Powerful Blasts Of Light

Powerful Blasts Of Light

A Reminder Of The Transformative Times!

Powerful Blasts Of Light.
Prepare For Powerful Blasts Of Light In The Next Half Of 2020!
A Reminder Of The Transformative Times!

By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

As of this report, we are just a few days from the Lunar Eclipse of July 4th or 5th of 2020 according to individual time zones, and we have reached the mid-point of the year.

We have had two other eclipses already: a Lunar Eclipse on June 5th and a Solar Eclipse on June 21st which also established a new “Galactic Time Sequence”.

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Thus, we have had a “Galaxy New Year” which will last for thousands of years.

With Mercury in retrograde along with several other planets, this is an excellent time to review information. The coming Lunar Eclipse will close the current portal of eclipses, but their energetic frequencies will play-out for many months.

Today, Monday, June 29th, the vibrational oscillations and amplitudes (“Power”) of Earth/Gaia have elevated into the “40s”, “”50s”, “70s”, and has now just reached “91”.

These numbers are expected to possibly elevate higher in the coming days.

As the vibrational frequency (cycles per second) lowers, the amplitude (depth, strength, force) will likely soar higher.

Mercury Transit


Powerful Blasts Of Light


Solar winds are also on their way to the planet carrying high-powered plasma waves. Further, neutron counts (radiation) are rated as being “VERY HIGH”.

All of the foregoing are indications of powerful blasts of LIGHT coming into Earth/Gaia.

What occurs is that SOURCE sends energy to the Great Central Sun–a gateway for our galaxy– which then sends it to the Suns of all other planets in our galaxy, and thus, then on to Earth/Gaia as well.

The center of our galaxy sits at 28 degrees of the constellation “Sagittarius A” where there is also a “Black Hole” that is streaming with LIGHT.

Just in terms of Earth/Gaia alone, LIGHT has become increasingly potent as heightened conditions on the planet occur in terms of political, sociological, and philosophical paradigms.

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Powerful Blasts Of Light-Source Light

SOURCE has “programmed” the cosmos as a receiver and transmitter of information

Powerful Blasts Of Light


Human collective mind sets, emotions, and actions are at an intense level which are creating profound atomic frequencies that soar into the ethers like telegraphic messages, and then the cosmic forces receive these messages and answer accordingly for either cleansings, or blessings and illumination.

Both situations are happening at the same time–we are experiencing necessary cleansing away of dense, dissonant, out-of-tune “noise”– while at the same time, we are receiving “tune-ups” that are producing lyrical, peaceful, “tones” of a newly-written space/time continuum.

SOURCE has “programmed” the cosmos as a receiver and transmitter of information just as we too do the same with the free will that SOURCE has accorded us. It can be daunting to experience both cleansings and illuminations during the same time/line.

This is why we have been continually encouraged to engage in lots of self-care via spiritual and natural therapies.

The week beginning yesterday, Sunday, June 28th, to this coming Saturday and Sunday just before the Lunar Eclipse, July 4th or 5th (again, according to time zones), there is a special activation portal which has opened that is surging with LIGHT.

Therefore, if anyone has not done so already in this month of June, this week is most certainly a time to slow-down, self-reflect, and consider engaging in the ILLUMINATION retreat.

Besides daily prayers and meditations according to your individual path, envision the entire galaxy bathed in brightly gleaming SOURCE LIGHT.

Even though this LIGHT Is already blasting the planet, when we consciously engage its energy, we receive greater benefit. Breathe deeply and see yourself also surrounded and enveloped in SOURCE LIGHT.

This is a calming, healing, and protective technique.

Remember, our DNA is steadily being “downloaded” and “upgraded” with LIGHT.

Our entire “being-ness” is also becoming crystalline.

Fatigue, restlessness, headaches, muscle soreness, dizziness, heart palpitations, heat sensations, and generally feeling “out-of-sorts” is a natural part of our physical vessels reacting to the intense reception of LIGHT.

Drinking lots of spring water (as has been recommended before), eating light organic meals, performing Yoga asanas or Tai Chi movements and getting out into Nature helps.

Path To The Light

Path To The Light

Powerful Blasts Of Light


Electric Blue Andara Crystal

Electric Blue Andara Crystal

Powerful Blasts Of Light


LIGHT is going to continue to come into Earth/Gaia. We must work with it, not against it so that we can continue to elevate into the higher realms with “Her”.

So, if you have not done so already, gather your spiritual tools (crystals, prayer beads, essential oils, etc.); review important knowledge about these times; and prepare for the Lunar Eclipse and the next half of 2020 which will set the stage for 2021 and beyond.

Prepare for lots of major changes in governmental policy around the world, in organizational structures, in military operations, in educational institutions, in medical procedures, in religious groups, in community activity, and in weather patterns–more than has already occurred.

For those who would like a mantra to recite for special protection and guidance, the following is VERY POWERFUL: “AUM DUMDURGAYAYEI NAMAHA!” (“Oh, Divine, I bow to Thy Invincibility!”).

The pronunciation is: OM DOOM DUR-GA-YA-YEH NA-MA-HA. Many people chant this mantra upon a set of ONYX prayer beads because they have very protective energetics.

In ancient literature, Sri Durga is depicted riding upon a tiger or a lion and carrying weapons in Her many arms for the protection and healing of Her devotees. There are thousands of mantras for various situations, and most of them are found in the RIG VEDA.

The mantra to Durga, who is an aspect of SOURCE in “ITS” Divine Feminine form, is just one of them. Stay in the LIGHT of SOURCE!

The Super Full Moon Is Almost Here! – Dr Schavi

The Super Full Moon Is Almost Here! – Dr Schavi

We are several hours away from the “Super Full Moon”. Use the time to gather your “Wellness Tools”. They will be needed throughout the year and beyond. Make sure that they are spiritual and natural. They will be blessings.

The Power Of The Color Violet – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

The Power Of The Color Violet – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

The color violet has the shortest wavelength and the highest vibrational frequency in the visible spectrum of LIGHT. It is the vibration of pure cosmic energy and aligns with the seventh chakra—“Sahasrara”—“Thousand-Petaled”. Violet transforms the lower chakras to higher vibrations, thus aligning all of our organs, glands, muscles, tissues, cells, molecules, atoms, etc.

The Lion Roars! – Dr Schavi

The Lion Roars! – Dr Schavi

Humanity can now decipher when strong cosmic currents of energy are soaring into this realm based upon intuition as well as on physiological conditions, mental focuses, and emotional states.

Lion’s Gate Crescendo Energies Are Building – Dr Schavi

Lion’s Gate Crescendo Energies Are Building – Dr Schavi

As this weekend heralds the peak of the “Lion’s Gate Portal” on Monday, August 8th, 2022, “Light Activation Experiences” are escalating. Earth/Gaia’s “Power” (“Schumann Resonance”) is registered at “85” which indicates that it could be higher since mankind’s devices can now only give us a good general idea of our planet’s vibrational frequency and amplitude.

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