Powerful Solar Shift

Powerful Solar Shift 

Prepare Now For A Powerful Solar Shift And Its Effects!

Powerful Solar Shift. Prepare Now For A Powerful Solar Shift And Its Effects! By Dr. Schavi M. Ali.

As the “Morning Star” (Venus) rises, as the “Eclipse Season” has begun, as Earth/Gaia moves thru a stream of debris from an unidentifiable comet, as several planets continue in retrogradation, as new solar flares intensify, and as cosmic waves from outside of our solar system continue to soar into the various spheres of our planet (stratosphere, atmosphere, ionosphere, etc.), the vibrational frequency (cycles per second) of Earth/Gaia has been regularly lowering to below the anciently recognized normalcy of 7.83 cycles while the amplitude (depth, strength, extent) subsequently rises to high levels.

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Powerful Solar Shift Venus Morning Star

Venus Morning Star

Powerful Solar Shift

​A simple example is to think of a lumberjack slowly pounding down on the trunk of a tree in a forest, and with each pounding of the axe, a deeper cut and thrashing sound occurs until the tree finally falls to the ground making a loud booming thud.

The pounding with the axe is the vibrational frequency of the lumberjack’s movement of his arms and the constant striking of the tree trunk, while the deepening cuts are the amplitude.

Thus, Earth/Gaia is currently moving at a slower vibrational pace while “She” receives pulsates with strong amplitudes of energy.

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Within several short hours or even several minutes, Earth/Gaia is sending out messages of the need for humanity to slow down, deeply self-reflect, and to move into the depths of the conscious and super-conscious mind for guidance.

During the potent cosmic energetics that are happening throughout the summer season in the Northern Hemisphere and the winter season in the Southern Hemisphere, there will be continual spikes in Earth/Gaia’s vibrational frequency and then a lowering of it, while at the same time, “Her” fortitude will be assisted by the blasting SOURCE LIGHT, and those on the planet (whether humans or extra-terrestrial beneficent entities) will receive dynamic cosmic currents of heightened spiritual understanding, healings of long-standing emotional issues, and further re-alignments of physical atomic structure which will further the morphing process into sparkling crystalline “being-ness” and the implanting into new DNA of Divine Codes.

In brief, the capability of elevating beyond the third dimension to the fifth dimension and beyond is more available than ever before. However, the voluntary connection to SOURCE LIGHT and “ITS” powerful spiritual electro-magnetic sub-atomic particles is necessary.

Each day, sit for several minutes in bright sunlight (or just the daylight if in your part of the world there is no bright Sun at this time) on your porch or patio. You can even sit inside facing a window with the sunlight streaming in upon you.

Powerful Solar Shift Great Central Sun

Great Central Sun

Powerful Solar Shift

Even if the Sun is not brightly shining in your area, remember, the Sun is always sending forth its rays. Allowing the solar rays to envelop you will activate the pineal and pituitary glands, give your physical vessel vital “Vitamin D”, and cleanse and purify cells. Our Sun is a cosmic gateway which receives its rays and its energy from the greater gateway of the “Great Central Sun”.

Our Sun is becoming more magnetic as recent sunspots have a “negative/positive” pole; thus, turning from the former “positive/negative” pole as a new solar cycle begins. Over time, our Sun’s magnetic (inner core) field has weakened as well as that of Earth/Gaia (due to misuse of free will in many varying ways), but each is now receiving repair and strength from the “Great Central Sun”—all orchestrated by SOURCE.

At the same time, as the Sun’s rays continue to bathe Earth/Gaia, all creation upon “Her” is also being repaired and strengthened—AS LONG AS WE CONSCIOUSLY CONNECT TO SOURCE VIA PRAYER AND MEDITATION.

Powerful Solar Shift  Eclipse Season

 Eclipse Season

Powerful Solar Shift

When the “Solar Light Ritual” explained above is performed. this is an excellent time in which to offer our prayers for the healing and peace of “Earth/Gaia” and then to meditate upon being grateful for whatever blessings we have already been enjoying of a spiritual and material nature.

I also always recommend writing down in a journal any revelations that are received while performing spiritual rituals. The revelations may come by a vision of symbols. There is an ancient teaching which is: “Humanity is transformed by symbols.”

The revelations may also come as an audio-psychic experience (hearing) which is what ancient “Rishis” (“Sages”) had which was called “Sruti” (“to hear”). They may come as clairvoyance (“clear seeing”). If you are truly an individual who is centered in spiritual practices, you will be “taught” by SOURCE.

As we move deeper into the “Eclipse Season”, and as all of the other cosmic energetics described earlier occur, we must focus on getting to higher ground like being taken up onto a mountain top far away from chaos and confusion. Some people like to imagine a “Spiritual Guide” accompanying them on the mountain top for support and comfort..

This is also a powerful addition to the “Solar Light Ritual”. Suggestions are Tehuti (also known as “Thoth”), Sri Bhagavan Krishna, Sri Tara, Sri Kwan Yin, Sri Gautama Buddha, Sri Yeshua Ha Messiah (“Jesus”), the Archangel Raphael, or any other Avatars, Prophets, Saints, Devas, or Devis.

We are in a new Galactic Time Line whose sign is the solar shift. Be Prepared!

More by Dr. Schavi M. Ali

The Super Full Moon Is Almost Here! – Dr Schavi

The Super Full Moon Is Almost Here! – Dr Schavi

We are several hours away from the “Super Full Moon”. Use the time to gather your “Wellness Tools”. They will be needed throughout the year and beyond. Make sure that they are spiritual and natural. They will be blessings.

The Power Of The Color Violet – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

The Power Of The Color Violet – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

The color violet has the shortest wavelength and the highest vibrational frequency in the visible spectrum of LIGHT. It is the vibration of pure cosmic energy and aligns with the seventh chakra—“Sahasrara”—“Thousand-Petaled”. Violet transforms the lower chakras to higher vibrations, thus aligning all of our organs, glands, muscles, tissues, cells, molecules, atoms, etc.

The Lion Roars! – Dr Schavi

The Lion Roars! – Dr Schavi

Humanity can now decipher when strong cosmic currents of energy are soaring into this realm based upon intuition as well as on physiological conditions, mental focuses, and emotional states.

Lion’s Gate Crescendo Energies Are Building – Dr Schavi

Lion’s Gate Crescendo Energies Are Building – Dr Schavi

As this weekend heralds the peak of the “Lion’s Gate Portal” on Monday, August 8th, 2022, “Light Activation Experiences” are escalating. Earth/Gaia’s “Power” (“Schumann Resonance”) is registered at “85” which indicates that it could be higher since mankind’s devices can now only give us a good general idea of our planet’s vibrational frequency and amplitude.

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