Moon

Strawberry Moon

Powerful Tuesdays Of June

However, human collective consciousness and experiences can seem to increase the length of these portals for several days prior and after (and even for several weeks) as issues are reflected upon, decisions made about the issues, and as actions are carried out.

This occurs both individually and collectively, and therefore, there can be personal as well as collective “portals”.

These are times in which to engage in special self-nurturing activities and rituals because during such times, cosmic events are usually powerful with strong solar flares, winds, coronal mass ejections, and other energetics.

Today, for example, solar winds are traveling as of 10:51 AM (EDT) at 452.2 km/s (as a reminder, normal wind speeds are considered to be between 300 and 400 km/s), and our Sun is ripe for “M–Class” flares and has already produced a “C.8-Class” flare which is almost an “M-Class”.

Neutron counts (cosmic rays) remain rated as “High” which they have been for several days—a rise from the status of “Elevated”.

The magnetosphere is again enveloped in pressuring plasma particles.

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The “Power” (Schumann Resonance)—activations to our planet’s inner core and outer field— is rated at a strong “60” in amplitude or range, extent, strength, of the cosmic events of activation.

On Tuesday, June 21st, at 5:14 AM (EDT) there will be the Summer and Winter solstices (Northern and Southern Hemispheres) when our Sun enters the sign of Cancer in the Tropical/Western Zodiac and into Gemini in the Sidereal/Vedic Zodiac.

Powerful Tuesdays Of June - Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology

Powerful Tuesdays Of June

There will be opportunities to be more nurturing of self and others, to become more knowledgeable about healing foods, to be more domestically inclined in general and for clear communication regarding personal, national, and global issues in a more compassionate and understanding manner.

On Tuesday, June 28th, there will be a New Moon at 10:52 PM (EDT) in Tropical Cancer and Sidereal Gemini. Like the solstices, opportunities will arise for new insights in individual, national, and global situations.

All signs, however, have both HIGH and low vibrations.

As people elevate in consciousness, the HIGH vibrations are most actualized.

Cancer can be nurturing, compassionate, offer vital suggestions, heal and be helpful, but it can also be domineering and moody in which case no other person or situation can get a Cancerian “out of his or her shell” until he or she is ready to emerge on their own.

Gemini can be very communicative, enjoy learning, be sociable, and be joyful or a Gemini can have a tendency to tell an untruth or to hide the truth of a given situation in order to keep peace.

Gemini can also be somewhat “wishy-washy” in that they can say that they are going to do something on a certain day, but by the next day, they have completely changed their mind, and then even the changed mind can change back again to the original decision.

This can occur several times before a definite decision is made with no further changes.

Again, the more that people elevate, the more that SOURCE FREQUENCY becomes the primary “spiritual electromagnetic connection” that is made.

All of these powerful Tuesdays are overlapping portals that we enter, become aware of the contents, decide upon what we will take from the treasure trove, and then we will use the contents to further our elevation in consciousness.

These portals are filled with many types of potent cosmic events that require calmness and relaxation so that we can more easily adjust to the LIGHT that streams into our planet and into us.

As has been discussed quite often, the 26,000-year shift of creation has been initially comprised of gradual transformative experiences, but as the eras of history have unfolded, there has been a steady increase in ups and downs in experiences until in the “Now”, there are daily quickened roller-coaster rides of physical, mental, and emotional situations. Each day seems to offer leveling-up experiences as time also seems to move faster.

The roller-coaster may slow down at times, but never stop. Thus, the LIGHT may at times seem to be a gentle nudge within our nervous system, and then at another time it will surge with great strength.

Many no longer have to search various scientific charts to realize the energy that is zooming into the planet.

We know by the intuitive messaging of the HIGHER SELF/SOUL/SOURCE.

Observe how the Tuesdays in June—as the cosmic portals overlap—activate your consciousness to move into Super-Consciousness and how your emotive responses change and how your actions are the result of your electrically-filled thoughts and your emotionally-magnetic feelings.

Perhaps you will want to title the journal you may be keeping for this month THE POWER OF PORTALS. Many will say that each month of 2022 has thus far been impacted with all sorts of cosmic events and “3d’ happenings.

Powerful Tuesdays Of June - Power Of Portals

Power Of Portals

Powerful Tuesdays Of June

This is true. Each month and year ongoing will be a higher and higher ride into the LIGHT as our planet is rising higher and higher in vibration and tumbling and wobbling on its axis as the entire solar system moves through the Photon Belt, is further “En-Lightened” by the Great Central Sun, is touched gently or strongly by flares, CMES, winds, helio-spheric current sheets, tails of comets, black holes, and more.

We are in a continual process of LIGHT RECEPTION and ACCLIMATION.

This is perhaps a time to remember the verse from one of our world’s holy books: “Be still, and know that I am God!” SOURCE is performing “ITS” UNALTERABLE GOODNESS.

Cosmic Update 10 May 2022 - Mni Wiconi -Life Giving Water

A Special Call from our Canadian Family

Please join with the Indigenous People in prayer ceremony on June 21st, 2022 for the healing and restoration of our "Mni Wiconi" ("Life Giving Waters") on our planet.

Chief Arvol Looking Horse, the "19th Keeper of the White Buffalo Pipe" has stated: "I humbly request a time from each of the two-legged [human beings] in this world to send a prayer to heal our precious earth and balance of Mni Wiconi to be restored".

He has further taught that many messages from the four-legged animal world indicates that mankind is at a crossroads.

Thus, this is yet another wonderful opportunity for us to gather in whatever we can in our homes and offices for connection to the GREAT SPIRIT/INFINITE PRESENCE/SOURCE.

Let there be PEACE among us all.

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The Dark Of The Moon – Dr Schavi

The Dark Of The Moon – Dr Schavi

Ancient teachings are that twenty-four hours prior to the arrival of a New Moon is “The Dark of the Moon”, and like planting seeds in rich soil, it is the most perfect time in which people should “plant seeds” for their needs and desires. This can be done in a variety of ways.

Cosmic Update 26 June 2022 – Energetics Traveling Still Higher – Dr Schavi

Cosmic Update 26 June 2022 – Energetics Traveling Still Higher – Dr Schavi

On Sunday, June 26th, 2022, solar winds are chaotic, and in the early morning hours have pushed out at the enormous rate of “714.4” kilometers per second (km/s) down to “636.6” km/s, up again to “671.1” km/s, and now at 10:23 AM (Eastern Daylight Time), they are registering “648.0” km/s. Neutron counts (cosmic rays) are still “Elevated’ as they have been for many days, but the “KP Index” has shown initially the level of “Unsettled” but is now rated as “Storm”. Our planet’s magnetosphere is enveloped in dense plasma particle density.

The Power Of A Prayer Mala – Dr Schavi

The Power Of A Prayer Mala – Dr Schavi

The word “mala” translates from Sanskrit into English as “garland”. In Tibetan Sanskrit, it is known as a “threngwa”. In Catholicism it is a “rosary”. Muslims use “Dhiker” beads. In ancient Medu Neter (the Kemetic [Egyptian] priestly language), it was known as a “sha-sha” which translates as “luck”.

Cosmic Energy Picking Up Speed! – Dr Schavi

Cosmic Energy Picking Up Speed! – Dr Schavi

Heading closer to next Tuesday’s New Moon (June 28th or Wednesday, June 29th according to time zones), cosmic events are rallying up. The “Power” (“Schumann Resonance”) chart is showing a blast of “54” while the magnetosphere chart is also indicating that solar winds are a mixture of slow to medium to fast with plasma density pressing-in and surrounding Earth/Gaia and continuing to build since early morning.

Post-Solstice Update! – 6/22/2022 – Dr Schavi

Post-Solstice Update! – 6/22/2022 – Dr Schavi

Solar winds on the day after the arrival of the Summer and Winter solstices are traveling at just a bit over 486 kilometers per second (km/s), and neutron counts remain in the “Elevated’ status. The “Power” reading (“Schumann Resonance”) of Earth/Gaia’s vibrational frequency and amplitude is “48” which is not enormously high in this “Now”, but it is certainly far above the ancient “normalcy” of “7.83”.

Solstice Symphonics! – Dr Schavi

Solstice Symphonics! – Dr Schavi

The Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere has officially arrived with our Sun having reached its zenith—its highpoint. In the North, June 21st will be the longest day of the season, and in the South, it will be the shortest day. Our Sun will begin to send its bright rays more powerfully to the Southern Hemisphere, although we will not detect any substantial shortening or lengthening of days or building of coolness or warmth in either hemisphere for many weeks.

Soaring Into The Solstice! – Dr Schavi

Soaring Into The Solstice! – Dr Schavi

As Earth/Gaia heads into the Summer and Winter solstices on Tuesday, June 21st, 2022 (arriving at 5:14 AM Eastern Daylight Time), our Sun is sending powerful wind currents at almost 600 km/s (kilometers per second), and a huge plasma filament is surging back and forth that is as long as the distance between our planet and the Moon. These filaments usually thrash back and forth and finally slam onto the Sun’s surface and then explode sending out its strong plasma throughout the solar system and into our planet’s magnetosphere often activating quakes and storms.

Friday Cosmic Update – Dr Schavi

Friday Cosmic Update – Dr Schavi

As of 03:02 Universal Time (UT), solar winds are traveling at 621 kilometers per second (km/s). This is far swifter than they have been in several weeks! They have been in the upper 400s and the early 500s, but not in the over 600s for quite some time. Solar flares are “C.5-Class”—almost about to touch the “M-Class” range.

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