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Positive Life Shifts Happening Part 4 - David Wilcock

Positive Life Shifts Happening Part 4

Positive Life Shifts Happening – Part 4. By David Wilcock. Notes compiled by Joan Wheaton.

…here’s L10, which looks like an icosahedron, an amazing, amazing shape (points to a colorful rotating diagram).

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Positive Life Shifts Happening Part 4 - Modular Origami Icosahedron

Modular Origami Icosahedron

Positive Life Shifts Happening Part 4

It’s a perfect vibrational shape. Here’s L15; now this one, in particular, is very, very amazing as we’re about to see, because this is the shape of the Earth’s magnetic grid.

If you’ve seen my work you know what I’m talking about. Now you get it; you’ve got the pay-off! This is so incredibly exciting because this is what is happening down at the atomic level.

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Positive Life Shifts Happening Part 4 - Earth’s Magnetic Grid

Earth’s Magnetic Grid

Positive Life Shifts Happening Part 4

Forget about the little atomic orbits; forget about the electron clouds, just get rid of it. It’s all geometry; it’s been geometry the whole time.

It was working fine without you even being able to know this, and as your mind is working there are geometric patterns tinkering around inside your head; millions of them in a very small space in your brain.

Your thought is geometric, and here’s the really trippy one; what happens in the near-death experience?

You leave your body; you’re clinically dead. You have no brainwaves, no heart rate and no respiration, but you have a full consciousness.

This geometric part of your consciousness, it’s showing up in your brain, it’s activating brain cells of the geometry itself.

Your soul doesn’t require the brain cells. That’s why you think perfectly fine when you leave your body behind, because you are a geometric crystal.

Your thoughts are a geometric crystal that shifts and morphs (referring to a slide): So then (this is very big geek-speak), the researcher is saying it looks like something called a Quantum Coxeter Complex (he shows a slide that looks exactly like the global grid).

Positive Life Shifts Happening Part 4 - Quantum Coxeter Complex

Quantum Coxeter Complex

Positive Life Shifts Happening Part 4

Positive Life Shifts Happening Part 4 - Quantum Coxeter Complex

Quantum Coxeter Complex

Positive Life Shifts Happening Part 4

When IBM took a picture of a single molecule, this is what they actually got (shows slide). This is a real ink-blot molecule.

You don’t see electrons loose, but what you do see is ‘honeycomb’ and those are all icosahedrons (points to diagram).

Positive Life Shifts Happening Part 4 - Icosahedron

IBM – Picture of Single Molecule

Positive Life Shifts Happening Part 4

Murray Gell-Mann, who looked at these things called quarks, found out when you break up an atom into little pieces, they shoot off in different directions; he measures how they spin and how they move, and then he says, ‘OK, that’s a quark”; it’s what happens when an atom is shattered, but they all emanate from a single unity.

There is one shape that determines which way they are going and that is the tetrahedron. So here’s this shape of the tetrahedron (points to diagram). (Pointing to a different slide): Here is the geometric unity.

When IBM took a picture of a single molecule, this is what they actually got (shows slide). This is a real ink-blot molecule.

You don’t see electrons loose, but what you do see is ‘honeycomb’ and those are all icosahedrons (points to diagram).

They are all nested together and they are very, very symmetrical. This was not expected; they did not expect matter to be this organized. Look at that shape and tell me that you don’t see the Merkaba, the original photon. The hologram is there. It’s amazing!

Positive Life Shifts Happening Part 4 - IBM - Picture of Single Molecule


Positive Life Shifts Happening Part 4

Positive Life Shifts Happening Part 4 - Soap Bubble Tetrahedron

Soap Bubble Tetrahedron

Positive Life Shifts Happening Part 4

And again, nobody ever talks about this; they don’t say WHY is it a tetrahedron? We know now that’s the core shape of the Universe.

When you break it up, depending on how it moves as it flies apart, it either goes up, down, charm, or strange, and that’s what the UPC&S refers to! (as he points to diagram).

You can see the different levels of the tetrahedron as it breaks apart, and then they measure how it moves. It’s very, very straightforward.

Sometimes he chops off the top or the bottom (shows new diagram to illustrate this) but the core is still there. He wrote a book, “The Quark and the Jaguar”.

I’m going to pay off everything we’ve been talking about regarding the solar flash. 3,300 different ancient stone structures, pyramids, obelisks, monoliths, Stonehenge, Easter Island, all these different things; they are all connected by Ley Lines.

This is a fascinating science that I never got into in my previous television shows.

Positive Life Shifts Happening Part 4 - Ley Lines Europe

Ley Lines Europe

Positive Life Shifts Happening Part 4

Sir Alfred Watkins discovered this in the early 20th century. What was he doing? He was going around the English countryside in the 1920’s and found that all these different holy sites going all the way back to the Neolithic era were in straight lines. He decided to call them ‘leys’ based on various ancient myths.

Extremely different ages of our society that were millennia apart were all on straight lines. This is never talked about in the open world, but it’s obvious and we’ve known this now for 100 years and hardly anybody talks about it. He discovered it.

The Christian churches, the abbeys and the cathedrals just so happen to be built on these lines. Do you think that’s a random coincidence? No! So here he is out there with his photography equipment (Watkins) looking at this stuff. This is actually a real one (ley line; points to image).

This is one of the ley lines in southern England. What you’re seeing here, where every single word is, that is a sacred site (referring to diagram) some of which are churches, some of which are cathedrals, some of which are ancient (he points to Stonehenge on the diagram).

How in the world did this all get done, and it’s not until the 20th century that someone actually discovers it (outside of a secret society)? We are going to zoom in a little bit more (on the diagram) and see all these different examples.

It turns out, Stonehenge is just one thing that’s on a crossing point between two of these lines that he discovered, and he wrote about it in his classic book, “The Old Straight Track”. In the next round of the Ascension Mystery School we will go into this in more depth.

Where do these ley lines actually come from? One of my favorite paranormal researches of all time, Ian T. Sanderson, started to go through these enormous records of ships that vanish on the sea, and planes that are flying through the air that vanish as they are flying; they don’t leave behind an oil slick, they don’t leave behind flotsum, they simply vanish.

And every time that he finds one case he puts a push-pin in a map with a little piece of paper on it that says where it was.

Positive Life Shifts Happening Part 4 - Planetary Grid Sacred Temples

Planetary Grid Sacred Temples

Positive Life Shifts Happening Part 4

He starts putting pins in the map. He does this thousands of times. You would expect that the ships and planes disappear pretty randomly across the surface of the Earth. There’s going to be pins all over that map. That’s not what happened.

All of the pins clustered into only 10 places. And then, you add the North and the South pole and you get 12. What’s even stranger is that these 12 places where everything is disappearing are perfectly spaced from each other; they are equidistant.

When you connect the dots you form a sacred geometry called the icosahedron.

The Bermuda Triangle we’ve all heard about. There are thousands of examples of things disappearing around the area of Florida, Puerto Rico and Bermuda. That’s only one of the 12. It’s the one we know about the most.

So here’s the Bermuda Triangle (points to the diagram); you’ve got the island of Bermuda up here, Puerto Rico and then Miami (it’s not really a triangle but this is how these particular diagrams are made).

These are where Ian Sanderson’s pins ended up in the map; only in these 10 places (then, of course, you’ve got the North and the South pole).

But wait a minute, they are all perfectly geometric.

Positive Life Shifts Happening Part 4 - Bermuda - UVG Grid

Bermuda – UVG Grid

Positive Life Shifts Happening Part 4

Still, to this day, you cannot fly a plane, you’re not allowed to use your ship, to pilot your ship, through that area; it’s just dead space. It’s such a high risk you would be portalled out. This is still the case.

Then, we have one on the Western coast of Australia. Well, this is really, really fascinating because this is where the portals are happening. But, wait a minute, if I put this together on a globe with the North and South pole, now I’ve got this perfect geometric pattern.

But didn’t we say before that this geometry is all vibration? Yes. And didn’t we say that this is what’s happening in the center of the nucleus of the atom? Yes.

Now, what are we seeing? We’re seeing that these corners (pointing to the diagram) not only represent protons of the atom. If you have the full size of the Earth, that’s what’s vibrating now.

Let’s say the Earth is undergoing its own vibration; there are portal effects, there are disappearances, there are things vanishing, the matter is transforming because if you’re in one of these places the vibrations of your own atoms can be up-leveled to a higher frequency; you cease to be visible, and you slip through time and space.

Many of these vortex points involve time slips where you come back but you’ve time traveled.

It’s all based on the same weird geometry. (He changes the slide). So, this is one of the maps that Ian Sanderson came up with. It wasn’t drawn very well. This was a low-budget thing, but still it’s an amazing scientific discovery.

Then, the Russians came in and they figured out that you can flip the icosahedron inside out geometrically; it’s a very simple way to do it, and now you get another shape called the dodecahedron.

If you take this pattern and you put both of them together, and you superimpose that over the Earth, as these three Russian scientists did (Goncharov, Morozov and Makarov) something totally amazing happens. Please remember, all you need to do is find the 12 coordinate points where everything is disappearing.

All the ships on the sea or all the planes, they just vanish. Nobody knows where they went. There are thousands and thousands and thousands of cases like this.

Take those 12 points, draw your icosahedron, flip it inside out. Look at where the lines are. What did these three Russian guys discover? Every single giant stone monument on Earth is precisely on that grid. There is nothing outside the grid. Ever. Wow, it’s amazing!

This is the way the pattern looked in the original Russian scientific paper (shows diagram) and of course, when we go into the full look on it, we are seeing this same phenomena as the electron clouds that I was showing you before.

So, then, the question becomes, wait a minute, the 12 are where everybody is portalling out; could we be portalling out some of the stone? Could the stone be getting lighter because we’re actually moving some of the atoms out of our reality, and is this why they had to build the pyramids on the grid? Maybe technology doesn’t work other places.

Maybe you need that time portal capability and geometry in order to cause stone to levitate, as it gets so much lighter. Well, absolutely, the answer is yes.

The Russian scientists Goncharov, Morozov and Makarov are unsung heroes, because this science will take us into the future of time travel, teleportation, and anti-gravity; they just haven’t been given their fair shake yet.

(Changes slide): Now you’re seeing another map they came up with. Here’s another amazing point; Becker and Hanes found that you could add in some extra lines and now you get this thing that determines where all the continents are located.

All, again, based on the original 12 points that are visible here (points to image) as black dots.

You can even see this flat dot here: how it buddies into the side of South America, like biting into a cookie. So, sure enough, when we connect all the dots and put it all together, this is the real shape of the grid.

The atomic nucleus is a multi-dimensional structure; the atomic electron clouds. It’s right there, right in front of your face (referring to the diagram).

Is there any example of this Bermuda Triangle effect on matter? The answer is absolutely yes. This is what we would call a portal phenomenon.

One of the weirdest things that I’ve ever gotten into is tornado anomalies. And I remember first hearing about people saying that after a tornado went through, that they found straw; individual pieces of straw embedded in plate glass windows with no cracking. It’s just like it melted into the window. I’ve never been able to find photos of this, unfortunately.

Maybe as the Internet is growing I should go back and look again; I might find some new stuff. (Shows a photo of a tornado going through, where pieces of straw got blown into the wood in a tree, and embedded in the tree).

That’s pretty amazing. (Shows new slide): This is from a museum exhibit of multiple examples from a tornado, of pieces of straw getting embedded in pieces of wood.

(Changes slide): This picture I had heard about for many years, but it took a long, long time to find it. This is literally, probably, one of the two best photographs ever available. What do we see here? We see one piece of wood that holds up the side of the house. A tornado moved through; a second piece of wood literally blew through the first.

Now, what’s happening here? A tornado has all this rotational energy, and it dematerialized that horizontal plank that you see. That plank is mostly outside of our physical reality, which we now know matter can do. While it’s essentially transparent to other matter, it’s blowing along, and then the tornado moved out of the way and it switched the matter back on, because the field is gone.

As the matter switches back on, it embedded itself into the plank. It took me years to find this photograph. Isn’t it amazing?

Another core example that we actually do have a picture of (changed slide) is of this wooden plank that got pushed through the solid metal of a bridge. The tornado came through; it was so powerful that this train (this was in the 1800’s) got blown off the tracks.

At the same time, one of the actual planks of the railroad ties got blown off the railroad and it pushes through the metal, like nothing was there. If you actually cut this thing off, what you find inside is that wood and metal have blended together. It’s not like the wood pushes the metal out of the way. The metal atoms and the wood atoms literally combine.

So, this is very fascinating because we get stories of religious leaders, and we see examples of Jesus, where he’s levitating, where he’s walking on water, which would imply that he’s lighter than the water; he’s reduced his mass.

This is the science that shows that matter can actually do this.

Another totally amazing example of this is in Peru (changes slide). What you have are these stones that have been pushed together, sometimes over the course of 8 feet wide between planes; this is one stone that she is standing against (in photo); it has nine different facets.

Positive Life Shifts Happening Part 4 - Interlocking Stones at Saksaywaman Cuzco Peru

Interlocking Stones at Saksaywaman Cuzco Peru

Positive Life Shifts Happening Part 4

The archeologists say, “Oh well, they just didn’t want to waste any stone so they just carved it like that, actually”. Well, wait a minute, this is impossible. What you’re seeing here are rocks that have been energized with this vortex technology.

They become very soft because most of their matter is not in our reality (just a little bit of it is) and then they literally just get “mushed” together and you can actually see where they still have markings where they pushed these things together.

…changes slide, to show an enormous complex with stairs that are the right size for giants; they found skeletons with elongated heads around this area. There are stairwells built for meetings where the steps are taller than we are, built into the rock. This was a big fortification (changes slide to show an expanded view of the site; I did not catch the name of it).

Another really strange example of this in Europe is called ‘vitrified forts’ where you see different types of stone that appear to have been melted together.

(Changes slide): This is an example of a pile of rocks, but then somebody melted them together and all the stone was fused.

Now, one theory is that this was caused by a solar flash; that the solar flash had melted this rock, and I like that theory; you look at this and you can clearly see what looks like the stone has melted.

Positive Life Shifts Happening Part 4 - Vitrified Fort - Scotland

Vitrified Fort – Scotland

Positive Life Shifts Happening Part 4

Positive Life Shifts Happening Part 4 - Vitrified Fort - Scotland

Vitrified Fort – Scotland

Positive Life Shifts Happening Part 4

But (changes side) here’s a guy walking along on these piles of rock, so it’s possible that the rock piles were originally just loose, and the solar flash cooked them up so they’re all together, but another possibility is that somebody had this technology, and they just made the rock piles and then ‘zapped’ them, and the rock just melted together with this gravitational space and time warping technology.

(Changes slides): We also see examples of bronze clamps in all these different archeological structures, where they “mush” the thing in; they literally take a piece of metal, (you’ve got two stones side by side) and you push the metal in because the stones are soft, and the metal leaves an indentation, like a soft cookie.

And they see this in Egypt, they see it in Cambodia (Angkor Wat), they see it in Puma Punku and in Peru.

Positive Life Shifts Happening Part 4 - Ancient Alien Metal Clamps

Ancient Alien Metal Clamps

Positive Life Shifts Happening Part 4

What does this actually mean? This means that the stones, when they’re zapped, become so light they levitate. They put these metal clamps in-between the stones; you can push around a whole big bunch of stones together like they are hot air balloons.

It’s amazing. This is the secret of the pyramids. This is how the pyramids were actually built. So if your body goes through a vortex like this, what would we say happened to you? Well, that’s the Ascension!

There are naturally occurring time portals where you can jump through millions of years instantaneously and we can prove that. These time portals are ultimately little bubbles that come out of the center of the Earth, and they rise upward.

Just like Corey was saying, he was talking about how they have physically detected portals. He was in a little ship and they were trying to find where these were, and remember, what did he say?

Some of them were underground, some of them were on the surface and some were in the atmosphere, and if they could find them they could travel through them.

Well, sure enough, this is what we see. Portals move around. And what type of creatures might be getting through space and time?

Well, the Egyptians have this Bennu bird that you always see on the Egyptian staff. What we don’t really pay attention to is this so-called bird whose head is on the top of a staff.

When you look at the head, it clearly has this ‘fin’ coming off the back. We looked into it and there were no birds whatsoever, in our modern era, that have this particular kind of physiology.

There is only one thing that fits, and it is the tyranidon (dinosaur).

Positive Life Shifts Happening Part 4 - Bennu Bird

Bennu Bird

Positive Life Shifts Happening Part 4

Positive Life Shifts Happening Part 4 - Bennu Bird

Bennu Bird

Positive Life Shifts Happening Part 4

So, what does this mean? This is the phoenix. The Bennu bird is the bird of fire, it’s born in fire and then it disappears.

These tyranidons are flying in through portals, and we all know through modern reports from Papau, New Guinea, that they flicker with light as they come in, and then they disappear again.

So, this is also the one source of the dragon legends. When a portal over England was the most active, these tyranidons were getting in. They flicker with orange light when materializing in our reality; that’s where the “fire-breathing” comes from.

And, then they get hungry! They invite you over for dinner, in a sense (laughter). The dragon-slayers had to kill the dragon. Well, guess what? It’s not a myth.

In modern times, in the African countries of Zambia and Zimbabwe, they have this thing called Kandamoto (sp?), a flying lizard with a gigantic wingspan, and huge sharp teeth, and on the island of Gumboyd (sp?), in New Guinea, they have a legend of this thing called the roepen, which looks just like a tyranidon.

A forensic videographer studied all this stuff in great depth, and he came up with a composite sketch based on hundreds and hundreds of eye-witness sightings of this ‘quote-unquote’ bird, and this is what people are seeing (shows slide).

Looks familar, right? This is a dinosaur that accidentally flew through a portal in the sky, and portalled into our modern-day reality.”


…stay tuned for Part Five (the finale)

Positive Life Shifts Happening

David Wilcock

Positive Life Shifts Happening

David Wilcock

Positive Life Shifts Happening

David Wilcock

Positive Life Shifts Happening

David Wilcock

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